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For the past 42 years I have owned an antique shop in Harvard Massachusetts, 30 miles west of Boston. I live in antique country and I am buying all the time. I specialize country furniture, textiles, 19th black and white cloth dolls and Shaker antiques. I accept checks, money orders and paypal. For any reason you may return items within 3 days of receiving them with full refund less the cost of shipping and insurance. I will be glad to answer questions and send more detailed pictures. Thanks for looking and I look forward to hearing from you. Pat Please check out my website at

Large real old rag balls grapefruit size

These are real rag balls rolled for rug making and are rags all the way through. They are big and heavy and I have more.

Price: 22.00 ea

2017-Oct-06 05:36pm EDT | Tags :

Two Shaker brushes with velvet cover bristles

Two Shaker brushes with velvet covered bristles.

Price: 145.00 for the pair

2017-Oct-05 02:30pm EDT | Tags :

Antique sponge ware pottery piggy bank 6" long

A very nice sponge decorated pottery pig. No cracks but wear around the money slot and wear on the bottom hole. Circa 1900

Price: $65.00

2017-Oct-05 02:20pm EDT | Tags :

1870 braided table mat 9 X 11" fine condition

This braided mat is in perfect condition, is reversible, all hand sewn, colors are strong and very beautiful. It is 9" and just a little under 11". It lies flat and is circa 1870-80

Price: SOLD

2017-Oct-05 02:13pm EDT | Tags :

The best silk Shaker confetti table rug 23" X 13"

One of the nicest if not the nicest Shaker silk confetti table rug I have ever had. She Shakers called them "stick up rugs" for how the silk stands up. This one is in very good condition, has a strong multi covered design, and has a cloth floral backing that means it is probably from Sabbath Day Lake Maine or Canterbury NH. The edging is strong and bound tightly. I has later sewn on cloth tabs for hanging on a wall or as I used it, hanging on a door. It is 23" long and is 13" wide and is late 19th. C. I doubt you will ever see a nicer thicker more colorful one.

Price: $475.00

2017-Aug-27 04:30pm EDT | Tags :

Old little country flannel mouse (rabbit) 3"

A funny little flannel toy mouse, but some of my family think it is a rabbit. It does sort of have a tail like a rabbit but the face is a mouse! That said I guess it can be either and he is so cute I don't think it matters. He does have some wear and he is not quite as white as the pictures, he has a brown tint from age. He is 3" long and is circa 1900 and all hand made. P.S. Pot metal chamber stick small table top size $45 adorable on a little table or desk. Circa 1880

Price: $245.00

2017-Aug-26 01:39pm EDT | Tags :

Blue Hannah Davis wallpaper hatbox 1836

A great blue Hannah Davis hat box with original label. The NH wallpaper lining the interior is dated 1836 and has articles about towns close by to Jaffrey NH where Hannah Davis lived and made her hat boxes from the 1820's to 1850's. This one is the best blue, has normal scuffing and has two areas that are missing some wallpaper but they are on just one side, see photos. The box is just 12 1/2" so it is a perfect size to be displayed anywhere. The label is on the inside lid of box cover and there is no doubt that it is original. The best blue, the great small size and amazing condition make this an outstanding example of a Hannah Davis hat box.

Price: $1450.00

2017-Aug-25 01:49pm EDT | Tags :

old white brown and blue wallpaper box 4" dia

This really nice old white and brown wallpaper box is 4" in diameter and is 2 3/4" tall. It has a brown and blue wallpaper on the lid. It is hand sewn and is sturdy box. It did have some paper beetles that liked the taste of the wallpaper glue. The are 100 years gone and a couple of holes would work to pull yarn or string through. It is circa 1840 and is very nice. See more pictures at

Price: $385.00

2017-Aug-23 04:02pm EDT | Tags :

Miniature oval blue wallpaper box

Wonderful tiny blue oval wallpaper box that is all hand sewn. The lid is plain aged cardboard and the sewing on the lid matches the sewing on the box so I think it is the original cover. This little box is just 3 1/2" across the top, it is 2 1/2" back to front and is almost 3" tall. Circa 1840 and very nice

Price: $525.00

2017-Aug-23 03:41pm EDT | Tags :

22 pin cushions emeries in an antique wire basket

A very pretty wire basket full of 21 old emeries and a pincushion. (I dropped one so it isn't in the pictures but it will be in the basket.) They are all good some earlier than other but they are all old. When you figure the cost of $375 it puts the cost of the emeries at $17 each not ever counting the very nice early wire basket that has some old white paint left on it. The basket is 6 1/4" diameter and is 5" to the top of the handle. The basket is late 19th C. and the emeries are from the late 1800's to mostly 1920's and on up.

Price: $250.00

2017-Aug-20 04:28pm EDT | Tags :

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