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Home Farm Antiques specializes in 18th through early 20th century investment quality antiques. We offer folk & fine art, decorative arts, furniture, antique fine & sentimental jewelry, period costume and textiles. We look for excellence in materials, craftsmanship and color. We may carry something as common as a cookie cutter, or as rare as an eighteenth century child’s court vest, but whatever it is, we want it to be distinctive, unique and memorable. We take Paypal, checks or money orders. If you'd like the cost of shipping quoted, please email us with your zip code. NYS residents pay 7% sales tax, as we need to keep our state government happy. If you have a resale number, please let us know. We hope you visit our website at www.homefarmantiques.com and become a fan of Home Farm Antiques on FaceBook. Home Farm guarantees authenticity. If for some reason an antique does not suit you, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving it. Thank you for stopping by!

Vintage Twill Kitty Pin Cushion c1950 Hand Made

Blue eyes, blue whiskers and a pink ribbon ~ what more could anyone want? Our figural pin cushion is a kitty sitting pretty. Made of soft twill, pleasantly stuffed, hand stitched, hand embroidered, and with ten vintage corsage pins to entice you even more. Approximately 6" x 7". Condition is vintage and used with some light surface dust, a small bit of vague soiling. Just adorable and obediently holds all the pins you require. Displays beautifully. She is the cat's meow.

Price: 48.00 Free USA Shipping via USPS

2017-Apr-26 03:17pm EDT | Tags : Vintage Sewing Cats Pin Cushions

Early Folk Painted Bench ~ Stags, Hounds, Huntsmen

This early bench smacks of the Jacobean style. It is either British or American but not quite so early as Jacobean, being 19th century. The wood is folk painted with hunting scenes. It has stags, hounds and running huntsmen with guns, and there are also flowers and a lovely compass rose. The carving is vivacious and the entire bench is the most charismatic piece we've had in a long time. Structurally in great condition. The paint is faded and worn. The top paint has flaking. We have not done a thing to this bench ~ no cleaning, no polishing. It is exactly as it was when we brought it home from the northern stretches of the Adirondack Mountains. A convenient, versatile size at 30" long, 14" deep and 16 1/2" high. And yes, we have sat on it. With confidence. 30” X 13” X 17”

Price: $650.00

2017-Apr-20 04:03pm EDT | Tags : Bench Folk Art Antique Furniture

Grain Scoop w/ Stand

What a terrific country piece this is. It's an antique wooden grain scoop, farm made with an assortment of square and round nails. The scoop was painted at some point in the mid-20th century, a nice Federal or Soldier Blue. A stand for the scoop was made, also in wood. The edges of the stand are nicely routed out. The two pieces together are heavy. They are both sturdy, completely usable and would fit in just about anywhere. We used it to hold our mail, then to hold newspapers and slender magazines. A very nifty farm-made set. 24"H X 12"W X 9 1/2"D when the 2 pieces are in place together. Grain scoop alone measures 22"L X 9 1/2"W X 5"D.

Price: $110.00

2017-Apr-20 01:16pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Americana Country

Papier Mache Doll in Beautiful Blue Boots 19thC

An outstanding Greiner style doll with a papier mache head and blonde hair that is part of the papier mache head form. She has leather forearms and hands; hand stitching forms her fingers. Her dress is period and probably original. It is sewn in place. Her blue boots are to die for. Sewn to her legs, they have gold tassels on them. Her sewn-on stockings are blue and gray striped and they do complete the look! Firmly stuffed body and a fantastic presence. She is in great condition with light crazing to the surface of her head. 13" tall, she is perfect for display, and you can cuddle her, too. We'll be happy to send you photos of specifics. Email to inquire anytime.

Price: $350.00

2017-Apr-03 01:45pm EDT | Tags : Antique Doll Papier Mache Doll

Vintage Adirondack Pack Basket, Bulbous Form

A handsome Adirondack backpack dating to c1950-60s. This basket has a bulbous silhouette that makes it an outstanding choice in backpacks, for both looks and utility. There are wooden slats supporting the bottom as originally designed and a double wrapped top rim. Navy blue fittings are original and clean as a whistle. 16" tall, 15" back to front at its fattest section, 12" diameter across top rim. In wonderful, clean condition, completely stable for outdoor use and it displays absolutely beautifully.

Price: 295.00 plus shipping

2017-Mar-21 05:19pm EDT | Tags : Adirondack Americana Country

18th-Early 19thC Treen Butter Print Unusual Form

An early, hand carved treen butter stamp found in southern Pennsylvania. The pattern is common, but the form is unusual. For a similar example, see Butter Prints & Molds by P. Kindig (Schiffer), p. 134, fig V-173. Dry surface with rich, satiny patina. This stamp may have been used for cookies, as well as butter. In order for the pattern to persist it would need to be impressed, as there’s hardly any surface area but points. Free shipping, handling and insurance within the Continental USA.

Price: $125.00

2017-Mar-14 04:08pm EDT | Tags : Americana butter print treen

Federal Period Cricket Bench c1820 Original Paint

Part of our own Americana collection, this early cricket has proved invaluable in our home ~ as a small stand for drinks & books, a tabletop lift for displaying anything from whale oil lamps to modern lamps, on party buffets holding baskets of bread or fruit, etc. The rich patina shows correct age and wear patterns. Its handsomely turned legs are wedged in place, as were early Windsor chair legs. The painted line decoration edging the seat offers an elegant touch. All original. 14” X 8 ½” X 9 ¾” . The bench stands sturdily, despite a thin crack to the seat & one leg. The bench would not take the full weight of an adult, but it works beautifully as a low side table or a display piece. The as-found condition is reflected in our low price for this historic piece.

Price: 149.00 plus shipping

2017-Mar-14 01:36pm EDT | Tags : Federal Period Primitive Americana

Patchwork Pin Cushion c1880

Our patchwork pin cushion smiles through its well-worn condition. Its gem-like colors and tones are beautiful and the neutrals offer a nice juxtaposition. The patches are cottons, glazed cottons, and silks. A few blocks show shatter or threadworn spots and one block has flown the coop completely. The back of the cushion is an early cotton chintz, a bit soiled and moisture stained. The pin cushion is stuffed with what feels like cotton with the seeds. As you rub your hand over it, you feel little hard round balls. For the looks and feel of what the early American needleworkers used while at their tasks, this pin cushion is an authentic and highly collectible piece. Square 5 3/4" Free USA Shipping, Handling & Insurance

Price: $38.00

2017-Mar-08 11:53am EST | Tags : antique sewing pin cushion patchwork

Portrait of a Lady, American c1840s

A haunting oil on canvas portrait. The subject is stark, yet serene. Very fine condition throughout. Beautifully detailed, from the gilt foliate carving in the chair's arm to the gigot sleeves of the subject's gown. She wears neither jewelry nor lace, unusual in that these were symbols of social status. The gilt frame is not original, but has been with her for generations, its fancy design a pleasing juxtaposition to this rather austere work. 32"W X 37"T framed; 29 1/4"T X 25"W visual image; 3"D. No sign of restoration or repair. A gentle cleaning will enhance the detail.

Price: $750.00

2017-Mar-06 09:06am EST | Tags : oil painting American school Portrait

SALE * Tramp Art Box ~ Lidded Towers, Drawer c1930

An unusual tramp art box with lidded double towers. In wonderful condition, without a single flaw. Tower compartments are velvet lined at bottom. The lids open easily & close securely. The drawer pulls out & pushes in as it should. 4 adorable little bun feet. Signed on bottom with ink print stamp that is hard to read. May be PINAL something, then Fact. No. 100, with other digits in between. Also marked on drawer bottom, Factory No. 3482 9th Dist. Pa. 100. The word Colorado close by. One box lid is reinforced underneath with a pieced together square and the bottom piece says LIA, with the rest of the word being cut off. Perfect for small storage in just about any room in the house or office. In beautiful condition. 14 1/2" X 5 1/2" X 5 1/2". Was $275, now...

Price: $240.00

2017-Feb-14 12:12pm EST | Tags : folk art tramp art box

Spring Brook Camp Grounds Sign c1950 Painted Wood

The most terrific old camp sign! Spring Brook Camp Grounds, solid wood. Forms a perfect circle with a 32" diameter. The sign is in its original forest green paint. Stencil letters were hand painted to fill them in ~ you can see the brush strokes. There are the original hanging holes for screws; we put a piece of wire through them, to hang the sign. In very good to just about excellent condition, all original, weathered to perfection ~ just enough to assure authenticity and age, yet not enough to obscure its folky beauty. 1" thick, with the retaining board in back another 3/4" thick. A marvelous folk art wall hanging. And what a super table top this would make! It is heavy and would need a sturdy wall.

Price: $650.00

2017-Feb-14 12:08pm EST | Tags : trade sign camp adirondack

SOLD * Apothecary Chamberlains Salve c1910

For the end of your sporting day when you might have frost bite or sunburn, chilbains or chapped hands or granulated eyelids, this is an original glass jar of Chamberlain's Salve. Prepared in Des Moines, Iowa c1910 and originally 25 cents, the salve is still inside and looks untouched. We recommend not touching it, let alone using it. The graphics on the lid are clear and easily read. The original label is still on the jar, although darkened with age. The jar itself is milk glass and very nice. 2" diameter and stands 1 5/8" tall. In great condition as far as the jar, labels and graphics go - the salve inside, not so much.

Price: SOLD

2017-Feb-14 12:03pm EST | Tags : Advertising Apothecary

Small Match Safe of Turned Wood, Red Wash c1850

A handsome little turned wood jar, most likely used as a match safe. Exterior in dull red paint, dry, matte and just as we love these things! With a small age crack on the bottom (tight and non-threatening). Just a couple of inches tall and packed with panache and personality!

Price: 78.00 Free USA Shipping

2017-Jan-17 05:18pm EST | Tags : treen Americana Folk Art

Adirondack Back Pack, Mid-Century

Our red harnessed backpack was homemade right here in the Lake George area. A real beauty and all original. Wooden slats are at the bottom as originally designed, and the top rim is double wrapped. Its slender profile makes this basket comfortable to wear and easy to tote around. In great condition, with some anticipated surface soiling to the red tape harness and some minimal wear to the wood. Ready, willing and able to be used as originally intended, or to display with pride. 17 1/2" tall including the wooden slats at the bottom. 15 3/4" side to side at top and back to front 11".

Price: 210.00 + shipping

2017-Jan-17 04:39pm EST | Tags : Adirondack baskets backpacking

Vintage Market Basket with Vintage Baseballs

A Grand Slam ~ no matter what you do with it or where you put it, it attracts attention! The basket is made of strong wire and dates from c1920-40. It has red rubber covered handles to assure a good grip on your groceries, as well as a nice splash of color. The basket itself is painted in old, matte mustard paint and the overall look is pretty grand, albeit in a subdued way. Inside, we have a pile of 28 baseballs, all vintage, all soiled and dirty and used, all sewn with red and all as full of character as the basket itself. The basket measures 14" long at top, 11" long at bottom, 9 3/8" deep and 7 3/8" high with the handles down. The handles stand about 6 1/4" above the basket rim when they're upright. As an innovative decorative accessory, this hits a home run!

Price: 150.00 plus shipping

2017-Jan-17 04:28pm EST | Tags : vintage decor baseball

SALE * Box for Wood on Your Hearth c1860-90

Wonderful wood box for your hearth. Best point: the Queen Anne style carved base. If you don't have a fireplace and you don't need a box for wood, think of all the other things you could put into this charmer. Balls of wool, tubes of gift wrap, magazines, stacks of copy paper, witch balls, golf balls, baseballs, soft balls, pine cones spiced with cinnamon, boots, shoes, snowshoes, motorcycle gear. This is a solid, heavy box, beautifully custom made with a deeply carved base that gives it character and puts it head and shoulders above others. Original surface. Made c1870, the wood is dark with age and exposure to nearby fires. Classic lines enable this box to fit in with most any decor, from Early American to Traditional to Contemporary. Pick-up is possible to save on shipping cost. 20"W X 12 1/4"D X 24 1/2"H at back. Was $400, now....

Price: $300.00

2016-Nov-29 10:32am EST | Tags : Hearth Americana Country Primitive

SALE * Early Child's Chair in Paint, Maine c1850

An antique child's chair, so beautifully made, so early and so well-loved, I think of it as a piece of American Folk Art. Good wood with turnings that place its origin to Pennsylvania, or maybe New England. Good splint seat in the best chrome yellow, faded on the top where the seat was exposed to light, strong and rich on the seat bottom where the paint was protected. The arms and the rungs are worn thin-ish with proper age and wear patterns. Right in every way: it's where little arms and little feet would have rested. A marvelous chair. We love it to bits. Not only in good condition "for its age", it is in great condition for a child's chair of any age. Sturdy, without a wiggle, you can trust your toddler in it as well as your doll, your teddy or your rambunctious terrier. Dimensions are a broad 16 1/4" wide, 22" high and 15" deep. Super-duper piece of antique Americana! Was $395, now...

Price: $340.00

2016-Nov-29 10:29am EST | Tags : Americana country furniture

SALE * Taxidermy Porcupine Mid-Century

There's only one of him and he's one of a kind. Old taxidermy, quite heavy. Solid, secure, all original with glass eyes. He's our own Mr. Tough Guy. We can't resist them when we find them, and porcupines are so rare to come across, how could we say no? Love him! Was $500, now....

Price: $400.00

2016-Nov-27 03:12pm EST | Tags : Vintage Taxidermy Cottage & Camp Primitives

Velvet Gauntlet Glove Penwipe c1870 ~ 5 Layers

A delightful, all original pen wipe in the form of a gauntlet glove. Made of deep scarlet cotton velvet, cotton and black felted wool. The entire piece is bordered with hand sewn blanket stitching in a nicely contrasting green. The back of the hand is decorated with twill lines, as a real glove would have been. In fair to very good condition. The very good condition is on the front of the wipe. The fair condition is on the very back of the gloves, with considerable wear to the single felted wool layer, visible in our photo. There are five wiping layers within the gauntlet cuff of the glove, and happily these still have traces of the ink that was wiped from the nibs of the pens over the many years. 5 1/4" long at longest point, cuff to tip of middle finger; 2" wide across knuckle. Free USA Shipping

Price: 195.00 Free USA Shipping

2016-Nov-25 05:45pm EST | Tags : Pen Wipe Gloves Desk Accessory

Vintage Peanut Candy Container Christmas c1960

A fantastic little (well, not really so little ~ much larger than a real peanut!) peanut candy container, vintage and dating to c1960. This is a deeply embossed fiber material, a stiff stock paper, I suppose, and is outstanding condition. Clean, in its correct, original form and unmarked by either time or use. Opens easily; closes securely; has a hanging loop for tree decoration. 3"L X 1 1/4"D Free USA Shipping

Price: 54.00 Free USA Shipping

2016-Nov-25 05:42pm EST | Tags : Candy Container Vintage Christmas Peanuts

Imperial Russian Dresden Like Squirrel w/ Nut

Our Imperial Russian ornament is a squirrel of a different color ~ silver and orange. Different origin, too. His ears are so long, they are almost rabbit ears. Our nut-nibbling little buddy is quite fetching. He dates to the early part of the 20th century. It has its original hanging loop of yarn securely attached. Sharing form, material and craftsmanship with the venerable German Dresden, our squirrel is made from pressed board. The fiberboard is well detailed and is in beautiful condition with bright, original colors. You can see the same ornament in the reference book The Collector's Guide of Imperial Russian, Soviet and German Christmas Ornaments. The squirrel measures 3 1/2" high X 3 1/2" wide. Free USA Shipping

Price: 35.00 + Free USA Shipping

2016-Nov-25 05:39pm EST | Tags : Christmas Holiday Vintage Ornament

SALE* Pewter Coffee Pot c1844 Lyman Connecticut

An exciting find ~ a magnificent American pewter coffeepot. It is touchmarked for William Lyman of Wallingford and Meridan, Connecticut. The pot's elegant form was popular in the North and Mid-Atlantic States during the Neoclassic period. Standing about 11 1/2" tall and 11" from the back of the handle to the tip of the spot. The bottom diameter measures 5". In very fine condition with only a few minor surface rubs and scratches, all anticipated wear for normal use. The pewter in this coffeepot has a rich, satiny patina and it gleams in the sunlight and in the firelight. This is a marvelous investment level addition to your home and, as with most quality antiques, it can be used as originally intended and it also can be displayed with pride. For similar examples of American pewter, see "American Pewter", J. B. Kerfoot, Crown Publishers. Currently on sale: originally $425, now priced at...

Price: $290.00

2016-Nov-25 05:30pm EST | Tags : Pewter Americana Antiques

SALE * Staffordshire Platter c1830 E. Challinor

A large Staffordshire serving platter in the Lozere pattern, made by Edward Challinor at his pottery in Tunstall, Stoke-On-Trent, England. The platter dates to c1840. The crisp blue transfer sits on a background the color of thick fresh cream. The period scene shows two women strolling under a parasol on the grounds of a great house. Close by, carved cherubs hold a planter. There are formal gardens, stonework and a private bridge over a pond or small lake. The platter is signed on bottom for the maker and again for the artist. Substantial, the piece weighs about 5 pounds and measures 15 1/2"L X 11 5/8"W; stands 1 5/8". In fine condition with only the most minor signs of age and wear. No cracks, chips, flakes or hairlines. Color is good with only a few small, pale patches of very mild discolor, anticipated wear to bottom rim from normal use and a bit of pitting to the bottom made during the original firing. This platter is sturdy and completely usable. Displays magnificently. Orig$

Price: $195.00

2016-Nov-25 05:26pm EST | Tags : Staffordshire Antiques Decorative Accessories

Miniature Adirondack Chair in Great Paint Mid-Cent

Not every sport involves movement and pain. How about the sports of sitting, snoozing, eating chips & drinking soda, people watching, cloud watching, pigeon feeding? Here's a terrific vintage, home made little piece of mid-century folk art ~ the traditional Adirondack chair in non-traditional awesome paint. We especially love the squiggles. 10"H X 8 3/4"W X 8"D. Sturdy, secure, no wiggles. Don't worry. You'll never fall out of it. Free USA Shipping

Price: 235.00 Free USA Shipping

2016-Nov-25 05:10pm EST | Tags : Folk Art Adirondack Miniatures

Folk Carved Biplane w/ Pilot c1940

A dandy folk art carved wood biplane in its original paint, made c1930-50. With its pilot carved right into the wood, it has all its original parts save for the two front wheels, which are replacements. The plane is a versatile size, convenient to play with, convenient to display either hung with wire or fishing line, or set on a surface. The colors are strong and good. The paint shows appropriate age and wear patterns, as you can see in our photos. The propeller rotates smoothly. 14" long nose to tail, with a wingspan of 15". 6 1/2" tall at its highest point with propeller at an E-W position. This plane is completely sturdy and secure. A terrific, folky Americana display!

Price: $215.00

2016-Nov-25 05:04pm EST | Tags : Model Plane folk art vintage toy

Pin Cushion, Wool Cross Stitch, c1900

This handsome tailored pin cushion has a front cover of wool in the tiniest cross stitch you would ever care to see. Done in an interesting geometric pattern involving crosses and diamonds, it is made of wool yarn in jewel-like tones - sapphire, emerald, ruby, citrine. This pin cushion is a veritable jewel case of color! The backing is a solid black wool. The cushion is beautifully made and in impeccable condition. A 5" square.

Price: 75.00 w/ Free USA Shipping

2015-Oct-13 02:47pm EDT | Tags : Sewing Wool Work Pin Cushion

Lady's Art Work in Watercolor & Fabric Early 1800s

A charming art work, these are two early 19th century portraits that have been framed together. The topmost is a watercolor and fabric collage on rag paper. The bottom is a portrait in watercolor on rag paper. Written in ink beneath the bottom portrait is Fair Vanistera. The pieces were beautifully framed in archival materials early to mid-20th century. The framer's label is on the back. 13 3/8" X 6 1/2" X 7/8".

Price: $300.00

2015-Sep-03 04:47pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Watercolor Portrait

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