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I've been an active collector of Americana for 25 years, concentrating on New England and mid-Atlantic furniture, chalk ware, wallpaper boxes, and velvet fruit. Currently I accept personal checks and money orders. Returns in as-received condition accepted within three days of receipt. Virginia residents pay 6% No. Va. sales tax. Feel free to ask for additional photos and/or a condition report. Refund will be minus shipping and insurance unless I have significantly misrepresented an item. I am a collector, not a professional antiques dealer, and describe each item to the best of my ability. USPS Priority Mail postage and insurance will be added to the price of each item. I HAVE AN OPTION FOR GROUND SHIPPING FOR LARGE ITEMS EASTERN HALF OF U.S. EMAIL FOR DETAILS. I update my shop most weekends, rotating my offerings, so inquire about the availability of items previously featured.

Early Hand-sewn Make-do Pincushions

(Left) Early hand-sewn "tomato" make-do homespun and cotton pin cushion on a vaseline-glass lamp base. 5" tall; 5" diameter. $120.00 (Right) Early make-do: clear-glass lamp base and brown homespun and remnants of blue velvet pin cushion. x mid-Atlantic private collection. 6” tall, 4" diameter at lamp base. $135.00.

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2017-Jul-30 11:20pm EDT | Tags :

Miniature Berry Basket/Red Paint

Unusual miniature splint wood berry basket in dark barn red paint inside and out. 2 1/4" tall, 4" diameter. Fill with strawberry emeries, clay marbles, tiny pine cones! (Velvet strawberry nfs.)

Price: $135.00

2017-Jul-30 11:16pm EDT | Tags :

Pewter Christening Plate

Sweet pewter Christening/birthday plate with an Art Nouveau tulip pattern, inscribed "Paul's First Plate/March 19, 1903." 6 1/2" diameter. Some scrapes and dings, as expected with a well-used plate 110+ years of age.

Price: $115.00

2017-Jul-26 12:56am EDT | Tags :

Pewter Plate/Wheelbarrow Pen Wipe

Pewter plate, 8" diameter, marked "W.I. Cowlshaw/Boston Pewter." $50.00. Unique little handmade/hand-stitched felt and satin wheelbarrow pen wipe on wire frame, legs, and front wheel. Red felt wipe under layer (see second photo). 7" length, from wheel to handles. x active New England dealer of early items. $195.00. (Velvet strawberry not for sale.)

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2017-Jul-26 12:45am EDT | Tags :

Early Rare Strawberry Make-do with Mini-berries

A real stunner! 7" tall, 11" at the diameter of heavy clear glass lamp base. Nine little strawberries---7 attached and 2 pinned to the large strawberry, all, including the large strawberry, are packed with sawdust/excelsior. Hand-sewn in what seems to be a linen fabric. x a 50-year mid-Atlantic collection.

Price: $790.00

2017-Jul-17 12:21pm EDT | Tags :

Oil Painting Still Life/Flowers

Lovely unsigned oil still life of summer flowers and a beautifully realized pottery vase. Unframed. 12” x 16”. Purchased from a Pennsylvania dealer 15 years ago. The oil is older than the relatively recent re-stretching. Undamaged surface. (There are no specks on the painting---light is reflecting off the raised brush strokes.)

Price: $155.00

2017-Jul-01 08:19pm EDT | Tags :

Tankard w/Cobalt-Blue Decoration

Small salt-glazed stoneware flagon/tankard, cobalt-blue decorated handle. Brown glazed interior. 6 1/2" tall. Purchased in Pennsylvania. (Make-do hogscraper $20.00)

Price: $145.00

2017-Jun-26 08:49pm EDT | Tags :

Early Mirror in Black and Gold Paint

Another fabulous mirror, this one in black and gold paint, with early, original glass and all original backing. Raised front frame, to give it an ogee profile. Mid-19th century at the latest. Right, right, right as rain!! 11" x 10." x a private mid-Atlantic collection.

Price: $245.00

2017-Jun-26 12:06pm EDT | Tags :

Lead Clock Weights

Unusual lead corn clock weights in buttercup yellow original paint. 5 1/2" long, including metal weight hanger. Wonderful as paperweights (Also displayed as originally intended in the School House Clock, listed below.) x Midwest

Price: $265.00

2017-Jun-22 11:10am EDT | Tags :

Tramp Art Mirror in Yellow Paint

Tramp art chip-carved mirror in buttercup yellow paint. 8 3/4" x 10 1/2". x Cape Cod (Mass.)

Price: $235.00

2017-Jun-22 11:07am EDT | Tags :

Tin Hogscraper Candle Stick

Early tin hogscraper candle stick. Missing its pusher (aren't they all?) but has a nice waxy surface. 7" tall, 4" diameter at base. In a box from Brimfield overlooked for 20 years in the back of my feed room. I'll even throw in the grungy candle that came with it!

Price: $85.00

2017-Jun-03 03:30pm EDT | Tags :

Framed Doll Quilt

Early hand-made doll quilt, bound in red, framed. Most likely a cut-down from a full-size quilt. Framed dimensions: 23" x 21" (textile dimensions 19" x 18"). Purchased as framed in Frederick, Md., 25 years ago. (White spot is camera flash reflection.)

Price: $175.00

2017-May-31 12:31pm EDT | Tags :

Memory Jug, Small Size

Unique memory jug, with only the front side decorated. Teddy Roosevelt presidential campaign button, ceramic boot, and Indian head coin among the impressed pieces. Some of the small sea shells are missing but can be easily replaced, a couple of other original pieces also missing. Jug itself is in great condition. 7 1/4" tall, 4 1/4" diameter. Great small size! Best to go USPS Parcel Post.

Price: $135.00

2017-May-18 08:22pm EDT | Tags :

White Doll Chair, Folk Art Swan

Sweetest doll kitchen Windsor in red and white paint and fabric seat over-cover, 7 1/2" tall, $115.00. Folk art swan in red paint, pine and nail construction, small metal coin-type medallion, Asian origin, 6" long, 3 3/4" tall. $110.00.

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2017-May-18 12:02pm EDT | Tags :

Early Trencher in Original Paint

Early pine trencher/dough bowl in dry paint you dream about. 25” long, 14” wide, 5” tall. Age cracks, one with a bit of glue in the unpainted interior, are tight. Light weight and useful, as is, for linens, velvet fruit, rag balls, or seasonal greens. x private mid-Atlantic collection. This may ship best USPS parcel post.

Price: $405.00

2017-Apr-24 02:53pm EDT | Tags :

Chalk ware Spill Vase, Spaniel Dogs

Solid base, rare form. Late 19th-C. 6" tall, 4 1/4" diameter at the base. Some chipping but plenty of black and red paint decoration remains. X private mid-Atlantic collection featured in "Folk Art," "Ladies Bountiful," and "Of These I Sing."

Price: $185.00

2017-Apr-06 12:13am EDT | Tags :

Early Wallpaper Jack-in-the-Box

Early 1800s paper-covered wood box jack-in-the-box squeaker in very good condition. 5" long, 6" tall (with lid open as shown). All original paint and cloth/papier mache bodies and faces. Minor staining to the paper. x. Ann Yellen (Calif.). In my collection for more than a decade.

Price: $330.00

2017-Feb-24 05:51pm EST | Tags :

School House Clock, C.F. Adams Corp.

19th-century C. F. Adams Corp. pine school house clock in black, gold, and oyster paint, 24" tall, 17" wide, 4 1/4" deep. (Charles F. Adams of Erie, Pa., was a clock dealer in the 1890s.) "Standard" label on reverse explains directions for operation. Paint is alligator-ed; surface coverage is 99%. The door for the clock weights opens but there is no glass insert; the back of the clock can be removed but the clock currently is not operational. (LEAD CORN WEIGHTS IN SECOND PHOTO AVAILABLE SEPARATELY.)

Price: $195.00

2017-Jan-03 09:05pm EST | Tags :

Toaster Doll x James Cramer

Unique African American toaster doll (the upper half of a rag doll wearing a long dress meant to drape over a toaster) directly from artist, designer, and author James Cramer's personal collection. She is 7" long (18," including original brown and blue calico dress); button eyes, embroidered red mouth. (Separated stitches along one side seam of bodice and small tear in upper arm on the back of the doll.) Includes an early embroidered cream doll bonnet. $185.00. Wood architectural "pedestal," in peeling white paint. $75.00.

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2017-Jan-01 06:32pm EST | Tags :

Early Doll Bed in Mustard Yellow Paint

Charming early doll bed in mustard paint. Includes its original straw-filled mattress. 21" long x 10" wide. Lovely polychrome paint decoration of a cardinal on headboard. x Adrian's 1800 Primitives. (Dolls/quilt in second photo not available.)

Price: $190.00

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