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I do not operate an open shop but prefer instead to treat my interest in Americana in a more relaxed manner. Indeed, my primary preoccupation is teaching at the California Institute of Technology, which affords me the luxury of pursuing a tertiary interest in American history. This feeds my interest in Americana and gives me the flexibility to pursue offering a selection of American country and formal antiques that represent the best of what we might otherwise associate with Back East tastes and design. In fact, after 40+ years of collecting Americana, with the last two and a half decades spent scouring the estate sales and flea markets of Southern California, the time has come to begin letting go. What you’ll find here, then, are things from my personal collection with the occasional addition of some treasure I found in my ongoing compulsive hunting. Needless to say, there’s a full “L.L.Bean-type” no questions asked guarantee on anything I sell. I do make mistakes, but I try not to pass them on to anyone. Tel #s: 818-952-8106; 818-618-7984 (cell). Email address is mordess@aol.com. Want to add that I've just finished a book on experiences, lessons learned, etc, so check out my website at www.ordeshookantiques.com. I warn though that the text is constantly under revision as new lessons and experiences arise.

Primitive O/C folk art painting, an American Farm

Offered here is this quite folky oil on canvas farm scene ... log house, barn, etc. Measuring 14 1/4" x 8 3/8", there is a noticeable crackalure to the sky. Unsigned, the canvas is glued down to a board. Beyond this my pictures tell the rest of the story of this quaint example of naive folk art.

Price: $125.00

2017-Sep-18 03:27pm EDT | Tags : Paintings

hand stitched & quilted Japanese doll Fan quilt

No, its not antique and perhaps not even vintage ... dated 1986 and signed by its maker ... but it is absolutely spectacular in its delicacy the the care of its quilting. Measuring 23 1/2" x 20", she all hand quilted at 6 to 7 SPI in, as pitcure 2 shows, in a variety of patterns. She's signed and dated on the backside as my last picture shows, but unfortunately I cannot read Japanese. In absolutely perfect condition she is indeed a superb example of the quilter's art.

Price: $175.00

2017-Sep-18 03:24pm EDT | Tags : Quilts

23" x 21" 19th C alphabet & pictoral sampler

This is a beauty ... an undated and unsigned wool on linen mid 19th century alphabet and pictorial sampler portraying deer, birds, a dog, a cat, a ship's anchor, all with good color. There's a few scattered inconsequential (trust me) imperfections at the edges of the background linen but otherwise she's in superb condition. Framed she measures 25" x 23", with sight dimensions of 23" x 21" -- this is not a small sampler.

Price: $295.00

2017-Sep-18 03:16pm EDT | Tags : Samplers

19th C cobbler's or shoefitter's bench or stool

I've frankly never seen one of these before so I'm not sure whether its a cobbler's repair bench or a bench for use in a sale's room for trying on shoes. I'm open to suggestions, but one thing is clear ... she's 19th century and in perfect condition. Overall length is appx 27" with the seat being 13" in diameter and 13" high. The ringed attachment to the base of the stool is spring mounted so that when moved left or tight it springs back into the position shown. The metal for what I assume is the heel of a shoe is brass.

Price: $395.00

2017-Sep-18 03:13pm EDT | Tags : Decorative accessories

19th C cotton calico hand quilted Pinwheel quilt

This is an absolute beauty ... a 19th century cotton calico pinwheel quilt measuring 76" x 67", all hand quilted at 6 to 7 SPI ... AND in absolutely mint condition.

Price: $425.00

2017-Sep-18 03:10pm EDT | Tags : Quilts

ca 1880 Log Cabin mixed fabric quilt

Here's a ca 1880s Log Cabin quilt measuring 73" x 66" in remarkable condition, with a uncommon lace with embroidered accent border or binding. Consisting of a mixture of fabrics ... wool, cotton and silk ... I can find only two places where the silk has experienced the usual deterioration as shown in my 2nd & 3rd pictures; otherwise she's in excellent condition. The lace border or binding with its brown embroidered accent is integral to the quilt but frankly I cannot determine the extent to which it was a stock binding or made specifically for the quilt by the quilt's maker. In any event, if you want the perfect wall hanging, here it is ... a great piece, fantastic color, and near-perfect condition.

Price: SOLD

2017-Sep-18 12:19pm EDT | Tags : Quilts

Pair 19th C bone salt spoons

Not sure if these are sailor made but they are definitiely an uncommon item. A perfect pair, each spoon measures 5 1/8" in length.

Price: $150.00

2017-Sep-15 12:02pm EDT | Tags : Decorative accessories Folk art

Large 19th C walnut & tin carriage warmer

here is this 19th century walnut and tin carriage warmer, and while not uncommon in design, it is uncommon in size .. larger that the one's you normally find ... in this instance, measuring 11" x 10 1/2" x 6 5/8" high. Some wood has chipped off the corers of the framing in various points, but otherwise in excellent condition with no rust and bearing its original wire handle.

Price: $95.00

2017-Sep-12 09:23am EDT | Tags : Decorative accessories

Pair ca 1760 Queen Anne maple side chairs

Here's a pair of 1760s Queen Anne maple side chairs with Spanish feet. Both are in excellent condition though its clear the rush seats have been replaced. Overall height is 40 1/2" with seat heights of 17 1/2".

Price: $675.00

2017-Aug-31 09:07am EDT | Tags : Furniture

ca 1790 Spanish Foot Chippendale side chair

The seat may need to be redone if you want perfection, but otherwise this wonderful chair, most likely from Conn. or Mass. is in perfect condition. Overall height is 41" with a seat height of 17".

Price: $425.00

2017-Aug-31 06:03am EDT | Tags : Furniture

ca 1750 Bannister Back side chair, fishtail crest

Here we have a ca 1750 Bannister Back side chair with a fish tail crest and its original or early surface. Total height is 43 1/2", with a seat height of 17".

Price: $395.00

2017-Aug-31 02:57am EDT | Tags : Furniture

1930s lavender & pink 25-patch cotton quilt

lavender & pink 25-patch cotton1930s quilt that measures 78" x 64" and is all hand quilted at 7 SPI in excellent condition

Price: $125.00

2017-Aug-29 04:19am EDT | Tags : Quilts

lavender & pink Irish Chain 1930s quilt

lavender & pink on pure white Irish Chain quilt that measures 84" x 72" and is all hand quilted at 7 SPI in excellent condition

Price: $125.00

2017-Aug-29 04:15am EDT | Tags : Quilts

19th C Sailor whimsey bone watch fob

Made in the form of a multi-blade jack knife, its actually a watch fob (note the pierced part at the left end in my 3rd picture). Folded up it measures but 2 7/8" long.

Price: $175.00

2017-Aug-24 01:13pm EDT | Tags : Folk art

Large c 1900 advertising letter "E" wood on tin

gold gilt wood on tin advertising letter, E, that retain its original gilt surface. She measures an imposing 26 1/2" x 19" and consists of wood mounted on tin.

Price: $95.00

2017-Aug-21 06:45am EDT | Tags : Decorative accessories

ca 1900 sheet metal horse weathervane

If this vane isn't late 19th century then is early 20th at the latest ... and I want to emphasize that this is a legitimate vane and not some decorative piece ... clearly constructed and used as a vane. She retains a heavily painted black surface and measures as follows: Arrow length is 32", height as shown, 24", with the horse itself measuring 21" x 19" appx.

Price: $475.00

2017-Jun-24 01:31pm EDT | Tags : Weathervane

Rare 1814 Isiah Whyte reverse ptd USS Congress

There are to my knowledge but 3 watercolor ship paintings and 4 reverse paintings of ships on glass by Whyte that I know of. One watercolor is in Franklin Roosevelt's Hyde Park home in NY, one at the Chicago Art Institute, and one in the NY Historical Society. Of Whyte's 4 known reverse ship paintings, one (the Hornet) is in a private Penna. collection, one (the Essex) in the Peabody Essex Museum, and the two offered here on Dig ... in this instance the USS Congress, commissioned in 1799 and the sister ship of the USS Constitution in Boston and USS Constellation in Baltimore. Dated 1814, she's signed (in reverse) by Whyte in the upper left corner, and denoted Boston Mass in the upper right. Framed dimensions are appx 15" x 13" with sight dim. of 11" x 8 7/8".

Price: $950

2017-Mar-13 11:15am EDT | Tags : Paintings Folk art Nautical

mid-19th C felt & wool table runner / mat

a mid 19th century felt on wool table runner or mat that measures appx. 44 3/4" x 19 1/2". Aside from a few scattered and unobtrusive tiny month holes to the background wool, she's in overall great condition with no need for repair or restoration (i.e., no missing felt).

Price: $45.00

2017-Jan-14 11:44am EST | Tags : Folk art

Southern alkaline glaze stoneware jug, appx 5 gal.

A large (18" high appx 11" max diameter) alkaline glaze stoneware jug that I was told by its previous owner came from Tennessee (though I have no way of confirming that assertion). I am not sure, moreover, as to whether the incise mark shown in my 2nd picture is the letter J or a badly made 5. She is, however, without flaw (the appearance of a chip on the lip appears to have glaze over it so not sure it is in fact a post-manufacture flaw).

Price: $225.00

2016-Dec-13 12:47am EST | Tags : Stoneware

vintage Coast Guard wood "trade" sign

here we have a vintage (I'd guess 1930s or 40s) Coast Guard "trade" sign made of a single board (not plywood) measuring 48" x 9" and 100% original with its original painted surface

Price: $250.00

2016-Nov-26 12:16pm EST | Tags : Trade signs

hand made folk art wood & tin locomotive

here is this absolutely impressive and monumental (32 1/2" long x 10 1/4" wide x 12" high) hand made locomotive made entirely of wood and tin and retaining its original paint throughout. The detail is incredible and I have no doubt conforms to the real thing. Its "signed" on the front with the date 1991 which is when I assume it was made. I have no idea, though, what the Kumquat Lumber Co. is. Insofar as I can tell, there are no apologies whatsoever ... this incredible piece of folk art is 100% right.

Price: $675.00

2016-Nov-26 09:29am EST | Tags : Folk art

Semi-full bodied copper 19th C rooster weathervane

I say "semi-full bodied" simply to differentiate this piece from a sheet metal vane. The rooster here is upwards of 1 1/4" thick and made of 2 sheets of copper. He stands 26" tall (not counting the stand), 22" wide. The construction is a bit unusual, and while it might appear to be missing the point of the arrow below, it was made as shown ... any arrow would have been a separate piece. As for age, a 19th C attribution is but a guess ... it has obvious age and is not some contemporary reproduction, but its also obviously been polished so as to make any definitive attribution of age impossible. At least there's no phony chemically induced "patina". I have no idea as to its origin, but it nevertheless commands a presence in any early American country setting.

Price: $795.00

2015-Nov-17 09:00pm EST | Tags : Weathervane

Five signed ca 1928 Folk Art carvings, original paint

Herbert Mills (b. 1878, d. 1948) is buried in the military cemetery in San Antonio Texas and served as a 1st Lt in WWI. These five folk art carvings are all, with the exception of the WWI doughboy, signed "Herbert Mills San Antonio Texas ca 1928". One can presume that the doughboy (9 1/4" h) is Mills himself whereas the largest carving (10 7/8") is Punch from Punch & Judy. The man (10" h) reminds me of those cartoon-like drawings hanging on the walls of various restaurants corresponding to the celebrities who frequented that establishment from time to time. In any event, offered as a set ...

Price: $995.00

2015-Nov-17 09:00pm EST | Tags : Folk art

Two (!) ca 1850 Cherry 2-part corner cupboads, 12 lites each

Although identical in height (87 1/2") and style, and although both take an approximate 30" corner (actually one takes a 28" corner and the other a 29" corner, counting the crown molding), they aren't a perfect match ... but they are darned close. Unfortunately, stored here in my laundry room, I can't set them up to be photographed side by side. But I think you get the idea here. The sole apology (they retain their original glass panes) that applies to both cupboards is that at one time someone removed the interior shelves of the upper sections and replaced them with professionally cut glass shelving (an easy restoration if you have some old wood, but not truly necessary). In any event, they are being offered here as a pair, so for the pair .....

Price: $1,495

2015-Nov-17 06:00pm EST | Tags : Furniture

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