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Our name comes from the fact that we are located almost exactly on the so-called “Blue Line” which circumscribes New York’s Adirondack State Park. We carry a broad selection of antiques, ranging from elegant British pottery to Adirondack items, primitives and folk art. Our shop is open seasonally, by appointment. We only do several shows a year and do not sell on e-bay, so we always have fresh stock. The best way to contact us with inquiries is by e-mail since we are often unavailable by phone.

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We have a 72 hour return policy. In the event you are dissatisfied for any reason with an item you have purchased, you need only notify us of that fact within 72 hours after delivery, pay the shipping and necessary insurance costs and return it promptly to us. Provided its condition is unchanged, we will immediately refund the purchase price. If you believe we have not described the condition of the item accurately, please contact us to discuss the problem. If we feel you are correct, we will be happy to pay or refund return expenses.

Uncle Sam Doll

Folk art figure of Uncle Sam in very good condition with great hand-made clothing. Approximately 7″ tall and jointed at the hips and shoulders. Traces of cotton fiber under the chin suggest that he may have had a beard or goatee and enlargement of the photo of his face reveals the outline of a mustache, which might have been painted or attached there. We decided not to replace these items, but it would be easy for a new owner to do so if desired. Circa early 20th century. (BZ-36)

Price: $365

2017-Jul-15 12:39pm EDT | Tags :

Leather bear footstool

Very rare Abercrombie and Fitch bear footstool by Dimitri Omersa. Abercrombie and Fitch footstools and other items made by Omersa in the form of various animals are extremely popular, and rare figures like seals and kangaroos (magazine holder) command big prices. The bear footstool is perhaps the rarest of all. We have never seen another. This bear has been in our personal collection for a number of years. As can be seen in the photos, it has some wear on the ears and there is a small scuff under the left ear. Otherwise, it is in exceptionally good condition. It is a large footstool – approximately 29″ long, 12″ wide and 19″ high. Circa 1960′s. More photos available upon request (BW-31)

Price: $1125

2017-Jun-19 04:37pm EDT | Tags :

Carved Coca Cola Bottle

Unusual hand-carved Coca Cola bottle. Approximately 12" tall and dated 1971. Very well done. (BZ-7)

Price: $320

2017-Jun-02 07:36am EDT | Tags :

Trout Carving

Carving of trout. 17 1/2" long. Flat on back side and rigged to hang. Nicely proportioned and decorated by a skilled carver. Found in Maine. Minor restoration to tip of dorsal fin and tip of lower lobe of tail. Darkened oval area near the aft end is a knot in the wood. Circa early to mid 20th century. (BX-25)

Price: SOLD

2017-May-20 06:46am EDT | Tags :

Primitive cow painting

Small primitive oil on board of a milk cow in its original frame. Circa 19th century. Sight size 8 1/2″ H x 10 1/2″ W. Frame size 11 1/2″ H x 13 1/2″ W. Signed “Felty”. All original without any in-painting. It is on a real board as opposed to artist board. Frame has some wear, but is quite attractive. (BY-21)

Price: $430

2017-Mar-26 08:35am EDT | Tags :

Carved Miniature Drake Mallard

Finely carved and painted miniature flying drake mallard by Hingham, Massachusetts carver Russ Burr (1887-1955). Professional restoration to one foot and the very tip of one wing feather. Very minor wear to original paint. We have mounted it on a small wood plaque, rigged to hang, but it can be easily removed by the new owner. Burr was described as the “Master of Movement” by Joseph H. Ellis in his book, “Birds in Wood and Paint”, featuring noted 19th and early 20th century American bird carvers, published in 2009 (@pp 92-98). 4 1/2″L x 4 1/2″H. (BX-35)

Price: $345

2017-Jan-28 10:30am EST | Tags :

Native American Dolls

Pair of southwest Native American-made dolls. Hand-carved and clothed in authentic period fabric. One carries a small woven basket. The other probably also held something in one hand originally, or was made to do so. 7″ and 7 1/2″ high, including stands. The smaller stand may be a later replacement. Possibly children’s toys, or made for sale to tourists. Circa early-mid 20th century. (BY-18)

Price: 275 (pair)

2017-Jan-26 08:38am EST | Tags :

Black Forest Cigar Stand

Unusual Black Forest cigar smoking set with holders and cutter, featuring a superb carving of a charging ram with polychrome decoration. Stands approximately 6-7″ high. Cutter is in working order. The stump behind the ram is hollowed out to hold the cigars and there are carved areas to hold matches and cigar tips. The tip of one of the ram’s horns was re-set, but there is no visible break line. Swiss, circa 1890. (BW-40)

Price: SOLD

2016-Oct-21 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Black Forest carving of red stag

Black Forest carving of a red stag. Swiss origin. Stands approximately 7″ tall x 9″ long. Has detachable antlers. There were old break lines to all legs at the ankles. They have been professionally restored and are no longer apparent, There also was an old break in one ear, which too was restored and is only noticeable upon very close examination. It displays beautifully and is a great example of the best of Brienzerware carving, circa 1890-1910. Possibly the work of Peter Huggler. (BW-39)

Price: $660

2016-Oct-21 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Owl carving

Small owl with glass eyes on branch mount. 8” tall including mount; owl itself is about 5”. Very well done. Probably from Pa. Circa mid-20th century. (BT-26)

Price: SOLD

2016-Aug-13 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Early Hand Carved Distaff

Very sculptural hand carved distaff used for spinning wool in old original paint. 12" tall and 5" wide at base. Great form. Probably early 19th century. Found in Massachusetts. All original. (BS-33)

Price: $170

2016-May-19 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Carved Bull or Cow Head

Very finely carved head of a bull or cow mounted on a burl plaque. Vermont origin, carver unknown. Approximately 1/3 size. Measures 8 3/4" from tip of one horn to tip of the other and 6" from crown of head to end of nose. Age discoloration appears in profile photo to be a little more pronounced than it is to the eye. Plaque is not original but sets the carving off nicely. Age is unknown, but we'd judge it probably dates to the 1940s or 1950s. Nice piece of folk art. More photos available upon request. (BT-34)

Price: $495

2016-May-14 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Eagle Carving

Fine early 19th century carving of eagle from a lodge in Michigan, Height 14", wingspan 18". Unfortunately the top board containing the top portion of the wings is long gone and there is a small piece of the pediment at the bottom left (as one faces the carving) missing as well. However, the paint is all original and the carving is spectacularly animated. It displays beautifully, as shown. (BV-22)

Price: $315

2016-Apr-21 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Native American Basket

Finely woven Southwestern Native American basket, probably Pima made, circa 1900. Bold color with some fading in bowl due to sun exposure. Weaving appears to be intact. 12 1/2" dia. x 3" high. From a collection of early Native American baskets. Additional photos available. (BV- 10)

Price: $225

2016-Apr-15 08:00pm EDT | Tags :


Very unusual 1920s-30s carving of a lady with a "wardrobe malfunction". The moral of this story might be: "if you decide to wear a low cut floor length evening gown to a function, make very sure you don't step on it". Approx. 11-12" high. Original paint with wear and some losses. A real conversation piece! (BT-27)

Price: $790

2015-Oct-20 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Flying yellowlegs shorebird decoy

Unusual carving of a flying yellowlegs shorebird with impressed signature by Herbert Randall, known as "the last of the Seabrook carvers" from Seabrook, New Hampshire. Randall, who died in 1971, began carving working decoys in the era of shorebird hunting and continued carving decoratives thereafter. Some flying decoys were used to simulate a bird landing or taking off and this decoy has nail eyes, which were used by Randall on his earlier birds. There is minor wear and a small old age crack in the breast. Hard to know if it began life as a working decoy or was made as a decorative. The mount could well be later. More photos available upon request. (BU-37)

Price: $495

2015-Oct-20 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Cap rifle

Very rare 19th century toy cap rifle bearing US Patent date of August 4, 1874. 19th century cap pistols are rare enough, but cap rifles are almost impossible to find. Made to fire a single cap which was inserted in the small recessed space in the receiver. Spring loaded and it still cocks. 28" long. Fore-stock has groove for a ramrod, which was for decoration only and could easily be replaced. The gun was obviously well used. The stock is worn, as shown, and the metal slightly deformed in places. We are informed that restoration would enhance value significantly. More photos available upon request. (BU-15)

Price: SOLD

2015-Sep-21 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Early Owl Carving

Carving of full-sized owl. 15 1/2" tall including base. Wood is probably cedar, weathered or stained to a rich brown. Legs and feet were carved separately and attached. Glass eyes. Age crack has been stabilized and filled. Circa late 19th century. A great early folk art piece. Found in northern NY State (BS-37)

Price: $395

2015-Aug-15 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

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