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Fresh finds from New England--great early antiques, Folk Art, wonderful smalls and accessories. A few eclectic finds, 19th C. textiles, and appropriate vintage holiday items---thrown in for good measure & fun! Always on the look-out for authentic antiques and whimsical treasures, check back often for the latest additions and updates. I can be reached by email at, for any inquiries or photo requests. If not completely satisfied with your purchase, a return is always allowed within 3-days of receipt, for a full refund of the item (minus shipping costs).

Best 19th C. Apple Green Painted Bail Handle Pantry

Wonderful fresh find and found in Maine, in it's best original "Apple Green" paint, a thick walled 19th C. pantry box with bail handle. Showing only minor wear, has a diameter of approximately 9 1/2" across and stands about 5 1/4" tall, not counting handle in upright position. The wooden handle has a nice, natural untouched surface and was never painted. Love the color of this true apple green dry paint! $265 + $12 ship.

Price: $265 + $12 ship

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Listed Folk Artist Signed PA Small Blanket Chest

Fantastic folk art, small Pennsylvania hand painted lift-top blanket chest, with little bun feet! In excellent condition, created by the very well listed contemporary folk artist, Kathy Graybill, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Amazing attention to detail, shows wonderful Pennsylvania Dutch designs on three sides and also on the top lid. Grain painted base, it measures approximately 8 5/8" long, standing about 5" tall, and 5 1/4" deep. Looks great on the mantle and could be used to store so many important treasures! $38 + $10 ship.

Price: $38 + $10 Ship

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Victorian Berlin Work Spaniel on Cushion Needlepoint

Wonderful circa 1860, Victorian wool Berlin Work Needlepoint of the much sought after "Spaniel type-dog, on Cushion." It is housed in it's original frame, never removed, with little square nails on back. In excellent antique condition, in the frame this fantastic embroidered needlepoint sampler measures approximately 13" long by 11" tall. The needlepoint shows no damage and still so vibrant in color! The background is a very fine linen, which has not been embroidered, typical of this type of early textile. Again,no issues and one of the finest I have seen, it certainly would make a great addition for any dog lover! $265 + $12 ship. SALE: $225 + ship.

Price: SALE $225 + $12 ship

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Best 19th C. New England Painted Gameboard

Wonderful fresh find from Brunswick, Maine, the best painted early gameboard with breadboard ends and large square nails! Measures approximately 16 3/4" long, by 14 1/4" wide, by about 7/8" thick, this sturdy wooden primitive board retains its original fabulous mustard & black dry painted surface! No breaks or repairs, this darkened pine constructed (not sure if it is stained or painted brown) Checkerboard, has a small newer applied hook on back for hanging, which of course can be removed, if desired. The finely detailed "scored" squares, set off the vivid, but early mustard and black painted squares! $395 + $14 ship SALE $345 + $14 ship

Price: SALE $345 + $14 ship

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RARE Large Yellow Ware & Blue Mocha-Type Pitcher

Very RARE large Yellow Ware pitcher with a blue "Mocha-ware" type decoration! This heavy tall jug stands approximately 11 1/2", with nice molded detailing to the handle and base. No chips, cracks, or, repairs, it shows some mild darkening at the spout. The wonderful hand-applied blue "striated" decoration reminds me of a mochaware type of design. This large 19th century pitcher also has the blue decoration, on the inside too! I know the minor staining to the spout could be lightened, or even completely removed, if desired. But, I think this great piece of antique Yellow Ware is fantastic as is! $165 + $16 ship. SALE $125 + $16 ship

Price: SALE $125 + $16 ship

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Early Vintage Child's Colorful Wooden Abacus

Sweet little primitive wooden toy abacus, with colorful wooden beads, for counting! It has a lovely honey-colored patina, to its morticed constructed frame. Measures approximately 9" by 8 1/2", it is in excellent vintage condition $28 + $6 ship

Price: $28 + $6 ship

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Dated 1878 McLoughlin School & Home Primer Book

Wonderful hard bound child's book dated 1878, "One Syllable Primer" for home and school use, printed by McLoughlin Brothers in New York. The colorful cover is quite wonderful and the condition of this antique school book is just about pristine! The inside is printed in black and white, with amazing illustrations! The book measures approximately 8 1/2" by 6 1/2". The binding is completely intact and the book has been little used, making it a charming little survivor! $34 + $4 ship.

Price: $34 + $4 ship

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Victorian 18k Aquamarine Ring 6 1/2 w Original Box

Gorgeous antique, Victorian-era ring, size 6 1/2, with a round set blue Aquamarine stone, 1 1/2 to 2 carats in size. This ring is yellow gold in color with the stone set in an "Octagon" shaped white gold top. Both the yellow and white gold, tested 18k (possibly higher). Lovely design, it also has fine black enamel detailing on each side of the Aquamarine setting. Although unmarked, it is tested and guaranteed 18k gold. Minor age wear, if any (was well taken care of), it weighs approximately 4.9 grams. Comes with its original ring box, from Lawrence, Massachusetts. This would actually make a wonderful engagement ring and Aquamarine is also the birth stone for the month of March! $295 with Free Ship.

Price: $295 w/ Free Ship

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Best Red Painted Small Wooden Keg & 48-Star Flags

Found this very nicely painted small wooden keg, here in Maine, a while back. Stands approximately 10" tall with a diameter of about 6 1/2" across the top and bottom. It has a small whole on top of it's lid for pouring the contents out of the keg. Completely dry and clean, with the best color of dry, red painTape! All original to keg! There is some Minor rusting to bottom metal band, due to moisture, from years ago. Not bad at all and adds the antique character we desire. I have this small keg displayed on my mantle with three 48-Star large cotton vintage parade flags. They are also available separately. The flags are about 32" long (wooden pole, each with gold painted tip). The cotton flags each measure about 11 1/2" by 16 1/2". No holes or stains and great bright colors! The keg is $95 + $12 ship. Each flag is $24 + 8 ship. Can bundle all together, keg with 3 flags, for $150 + $16 ship

Price: See Listing

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19th C. Tiny Figs Oval Pantry Box

This is a very cute little early wooden oval pantry box that once held "Figs", as stenciled on the lid. Measures approximately 3 1/2" long and about 1 3/8" tall, shows minor wear. $34 + $4 ship.

Price: $34 + $4 ship

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Vintage Patriotic Small Sand Pail w Shovel Mint!

Fabulous vintage 1940-50's, small tin sand pail with tiny shovel, and the best Patriotic images. This sand pail stands only 5 3/4" tall, counting the handle in upright position. The tiny little red and blue shovel is only 6" long. I don't believe these two started life together but make the perfect set now! The sand bucket shows next to no wear (you won't find another in such pristine condition), perfect for the upcoming summer holiday on July 4th! Very RARE find! $125 + $7 ship. SALE $110 + $7 ship

Price: SALE $110 + $7 ship

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Early WWI Era Patriotic Child Photo in Costume

Adorable early sepia-type photo of a small child in his Patriotic costume, circa WWI era! In the age appropriate frame, it measures approximately 14 3/4" tall by 7 3/4" wide. The glass has quite a bit of visible dirt and dust on the inside, but the actual antique photo is in very good condition. Glass will need to be removed and cleaned (and easy fix). You can see that this small child is wearing early button-top shoes, a gauze cotton skirt with flags and shields printed on the fabric, as he clutches a large fabric American shield and flag in his hands. Too cute! $75 + $10 ship.

Price: $75 + $10 ship

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Rare Large Antique Yellow Ware Cannister with Lid

Wonderful large 19th century yellow ware cannister with lid, great early round form. Stands approximately 8 1/2" tall. In amazing condition, shows uniform light crazing, as you would expect and desire to se. The lid appears perfect from the top, but does have a couple of small "use" chips underneath. These are not seen when the lid, with knob handle, is in place. I just love this early yellow ware pottery piece and you won't see another like it soon. Quite a RARE piece of early yellow ware. $110 + $12 ship.

Price: $110 + $12 ship

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Wonderful Early Birdseye Maple Trencher Perfect!

Found in Maine, this very solid and heavy, "Birdseye " Maple Wooden trencher is in excellent antique condition! This 19th century primitive measures approximately 22" long, 11" wide and is about 4" deep. There are no breaks, repairs, or cracks, a very RARE find! Fantastic honey-colored patina, there are birdseye markings all over, especially seen on the outside surface! $245 + $16 shipping. SALE $220 + $16 ship

Price: SALE $220 + $16 ship

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Fantastic 19th C. Dog & Cart Photo in Early Frame

This is a wonderful find, fresh from New Hampshire, a large antique Photo (circa 1880-90) of three children dressed in their "Sunday Best," posed with a great looking early wooden wagon or cart, that is harnessed up to the family pet, a very sturdy Black or Brown Labrador Dog! Amazing time capsule with fantastic details, an extremely charming early American photograph. The Adirondack-type wooden frame is also excellent, with no breaks or repairs to any of the corner leaves (they are usually always missing a leaf, or two). The frame measures approximately 15" long by 12 1/2" tall. The inside antique photograph measures about 9 1/2" by 7 3/4". The original wavy early glass and wooden backing is perfect and also in place. I have not removed the backing to see if there is more family information and will leave that up to the next owner. When it comes to fabulous, early American photography, it does not come better than this! $95 + $12 ship

Price: $95 + $12 ship.

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Early Duck Loon Decoy Maine Camp Sign

Found in northern Maine, this is a fun early vintage Camp sign, in the form of a Duck or Loon Decoy! Measures approximately 22" long and about 8" tall, it is painted on both sides, but reads "Camp Guide Float" on only one side. So, great for display, to your preference. Wonderful authentic primitive sign for your camp or home! $135 + $10 ship

Price: $135 + $10 ship

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Fantastic 19th C. American Clipper Ship Oil Painting

This is a large oil on canvas, dated 1894, Maritime painting of an American Clipper ship, in full sail. Signed by listed artist H.L. Severance, this painting is in wonderful condition. Cleaned and relined in Vermont by top art restoration specialist Joseph J. Marotta Co., Inc. Originally sold by "The Old Picture Store" in Boston, Massachusetts, the original tags are all in place. I will be happy to send lots of additional photos, as requested. The painting measures approximately 24" by 19", not counting the vintage frame that is in place. Although not antique, this frame is quite appropriate and of very high quality. The artist signature is in the bottom right hand corner. The Clipper ship flies numerous nautical flags, including the American flag, as shown in my photos. This large 19th century American painting is 27" by 22" framed and would make a stunning statement in any room! $575 + shipping

Price: $575 + ship

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19th C. Blue Graniteware Enamel Berry Pail

Great little primitive berry pail, in Blue graniteware enamel. Has its original wire bail handle in place. Diameter of approximately 6" across, standing 10" tall, with handle in upright position. Normal use wear to enamel and great size for display or use! $40 + $8 ship.

Price: $40 + $8 ship

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Best Early Braided Mat Found in New Hampshire

This braided mat, with silk and cotton fabrics, has the best vibrant color combination, using mustard, red, green, black, and so on. Diameter of approximately 14 1/2" wide, lies flat and is in wonderful, early condition. The backside is as nice as the front, no stains, holes, or odors. Slight use wear to edges, no signs of fading and the braids are small and tight, just the way you want to find these vintage braided table mats. Rare to find one so colorful and with the most desired mustard yellow color! $85 + $6 ship. SALE $75 with FREE Ship

Price: SALE $75 w FREE Ship

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Early Hand Wrought Small Andirons in Salmon Paint

This is a very fresh find, straight out of an Early American Federal home in Newberry, Massachusetts, a small pair of bedroom Andirons, hand wrought with barbed tips, in early, dry Salmon paint. One is slightly taller than the other, not surprising, as they are hand-made and very folky. Standing about 8" tall and 5 1/2" deep, they actually display quite nicely on my mantle! This fantastic, circa 1820, tiny painted pair of Andirons would look great, virtually anywhere! $275 plus $14 ship.

Price: $275 + $14 ship

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