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WELCOME TO OLD SOUTH JERSEY GLASS AND ANTIQUES Hello folks you may or may not have visited my primary website http://www.oldsouthjerseyglass.com if you like what you see here or are interested in South Jeresy glass and Early American History historicaly and Antiques and Folk Art please take a look or stop in at the Yellow Garage in Mullica Hill NJ. thanks Hank As of March 2017 further discounts will only be given to fellow dealers with current tax exempt status.I do my best to price my items fairly already at todays market value. It just doesnt make sense to mark my items up only to lower them back down to anyone who asks.By all mean dealers are wecome to ask for their discounts.BTW I have an ever changing SALE page on www.oldsouthjerseyglass.com where I will be putting some of my old stock to try to comptete with this new lower valued market. Hopefully someone will understand where im coming from.Im now semi retiered. tks

Native American Tomahawk Pipe

Native American Tomahawk circa 1800-1900.The pipe is 19 inches long with an iron axe head with a bowl to smoke from. It still draws air. The wooden hasp is wraped in animal hide Im not sure if its Deer but it looks like it could be.The hide was also wrapped with hide with early imported multicolored beads with beaded Owl or Hawk feathers.they also were wrapped with red,white and blue threead,the feathers are now attached with thin copper wire.Sadly it looks like this piece send most of its life in direct sunlight the leather has become very brittle.I dont even like to handle it but it displys very nicely.There is a professional repair on the mouth piece.I know these pieces are desirable and tried to price it accordingly. Im sure someone out there could ID the origin or tribe but this is the real thing not a modern copy.Please feel free to ask any questions.

Price: $499.00

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Early Small Ovoid Decorated Redware Jar

Early American decorated redware jar. 6 inches high with fine incised squiggily decoration made while the pot was turning on the potters wheel. Found in PA probably made in that area or South very difficult to say for sure. Another gem in a desirable small size in very good condition just a few typical minor nicks on the rim.

Price: $399.00

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Unuasual Gold Mercury Glass Rolling Pin

Very unuasual Gold mercury glass rolling pin whimsy. 15+ inches long,rough pontil on each end the open end was corked to preserve the mercury coating on the inside. Ive seen many a glass rolling pin even collect them but ive never seen one like this. Chances are you wont see another.

Price: $125.00

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Rare New England Pipkin

A true American rarity in American redware.Actually I have never seen one other than in reference books. Found in Conn. probably made near by. Redware pottery covered with a clear glaze making it a attractive color as shown often these were only glazed in the interior. If you collect redware I doubt you will find a example as nice as this if you can find one at all. The hollow handle was to allow for a wooden handle could be inserted inside for manipulating or moving the pot from the hearth.This could easily be an 18th century piece. Pipkin: a small earthenware vessel. This form date back to medieval times (1200-1400)sometimes with 3 legs as seen on cast iron from the early period. About 5" high x 9/2" wide at the handle.Some very minor chipping but no cracks.A rare survivor for sure.

Price: $325.00

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Neat Early Little Slide Candle & Tinder Box

Interesting small slid lid box with a secret compartment. Only 9" long nicley construted from Pine with hand made nails.Never painted it has a smooth mellow patina. I thought perhaps the lower hidden compartment might have been used as a Tinder box.

Price: $110.00

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Early Redware Bull Frog Bank

I think the image says it all! Good early molded Bull Frog bank probably PA. Color is right on in the photo.A tiny pin hole from the manufacturing process (thin clay) also a very small sliver removed from some kid or adult trying to get the coins out! right out of my own collection. 5" wide, 3" high,3" deep

Price: $295.00

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Old Tin & Wood PRIVATE Sign

20th century painted tin sign in a wooden frame. 19" x 14" x 1"

Price: $195.00

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19th Century Decorated Jar

Early 19th century jar 10 inches tall probably New Jersey or Conn. Overall wear ,chip on rim.An early example with clear glaze over a splash of manganese

Price: $249.00

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Signed Tin Betty Lamp

Interesting signed tin oil lamp,signed Scr.Nav.Co. for the Schuylkill Navigation Company . This Company was chartered in 1815 to build a series of navigation improvements in the Schuylkill River. A waterway of 108 miles it was complteted in 1827 linking Philadeliphia to Port Carbon in the anthracite coal fields of the coal region of Pottsville Pa. Im not sure if the lamp is as early as these dates maybe the company continued after the completion of this job. Anyway a nice early lamp in very good condition someone did clean it at some point.

Price: $155.00

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Unusual Incised Jar NJ or Philadelphia

One of a kind early New Jersey of Philadelphia jar with incised decoration of tulips.perfect. Nice size about a quart,ill add measurments later on

Price: $795

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Finely Paint Decorated Document Box

Finely paint decorated document box about 10 inches wide, 7 1/2 inches deep.Overall very good condition the images say it all no damage.Inside the top of the lid is detailed etching of Congress at Saratoga Springs NY a resort where people flocked to vacation and relax at the natural healing springs.Some foxing as seen.

Price: $325.00

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Huge Early Fat Lamp

Substantial 9 1/4 " tall, 1 1/2lbs freeblown fat lamp made in clear tinted glass circa 1780 - 1820 tubular pontil and no condition issues.Photos should tell the rest. Its is very heavy! America or England tough to say. Early glass of this quailty is rarely found in this form.

Price: $375.00

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Heavy Crude 18th Centry Candle lamp

18 and 1 half inches long extented this candle holder is a lighting device form that is hard to find, this one was made to last. Made from thick and heavy wrought iron. This Blacksmith wasnt fooling around! The nail made to be hammered into a wooden surface is heavy dudy as well.still signs of plaster or paint on it .Look closely at the photos.

Price: $475.00

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Wrought Iron Folk Art Candle Stick

Hand Wrought Iron candle stick with a human form of a "wood-chopper" found in Austria circa mid 19th century. A lot of skill went into creating this Folk Art Candle Stick.It is about 8 inches tall. Completely hand wrought by a skilled iron worker no doubt. The sport of Wood Chopping or "wood chop" became a popular compititionin the 1870s although its origin dates back hundreds of years.The cutting of wood was and still is an important part of this part of the worlds economy.

Price: $395.00

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Bottle Glass Peg Lamp

Probably a rare piece for ive only seen 2 or 3 bottle glass peg lamps this is the first one in this familiar form.Probably New England. Definatly American circa 1830 -1860.Peg lamps are not very common and almost always found in clear glass never aqua bottle glass. A clever invention first made when whale oil became widly available.Any common candle holder could easliy be converted into an oil lamp.A cheaper way to make use of camdle holders the almost all homes used in one form or another. At a later point someone made a base for it.Not to be confused with a "Make Do" to continue using a broken oil lamp, The long peg is somewhat crooked and the end has been snaped right of the pontil rod.

Price: $385.00

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Unuasual Hand Colored Solhouette

Rare hand painted watercolor enhanced silhouette in the original brass frame. Unlike other painted silouettes Ive come accross.It reqires further study. Very nice example.Im not going to open the back it to look for any writting that might be there ill leave that to someone else.

Price: $375.00

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