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Kathy Schoemer Antiques was born at Christmastime in 1971 in New Canaan, CT. After lo these many years, we find ourselves in one of the smallest, dearest 18th century houses in the village of Walpole, NH, a magical spot just a minute from the meandering Connecticut River and southeastern Vermont. I have "been there" --- done some of the finest shows in the northeast, was President of the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association for three years, worked really, really hard at my little business (loved every minute --almost), and am still totally smitten with the wonderful objects we are fortunate enough to find. No more shows ! as an exhibitor. I travel all over looking for these special things and hope you enjoy sharing my finds here at DIG. You can find lots more about Kathy Schoemer Antiques by visiting our website: www.kathyschoemerantiques.com I am happy to take payments via PayPal.

A Wonderful Cloth Doll

At 24" tall, she has a nice presence, and her soft sepia inked features give her a thoughtful expression. She has on a sweet blue and white polka-dotted dress with pockets, long black stockings, patent leather shoes, and a petticoat. In the third picture damage to the back of her head is visible at the left top. She has also been slip-covered at some point as one can feel more detailed hands under the cotton. I have added this wonderful 19th c hat . She is firmly stuffed, but jointed so that she sits perfectly. This could be the quintessential American cloth doll of the 1880s. 3 photos.

Price: $975.

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A Favorite Stocking Cat

I have seen lots of stocking cats in my 46 year career (yikes!) but this is really my favorite. She is so very sweet in expression and color. There are holes, in the lower section, especially on the back (photo #3), but I can forgive this piece of folk art that flaw. Loved to death, or almost, she is 10" tall and will sit anywhere you or she wishes. Embroidered features, completely handmade, c 1920. 3 photos.

Price: $225.

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Petey is very sweet, very, and he is two-toned , darker fur on the front, lighter on the back and on his droopy head. He is 12" tall and has some wear (not bad) on his paws, and his nose is missing hair. All his facial elements are still there - including his crooked smile. His body and legs are soft-stuffed, but his head and arms are very hard-stuffed, giving him a permanent salute. c. 1940 ? 3 photos.

Price: $55.

2017-Jun-09 09:54am EDT | Tags :

Two Beautiful Pieces of 20th c American Pottery

A Red Wing Pottery red/blue, ridged spongeware bowl, 4 1/4" high, diameter almost 7", in perfect condition to use and look at, shown with a McCoy Bean Pot with its original lid and ladle, also perfect, and rare. The bean pot usually is missing the lid or ladle or both, and chips from use in both pieces are common. Bean pot is 6 3/4" tall, not including the wonderful knob on the lid. 3 photos.

Price: $75. each

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A 19th c Court Jester

13" tall. The little guy has been sitting in our parlor window, emanating good will to us and to passers-by. His suit is a red cotton with tiny black polka dots, trimmed in ruched black cotton. There is a split in the fabric just under the collar. His feet turn in and are laced with red thread to create boots. Face is sepia with the classic "eyebrow/nose" line. He is adorable. From PA. 3 photos.

Price: $275.

2017-Jun-01 09:19am EDT | Tags :

3 Little Girls

5' - 6". 2 are 19th c and 1 is around 1920, and they are all more or less of the "rolled" variety. All are in original clothing and are fun to play with -- dolls for your dolls maybe ? 3 photos.

Price: $95. for 3

2017-May-26 12:13pm EDT | Tags :

Blue and White Snowflake Quilt

Approx. 80" X 80". The blue is a heavenly calico; the hand quilting is lovely. Let's face it -- You can't beat the right blue and white. Good size and a perfect summer accent for a special room. Excellent condition with a bit of edge fading and a few age spots. c 1890-1910. 3 photos

Price: $295.

2017-May-16 11:56am EDT | Tags :

"Grodnertal-type" Peg Wooden, 14"

She has a wonderful, folky face, with a protruding nose, rubbed from affection of owners, and is in great condition. She takes after her Queen Anne ancestors with her very elongated neck, spoon-like hands, and dainty feet. She is not ancient, however, and may even be early 20th c. She has a few chips in the paint here and there, but overall in great shape. You can have fun posing her with her many, many pinned joints. 3 photos.

Price: $110.

2017-May-10 09:27am EDT | Tags :

Starry Eyes -- 10.5"

This little one (her height at 10.5" belies her smallness) is unusual: she has a long, skirt-formed body shape and very short legs, and her embroidered face is endearing. Also -- her dress, a homespun blue plaid with a little lace collar -- is extra-special. She is from New England, 19th c and guaranteed to make you smile.

Price: $145.

2017-May-10 09:19am EDT | Tags :

Darling Hand Puppet

7.5" tall to the tips of his ears. Bear ? Dog ? I think bear. He is totally flat, shown here mounted on a glass jar for attitude. Sometimes the smallest, simplest things can be so very expressive. Made of a vintage knit fabric with wonderful button-like eyes, embroidered mouth and red tongue. c 1930 ? There is a small "smudge" on his body. 2 photos.

Price: $20.

2017-May-01 09:03am EDT | Tags :

A Sweet 8" Rolled/Pioneer Doll

Offering a sweet and simple little rolled doll with an engaging sepia -inked face and original dress, having tiny rolled arms. She has no legs, but has lots of personality packed into a small package. c 1880, American. 2 photos.

Price: $225.

2017-Apr-26 07:17pm EDT | Tags :

Shaker Parian Doll Pincushions

This pair is so funny and sweet.....They are only 2" tall ! The Shakers made them for sale in their shops in the late 19th /early 20th c . The balloon-like bodies are pink satin, just like the other sewing items made by Shakers. These have little mops of human hair to add to the effect. 3 photos.

Price: $150. pair

2017-Apr-07 10:16am EDT | Tags :

Rare Anniversary (or Birth) Tin Doll Cradle

7.5" long x 4.5" to top of hood. You will see these very occasionally for much higher prices, but now and then a little knowledge is not a dangerous thing. The cradle is in excellent condition, with just the right age patina. c 1850 - 1870. American. The tinsmith was a creative fellow, and whimsical too, apparently. My late friend from Acworth, Elizabeth Brown, made this little lavender-filled mattress and pillow, which fit quite nicely inside, and I will be happy to pass them along to the buyer. Note 3 photos.

Price: $155.

2017-Apr-07 10:01am EDT | Tags :

Blue/White Spongeware Picher

Just under 9" tall, a classic form and our favorite here at home. Lots of lemon waters, iced teas and lemonades were served in this. The diameter of the opening is 5.5", including the spout. Condition is very, very good --- 2 minor chips, one at the base and one which is on one side and looks as though it happened in the firing. No hairline cracks. C 1890-1910, As American as apple pie. (Heart table is sold.)

Price: $195.

2017-Apr-07 08:37am EDT | Tags :

Someone Very Special

This is a highly sought-after Greiner-Stlye china doll from around 1880, in what is the best array of clothing imaginable. She is 21" tall ; has kid arms with separate fingers and darling leather shoes. Her "pinafore" is a sprigged, textured cotton with a set-in waist band and a ruffle at the hem. Her linen-like blouse is edged in lace and tiny buttons march down the front. She wears a complete set of undergarments. Her face has a luster blush and there are no cracks or chips. I have placed her in front of a bookrack open to a page of garments in one of my favorite books -- Kathryn Berenson's QUILTS of PROVENCE. She has been with me for many years, emanating good spirit. I can safely say that she is the best of the best.

Price: $2800.

2017-Apr-06 03:23pm EDT | Tags :

Little Gems

A 9.5" stockinette boy in calico overalls, with button eyes and stitched nose and mouth poses with a 7" little lady made of a stocking and dressed in a sweet bandana frock. She also has engaging stitched features. First quarter 20th c, American; all original.

Price: Boy: $55. -- Lady: $38.

2017-Apr-06 03:15pm EDT | Tags :

Pair of Hannah Davis Hatboxes

7.5" high x 12' x 8.5" Hannah is a regional favorite. She lived in Jaffrey in the shadow of Mt Monadnock (see my website Notes archive for an essay with photos about Hannah, www.kathyschoemerantiques.com). These both have original labels, and they vary slightly, meaning the boxes, though having the same wallpaper, were made at different times. They are in good shape, and have been loved.

Price: $1400. pair

2017-Mar-20 09:55am EDT | Tags :

Hickory Nut Threesome

Mama is only 6" long, very flat, with little arms, and a dear old 19th c dress, petticoat and trimmings. Her head wobbles, but is attached. Her babies measure 2.5" and 3" in size. They all have endearing tiny faces. We celebrate that the mice in the attic did not find them before we did! c 1870 - 1880, American. 3 photos.

Price: $138.

2017-Mar-19 08:09am EDT | Tags :

Darning Piece

14.5" x 14.5" square. This is a rare and ingenious work piece for a schoolgirl who is learning darning. It is like a pieced doll quilt, made up of remnants of printed cottons, calicoes and wool, with a center medallion of a traditional darning design on linen. The pieces are bordered by a sweet red and white ribbon. Each piece is an exercise in darning and the work is well-executed (see photo 3). The condition is excellent ; from the 19th century. Most darning samplers are English, but this has a distinctly American flavor. Presently it is simply framed for safekeeping between two plexiglass panels.

Price: $295.

2017-Mar-07 07:57am EST | Tags :

Tole Sconce

This sweet little 19th c tin sconce is asphaltum painted with a colorful basket of flowers and decorative borders. It is 5.5" to the top of the little hanger and 4 3/4" at its widest point. Hails from Vermont. Please check 3 photos.

Price: $185.

2017-Mar-04 01:12pm EST | Tags :

18th c American Dough Scraper

Those of us who have been dealing for many years are familiar with the little rareties -- like this unassuming, yet important tool. For the early baker, this was an essential -- used to scrape up the flour from the board after making pastry. They are still made today, but of plastic ! I found this one last week labeled "hoe" . New England, 18th c, hand wrought iron. The scraper blade is 2 3/4" tall. PLEASE NOTE : As with all my entries, there are 3 detail photos.

Price: $65.

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