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Kathy Schoemer Antiques was born at Christmastime in 1971 in New Canaan, CT. After lo these many years, we find ourselves in one of the smallest, dearest 18th century houses in the village of Walpole, NH, a magical spot just a minute from the meandering Connecticut River and southeastern Vermont. I have "been there" --- done some of the finest shows in the northeast, was President of the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association for three years, worked really, really hard at my little business (loved every minute --almost), and am still totally smitten with the wonderful objects we are fortunate enough to find. No more shows ! as an exhibitor. I travel all over looking for these special things and hope you enjoy sharing my finds here at DIG. You can find lots more about Kathy Schoemer Antiques by visiting our website: www.kathyschoemerantiques.com I am happy to take payments via PayPal.

Sweet Survivor

16" Those who know me well are aware of my special love for these simple cloth dolls from the past. This one has an embroidered face (I think it is fine wool), red woolen hair poking out of her attached bonnet or cap, stitched down fingers, black cotton shoes and beige stockings. Her dress is wonderful -- a sprigged calico, gathered at the neckline, ruffles at the wrists and a beautiful hemline of sewn down pleats on the inside. Her tiny pearl buttons are closed with handmade loops of thread. She is hard-stuffed, but does sit with coaxing and her arms are flung out in a permanent state of excitement. c 1890. 3 photos.

Price: $350.

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13" Black Doll

Here is a very honest girl with her astrachan wig, embroidered features ( beads in eyes and a pinched nose), little laces to suggest shoes, brown cotton body, black polished cotton head, and complete and authentic original layers of clothing - breeches, underskirt, red calico dress and blue and white polka-dotted apron. This doll has a strong resemblance to the so-called "Beecher dolls" of the 19th c, albeit smaller, and would look wonderful as a companion to a larger Beecher. She is a simple and direct statement of the late 19th c in America. There is a little sewn repair on her face, visible in photo #2. She is hard-stuffed, but sits comfortably. Recently found and happily offered. 3 photos.

Price: SOLD

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"The Maid of All Works Prayer"

15" x 20", incl. molding. Sometimes a piece comes along which requires a very close encounter, and this falls into that category . It is such an unusual treasure with its completely hand-done watercolor painting in the top section, and the hand -written prayer (in sepia ink) in the lower portion, which contains a tender and moving call to "All ye Household Gods...". The lady is kneeling, hands folded on the seat of the chair, with the broom and bucket waiting patiently by her side. It just seems very English to me, and must come out of the second half of the 19th c. It is beautifully matted and framed (new leaf). I will be happy to send along the entire prayer section upon request. Believe me, the words are so deeply touching, with surprising elements of whimsical symbolism . Hand lettering really intigues me and this is very beautifully executed. A little masterpiece. 3 photos.

Price: Please inquire.

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8" Velvet Rabbit

We love this very rare little rabbit, made of a wonderful printed velvet, with sewn joints at the shoulders and hips. He/she also has floppy ears and black button eyes. I have never seen one made of this fabric and am thinking the sweet toy was made at home by a clever mother. c 1890. 3 photos

Price: $110.

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1851 NY History in Amish-like Quilt Fragment Cover

9 1/4" x just under 6" x 3 1/2" thick, 1117 pp. Printed in Albany in 1851, Vol. IV of The Documentary History of the State of New York. I bought it for its amazing fabric cover, but it has wonderful content, including many engravings and maps. Looks great holding an early candlestick. Colors of fragment are beautiful. Please allow for some expected wear in a few areas. 3 photos.

Price: SOLD

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Family of Six

The largest boys are just under 9" and these little cloth dolls are c 1920s. I find them irresistible in their amazingly clever and detailed clothing and their tiny, expressive faces. They have become very foxed with age, and one of the ladies has a "melting" slip, but they manage to enchant by their size and survival. American. My husband has made a fabulous black steel display stand for them which is included. 3 photos

Price: $495.

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House For Sale

22" x 17.5". A very tidy dwelling, similar to our house here in Walpole. I have had fun displaying it in our front window. It is in great shape; front is hinged to open easily and it is completely furnished, with curtains at the windows and even a window box in the bay window. c 1900 ? 2 photos.

Price: $425.

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Small Perfect Hand Cooky Cutter

2" x 3" Here is an old friend of the Schoemer family, used many, many Christmases to make cookies for the tree. Lots of sentiment attached......It has a beautifully fashioned handle with folded edges. c 1860. PA origin. 3 photos.

Price: $165. net/free ship

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D. Thorpe Embroidery

Dated 1801. 11" x 14.5" including period black molding. Framed appropriately by Barrett Menson of Ashby, MA. Here we find the intriguing elements of very early embroidered pictures, notably the "flying basket", this one swinging from a branch and tied with a red bow. It is silk embroidery on early wool and possibly English. It was picked from a home in Acworth, NH.

Price: $350.

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A Treasure Box

A 3.75" x 2.75" paper-covered vintage box containing a dear array of tiny doll"s skirts and aprons. The clothing seems to be late 19th c and the box early 20th (made in Japan!). We love finding tiny boxes with original contents, undisturbed by time. 2 photos

Price: $45.

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Jugtown Pottery Creamer/Sugar

These pieces have been with me since the early 1970s when I specialized in American stoneware and redware. Jugtown was a unique experiment, a retail enterprise founded by New Yorkers in the 1930s who discovered potters in the mountains of North Carolina who were carrying on the unbroken tradition of rural American pottery-making They sponsored them -creating a shop and market for their wares. Many of the collectors in the first part of my career enjoyed collecting and using Jugtown. So did I. The pitcher (4" tall) was found in Gretchen Sharp's spectacular barn in South Salem, NY, and the sugar bowl (3 1/4" tall) was found later somewhere lost in memory. There is a chip on the rim of the sugar bowl, but, amazingly, it retains its original lid. Both pieces are stamped with the early Jugtown seal. 3 photos.

Price: $135. pair

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Mid-19th c Footstool

Diameter of top : 12" x 8"; height 8". This is a really sweet little stool, with wonderful needlepoint or carpet fragment in lovely colors, brass tacks and period fringe. The legs have robust, crisp turnings, and it has a folky quality due to its shape and height. c 1850-1860. 3 photos.

Price: $150.

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3 Little Girls

5' - 6". 2 are 19th c and 1 is around 1920, and they are all more or less of the "rolled" variety. All are in original clothing and are fun to play with -- dolls for your dolls maybe ? 3 photos.

Price: $65. for 3

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Blue and White Snowflake Quilt

Approx. 80" X 80". The blue is a heavenly calico; the hand quilting is lovely. Let's face it -- You can't beat the right blue and white. Good size and a perfect summer accent for a special room. Excellent condition with a bit of edge fading and a few age spots. c 1890-1910. 3 photos

Price: $295.

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Little Gems

A 9.5" stockinette boy in calico overalls, with button eyes and stitched nose and mouth poses with a 7" little lady made of a stocking and dressed in a sweet bandana frock. She also has engaging stitched features. First quarter 20th c, American; all original.

Price: Boy: $55. -- Lady: $38.

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Hickory Nut Threesome

Mama is only 6" long, very flat, with little arms, and a dear old 19th c dress, petticoat and trimmings. Her head wobbles, but is attached. Her babies measure 2.5" and 3" in size. They all have endearing tiny faces. We celebrate that the mice in the attic did not find them before we did! c 1870 - 1880, American. 3 photos.

Price: $138.

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Darning Piece

14.5" x 14.5" square. This is a rare and ingenious work piece for a schoolgirl who is learning darning. It is like a pieced doll quilt, made up of remnants of printed cottons, calicoes and wool, with a center medallion of a traditional darning design on linen. The pieces are bordered by a sweet red and white ribbon. Each piece is an exercise in darning and the work is well-executed (see photo 3). The condition is excellent ; from the 19th century. Most darning samplers are English, but this has a distinctly American flavor. Presently it is simply framed for safekeeping between two plexiglass panels.

Price: $295.

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