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Thank you for visiting Visions of Sugarplums. My passion is 18th to early 20th century Americana. I have been selling, showing, and collecting for over 25 years and for the same amount of time, participating at Country Village Antiques; a premiere Americana collective in So California. My heart beats for 19th century original paint and it skips a beat for blue, bittersweet, and mustard on pantry boxes, bowls, baskets and early lighting. I accept payment by check payable to Diana Peterson. I ship as soon as the check clears and do not ship internationally. I will try to keep the shipping cost as low as I can and of course do not charge for shipping materials. I try to absorb as much of the cost of shipping as I can. You may return an item within 3 days of receipt upon notifying me. Please return as received and insured. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the shipper. Pieces are from a smoke free environment, but I am owned by 3 cats.


This is fun any time of year, but especially during the patriotic holidays. This 3 gallon salt glazed stoneware jug is decorated with eight cobalt blue stars and a number 3. This jug is heavy and is approx 13/1/2" by 10". There are some kiln burns as shown but no cracks or hairlines. Please note this piece is heavy at about 13-ish pounds. Oh and I don't know if you can see it, but there is a perfect "drop" of cobalt on the handle that hangs down....such a cool piece of true American folk art. I even have what appears to be the original cork. There is some kind of writing on it, but these old eyes cannot make it out....but needless to say it looks great with the American flag.

Price: $325.00 + $20 shipping

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Offered are two pieces of early redware lighting. One a Pennsy. grease/fat lamp, approx 4"high and 3" at base. Burn residue atop as to be expected. Pleased to say there are no rim chips and the glaze is vibrant. Circa 1800's. The second piece is an early hand thrown redware candle holder in blue milk paint. Probably was one of a pair, and the paint appears to be original to the piece. Both pieces have good weight. Particularly fun on the blue candle holder is the ruffle rim. Will sell together for $525.00 plus shipping or the grease/fat lamp $350 and the blue holder $275 PLUS SHIPPING


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First of all, let me apologize for this unsightly photo. These 5 UNCUT American flags string out to approx 225 inches long !!! I just had a hard time trying to photograph them. Each flag is approx 47 inches long and made of cotton. Now the condition of this rare find is damaged...I will call it "as is". Holes, stains, and tears...but when hung as "bunting" looks great and its over 100 old...Colors are still pleasing.

Price: $295 shipping free

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From the good ole days (c 1950-60's) are these unused spun cotton cupcake picks. Each marked "Made in Japan", these cardboard hat topped little Uncle Sams are approx 3 1/4 tall. I think their little heads are spun cotton, their beards are a pipe cleaner, red paper bow ties and painted on faces. The hats are complete with stars and stripes.....adorable ! Sold as a set only...pretty sure they are unused, as I see no indications of frosting !!

Price: $75.00 FREE SHIPPING

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This rare early tape loom is a treasure for collectors of Early Americana or Textiles. It is approx 16" by 7" by 12" tall. On one side of the loom's back board there are 9 slits with no damage and the initials "J H L" and the other side is dated "1847" with the "8" being represented as two circles. I believe the loom is older than this date and the date and the initials were added in the early 19th century. One leg is a tad bit shorter than the other 3 but not damaged. The carved cogged original wheel has a good amount of early homespun linen thread still attached. There are a couple of holes indicating a missing part. The loom has several rose head iron nails and T-Head nails. which to me is a better indicator of this rare piece's true age. I am told most of the wood appears to be quarter-sawn oak and that a characteristic of quarter sawn wood is the specific way it is cut that gives a log an especially nice grain structure. A technique used both in America and Europe.

Price: 595.00 + shipping

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Offering a diminutive pair of 7 3/4" candle sconces. The blue paint is in remnants on these 19th c scones. NOW LET ME VERY CLEAR...the paint is in remnants in the candle cup, socket and on the back too and does not appear to be scraped down but I don't know how long it has been there. The punched holes at the top are "off center". The patina is good and the sconces are heavy. Each has rolled rims. No dents. They can sit on a table to compliment your favorite blue vignette or hang on a wall. The blue is most notable in a bright light.

Price: $295.00 + shipping $10

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Offering today is a VERY RARE redware butter stamp with a stylized American Eagle holding an olive branch. The Eagle wears a crown and below the olive branch is what appears to be a hex sign. This rare piece measures approx 3 1/2 in diameter. The tip of the handle has an old chip and there are a few chips along the cogged rim. The only "glaze" on the piece is the patina feel on the handle from years of handling.

Price: $795.00

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Wool Rug

Unusual sentiment on this c1920-30's wool on burlap rug. Colors are as shown, Grey and subtle blue-ish striped background with four , shall I say, soiled white-ish doves with red lettering saying THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD. One of the doves is a bit discolored There is some fraying along the edges and a little separation here and there. The rug is approx 36 by 25.


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Offering for your consideration is this unique PA footstool. It has its original blue paint and it is STUNNING. I don't know from what kind of tree this root comes. It is being shown with a turquoise bracelet to show the deep color of the piece. The turquoise bracelet is not included in this sale. The stool is very sturdy and does not wobble and can be used to display or enhance any collection. Probable to be from first quarter of 20th c, It measures approx 11 across by 8 tall by 5 across.

Price: 325.00 + shipping

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Original Doris Stauble

Vibrant blues, , creams & soft reds. Arranged in a grey pedestal compote type basket. Approximately 13 high by 11 inches wide. Various apples, grapes and silk type millinery pieces

Price: 495.00 +shipping

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Pennsylvania child's chair

Offered is a 14' high child's chair. This chair belonged to Susanna C, Ranck 1877-1889 Lancaster Township, PA. When I purchased this little chair, there was a label attached to the bottom stating the provenance of the piece as belonging to Susanna. It will be included though no longer attached to the chair. There are three Hex pinwheels on the crest of the chair and one on the seat. Each pinwheel is painted a soft yellow & green on a reddish chair body. The paint is original to what I suspect was a lovingly home made chair. Second photo shows possible repair to leg. Still sturdy and quite unique though one leg is a little shorter that the rest.

Price: 425.00+ shipping

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For your consideration an 11" long by 7"tall wood skate with an iron blade. The shoe part is a carved tree stump with an early ice skate attached as shown. Ex Jean Warden piece from the east coast. The skate has age and weather wear. Beautiful original first coat bittersweet paint. NO PAINT IN THE AGE CRACKS indicating original paint (best part). Comes with a stand that I had made for display. Heavy and solid.

Price: 425.00 + shipping

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