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https://Hallidayhouse.com is our online home. We update our entire site quarterly and check out our show schedules. Halliday House is located on the West coast in beautiful Napa Valley. We love visits to our Barn - call or email us for an appointment. We’ve been buying Folk Art, Americana, Furniture and Home Décor for many, many years. We are dedicated to offering unique and beautiful items. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get special notices and discounts on our events. We accept personal checks, money orders, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and Paypal. Items are shipped upon deposit of funds. Napa, California sales tax is 7.75%. We understand it’s difficult to buy merely from descriptions and pictures. Just ask and we will answer all of your questions and send you other pictures. Our policy for website purchases: customers may return items in the same condition as shipped within 7 DAYS of delivery for a full refund less cost of shipping, handling & insurance. No questions asked! Find more items on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hallidayhouse/

Goat Head on Stand

Head and neck cast iron most likely used as a mold for the production of goat heads as part of a child's toy. Wonderful old blue surface, in heavy cast iron. New museum stand 13"h x 8"l

Price: $325

2017-Mar-17 12:00pm EDT | Tags :

Miniature Dresser

Late 1800's miniature walnut dresser. Excellent condition. Useful as jewelry box, desk accessories, doll clothes or anything else of beauty. 8"w x 5"d x 6 1/2"h.

Price: $195

2017-Mar-17 11:57am EDT | Tags :

Velvet Stuffed Cat

Huggable, handmade tan/beige velvet cat in sitting/waiting-to-pounce position with tail wrapped around back of body on one side. Great ears and eyes, sewn-on facial features that speak to you, "love me". 8"l

Price: $195

2017-Mar-17 09:02am EDT | Tags :

Miss Piper and Miniature Quilt Rack

Doll C. 1860 American clay pipe head, stem stands into spool of black thread, allowing doll to stand. Bag of buttons on sleeve, dress made of chintz and lace. Written on apron is: "Pretty young Miss Piper will make your work lighter, go to her for your thread to sew button on tighter." 8"h x 6"w. $495. Miniature painted doll quilt rack with added linsey woolsey quilts. 6"h x 6"w. $195.

Price: $650 set

2017-Mar-17 06:08am EDT | Tags :

Long Handled Spoon

Long handled wooden handmade spoon with hook on back for hanging Beautifully worn and smooth to the touch. Measures 18" l

Price: $195

2017-Mar-17 04:43am EDT | Tags :

American Eagle Bookends

American Eagle solid iron bookends. Beautifully formed detail. Mid century American Measure 4 1/4" w x 3 3/4"h

Price: $45

2017-Mar-17 01:38am EDT | Tags :

Treen Box Outfitted

Treen box with metal stamps Measures 2"d x 3"h

Price: $135

2017-Mar-10 03:58pm EST | Tags :

Burl Bowl

Burl walnut bowl, possibly Iroquis. Old metal rusted patch, incised rim and base, very early and primitive. Measures 6 1/2" d tapering to 3" at base. 3 1/2"h

Price: $595

2017-Mar-10 03:18pm EST | Tags :

"Fair Weather"

"Fair Weather" jovial chalk old salt figure, signed by Alden Rogers. Measures 3 1/4" h x x 3" w

Price: $70

2017-Mar-10 12:33pm EST | Tags :

Small Bear

Small Mohair Bear, Mr. Bearly is well loved and fully articulated, with one ear. Glass eyes intact. He can stand, sit, turn his head and lie down. Measures 4" tall

Price: $95

2017-Mar-10 12:25pm EST | Tags :

Maple Sugar Mold

Maple Sugar Mold with uncommon plunger, American probably Vermont, c 1900 Measures 4"h

Price: $150

2017-Mar-10 12:21pm EST | Tags :

Elephant Squirt Gun

Unique Elephant Squirt Gun, metal head and rubber water holder. Measures 5 1/2" l

Price: $75

2017-Mar-10 12:10pm EST | Tags :

"Fiddler & His Dog"

Early 20th c boy and dog made from composition & wood, clothing handmade. Measures 8"h.

Price: $450

2017-Mar-10 10:42am EST | Tags :


Early 1900's Folk Art carved and painted "Cobbler"; on the sole of a shoe; telling a story. Measures 8"l x 1 1/2"w x 5"h

Price: $350

2017-Mar-10 10:41am EST | Tags :

Butter Stamp from the 1700's

1700's RARE butter stamp with very different carved stamps on each end. Patina is amazing! If you or anyone you know collects items such as this; spread the word. This is IT. Tapered bottom. Measures 4 1/2" l x 2 1/4" w

Price: $275

2017-Mar-10 09:52am EST | Tags :

Small Early Pottery Bowl

Early pottery bowl that is sweet and delicate, soft to the touch. No discernible markings. Measures 4" in diameter

Price: $45

2017-Mar-10 09:47am EST | Tags :

Signed Oil Painting

Oil on board of interior scene, signed E.F., c 1910, original frame. This one is the beauty that spoke to me and comes from my own personal collection. Please email for more pictures. Measures 8 1/2" h x 7 1/2" w

Price: $595

2017-Mar-10 09:45am EST | Tags :

Sliding Boxes

Stack of 4 sliding boxes all American and early. Who couldn't use a sliding box since they are so useful. Individually $75 - $225. Measurements of each: 2 1/2" l x 1" w x 1" h, 4" l x 1 1/2" w x 1 1/2" h, 6 1/4" l x 3 " w x 2" h, 8 1/4" l x 4" w x 3 1/3" h.

Price: $550 set

2017-Mar-10 09:38am EST | Tags :

Tiny Braided Colorful Mat

Soft and Tiny braided mat, tightly braided and equally colorful on each side. Measures 7" in diameter

Price: $65

2017-Mar-10 09:28am EST | Tags :

Set of 10 Pins

Small Set of 10 pins and ball, painted. Ready to play. American, early 20th C. Measures 6" h

Price: $85

2017-Mar-10 07:34am EST | Tags :

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