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We have been selling antiques for 35 years and participate in many New England and New York shows. We specialize in country furniture, early smalls in paint, early lighting and folk art. Method of payment is by check or money order only. New York state residents must pay 8% sales tax or have a valid resale number. We offer an easy layaway plan if needed. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or for more photos by phone or e-mail. Be sure to check out our website at .

Hogscraper Candle Stick

Early hogscraper candle stick still has its chair hook, signed on push up tab, bitter sweet paint not as old as the stick, measure 7 1/4"

Price: 145.00 free shipping

2017-Sep-17 06:39pm EDT | Tags :

Two Sided Boot Sign

Two sided boot trade sign with name J.FAIKERT, one side slightly faded from facing the weather, has leather hanger. Paint is original and is dry but not to the paint of flaking off, just a nice early sign in boot form with good color. Measures 20 1/2" tall and 12" across bottom of boot.

Price: 895.00 free shipping

2017-Sep-17 08:59am EDT | Tags :

Perkins Express Trade Sign

Great early trade sign in original painted surface, triple step down trim molding, all untouched original condition just as it was made , 19th c, measures 47" x 15"

Price: 1495.00 plus shipping

2017-Sep-17 08:54am EDT | Tags :

Hepplewhite Stand

19th C. Hepplewhite one drawer stand in white over the original red paint, could easily be scraped down to original red color, signed on drawer bottom, most likely the maker. Brass drawer pull, dovetailed drawer and hand chamfered.

Price: 185.00 plus shipping

2017-Sep-15 02:13pm EDT | Tags :

Large Bowl

Nice early bowl measures out of round 20 3/4" x 19 3/4", x 6 3/4" tall, has small footed bottom, no cracks or repairs , retains original dark natural surface from the 19th c.

Price: 385.00 plus shipping

2017-Sep-11 09:44am EDT | Tags :

18th C. Hetchel

Hetchel dating 18th C. with rose head nails and still has its original dovetailed cover, most of the time they are missing, dark color almost black, measures 17" long

Price: 99.00 plus shipping

2017-Sep-11 09:36am EDT | Tags :


Thirteen drawer apothecary with one board back with square nails, grain painted drawers, one drawer does have paint loss, measures 23 1/2" tall, 12" wide, 5" deep. Found in Maine

Price: 325.00 plus shipping

2017-Sep-08 04:44pm EDT | Tags :

Large Trencher

Large size trencher in natural unpainted surface , shows chop marks from use, no cracks, great hand plain marks on both ends with darkness from hand use, measures 23" long, 15" wide, 6" high, 19th c found in upstate NY farm house

Price: 295.00 plus shipping

2017-Sep-05 05:26pm EDT | Tags :

Treenware Plate

Fine treen plate no breaks or repairs shows the wear as a plate of this age should dating from early 19th c. if not earlier, measures 8" x 8 1/4" nice dark color and surface.

Price: 395.00 free shipping

2017-Sep-05 07:15am EDT | Tags :

Signed and Dated Goblet 1774

18th C. treenware goblet with traces of Salmon paint, signed on outside and dated 1774, does show small stable crack about 1/2" from top down, has paint showing inside and on the stem, with wear marks, Measures 5" tall and 2 3/4" at top and base.

Price: 395.00 free shipping

2017-Sep-04 02:28pm EDT | Tags :

American Painted Tin

Four painted tin articles consists of an elongated octagonal tray, a bottle form tea container, a hogscraper form shaker, and a canister shaker. All of the items are paint decorated with green, red, and yellow floral designs, sold as group only. Signed with names and Otsego County, N.Y.

Price: 425.00 Free shipping

2017-Sep-04 12:43pm EDT | Tags :

Horse Cast Iron Boot Scraper

Early 20th C. horse form boot scraper in good solid condition, with expected rust on its surface that is consistent with use and age, most likely was mounted in cement or on iron at one time, measures 13" wide, 12" tall.

Price: 175.00 plus 15.00 for shipping

2017-Sep-03 04:57pm EDT | Tags :

Architectural Finial

Finial piece in old black painted dry surface, no breaks , makes a great decorative piece any where it is placed, found in New England, measures 11" tall.

Price: 115.00 plus 8.00 for shipping

2017-Sep-03 04:52pm EDT | Tags :

Footed Compote

Early 19C. turned compote retains original black painted dry surface, nice primitive piece in smaller size , measures 8 1/2" round and 3 1/2" tall.

Price: 210.00 plus 8.00 for shipping

2017-Sep-03 04:44pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Peg Rack

19th c. Five peg rack with original pegs, old faded yellow paint, measures 53 3/4" long and 3" tall. More photos can be sent, nice early rack in hard to find size.

Price: Sale Pending

2017-Jul-25 08:16pm EDT | Tags :

Hearth Broom in Paint

Nice early hearth broom retaining most of it original paint decoration, horse hair, found in New Hampshire, ca 1800-1850, measures 25" tall

Price: $185.00

2017-Jul-17 04:00pm EDT | Tags :

Tall Tin Wall Sconce

Tall tin wall candle sconce measures 13" tall found in New England, ca 1800-1830

Price: 195.00 free shipping

2017-Jul-17 03:57pm EDT | Tags :

Early Broom in Paint

Great early broom in old dry mustard paint over the original Windsor green. Brooms of this age and condition are almost never found in paint, found in New Hampshire, ca 1850 measures 39"

Price: 895.00 plus shipping

2017-Jul-16 07:46pm EDT | Tags :

Pinwheel Shelf

19th century Pennsylvania hanging shelf with multiple pin wheels in original painted surface, measures 16" tall, 8 1/2" wide.

Price: 295.00 SALE 225.00

2017-Jul-07 08:18pm EDT | Tags :

Stepback Cupboard

Hard to find small open top cupboard in old dry painted brown surface, rose head and square nail construction, two board back, original hinges on the doors, early tin repair covering most likely a mouse chew, best part is the size of the cupboard, measures just 59" tall 35" wide and 17" deep. Cupboard of this age and size aren't found very often. Dates 1750-1810

Price: 1295.00 SALE 995.00

2017-Jun-20 07:23pm EDT | Tags :

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