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Welcome to South Central Pennsylvania's newest online and "bricks and mortar" antiques venue. With over 30 years experience buying and selling in the antiques trade, we are here to carry on our tradition of bringing our customers high quality, authentic antique furniture, pottery, baskets, woodenware, folk art and Americana. Our loyal customers from our former Southern New Jersey shop have followed us to our new store here in Abbottstown, PA, which is a testimony to Tracy's eye and decorating expertise. Her designs have been featured in several publications including A Primitive Place and Country Sampler magazines. Please stop and see us in our new shop located behind our 1740's log and stone home and also continue to check out our latest offerings here on Dig. Our hours are Mon. Fri. Sat. 10:30-4:00. Other days by chance or appointment. We accept personal checks, major credit cards and Paypal. Please see more of our items items at http://www.rubylane.com/shop/14-e-king . All items are guaranteed authentic. Returns within one week will be refunded in full, less return shipping.

Large 19th C. Wooden Bowl w/ Great Patina

This large 19th C. turned wooden bowl has wonderful patina. Measuring 19" x 18.25" in diameter and 6.5" tall, the natural finished maple bowl is in very good condition. There is a tight 1" hairline at the rim as shown. Hardly a distraction from the overall beauty of this magnificent bowl. Showing areas of light and dark from use, this bowl has tons of character!! Just listed on our Ruby Lane site. More photos of this and many other items there.

Price: $345

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Large Amber 18th C. Hand Blown Bottle

Dating from the late 1700's, this honey amber colored bottle measures over 16" tall and 5" in diameter. The bottle is all hand blown with an open pontil and applied lip. There are some elongated bubbles in the glass, including a 2 3/4" one that is on the outer surface as shown. There is some expected minor wear but overall, good. Weighs 3 lbs. 6 oz. Nice color and form! More photos on Ruby Lane site.

Price: $135

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19th C. 1/2 Gal. Blue Decorated Philadelphia Stone

Dating from around 1850, this 1/2 gallon blue decorated Philadelphia stoneware crock has a beautiful ovoid form. Measuring only 8.5" tall, this desirable sized crock has 4 nice brushed flowers in cobalt blue around the entire circumference. It has a nicely formed lip and a single incised line at the shoulder. Expertly thrown, the crock is in very good condition with just a chip on the base and two glaze lines as shown. More photos on our Ruby Lane site.

Price: 375 plus shipping

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19th C. Carved Footstool in Original Finish

This small mid-19th Century footstool is carved on all surfaces and retains the original black-brown finish. Measures 11" x 7" x 7.5" tall. Good condition.

Price: $180 includes shipping

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20th C. Odd Fellows Sign

This three ring wooden Odd Fellows Sign dating from the 1930's has the original gold paint. The sign measures 26 3/4" long and is a little over 1/4" thick. Nice condition.

Price: $125 includes shipping

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Late 19th/ 20th C. Folkart Clothes Pin Dolls

Coming out of our personal collection are these three folkart clothes pin dolls in an old "as is" Indian basket which works well for displaying. These fellows have the old, original tattered clothes and have working arms and legs. The white guy has little tiny metal shoes and a painted face. One of the black face dolls also has a hand-painted face with wood shoes. Measuring just around 3.5" tall, this trio has been around for a long, long time!

Price: $225 shipping included

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20th C. Floral/Geometric Hooked Rug

Dating from the 1920's or 30's, this interesting hooked rug has a geometric design with 6 squares of floral decorations. Measuring 36" x 26" the rug is in very good condition.

Price: 225 plus shipping

2017-Jul-25 12:52pm EDT | Tags :

19th C. Tombstone Cutting/ Drain Board

This solid maple "tombstone" cutting board with its oak batten doubled as a drain board. The 19th C. piece has a nice dry surface and measures 23" x 15".

Price: sold

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Monumental Matched Pair of 19th C. Indian Clubs

This matched pair of 19th C. walnut Indian clubs stand over 25" tall and weigh 5 pounds 5 ounces. The pins have turnings on top and bottom and are in the original finish. Having been used in the late 1800's as exercise weights, they have wear and distressing with one having an old age crack. But overall, they are in very good condition. This pair would probably be the largest of anyone's Indian club collection!

Price: $395

2017-Jul-22 01:07pm EDT | Tags :

Large 22" Golden Mohair Teddy Bear c. 1920

This fully-jointed golden mohair teddy bear from the 1920's has been lovingly restored. The pads on all 4 paws were professionally replaced with a nice suede-like cloth and it appears that his eyes, nose and mouth have been restored to their former glory. This adorable guy is 22" long and has beautiful golden mohair, with wear, mostly to the back of his legs. He has the original working growler and a nice hump back. He would most certainly stand out as a leader among any bear gathering.

Price: $350

2017-Jul-19 02:51pm EDT | Tags :

19th C. Copper Running Horse Weathervane

This 19th C. copper swelled bodied running horse weathervane with rare cast iron head has lots of character. As you can see, the horses head has an old rusted surface with remnants of black paint. The body has a crusty old painted olive drab over gold surface while the tail has a natural verdigris oxidation. The horse obviously lived in a hostile environment for decades to obtain this condition, which includes dents, bullet holes and plenty of wear to the mounting post. The horses leg adjacent to this post has a repair. The vane measures just under 30" long and almost 20" tall when mounted in the iron stand (included). This is an honest old weathervane that displays beautifully! Priced accordingly.

Price: $1400

2017-Jul-17 04:25pm EDT | Tags :

Parkertown, New Jersey Brandt Decoy

Bill Brown Parkertown, NJ Brandt decoy in old paint. The hollow bodied decoy has glass eyes and the original lead weight nailed to the bottom. Measures 17" in length.

Price: $225

2017-Jul-17 11:29am EDT | Tags :

19th C. Ovoid Stoneware crock w/ Great Blue

This mid- 1800's stoneware crock has a great size and wonderful cobalt blue decoration. About a one gallon size, the crock measures just over 10" tall and has two lug ear handles that are accented in blue. Possibly a Beaver County piece from Western Pennsylvania, the crock has a hairline at the base and a few shallow chips.

Price: $295

2017-Jul-14 02:30pm EDT | Tags :

19th C. Primitive Pine Bucket Bench in Old Paint

This bucket bench dating from the first half of the 1800's is for primitive lovers only. Constructed with wide pine boards and square nails, the bench has tons of character with lots of distressing, some make-do repairs, minor losses, and great old gray over the original red paint. One section of the top has a rudimentary patch done eons ago to keep the bench serviceable. It goes around the mortised leg and is supported underneath with and added piece of wood. If this bench could only talk! Recently found in Gettysburg, PA.

Price: $1600

2017-Jul-08 03:49pm EDT | Tags :

19th C. Chip Carved Clock Shelf w/ Hearts

This 19th C. chip carved clock shelf has a great folk art appeal with heart shaped cut outs. Measuring 42" tall X 14" wide x 9 1/2" deep, the pine shelf retains the original dark varnish and is in excellent condition.

Price: $525

2017-Jul-06 01:02pm EDT | Tags :

Green Basket w/ Good Old Paint

This fresh find market basket has old light green paint with nice honest wear. Measuring 13" x 8" x 11" tall, the basket in in very good condition with two small losses on the edge of the base.

Price: $165

2017-Jun-29 01:17pm EDT | Tags :

19th C. Tin Anniversary Gentleman's Stovepipe Hat

This antique tin anniversary gentleman's high hat has great detail and the black paint is all original. It was made back in the late 1800's as a tin (10th) anniversary gift. Measuring 8" tall with a 12" brim, the hat has a stippled surface except for a smooth broad band around the middle. Included is an early 20th C. wooden hat stand in original green paint that stands 13.5" tall. Condition: Good condition with several areas that have paint loss to the edges as shown. Great for any folk art or Americana collection.

Price: $475

2017-Jun-16 02:25pm EDT | Tags :

This is a beautiful circa 1860's wool and linen presentation sampler in an antique pine frame. Besides the alphabet and numbers, the sampler features initials of JR ER JP WR, etc. and a tree of life, two other fruit trees, two crowns, and a dog on the lower right next to the presentation "A PRESENT TO Mrs. A ARMSTRONG". Overall very good condition with a small hole on the border as shown. The sampler was framed a long time ago but still displays nicely. Measures 10 1/4" long, 2 3/4" in dia., and 2 1/4" tall

Price: on sale $225

2017-Jun-16 02:03pm EDT | Tags :

19th C. Tin and Glass Candle Lantern

This is a very nice early 19th C. tin candle lantern with glass on all 4 sides. The lantern has a door on the front to access the removable candle holder and the top can be opened to access the glass panels. Great old untouched surface with nice details. 14.5" tall with handle upright x 6" x 6"

Price: Sale $400

2017-Jun-14 12:00pm EDT | Tags :

19th C. Double Handled Butter Stamp

Carved from a single piece of wood, this unusual 19th C. butter stamp has great form, carving and patina. Measures 10 1/4" long, 2 3/4" in dia., and 2 1/4" tall. Excellent condition.

Price: $295

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