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  • Feature Items, Horizontal and Vertical Banner Ads will hyperlink to the advertiser's web site.
  • Ads are sold in a minimum of 3 month increments. Billing for ads will be upfront. No ads will appear until payment is received. A "month" consists of 30 days from the day your ad first appears on Dig Antiques.
  • Each ad position (Feature Items, Horizontal and Vertical Banners) will rotate ads randomly with event distribution over the month. Advertiser must supply an image for the Featured Item and Banner Ads in either .jpg or .gif formats along with the associated link (URL). Dig Antiques can assist in resizing existing digital images at no charge. Images must adhere to the pixel size and dimensions for each ad type.
  • Dig Antiques reserves the right to refuse any advertising it deems inappropriate or any copy that does not meet graphic standards.
  • Advertiser is responsible for informing Dig Antiques of any changes in advertiser's web site that affects links for ads and/or search engine indexing of the web site. For instance, if your web site is updated with a new technology or structure such that the page URLs change or if a Featured Item is removed from your web site and the URL is no longer valid.
  • Advertising will be automatically renewed for the same package and term unless you notify Dig Antiques in Advance.

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