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December 2009

Collecting more antiques for us to love!

"Winter Wonderland " was written in 1934 by composer Felix Bernard and lyricist Richard B. Smith. It has become a popular holiday song recorded by numerous artists over the years. This is an updated version we hope you enjoy...

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In our home, antiques glistening.
A beautiful sight,
We're happy tonight.
Collecting more antiques for us to love.

Gone away is the new fluff,
Here to stay is the real stuff.
We sing a love song,
As we go along,
Collecting more antiques for us to love.

In our browser we can dig for antiques,
Then pretend that we can have them all

We'll say: Will you fit
in our collection?
Of course they look so great
up on the wall.

Later on, we'll conspire,
As we dream by the fire
To find what’s unique,
That makes us go weak,
Collecting more antiques for us to love.

In our browser we can dig for antiques,
Then profess that we do love them all
We'll have lots of fun searching for antiques,
No need for us to head out to the mall.

All great finds, ain't it thrilling,
Dig Antiques so fulfilling.
We'll search and play, the new century way,
Collecting more antiques for us to love.

We hope you enjoyed this parody about using Dig Antiques to find more antiques for your collection.

Happy Holidays to you. May you have a healthy, happy, prosperous 2010 and may all your antiquing dreams come true!


Tom & Sheila Baker


Top 100 Books - Great Gifts!

We've recently added new books to the resources section of Dig Antiques bringing the total to 100. They are categorized by type of book and can easily be purchased through Amazon. Most people will have until Thursday December 17 to order their books and still take advantage of Amazon's free super saver shipping offer.

Every holiday season brings the search for the new book that's not yet in our collection. It makes a great present for Tom and Sheila likes the challenge of finding the newest book that covers country and folk art antiques. It's getting to be more of a challenge but we've just listed the newest book on salt-glazed stoneware - it was just published last month! Be sure to check it out here.

Search Showcase

Dig Antiques is now indexing over 300 country and folk art antique websites. Over 50,000 searches have been completed.

Holiday Finds

Tis the season so we thought we'd highlight results from searching holiday antique terms you can find though Dig Antiques:

Stars: 1007 matches
Christmas: 421 matches
Ornaments: 328 matches
Santa: 108 matches
St. Nicholas: 108 matches
Stockings: 100 matches
Mittens: 67 matches
Sled: 53 matches
Feather tree: 21 matches
St. Nick : 11 matches
Hanukah: 8 matches
Sleigh bells: 7 matches
Belsnickle: 7 matches
Menorah: 1 matches


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