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Home Farm Antiques specializes in 18th through early 20th century investment quality antiques. We offer folk & fine art, decorative arts, furniture, antique fine & sentimental jewelry, period costume and textiles. We look for excellence in materials, craftsmanship and color. We may carry something as common as a cookie cutter, or as rare as an eighteenth century child’s court vest, but whatever it is, we want it to be distinctive, unique and memorable. We take Paypal, checks or money orders. If you'd like the cost of shipping quoted, please email us with your zip code. NYS residents pay 7% sales tax, as we need to keep our state government happy. If you have a resale number, please let us know. We hope you visit our website at www.homefarmantiques.com and become a fan of Home Farm Antiques on FaceBook. Home Farm guarantees authenticity. If for some reason an antique does not suit you, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving it. Thank you for stopping by!

Dress for a Little Boy c1840-60

An adorable little dress that dates to c1840-60. Blue and white pinstriped cotton. with the white mellowed to a pale cream. The puffed sleeves have ruffled edgings. The neck, armscyes and waist are piped. Unlined and has a back button closure. What we love most about this dress is its built-in pocket. In a time in which built-in pockets were relatively new to clothing design, and at a time when virtually no women had built-in pockets, only men, a pocket in a tot's dress is a rarity and a joy to behold. And if it was indeed worn by a boy, we’re sure the inside of this pocket saw its fair share of frogs and toads. The dress is in very fine condition with a few small scattered age spots. Chest 20”; waist 23”; shoulder range 9”; length 30”.

Price: $185.00

2019-Jun-19 08:52pm EDT | Tags : Children's Vintage Fashion Boys Dresses Early Textiles

Brass Salamander w/ Acorn Finial c1770-1790

A handsome brass salamander dating to the late 18th century. Solid brass and in outstanding condition, with anticipated, correct wear to the surface only. 14"L with a disc diameter of 3 1/2".

Price: $115.00

2019-Jun-18 05:41pm EDT | Tags : #solidbrass #antiquekitchentool #openhearthcooking

*SOLD* Brass Salamanderl c1780-1800

A handsome brass salamander dating to c1800. Solid brass and in outstanding condition, with anticipated, correct wear to the surface only. This salamander has a sophisticated finial to it, with a certain grace. 14"L with a 3 1/2" diameter to the disk end.

Price: $0.00

2019-Jun-18 05:38pm EDT | Tags : #solidbrass #earlykitchentools #openhearthcooking

Rag Doll w/ A Happy Face c1890

A very happy little girl in her original calico cotton gown. This is a doll that has it all. Her body is ticking, her legs stockinette, her shoes oilcloth and they have bows. Her head is cotton and is one piece with her bonnet. Her hair is yarn. Her facial features are painted on. She is hard stuffed, slightly soiled, slightly tattered, her head slightly floppy. Her gown has a few small holes. These are at the back. Her skirt is beautifully bouffant, with lots of fabric and lots of cartridge pleats at the waist. About 14" tall depending on how she feels like holding her feet at the moment. She has all the charm in the world and is a complete lovey-dovey.

Price: $250.00

2019-Jun-18 05:34pm EDT | Tags : #clothdoll #ragdoll #blackamericana

Home Made Walnut Shell & Velvet Pin Cushion c1830

Tiny and entirely endearing, this home made pincushion dates to c1820-40during the early 19th century, c1820-40. This tiny cushion was made to be part of a sewing kit. A half-shell walnut is stuffed with what looks like lavender seeds and covered with velvet that was theorem painted. The velvet is now worn and shattered with only fragments of its nap and paint left, but it does well holding in the tiny lavender seeds. A charming addition to your collection! 1 ½”L X 1 ¼”W.

Price: 48.00 + free shipping

2019-Jun-04 04:29pm EDT | Tags : Pin Cushion Antique Sewing Tools Sewing Accessories

Early Quilt Bold Pattern, Ex-Collection

A knock-out of a quilt with great visual impact, strong color, and the well-loved cheddar in the flowers. Both the trumpet & round flowers, along with bold color, were found in American quilts as early as c1840. Entirely hand stitched with meticulously sewn stitches on front and plain cloth backing in an intricate design of diamonds and concentric circles. These are factors helping to pinpoint the good age of the quilt. Great condition with no fading or discolor. Any color differentiation you see in our pictures are shadings from the light. A couple of light spots show in the photo. These are from the window in front of which the quilt was hanging. I can find no soiling, rips, or tears. Minor wear patterns from age and normal use; 1 vague water outline. From The American Quilt Collection,NY. 82" X 71"

Price: $600.00

2019-May-26 05:45pm EDT | Tags : Quilts Americana Country Decor

Antique Compass Rose Quilt Ex-Collection 19thC

Classic American hand stitched quilt. The compass rose pattern has strong colors well-preserved with no running or fading. Cottons hand-quilted with about 8 spi. 79" X 81", summer weight and in exceptional condition. There are scattered, mild wear patterns from age and normal use, all correct and anticipated. We have not cleaned it or done anything to interfere with its condition. From the American Quilt Collection, New York.

Price: $490.00

2019-May-26 04:53pm EDT | Tags : Americana Antique Textiles Quilts

Small Trunk in Hide Block Print Paper Int. c1840

Something I've never had before, nor have I ever seen one. This little document box, dating to c1830-50, is covered in the hide of a fawn. Hide covered wood w/ leather straps and brass nails. Interesting Van Dycked leather lid trim. Original hinges. One reason we love this trunk is the outstanding block-print paper that covers the interior. Bold geometrics, design and color patterns are timeless. The trunk shows its age in areas of dried hide & straps, some thinning & missing areas of hide & trim, nails darkened with age and other minor and anticipated age & wear patterns. Remaining leather could use a steaming to smooth away wrinkles & curls. Please see photos. Only 8”L X 3 14/16”H X 4 ½”D.

Price: $325.00

2019-May-26 04:36pm EDT | Tags : Americana Primitives Trunks

Fancy Bucket Bench c1850-70

A marvelous early bucket bench in finest form, made in NYS. Carving is vivacious, yet graceful, at the same time. Wear and age patterns are absolutely correct and the patina is like satin. Mortise and tenon construction. Made of a hardwood, the bench is sturdy, heavy and can support quite a lot of weight. It does not wiggle anywhere. A distinctive piece, I've used it running down the length of our farm table in the dining room. It is stunning. All original surfaces. You will love it.

Price: $450.00

2019-May-19 12:20pm EDT | Tags : #americana #benches #countrydecor

Fruitwood & Leather Wig Bellows 18th Century

Kings did it; queens did it. Even our own President Washington did it. They all powdered their wigs. Putting powder in your hair is thought to have started with Henry IV of France (1553-1610). He used brown powder to hide grey hair. Since the king was doing it, everyone who could afford it did it, too. Powder helped to cut down the hair's greasiness. In the days when shampooing was far from being a chief concern (or even a minor one), powder was important. The powder was perfumed, playing an important part in masking the hair's unappetizing odor. When wigs became the popular head gear, powder was used on them. For ease of application, the bellows was introduced in miniature form ~ perfect for powdering your wig! 8"L and in beautiful shape. Cartoonist image in last photo not included.

Price: $225.00

2019-Apr-21 11:49am EDT | Tags : Historic

Leeds Pepper Pot c1829 Tin-Glazed Pottery

A handsome early Leeds tin-glazed pottery pepper pot, dating to c1790-1820. It is a baluster-form shaker from England. The decoration is cobalt and the foot is the original pottery. Leeds originated during the 17th century for the purpose of copying the beloved Chinese Export porcelain, enabling more families to own pieces similar to the expensive Chinese Export. Shows the correct signs of age. Wear patterns are the result of normal use. It is in very good condition with a small scattering of tiny age and use marks. 4 ¾” high with a base diameter of 2”. The cork is still inserted in the base opening.

Price: $110.00

2019-Apr-21 11:39am EDT | Tags : Pottery Pepper Pots Table Accessories

SALE! Antique Horn Furniture - Footstool c1900

Victorians loved their creature comforts, and they loved their comforts made of creatures. So dedicated to the outdoors ~ biology, entomology, any nature sciences, they loved to incorporate the same into both their personal fashion and their home decor. Here we have an outstanding example. A horn footstool, all original, the seat cushion covered in the original fabric and the base made of antlers. Your feet may rest cozy and with Teddy Roosevelt sort of flair. Stands about 18" tall, stands securely, not wobbly, and with a certain stateliness, a legacy from the original carrier of those antlers. Originally $165.00, currently....

Price: $95.00 + shipping & insurance

2019-Apr-18 04:12pm EDT | Tags : #hornfurniture #footstool #camp

SALE! Mill Pond Painting, Primitive ~ Dated 1946

A charming vintage oil on board. The scene is a mill pond in a pine wood area. Done with a distinctly primitive, folk art flavor. Signed and dated lower right hand corner. The back has pencil writing which I can't read. Contains a signature; dated 1946. The painting has excellent presence and grace. Originally $75.00, currently....

Price: 40.00 + shipping & insurance

2019-Apr-18 03:50pm EDT | Tags : art folk art primitives

SALE! Deco Folk Art Coat Rack c1930

The reason I call it Folk Art is that this little hat or coat rack was made at home and someone took the design seriously. It has the surprising geometric form of Deco era art. Nicely beveled cut, this rack is clean edged in a brilliantly shabby chic way. Three pegs to hold whatever you'd like to put on them are shaped like the gables of a house. The original coat of white paint has turned creamy with age, and is a little chippy. Just enough to look wonderful in your home. The hanging mechanism at back is creative. The are two gouged out tunnels with a strong bit of wire from one side to another, like a bridge over a canal. You just slide the rack over your two nails and there you go. 18 1/8"L X 2"W X 4" standing out from the wall. Anyplace you hang your hat is home. Originally $65.00, currently....

Price: 38.00 + shipping/insurance

2019-Apr-18 03:40pm EDT | Tags :

Kitten, Painting on Board

A marvelous folky painting of a kitten. Done during the early years of mid-20th century and signed by the artist, this painting is in excellent condition and is just delightful! Framed 12" X 9 1/4"; visual image 9 5/8" X 7".

Price: 125.00 + shipping/insurance

2019-Feb-04 08:46pm EST | Tags : #folkart #painting #cats

3 Horn Whiskey Beakers 19th Century

Made from horn, this early group offers you three fine examples of carved horn whiskey beakers. Each horn has its own distinct color and pattern. The tallest beaker is the darkest and most solid in color, with attractive striations down the sides and nice lighter markings up around the rim. The sides of the cup reflect the natural angle of the original horn. 4 1/2"T $68.00 The medium beaker is more two-tone with warm coloring and contrasted markings. This cup has more of a natural curve to it than does the largest beaker. There is an age crack from the rim that descends for under 1". 3 1/4"T $45.00 The baby beaker is the lightest, with darker markings encircling the lower third and a rich caramel colored disk as the bottom. This little cup has an attractive natural curve to it, slightly more pronounced than the medium beaker. $45.00 You have a choice as to how to buy - if you want only 1 or 2, the price is as stated here in the description. For 3, the price is listed below.

Price: 145.00 for all 3

2018-Jan-30 04:01pm EST | Tags : Camp & Cottage Americana Primitives

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