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Home Farm Antiques specializes in 18th through early 20th century investment quality antiques. We offer folk & fine art, decorative arts, furniture, antique fine & sentimental jewelry, period costume and textiles. We look for excellence in materials, craftsmanship and color. We may carry something as common as a cookie cutter, or as rare as an eighteenth century child’s court vest, but whatever it is, we want it to be distinctive, unique and memorable. We take Paypal, checks or money orders. If you'd like the cost of shipping quoted, please email us with your zip code. NYS residents pay 7% sales tax, as we need to keep our state government happy. If you have a resale number, please let us know. We hope you visit our website at www.homefarmantiques.com and become a fan of Home Farm Antiques on FaceBook. Home Farm guarantees authenticity. If for some reason an antique does not suit you, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving it. Thank you for stopping by!

Horse Weathervane Fragment American 19thCentury

A fragment from a 19th century weathervane so elegantly designed, so beautifully detailed and weathered, it has the classical appearance of an ancient Roman sculpture. Made of copper and cast iron, The head has movement and grace. The surface shows rich color and appealing oxidation. Displayed on a stand designed and made for it. Small enough to offer excellent versatility, large enough to command an audience. The horse fragment dates to c1885 and is most likely from the mid-west. 7 1/2" X 7" Spectacular.

Price: $500.00

2018-Jun-03 06:52pm EDT | Tags : #folkart #americana #horseart

Huge Wood Bowl, Fantastic Staple Repair 19thC

Why is this is our favorite bowl? There's the terrific staple repair, the warm rich patina and the beautifully turned lip. There's also the well-used, out-of-round shape. Wow! In every way, this bowl has history. Long ago, it broke in two. Someone in love with it stapled it back together. We're happy s/he did. This bowl is big. 19 1/4" diameter one way; 20 1/4" diameter the other way. Stands a good 6" high. It's heavy. It's a good old-fashioned American treasure, like blueberry pie.

Price: $365.00

2018-May-03 10:43am EDT | Tags : #antiquebowls #americana #countryprimitive

Folk Art: Early Clay Pipe Bowl, Owl Form 19thC

This wise old owl is the carved bowl of an early clay pipe. Once a part of a handsome collection of clay pipe fragments, this piece is in great condition. Short on stature, long on detail and quality. Approx 1.75"L x 1"W x 2"H.

Price: $110.00

2018-Apr-24 01:38pm EDT | Tags : Pipes Owls Folk Art

Folk ArtMill Pond Painting, Primitive ~ Dated 1946

A charming vintage oil on board. The scene is a mill pond in a pine wood area. Done with a distinctly primitive, folk art flavor. Signed and dated lower right hand corner. The back has pencil writing which I can't read. Contains a signature; dated 1946. The painting has excellent presence and grace.

Price: $75.00

2018-Apr-24 01:34pm EDT | Tags : Painting Folk Art Primitives

Vintage Adirondack Pack Basket

A handsome Adirondack backpack dating to the mid-20thC. Bulbous silhouette that makes it an outstanding choice in backpacks, for both looks and utility. Wooden slats support the bottom and top rim is double wrapped. Navy blue fittings are original and clean as a whistle. 16" tall, 15" back to front at its fattest section, 12" diameter across top rim. In wonderful, clean condition, completely stable for outdoor use and it displays absolutely beautifully.

Price: $295.00

2018-Apr-24 01:32pm EDT | Tags : Americana Adirondack Rustic Country

Rye Dough-Rising Basket 19thC

Sitting handsomely on an early linsey-woolsey mat is this deep rye dough bowl or basket. Used by Pennsylvania and New England women to allow dough to rise in bread-making. This basket is deep, standing 5 1/4" high. The diameter across the top is 12 1/2". It is in exemplary condition. We love it for its canted sides, its clean weave, its versatility and simple American good looks.

Price: $85.00

2018-Apr-23 06:07pm EDT | Tags : baskets Americana country

Book History of Chief Sitting Bull & Indian War

Hardcover book by W. Fletcher Johnson (1857-1931 American author, journalist, lecturer, foreign & diplomatic editorial writer for The New York Tribune). Edgewood Publishing Company, 1891. The History of Chief Sitting Bull and the Indian War of 1890-91. Packed w/ photos, etchings, a map of the "Bad Lands and Scene of Indian War". O.K. condition, with wear to cover, some staining on a few pages in the back, photo page of White Thunder loose with the photo itself undamaged. No damage, stains or other flaws to any of the illustrations. The black ink of a number of the photos has turned over the decades to a sienna, visible in photos. Text is easy to read ~ clear w/ minimal attic surface to the text pages, and the pictures are wonderful to see. Media Mail

Price: $48.00

2018-Apr-23 05:31pm EDT | Tags : Historic Book Native American History Chief Sitting Bull

Doll Trunk & Leather Body Headless Doll + Parts

A wooden doll trunk with early / original metal hinges & wide one board bottom. Stained but sturdy. Top opens & closes well. 12 1/2"L X 8"H X 7 1/2"D. Headless doll with jointed leather body repaired w/ fabric extremities, etc. Silk dress shattering. Some sawdust trickling out of small hole in back of one knee. Leather is supple, soiled. Sleeve cuffs so tight at doll's wrists, I can't get them off her arms. Head #1: best fits body. This is the smaller head w/ no eyes, no hair, painted lips, teeth. On the back is impressed 1894 AM8/DEP. 3 1/4"H. Head #2: blue glass eyes, open lips exposing two large front teeth, clipped hair, broken shoulder. Partial mark remains looking like III 7/0, 25 written in lead. Over that is a word impressed in cursive, Germany. 3 3/4"H. Plus other doll parts, mohair wig, eyes, etc. I'm running out of room. For further info, more pix, please email me.

Price: $220.00

2018-Apr-10 05:42pm EDT | Tags : antique dolls doll accessories primitives

Doll Dress, Gigot Sleeves Scoop Neck Early 19thC

Rare to find gigot sleeves & a wide scoop neck in a period doll dress! Quality cotton printed in vegetable dye - teal & light mustard diamond pattern on an ivory ground. Hand stitched throughout. Skirt has knife pleats at the waist for fullness. The bodice is gently ruched at the waist, as was the style back then. Central back closure with no fastenings, as made. Condition is very good. The cotton is stable and the construction sturdy. Mild evidence of wear from age, exposure to light & prolonged storage ~ a bit of discolor here, a tiny hole there, a few tiny soil marks. It looks like a bit of scorching to a few areas on back. 19 1/4" mid-shoulder seam to hem; chest 14"; waist 10"; hips full; sleeve from neckline to cuff hem 8". Displays beautifully and is sturdy enough for use. Your doll will look divine wearing this gown and your peg rack will look divine holding this gown. Originally $110.00, now $90.00.

Price: $90.00

2018-Apr-10 05:00pm EDT | Tags : #earlyamericantextiles #dollclothes #antiquedoll

19C Bisque Head Doll Signed AM 1894 ~ Erma Jane

Erma Jane has lots of personality packed into her 13" body. Her bisque head has its original eyes. Signed 1894 AM 3/0DEP Made in Germany. Clean, unblemished and hand painted as nicely as you would like. No wig. Erma has an open smile showing off her pretty teeth, and she has an odd body that makes her endearing. The whitewashed torso is composition w/ mold seams running down center front & back. Her legs & arms have mold seams, too. The mold did not come out smoothly and makes the legs look hand carved. Someone wrote Erma Jane on her front and Back on her back. An amateurish stringing holds Erma Jane together. The elastic holding on her head needs replacing. She is in overall very good condition, with no flaws other than what happened in the original mold on her composition parts. She is a sweetheart, very well mannered and she longs for a permanent country home.

Price: $78.00

2018-Apr-10 04:40pm EDT | Tags : dolls primitives AM dolls

Lock and Key, 17th Century

From England, a genuine lock and key from a large building in Suffolk, England. Iron and wood. Guaranteed real and guaranteed really old, we bought this near the site of the building from which it was salvaged. 6" X 5" X 1.5" and heavy. The key came with it and is original. They have good keepers of the keys in England.

Price: $145.00

2018-Mar-23 04:12pm EDT | Tags : #lockandkey #key #architectural

Retro Advertising Van's Boot Saver c1940s

A great vintage rack ~ great sporting bit and great advertising! This rack was used to hang up hip waders after a day of fishing. The motto says it all...Hang ‘Em Up - They’ll Last Longer. Made of metal, the holder was manufactured by Noel Van Tilburg Co, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Collapses for easy storage. When you're ready to dry out your hip boots, just slide the hanger out and hang it on the wall. Versatile, it is good for Cottage (in your vintage kitchen holding your vintage towels), good for Camp (those hip boots) and good for Castle (know where your strands of pearls & diamonds are at all times). 8"W X 8"D Originally $95.00, now $65.00.

Price: $65.00

2018-Mar-23 03:50pm EDT | Tags : #vintagesporting #advertising

Tot's Shoes High Laced Velvet & Leather c1880

Made in the 1800s for a pampered tot, these adorable shoes have leather soles and vamps, velvet uppers and hand-embroidered buttonholes in a sunflower design. As if that weren't enough, the velvet is decorated with tiny printed polka dots. And please note the exagerrated scalloping up and down the central front closure. 4 1/4" toe to heel along the sole and 1 3/4" across the sole at the ball of the foot. They extend upward 2 1/4". In lovely condition. The leather is still soft and sturdy, with a rich patina; the velvet is in good condition with some wear to the nap, the lace-hole stitching in very fine condition. The soles have wear as visible in our photos. The shoes are missing their laces ~ reflected in our low price.

Price: $85.00

2018-Mar-13 01:35pm EDT | Tags : #antiqueshoes #victorianchild

Antique Doll Quilt, Red Knot Dots c1870

My favorite quilt. It is polka dotted in Turkey red wool yarn, tons of French knots resulting in the constellation of stellar dots that you see. All done on a nice old piece of linen. The color of the linen has darkened with age to a mellow ecru. Very restful for dolly. Tiny, tiny, tiny hand stitches all around the border. Meticulous! Backs of knotted dots are visible on the back. The condition is as to be expected. The soft darkening of the fabric, several missing knotted dots, one round hole, 1/4" diameter, with the thin batting showing through. There are no other problems, as far as I can see. This is a dear, sweet little doll quilt. I love it. 16 1/4" X 12"

Price: $58.00

2018-Feb-11 05:38pm EST | Tags : doll quilt americana antique textiles

Doll Quilt Cheddar & Calicoes ~ Signed & Dated

The reasons we love this doll quilt: it's color, its calicoes, its healthy cheddar blocks and, last but not least, its signature. A colorful American homemade cotton patchwork quilt, signed and dated. Calicoes in colors and nice cheddar blocks. There's a hand-written signature blurred by time. It looks like Ereminna. Maybe. The date is '92. Nice condition with only a bit of discolor to areas of the off-white border, with a small pale spot on the front border and one similar on the back. No rot, no rips, holes, tears, stains other than the spots mentioned. 21" X 22 1/4"

Price: $58.00

2018-Feb-11 05:12pm EST | Tags : doll quilt quilts

Antique Horn Furniture - Footstool c1900

Victorians loved their creature comforts, and they loved their comforts made of creatures. So dedicated to the outdoors ~ biology, entomology, any nature sciences, they loved to incorporate the same into both their personal fashion and their home decor. Here we have an outstanding example. A horn footstool, all original, the seat cushion covered in the original fabric and the base made of antlers. Your feet may rest cozy and with Teddy Roosevelt sort of flair. Stands about 18" tall, stands securely, not wobbly, and with a certain stateliness, a legacy from the original carrier of those antlers. Originally $165.00, now $110.00

Price: $110.00

2018-Feb-11 02:05pm EST | Tags : #hornfurniture #adirondackrustic #antiquestool

Embroidered Pin Ball c1870

A charming pin ball, hand-embroidered with detached buttonhole stitches and satin stitches on linen. Blue silk covers the flat bottom. 1 5/8"H X 2 1/2" diameter. The colors are lovely; the fabric and floss soft yet strong. A wonderful piece for your sewing collection, and entirely usable.

Price: 148.00 Free S/H/I

2018-Jan-30 04:50pm EST | Tags : antique sewing tools pin cushions

American Pin Ball c1885

A delightful early pin cushion in the shape of a ball. Alternating sections of cream fabric and red and a black silk damask fabric are hand sewn. Red silk bows top and bottom and a red loop for hanging. Our pin ball is in lovely condition. The only imperfection to report is one small area where the cream fabric is shredding a bit. However, the foundation fabric beneath is close in color, so the shredding is hard to see. A diminutive 1 1/2" high and 2 1/4" wide.

Price: 125.00 Free USA S/H/I

2018-Jan-30 04:35pm EST | Tags : Antique Sewing Tool Pin Cushions

3 Horn Whiskey Beakers 19th Century

Made from horn, this early group offers you three fine examples of carved horn whiskey beakers. Each horn has its own distinct color and pattern. The tallest beaker is the darkest and most solid in color, with attractive striations down the sides and nice lighter markings up around the rim. The sides of the cup reflect the natural angle of the original horn. 4 1/2"T $68.00 The medium beaker is more two-tone with warm coloring and contrasted markings. This cup has more of a natural curve to it than does the largest beaker. There is an age crack from the rim that descends for under 1". 3 1/4"T $45.00 The baby beaker is the lightest, with darker markings encircling the lower third and a rich caramel colored disk as the bottom. This little cup has an attractive natural curve to it, slightly more pronounced than the medium beaker. $45.00

Price: Please See Description

2018-Jan-30 04:01pm EST | Tags : Camp & Cottage Americana Primitives

Silk & Paper Certificate Pin Keep, Shoe Form c1890

A favorite of ours, this diminutive pin keep measures only 1 3/4" heel to toe and 1 1/2" high at back of shoe. Made of silk and remnants of a money or stock certificate. Padded with cotton batting, it feels sturdy and strong. The shoe is pinned in place as according to its initial design. There is good old French ticking under one side panel of the shoe. On the other side only the certificate and the silk are visible. In very good condition. Ex-Collection. Free USA Shipping, Handling, Insurance

Price: $115.00

2018-Jan-21 08:12pm EST | Tags : Folk Art Antique Sewing Tools Pin Cushions

Bone Apple Corer / Marrow Scoop c1850

Some say it's an apple corer. Others say it's a marrow scoop. What I say is that it's a quality, interesting, early utensil. It has the rare added attraction of a handsome incised decorative pattern carved into its handle. In great condition. We found it in England, the Suffolk area, and would bet our bottom dollar it was made on a farm thereabouts. About 5"L. Free USA Shipping, Handling, Insurance

Price: $74.00

2018-Jan-05 07:21pm EST | Tags : Folk Art Primitives

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