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I've been an active collector of Americana for 35 years, concentrating on New England and mid-Atlantic furniture, chalk ware, wallpaper boxes, and velvet fruit. I accept personal checks and money orders. Returns in as-received condition accepted within three days of receipt. Virginia residents pay 6% No. Va. sales tax. Refund will be minus shipping and insurance unless I have significantly misrepresented an item. I am a collector, not a professional antiques dealer, and describe each item to the best of my ability. USPS Priority Mail postage and insurance will be added to the price of each item. (NOTE: I've recently added an indoor cat to my household. I recycle packing materials, so if you are allergic to cats, feel free to ask for new/fresh packing materials for your purchase.)

Handsome Milliner's Head

Original painted papier-mâché milliner's head on small square black base. Original kid skin backing. Expected damage to nose---shop girls regularly tipped over these heads, used to display hats in shop windows, when they replaced/removed the hats from inside the shop. 9" tall; 4" wide at square base.

Price: $900.00

2024-Mar-13 01:49pm EDT | Tags :

Crome Yellow Paper-Covered Lidded Box

Oval box, 10" long; 5" tall. Perfect for letters, documents, or keepsakes or great for Easter displays. Very nice condition (watermark, as pictured).

Price: $450.00

2024-Feb-07 05:31pm EST | Tags :

Cage Doll in Pink, Black, and White Paint

Unique jointed cage doll, 19 1/2" tall; 10" wide at base. Hand-painted face, what looks to be pine construction. Likely of Mexican or South American construction. x The Two Sisters, Washington, D.C.

Price: $695.00

2024-Feb-06 05:13pm EST | Tags :

Footed Basket in Butter Yellow Paint

A terrific basket from a top Mid-Atlantic dealer 15+ years ago. 5" tall; 8" wide across the opening. Lovely condition (one small break at the rim). I've displayed it filled with rag balls, velvet fruit, and Christmas balls . Provenance upon request.

Price: $305.00

2024-Jan-12 02:10pm EST | Tags :

Diminutive Doll Chair

Very small wooden doll chair in cream and red paint; worn fabric seat cover; 7" tall and 3 1/2" wide at base (feet) of turned legs. Perfect for a small Santa on a mantelpiece, in a doll house, or as part of a hanging shelf display.

Price: $55.00

2023-Dec-08 04:10pm EST | Tags :

Cotton Baby Quilt

Sweet red and white baby quilt; treadle stitching, 30" x 36." A number of light stains on both sides but no holes, tears, or significant wear areas. In my collection for more than 30 years.

Price: $110.00

2023-Sep-02 02:14pm EDT | Tags :

Country Willow Branch Flower Stand

Unique willow branch flower stand in red paint. 13" wide at base; 27" high at handles. Right out of the barn, dust and all. Can be shipped.

Price: $75.00

2023-Jul-27 02:22pm EDT | Tags :

Child's Pewter Plate

Sweet pewter plate with "Paul's First Plate," and "March 19, 1903" engraved on the face and iris blooms decorating the rim. 6 1/4" diameter. Expected knife/fork usage on the plate's surface. Perfect for wall display, as a candy dish, or for your pewter collection.

Price: $65.00

2023-May-29 09:40pm EDT | Tags :

"The Complete Encyclopedia of Antiques" Hardcover

Hardcover (linen-covered) edition. Compiled by "The Connoisseur" and edited by L.G.G. Ramsey, published by Hawthorn Books, New York (1962). 1,471 pages, 18 categories, from "Arms and Armour" to "Silver." Ample black and white photos (see photos, below). Binding is fragile---the bound pages (signatures) are intact but are pulling away from the glued binding; the pages are complete. 10" x 7 1/2" x 3" thick. Could be mailed by Media Mail.

Price: $20.00

2023-May-27 10:45pm EDT | Tags :

Selection of Pottery Fruit

Lot of 6 pieces. Pineapple is 6 1/2" long; chip out of top. Leaf on the orange fruit can be re-glued. Apple, pear, orange, and sliced melon all paint-decorated (as are all).

Price: $125.00

2023-May-22 12:35pm EDT | Tags :

Cotton Monkey; Cotton Tiger

Cheerful organ-grinder's monkey in cotton shirt with covered buttons and cotton trousers; cotton stuffed body; black bead eyes, shoe feet; 9 1/2" long. SOLD. Yellow tiger, cotton stuffed body and pearl buttons; black embroidered face, whiskers and tail, 10" long. $95.00.

Price: See Listing

2023-May-07 06:31pm EDT | Tags :

Early Rag Doll, Cramer Dress/Romper

Sweet cloth cotton-stuffed ragdoll, 14" long. The cotton "face covering" has no features (no features on the face itself either) ; wearing a red-checked calico romper with three white celluloid buttons up the back, x the late James Cramer, and peach-and-white striped cotton bonnet. Romper is 14" long and was purchased directly from Jimmie Cramer for my own collection 15+ years ago.

Price: $120.00

2023-Feb-25 08:32pm EST | Tags :

Early Waterford Virginia Rocker in Black Paint

After 25 years, I'm parting with my Waterford (Virginia) "mother's" rocker in original black paint. 45" tall, original rush seat in usable but fragile condition. These chairs are all attributed either to John Mount (1799-1876) or his son William Mount (1829-?) , prominent local furniture makers. Purchased from the estate of Lona Pierpoint of Waterford, who passed away in her 90s in 1999. The mill village of Waterford has both a Quaker and a Civil War history and has been preserved as an historic landmark in northern Virginia. Pick up only.

Price: 950.00 SALE $850.00

2023-Feb-22 03:01pm EST | Tags :

Pine Footstool in Blue Paint

This is a classic dealer's lot, "as is." It could use a bit of TLC to straighten and secure one of the footstool's "legs" /repair the scalloped skirt. Plenty of blue paint to make it worth your while: top board width is 14 1/2"; height is 12 1/2"; width at the feet is 8". Probably never strong enough to be as a step stool but a great piece to add height to your booth display or provide seating for a rag doll or two (Doll NFS). Additional photos can be provided if requested.

Price: $50.00

2023-Jan-14 01:14pm EST | Tags :

*SALE* Treen Jar, Green Paint

There is simply no more room on my shelves---something has to go! Treen jar in apple green paint, 10 1/4" tall; 3" diameter at the base. Substantial pine construction.

Price: $355.00 NOW ON SALE $275.00

2022-Sep-02 03:35pm EDT | Tags :

Early Splint-Oak Basket

Handsome early splint-oak basket, 9" long, 7 1/2' high (including bent-wood handle) in very good condition (no breakage of splints, etc.). The three eggplant pin cushions aren't old (but can often be found represented as old)---they offer a nice splash of color and are included with the basket.

Price: $325.00

2022-Aug-06 03:35pm EDT | Tags :

Small Heart-Shaped Pin Cushion

Small heart-shaped beaded pin cushion, 3"x 3." Beaded flower design on the face of the pin cushion. Some missing bead work on one edge of the pin cushion, and small separation of the material on the back at tip of the heart. Firmly stuffed, with no leakage. Circa early 20th century (?) so 100 years old, more or less.

Price: $55.00

2022-Jul-03 05:24pm EDT | Tags :

Folky Mirror in Black Paint

Fun little pine mirror with beveled glass and fancy flowers-and-fruit crest/scrolled feet. Heavy and substantial (too heavy to be crate wood) for its size, 12" x 8" x 1" thick. Small /dings, one small (repaired) break to one scroll foot. Make-do-type heavy-cardboard back with original rusty, but still secure wire hanger. Art Nouveau style, as interpreted by some folk artist, with plenty of age (c. 1900-1920?).

Price: $65.00

2022-Jul-01 08:06pm EDT | Tags :

Large Chalk Ware Dog

Male chalk ware pug in black, gold and coppery paint; unusually large size---10" long x 9" tall. Mended chip on front paw. Solid underbelly (no opening). Paint wear suggests late nineteenth/early twentieth century.

Price: $105.00

2022-Jun-17 03:40pm EDT | Tags :

Foxhound Stirrup Cup; Painted Wooden Water Bird

Staffordshire English foxhound stirrup cup in black, brown, and cream glaze, 5" long; no chips or other damage; $185.00. Folky primitive pine water bird in red paint, black metal eyes; 5" long. $45.00. WOODEN BIRD SOLD. (Red measure nfs.)

Price: See Listing

2022-May-28 07:40pm EDT | Tags :

Steiff Green, Black, and Yellow Parakeet

Made in Germany, 8" long, all original. Excelsior, cotton, wool, foam rubber construction. Black "button" eyes and original Steiff label w/ its button attachment. Circa 1940s/50s. A wonderful complement to a bowl of velvet fruit or natural plant arrangement, or to your Steiff collection.

Price: $175.00

2022-May-27 07:24pm EDT | Tags :

Early Ladies Formal Bonnet; Calico Sun Bonnet

Available separately: (left) Nineteenth century ladies' formal dress hat (1860s style), with velvet ribbon, velvet applique, and velvet flowers' decoration. Interior of the cap is a wire frame and is lined in black lace and black silk; the cap itself is 8" x 13 1/4". All looks original and right as rain, in lovely condition for its age; $105.00. (Right) Blue and white cotton calico prairie bonnet, 21'x 13 1/2" as displayed in second photo. One tiny stain on front, but in overall good-to-excellent condition. $60.00. (Shop mannequins are for display only; nfs).

Price: See Listing

2022-May-18 08:01pm EDT | Tags :

2. Large Early Rag Doll

A lovely rag doll with a unique flowered cotton body and unusually charming embroidered face, x well-known Pennsylvania dealer. 17 1/2" tall, red-and-white striped cotton dress, matching flowered cotton sun bonnet, red velvet leather shoes, cotton apron and petticoat.

Price: $365.00

2022-Mar-11 03:29pm EST | Tags :

4. Cotton-stuffed Calico Kitchen Chicken/Hen

Sweet printed-cotton calico hen, stuffed with cotton batting, red wool comb and wattle; black button eyes. She's 5 1/2" tall; 5" diameter at the base and can be displayed upright on her own, in a small splint berry basket, or as a lid decoration in the kitchen. Some wear to the fabric on tail and beak (she may have had a wool tail originally). Estimated age, 1930s (?). (Painted wooden egg for display only, not included/not for sale.)

Price: $75.00

2022-Feb-02 10:57pm EST | Tags :

5. Victorian Perfume Atomizer Bottles

(Left) Small Victorian glass perfume atomizer/ bottle with white rose lid/stopper (possibly Bakelite?) currently frozen in place but could probably be loosened with TLC. 4" tall, including stopper. $65.00. (Right) Large Victorian glass and gilt perfume bottle with artful gold wire rose screw-on lid; 7" tall to top of stopper, easily removable. $95.00. Lovely display bottles for a lady's dressing table, nightstand, or boudoir.

Price: See Listing

2022-Feb-02 04:05pm EST | Tags :

6. Lot of Five Sewing Balls

Red, lavender, green, tweedy, and rose pink. Four are wool, one is cotton. All 2" diameter each.

Price: $30.00 (Lot)

2022-Jan-27 02:19pm EST | Tags :

7. Toaster Doll x Jimmie Cramer

Unique African American toaster doll (the upper half of a rag doll wearing a long dress meant to drape over a toaster) directly from the late artist/designer/author James Cramer's collection. She is 7" long (18," including original brown and blue calico dress); button eyes, embroidered red mouth.

Price: $155.00

2022-Jan-26 05:32pm EST | Tags :

12. Lady Carved from Wood

Perhaps a religious figure, perhaps a lady of distinction with clasped hands, perhaps ??? 7" tall, with carved face, beads, wimple, and elaborate hair do. Remnants of black and red paint on her eyes and hair. Also included in the lot is a large red velvet apple pincushion of some age (but NOT an early piece) for the price of the wooden figure alone.

Price: $55.00

2021-Oct-16 05:50pm EDT | Tags :

13. Round Spice Tin

Apple green metal spice tin with 5 spice containers; tin is 7 1/4" wide, 3" tall. Containers are 3 " tall. Wear on the lid.

Price: $85.00

2021-Oct-16 03:01pm EDT | Tags :

15. Doll Rocking Chair in Red Paint

Doll rocker made of pine, in red and gold paint. Lovely condition. 6 1/2" wide; 13 1/4" tall.

Price: $89.00

2021-Oct-13 02:26pm EDT | Tags :

16. J. Chein Elephant Bank; Staffordshire Cat

J. Chein (USA) elephant bank, 4 3/4" tall. Lever (marked "PULL") that raises the trunk (marked "COIN") to deposit coin still in working order; missing bottom plug $85.00; Staffordshire pottery cat, 4" tall, $125.00.

Price: See Listing

2021-Oct-11 02:41pm EDT | Tags :

17. William Adams Ironstone Platter

The holidays aren't far off. Lovely English ironstone platter, 17" x 13 1/2." No chips or cracks. "William Adams Tunstall On Stone" on reverse (Note, "ENGLAND" was added to the platters destined for export to America post-1896, so this platter must pre-date that year).

Price: $95.00

2021-Sep-25 03:03pm EDT | Tags :

18. Pine Acorn Finial, Cardboard/Candy Box

Pine staircase acorn finial in brown paint; 7 1/2" tall; $65.00; print-decorated cardboard and shell-work candy box (interior of box has some fading along edge; age (?) but shells have signs of some age---one shell missing; "Gsteitut" in ink on scallop shell. $60.00.

Price: See listing

2021-Sep-17 02:59pm EDT | Tags :

19. French Jaspé Tourist Ware Pitchers

Yellow, green, and orange swirl jaspé cream pitcher, 4" tall. $70.00. Yellow and green jaspé pitcher with twisted rope handle, 6" tall. "Montluçon" (a commune in central France) in script on the body. $70.00.

Price: See Listing

2021-Sep-03 09:21pm EDT | Tags :

20. Lustreware Cup, Two Saucers, and Cream Pitcher

Early twentieth century unmarked cup and saucer. Scene is a stately home, deer in a park, and horses put to a coach. Saucer 5 1/2" in diameter. Also lustreware saucer with rural scene (6 1/4" diameter) and lustreware pitcher (5 1/4" diameter) all in excellent period condition.

Price: $75.00 LOT

2021-Sep-01 01:44pm EDT | Tags :

21. Tea Pot

Dimpled pewter beehive tea pot; some denting. 7" tall. "Pewter/Sheffield, England" on base. Soldering to spout at least 40 years ago.

Price: $85.00

2021-Jul-15 12:52pm EDT | Tags :

22. Lot of Three Early Rag Balls

Three large early rag balls, as found in an abandoned (for many decades) cabin in the Shenandoah Valley, Va. Two are 14" in circumference, one is 17 1/2" in circumference. All are solid (not wrapped around a core). These are the last of the early rag balls x Clarke and Palmer Antiques I purchased 20 years ago. Lot of 3 rag balls.

Price: $55.00 (Lot of 3)

2021-Jun-07 11:22am EDT | Tags :

23. Round Pine Pantry Box

Early pine bent-wood pantry box in natural finish. 8 1/4" dia. by 4 1/4" tall. (Blue measure nfs.)

Price: $85.00

2021-Jun-06 01:17pm EDT | Tags :

24. Memory Jug

Small memory jug, 6 1/2" tall by 4" base diameter. Some losses but still plenty of shells, Teddy Roosevelt campaign button, beads, buttons, Indian head coin, bracelet, etc. (Measures NFS.)

Price: $75.00

2021-Jun-05 11:14pm EDT | Tags :

25. Art Deco Pin Box

Painted pine box with painted art deco motifs in red, black, blue, green. 3" long; 2 1/2" high. Original corduroy pin cushion with red thread "repair/reinforcement." Plenty of wear, and charm, too.

Price: $40.00

2021-Apr-29 07:28pm EDT | Tags :

26. Westclox Big Ben De Luxe Clock

Early twentieth century metal Big Ben Deluxe, 5 1/2" tall, alligatored salmon red paint. Front glass missing and the clock keeps time a bit casually but has the lovely Westclox "tick." Manual winding.

Price: $65.00

2021-Apr-26 04:57pm EDT | Tags :

28. Parchesi Game Box w/Game Pieces

Cardboard Parchesi game box with 4 tossers and 9 pieces. "Royal Game of India/Parchesi/Popular Edition" on lid. 6 1/2" x 3." Damage to the box lid.

Price: $37.00

2021-Mar-20 01:31pm EDT | Tags :

29. Embroidered Foot Stool

Victorian metal footstool with embroidered flower/leaves. A honey, but I've inherited a family piece, so this one is available. 7 1/4" tall x 12 1/2" pillow diameter.

Price: $100.00

2021-Mar-13 02:25pm EST | Tags :

30. Early Rag Doll

Large well-loved early rag doll with remnants of pencil/ink face. 16" tall. Comes dressed in early clothing---white linen full-length under slip; linen shirt; calico skirt; cotton apron, straw brimmed hat; and black, mismatched stockings. She is a bit "floppy," but she can be put in a doll stand and secured upright with a wooden skewer, as shown in the first photo (red bonnet in second photo can be traded for the straw sun hat). Provenance on request.

Price: $245.00 SALE PRICE: $195.00

2021-Jan-21 12:30pm EST | Tags :

34. Pine Grain Scoop in Lipstick Red Paint

Country pine grain scoop in lipstick red paint, with honest wear. 13” long, 4” tall, 7” wide. Butt-end construction. Right out of my barn. Sturdy, primitive, and useful as a scoop in the feed bin, as a nice punch of color indoors, or fill it with greens at the holidays.

Price: $65.00

2020-Mar-22 12:36am EDT | Tags :

35. Pewter Jar

Pewter jar, 4" tall. Hallmarked: "Wm. Rogers Mfg./Quadruple /1753 /Hartford Conn."

Price: $65.00

2020-Mar-21 02:00pm EDT | Tags :

37. Terrier Yard "Dog"

Right out of a backyard---black and white Boston Terrier two-sided yard dog with red collar; 12" long, 8 1/2" wide. As found, but could use a mild soap-and-water cleaning. Two wire wraps on the front leg anchored Doggie to a yard display of some kind, but he could be an indoor guy very easily!

Price: $45.00

2019-Oct-06 06:20pm EDT | Tags :

39. Checked Doll Dress

Brown and cream checked cotton doll dress, 7" long. Hand- and treadle-stitched; pink trim on collar, sleeves, and hem (no fasteners).

Price: $77.00

2019-Sep-01 09:10pm EDT | Tags :

40. Stuffed Toy Spaniel

Stuffed brown-eared spaniel with treadle and hand stitching. Length 8 1/2" from nose to tail; 6" tall. Felt is "well loved" and cotton-filled, without staining or tears. Button eyes, hand-sewn brown felt ears and sweet stitched expression. Stands on its own.

Price: $109.00

2019-Sep-01 08:23pm EDT | Tags :

42. Tin Nicho/Devotional/Mexican

Small tin nicho with gilt-paper, paper flowers, devotional lithograph under glass. 6" x 8"

Price: $85.00

2019-May-27 07:06pm EDT | Tags :

43. Small Pine Nicho w/Figure

Small table-size nicho with a figure of saint inside. 12" tall x 6 1/2" x 3". Weathered wood exterior with red paint, decorated interior (wall paper, metallic paper, stickers, etc.). Surface has been gently wiped down with a soft cloth, otherwise just as is. Such nichos were often homemade, as indoor or roadside devotionals. South/Central American in origin. Figure has been reglued in place at some point.

Price: $100.00

2019-May-27 06:50pm EDT | Tags :

44. Folk-Painted Country Store Coffee Bin

Charming coffee bin with folk art painting of a packet ship, "Baltimore Mail Packet 'United'," probably c.1960s. 8 1/2" x 14" tall. Painted inside and out.

Price: $165.00

2019-Apr-26 11:23pm EDT | Tags :

45. *SALE*19th C. Lithograph of George Washington

21” x 16 1/2” Possibly later frame. “Washington.” “Engraved and published by Shugg Bros 24 Cortlandt St, New York” on lower edge. Small tear at lower edge, another in upper quarter of image. According to Princeton University Library “Graphic Arts” blog: “[The Shugg] family’s printing business was begun in the early 1850s by the New York City chromolithographers at Richard Shugg & Company. ‘...Their cousins were Proctor and James Shugg, of Shugg Brothers Engravers and Lithographers in New York City....’” Found at Brimfield 20 years ago.

Price: 195.00 *SALE* $165.00

2019-Apr-26 11:16pm EDT | Tags :

46. Chalk Ware Spaniel

Handsome chalk ware spaniel in "Bennington/Rockingham glaze" paint. 8 1/2" tall, 6" diameter at base. Very lightweight.

Price: $125.00

2019-Apr-03 07:20pm EDT | Tags :

47. Victorian Syrup Jugs/Pitchers

From my family's New England estate. (Front, left) milk glass maple syrup pitcher with original tin lid, hand-painted flowers, 5" tall, $100.00; blue glass syrup with original pewter lid, 5" tall. Painted flower decoration on front. $100.00. (Rear, left) thumb-print pattern white pitcher with tin lid, 5" tall; $100.00; cranberry-to-clear thumb print pitcher with white decoration, pewter lid--top piece replaced, 5" tall. $100.00.

Price: See Listing

2019-Mar-19 10:26pm EDT | Tags :

48. Staffordshire Sugar Bowl, Black Transfer/White

Mid-nineteenth century black and white covered Staffordshire transferware sugar bowl. Charming classical scenes on both sides. 6 1/2" tall; 7 1/2" wide, from handle to handle. Two small black squares on bottom; no other identifying markings.

Price: $195.00

2019-Mar-19 10:14pm EDT | Tags :

49.Early Plains Tribal Deerskin Gloves

Nineteenth-century Plains Tribe deerskin gloves, beaded on backs in flower motif. Lined in clean blue calico cotton. Fringe l00% intact. No beads missing. 10 1/4" long. Lovely condition, out of a Midwest collection. (Embroidered foot stool listed above.)

Price: $245.00

2019-Mar-19 07:14pm EDT | Tags :

50. Green Bohemian Glass Syrup Pitcher

Early twentieth century. Victorian era. Palme Koenig? Moser?  6 1/4” to top of the lid finial. Perfect condition. Family estate piece.

Price: $95.00

2019-Mar-14 03:52pm EDT | Tags :

52. Tramp Art Chip-Carved Jewelry Box

Flocked red velvet lined; lovely condition. Cigar box base. Exotic paper motifs on each end; metal ring and escutcheon on lid, round nail/tack construction throughout. No missing wooden pieces anywhere. 11' x 6" x 7". Metal lock plate (no key).

Price: $95.00 *SALE* $75.00

2019-Mar-13 07:10pm EDT | Tags :

53. Painted Pine Candlesticks

Wooden candlesticks in gold and green "tropical" paint decoration. Metal palm "fronds" in gold paint, with gold accents on the runks. 6" tall, 3 1/4" diameter at base. Great condition. Bought as old, but age??? (Other items pictured nfs).

Price: $125.00

2019-Mar-13 07:05pm EDT | Tags :

55. Rag Doll; Doll Bed; Doll Quilts

Doll bed in yellow paint. 21" long x 10" wide. Original mattress included. Polychrome paint decoration of a cardinal on back headboard. x Adrian's 1800 Primitives, SALE PRICE: $180.00. African-American rag doll in lovely condition, 10" tall. Embroidered face, white button eyes, black yarn hair, wearing what looks to be her original cherry red sprigged cotton dress and original pantaloons, with a vintage cotton apron (note discoloration). She stands but does not bend at the waist. c. 1930-1950. x Adrian's 1800 Antiques. $110.00. Velvet pin cushion pillow, $55.00. (Other items for display only; nfs.)

Price: See Listing

2019-Feb-21 03:00pm EST | Tags :

56.Oil Painting Landscape *SALE*

Landscape, oil on canvas, 14" x 21". Wispy clouds, stream, trees in foliage. Lots of visible brush strokes. Tiny, 1/4" tear in upper left; almost unnoticeable.

Price: *SALE*: $75.00

2019-Feb-13 05:02pm EST | Tags :

58. Doll Trunk

Pine dome-top doll trunk, 12" long, 7" tall, 7" wide, decorated with black and brown figured wallpaper and inner tray. Interior is covered in early wallpaper, other photos available. $75.00.

Price: See Listing

2019-Jan-05 07:19pm EST | Tags :

59. Assorted Vintage Brass Curios

1. Chinese brass jar, part of an antique brass smoking set. Lid lost its red carnelian bead finial in the recent past, could be replaced. Marked “China” on the base. Horsemen (warriors/traders?) in enamel on all four sides. 3 1/2” tall. $35.00 2. Brass alligator nutcracker, marked CHINA; jaw hinge replaced with a modern metal clip at least 60 years ago. 8” long. $45.00. 3. Brass lobster paperweight, unmarked, heavy, with wonderful patina, 6” long, SOLD. 4. Brass tobacco box with anchor embossed on the lid, unmarked. 4 1/2” long. $70.00. Other photos available.

Price: SALE: $25.00 EACH --- LOBSTER SOLD

2018-Oct-03 09:33pm EDT | Tags :

60.Banks and Miniature Document Box---Lot

Instant collection/dealer's lot. (Top, left to right) Small dome-topped tin painted box with stenciled red and gold decoration, 4 1/4" x 3 1/2" without wire handle ring. In original Windsor green, with a yellow leaf stencil design on lid, red “pin-striping” on lid and three sides. Original hinges, clasp bent, some rust inside but otherwise very good condition. From an active southern Pa. dealer; unglazed terracotta clay apple bank, 1 3/4" diameter at base; English unmarked glazed mustard-and-red pottery bank, 2" diameter at base; glazed red and white unmarked pottery bank w/small chip at slot, 2 1/2" diameter at base, with "B--tter" in pencil on unglazed bottom.

Price: $210.00 Lot of 4

2018-Jul-15 11:58pm EDT | Tags :

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