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We have been buying, selling and collecting Americana, folk art, furniture and early weaponry for 34 years. Our first venture was named Blue Rooster Antiques which was located on our farm in a restored German style barn in mid-Missouri. At one time we were dealers in the Antiques Associates at West Townsend in West Townsend, Massachusetts. Now we are excited to display our wares on our Dig Antiques web site. This is part of our new business model where we have worked to cut our overhead and selling costs, which better allows us to sell great antiques at a lower price point. We have noted that re-pricing on some of our listings as an example. RETURN POLICY: We firmly stand behind our representation of every item we sell to be authentic and accurate, for your protection. This includes a 2 day return policy. Simply notify us of your dissatisfaction, pay the return packing/shipping costs, and upon receipt and confirmation that it is in the condition we sold it, we will promptly refund your money. Further, in the unlikely event you provide proper evidence that the item was not as we said it was (misrepresented) then we will protect you, our customer, from harm, by paying all return costs. Again, upon receipt and confirming the item being in the condition as when we shipped it, we will immediately refund your money. We don't know of a more solid warranty than that. We love happy customers and return buyers!! We accept checks, USPS money orders or cash, of course. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT ANY FORM OF ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS. RECEIPTS: We provide a detailed receipt, with a description of all items purchased, on our letterhead. SHIPPING: We either pack the item or we take it to FedEx or another local shipper for pack and ship. We are not responsible for loss or damage to your item once it is in the shipper's hands. Any damage or loss is between you and the shipper. We ship using our FedEx account which gives great rates and delivery times or USPS whichever is cheaper. We provide shipping estimates for our antiques using the FedEx system which requires full customer name, address, and phone number and by estimating the weight and size the carton will be after actual packing. This has proven to be very accurate method of determining costs. ALTERNATE EMAIL ADDRESS:

Family Tree

Another wonderful piece from our collection is this family tree that begins with John Innes 1550 and ends with Fritz Fredrick Wahlstrom in 1857. The language may be German or Scandinavian but we are unable to read either nor are we certain of the origin. The tree is watercolor, the very few examples we have seen discussed are said to be school girl created. The tree has circular "fruit" containing the secession of births, deaths and marriages. Each circle has the edge decorated with dots, triangles, etc. and many have little symbols, the meaning is unknown to us. The art work is excellent. Its background appears to be painted gold to resemble foil. The work is done on paper. We have not inspected it out of the frame, which is old and measures 18" x 20". Condition is very good, minimum fading and there are 2 slight tears and a repair in the upper left, all of which are very minor but mentioned for clarity. This is only the second family tree we have seen available for purchase. We feel this is folk art at its best and highly value it its importance to any good collection. We have priced it well under the auction estimates we have received from East coast houses. More pics available

Price: $1750 plus packing and shipping

2023-Jan-16 03:01pm EST | Tags : Folk Art Paintings

Early Wood and Iron Chandelier

We have had this fabulous chandelier in our collection for a very long time, we love it and it is hard to part with it but there is no place for it in the house. Circa 1800. Heavy turned wooden hub with six iron arms ending with crimped candle cups of tin. The arms are attached with rosehead nails and they have a curl at the termination. The hub is painted red and has a wonderful forged iron hanging hook having a curl at the end. Condition is great, the hub having age checks which only add to the appearance. It measures 29 inches in diameter by 22 1/2 inches tall. The hub is 15 inches tall and 7 inches in diameter. It is heavy, approximately 12 pounds. No chain. More pictures are available.

Price: Sold

2023-Jan-15 05:48pm EST | Tags : Lighting

W. I. Trammel Loom Light

This is a wonderful, honest, and untouched trammel loom light, fresh to market from a good collection. The surface is untouched, rusty as expected and has been stored for some time. Has a nice hanging hook and swivel. Extends from 29" to 40". We will be listing several early lighting pieces soon, from our collection.

Price: Sold

2023-Jan-09 12:08pm EST | Tags : Lighting

Three Painted Pantry Boxes

We have a 6" round dark red 2 finger lapped box, excellent condition. $195.00. A 7" round dark red thin wall in great condition. $150.00 and an 8" round green one with handle. Condition is good but with some small breakage in the lid rim which looks like it is from drying of the wood over time, not abuse. Shows well. $195.00.

Price: See description + shipping

2023-Jan-09 11:39am EST | Tags : Early Kitchen items

Wrought iron Broiler

This wrought iron broiler has a heart handle, channeled ribs to drain grease from the cooking meat down to diamond shaped holes and into a trough for further use. It is made with the rear legs shorter than the front for drainage. Penny feet. And it has a nice decorative handle.19th c.

Price: $275.00

2023-Jan-03 04:13pm EST | Tags : Hearth Equpiment

Winding Jack with Bird Roaster

We have not seen a winding jack made of tin. We have two made of the typical brass so this one is unusual to us. It has a cast iron bird roaster that has 4 hooks for bird, fruit or small pieces of meat. No key.

Price: $145.00

2023-Jan-03 04:02pm EST | Tags : Hearth Equipment

Apple Tray

Made of pine, this apple tray has canted sides, four decorative cutouts for handles. The bottom is two pieces of pine, tongue and grooved, showing shrinkage from age. I believe it is 19th c. and, while there are no nails visible, the holes appears to be square. It measures 24" long, 16" wide and 3" tall.

Price: $175.00

2023-Jan-03 03:50pm EST | Tags : Treen

Trade Sign- Optometrist

Now we are offering one of the best trade signs we have had, a double sided sidewalk wooden sign for Optometrist F.O. Murphy and all of the services available from him. These wonderful signs are so hard to find . Ours is in great condition, as found, untouched, a beautiful form and the detail is excellent. Black lettering on a white background with the glasses being gold and the "feather" accents in green. It has shoe feet and a metal handle at the top for handling. It is in great condition with some very slight white paint loss on one side. The sign measures 34 1/2" tall by 17" wide and 1" thick. The feet are 11" long and it weighs about 15 pounds. With these numbers an exact shipping cost to you from our address above can be determined by calling your local Fed Ex or UPS store. This is a terrific piece of folk art, fresh to the market.

Price: Sold

2022-Dec-11 03:30pm EST | Tags : Trade Signs

"Ethan Allen" Horse Weather Vane

Attributed to J. W. Fiske Co., this copper, swell bodied weather vane is modeled after a horse named Ethan Allen. That was a popular business tactic by late 19th c. weather vane makers to do, naming their horse versions after famous race horses. Ours is in good condition, allowing for its many years out in the weather and the propensity of young people to use them as target practice. It has two tiny solder openings on the top of the legs and four indentations caused by pellets, no penetrations, all minor issues. The surface is good having old, nearly all worn off faded light green paint over yellow, which is probably the sizing that was applied prior to gilding at the factory. Not sure, it may be yellow paint. Measures 26" long by 18" tall by 4" wide at the base, which is a professionally made tiger maple. From our personal collection.

Price: Sold

2022-Dec-07 03:42pm EST | Tags : Weather vanes and whirligigs

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