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We have been buying, selling and collecting Americana, folk art, furniture and early weaponry for 34 years. Our first venture was named Blue Rooster Antiques which was located on our farm in a restored German style barn in mid-Missouri. At one time we were dealers in the Antiques Associates at West Townsend in West Townsend, Massachusetts. Now we are excited to display our wares on our Dig Antiques web site. This is part of our new business model where we have worked to cut our overhead and selling costs, which better allows us to sell great antiques at a lower price point. We have noted that re-pricing on some of our listings as an example. RETURN POLICY: We firmly stand behind our representation of every item we sell to be authentic and accurate, for your protection. This includes a 2 day return policy. Simply notify us of your dissatisfaction, pay the return packing/shipping costs, and upon receipt and confirmation that it is in the condition we sold it, we will promptly refund your money. Further, in the unlikely event you provide proper evidence that the item was not as we said it was (misrepresented) then we will protect you, our customer, from harm, by paying all return costs. Again, upon receipt and confirming the item being in the condition as when we shipped it, we will immediately refund your money. We don't know of a more solid warranty than that. We love happy customers and return buyers!! We accept checks and Paypal. RECEIPTS: We provide a detailed receipt, with a description of all items purchased, on our letterhead. SHIPPING: We do not charge for packing materials or labor, providing those as a service to our customers. We ship using our FedEx account which gives great rates and delivery times. We provide shipping estimates for our antiques using the FedEx required full customer name, address, and phone number and by estimating the weight and size the carton will be after actual packing. This has proven to be very accurate method of determining costs. PLEASE NOTE! WE CONTINUALLY MONITOR THIS WEB SITE AND WE ANSWER INQUIRIES VERY QUICKLY. LATELY SOME INQUIRIES HAVE BEEN GOING INTO SPAM. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE TO YOUR INQUIRY IN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME PLEASE INQUIRE AGAIN OR CALL.

Pedestal Foot Wooden Jar

Such an unusual shape is our tall wooden jar, made with a bulbous form on a pedestal foot and a conical lid with knob. Both sections are single pieces turned very nicely into a very pretty shape. Made of a heavy unknown wood, it measures 9 1/2" tall by 4 1/2" round. Inv. 3487

Price: $89.00

2018-Oct-21 02:52pm EDT | Tags : Treen Primitives

Large Bulbous Wooden Jar

Here we have a nicely turned wooden jar with a foot and bulbous shape, a little larger at 8 1/2" tall and 7" diameter. The wood is unknown and the lid is of a different species, however, we believe they were made for each other. In very good dry surface. Inv. 3489

Price: $100.00

2018-Oct-21 02:27pm EDT | Tags : Treen Primitives Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Walnut Shelf

Our walnut shelf possibly was made for a clock to set on but it can be used for any display. It has a nice scalloped shelf with 3 beautifully cut scalloped brackets holding that shelf, ending in a lollipop. It would actually look pretty neat hung upside down! The back shows circular saw marks and square cut nails. It has a dry surface, never finished and an age crack, minor. Modern hangers were added later. Measures 14" wide by 8" deep by 13 1/2" tall. Inv. 3495

Price: $85.00

2018-Oct-18 03:12pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Treen

Blue/Black Toy Tin Cook Stove

This toy cook stove has black "tiles" on the front and sides with a blue cook top and back and a red base and legs. It has two brass oven doors and a built in smoke stack. Especially fun is the assembled set of pots, pans and various other cooking implements, 9 in all, including some copper ones that hang from the the top of the back. This neat toy is in very nice condition and has had good care. It measures 8" wide by 9" tall by 5" deep. So cute! Inv. 3513

Price: Sold

2018-Oct-16 01:49pm EDT | Tags :

Toy Tin Stove With Utensils

This is the first of two terrific tin toy stoves we just acquired. This one has orange "tiles" decorating it, "it" representing a wood stove, having two brass oven doors, a smoke stack and standing on legs with claw feet. Especially important is the complete and matching set of cooking pieces including some eating utensils. Each pot and pan set into a well in the cook top. This has been well cared for and, while showing wear, is in very good condition. On the bottom is impressed Patented Dec 15 1908. Measures 8" w. by 5" d. by 4" tall. Inv. 3514

Price: Sold

2018-Oct-16 01:27pm EDT | Tags :

Oval Double Sided Wafer Mold

Beautiful, very detailed carving makes for a unique wooden wafer mold, this one having carving on both sides with different symbolism. We think the symbols represent a wedding union because they are very much like the carvings on our wedding present sugar nippers we have listed. Possibly Pennsylvania and 18th century. It is in great condition but shows that it has been well used. Oval shape at 2 1/2" w. by 3 1/2" by 1" thick. It has a nice hanging ring for display. Unique. Inv. 3511.

Price: Sold

2018-Oct-16 12:17pm EDT | Tags : Treen Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Wooden 2 Part Mold of a Sheep

We aren't certain of the particular use of this mold, candy, small cakes, etc. but we are certain of the charming character of almost anything "sheep". The full body mold is expertly carved in great detail and the mold is aligned by two wooden pegs. It has a name scratched into one side but we can't make it out. It measures 6" wide by 4 1/2" tall by 1" thick, each half. They have nice hanging rings for display. Wooden molds of animals are always desirable with sheep being a favorite of collectors. Inv. 3512

Price: Sold

2018-Oct-16 12:06pm EDT | Tags : Treen Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Lignum Vitae Mortar with Pestle

Lignum Vitae is commonly considered the hardest and most dense wood and its name in Latin can be translated as Tree of Life. So it is a difficult wood to work with and antique items made of it are very desirable. Here we have a terrific mortar in great condition and color, showing wonderful turnings. It measures 5 1/2" tall by 5" round. It is paired with a walnut pestle, again displaying the same beautiful turnings. The pestle does have an old repair which appears to be a filled chip. They are a very nice pair. Inv. 3507

Price: $129.00

2018-Oct-15 09:51am EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Treen Primitives

Matched Set of 5 Red Painted Windsors

We recently purchased these 5 matched Rodback Windsor side chairs from a family that used them daily, that's how solid they are. What a find! Circa 1820-40. Old red paint with wonderful natural worn surfaces we love, over original Windsor green paint. Plank pine seats with maple backs and legs. The feet are untouched and full height, having, at some point had modern metal slides put on them, probably why they are in such good condition. The slides allow easy movement on a floor thus reducing undue stress on the legs and joints. These chairs have been together for about 200 years and we surely will not separate them because we all know how hard it is to find a set, let alone in such great condition and never having been "skinned" out of their early finish. The paint and wear are simply incredible and pictures don't do them justice. More available. These can be shipped FedEx in 3 separate boxes. Delivery within a 175 mile perimeter of Kansas City may be possible. Inv. 3497

Price: Sold

2018-Oct-11 03:47pm EDT | Tags : Furniture Primitives Americana

Small Lollipop Food Slicer

This food slicer is a perfect size for a counter top display and in excellent condition. Made of oak, it measures 15" long by 4 1/2" wide by 1 1/4" thick. An interesting detail is the rounded cutting area on the back. Inv. 3483

Price: $68.00

2018-Oct-10 08:45am EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Treen Primitives

Pair of Eagle Candlesticks

Beautiful brass with a wonderful form, and from our collection, are these spread wing eagles candlesticks. 8 1/2" tall and the base measures 4". Excellent condition, unmarked. Very high quality. Circa 1850-1900. Acquired in New Hampshire. Inv. 1317

Price: Sold

2018-Oct-06 08:21am EDT | Tags : Americana

Whale Oil Lamp With Name "J. MARTIN"

This is the neatest little tin lamp, typically called a petticoat lamp, but with important features not normally found on these lighting pieces. It has an applied brass tag with the name J. MARTIN, probably the owner. It also has a triple burner and a filler port. These are usually filled with oil by unscrewing the burner. And it has a handle. But really interesting is when you turn it over and find a candle socket inside the skirt, apparently in case of running out of fuel. It is short and squatty and we left it as found with dust and dirt and its wonderful 200 year old naturally acquired patina. It has a very old dent in the font. 4 3/3" t. x 3 1/2" round. We love this little lamp. Inv. 3501

Price: $250.00

2018-Oct-05 04:21pm EDT | Tags : Lighting

Petite Goffering Iron

In the mid 1800's goffering irons were also called tally irons and were used by heating the slug on the end of a poker like rod to red hot and inserting it into the iron cylinder, heating it to a controllable temperature. Then ruffles, collars, ribbons, etc. were drawn across the cylinder ironing out wrinkles. Ours is of a petite size we have not seen, standing only 5 1/2" tall and the cylinder is 3 1/2" long by 5/8" in diameter. The poker is 9" long. It has a decorative base so was used in an upscale home. Possibly custom made for a specific task. All iron with a turned wooden handle. Circa 1840-60. Excellent piece. Inv. 3503

Price: $250.00

2018-Oct-05 03:40pm EDT | Tags : Americana

Two Unusual Food Choppers

We love hand forged utility items and were pleased to find 2 unique form food choppers. One is larger than typical at 10 1/2" long including the handle, the blade being 8" long, and 6" tall, the blade being 4 1/2". Inv. 3500 The second chopper is made like a knife and, in fact, could be used as one so it is a dual purpose tool. The blade has a nice design, the wooden handle is nicely lathe turned and secured with a brass ferrule. Measures 12 1/2" long, the blade at 7", and 4 1/2" tall. Inv. 3499 Both of them are very well forged and of desirable forms for collectors seeking the unique.

Price: $74.00 each, both for $125.00

2018-Oct-05 12:37pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Round Bread/Cutting Board

Hand made in figured maple wood we offer this round board with a handle. It may be for cutting or used as a bread board and we love the old repair. It has 3 old staples securing what is probably an age crack. Note the oxidation in the wood from the metal, typical of the iron used in the 19th c. Measures 11 5/8" by 11 7/8" round and the handle is 5" long by 1 1/2" wide. The board is 1/2" thick. Inv. 3502

Price: $95.00

2018-Oct-05 12:24pm EDT | Tags : Treen Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Carved Ladle With Hook Handle

Very possibly Native American is this super maple or birch wood ladle in an unusual shape with its square bowl and 10" long, hooked handle. The bowl measures 3 1/4" w. by 4 1/2" l. The pictures don't do justice to the nice patina and character of this great ladle. Inv. 3506

Price: $89.00

2018-Oct-05 12:00pm EDT | Tags : Treen Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Early Cutlery Tray

This 19th c. pine cutlery tray has all the features we want including the heart shaped handle, dovetailed canted corners, square cut nails and a red finish, turning brown with age. It has been well used but cared for and is in good condition. We will note the age crack in the bottom that doesn't seem to be an issue. 13" long by 9 1/2" wide by 4 1/2" tall. A great little primitive. Inv.3504

Price: $129.00

2018-Oct-05 11:54am EDT | Tags : Primitives Treen Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

"Goose" Cookie Cutter

Measuring a nice size at 6" tall by 4 1/2" wide, this is a very well done cutter both in its goose character and its condition. Note the little round tube to make its eye. Has a handle on the back. Inv. 3505

Price: Sold

2018-Oct-05 10:04am EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Beaver Top Hat With Leather Case

We just got this TRUE beaver top or stove pipe hat, complete with its custom leather case. We emphasize "true" because many silk and especially "plush" silk (processed so the silk has a fuzzy look) top hats are often called beaver. Real beaver hats are scarce because beavers were hunted almost to extinction until the government passed legislation in the mid 1800's prohibiting hunting them. Of course, hats were still made from beaver pelts for awhile after due to existing inventory. Ours is in good condition, missing the bow on the band, allowing for regular use and the case is a bonus. It still has some shipping labels and the inside is silk lined to fit the hat. It, too, is in good shape. It has had a protective finish applied to it at some point and has some leather loss. Americana collectors will love these two. Inv. 3494 More pictures available.

Price: $395.00

2018-Sep-28 03:06pm EDT | Tags : Americana

Blue Wood Stool

This stool must have been made by a cabinet maker judging by the mortised and tenon construction. Both the legs and the stretcher, which is an unusual feature, are done in this manner. Originally painted blue all over, someone at a later time painted the legs mustard color, much of which has flaked off, revealing the original blue. Perhaps the mustard could be scraped off, if desired. Solid condition overall, does have a small repair to the corner of one leg. 19th c. 17" l. by 8" w. by 12" t. Inv. 3477

Price: $98.00

2018-Sep-24 11:29am EDT | Tags : Primitives

Iron Fluter/Curler

This is a multi use piece, an 18th c. blacksmith forged iron with a scissor handle actuating a 3 groove clamp. Some call it a fluter, used for pleating clothing items like cuffs and collars by heating the iron and using it as a press. We have seen these, and have used this one in our wig making display, as wig curlers by also heating the iron. The choice is that of the collector and either would be correct. 11 inches long. Inv. 3374.

Price: Sold

2018-Sep-20 01:16pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Tools

Two Iron Items

This listing is for two early wrought iron itemss, one a boot scraper and the other is a sod cutter. It likely would have had a wooden handle, now absent. Both in nice early 19th century condition and surface though the boot scraper has a small piece missing from one foot. Inv. 3470 and Inv. 3472

Price: $65.00 for both

2018-Sep-20 12:10pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Tools

Iron Candle Holder with Hook

This iron candle holder has a hook so it can be hung to provide task lighting. We have it on the back of a ladderback chair. It can also be used for pathway illumination such as a chamberstick. It is forged, the pan being hammered, the hook being riveted and the socket is cleated and peened over. High craftsmanship. On the back of the hook the letter 'K' and the numbers '620' have been individually hand stamped, so it can be attributed it to Paul Knight of Portsmouth NH circa 1800. Many thanks to Sally Starr for that information. Great patina and condition. Unique early lighting piece. Inv. 3086

Price: $275.00

2018-Sep-19 02:22pm EDT | Tags : Lighting Primitives

Carved Bald Eagle

The hand carving on this wonderful bald eagle is excellent, his position being of taking flight with naturally graceful outstretched wings, which are so delicately carved. Note how thin the wood is at the tips, obviously done by a skilled carver. The wood appears to be basswood but his legs and talons are steel, welded together and with extensions which fit into holes for mounting. He sets on a beautiful piece of driftwood. Three tips have been very nicely replaced, noted for accuracy, but this eagle is a great example of folk art. It is hard to date these pieces but early 1900's is a good estimate. Measures 10 inches front to back, 10 1/2 inches wide and 11 1/2 inches tall, all measurements include the base. So it is a nice size for easy display. Inv. 3454

Price: Sold

2018-Sep-17 04:00pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Decoys

Tin Push Up Candlestick

Another new item is this tin push up candlestick, very stylish with the fluting around the base. 4 3/4" tall and base is 4 inches across. Great surface patina. Inv. 3475

Price: Sold

2018-Sep-15 08:50am EDT | Tags : Lighting Primitives

Excellent Hogscraper Candlestick- Signed

Our new find is this excellent all original, adjustable, hogscraper candlestick, tin, measuring 7 inches tall by 4 inches across the base. The lift is signed "SHAW BIRM" .and it has the chair hook. Really nice piece of early lighting. Inv. 3474

Price: Sold

2018-Sep-14 08:39am EDT | Tags : Lighting Primitives

Handmade Wooden Comb

Here is a nice hand carved wooden comb, made for comfortable use and has a nice scalloped edge. Early 19th c. 4" x 2 5/8". Inv. 1940

Price: $95.00

2018-Sep-12 02:21pm EDT | Tags : Treen Primitives Americana

19th c. Tiger Maple Document Box

We love tiger maple anything and have had this super box for several years. The tiger stripes are vibrant and the color superb. The box is pine with thick 1/4" veneer on 4 sides and the top, which is "picture framed", has a lock and original hinges and made with the expected square cut nails. Appears to have the original finish and in excellent condition with the exception of a minor 3" veneer crack at one corner of the top. Early document boxes don't get any better than this. 16" wide by 9" deep by 6" tall. Inv. 1141

Price: Sold

2018-Sep-10 10:05am EDT | Tags : Americana

18th c. Iron Scissors With Wooden Holster

Wonderful iron forging gives these neat scissors great character with the curled grip and the peened over axle but then adding in the wooden holster for safe and handy storage is a big plus. The scissors are 18th c. and the 'V' shaped holster is a 19th c. piece but likely made for each other. The box has a hanging hole and a scoop cutout in front to make grasping the scissors easier. Together they measure 10 inches long, the scissors are 9 inches long. The holster is 4 1/4" wide by 1 1/2" deep. They make a unique and interesting combination. Inv. 3063

Price: Sold

2018-Sep-08 11:22am EDT | Tags : Primitives Americana

Rare Wig Maker's Hetchel

Much as weavers used hetchels to straighten fibers to spin into yarn, wig makers needed a hetchel to straighten human, horse, goat hair prior to weaving a wig on a loom, one of which can be seen in another of our listings on this site. The difference is in the size of the hetchel, this one being only 6 1/2" long by 2 1/2" wide by 1/2". Ours is totally encompassed in tin. These are rare to find but essential in displaying the art of wig making and the tools used in the process. Inv. 3468

Price: Sold

2018-Sep-07 03:01pm EDT | Tags : Americana Primitives

Four Early Ladies Accessories

Selling as a set, we are offering these four accessories that many 19th century ladies would have. (1) a scrimshawed horn shoehorn, 9" long by 1 1/2", having the natural curvature of the bone. Inv. 3168 (2) a small hand carved wooden comb to be carried in her purse, with nice carvings on both sides. 3 1/2" by 2 1/2" Inv. 3169 (3) an abalone shell chatelaine with ornate brass mountings, chain and ring, for perfume. Cork on stopper is broken but easily replaced if desired, otherwise very good condition. Bottle is 2", overall length is about 3". Inv. 3473 (4) rare smelling salts snifter made from a tiny horn, having a hand carved screw cap and brass chain. These were necessary when ladies were dressed in tight corsets and were involved in physical activities such as dancing, resulting in very short breath and possibly fainting. The bottle was always at the ready as she kept the chain around her fingers and with a quick motion could inhale the smelling salt fumes. 3" by 3/4". Inv. 3220

Price: $325.00 all four items

2018-Sep-07 02:30pm EDT | Tags : Americana

Painted Doorway Lantern

This is the first lantern we have owned that we feel was made specifically to hang on a bracket beside an entry door. It could also have been suspended in an entryway but the weathered surface along with the unpleasant smoke and odor of kerosene points to an exterior use. This was a true barn find, totally covered with dust and dirt inside and out and inside were wasps, spiders and webs. Exciting! It has old and probably original blue paint, 12 panes of intact glass and a fixed hanging ring. The font is the base and the burner still has a cotton wick. Another clue to outdoor use are the drain holes on the bottom. Very good original (cleaned) condition. The paint has faded and it has some rusty areas from exposure but that is its history! Circa 1850-1880. Very desirable lamp. Measures 17 inches tall and 10 inches wide and deep. Inv. 3471

Price: $265.00

2018-Aug-30 01:14pm EDT | Tags : Lighting Primitives Paint

4 Tier Corner Shelf

Personality plus describes this terrific little corner shelf made of pine. The 3 scallops around the end of each shelf and the scalloped edge at the bottom are unique and decorative features. The surface has an old dry finish. Lots of neat collectibles can be displayed on this piece. Measures 28" tall x 12 1/2" wide and requires an 8 1/2" corner. Inv. 3467

Price: $135.00

2018-Aug-28 01:15pm EDT | Tags : Furniture Americana

4 Lens Glasses- Signed

These scarce to find glasses/sun glasses are in great condition and signed "GB" with a logo inside of an oval. They are brass with fixed clear lenses and folding green sun glare lenses. The stems have sliding extensions for adjustment as needed and are slightly loose on their pins from use. Very unusual and interesting item. Inv. 1483

Price: $95.00

2018-Aug-27 11:50am EDT | Tags : Americana Primitives

Early Round Sunglasses

We love the big round shape if these 19th c. gray sunglasses. And the wire stems with remnants of a wool sleeve on them to either prevent their sliding down or irritating one's ears. Unusual pair of glasses.

Price: $55.00

2018-Aug-26 04:50pm EDT | Tags : Americana Primitives

Wood and Ivory Flute

As a musician, I love musical instruments and we have had this sweet wooden flute for awhile. It is maple, has 4 sections having ivory connection ferrules and ends, and measures 20 inches long. It is in very good condition but has a scarcely noticed "belly" from age and is missing the plug from one end. Also included is a piece of early music for flute entitled "Fond Celadon" with a wonderful hand colored scene of a couple romancing out behind the barn, also 19th c. They display beautifully together. Inv. 3064

Price: Sold

2018-Aug-26 02:57pm EDT | Tags : Americana Treen

Rare Wig Loom

Here we have a circa 1800 wig loom in terrific condition and with beautiful turnings and craftsmanship. These were used to weave wigs from human, horse and goat hair by wig makers in early America. There is a wig shop in Colonial Williamsburg and they have nice pictures of wig making on their web site. We have an early pamphlet about wig making and it will be included. Our loom is maple and clamps onto a table. The pictures are of a vignette we have created around this loom and includes several tools used in the process, none of which are included in this listing. Each pole is 18" tall overall but stands 11 1/2" above the table top. the clamp is 6" deep. Space between the poles is optional to the user. This is such a unique display piece which draws many comments. Inv. 3050

Price: Sold

2018-Aug-22 01:31pm EDT | Tags : Americana

Decorative Sugar Nippers- 1846

From our collection is this rare form of sugar nippers, with its jaws uniquely shaped as a heart, and having penny feet mounted to a maple base. The base is carved with the date 1846, the numbers 8 and 4 separated by a heart. On the opposite side the initials A. I. and S.N., again are separated, this time with a symbol in between which indicates a coming together, a union, a wedding. So these nippers were a special present to the newly weds. All of this is surrounded by a decorative saw tooth border. A gift with such significance was most likely used in the main living quarters, maybe on the top of an important sugar chest, to be admired daily by the happy couple. The nicely turned wood handle has small age cracks and a few bore holes. This incredible piece of early folk art will enhance any collection. 13" long overall with the base being 10"l. x 5" w. x 1" thick. Inv. 2074.

Price: $495.00

2018-Aug-21 01:44pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art

18th c. Clenched Fist Door Knocker

We are offering this wonderful cast iron door knocker, 18th c., depicting a clenched fist holding a wreath and lion's head knocker. Its square shank has hand cut threads and it has its original paint. We mounted it on a base for display in our personal collection. This unique door knocker lends itself to far more than its original purpose, just taking a creative mind to come up with great ideas. Maybe a hand towel holder?? Measures 6" high x 5" wide x 2 3/4" deep. Display mount is 11" tall by 6" wide and 5" deep. Inv. 1297

Price: Sold

2018-Aug-16 09:44am EDT | Tags : Primitives Folk Art Americana

Early Framed Mirror

Dating from the early to mid 19th century is this wonderful brown painted mirror with very wavy glass and having a number of bubbles, too. The frame is walnut veneer over pine and you can see that a piece approximately 1/2" square of veneer is missing but so long ago that the patina almost obliterates it. It still has its original wooden back. Measures 12 1/2" wide by 14 1/2" tall and 1 1/4" thick. Great mirror. Inv. 3020

Price: $150.00

2018-Aug-11 04:48pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Paint Americana

Painted 19th c. Sewing Stand

This charming 19th c. sewing stand is in attic dry bittersweet and black paint, has two revolving shelves, one for pins, needles, etc. and one for spools of thread. Each shelf is a 4 point "star" shape, the finial on top of an octagonal shaft is a unique fun detail, and all supported by a serpentine crossed base, giving this piece a wonderful appeal. 31"t. x 14" at the widest point. More pictures available. Inv. 1406

Price: Sold

2018-Aug-11 10:43am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Painted and Signed Mortar and Pestle

This red painted mortar has initials carved into the bottom "N M" and "I D". The mortar is 6" tall by 5" in diameter and has no cracks or chips, just good honest wear where you would expect it. Great piece from our personal collection. Inv. 2051.

Price: $325.00

2018-Aug-09 11:36am EDT | Tags : Treen Early Kitchen/Hearth Items SALE!!

Cast Iron Herb Grinder

Known as herb grinders, they are also referred to as spice grinders. Wallace Nutting in Furniture Treasury called it "a remarkable cast chopping bowl" and George Neumann in Antique Country Furnishings call them "food choppers". All names apply to these scarce and highly sought after kitchen tools and ours is an excellent example. The trough is open on one end for pouring. It measures 15 1/2" long by 4" wide and 4" tall, with the grinding wheel being 7" in diameter. There is an ancient paper remnant on one side with handwriting on it, which is indiscernible. Inv. 3072.

Price: $395.00

2018-Aug-06 11:54am EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives Americana

Game Wheel

We have had this terrific game wheel in our collection for a long time. It is in beautiful condition, made by Evans & Co., Chicago, the premier maker of these types of gaming products. Hand painted black numbers set in a mustard and red design on wood. The hub is steel with a 6 pointed star spoke center. Ours even has the pointer which has a well worn feather at each end that rubbed against the steel pegs as it spun. These wheels are considered great folk art now. Measures 20 1/2" across and 2 1/2" deep. Inv. 1448

Price: Sold

2018-Aug-03 01:56pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Americana

Brown Painted Dough Bowl

Just in is this wonderful brown painted dough bowl in excellent condition. No cracks or chips. It has the age shrinkage we look for in early bowls measuring 14" by 14 5/8" across and 4 1/2" tall. Has most of the original dark brown paint remaining and features a rim, incised lines from the rim to the raised foot, which shows beautiful wear. The inside of the bowl has incised lines at the top and the surface has all the evidence of loving use from the wear on the bottom to the stains. This is a great bowl. Inv. 3463

Price: $185.00 was $225.00

2018-Aug-03 01:16pm EDT | Tags : Treen Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Paint

Birds Eye Maple Cutlery Tray

The birds eye grain in the maple of this tray is so beautiful and colorful it makes this tray something special. The arched handle with its serpentine curves and "fan" notch, the canted sides, the ends being arched to match the handle, and the perfectly executed dovetails add an elegant look to a utilitarian piece. Obviously this was made for an upscale household. In an unexpected twist the maker, certainly a fine woodworker, used walnut for the bottom of the tray, and secured the ends to the bottom with screws, all of which are intact. Part of the beauty of this tray is the wear, evidenced inside the box, which is untouched, no messing with its history. In great condition, it does have a hairline crack at each end of the handle but they are tight and pose no threat. This is a wonderful tray. We found it in Maine several years ago. Circa 1840-60. Measures 15" long x 9 1/2" wide by 5 1/2" tall to top of handle. Inv. 3461

Price: $375.00 reduced from $425.00

2018-Aug-01 01:03pm EDT | Tags : Americana Treen Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Staved Wooden Piggin

This is a really nice pine piggin, having iron bands, in very nice condition. It measures 9 1/2" round by 7 1/2" tall (14" tall to top of handle). Inv. 1542

Price: $169.00

2018-Jul-31 04:57pm EDT | Tags : Treen Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Bull Frog Decoy

We have this terrific hand carved wood bull frog decoy with exceptional paint and glass eyes. He is in the leaping position and stretches out to 9 1/2" and is 3 1/2" wide and 1 3/4" thick. Of course has a lead weight. Great and scarce example of folk art. Inv. 3448

Price: $220.00

2018-Jul-26 04:03pm EDT | Tags : Decoys Folk Art

Hearth Kettle Stand

Our hearth kettle stand features a polished steel plate and shaped, curved leg under the handle that terminates into a half dollar size foot. This sets on a wrought iron base having penny feet on two legs all tied together with a 'T' stretcher, the front stretcher being curved. Simple but effective design. The top plate has a cyma shape cutout and the handle has a nice urn shape topped by a lollipop hanging hole. Probably American 19th c. Measures 10" wide by 13" deep by 11 1/2" tall. Inv. 3439

Price: $115.00

2018-Jul-25 03:34pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Tall Tin Fluid Lamp

We have this very unusual tin fluid lamp with an 8 inch font, painted green, a round base, oval handle and a socket on the base. The socket may have been for matches and possibly used for a spare candle in case of running out of fuel. Only the font was painted. If you collect early lighting this is a good addition, maybe one of a kind. Stands 9 1/2" tall by 5" in diameter. Inv. 3458

Price: $195.00

2018-Jul-23 11:31am EDT | Tags : Lighting Primitives

Saffron Box

These are so hard to find and the form is beautiful on this round saffron box on pedestal. At one time it had a wonderful coat of black paint with hand painted flowers for decoration. Unfortunately, over time, heat, humidity or maybe the sun has caused much of the paint to peel. But the skilled turning is the key to this piece, the way the base is dramatically stepped up and the pumpkin shaped box is topped by a dome lid with an integral knob. So it has some issues but this saffron pot will still be a great addition to a primitive collection and we have factored them into the price. Measures 6 1/2" tall by 3 1/4" round. Inv. 3457

Price: $75.00

2018-Jul-22 03:17pm EDT | Tags : Treen Primitives

Green Cutlery Tray

In original green paint, this cutlery tray is in very nice condition. It has canted sides and an unusual one hole "handle", whoever used it must have a strong finger! Measures 15" x 9" x 7" tall. Inv. 3456

Price: $165.00

2018-Jul-22 02:08pm EDT | Tags : Treen Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Paint

Rare 19th c. Wooden Candle Lantern

We are excited to offer this wonderful mid 19th century wooden candle lantern in its original forest green and red paint. Hand made by a country craftsman, it has a lift off door with a handle and two vent notches which is secured by two little turn buttons. But the really interesting and unique feature is the round carved wooden carrying ring which swivels on a dowel with tiny pegs. Such a great detail. All glass is wavy and has bubbles, it has a tin socket and a tin smoke shield at the top, possibly added later. The base is attached with square and round nails. Pine. Measures an impressive 15 3/4" tall to top of standing ring by 6 3/4" square. 13 1/2" tall with the ring down. There are lots of wooden lanterns out there some older than this one and most were barn lanterns we often see but it is rare to find a painted lantern this special. Hard to let it go. Said to be from Connecticut. Inv. 3421

Price: $695.00

2018-Jul-16 03:09pm EDT | Tags : Lighting Treen Paint

Red Painted Sliding Lid Box

This small sliding lid box has old red paint and finger jointed corners. Good condition with expected wear from use. Surface is better than pictures show because of the lighting. Circa 1900-1950. Measures 9 1/2" long by 4 1/4" wide by 3" deep. Inv. 3428

Price: $69.00

2018-Jul-13 01:54pm EDT | Tags : Treen Primitives Americana

Walnut Bed Steps

We recently sold some wonderful oak bed steps and now have another fine example to offer, this set being walnut. Very well made, the steps are attached using square cut nails and the two board sides are joined together by a woodworking technique still used today because of its strength. A groove is hand chiseled at an angle so a screw can be driven into the opposing board. These measure 14 1/2" tall by 18" wide by 13" deep. The first riser is at 7 3/4" and the tread is 6 1/2". The next riser is at 6 3/4" and the tread is 6". These steps have never had a finish applied but a have very warm patina and a dry surface. Inv. 3500

Price: $135.00

2018-Jul-13 01:28pm EDT | Tags : Americana Treen Primitives

Hanging Hearth Trivet

This is a uniquely and creatively designed hand wrought iron trivet, made to hang from a trammel or hook, to cook or keep warm. It has a "Dutch girl cap" handle and rams horns on the grate. The iron shows an uneven surface such as would have been achieved with heat and age. Measures 18 1/2" tall by 12" wide by 9" deep. Inv. 3447

Price: $120.00

2018-Jul-10 01:52pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Candle Stand in Mustard Paint

The stand is small, only 25 1/2" tall by 10" top and 9 1/2" wide at the legs and the paint is early with a dry grungy surface. The top is missing some paint possibly from a plant being on it. This stand is so versatile and can be used as an accent piece in any room. Inv. 3434

Price: $120.00

2018-Jul-10 10:57am EDT | Tags : Primitives Furniture Paint

Leather Purse

A real survivor is this terrific two carrying strap and draw string purse with black silk lining. The leather is soft and pliable and all seams are strong. Measures 9 x 9 inches. Scarce to find item. Inv. 3438

Price: $75.00

2018-Jul-07 04:47pm EDT | Tags : Americana Primitives

Split Peg Clothes Pins

We have nine of these old clothes pins made from splitting pegs and then nicely trimmed for hanging clothes on the line. They have strips of tin on one end to prevent further splitting from age. Some of the strips appear to have been cut from old tins. We don't find these much anymore and they are becoming scarce. They are about 6 inches long each (varies). Inv. 3449

Price: $112.00 for all nine pins

2018-Jul-06 03:10pm EDT | Tags : Treen Primitives

18th c. Bee Hive Bowl

Lookie what we have here! An early 18th century turned, bee hive, bowl with fabulous turnings and then the woodworker added tiny lines inside the raised turnings and even on the lip and inside the bowl. Very skilled lathe work even by modern standards. Apparently he used as large of a tree as he had access to and still produce a good sized dough bowl, but he had to leave some bark on it to do it. The more you look at it the more you appreciate how settlers had to make do with what they had available, and with that reality comes the notion that the bark actually contributes huge character to the piece. It is that unique character we all long for while on the "hunt" and we found it this morning! The bowl has wonderful shrinkage giving it that warped, out of round look, has no cracks, and has some divots inside caused by a much use. We love the wear on the foot. It measures a full 1 inch out of round at 12" x 13" x 4" deep. Probably maple. Great early piece. Inv. 3450

Price: Sold

2018-Jul-06 11:21am EDT | Tags : Treen

Oval Bentwood Carrier

This carrier has a little trough on either side of the handle to hold small items and can be used for a variety of needs, sewing fabric and tools, yarn balls, etc. Measures 14" long by 8" wide x 7" tall. Inv. 3443

Price: $55.00

2018-Jul-05 10:54am EDT | Tags : Americana

Sewing Box

Made of fiber board with a beautiful floral covering, this sewing box probably dates to the 1930-40's and is in very nice condition. The wear on the edges is mainly from rolling the securing cords on and off to open the box. Measures 13 1/2" long by 9" wide by 6 1/2" tall. Inv. 3442

Price: $68.00

2018-Jul-05 10:43am EDT | Tags : Americana

8 Drawer Cabinet

Here is a nice homemade 8 drawer cabinet, probably made for parts of some kind. But it has not been roughly used, in fact, it has felt protective pads on the bottom when it was used for display. The drawers have tin bottoms and back and are clean. Pine. Probably dated to first half of the 1900's. Has a nice crested back and can be hung or set for display. Measures 19 1/2" tall by 7" wide by 5" deep. Inv. 3440.

Price: $110.00

2018-Jul-03 03:23pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

18th c. Wooden Bucket With Iron Bands

This is an late 17th or early 18th century bucket which was hollowed out of a log and the bail handle supports are carved into the sides. Each one has twists still there but the wire handle broke off long ago. The iron straps, loose, of course, are very thick and are secured by peened rivets. It is a full one inch out of round and has an age shrinkage crack. The bottom is chamfered. Not sure of the origin or the wood. Does have some inactive bore holes. What a wonderful very early bucket and perfect for any primitive collection. Measures 8" x 9" oval at the top and 9" by 10" oval at the bottom and 8 1/2" tall. Inv. 3422

Price: $245.00

2018-Jul-03 02:44pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Treen

Black Painted, Stepped, Storage Box

This box was probably made for a specific purpose such as a step stool while serving as a place to store supplies of some sort. Hard to know but for antiquers with an imagination it can be used in many ways, such as on a kitchen counter to store bread in while displaying some prized collectibles on the steps. But no matter it is a great piece. Measures 18 1/2" l. x 7 3/4" w. x 12" t. Inv. 3424

Price: $115.00

2018-Jul-01 11:56am EDT | Tags : Primitives Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Paint

Early Child's Wheelbarrow

This early hand made, mainly of oak, terrific little wheelbarrow has earned its keep by hauling lots of dirt and, maybe, a little manure, too, for a future gardener in training. Wonder what he/she's growing now! Never had any finish, the surface is very dry and its wheel is wood spoke. Very good condition. Measures 38" long by 13 1/2" wide at the handle tips by 9 1/2" tall. So much character in this one! Inv. 3431

Price: Sold

2018-Jun-27 03:22pm EDT | Tags :

Soldier Blue Wooden Carrier

In original soldier blue paint, this carrier has six compartments and was painted all over including the inside and bottom. It was well used so there is wear on it, as expected, but good condition. The blue is better than the pictures show. 17" l. x 14" w. x 5" tall. Inv. 3430

Price: $120.00

2018-Jun-25 02:19pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Americana Paint

Rye Straw Beeskep

Our first beeskep acquisition is from a lady who is selling her collection and it is a really nice one, made of skillfully woven rye straw. Age is unknown but this bee hive is in excellent condition. It has a slight lean to it possibly from its own weight. Measures 16 inches tall by 17 inches round and has a 3 1/2 inch loop handle at the top. The entrance slot for the bees entering and exiting shows in the first picture. Inv. 3423

Price: $165.00

2018-Jun-25 01:54pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Americana

Rare Early Round Leather Storage Box

Made of thin leather this little 18th c. box has a beautiful, naturally acquired, dark brown color but has its original lighter color on the bottom and the top edge under the lip of the top, just what we look for when evaluating age. Skin was prepared and then stretched over a wooden post to form the box and lid shapes and then left to dry in the sun. Obviously this type of box would be fragile from 200 years of use but the condition is excellent, although there is a small piece missing from the edge of the lid and a surface defect on the box which does not penetrate through. Possibly Native American or could have been made by a settler but, no matter, it is rare to find one. 4" x 4 1/4" x 3"tall. Inv. 3426

Price: $175.00

2018-Jun-25 12:22pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Native American

Small Tin Fluid Lantern

The size of this unique little lantern along with its terrific condition are very appealing to any early lighting collector. Measuring just 6 1/2" to the top of its chimney and the body is only 3" by 3". Appears to be all original but the black paint, which is old, may not be. It can also double as a candle lantern if one runs out of fluid because the oil burner sets in a socket. Just a super and unusual lantern, maybe an early skater's lantern? Inv. 3410

Price: $295.00

2018-Jun-19 11:10am EDT | Tags : Lighting Primitives

Tin Kerosene Lantern

All original and complete is our kerosene lantern, marked "White Star". In good condition, measuring 12" tall (16 1/2" to top of handle) by 6" outside of protective cage.

Price: $185.00

2018-Jun-12 02:53pm EDT | Tags : Lighting Primitives

Walnut Pipe Box

This pipe box we are offering is walnut and dates to the last part of the 19th c.. Hand made canted box with a tombstone back, having a worn tear drop shaped hanging hole. It must have hung on a wall in the same place for decades in the sun because the varnish finish has turned dark while the side away from the sun exposure is closer to the original walnut color. Made with early, tiny nails. These were also used to hold candles. Measures 13 1/2" t. x 7" w. x 3 3/4" d. This neat box is better than my pictures show. Inv. 3414

Price: $185.00

2018-Jun-09 03:28pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Americana

Tin W.O. Lantern with Cage

There are so many great features about this unusual, small tin lantern, such as the exaggerated protective cage to protect the original glass panes, the crown frame topped by a witches or dunce cap and ring handle. Then there are the scalloped edge around the vent and the removable tin burner which sets in a socket that could be used for a candle, thus providing an option if one were to run out of whale oil. The diminutive size is a bonus, measuring only 11 inches tall and 6 inches wide and deep including the cage. The glass enclosure is 4" tall and 3" square. This is a terrific 19th c. lighting device, better than the pictures show. Inv. 3411

Price: $295.00

2018-Jun-07 12:51pm EDT | Tags : Lighting Primitives

18th/Early 19th c. Hand Held Looking Glass

This circa 1800 mirror (looking glass) came from the same collection as the wall mirror that we recently sold. The mirror has some silvering losses and the glass is wavy. It is secured to the back with molding but has no visible attachment method, i.e. nails, pegs or putty, so it is glued. Pine with Spanish brown paint. Untouched, all original, with the type of wear one would associate with a hand held mirror of this vintage. Measures 10 3/4" long by 4 3/4" wide and 3/8" thick. The glass is 4" w. x 5" t. This is a very nice piece. Inv. 3412

Price: $250.00

2018-Jun-07 10:32am EDT | Tags : Americana Primitives Paint

Early 19th c. Fruit Rake

Another really neat antique we are offering is this unusual fruit rake. This would have been used to comb berries from the stalks or reaching apples, pears, etc. at levels just out of arms reach for picking from the tree. Each of the 25 tines is blacksmith forged, ranging in length from 4 inches to 6 inches and arranged in horseshoe fashion, forming a basket. The wooden base is sandwiched by iron plates which secure the tines tightly. Pine. Length is 32 inches, width is 8 inches and it is 7 inches "tall" overall. This rake has a terrific, almost sculptural look, hanging on the wall and would be perfect in a buttery. Inv.

Price: $150.00

2018-Jun-02 02:41pm EDT | Tags : Tools Primitives Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Rare Cast Iron Sinkbox Duck Decoy

A sinkbox is a specialized hunting blind, resembling a raft, used by waterfowl hunters. It consists of a weighted, partially submerged enclosure large enough to hold one or more hunters and suspended from a floating platform. It is placed in calm water so the hunter may wait with the waterline at approximately shoulder height. Sinkbox decoys were set all around the sinkbox to weight it down in the water (see photo #2). Wood carved decoys were floated around the sinkbox to further disguise the hunters. This method of hunting was outlawed in 1918 by the Migratory Bird Act. Our cast iron decoy is painted black and has a flaky surface beneath the paint. In very good condition. It weighs 23 pounds and measures 13" long by 5" wide by 6" tall. Flat bottomed. This rare sinkbox decoy is a must for any serious decoy collector. Inv. 3408

Price: $450.00

2018-Jun-01 01:45pm EDT | Tags : Decoys

Rare Wrought Iron Salamander

Recently acquired from an old Connecticut collection is this rare iron salamander. These items were used for searing and browning the tops of meat, meringues and vegetable dishes by heating the blade and holding it closely over the surface of the food. This one is an excellent example in great shape, its blade measuring 5 1/4" round and it is 20" long overall. It is signed 'HD'. The construction is very well done with the handle rod being flattened and split at the attachment point, slid onto the blade and riveted tight. It has a hanging ring. Inv. 3397

Price: $195.00

2018-May-29 05:18pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Rare Tiger Maple, Half Round, Eagle Butter Print

A friend of ours had this super butter print in his kitchen drawer for years and we are pleased to present it now. Scarce because of its half round form, Rare because of its subject, an eagle with 2 stars and a leaf, vibrant figured tiger maple wood including the nicely turned handle, and its patina. Measures 7 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches deep. There are two very old cracks only about 1/8 inches deep, no structural threat whatsoever, mentioned for accuracy. This is a wonderful 19th century addition to any folk art treen collection. Inv. 3399.

Price: $750.00

2018-May-29 05:01pm EDT | Tags : Treen Folk Art Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Awesome Tin Flour Sifter

We think this is the best decorated tin flour sifter and it has been in our collection for a long time. Certainly unique with its punched design centered on what appears to be an embellished hex symbol within a circle and bordered with two rings on either side of a ribbon. The punching is masterful and delicate with each hole ever so small, numbering in the hundreds. Very special and artistic. Excellent condition, having the surface one expects in old tin. 5 1/2 inches in diameter by 3 inches deep. 19th c., New England, possibly Pennsylvania. Inv. 1292.

Price: $225.00

2018-May-28 03:21pm EDT | Tags : Americana Folk Art Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Mustard Painted Beehive Bowl w/ Repair

A new acquisition is this early beehive, footed wood bowl with mustard paint. It has a well done heavy wrought iron staple repair holding a crack at the top, a feature some collectors value just for the notion of some former owner making a favorite bowl useful again. It looks like it was dropped, causing the crack. The paint is old, not sure if original, likely done in the 19th century. Maple. Measures 16" by 15 1/2", oval from age shrinkage, and 5 1/2" deep, resulting in a terrific warp, just what we want in an early piece of treen. Inv. 3406

Price: Sold

2018-May-28 01:43pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Small Sliding Lid Box

The small size of this sliding lid box is very appealing at 10 1/2" long by 2 1/2" wide and 2 1/4" tall. Also with its warm patina of the oak wood, the oxidation around its wire nails and the very good condition. Perhaps this was made for pencils or maybe small candles but, whatever, this box is great for any early collection. Inv. 3404

Price: $82.00

2018-May-25 03:59pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Treen

Large Spring Assisted Sugar Nippers

A cut above are these sugar nippers in the decorative design and the spring leaf assist, engineered to automatically open which would allow for one handed operation more easily. Larger at 11 inches long and 3 1/2" wide and much heavier they also feature some nice decorative elements as well. Sugar nippers for the "upstairs"! Inv. 1022

Price: $135.00

2018-May-04 03:26pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

1819 Leather Wallet

In very nice condition is this brown leather wallet with notes in it dated "October the 3rd-1819. Samuel Kelsey his note book Prise 75 cents. Borrowed of Willam Hogg 11 3/4 pound of flower (flour)" and other miscellaneous entries. Wonderful example of an early notebook and billfold. Inv. 1912

Price: $75.00

2018-May-04 02:57pm EDT | Tags : Americana

Tree Branch Pipe

Creatively made from the fork in a tree branch is this smoking pipe. 7 1/2" long by 4" tall and 2" round bowl. 19th c. Inv. 1867

Price: $67.00

2018-May-04 02:13pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Stoneware Bottle- W.P. Sharps

This salt glazed stoneware bottle is labeled W.P. Sharps and has a nice cobalt decoration. It is a nice creamy color and in wonderful condition with no chips or cracks. Stands 10" tall and is 4 1/2" round. Inv. 3390

Price: $95.00

2018-Apr-30 03:09pm EDT | Tags : Stoneware Americana

Stoneware Bottle- J. WALKER'S POP

This salt glazed stoneware bottle's labeling with J. WALKER'S over the word POP possibly refers to a soft drink in the 19th century. It is in great condition with only some minor chips around edge of lip. No cracks. 10" tall by 4 1/2" round. Inv. 3391

Price: $87.00

2018-Apr-30 03:01pm EDT | Tags : Americana Stoneware

Early Hand Forged Branding Iron-"SM"

We found another early blacksmith forged branding iron, this time with initials "SM". This could also be displayed as "WS". The letters are mounted on flat bars, attached to a cage which was formed from heavy flat iron stock, forge welded to another piece of stock which terminates into a flared round receptacle for a wooden handle. Much skill went into the design and making of this iron. Note how the "M" is mounted on the bar. The smith made 2 little platforms for the letter to set on and pegs on the top of the letter. The pegs and the platforms are set into the bars for mounting. The "S" was originally done this way, too, but somehow became detached and was remounted by modern welds at the top and bottom. This was done a long time ago. This branding iron is a good example of blacksmithing in the 19th century for identifying livestock for farmers and ranchers but these irons were also used by coopers to brand barrels and other wood products. It measures 7" w.x 4" t. x 15" l. Inv. 3392

Price: $79.00

2018-Apr-30 11:58am EDT | Tags : Primitives

Percussion Pistol With Bayonet

From our black powder gun collection is this gorgeous English brass barrel percussion pistol with an underhung spring loaded bayonet. Stamped for Victoria, it has a plain silver square shield inset into the checkered black walnut butt. The belt hook, trigger guard and lock are nickel plated and the cannon form barrel transitions from round to octagon to flared round. The side chamber block is engraved. 3 5/8" barrel, 8 1/2" overall. Stand included. Polished, in excellent condition, possibly a presentation piece and a beautiful example of superb craftsmanship. Inv. 510.

Price: $1850.00

2018-Apr-27 10:09am EDT | Tags : Weaponry Americana

Large Swan Butter Mold

Somewhat larger than the usual butter mold is our swan, being 5" by 5". It has a very nice carving of a swan on water and a tree branch. The mold has a stable hairline crack, priced accordingly. Inv. 3388

Price: $39.00

2018-Apr-27 09:58am EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Treen Primitives

Bullet Mold- Ideal Mfg. Co., New Haven Conn.

Made for making different size bullets, .25-.35 caliber. Circa 1890. Good condition, most of the nickel plating on the surface is worn off. Inv. 1633

Price: $95.00

2018-Apr-18 03:20pm EDT | Tags : Weaponry

Rare Pewter Wall Box

Often wooden wall boxes are referred to as salt boxes and that description seems to fit this rare pewter box, too. It must have belonged to an affluent family. It is beautifully made with a scalloped crest, having a worn hanging hole, molded decorative rings around the box and a thumb lift on the cover. It has two hallmarks on the bottom which are hard to read. It is large, measuring 10 1/4" tall, 7" wide and 6" deep. May be hung or sets on a shelf nicely. 19th c. Inv. 3311.

Price: $395.00

2018-Apr-18 02:51pm EDT | Tags : Americana Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Stoneware "Blind Pig" #2

This is the middle size keg, or "blind pig". Used for hard cider or beer. It has a random cobalt decoration on its nose, various lines, flowers, leaves and feathers on its body and a beautiful flower on its rump. Also decorated with incised lines and a 3 / 2(?) on its nose. It rests on four legs one of which has been repaired and it does have a small chip on the side of the nose and one on the rim of the filler hole on top. There are two glaze pops done when it was fired on one side. Has part of a cork in the spigot hole. Late 19th century. Measures 11 1/2" long by 7 1/2" wide by 9" tall. Inv. 3376. More pictures available.

Price: $295.00

2018-Apr-13 02:20pm EDT | Tags : Stoneware Americana

Stoneware "Blind Pig" #3

The largest keg, or blind pig, used for hard cider or beer, has incredible cobalt decoration! The nose sports a flower on a vine, but the body literally shouts "look at me"! It has tulips, vines with "feather" leaves and two rows of chain links. The rump looks pretty, too, with more "feather leaves" and a daisy within a circle. Very nice art work. It has four molded legs, incised rings and an incised 'I' and 'H' on the nose. In overall very good condition, it has a small hairline on the nose, a small glaze pop on the rump, side and nose, done when it was fired. Also the ring around the spigot hole is chipped. It measures an impressive 13" long by 9" wide and 10" tall. This pig is a great piece. Inv. 3375. More pictures available.

Price: Sold

2018-Apr-13 01:12pm EDT | Tags : Stoneware Americana

Red Painted Candle Box

We don't usually buy candle boxes because we don't find many as good as this one. It is very early, possibly 18th century, has small dovetails and wonderful grungy, worn red paint, displaying the honest wear and patina from a lot of careful use. This is the purest candle box we have seen in a very long time. 12" long by 6" wide and 5" tall. Inv. 3357

Price: SOLD

2018-Apr-02 11:59am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Great Horned Owl

A very skilled carver created this wonderful large great horned owl with superb detail and a lot of character. "Who" doesn't love owls? We especially love the eyes and the feather features around the eyes. Carved fully in the round, not sure of the wood species. It does have an age crack, fortunately on the back but not an issue. Measures 24" tall by 8" wide and 6" in depth. He has a nice mellow weathered patina. Inv. 3370.

Price: Sold

2018-Mar-31 10:16am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Wooden Berry Bucket

Found in Vermont this hand carved wooden berry bucket is probably Native American, having details often associated with Indian items. We recently acquired two items from a long time collector's estate in Leavenworth, Kansas including this bucket. The gentleman was said to have been an eclectic collector and Native American items were part of his interests. This bucket appears to be maple and would have had a leather thong for a handle. Measures 9 1/2" tall and 4 3/8" to 4 1/8" oval at the top tapering to 4 3/4" by 5 1/4" round at the bottom, a full 1/2" difference due to age shrinkage. Has some wood bore holes. There is a misconception out there that wood bores are only found in European wood items. Wood bores are very much an American pest as well. Pull the bark off a dead tree and see for yourself. Inv. 3356.

Price: Sold

2018-Mar-24 01:39pm EDT | Tags : Americana Treen Primitives

Tin Candle Box- Barn Find!

We are not touching this great find preferring to let its new owner decide what to do with it. A 19th c. round tin wall hanging candle box, covered in surface rust inside and out. Everything is solid, no damage, just an early piece that probably never had any type of finish and simply and honestly acquired a rusty patina from wherever it was stored away. Nice folded edge hanging straps but never had a lid latch. Measures 10 1/2" long by 4" round. This is as pure as it gets! Inv. 3362

Price: Sold

2018-Mar-24 01:16pm EDT | Tags : Americana Primitives Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Native American Drum

From the estate of a long time Leavenworth, Kansas collector is this terrific drum with painted decorations including two beavers or otters. Leather and sinew over a lapped band, it has three feathers attached with metal clasps. The animals are green and a red tooth border decorates one side and the other side has various round white and yellow symbols which are not decipherable to us. There is also a green symbol on the side perhaps the owner's mark. 10" round by 2 1/2" deep. A piece of sinew makes a handle. Inv. 3363. More pictures available.

Price: Sold

2018-Mar-24 11:54am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

High Chair With Original Paint

This little chair is really cute with its small size (note the comparison to my hand in the picture) and wonderful wear on the seat, foot rest and front stretcher. It is only 32" to the top rail, 24" to the seat which is 12" square. It has a circular back with a bent rail and turned spindles. Front legs and stretcher have turnings. Just right for display with a bear or doll. The paint is vibrant with a floral vine on the crest, "swirled" seat, and yellow striping on a deep brown frame. Neat piece. Inv. 1240. More photos available.

Price: $320.00

2018-Mar-23 12:23pm EDT | Tags : Americana Furniture

Windsor Stool

Just in is this great little Windsor stool. The 2" thick slab is oval and the legs have wonderful turnings all combined with a dry attic finish making this a super find. 15" long by 9" wide x 6 1/2" tall. Inv. 3359.

Price: $95.00

2018-Mar-23 10:21am EDT | Tags : Americana Primitives Furniture

Pewter Inkwell

This 19th century pewter inkwell is hallmarked with a crown and initialed S O and has its original porcelain insert. The insert has an ink stain from use. Condition is excellent. It measures 3 1/2" round and 2 1/4" tall. Inv. 944.

Price: $98.00

2018-Mar-23 10:05am EDT | Tags : Americana

Small Tin Pitcher

We think this little triple banded tin pitcher was used for milk or cream on the table. It is so cute! 6 1/2" tall by 3" diameter by 4" wide handle to spout. Inv.3355.

Price: $35.00

2018-Mar-22 04:36pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Double Butter Stamp

Featuring twin wheat shocks this unusual and scarce butter stamp is complete with its original wooden box butter mold. The mold is made with brass screws and the stamp has a very nice turned handle. Measures 6 1/4" x 4" x 5 1/4" tall. Inv. 3358.

Price: $85.00

2018-Mar-21 04:49pm EDT | Tags : Treen Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

18TH/19TH c. Wine Cask

From our Americana collection is this wonderful staved wood wine cask with iron bands and a forged iron handle. Made with a tapered shape, one of the staves incorporates a carved spigot for pouring and an oval hole in the top allows easy filling. Note the marks in the wood from the iron handle. Great condition, the staves are tight, the bands are stable but slightly loose from wood shrinkage. Typical. The bottom has a small hole probably from a small amount of liquid left in the cask. Measures 11" tall and spigot protrudes another 4", 11" wide tapering to 13" at the bottom. Circa 1800. Perfect for your bar or butt'try! Inv. 1594.

Price: $195.00 was $245.00

2018-Mar-12 02:11pm EDT | Tags : Americana Treen Primitives

Early Splint Seat Doll Rocker

All hand crafted ladder back doll rocking chair, modeled perfectly after full sized chairs and perhaps made by a professional chair maker. The proportions are right and the design features are near exact to full size chairs, having excellent lathe turnings including the finials. All original and untouched with great patina. The splint seat has some minor damage but expected with most antique splint seat chairs of all stripes. The size is nice, being suitable for larger dolls or teddy bears at 14" tall by 8" wide by 11" deep and the seat is 7" wide by 5" deep. Circa 1840-60. Inv. 3349.

Price: $75.00

2018-Mar-12 01:32pm EDT | Tags :

Copper Tea Kettle, Signed Twice and Dated

Signed and dated copper kettles are rare but here is one with the maker's initials KD and, on the handle is punched in script P J 1863, probably the owner. Superb construction with dovetailed tank, domed top with brass knob, goose neck spout with hinged cover, and a gracefully arched handle. Appears to be a very old repair to the spout union with the tank. Fairly large with a 9" diameter tank (13" to tip of spout wide) by 8" tall to knob (10 1/2" top of handle). Inv. 1289

Price: $245.00

2018-Mar-10 01:25pm EST | Tags : Americana Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Tin Chamberstick

Another recent find is this tin chamberstick with a ring handle and a push up. Nice patina and condition. May have had an early repair. 6 1/2" tall by 7" round. Inv. 3344.

Price: $79.00

2018-Mar-06 03:05pm EST | Tags : Lighting Primitives

Small Swift

We have only seen a couple of these small table top swifts over the years and were delighted to find this very nice example. Excellent condition. These were used as yarn winders with the arms expandable, in this case to 28 inches, and then fold for future use. Ours is made so the wheel will lift off the base for safe storage. Has the wooden clamp and pin cup on the top. Measures 14 1/2" long by only 3" wide when folded. Maple. 19th c. Inv 3346.

Price: $115.00

2018-Mar-03 03:03pm EST | Tags : Treen Americana Primitives

Tin Deep Pan Chamber Stick

This type of candle holder is referred to as chamber stick, a phrase describing a lamp to light the path to the bed chambers. This one is painted black, has a deep pan with 2 decorative rings, ring handle and push up. It is of a larger size measuring 4 1/2" tall by 6" diameter by 7" wide to the ring. Just a great look. Inv. 3345

Price: Sold

2018-Mar-03 11:51am EST | Tags : Lighting Primitives

Brown Glazed Jug- "SWAINE"

This unique jug was made by Robert and Thomas Swaine, England, in the early 19th century. It is 13" tall by 8" in diameter for a slim look, has an unusual tapered spout, decorative rings on the top and a high arched handle, all of which make for a very appealing piece of stoneware. Has no cracks but has some minor chips on the edge of the handle and the back of the spout along with some scuffs on the bottom. Inv. 3122.

Price: $85.00

2018-Feb-24 01:57pm EST | Tags : Primitives Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Blue Jay Butter Press

Our highly detailed butter press features a blue jay is sitting on a holly branch eating berries under five stars, encircled within a spoked border. Unique addition to a fine collection. Maple. 3 3/4" round by 3 1/4" tall. Inv. 1933.

Price: Sold

2018-Feb-24 09:48am EST | Tags : Prior Sales

Early Wig Block on Stand

This is the last of four 18th or early 19th century wig blocks we have been fortunate enough to acquire recently. It is mounted on an "early look" stand for display. The wig is shown for illustrative purposes only and is NOT included. This would be an excellent way to use a wig, hat or bonnet in your collection. Inv. 3099.

Price: Sold

2018-Feb-23 09:00pm EST | Tags : Prior Sales

Two Early Tops

We have two really sweet early tops available, each a little different. The first is a large top from the early to mid 1800's that has seen a lot of use. So much so that it appears to have been re-painted more than once, the last time it was done in light blue and adorned with white hearts and dots. The paint is crusty and has some flaking paint (see picture). Beautifully lathe turned shape and heavy. Measures 11" tall and 6" round. Inv. 1696 Price $85.00 From circa 1920 is a pretty top with the body painted mustard, encircled with red stripes and a green tip. The top is green with mustard stripes. Very good condition. Measures 6 1/2" tall and 3 1/2" round. Inv. 1752. Price $32.00

Price: $85/$32 see above

2018-Feb-20 12:52pm EST | Tags : Children's Things

Curlew Decoy

Hand made decoy of a curlew with the body made of cork, the bill from copper and the legs are copper tubes split to create feet. Beautifully painted. Measures 15" bill to tail, 12" tall and 4" wide. His bill is 5 inches long. There is a seam line where the neck meets the body. Inv. 1773.

Price: Sold

2018-Feb-20 09:49am EST | Tags : Prior Sales

18th c. Iron Coal Carrier- Hearts

From our collection is this excellent example of a forged iron coal carrier, meant to carry hot coals from an existing fire to other areas such as bedrooms to light a new fire by placing a coal(s) on kindling to start the process. These are utilitarian tools, usually of a very simple design but ours was created by someone with an artistic flair, judging by the hearts employed on the hinge and the latch. The hopper lid has an "envelope" shape which is secured by heavy rivets as is the heart which secures the spring loaded latch, it having a curled lift. The latch lock is heart shaped and swivels to release the latch. On the bottom is another "envelope" lip comprising the bottom half of the hinge and the handle itself is finished with a lollipop termination. The wooden handle is very simply made from a tree branch secured by a brass ferrule. Condition is good with a pitted surface from heat and age. The hopper is solid, many having rusted out. An exceptional example of the form.

Price: Sold

2018-Feb-11 12:26pm EST | Tags : Prior Sales

Hand Painted Candle Snuffer Tray

Snuffer trays are plentiful but hardly ever encountered is one which is hand painted, most having factory stencils or plain. This one has a mustard background and brown flowers and foliage. Good condition and nice color. Has some small surface rust spots and one chip but otherwise fine. Just waiting for that orphaned snuffer you have! Inv. 3338.

Price: $36.00

2018-Jan-29 01:57pm EST | Tags : Americana Lighting

Small Round Tin Fluid Lantern

Such a unique little lantern is this one! One of the fascinating details is the globe which appears to be made from an old bottle, judging by the letters and numbers molded into the glass. Possibly some ingenious person cut the bottle and then cleverly fashioned a tin lantern from it, incorporating a fluted top and bottom, a crown shaped chimney with a witches hat, a ring handle and guards for the globe. Very artistic. The bottom is hinged to reveal the font and burner. Probably late 19th century. Lantern measures 4 1/2" tall by 3" round and 8 3/4" tall to top of ring. Inv. 3335

Price: Sold

2018-Jan-29 09:44am EST | Tags : Prior Sales

Rare Round 7 Tube Candle Mold

We just got this rare round 7 tube candle mold. Scarce because it is round with a handle and no base but what really makes it rare is the odd number of tubes. We see one and three tube versions occasionally but 5, 7, 9, and 11 tube are almost never seen and there are fanatical collectors looking for just these molds. Condition is as found, I haven't and won't clean it, and two tubes are slightly askew due to a bend in the handle, and it has a couple minor tweaks at the edge of the top. The top is a "pie crust" design and there are some wick remnants in the holes. The surface is grungy. There is a small hole in the center possibly for a support to hold it upright while cooling or maybe for a hanger. This mold was not a shelf queen, it has been well used and the character of that use is evident. Measures 9" tall and 6 1/2" round. Inv.3333.

Price: $375.00 was $450.00

2018-Jan-23 12:17pm EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives Lighting

Knife Sharpening Block

Whetstones and leather strops were and still are used for sharpening tools, razors and knives. Here we have a small version which was possibly used in an early kitchen for knife honing in between filings, much as present day chefs do with a steel. A steel is a rod used to maintain the edge on the knife by running the blade across the rod several times before each use. In early kitchens leather was a way to do the same thing. On ours the cut on one edge may have been from an awkward swipe?? The block appears to be a section of stair handrail with a piece of leather nailed to it and, judging by the depression in the center of the block, this piece of leather is just one of many in the long life of the device. The handrail makes for a safe handhold and it has remnants of mustard paint. 18th or early 19th century. 8" long by 3 1/4" wide by 2 1/2" tall. Great, unusual addition to an early kitchen collection. Inv. 3325.

Price: Sold

2017-Dec-19 07:49am EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives Tools

Well Used Child's Chair

The history of this little chair would be interesting. We know a child would learn to walk by using this ladder back type of chair as a support by holding onto the legs or back and scooting it across the floor. This scooting would wear down the legs to a flat spot, very charming. But this 19th century oak chair must have had several children using it as seen by the extreme wear especially on the back legs which are worn off nearly half of the depth of the leg. The ends of the arms and stretchers show through. How many baby steps did it take to do that? And it has substantial wear on the front legs, too. The solid wood seat probably replaced the original splint one and it is covered with a faded cotton material over padding. The covering is attached with a mixture of square and round nails. Lots of primitive children's things appeal in this little chair which measures only 19" tall by 13 1/2" wide by 10" deep. Inv. 3324

Price: $65.00

2017-Dec-09 02:27pm EST | Tags : Children's Things Primitives Americana

Forged Iron Hearth Shovel

The smithing on this terrific wrought iron shovel is superb as evidenced by the terminus of the handle to the scoop. This is a really good piece of iron. 27 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide. Inv. 3323

Price: Sold

2017-Dec-09 01:22pm EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives SALE!!

Candlestick With Witch Hat and Scissor Snuffers

19th century brass push up candlestick with a finger ring handle and a gadrooned edge pan complete with a brass witch's hat snuffer and a brass scissors snuffer. It has a "wedding ring" and incised decorations on the shaft. The base is heavy for good balance, having an iron secured solid brass mounting post. The candle cup matches the rectangular pan. This is a wonderful early lighting device in great condition. 6 1/2" w. x 5 1/2"d. x 5" t. Inv. 1432.

Price: $107.00 reduced 20%!!

2017-Nov-11 01:25pm EST | Tags : Lighting SALE!! Americana

Primitive Framed Mirror

This mirror is from a farm near Plainfield, NH where it is said it hung for 40 years. Wood frame has original gold paint showing chips and old patina. The mirror is heavyweight and the wood back showing circular saw cuts is original and it has an old hanging eye. It is very hard to get good pictures of mirrors but this is a very good primitive example. Measures 9 1/2"t. x 7"w. Inv. 1341.

Price: $250.00

2017-Oct-25 03:36pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Signed O/C Painting of a Clipper Ship

Presented is a painting of an unidentified clipper ship in storm tossed seas under dark clouds by Davenport listed artist Alfred Gabali, 1886-1963. The following information was with the painting. He was born in Germany, left home at 16 to become a seaman aboard the 4 masted ship "Pamier", eventually enrolled in maritime school where he qualified as a ship's officer. Later he was introduced to Scharns Alquis, an artist who became Gabali's teacher. He fled Germany at the start of WWII to Holland and in 1949 came to America to begin a new life, settling finally in Cape Cod and became a United States citizen in 1955. He was a multiple award winner at Cape Cod Art Association's Galleries show in Hyannis. The painting is from our personal collection, is signed, no date, and in immaculate condition. It measures 35 1/2"w. x 24"t. (sight) and 41 1/2" x 30" overall. This is a strong seascape painting that will enhance any antique collection at a very reasonable price. Inv. 979

Price: $595.00

2017-Oct-14 11:17am EDT | Tags : Paintings and Sculptures

Colored Lithograph " Lady and Handmaidens"

Beautifully colored lithograph depicting a lady being doted upon by her handmaidens. It is in a gold painted frame with a reverse painted gold and black glass. 17"w. x 15"t. x 2"d. Inv. 1150.

Price: $95.00

2017-Oct-09 03:20pm EDT | Tags : Paintings and Sculptures

Large Liverpool Pitcher

This very appealing pink luster pitcher is titled "Sailor's Farewell" with a scene of a sailor saying goodbye to his wife and children as he is about to depart on a ship and has a poem about it below as well as another poem about his voyage on the front. On the other side is a wonderful picture of a woman sitting in an orchard holding a flag depicting Adam and Eve, the fruit tree and the serpent, while holding an open book, perhaps the Bible. On the ground all around are gardening tools, a scroll and a bee skep and her house is in the background. The scene is titled "Gardener's Arms". Measuring 9 1/2" tall by 8 1/2" around and 12 1/2" including the handle, this pitcher is in very good condition, the exception being some chips on the spout, factored into the pricing. Inv. 1514.

Price: $195.00 Sale!!

2017-Oct-09 09:52am EDT | Tags : Americana SALE!!

Wooden Bottle

Expertly turned wooden bottle in excellent condition, having decorative rings, a dry natural surface and a cork bottom. Also has a cork in the top. 19th c. and shows it with its oval shape from age. 13 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter. Inv. 3306.

Price: $120.00

2017-Oct-02 03:13pm EDT | Tags : Treen Primitives

Carved Wood Hand Holding A Soldier

Expertly carved from a tree branch is this hand with a strap around its thumb from which a soldier or perhaps a Bobbie hangs with his hand up as if signaling. That gesture matches the hand with the same position. Fully detailed in the round. This is a very interesting piece of folk art with a patina that could only have accumulated from decades of exposure. Probably circa 1900 or so. Never had paint and is in very good condition with a couple of slivers missing from his hand and leg but does have a broken foot. 17 inches tall by 3 inches wide and 4 inches deep. Unique piece of folk art. Inv. 3300.

Price: $375.00

2017-Oct-02 02:17pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art

Redware Bowl

The glaze on this large redware bowl is outstanding, said to be Tennessee, it has a beautiful coggled edge and two applied handles mounted on a wide rim. It measures a generous 14 inches round by 5 inches deep. Excellent condition overall but does have a hairline crack in the bottom, barely visible in the glaze so doesn't hurt it visually. The bottom of the bowl has mars typical of spoon use and the underside shows smoke residue. One of our favorite redware pieces. Inv. 3304

Price: $165.00

2017-Oct-02 12:56pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

1848 Sampler

Everything about this gorgeous sampler merits "The Best" rating. Stitched by Elizabeth Capell Aged 10 years, it is dated 1848. The floral arrangements, flowering vine border, alphabet in cursive and block letters, decorative lines in between and the bird on the branch are superbly done. She also included a verse from the Psalms. The many colors are as vibrant as new and the condition is perfect. It is expertly mounted in an oak frame with a gilt liner and has its two original brass hanging rings and wavy glass. Mounted on stretchers covered with a soft cotton and backed by period wallpaper before the final paper seal was applied. Measuring 14 1/2 inches square and the frame is 20 inches square this is as good as it gets when seeking early samplers. It isn't often when one is found in this condition. Inv. 3302.

Price: Sold

2017-Sep-30 01:38pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Americana

Quill Pen Weather Vane

Quill pen weather vanes are not that plentiful anyway and we believe this is a scarce, if not rare, example because it is made of steel rather than gilded copper. This vane was painted, probably upon order by the customer. The incredible surface has a patina only decades of weathering can honestly produce, showing a uniform rust on the metal and remnants of white paint. The feather itself is "swelled", the point is the proper quill tip and it is topped by a pointed finial and mounted on a heavy custom, decoratively hammered, steel stand. The vane measures 36 inches long, 13 inches tall, 2 inches thick and 19 inches tall on the stand. Circa 1880-1910. The A. B. & W. T. Westervelt catalog says these quill vanes were used on newspapers, libraries, banks, schools, colleges, academies, public institutions and they are known to have been used as trade signs on stationery stores. This is an outstanding addition to any serious weather vane collection. Inv. 3296. Plenty of pictures available.

Price: $2695.00

2017-Sep-26 03:23pm EDT | Tags : Weather Vanes and Whirligigs Folk Art Americana

Huge Wooden Barn Lantern

We are very pleased to have found this large, early barn lantern, finding this to be a truly authentic one. Created by a decent handyman, not a good carpenter, it did the job. It has an out of square top and door, which was never fit to close so it stands ajar but with a snug fit to prevent opening willy nilly. The door shows wear on the surface from fingers opening and closing. The corner stiles extend through the top and bottom and all parts are secured with wooden pegs. Not sure if the 3 glass panes are original but they all have some bubbles and a little waviness. The candle is spiked onto a large forged iron nail with a huge head. Burn marks are present in the floor from candles burning too low and scorching the wood. Its handle is two pieces of heavy wire hooked together. The surface is very dry, never having finish on it. Appears to be walnut. Measures 10 1/2" tall by 8 and 8 1/2" square. Inv. 3294.

Price: Sold

2017-Sep-09 10:45am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Iron Bed, Miniature

The person we bought this bed from thought it is a salesman's sample. We found evidence of that but nothing absolutely allowing us to claim that status. You decide. Whatever its purpose it is special and unique with the expert details and brass finials and what appears to be original paint. Also it has a mattress spring as opposed to wood slats as expected. Measures 29"l. x 17"w. The head is 25 inches tall and the foot is 21 inches. It would be perfect for dolls, bears, or babies and could also be a neat dog or cat bed. Inv. 3282 Note: for easier shipping this can be taken apart. Customer preference.

Price: $245.00

2017-Aug-25 10:20am EDT | Tags :

Very Large Brass Iron With Trivet

We are offering a large size brass iron with its original trivet and slug making this a rare example of a complete working tool in exceptional condition. The iron has the number 9 on its gate, a wood handle and knob. The trivet is tin with a wood handle. The iron is 7 1/2" l. x 4" w. x 6" t. Overall it is 13 1/2" long. Inv. 3279.

Price: $225.00

2017-Aug-25 09:44am EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Child's Broom and Tomahawk

Offering a child's broom with a wood handle having painted stripes. 29" long. Inv. 2091. Hand made tomahawk with a flat stone head and a twig handle. The head is secured to the split handle with a leather thong. Painted red with yellow symbols. Well made, possibly a Scouts project. Inv. 1481. Both items have significant age.....mid 1900's????

Price: Broom $Sold/Tomahawk $28

2017-Aug-23 04:44pm EDT | Tags :

18th c. Forged Iron Hetchel

We have seen these called hetchels, hatchels and riddlers in this form which is a single hand forged iron row of long teeth, used for straightening the strands of flax prior to spinning. This one is signed "A L". Appears to have been made to be mounted in a base probably of wood. Holes indicate that two teeth are missing. The construction technique is shown by the end where the base was folded over and then held together by punching the metal while it was red hot thus welding the two parts together. The punch mark is shown. Measures 8" t. x 11" w. and the teeth are 5" long. A great addition to a spinning collection. Inv. 3273

Price: Sold

2017-Aug-21 09:18am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Watch Hutch

This early watch hutch is small and simple but beautifully turned and with fine decoration on the edges of the base. The shaft is also nicely turned. Some owner cut a notch at the top of the round holder to accommodate a watch stem. Walnut. Measures 3 3/4" tall and the base is 3 3/4" in diameter. The watch receptacle measures 1 1/2". This is a small age shrinkage crack in the base. Inv. 909.

Price: Sold

2017-Aug-21 07:36am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Carved Wood Paddle

From the same collection as the ladle listed today is this wonderful one piece paddle, again possibly Native American. Beautifully carved, this one is a little larger than other paddles we have had, measuring 5 3/4" wide by 5" d. by 1 1/4" tall at the back. The handle is 5 inches long. It shows an uneven wear to the edge from continued use as can be seen in the pictures. Nice character. Inv. 3272

Price: $55.00

2017-Aug-14 04:01pm EDT | Tags : Treen Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Forged Hearth Pan/Skillet

Made by a blacksmith is this very nice iron pan with a forged iron handle. Measures 11" in diameter by 2" deep and 23" long. Looks great on our hearth setting on the trivet with handle rest we also have listed. Inv. 3270.

Price: Sold

2017-Aug-14 02:11pm EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Carved Wooden Ladle

This ladle is carved from one piece of wood and is possibly Native American. The bowl is thin wall, measures 4 5/8" x 4 7/8" out of round and the handle is 4 1/2" long. Old dry patina and it has 2 small age cracks which were filled a very long time ago and do not distract from the piece at all. The bottom of the bowl has 3 surface cracks which are stable. Wonderful little ladle. Inv. 3271.

Price: $55.00

2017-Aug-14 01:49pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Treen

Painted Child's Step Back Cupboard

Red paint over blue on a really good, early, little primitive step back cupboard, all hand made with square cut nails with some wire nails added at some point for reinforcement. Open top and bottom, never had doors, resembling a pewter cupboard, the sides of the interior still have blue paint. The top and work surface of the base are scrubbed. Cut out feet and made of pine. This is a great example of an early child's toy. Measures 18 1/2" t. x 12" w. x 7" d. Inv. 3269

Price: Sold

2017-Aug-14 12:21pm EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Carved Wood Crow Decoy

We haven't seen many really good carved wooden crow decoys around. There are tons of papier mache crows but wood ones are not that plentiful. This crow is said to be Herter but I find no markings on it. Glass eyes, was originally on wire legs as can be seen by the holes, but now on a wooden pedestal for display. It measures 16 1/2" long beak to tail, 5" wide and 5" tall sans the stand, 9 1/2" tall with it. This bird has been used, no shelf queen here, and there are some wear areas, as expected, and there is a chip under the beak. Well carved and a good piece. Inv. 3264

Price: Sold

2017-Aug-07 11:34am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Dough Bowl with White Paint

A double lip around the edge is an unusual feature of this well loved and used bowl, still having a light coating of white paint, which has been worn down by hard working fingers over the ages. Appears to be maple, shrunk from age with measurements of 12 3/4" by 13 3/4" and 3 1/2" deep. Great mellow patina and condition with only a slight age crack in the center but no structural harm. Inv. 3263.

Price: Sold

2017-Aug-07 09:16am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

"Rancher" Whirligig

A woman who lives in Los Angeles inherited her family's ranch in eastern Montana. Her husband went there for hunting trips but otherwise did not use the property. She told her husband to bring back the whirligig which had been on the ranch for decades, circa 1900 she said, so she could sell it and we bought it for our collection of whirligigs and weather vanes. He is full bodied and his jointed arms whirl from the blades and he rotates in the direction of the wind. His face is carved and tacks were used for eyes and a nail for his cigar. His tin hat is hand made and attached with a tack. His stand is part of the fence rail on which he was mounted and which the husband cut to bring him home. Remnants of red paint are on the board. A large iron spike acts as his perch. Measures 9 1/4" tall (11" on the base) and 5" wide. He is in great condition, said to have been brought inside during winter months. A terrific piece of honest folk art. Inv. 1815

Price: Sold

2017-Jul-29 12:44pm EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Early Red Painted Bowl

Such a wonderful find is this 18th century bee hive, turned, dough bowl with foot. Beautiful age shrinkage of a full 7/8 inches makes this bowl 12 7/8 inches by 13 3/4 inches in diameter and 4 1/4 inches by 4 3/4 inches in depth. It has cracked long ago and has 4 expertly done staple repairs. These are very difficult to do but they have done an awesome job of mending. We love well done repairs as they show the thrifty and skillful side of past owners. In this case this bowl was used so much after the mending that the cleats of the staples inside the bowl have worn way down and they are completely gone on one of them. Shown in the third photo. So, obviously, the repairs kept this cook, and probably her descendants, in business for years. The red paint is a really nice dark shade. There are bowls and there are bowls but once in a great while a special one is found, and you are looking at one. If perfect this bowl would be twice the price but we have it priced very reasonably. Inv. 3257

Price: Sold

2017-Jul-29 09:48am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Balance Beam Scale

Beautiful brass, iron and tin balance beam scale, 18th or early 19th century. Nice small size for display, measuring 25" tall, the beam is 20" long and the pan is 12" in diameter. This scale is made so well that it will hang perfectly balanced, as shown in the pictures, unlike most, which collapse at the slightest breeze. Nice condition although the tin pan has a couple of very small holes and a link on one chain shows deterioration from some rust. None of it detracts from the function or beauty of this great early scale. Inv. 1666. More pictures available.

Price: $195.00

2017-Jul-19 01:15pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Americana Primitives

"FISH" Sliding Lid Box

This unique box has a wonderful image of a fish on one side and the top and a grained paint over the remainder. It appears to be a mustard vinegar application. The interior has a divider with a round hole, for some unknown purpose, the lid slides both ways and the porcelein knob appears to be original. There is wear to the paint in some areas from handling as expected. We love boxes and have a number of them in our collection. It is hard to let any of them go but we only have so much room so this little gem is available. It measures 15 1/2" long by 7 inches wide by 5 inches tall. More pictures are available. Inv. 1538.

Price: $200.00 reduced from $265.00!

2017-Jul-19 01:10pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Americana

Rooster Weather Vane

Fresh off a farm near Lane, Kansas is this great rooster weather vane on an arrow over hand cut directionals. It is on its original shaft and roof mount which is 31 inches tall and the arrow base fits into that. It could be left off for easier shipping. The well designed and cut sheet iron rooster is 12" tall x 11" wide and the directionals are 16 inches. Circa 1950. All great original condition. Inv. 3155.

Price: Sold

2017-Jul-19 11:46am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Primitives Weather Vanes and Whirligigs

Pair of Iron Bald Eagles

I have had several suggestions as to what these eagles purpose was including snow birds, industrial machinery ornaments and architectural elements. Whatever the use they are fabulous bald eagles standing on an orb with a breast shield having an 'N'. They are very heavy castings and have what appears to be original brown paint with white heads. They would be wonderful with museum mounts just for display or even as book-ends, whatever you can imagine. Very reasonably priced. Inv. 3236 and 3237. Measure 9" t. x 8" w. x 5" d.

Price: $85.00 each

2017-Jun-29 02:42pm EDT | Tags : Americana

"Best" 19th c. Walnut Doll Cradle with Hearts

We have had really good, early doll cradles before but none that was done by a master joiner. This was not made by Dad out in the shed. Beautiful walnut wood was expertly crafted with small dovetails and cut nails and hearts were cut into the head and foot boards. The sides are tapered and the rockers ended with scrolls. The bottom board shows circular saw blade marks and has a full length rib for strength and support. The patina is terrific and the cradle is in excellent, well cared for condition, just perfect for a favorite doll or teddy bear. Circa 1850. Measures 20 3/4" l. x 10" w. (15 3/4" rockers) x 11" tall. Inv. 3241

Price: Sold

2017-Jun-29 11:05am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Civil War Painting

This is for Civil War buffs and anyone who appreciates early folk art. The oil painting was done on the lid of a storage/valuables box (it still has the lock and the hinge mortises), illustrating pairs of crossed Union and Confederate flags behind a cannon. Five stars are arched over the scene. On the underside of the lid is painted a banner with "JOHN-JOHN" on it. There is an age crack on the board which happened after the painting was done. It is signed Potucek. The nails are round so this work was done after 1870 when they became widely available but actual age is not known. Perhaps this was done after the war as a remembrance of family members who fought each other in the war which was very common. Speculation, of course, but a fine CW item anyway. Measures 20 1/4" l. x 9 5/8" w. x 1 3/4" thick. Inv. 3239.

Price: Sold

2017-Jun-29 10:46am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Small Copper and Iron Kettle

This little copper kettle with wrought iron legs would have originally had a long handle attached to the kettle with the iron socket. That would allow the cook to keep her hands away from the heat of the hearth. The legs and handle are forged with decorative hearts and they are attached with copper rivets to the body. This was probably done per an order from the coppersmith who masterfully crafted the kettle, piecing the decoratively hammered sides and bottom together with a dovetailed seam and topping it all off with a curly knob on the lid. Even the spout is shaped like a bird. Lots of folk art character in a very utilitarian item. Unusually small for these types of kettles measuring just 9 1/2" tall including the lid and 5" in diameter. The spout adds 2 inches and the iron handle 5 inches. Inv. 3234

Price: $145.00

2017-Jun-20 01:17pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Hearts! Folk Art

Rare Carved Eagle Master Mold

From our collection we are offering for the first time this rare, incredible, hand carved eagle master mold, representing true folk art. The eagle form is an early type and the carving includes foliage, perhaps laurel branches. It is similar to a butter mold, and could be used for food impressions, but is much larger and carved in relief. Used as a master mold for making impressions that would then be filled with brass or bronze to produce medallions and plaques. These would have been items used architecturally on buildings, statues, etc. It is a hefty mold, probably 19th century, and measures 9 1/8" x 8 3/4" (irregular due to age shrinkage) x 2" thick, not counting the handle. There is some residue on the handle resembling cement, probably from the mold process. Chisel marks are obvious on the back and sides. Super decorative piece and it stands upright on a simple little stand I made for it. Inv. 1282 Pictures do not do it justice.

Price: $795.00

2017-Jun-09 10:54am EDT | Tags : Americana Treen Folk Art

Horsehair Brush

An early white horsehair brush with a wood handle and salmon paint decoration. Thirteen inches long. Inv. 2033.

Price: $25.00

2017-Jun-05 04:01pm EDT | Tags : Americana

Springerle Board

Unusual subjects including fruit, a snake, flowers and two buildings make this a really nice decorative cookie or candy mold. 3 1/2" x 8 3/4" x 1/2". A couple of chips at the bottom. Inv. 3036

Price: $65.00

2017-Jun-05 02:54pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Treen Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Miniature Walnut Mortar

We recently found this excellent little walnut hand made mortar. Stands 5 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter. No cracks or chips and has great patina. Inv. 3210

Price: $50.00

2017-May-17 03:09pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Treen

***Rare Great Seal of America Wafer Iron

Wafer iron in good condition with the Great Seal of America (Presidential Seal) used for making wafers or cookies. Five inch diameter by twenty-four inches long. The handle latch is a replacement. Inv. 1768.

Price: Sold

2017-May-02 12:20pm EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Porringer Style Tea Strainer

This is a two piece silver plated tea strainer beautifully shaped as a porringer. Unmarked. Plating is a ittle thin on the sides of the bowl, otherwise very good condition. 3" round by 5" long by 1 1/4" tall. Inv. 3217.

Price: $44.00

2017-May-01 04:58pm EDT | Tags : Americana

Pudding Mold

19th century ceramic pineapple pudding mold, very heavy and large size. White glaze with a 'No 1' and an '8' mark on the bottom. Has some rim and foot chips but nothing unexpected considering the age and utilitarian use of it. The design is beautiful. The mold measures 8 3/4" l. x 7 1/2" w. x 4 3/4" d. Inv. 130.

Price: $65.00

2017-May-01 03:24pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Americana

Treen Round Box

Offering the first of two turned round wood boxes with lids from the same collection, both having thin walls. This one has traces of paint decoration, possibly flowers and a beautifully shaped lid. At some point long ago a hole was drilled into the top edge of the bowl and correspondingly into the inside lip of the top. It was said this was done so the box would function as a thread dispenser. 4" diameter x 4 1/2" tall. Inv. 3212

Price: $79.00

2017-Apr-26 01:35pm EDT | Tags : Treen Americana

Small Treen Box

The second wooden box with lid has no decoration but the lid fits over the top of the bowl. Again, a hole was drilled into the lid, presumably to function as a thread dispenser. The hole does not prevent the box from being used for other purposes or just as a decorative item. Has a minor age crack in the lid. 4" diameter by 2 1/4" tall. Inv. 3213

Price: $49.00

2017-Apr-26 12:29pm EDT | Tags : Treen Americana

Hand Hewn Mortar

A walnut mortar with great eye appeal, this one has been carved by hand, having a unique artistic and yet naive, primitive flair to it. Wonderful warm patina. Does have a couple of minor age cracks. Something different for a change. 8 1/4" tall by 5 1/2" in diameter. Inv. 3211

Price: $69.00- reduced

2017-Apr-26 12:20pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Treen

Large Walnut Cheese Drainer

Turned from a large piece of walnut this cheese drainer measures 9 1/4" tall by 8 1/2" to 8 3/4" round, slightly oval from age. Has a metal band, a foot and 4 drain holes. Beautiful patina and in great condition, but does have one tight crack and a couple of chips on the foot. Really nice find and a neat addition to your treen collection. Inv. 3215

Price: $150.00

2017-Apr-16 10:34am EDT | Tags : Primitives Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Treen

Blue Painted Chestnut Trencher

Wonderful is the word for this blue painted chestnut trencher in great condition, with no cracks, just some minor edge wear. It measures 18 1/4" long by 9 1/2" wide and the height at the ends varies from 2 3/4" to 3 1/4" probably due to age warp and there are carved finger grips at each end, one of them carved slightly off center. We love that imperfection in hand made things. The paint is original and shows the years of wiping down, revealing the gorgeous chestnut grain. Inv. 3218

Price: Sold

2017-Apr-15 12:35pm EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Miniature Tin Lantern

This little tin candle lantern is just about the sweetest one you will see. A little miniature just 5" by 2" plus the folding handle and smoke cap. It has 3 mirror shards inside the door as a reflector. This is a special lantern. Wallace Nutting in Furniture Treasury has one on Plate 4166 nearly identical to it.

Price: Sold

2017-Apr-06 07:33am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Rush Light

Offered now is this 18th century iron rush light on a wood base. The rush clamp has a twisted arm supporting a mushroom shaped counter weight and the shaft is also twisted. The base has very nice turnings and brown paint and it does have wood bore (now inactive) damage but the base is solid and unaffected as far as function. 10" tall by 3 1/2" round and the base is 3 1/2" tall. This is a very nice example from our long time personal collection. Inv. 929.

Price: Sold

2017-Apr-06 03:54am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Scrub Board with Carved Eagle

We have this 18th or early 19th century scrub board with a rare relief carved eagle at the top. At about the ten o'clock position of the eagle is an indentation looking like an area worn into a cup where the board was held using the thumb.The back side also has a scrubbing surface. The board was cut at the edge of the limb as can be seen where the bark was. Thrifty! Neat piece! 19 1/4" l. x 5" w. x 3/4". Inv. 3204

Price: Sold

2017-Mar-30 03:16am EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Pie Crimper, Hand Forged

This hand wrought iron pie crimper, sometimes also called a jagging wheel, is 8 1/2" long with a heavy 2" diameter wheel which measures a full 1/4" thick. The shaft is split on the end and widened to accept the wheel, transitions from square to round, is bulbous in the center and terminates into a ball at the opposite end. Unique. Inv. 1652.

Price: $65.00

2017-Mar-20 05:00pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Green Kerosene Barrel

Great wood staved kerosene barrel with a copper spigot, brass cap, and wire bale handle, and having green paint over what appears to be a red wash, with iron bands. Measures 13" tall (add 8" for the handle when up) 13 1/2" diameter base (add 2" for spigot). Has some expected paint loss but in overall very good condition. Looks better than the pictures show. Inv. 3194.

Price: $189.00

2017-Mar-13 12:46pm EDT | Tags : Primitives Americana

*Rare Form Tin Lamp/Sconce

We just acquired this unique tin lamp which can either be placed on a table or hung as a sconce. The fuel is camphene, thus the slightly longer wick tubes (elongated to extend the flame away from the highly volatile camphene in the tank). It has a removable reflector, which is brass. The lid is also brass. It is a very nice size at 10 5/8" tall by 5 5/8" wide and 5" deep. See a similar example in Wallace Nuttings Furniture Treasury 4343-49. This rare tin lighting device will enhance any collection. Inv. 3133.

Price: $395.00

2017-Mar-13 10:47am EDT | Tags : Lighting Americana Primitives

Tin Fat Lamp

One of the best little fat lamps we have had is this example with its petite 2" reservoir, two forged iron chain links which were twisted for decoration, and suspended from a spike for attaching to a mantel beam or the wall. An unidentified little bracket on one side of the reservoir may have been for a wick pin. There is even some ancient fat left in it. As found in great surface and condition. Inv. 3190

Price: $135.00

2017-Mar-11 02:18pm EST | Tags : Lighting Primitives

Cast Iron Hearth Dutch Oven

The 9 inch skillet is on 3 legs and was placed over coals in the kitchen fireplace. The lid is "dished' with a high lip so when it was put onto the skillet, coals were stacked on the lid for even cooking. We haven't found one of these Dutch Ovens in a long time. It measures 9 1/2" round by 4 1/2" tall and the handle is 7 1/2" long. It shows two centuries or more of use but is still in very nice condition. Inv. 3188.

Price: Sold

2017-Mar-11 11:50am EST | Tags : Prior Sales

***Unique Walnut Hand Mirror

The turned, angled handle is a wonderful feature of this walnut hand mirror. The 5 inch round mirror has lost some silvering and the rim has two small age cracks but the patina is terrific. The handle and frame are each 6 inches. Very unique mirror. Inv. 3189

Price: $95.00 was $130.00

2017-Mar-11 11:06am EST | Tags : Americana Treen SALE!!

Large Pair of Hitching Post Horse Heads

We have had several hitching posts over the years and now we have this terrific matched pair, probably have always been together on either side of a gate. Large and heavy cast iron, measuring 13 inches tall by 9 inches deep and 5 inches in diameter at the base. The hitching ring is 4 1/2" and they require a 3 inch post. Designed with fancy trappings and cropped manes, they are an impressive pair. 19th century and the wonderful surface reflects that, even with a couple coats of paint, the last coat done many years ago. One horse has been weld repaired at the vertical seam at some point in its life but no apologies needed. Otherwise they are in great condition. Very desirable. Inv. 3185 and 3186.

Price: $200.00 Pair- reduced

2017-Mar-03 11:36am EST | Tags : Americana Primitives SALE!!

Rare Sheet Music Printing Plates

For our fellow musicians we are offering these sheet music printing plates for the song "MABA WALTZ" composed by Mrs. Laura H. Robinson. They are for the same song. The second plate is labeled with the title. Not dated but probably 19th century. We don't find many music related antiques that are not instruments so these are rare in our experience. They will make a terrific, unique display. Measures 8" x 11". Inv. 3179.

Price: $89.00

2017-Mar-02 02:02pm EST | Tags : Americana

Carved Wooden Scoop

One piece hand carved wooden scoop with a hooked handle resembling an effigy. Not sure of that was the intent but it looks good. Great patina with some expected wear and chips from years of use. 13" long by 5" wide by 2" deep. Inv. 3182

Price: $49.00

2017-Mar-02 01:54pm EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Wrought Iron Toaster

19th century blacksmith made toaster. Made to hold bread slices for toasting in front of a cooking fireplace. It rotates so both sides get done. Has a nice "lollipop" style handle and curled feet. Inv. 3183

Price: $126.00

2017-Feb-27 04:12pm EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Silhouettes-George and Martha Washington

This is a large pair of hollow cut silhouettes of the Washingtons in beautiful walnut frames. The frames are one piece, 8 1/2" x 10 1/4", with an oval center having a raised, accent border. There is a gold painted liner and the sight size of the silhouettes is 3 3/4" x 5 1/2". They each have a seal which appears to be an eagle or gull over a signature which I cannot make out, perhaps Peale Museum. Covering the back is what looks to be fragments of an early newspaper. These may be Centennial items. Many furniture and decorative items were made in the 1870's as part of the nation's 100 year celebration. Or they may be early silhouettes set into these later frames, which have significant value unto themselves. Wonderful condition. Inv. 3171. More pictures available.

Price: $400.00 for the pair

2017-Feb-27 12:20pm EST | Tags : Americana Folk Art

Large Carved Grain Scoop

Super hand carved wooden grain scoop with a unique form handle. Impressive size at 17 1/2" long by 8 1/2" wide and 3 inches deep. Great carving marks and the shape of the handle makes it special. Inv. 3173.

Price: $120.00

2017-Feb-25 01:31pm EST | Tags : Primitives Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Wooden Sign "LOCKED"

Two sided, hand painted oak wood trade sign saying LOCKED. Has what appears to be its original hanging chain. Good condition with expected wear from use. 16" long by 3" wide by 3/4". Inv. 3178

Price: $55.00

2017-Feb-25 01:01pm EST | Tags : Trade Signs Primitives

Brass Hat Stretcher

This hat stretcher is one we have not seen and it is unique piece. It is a brass band in an oval shape and has an "arm" which allows the band to expand and contract to different hat or head sizes from a 6 1/2 to an 8. Unmarked. A must have for hat collectors. Inv. 3163.

Price: $79.00

2017-Feb-21 03:00pm EST | Tags : Americana

Large Painted Mortar with Pestle

This is a very heavy turned mortar with terrific red, black and yellow striped paint. The interior has been carved out. The pestle is not original to it but is a great proportional fit and they work well together. It is large at 8" in diameter and 9" tall. The mortar has a tight crack and chips on the base. Inv. 3160.

Price: $175.00

2017-Feb-20 12:28pm EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives Folk Art

Small Oval Snow Shoes, dated 1875

This is one of the best pairs of hand made snow shoes in wonderful condition. They have an oval 23 inch long by 13 inch wide shape. The date 1875 is stamped on the front bridge of each shoe. The rawhide lacing is intact and in excellent condition and most of the leather boot harness is there. These are a very nice size for display on a wall. Inv. 768.

Price: $185.00

2017-Feb-18 04:00pm EST | Tags : Americana Folk Art

***Red Ware Flower Pot

Offering this red ware flower pot. Very nice green color with yellow floral decoration centered between wide stripes. Thick walls and hand formed in an urn shape. Six inches tall and seven inches in diameter. Has a chip on the bottom edge. Inv. 3007.

Price: $159.00

2017-Feb-15 12:22pm EST | Tags : Americana Primitives

Brass Wall Box

Possibly used for small candles or spills, this beautiful brass wall box is early Dutch, probably 18th century. It has figural decoration including a pair of lions on either side of a shield and a grazing cow in front of a house and barn. Also present are fruit and flowers. Measures 5 1/2" tall by 7" wide by 3 1/2" deep. Inv. 1506.

Price: $225.00

2017-Feb-14 03:20pm EST | Tags : Americana

Brass Spill Box- Charles le Hardy

This beautifully repousse'd brass spill box shows the image of Charles le Hardy, 1680-1744. His name is shown under the frame. Dutch, probably 18th century. He was born in Guernsey, later becoming a Naval Vice Admiral, a Knight and a Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty, though he never saw a gun fired in action (per internet research). The box shows some very interesting details such as his coat of arms and a small animal suspended on a chain, for some reason, probably a badge of some sort. 7 1/2" tall by 5" wide and 2" deep. Inv. 1593.

Price: $150.00

2017-Feb-14 02:00pm EST | Tags : Americana

Brass Coal Bucket

19th c. round brass coal bucket with paw feet, lion's head handles and a flame torch finial. Excellent condition with a expected wear from decades of use. The lid has a slight bend. 21 " to the top of the finial, 14" in diameter. Beautiful piece. Inv. 3159

Price: $175.00

2017-Feb-04 01:03pm EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Americana

Table Top Walnut Dough Box

19th c. black walnut table top dough box in excellent condition. Lid is champhered on the bottom to allow it to sit tightly on the box and it has breadboard ends. Made with square nails and some dowels. Nice small size at 25" long x 13" wide x 8"tall. Beautifull patina. Possibly a Missouri piece. Inv. 3158.

Price: $145.00 was $185.00

2017-Feb-04 09:42am EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives SALE!!

Flax Breaker

Another terrific primitive item is this flax breaker. Hand hewn wood has a nice decorative touch with the carved design on the handle, which has a hand forged iron blade. Included is one of the carved wooden pegs which would have held the breaker in place while in use. 22"l. x 3"w. x 4"t. Inv. 3087.

Price: $135.00

2017-Jan-08 04:47pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Small Copper Pitcher

Very early hammered and punched copper pitcher with dovetailed seam and riveted handle. Excellent construction and design. 6 1/2" tall and 3" diameter. Inv. 133

Price: $75.00

2017-Jan-03 10:57am EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items


Signed "Albert Pick Co. Inc." this cast iron porringer has a nickel surface and a beautiful pierced handle. Has been used for cooking and is 4 1/2" in diameter. Nice piece. Inv. 2062

Price: $28.00

2016-Dec-26 02:21pm EST | Tags : Primitives Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Three Chalk Garden Doves

These are three early chalk doves on iron mounts from a garden setting. Each one has a different position. One has landed and is perched, another is about to set down and the third is in an approach posture with it's wings spread. They are fully intact with the surfaces showing weathering effects but are very charming. They can be used in a number of artistic designs. Each is life size, about 8 1/2" tall and the widths vary up to 6 inches. The pictures are not the best. I can a difficult time getting nice images but can provide others. Inv. 1747

Price: $120.00 each, firm

2016-Dec-26 01:28pm EST | Tags : Primitives Paintings and Sculptures

Egret Confidence Decoy

This is a beautiful egret confidence decoy, standing 28 1/2" tall and 16" wide and the body is 3 " thick. Signed "SWAN QUARTER" but this must be a maker's logo because he is obviously an egret. We have had him in our collection since 1982 and would date him about the 1960-70's. The stand is removable for easy shipping. Inv. 3141.

Price: $185.00 was $235.00

2016-Nov-29 10:56am EST | Tags : Decoys SALE!!

Tole Painted Coffee Urn

This Adams style tin, tole painted coffee urn has a logo from a school and the date, we assume, of 1897. The name of the school is mostly missing possibly from cleaning over the years. The urn is said to have been part of a room scene from the very popular 1957 MGM movie "Raintree County" starring Elizabeth Taylor and was a story from the Civil War era. It has a beautiful patina and has some expected wear areas and a ding or two, shown in the pictures, but no real issue to the great character of the piece. Measures 19" tall and 11" wide at the handles. Inv. 681

Price: $195.00

2016-Nov-06 06:00pm EST | Tags : Americana

***Drying Rack

Pine drying rack, dovetailed construction, measuring 31 inches long, 15 inches wide and 1 1/4" thick. Can be used standing or could be hung for candles or herbs. Inv. 3123.

Price: $59.00

2016-Oct-03 07:00pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Duck Decoy

This is an outstanding decoy with exceptional carving detail and paint and the condition is excellent. Not sure of the particular type of duck but would guess it is a Pintail. It is 15 inches long. The keel has been removed for display. Inv. 3043.

Price: $225.00

2016-Sep-28 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Decoys Americana

Crib Quilt- Double Wedding Ring

Offering this terrific crib quilt from our personal collection. This Double Wedding Ring crib quilt is in mint condition and measures 55" long by 39" wide. With 8-9 stitches per inch it was lovingly, superbly and intricately sewn into a beautiful, vibrant work of art, a real find. 19th century. Inv. 1073.

Price: $295.00

2016-Sep-12 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Quilts Americana

Blacksmith Forged Shoe Last

Factory made shoe lasts are everywhere but it is rare to find an early 19th century one that is hand forged by a blacksmith. Used by cobblers to make leather shoes. Measures 8" long by 2 1/2" wide and 15" tall. We don't know when it was paired with the log base. This is a really cool and unique primitive. Inv. 3098

Price: $49.00 was $69.00

2016-Aug-26 05:00pm EDT | Tags : Tools Primitives SALE!!

Unusual Lapped Measure with a Metal Band

Again we have found an antique of a different form, this one a small measure with a unique wooden lap band, secured with nails, at the bottom, and a metal band around the top edge, probably to protect against wear and breakage during lots of use. It is signed on the bottom but I can't make it out, and says LITRE on the side. Great addition to a treen collection. Inv. 3056

Price: $85.00

2016-Aug-09 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

***Folk Art Painted Wood Bank

Unique little wood box bank, black with hand painted gold floral decoration on all sides and top. 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 4" tall. Inv. 3030

Price: $95.00

2016-Aug-06 07:00pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art

Quilt, Red and Mustard Gold, Baskets Design

Very graphic quilt with the basket design and red and gold colors, in very good, clean condition with no stains and minimal wear (3 tiny holes and a little edge wear on a 3 or 4 inch area) mentioned for accuracy, not detracting from the desirability of the quilt at all. The border on each side is a lighter gold color, original, not faded. Machine stitched, 1930's or so. 64" x 80". Note: in my pictures the red looks slightly purple but this is not the case, the red is red! The backing is all white. Inv. 3027.

Price: $135.00 was $195.00

2016-Aug-02 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Quilts Americana SALE!!

***Quilt, Sunflowers

What a bright, happy and vibrant quilt this is! Beautiful yellow blossoms on green stalks, centered on a white background within yellow bordered blocks and having both a brown border and a white border. Very good clean condition with one flower and stalk being very slightly faded, probably from having been folded with that area exposed to the environment. Mentioned for accuracy. No apologies for this quilt. Hand quilted, 8-10 stitches per inch, and thin with a white backing. Wonderful graphics and a generous 76" x 85". Inv. 3052.

Price: Sold

2016-Aug-02 04:00pm EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

Handled Pantry Box With A Candy Label

Bale handled pantry box with a desirable paper label "SWEET ORANGE SLICES", laps secured with copper nails and it is 9 inches in diameter by 5 inches tall. Very nice condition overall with the lid having lost about half of its lip. but the lid looks and fits well on the box so it is not a major distraction. Inv. 2097

Price: $135.00

2016-Jun-29 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Pair of 4 inch Brass Candlesticks

These little candlesticks look so good when used in groupings of small antiques. Inv. 2040. Note: They set perfectly straight. The camera makes them look like they are leaning.

Price: $22.00 each

2016-Jun-22 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Americana

Snow Bird(s)

Here you have a twofer! Two birds on one snow guard. Unusual form which we have not seen before. As found on a wooden stand. Inv. 2048

Price: $49.00

2016-Jun-12 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Americana

Folk Art Fiddle or Violin Case

A folk art masterpiece. Inlays are applied to the surface in a pattern that includes Germanic symbols similar to pinwheels or hexes. The name "Johnathon.Schutt." and date 1878 are inlaid in German silver. The lock esctucheon is German silver and engraved, including the initials JS in script, the latches and bail handle are brass and the wood inlay covers every inch of the top and sides. Really interesting are the two brass framed pictures of young girls. Possibly Johnathon's daughters? Probably lithograph The wood surface has never had any kind of finish applied. Attic dry. The condition is excellent. It has had minor professional reinforcement done to the hinges. At that time it looks like a chain was added to keep the lid from flopping back and damaging the hinges. Probably why the reinforcements.The violin case is a great example of folk art, probably Pennsylvania, and no doubt is one of a kind. More photos available. Inv. 1942

Price: $750.00

2016-Jun-07 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Americana

Glazed Stone Ware Bottle

Glazed with an unusual and gorgeous mustard and brown color and in near mint condition, this bottle is marked "xxRYL&RICHMOND" and stands 9 1/2" tall by 4" diameter. Inv. 2057

Price: $85.00

2016-Jun-05 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Bread Knife

This serrated blade bread knife would look great with our treen bread plate listed below. Wood handle has the letter V carved on it. Inv. 2054

Price: $25.00

2016-Jun-05 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Treen

***Two Tole Painted Spice Tins

A great find is this pair of little tin tole painted spice boxes with hinged lids and cone shaped knobs. Early and hand painted, with the paint being in really nice condition, and measuring 3" by 3" by 3 3/8" to top of the knob. Wonderful and cute so we are pricing them as a pair to keep them together. Inv. 2058 &2059.

Price: $45.00 for the pair.

2016-Jun-05 07:00pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Folk Art

***Sign, Hand Made Wooden- "PATTERNS"

Acquired from a lady who has owned it for some time is this terrific two sided wooden sign with hand made lettering saying "PATTERNS", the letters being silver, the wood backboard is blue and the wooden frame is black. Said to be from the Kansas City garment district circa 1920-30's. Each letter is 6 inches tall and 1 1/4" deep, for a very dramatic effect. The sign is 74 inches long, 14 inches wide and the frame is 3 inches wide. All original, as found and untouched. There is a metal plate on each end where hanging chains were hooked. Condition is very good, with some paint loss on the frame and backboard (the 3rd picture shows the other side. Blue paint loss on half of this side) and some minor chips to a few letters, all visible in the pictures. More pictures are available. This is a wonderful sign from one of the departments within a garment factory and a great addition to any sign collection. Inv. 2046.

Price: $595.00

2016-Jun-03 07:00pm EDT | Tags : Trade Signs Americana

Salt Glazed Table Top Churn

This little churn has faint cobalt blue lettering saying "JAS. BENJAMIN. STONEWARE DEPOT CINCINNATI O.". While it is hard to see most of it we can see enough to know that is what it says when comparing the churn to another stoneware piece we have which says the same thing. Near mint condition and measuring 10 1/2" tall and 6" in diameter. Inv. 2027

Price: $70.00

2016-May-31 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Americana Primitives

***Early Painted Tool Box

We love boxes and a great find is this 19th century black painted, dovetailed tool box. Wrought iron hasp and brass handle are nice features and inside are leather straps to hold tools in place. The hinges are intact and original and the lid is pitched with a neat mortised spine. The hasp and latch have been lowered about 1/2 inch a long time ago. Measures 19 1/2" wide by 10" deep by 11 inches tall. Inv. 2021

Price: $115.00

2016-May-20 07:00pm EDT | Tags : Tools Americana Primitives

***Kentucky Cherry Sugar Chest

We are offering this wonderful Kentucky cherry sugar chest. Standing on 9 1/2" tall turned legs, ending in ball feet, and it is a nice small size at 37" wide by 19 1/2" deep by 28 3/4" tall. The interior is divided, having one well at 15 1/2" wide with a sliding cutting board and the other well is 18 1/2" wide with a hand soldered zinc liner. probably to prevent critters and reduce moisture. The lid has breadboard ends and the original, intact hinges. The lock has been removed and a cherry block fills the mortise and the catch has been removed to allow a modification to the front to allow the installation of a cutting board which slides neatly back and tucks away, allowing access to the well below. That would also create space for other kitchen work as needed. Great condition, with an old refinish, and minor age cracks. Blemishes on top were prior to refinish. Pick up only, may deliver within 150 miles. Inv. 2019

Price: Sold, going home to Kentucky!

2016-May-20 01:00pm EDT | Tags : Prior Sales

***Early Hat Form

Slightly larger than most we've seen is this wonderful balsa wood hat form. Probably was a store display piece mounted on a stand and having a great patina and wear. Measures 9 inches by 8 1/2 inches by 7 inches tall. Inv. 2016

Price: $32.00

2016-May-15 07:00pm EDT | Tags : Americana Primitives

Pewter Tankard

This is an early large tankard at 7 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter. It has a number of touch marks, a beautiful patina and the condition is excellent, with just a small ding on the very edge of the rim. Inv. 1950.

Price: $65.00

2016-Apr-25 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Americana

Blue Painted Fireplace Bellows, Signed

There is a name at the top of the handle of these bellows, hard to make out entirely due to the wear from use but important nonetheless. The blue paint is original and shows the nice wear pattern we love in our 19th century antiques, as does the hanging hole. Non-working because the leather is dry and cracked, expected, but still a wonderful addition to any collection of early hearth tools. Measures 19" long by 9" wide and 4" thick. From a wonderful local collection. Inv. 1969

Price: $165.00

2016-Apr-08 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Americana

Federal Two Drawer Stand

We have this beautiful Federal two drawer stand of cherry with mahogany drawer fronts and gorgeous turned legs ending on ball feet. The top has what are commonly known as "cookie cutter" corners. Excellent condition and it is a nice size at 24 inches square by 29 inches tall. Inv. 1284.

Price: $325.00

2016-Mar-18 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Furniture

Early Copper Pots

Hand made copper pots with copper handles showing dovetailed and brass soldered joints, indicating the best type of construction. The large one is 11 inches in diameter and 7 inches deep. The handle measures 13 inches long. Inv. 1612 $98.00 The medium size pot is 9 1/2" in diameter, 5 1/2" deep and the handle is 11 1/2" long. Inv. 1611 $89.00 Actually cooking in old pots is not recommended and done at your own risk.

Price: See listing

2016-Mar-06 07:00pm EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Americana

***Large Rye Straw Wrapped Glass Jug

This beautiful green glass wine jug is wrapped in rye straw and measures 18 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter. From our personal collection. Inv. 611.

Price: $150.00

2016-Mar-06 05:00pm EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Americana Primitives

Sage Green Painted Apothecary Chest

This terrific sage green painted apothecary was originally used as a small parts chest. It has eight drawers with dividers of various sizes, which could be easily removed if desired, and the drawers also have brass knobs and label pockets. It is a nice usable size at 27"l. x 12"t. x 12"d. which would fit nicely on a counter top. Inv. 1940

Price: $150.00

2016-Feb-14 06:00pm EST | Tags : Americana Primitives

***Butter Churn in Mustard Paint

This is an unusual form of butter churn in all original condition including its mustard paint. Complete and ready to use including the drain plug. Measures 18"l. x 18" t. x 12"w. Inv. 1935

Price: $135.00

2016-Feb-14 05:00pm EST | Tags : Americana Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

Pair of Staffordshire Dogs with Birds

These are two Staffordshire dogs with birds in their mouths, only about 4 inches wide and tall. Marked 'English'. Excellent condition (one may have had a bird glued back on). Inv. 1384.

Price: $125.00 for the pair.

2016-Jan-07 07:00pm EST | Tags : Americana

Brass Eagle Door Knocker

19th century brass eagle door knocker complete with its original mounting screws. The beautiful design even incorporates a banner for name engraving if desired. Excellent condition and a very nice size at 9" tall by 5" wide. Inv. 1278

Price: $175.00

2016-Jan-04 07:00pm EST | Tags : Americana

***O/C Portrait of a Barrister

This is a beautiful oil on canvas portrait of a barrister. It is all original with no apparent damage and in excellent condition, although there is crackle on the surface, typical of old oil paintings. It can be seen in the pictures. It has the unusual feature of his family crest being applied to the painting, having been hand painted on what appears to be deerskin. It is shown in photo #3. These pictures were taken in natural daylight to get the best images possible. Unsigned. Sight measurement is 24 1/2" w. x 29 1/2"t. and frame measures 30 1/2" w. x 35 1/2"t. The frame is vintage and is not original. We have more photos available. Inv. 515

Price: $895.00

2016-Jan-04 05:00pm EST | Tags : Americana Paintings and Sculptures

Ice Fishing Rig

Probably custom made for his own use is this device for ice fishing made by Earl H. Austin, Kanona N.Y. It is set up by sticking the sharp spike in the base and sharp steel legs into the ice. The spool holds old fishing line with a small treble hook which is run over the wire hook in the arm and down into the water. The "arm" is slotted which allows it to flip up when a fish is on the line, signaling the fisherman that he has a bite. All hand made, it is true folk art. Hard to date, probably 1930-50. Inv. 1864.

Price: $69.00 Reduced from $79.00!

2015-Dec-17 07:00pm EST | Tags : Americana Folk Art

Early Niddy Noddy

This is a very early hand made yarn winder. The shaft is carved and mortised through the ends which are secured by square cut nails. Walnut. 18 inches long by 16 inches wide. Inv. 1837

Price: $45.00

2015-Nov-30 07:00pm EST | Tags : Americana

***O/C Painting-Stone House in a Pastoral Setting

A recent find, this painting of a stone, thatch roof house, people and a dog in a beautiful pastoral setting, just pops with wonderful vibrant colors. Unsigned, the artist displays excellent technique with composition, depth and details, especially in the blending of the sunrise with the blue sky. And he/she skillfully executed the intricate lines of the stone and the individual leaves and created a tranquil, pleasant scene. The stretchers indicate it to be 19th century, though the frame is a little later. It has had cleaning and conservation. Measures 18 1/2"t. x 22 1/2"w., the sight size is 16"t. x 20"w. Inv. 1598.

Price: $125.00

2015-Nov-26 06:00pm EST | Tags : Paintings and Sculptures

Tin Match Box

Early tin match box with old white paint. Wall hanger, the lid is hinged with wire and the back corners are secured with wire. Both are old repairs. It has a punched striker on the front. 4" x 2 1/2" x 3" to top of the scrolled hanger. Neat little box. Inv. 1839

Price: $35.00

2015-Nov-23 07:00pm EST | Tags : Americana Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

***19th Century Powder Horn

This ten inch long early powder horn has a wooden plug with the initials NAV written on it and a brass measuring filler. Minor insect damage. Great display piece. Inv. 1834.

Price: $98.00

2015-Nov-23 06:00pm EST | Tags : Americana Weaponry

Forged Iron Keys

Here are three forged iron keys, each about six inches long. Original surface. Inv. 1845, 1846, 1847.

Price: $18.00 each or $50.00 for the set of three

2015-Nov-22 07:00pm EST | Tags : Americana Primitives

Canvasback Duck Decoy-Frank Strey

Attributed to Frank Strey, (1890-1966), Oshkosh, WI. This decoy has all of the details Strey was noted for in his carvings.Long graceful necks and pronounced chests and cheeks. This duck has the entire surface rasped to eliminate glare, paint patterns and give the impression of feathers. His head is rounded, has recessed eyes and the bill detailing is exquisite. The body is oversized with a flat bottom, not often seen on Strey decoys. This was a working decoy and shows the affects of use with nicks and dings as well as six shot marks and there is some filler loss where the plank bottom attaches to the body. But the paint is in nice shape, is vibrant and the glass eyes are fine. This is a very nice example of Frank Strey's work, which can easily achieve four figures at auction. There are 3 pictures shown and more available. Measurements are about 16"l. x 7 1/2"w. x 9 1/2"t. Inv. 1810.

Price: $450.00 Free shipping!

2015-Nov-08 07:00pm EST | Tags : Americana Decoys

***Blue Cabinet

Here is a blue painted cabinet, probably intended for use in a bathroom, and has a towel bar. Drawer has a lock. As found.Measures 24"t. x 13 1/2"w. x 4 1/2"d. Inv. 1557

Price: $185.00

2015-Nov-02 06:00pm EST | Tags : Americana Furniture Primitives

Blue Painted Cherry Stoner

The robin's egg blue paint on this cherry stoner makes this a really desirable country antique. Table top clamp. Marked "Home Cherry Stoner Patented Aug 7 1917 St. Louis USA". Inv. 1788

Price: $48.00 reduced from $68.00!

2015-Sep-27 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives SALE!!

Forged Iron Nutcracker

Someone had some tough nuts to crack, apparently, judging by the sophisticated design of this nutcracker, requiring two hands to accomplish the feat. Hand forged, brown paint and mounted on a walnut base. ""NUT CRACKER" painted on the frame (easily removed), probably by a museum. Very unique piece. 25'l. x 8"w. x 10"t. Inv. 1716.

Price: $77.00 was $110.00

2015-Aug-13 07:00pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives SALE!!

***18th Century Grass Scythe

18th century forged iron scythe is signed "McPherson" and has a whittled wood handle. It has an exaggerated 22" long blade and measures 17" blade to the hanging ring. Great look. Inv. 1682.

Price: $35.00

2015-Apr-15 07:00pm EDT | Tags : Tools Americana

Round Iron Hearth Trivet

This wonderful wrought iron trivet is 8" in diameter, with a 6" lathe turned wood handle, and stands on 4" legs with curled feet. Inv. 1607.

Price: $77.00

2015-Apr-12 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Primitives

***Petite Pewter Salt Box, Dated 1839

Pewter salt box engraved with initials CJC and 1839. Very small, measuring only 4 1/4"t. x 3"w. x 2 1/2"d. Nice patina and condition, has a small scratch and a pin is missing from one side of the hinge. Unique and decorative piece. Inv. 1643.

Price: $225.00

2015-Mar-08 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Americana

Butter Paddle, Tiger Maple

Tiger maple wood makes this butter paddle very special. The stripes are vibrant and the color is rich. It does have a burn mark on the bottom but not a detriment to its beauty. Inv. 1610.

Price: $35.00

2015-Feb-05 07:00pm EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Painted Wood Letters

These six early hand cut letters are in original red paint on the front and mustard on the edges and back side. They measure 12 inches tall, the width varies up to 10 inches and they are 1 inch thick. L-I-P-S-U-ampersand. Very hard to find these great early letters. Sure wish we had more. Inv. 1613 thru 1618.

Price: $15.00 each REDUCED!

2015-Jan-29 06:00pm EST | Tags : Americana Folk Art Primitives

Brass Sewing Bird with Heart

A super little brass sewing bird on a brass clamp featuring a heart in the center of the set screw. Bird measures 3 1/2" long by 1 1/2" wide. Inv. 1232.

Price: $250.00

2015-Jan-09 07:00pm EST | Tags : Americana Hearts!

Early Copper Sauce Pan with Heart Handle

Dovetailed sides and bottom define this terrific sauce pan as early 19th century and it is enhanced with a forged iron 10" long handle terminating in a heart shaped end and fastened with rivets. It is 8 inches in diameter and 3 1/2 Inches deep. Great early pan. Inv. 838.

Price: $85.00

2015-Jan-08 07:00pm EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Hearts!

Early Brass Jelly Kettle with Heart Handle

Cast and spun brass jelly kettle with a forged iron handle attached with heart shaped ends using copper rivets. The strap handle tapers from a 1 1/8" width at the arch to 5/8" just above the heart for a decorative effect. This is a heavy duty hearth cooking kettle measuring 12" in diameter, 7" deep and 14 1/2" to the top of the handle and it weighs nearly 11 pounds. This is a great find and a wonderful addition to any collection. Inv. 1591.

Price: $175.00

2015-Jan-08 07:00pm EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items Hearts!

Painted Wall Box

There is so much to love about this little wall (or salt?) box starting with its red and black grain paint accented by a white scalloped border on three sides and the lid. Constructed using only pegs, no nails, and the chamfered lid hinges on pegs. Measures 6 1/2"w. x 5 3/4"d. x 7 1/2"t. It has a chip at the top of the back and a sliver has broken off the left edge of the back, exposing two pegs. Wish it weren't so but it does not take anything away from the great character of this wonderful box. Inv. 1582.

Price: $185.00

2014-Dec-28 05:00pm EST | Tags : Americana

Early Glass Cutter

Rare glass cutting tool for cutting circles and scrolls. Wood knobs and base. Unmarked. 12 inches long. This is a really neat little tool. Inv. 95.

Price: 69.00 Free shipping!

2014-Dec-07 07:00pm EST | Tags : Tools

Wood Carving Tools, S. J. Addis, Maker

Five tools consisting of two V groove chisels and three gouges. Made by S. J. Addis. Three marked London and two are marked Cast Steel, all with the square and compass logo. Wood handles and brass ferrules. Inv. 1563.

Price: Sold

2014-Dec-07 06:00pm EST | Tags : Tools

Wood Carving Tools, S. J. Addis, Maker

Seven gouges with wood handles and brass ferrules. Four are marked S. J. Addis, London and three have marks of S. J. Addis, Cast Steel. All have the square and compass logo. Good condition. Inv. 1562.

Price: Sold

2014-Dec-07 06:00pm EST | Tags : Tools

Wood Carving Tools, D.R. Barton, Maker

Five gouges and two V groove chisels. Six tools are marked DRBARTON and one is marked DRBARTON 1832. Barton was a mid 1800's New York NY tool maker. Inv. 1561.

Price: Sold

2014-Dec-07 06:00pm EST | Tags : Tools

Assembled Set of Wood Carving Tools

Eight (8) pieces of carving tools, assembled, with names of Peugeot, G. Hild Sheffield with a beaver logo, Bass, one from Germany (indistinguishable), and four are unmarked. Inv. 1560.

Price: Sold

2014-Dec-07 06:00pm EST | Tags : Tools

Brass Sad Iron

Early brass sad iron with a wood handle. Heating slug is absent. Original patina. Inv. 1293.

Price: $49.00

2014-Dec-02 07:00pm EST | Tags : Americana

***Early Iron Kettle

In excellent condition, this early iron kettle is marked on the bottom "No. 4, 8 pints" and "Cannon, Deerfields". The number '4' is also on the lid, which appears to have its original brass knob. The loop handle is made in a fixed position. Goose neck spout. Original surface, inside has some minor rust. The tank is 8 inches around and it measures 13 inches including the spout and 12 inches tall. Inv. 1556.

Price: $125.00 reduced from $175.00

2014-Dec-02 05:00pm EST | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items SALE!!

Moroccan Powder Horn

Having terrific engraving, this 18th or 19th century brass powder horn is probably Moroccan. It is a nice size at 11" long, 5" wide and 3" thick and the cap is a powder measure. An unusual piece and a good addition to any collection. Inv. 20.

Price: $82.00 Sale! Was $110.00

2014-Nov-10 05:00pm EST | Tags : Weaponry SALE!!

"Etherium Drinking Water" - Water Cooler

This brown glazed 2 gallon crock water cooler has never been used. It has a rare ceramic spigot, rare because they are nearly always broken and replaced with metal. The tape on the spigot is original and was intact until someone messed with it and it tore. English, late 19th century. Mint. Inv. 639

Price: $225.00

2014-Sep-18 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Early Kitchen/Hearth Items

Dutch Wall Clock

Beautiful wall clock with a hand painted dial, brass hands, weight, chains and pendulum window. The pendulum is internal and accessed by removing the key which allows the panel to be removed. Oak, 18th or early 19th century, with brass works. Refer to Wallace Nutting's "Furniture Treasury item #3551" for a similar example. Original brass repousse finials are with it but we have it displayed with replacement urn shaped brass finials. We have had the clock running and it kept good time however we have not had it checked by a clock service person. It is offered without warranty but our return policy always applies. It is a very nice addition to early collections. We have a near identical clock in ours. Inv. 809.

Price: $1395.00 Originally $2295.00

2014-Sep-18 02:00pm EDT | Tags : Clocks SALE!!

Boston Terrier Doorstop

This guy is in first paint of brown and tan and measures 10 1/2 inches. He is in very good condition with some expected chips and minor imperfections. Inv. 1519.

Price: $99.00 was $145.00

2014-Jul-22 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Americana SALE!!

Brass Tea Caddy

Beautifully designed and repousse decorated little tea caddy. Oval shaped and only 4 1/2"t. x 3 1/2"w. x 2 1/4"d. Excellent condition. Circa 1850, Dutch. Inv. 1510.

Price: 165.00 FREE shipping!

2014-Jul-10 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Americana

Brass Spill Holder

This spill holder has beautiful repousse decoration featuring a six pointed star on an arched top. Made to set or hang. Circa 1850. 10"t. x 3 1/4"w. x 2 1/4"d. Inv. 1509.

Price: $95.00 FREE shipping!

2014-Jul-10 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Americana

Marquetry Sewing Box, 1879

A beautiful marquetry sewing box having a mother of pearl escutcheon and a MOP inlay on the top saying "J.L.T. Causewayside Public School 28th Febry 1879". The extensive inlay is exquisite and in wonderful condition. Inside is a compartmented tray covered in red or magenta silk and the underside of the lid is tufted upholstered in the same silk. The covering in the box is missing. English (but listed in Americana anyway). It is a beautiful decorative item, comfortable in any setting. Inv. 1178. More photos available.

Price: $225.00 Free shipping!

2014-Feb-28 07:00pm EST | Tags : Americana

Thoroughbred Trotter & Sulky Hooked Rug

Thoroughbred Trotter & Sulky Hooked Rug. Circa 1880-1900, Sunbury, Ohio origin. The rug is wool, is hooked on Monk cloth and measures approximately 4 feet by 7 feet. Medium sage green/ light blue mottled background bordered by dark green and gray, which allows the bay brown horse, red sulky and the jockey in blue and gray silks to provide a stunning scene with their vibrant colors. It is even more striking as the rug artist designed the scene without further embellishments which often diminish the powerful effect of the presentation. The rug is spectacular when hung when it takes on even a stronger dimension and depth. This rug is an outstanding example of great style and quality of hooking, and is unique in its subject and size. We fabricated a 4 part frame and Velcro for easy mounting, hanging and moving. The rug is in very nice condition. It has a small hole and minor edge wear in a couple of places and slight surface wear in two small areas. Inv. 1119. More photos available

Price: $1500.00

2014-Feb-18 07:00pm EST | Tags : Americana

Medical Training Models,Eye and Ear-Great Folk Art

These are models of a human eye and ear which were used to train medical students. German, circa 1860. The eye disassembles to show the internal workings and the ear has removable parts. They are hand made of papier mache, wood and glass and set on their original wood bases. Good condition, with expected minor imperfections. These are hard find and may be considered rare. Inv. 1100 Reduced from $1275.00. More photos available.

Price: $975.00

2014-Feb-17 06:00pm EST | Tags : Folk Art Americana

'Field' Microscope Kit.

This kit consists of a brass microscope, a brass stand to hold an adjustable arm with a magnifying glass on it and a lens cover. All are housed in a slide lid box. These were used for work outside the lab in the field. Not originally a part of the kit but included is a brass microscope, missing its mirror, of about the same era, circa 1900. These are great little decorative items. Inv. 854.

Price: $225.00 reduced from $295.00!

2014-Feb-17 05:00pm EST | Tags : Americana Primitives SALE!!

Trade Sign, "Hand Painted Gifts"

Trade sign in the form of an artist's palette and two brushes advertising Hand Painted Gifts. Two sided, masonite, probably 1940's. Great vibrant colors, brushes appear to be hand carved. Has a small chip on edge and a very small hole in field. About 36 inches long and 30 inches tall. More pictures available. Inv. 1316

Price: $300.00 was $379.00

2014-Feb-16 05:00pm EST | Tags : Folk Art Trade Signs SALE!!

Artist's Model

Artist's model, 16 inches tall, pine with cherry stain, hand carved. Probably French. Excellent carving detail and condition. More pictures available. Inv. 1412

Price: $650.00 reduced from $875.00!

2014-Feb-16 05:00pm EST | Tags : Folk Art SALE!!

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