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Our name comes from the fact that we are located almost exactly on the so-called “Blue Line” which circumscribes New York’s Adirondack State Park. We carry a broad selection of antiques, ranging from elegant British pottery to Adirondack items, primitives and folk art. Our shop is open seasonally, by appointment. We only do several shows a year and do not sell on e-bay, so we always have fresh stock. The best way to contact us with inquiries is by e-mail since we are often unavailable by phone. Please check out our website at to see additional antiques that we have for sale. We have a 72 hour return policy. In the event you are dissatisfied for any reason with an item you have purchased, you need only notify us of that fact within 72 hours after delivery, pay the shipping and necessary insurance costs and return it promptly to us. Provided its condition is unchanged, we will immediately refund the purchase price. If you believe we have not described the condition of the item accurately, please contact us to discuss the problem. If we feel you are correct, we will be happy to pay or refund return expenses.

Early carving of a man

Folk art carving of a man's head. Carver and subject unknown. Nice detail of facial features and hair. Purchased in Ohio. Wood appears to be pine. We initially thought it was a carnival "knock down", and that may still be true, but most of the scratches are well below the face and head, whch would have been the typical target area. The subject appears to be African-American or Hispanic and seems rather jolly. Great folk art. Additional photos available on request. (CR-17)

Price: $495

2022-Jun-30 06:12pm EDT | Tags :

Carving of pair of owls

This is a very cute small carving of a pair of owls rigged to hang on the wall with a small hole in the back. Another hanger may be appropriate since it hangs at a bit of an angle given that the hole is a bit off center. Probably dates to the middle part of this century. (CQ-11)

Price: $138

2022-Feb-17 09:25am EST | Tags :

Small box with relief carving

Small book-style box with bold relief carving of a maple leaf on front. 3 5/8” high x 2 5/8” wide x ¾” thick. We decided that the leaf was much too muted and took the liberty of coloring it in a rich reddish brown. The box is very well made and opens like a book. Circa probably mid - 20th century and may be Canadian in origin. (QA-7)

Price: $125

2022-Feb-16 06:45pm EST | Tags :

Pa. style Goldfinch carving

Small Pa. style carving of a goldfinch in alert pose with tail cocked downward as if on alert or startled. Carver unknown. Bird has metal legs and feet and is mounted on a circular green wooden plinth. Stands approximately 3" high including base. Nice little folky piece. Additional photos available upon request. (CQ-9)

Price: SOLD

2022-Feb-14 04:24pm EST | Tags :

Early nodder

Early nodder of an elderly gentleman, perhaps a parson, seated in a well made rustic high-back chair. The man nods very agreeably when prompted. Ca. 1900. (CO -4)

Price: $245

2021-Sep-10 12:18pm EDT | Tags :

Dog Head Effigy Cane

19th century Native American maple effigy cane with carved dog head. 35”long. Has original metal foot secured by old iron nails. Dog’s head is simply but nicely carved, with small holes driven for eyes. It undoubtedly supported more than one owner in its lifetime and easily could support more as it remains in excellent condition. We love the curves in the shaft. Additional photos available upon request. (CL-30)

Price: $325

2020-Nov-17 03:16pm EST | Tags :

Ladies snuff box

Yes, ladies used snuff too. This is a great little ladies snuff box in the form of a shoe with mother of pearl inserts and an embroidered cloth insert on the hinged lid. Some minor damage, as shown, to fabric, and several m.o.p. inserts are missing, but it is still a rare and unusual piece. Circa mid-19th century and believed to be American. More photos available upon request. 3 ¼" L x 7/8" W x 1"H. (CL-16)

Price: $185

2020-Oct-04 12:50pm EDT | Tags :

Small birch bark snuff box

Rare small birch bark snuff box assembled with iron pins, 2 3/8” L x 1 ¼” W and 1 ½” H. Has iron ring for pulling lid off. Circa 1840. Remains in excellent condition. Found in Wisconsin. (CK-8)

Price: $285

2020-Jul-24 12:54pm EDT | Tags :

Carved lion

Small folky carving of a lion which was evidently a fragment salvaged from a piece of furniture. Probably 19th century and possibly English. Has some old loss to very tip of tail and minor damage from removal, neither of which really affect its appearance. We have mounted it on a red cedar board using an original mounting hole, but it can easily be removed by the buyer, if desired. Lion figure is 5 ½” L and the entire piece is 8” in height. (CK-22)

Price: $115

2020-Jul-14 04:41pm EDT | Tags :

Native American Dipper or ladle

Small dark maple dipper, or possibly a maple sugaring ladle, with carved spline extending from the back of the cupped portion onto the handle, a technique commonly used by woodland Native Americans to prevent breakage. Has some wear from use on front lip and a chip on the end of the handle but is structurally sound. 8 ½” L. Circa early 19th century. (CK-7)

Price: $180

2020-Jun-26 09:56am EDT | Tags :

Great Dane carving

Small carving of a Great Dane mounted on a wood plaque. Very nice form. Carving dates to early to mid 20th century. It was contained in a box lot of miniature carvings of a variety of subjects we purchased in Canada. Carving apprx. 2 1/2" H: Plaque 5 1/2" H. Great gift for a Great Dane owner. (CK-10)

Price: $95

2020-May-24 10:55am EDT | Tags :

Nantucket Purse

Gorgeous Nantucket purse in original bold red paint with carved seashells on top. In excellent original condition with slight wear. Maker unknown. There is a penny glued on the inside bottom dated 1995 which probably denotes the date it was made. 8 1/2" wide x 7" deep x 6 1/2" high. More photos available on request. (CJ-1)

Price: $265

2020-May-09 08:45am EDT | Tags :

Antebellum painting on cloth

Small antebellum painting of a distinguished gentleman on cloth (probably linen) in finely hand painted gilt frame. Second photo shows the cloth from the back. Very minor touch up to frame. 6”H x 4 3/8”W. Exceptional quality. (CH-11)

Price: $475

2020-May-08 09:10am EDT | Tags :


See description on tag in center of the piece.

Price: $95

2020-May-06 10:58am EDT | Tags :

Sweet Grass Watch Hutch

Small sweet-grass watch hutch in fine original condition. Native American made, probably along the northeast U.S. coast, possibly Maine. Great design and exquisite weaving. one tiny "spoke" missing in small wheel at top. 6” H x 5 1/4” W (at widest point). Circa 1920’s. (CJ-36)

Price: SOLD

2020-May-05 09:02am EDT | Tags :

Red sugar bucket

Early red sugar bucket in original faded red paint. Square nail construction of lid. In our personal collection for many years. Probably dates to mid 19th century. The lid has a small old glued repair. New England origin. More photos available upon request. (CG-27)

Price: $250

2020-May-04 05:55pm EDT | Tags :

Patriotic Indian Club

Patriotic Indian club in red, white and blue paint with a gold band. Large size – 18 ½” tall. Hollowed out but still fairly heavy (apprx. 3 lbs.). Very good condition with only minimal wear. (CJ-24)

Price: $235

2020-May-03 08:10am EDT | Tags :

Chromolithograph of Stork

Framed chromolithograph of a “Wooly Necked Stork” from a painting by Henry Constantine Richter (1821-1902) for a “Generation of Birds” by George Robert Gray, an English Zoologist, published in 1841. Photos taken from side to minimize reflection. Good condition. (BT-8)

Price: $155

2020-May-01 03:04pm EDT | Tags :

Patriotic Parade Horn

Tin patriotic parade horn from WW1 victory celebration. Has a dent and some paint losses. Horn mechanism no longer works, but it displays nicely. 16 ¼” L. (CJ-30)

Price: $125

2020-Apr-27 02:42pm EDT | Tags :

Carved eagle

Carved eagle with gilt surface. 19th century. Has expected wear and minor losses to gesso. The very tip of one wing feather was broken and reattached securely years ago. We had a bit of gilt added to that area. 29” wide x 11 ½” high. Displays brilliantly. (CI -10)

Price: $985

2019-Aug-25 01:59pm EDT | Tags :

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