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Our name comes from the fact that we are located almost exactly on the so-called “Blue Line” which circumscribes New York’s Adirondack State Park. We carry a broad selection of antiques, ranging from elegant British pottery to Adirondack items, primitives and folk art. Our shop is open seasonally, by appointment. We only do several shows a year and do not sell on e-bay, so we always have fresh stock. The best way to contact us with inquiries is by e-mail since we are often unavailable by phone.

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We have a 72 hour return policy. In the event you are dissatisfied for any reason with an item you have purchased, you need only notify us of that fact within 72 hours after delivery, pay the shipping and necessary insurance costs and return it promptly to us. Provided its condition is unchanged, we will immediately refund the purchase price. If you believe we have not described the condition of the item accurately, please contact us to discuss the problem. If we feel you are correct, we will be happy to pay or refund return expenses.


2018-Oct-02 01:08pm EDT | Tags :

Covered yellow ware jug with seaweed decoration

Very rare small covered yellow ware jug with seaweed decoration. There has been an excellent professional repair to hairlines in the base of the jug, but the condition is otherwise excellent and it displays brilliantly. 5" tall. (CF-17)

Price: $335 (was $365)

2018-Sep-01 03:30pm EDT | Tags :

Carved Beagle

Finely carved and painted male beagle (anatomically correct). Original paint with minor wear and no structural damage. Approximately 11" high, including stand, and 10" long. Circa mid-20th century. More photos available upon request. (BU-5)

Price: $225 (was $295)

2018-Jul-18 09:14am EDT | Tags :

Early turned master salt

Early turned and paint decorated master salt. Similar to Lehnware, but color pattern is different. Probably from Pennsylvania, circa late 19th century. Very good original paint. 3 3/8″ dia. and 3 1/2″ tall. (CD-32)

Price: $235 (was $285)

2018-Jun-24 08:14am EDT | Tags :

Carved stag

Fine stag carving. Probably European, possibly late Black Forest. All original. One antler tine has been reset. and one ear had a loss to the top portion which has been restored. The piece looks gilded in the photos but it is not. Circa early to mid 20th century. Antlers are removable for transport. 12 1/2″ tall and 8″ long, including base. More photos available upon request. (CA-18)

Price: $315 (was $365)

2018-Jun-03 07:16am EDT | Tags :

Carved lion head

Superb folk art carving of lion head with open mouth signed “S. Edwards” on back. Not a mask. Origin unknown, but believed to be American, circa late 19th or early 20th century. Has a stable age crack as shown in frontal photo. 12″ wide by 10″ high. All original. (Inv. BQ-5)

Price: $825 (was $985)

2018-Mar-28 09:41am EDT | Tags :

Patriotic Shield

Wooden patriotic shield found in Vermont. 17″ high by 16 1/2″ wide at top. Original paint with wear and minor losses, as shown. It bears several screw holes from mounting and an outline of what we believe was probably a medallion and label commemorating a battle or military regiment in the Spanish American War, WWI or WWII. Circa early to mid-20th century. It displays beautifully as is. Several board construction. One joint had become slightly separated at one point and was glued to secure it. (CC- 25)

Price: $275 (was $380)

2018-Feb-10 05:08pm EST | Tags :


Small scherenschnitte (scissors cutting) in form of a plant in an urn with a central heart and a pair of love birds. Probably a gift for a loved one or, possibly, a memorial given the urn. Cutting is in fine original condition save for very minor stains that are scarcely apparent except upon close examination. Frame has age but may not be original. 7 5/8″ H x 5 5/8″ W, including frame. Pennsylvania origin, circa mid 19th century. Fresh to market from an old collection. (LTS)

Price: $150 (was $285)

2017-Oct-19 09:28am EDT | Tags :

Double Crusie Grease Lamp

Late 18th century double cruisie grease lamp. 8 1/2" tall. Pa. or continental origin. Has decorative birds' heads on lower level and trees on upper level. Birds' eyes are imprinted as are tree-top borders. There is rust which can be removed by buyer, if desired. Has a tiny break to one tip of the large tree in lower section as shown in the photos. More photos available upon request. (BX-5)

Price: $95 (was $150)

2017-Oct-10 08:21am EDT | Tags :

Odd Fellows parade axe

Odd Fellows parade axe with heart in hand and three link chain symbols. 33″ long. Found in southeastern Pennsylvania and probably came from a member of an Odd Fellows lodge there. There is some tape on the handle which may have been added to facilitate carrying because the handle appears to be intact and undamaged. This piece had the heart painted black when we acquired it, with a couple spots of red that we originally thought were droplets of paint spilled on it in the course of some unrelated work. However, when a third spot suddenly appeared we realized the black was over-paint (possibly applied by a disenchanted former lodge member??). We carefully scraped the black off to reveal the original red, as shown. Photos are available showing the paint as found originally. Circa early 20th century, (BY-37)

Price: $495 (was $585)

2017-Oct-09 08:38am EDT | Tags :

Brook Trout carving

Folky carving of a Brook Trout found in Maine. All original, including the paint. Circa early 20th century. Naively carved and boldly painted, capturing the basics of the fish, albeit not the accurate detail of a Lawrence Irvine piece. 9” long. The very essence of folk art. (CB – 8)

Price: $295 (was $385)

2017-Sep-21 09:14am EDT | Tags :

Uncle Sam Doll

Folk art figure of Uncle Sam in very good condition with great hand-made clothing. Approximately 7″ tall and jointed at the hips and shoulders. Traces of cotton fiber under the chin suggest that he may have had a beard or goatee and enlargement of the photo of his face reveals the outline of a mustache, which might have been painted or attached there. We decided not to replace these items, but it would be easy for a new owner to do so if desired. Circa early 20th century. (BZ-36)

Price: $280 (was $365)

2017-Jul-15 12:39pm EDT | Tags :

Carved Coca Cola Bottle

Unusual hand-carved Coca Cola bottle. Approximately 12" tall and dated 1971. Very well done. (BZ-7)

Price: $195 (was $285)

2017-Jun-02 07:36am EDT | Tags :

Primitive cow painting

Small primitive oil on board of a milk cow in its original frame. Circa 19th century. Sight size 8 1/2″ H x 10 1/2″ W. Frame size 11 1/2″ H x 13 1/2″ W. Signed “Felty”. All original without any in-painting. It is on a real board as opposed to artist board. Frame has some wear, but is quite attractive. (BY-21)

Price: $370 (was $430)

2017-Mar-26 08:35am EDT | Tags :

Carved Miniature Drake Mallard

Finely carved and painted miniature flying drake mallard by Hingham, Massachusetts carver Russ Burr (1887-1955). Professional restoration to one foot and the very tip of one wing feather. Very minor wear to original paint. We have mounted it on a small wood plaque, rigged to hang, but it can be easily removed by the new owner. Burr was described as the “Master of Movement” by Joseph H. Ellis in his book, “Birds in Wood and Paint”, featuring noted 19th and early 20th century American bird carvers, published in 2009 (@pp 92-98). 4 1/2″L x 4 1/2″H. (BX-35)

Price: $250 (was $345)

2017-Jan-28 10:30am EST | Tags :

Black Forest carving of red stag

Black Forest carving of a red stag. Swiss origin. Stands approximately 7″ tall x 9″ long. Has detachable antlers. There were old break lines to all legs at the ankles. They have been professionally restored and are no longer apparent, There also was an old break in one ear, which too was restored and is only noticeable upon very close examination. It displays beautifully and is a great example of the best of Brienzerware carving, circa 1890-1910. Possibly the work of Peter Huggler. (BW-39)

Price: $600 (was $660)

2016-Oct-21 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Flying yellowlegs shorebird decoy

Unusual carving of a flying yellowlegs shorebird with impressed signature by Herbert Randall, known as "the last of the Seabrook carvers" from Seabrook, New Hampshire. Randall, who died in 1971, began carving working decoys in the era of shorebird hunting and continued carving decoratives thereafter. Some flying decoys were used to simulate a bird landing or taking off and this decoy has nail eyes, which were used by Randall on his earlier birds. There is minor wear and a small old age crack in the breast. Hard to know if it began life as a working decoy or was made as a decorative. The mount could well be later. More photos available upon request. (BU-37)

Price: $395 (was $495)

2015-Oct-20 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

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