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Granthum 1763 Antiques was founded in 1986 in a manor house on a tract of land named "Granthum" in Talbot Co. on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I am the sole proprietor and specialize in early original surface and painted pieces, including early cupboards, dry sinks, bucket benches, pie safes, and early hand made pieces. Hooked rugs, folk art in any form and pantry boxes, firkins and blanket chests as well as early toys, dolls and Christmas items are also available. Since I recently closed my, you will find all fresh merchandise here at Dig Antiques! Newly acquired country smalls are being this week!!! Take a look!!! FYI I have recently moved so check back soon for fresh merchandise.

Oil on Canvass Portrait

Only 8” x 10” portrait in good condition

Price: $450.00

2021-Feb-28 02:09pm EST | Tags :

Early Blue Pantry Box

Blue pantry is 8” x 4” and a beauty. Opposing wlaps WITH LS initials on top,

Price: $475.00

2021-Feb-28 02:03pm EST | Tags :

Horse on Wheels Pull Toy

Early horse pull toy is on 11” platform with wheels. Horse is 12” x 10” and is in played with condition but good for the age. A few holes on sides.

Price: $175.00

2021-Feb-14 03:36pm EST | Tags :

Uncle Sam Doll

Uncle Sam has a great stitched face and clothing. He is 14” tall and stands on wire legs and feet. Cotten or rag stuffed. Never had hands. 1920-1930

Price: $165.00

2021-Feb-14 03:28pm EST | Tags :

Ink and Watercolor Fraktur

Fraktur is in step frame, good condition and 13 x 13 3/4”. Some foxing. Ink and watercolor.

Price: $250.00

2021-Jan-31 12:14pm EST | Tags :

Stockinette Bottle Doll

13” , red dress, slip, scarf over a Plaff bottle, Hanover, Pa. stitched face with button eyes.

Price: $250.00

2021-Jan-28 01:47pm EST | Tags :

Solid Wood Knockdown

Gray paint from shoulders up. Solid wood. Holes on one side where it was attached .Hair and dress. 16”

Price: $650.00

2021-Jan-28 11:58am EST | Tags :

Framed print black memorabilia

Nice frame with with exaggerated features of a lady. No stains. 1930

Price: $275.00

2021-Jan-24 02:32pm EST | Tags :

Hooked Rug with Hearts

Nice early hooked rug with hearts loosely sewn by hand to burlap and framed for hanging. 39 x 26”

Price: $375.00

2021-Jan-19 11:22am EST | Tags :

Antique Squeak toy Bird under Glass Dome

Sweet little bird in glass dome is 5” x 3”. There is a stable crack in glass on the back near the bottom. Still squeaks

Price: $295.00

2020-Nov-09 11:51am EST | Tags :

Needlework Basket of Roses

Beautiful work of basket of roses in original frame. Some darkening at top near frame. Framers mark on back and measures 27” c 22”

Price: $325.00

2020-Oct-31 11:55am EDT | Tags :

Top Hat Figure Whirligig

Yes I have seen many whirligigs of this theme but this one is early and special. Old “Abe” in his top hat and long coat is the best, 10” tall and 13” long.

Price: $650,00

2020-Sep-24 04:51pm EDT | Tags :

Fabulous Chip Carved Tramp Art Compote

A great Tramp Art Compote in fabulous paint. Chip carved too. The last decorative block missing on all sides so 5 layers on each side but does not detract from this awesome piece. 9 1/2” tall x 9” wide on 6 3/4” base, Late 19C or earl 20th. Nice dry paint

Price: $850.00

2020-Sep-24 04:12pm EDT | Tags :

Group of Emeries

Sweet grouping of small emeries and such

Price: $145.00

2020-Sep-14 09:16am EDT | Tags :

Black Americana figure

Black figure missing legs. Jointed wood with original clothing. 5” now and s sweet charmer.

Price: $350.00

2020-May-12 05:43pm EDT | Tags :

Early Mustard 6” Advertising Bucket

This sweet bucket is from 34 Market St., Baltimore, Md and is 6” tall. It has a great mustard original paint with advertising in script

Price: $450.00

2020-May-12 05:31pm EDT | Tags :

Early Cow Paper on Wood

Dated 1916. Paper on wood of a cow was hung on the wall, maybe in a butcher shop as indoor signage.

Price: $450.00

2020-Apr-08 04:44pm EDT | Tags :

Blind Pig #2

Nice bold decorated Blind Pig #2. There is a inch long place on lower side of pig that was done while firing. It is on the surface only so not a crack.

Price: $450.00

2020-Feb-21 04:08pm EST | Tags :

Folky Sign for your Lawn

A folky YOU FEET ARE KILLING ME sign for the lawn. Old white paint with red lettering

Price: $395.00

2020-Feb-17 03:33pm EST | Tags :

Unusual Original Green Scalloped Basket 19C

Unusual N.C. basket in original paint with scalloped edge. One small break that does not detract from this beauty. It is 13” to the top of handle 7” to the scalloped edge and 6” square base. A rare beauty with great patina, early, thick, sturdy. Heavy, solid basket with nice patina.....

Price: $550.00

2019-Dec-14 02:48pm EST | Tags :

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