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Early Ice Cream Box

White metal box with red script. 1930-1940. 13” x 12” x11”. A great blast from the past !

Price: $650.00

2024-Apr-09 11:29am EDT | Tags :

Early Bible Box with Compass Star

Original white paint with compass star or pinwheel. Pa. Origin. decor. 12” x 8” x 4” deep with lovely patina. Top has breadboard ends. Looks like square and round nails under paint.

Price: $495.00

2024-Apr-09 11:22am EDT | Tags :

Early Dough Bowl in Original Red

A real charmer that is 17” x 17” early wooden bowl having that charming unique ding.

Price: $650.00

2024-Mar-25 01:34pm EDT | Tags :

Carousel Carving

This carving would have hung on the interior of the carousel. It is 13 tall and 8” wide in original paint with patina showing age.

Price: $495.00

2024-Mar-25 01:23pm EDT | Tags :

Oil on Canvas in Gilt Frame signed G.W.Smith 1904

A sweet scene by G.W. Smith 1904 “Under the Mistletoe. 18 x 13”. One patch on back. Charming

Price: $475.00

2024-Mar-25 01:18pm EDT | Tags :

Early Stocking Pinkeep

A nice one with a few minor holes. 13” x 3”

Price: $175.00

2024-Mar-25 01:02pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Gameboard in Mustard/Black Paint

A folding wood gameboard in striking mustard and black paint with interior game in great brown, black and mustard paint. 18” square. 1920-40

Price: $650.00

2024-Mar-18 11:42am EDT | Tags :

Early Folk Art Fishing Decoys on Driftwood

A great display of 4 fish decoys and large frog on driftwood. Driftwood is 12” long and decoys are 3 and 6”. 1900-1940

Price: $850.00

2024-Mar-18 11:27am EDT | Tags :

Early Cheese Strainer

This sweet little strainer with early screen repair was most likely used for cottage cheese. Remnants of blue paint it is 14” long.

Price: $375.00

2024-Mar-13 10:31am EDT | Tags :

Early Carved Farm 1920-1930

A great carved farm scene showing memories with farmer and wife, animals, birds, flowers, wishing well with lid and well for coins.Flowers may be gesso. Part of Farmer’s hat missing and maybe dog’s tail. Made for a child to encourage saving . So charming . 9” x 9 1/2” solid wood. More photos available.

Price: $650.00

2024-Mar-09 09:14am EST | Tags :

19C Bellows in Blue

It is a bellows but take a look at this beautiful original blue paint. Good condition and 20” long x 10”.

Price: $495.00

2024-Mar-07 06:27pm EST | Tags :

Antique Child Watercolor 1889

Charming watercolor depicts a child holding a bowl of milk, Pearline painted this naive primitive piece on paper in 1889. In early gilt frame showing imperfections.” Do you want some bread and milk?” Absolutely charming.

Price: $295.00

2024-Mar-02 02:45pm EST | Tags :

Antique 19C Miniature Chair in Original Blue Paint

The sweetest 9” arm chair for your doll. 1900-1920 era in the best oxidized blue paint. It will be hard to part with this one!

Price: $650.00

2024-Mar-01 12:57pm EST | Tags :

Wood Seeds and Supplies Sign in Original Paint

1930’s Seed sign in original paint. The paint is a soft light blue/green with patina showing age. Lettering is cream or ocher edged in a soft red. 36” in length and is made of wood

Price: $475.00

2024-Mar-01 12:48pm EST | Tags :

Early Hooked Rug 1896

In good condition, mounted for hanging hooked rug is 45” long c 27” high. I believe it is wool. It is of the date 1896.

Price: Sale pending

2024-Feb-22 02:47pm EST | Tags :

Large 19C Dough Bowl

All original 21” out of round wood dough bowl from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Black paint circling bowl is original to this early patinated country delight.No significant cracks. Just those from age..

Price: $650.00

2024-Feb-22 11:47am EST | Tags :

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