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Granthum 1763 Antiques was founded in 1986 in a manor house on a tract of land named "Granthum" in Talbot Co. on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I am the sole proprietor and specialize in early original surface and painted pieces, including early cupboards, dry sinks, bucket benches, pie safes, and early hand made pieces. Hooked rugs, folk art in any form and pantry boxes, firkins and blanket chests as well as early toys, dolls and Christmas items are also available. Since I recently closed my, you will find all fresh merchandise here at Dig Antiques! Newly acquired country smalls are being this week!!! Take a look!!! FYI I have recently moved so check back soon for fresh merchandise.

Hard Stuffed Horse

Probably 1930-1940 hard stuffed horse has round wood feet. Nice stitching on face and a sweet rear view. Has a few tiny holes.

Price: $275.00

2019-Dec-14 03:06pm EST | Tags :

Three Period Pantries

Period pantries sold separately or together. They look great as they were bought together. 10” Oxblood Red 10”, Blue 8”, Mustard 6”.

Price: 1350.00 stack

2019-Dec-14 02:56pm EST | Tags :

Unusual Original Green Scalloped Basket 19C

Unusual N.C. basket in original paint with scalloped edge. One small break that does not detract from this beauty. It is 13” to the top of handle 7” to the scalloped edge and 6” square base. A rare beauty with great patina, early, thick, sturdy. Heavy, solid basket with nice patina.....

Price: $650.00

2019-Dec-14 02:48pm EST | Tags :

19th C Red Wall Box

Sweet wall box is all original ted paint and 9 1/2” wide x 7 1/2” tall and only 3” deep. Used for combs or candles.

Price: $495.00

2019-Dec-14 02:31pm EST | Tags :

Folky Face stopper and Spit Jug

Folk black americana face painted face stopper and spit jug. A nice piece of folk art

Price: $450.00

2019-Dec-02 05:07pm EST | Tags :

Black Americana Whirligig

Charming banjo player and dancer whirligig on stage. The decorated frame of the stage surrounds them. Mostly red black and white paint. Now on a stand

Price: $650.00

2019-Dec-02 05:02pm EST | Tags :

Carving of photographer and gentleman

Sweet carving of early photographer and his subject, a fine little gentleman on a 9” x 2” block of wood. Nice detail and dated 1925 on the bottom.

Price: $495.00

2019-Nov-24 10:49am EST | Tags :

Pantry boxes

8 recently found pantry boxes will be listed soon. Lt blue, NY state gray lavender, black, green, brown, mustard etc

Price: 250-350 each.Lavender SOLD

2019-Oct-29 07:48pm EDT | Tags :

Watches & Clocks Trade Sign

Sign is 19th C on White background. It is 24 1/2” x 8”.

Price: $625.00

2019-Oct-04 05:51pm EDT | Tags :

Pa. Wallpaper box 19th C

19th C blue wallpaper hat box. Some staining but really nice.Lined with Early newspaper print . 16 3/4” x 10”

Price: $550.00

2019-Oct-04 05:46pm EDT | Tags :

Early Wire Hammer Trade sign

Off the Wall, Hammer Trade sign is 48” long and hammer size is 18”. One repaired break. Looks great hanging in the wall!

Price: $350.00

2019-Sep-30 01:41pm EDT | Tags :

Early Blue Spoon Rack

Sweet spoon rack in early blue patinated surface. Holds several wooden spoons. Only 12” wide 6” high. A charming piece

Price: $850.00

2019-Sep-30 01:34pm EDT | Tags :

Trade Sign Pointing Hand

Nice early trade sign pointing you in the right direction. Traces of white paint but mostly weathered surface. 24” long x 6” x 1” thick.

Price: $750.00

2019-Sep-30 01:29pm EDT | Tags :

Valley of Virginia Pie Safe in Original Green

Shenandoah Valley pie safe with great tins in original green paint has shelves that pull out for loading the pies,

Price: $2400.00

2019-Sep-12 08:03pm EDT | Tags :

Horse On Wheels

Nice early horse on a 11” platform with wheels. He is 12” tall and has a few tears on each side. More photos available

Price: $225.00

2019-Sep-10 09:15am EDT | Tags :

Hog Scraper Candlestick Blue Paint

This is a great hog scraper candlestick in early paint. 8” tall. More photos available

Price: $375.00

2019-Sep-10 09:11am EDT | Tags :

Sweet Rag Family

Three sweet rag babies. Brother, sister and a baby. My guess is that they are a childhood memory. How sweet

Price: $850.00

2019-Aug-14 07:24am EDT | Tags :

Early Bucket Advertising Wire Hoops

Nice early decorated blue bucket advertising for wire hoops for buckets

Price: $450.00

2019-Feb-16 01:38pm EST | Tags :

Nice Early Dough Bowl in Red

19th C original paint red bowl. 17” x 5”. Really great

Price: $525.00

2019-Jan-06 04:22pm EST | Tags :

Chrome Yellow Box

Nice 19C chrome yellow box frim Pa with nice iriginal decoration

Price: $650.00

2018-Sep-20 03:58pm EDT | Tags :

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