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Granthum 1763 Antiques was founded in 1986 in a manor house on a tract of land named "Granthum" in Talbot Co. on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I am the sole proprietor and specialize in early original surface and painted pieces, including early cupboards, dry sinks, bucket benches, pie safes, and early hand made pieces. Hooked rugs, folk art in any form and pantry boxes, firkins and blanket chests as well as early toys, dolls and Christmas items are also available. Since I recently closed my, you will find all fresh merchandise here at Dig Antiques!

Paper over a Wood Cow Sign

Great Cow on board dated 1916 on back in script

Price: $625.00

2017-Oct-27 12:46pm EDT | Tags :

Scrap Father Christmas Ornament

Nice Ornament of Father Christmas in Blue suit

Price: $65.00

2017-Oct-27 12:40pm EDT | Tags :

Punch and Judy and friends

Punch, Judy,Victor,Bobby,Clown, Alligator and Stick Ghost

Price: $950.00

2017-Oct-27 12:35pm EDT | Tags :

Blue Child’s Cradle

Early square nailed original blue cradle with wonderful rockers..18”w x. 41”. Nice hooded cradle

Price: $650.00

2017-Oct-27 12:30pm EDT | Tags :

Stone Potatoes

One potato, two. Approx 3".

Price: 85.00 each

2017-Oct-02 02:37pm EDT | Tags :

Dove decoys

Each dove is 11" long....folky

Price: 65.00 each

2017-Oct-02 02:35pm EDT | Tags :

Nice early box is 11 1/2" x 6" x 7" deep

Price: $275.00

2017-Oct-02 02:32pm EDT | Tags :

Hanging Pie Safe

Price: $850.00

2017-Sep-23 11:52am EDT | Tags :

Robins Egg Blue Shelf

Price: $950.00

2017-Sep-23 11:49am EDT | Tags :

Horse and cart ad for Vaceline

Price: $295.00

2017-Sep-23 11:47am EDT | Tags :

Nice early grungy green pantry

Price: $375.00

2017-Sep-23 11:46am EDT | Tags :

Price: $395.00

2017-Sep-23 11:44am EDT | Tags :

Wall Box in Blue

Blue paint wall box is c1920's and plain and simple measuring 12 1/2" tall x 5" and 4" deep

Price: $275.00

2017-Jul-18 02:59pm EDT | Tags :

Green Basket

Price: $350

2017-Jul-15 10:11am EDT | Tags :

Blue Carrier

16" x 12" blue Carrier with compartments. Most likely 1920 era.

Price: $425.00

2017-Jul-06 11:51am EDT | Tags :

Early 19th C 2 Piece Apothecary

Early original paint . Base has drawers and cubbies. Tophas shelves. The one RED paint drawer was for poison!!! A one of a kind!!!

Price: Inquire

2017-Jun-20 06:31am EDT | Tags :

Early Laddeback Chair

Nice sturdy ladderback with cowhide seat

Price: $250.00

2017-Jun-14 07:44am EDT | Tags :


Three pantries in different shades of blue. Top down: 6 1/4" x 3, and pegged. Second one is 8"x4", Bottom is 9"x4". More photos available upon request.

Price: 395.00,$ 425.00, and $ 425.00

2017-Jun-09 11:26am EDT | Tags :

Wonderful Early Cat Nodder Mache

This is a really great mache cat with beautiful original paint. White with brown and striped wagging tail. Head nods and holds a mouse! Early 19th C. 24" long and 10" tall. I actually have another one in early rose- milling too. They were a pair.. but one or both

Price: Upon request

2016-Nov-23 02:55pm EST | Tags :

Blue/Gray Stepback Cupboard

A New England stepback, doors at bottom with open top. Good condition.

Price: $5800.00

2016-Nov-23 02:49pm EST | Tags :

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