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Thank You for the nice Sale yesterday - appreciate your loyalty! Next Update will be May 5th, Sunday at Noon EST As I said, I am running out of items to list - I have pretty much gone through what I am no longer using. I will have a nice update May 5th - most will be patriotic or related to spring, as it will be the beginning of our patriotic holidays soon and First Day of Spring. So lots of great items to list: many patriotic items, and some great items that say spring - sand pails, flags, planters, buntings - so check in, I will send reminder. Again, Thanks

Well What I Did Today

Have looked for a blue shelf for 3 years - no luck So I decided to hang one of my child or salesman sample cupboards, and use as a shelf! Will work until I can find the right shelf. Let me know if you have one! Next Update will be for May 5th, Sunday - think that is correct.

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