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I will be listing this weekend and next week: Stone Fruit, Holiday, Toys, Cookie Cutters, Springerele, Pierced Tin, Painted Pails/Buckets, Small Cupboard, Painted Basket, Cast Iron Urn, Architectural Stars, Sheep and Feather Tree -

Old Blown Glass Jar Tin Lid - Strawberries Free

Great old jar, old wavy glass high pontil and original tin lid. The strawberries are thrown in for free - half old and half contemporary - trying to get my closets back and end selling. Jar great and measures 8 in high and 4 in across - and very fair price for jar. Someone wanted to see jar empty so added photo

Price: SOLD

2022-Aug-13 12:50pm EDT | Tags :

Two Bananas

Two nice pieces - full size

Price: SOLD

2022-Aug-13 12:32pm EDT | Tags :

Lemon & Walnut Stone Fruit

Very nice pieces, large lemon and a walnut

Price: SOLD

2022-Aug-13 12:31pm EDT | Tags :

Great Old Dark Grapes

Well, after I filled the compote with all the stone fruit I thought I had - found more so will separately - a great old grapes

Price: SOLD

2022-Aug-13 12:30pm EDT | Tags :

Collection Stone Fruit

Nice collection of early stone fruit: White Grapes, Dark Grapes,Persimmon, Strawberry, Banana, Peach, Apple, Pear, Cherries - think that is it. Wire compote is nice and works, looks old, but is not and not priced, but you can have if you wish.

Price: SOLD

2022-Aug-12 05:23pm EDT | Tags :

Home Made Child's Blocks

A set of home made blue blocks, I have used on shelves - interesting and fun

Price: SOLD

2022-Aug-12 05:03pm EDT | Tags :

Blown Glass Jar/Hearts

Great early blown glass jar with tin lid - jar in great condition, very old glass, original lid and full of antique heart cutters. Jar measures 7 in high and almost 5 across.

Price: SOLD

2022-Aug-12 09:12am EDT | Tags :

German Horse Pulling Santa

1910-1920 Paper Mache Santa being pulled by horse, in great condition after all these years, marked Germany on wheel, I have more photos - write if interested, Enjoy Measures 9 in long, 4 in high and 3 in across

Price: ‘SALE 150.00. (195.00 + s/h)

2022-Aug-12 09:09am EDT | Tags :

Sweet 1920 Bear in Red Arm Chair - Ornament

Sweet little 9 in chair in original red paint with gold stenciling -in great condition, an arm chair which works well for bear - the bear is early, think British, but purchased USA possibly German, sure not Steiff, he is sweet, long arms, big feet and very sweet face - he is holding a hand painted ornament. Chair measures 9 in high, 6 in across and 4 in to chair seat - the bear sitting is 6 in tall and stretched out a little over 8 in tall. Enjoy

Price: Sale now 225.00 and not 265.00 + s/h

2022-Aug-12 09:08am EDT | Tags :

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