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Next Update, Sunday - June 23rd - NOON EST My Christmas in July is going to be a little early this year - we have two trips in July, so will be a bit crazy. I will be listing great holiday items - several Santa's in Sleighs, Miniature Sleds, Trees, Ornaments, Great Decorations - Red Dough Box, Green Bowl, Green Candlestick, Santas, Sheep, Antique Toys - and much much more - so mark this date down, it is early and a little out of wack. But in usual time I list - we will be at grandson's wedding.

19th Century Market Basket - Blue/Green

Offering a nice, early 19th century wooden slat market basket, name of market was printed on side, but hard to read now. Has handles each end, dry, original paint, darkened over the years. This basket is perfect for porch or lanai - many uses, holiday or magazines or art supplies if working on porch. Wooden, wire and tin - not easy to find. Measures 19 in long, 8 in high and 8 in across - and 10 in to handles if up, they can flop down also.

Price: SOLD

2019-May-15 12:34pm EDT | Tags :

19th Centuy Feather Tree - Fully Decorated - SALE

I am offering one of the trees early - at a great price. We are a little overloaded and I have more to list. 36 in tall, comes with 6 dozen early ornaments, garland and two toppers - original stand marked Germany.

Price: SOLD

2019-May-14 05:47am EDT | Tags :

Great, Early Graphic Wire Piece and All Ornaments

I love this graphic wire piece, very old and fantastic, now breaks or bends. Know there is lots of newer wire, but this is 19th century. Wonderful shape, have used with greens a lot, but also love piled with ornaments! Measures 17 in high and 12 in across top, a great piece, intricate work - enjoy

Price: SOLD

2019-May-13 04:02pm EDT | Tags :

Early Wire with Great Silver Decorations!

OK I know I will never have room for all I have to list for my Early Christmas, which will be 23rd of June, so listing two things today - hoping they sell early, we are a little overloaded here This is an early piece of wire, I have lots of photos of close up and showing patina, so write if you want to see. I am using faux greens as we cannot even purchase real greens until almost mid December, just too hot here. But when we lived in Midwest I cut greens from bushes all around us - works great - the silver ornaments and spears come with wire. Measures 16 in high, 10 in across and 8 in deep - works great outside here, or on porch in winter weather.

Price: SOLD

2019-May-13 03:57pm EDT | Tags :

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