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I am listing items when I find them, and find time - not much left here, so no need for updates. I will be listing a couple more small trees this weekend yet. Feel free to make an offer on any item I have up - THANK YOU

Early Flags - all 48 star

This is a large group of 48 star flags, all the poles have little gold tips - that is pretty unusual. There are over 3 dozen in total, some silk, most cotton - a great chance to get lots of flags for a low price. They are so costly now to purchase!

Price: 90.00 + s/h

2019-Sep-18 03:31pm EDT | Tags :

5 Dozen Small Flags for Feather Trees

A great collection of small little flags - perfect for a Christmas feather tree! I have used these for years, the small box with flag on top - is a dozen little silk flags, poles have little tops to them - they are great The other pile is more than 3 dozen, these are paper and also great for trees - I always have flags on our trees - Clearing out studio today, so lucky for you.

Price: SOLD

2019-Sep-18 03:28pm EDT | Tags :

1912 Steiff Bear (NO Button) Oyster Chair

Great little Steiff Bear, sadly no button, but easy to see a little Steiff - big feet, hump back, fully jointed, gold mohair, a great little guy. He sits in a decorated oyster white chair, I can send more photos, there is paint decoration around seat - Super Offering

Price: 225.00 + s/h. Make Offer

2019-Sep-16 11:12am EDT | Tags :

19th Century Decorated Oval Pantry

Beautiful early pantry in great decoration - floral decoration on top and great decoration all around - super piece. This is the last of my old painted pantries. This measures 8.5 long, 5.5 across and 2.5 high!

Price: 235.00 + s/h. Make Offer

2019-Sep-16 11:09am EDT | Tags :

32 Inch Feather Tree Fully Decorated

I am coming to the end of my feather trees - this one is in a round German stand - trees 32 in without topper - the topper is blue and silver and the ornaments (over 3 dozen) are early and nice. The tree has 6 layers of branches which is a lot for this size tree, it is loaded with ornaments and ready to go! Also included in my sale.

Price: Sale 160.00 + s/h Make Offer

2019-Sep-07 08:51am EDT | Tags :

Great Collection of Early Sheep

Great collection of wooly putz sheep - three babies on a great bridge, a large 4 in and a 5 in, great collection - great price!

Price: Sale. 210.00 + s/h Make Offer

2019-Sep-02 04:54pm EDT | Tags :

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