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SALE SALE SALE Everything I am listing today, last day of April - is a give away price, enjoy

19th Century Small Hand Cookie Cutter

This is in my collection of miniature "heart in hand" or "hand holding heart" cookie cutters. This is a sweet little hand, purchased in a collection from a great collector outside Toledo Ohio. About 5 or 6 of the dozen mini heart in hand cutters I have owned. This one is just a hand, no heart at all, but came in the collection and I have loved it. Now offering for sale - measures 3.5 x 2 in - these were PA origin!

Price: 295 + s/h

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Beautiful 19th Century Bowl

Beautiful early bowl in the best bright, I always refer to as Shaker Blue as it is a color they used often - not a shaker bowl, but color. Measures 12.5 across one way and 13 the other and 3.5 high - great offering

Price: 425.00 + s/h

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Late 1800s PA "Heart In Hand" cookie cutter

Sweet, small, early Heart In Hand cookie cutter, PA origin. This sweet one measures 3 3/4 x 2.5 - Enjoy

Price: Sold

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19th Century Turned Bowl - Original Red Paint

Beautiful, early bowl, no chips or cracks and original red paint. Measures 12 1/4 one way and 12/5 the other - so not too out of round and 3 1/4 tall. Great condition, great paint - enjoy! Feel free to use layaway on any items I list

Price: SOLD

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Early Dried Arrangement in Blue Basket

A fabulous dried arrangement in blue basket - beautiful cloth fruits and few flower - beautifully done, by whom I am not sure. It is certainly done in the style of Doris Stauble, but sure this is by another artist. Beautiful display and you will love it as much as I do, I am certain. Measures little over 12 in high, 14 in long and a good 8.5 deep it is really a statement. The basket is old and blue paint is very good. Will be double boxed.

Price: SOLD

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Very Nice Early "Embossed" Sponge Pitcher

Great turn of century sponge ware pitcher - most all of these pitchers were made in an area of Ohio, the reason being the soil was perfect for the stoneware. These were made as "utilitarian" pieces to be used in kitchen by kitchen staff, were not cherished and put in best cupboards. When we visited Williamsburg many, many years ago - I soon realized I preferred the goods that were out back in the "kitchen" and not the fancy items that were in the fine homes. The "kitchen" was separate to not have the heat and smells in the home - yes, hard to imagine now. So being utilitarian and used daily, great to find great examples left. I know of only two images on the embossed pitchers - flower as is this one, other is girl and dog, I sold one with that image a few months back. This is a beautiful, dark blue indigo sponging, nice sponging and the embossed is an extra for collectors. This pitcher is 9 in and in wonderful condition.

Price: 275.00 + s/h Make Offer

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