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I am not planning another update until January 2021 - Will list items closer to update! Let’s all hope and pray 2021 beats 2020! I may put up an item or two if I come across it, but it will be January for next update! Thanks for checking in.

Pair of "newer" belsnickles

OK this pair is newer, more like 1980, one is 12 in and one is 6 in - have a good look, mix well and have nice faces, they are chalk I believe - we have loved using them so know someone else will - going sparce here and listing lots!

Price: SOLD

2020-Nov-29 03:34pm EST | Tags :

Small White Belsnickle

This like last one is probably a little later, like 1950-60, but sweet looks very old and mixes well and is a great price. Measures 6.5 in tall, fabulous look, nice age to it as we have had him for a very long time, always mixed in with our antique belsnickles. Listing a few and cutting back on numbers.

Price: SOLD

2020-Nov-29 03:32pm EST | Tags :

Huge White Belsnickle

No, he is not 19th century but he has stool with our 19th century ones for many years, I think he is maybe 1940, I have had a long time and he looks fantastic. If he were 19th century he would be around 2,000.00 so he is great, mixes well with old and makes a statement. Measures 17 inches tall and we have never had any problem standing with our antiques guys. Enjoy - What a great face, think that is why we always loved him.

Price: SOLD

2020-Nov-29 03:13pm EST | Tags :

Large Spongeware Bowl

Nice large bowl in good condition - measures 11.5 across and 6 in high. Don't just think of filling old wooden bowls, use your spongeware and yellowware bowls also!

Price: 100.00 + s/h SALE 65.00

2020-Nov-29 01:27pm EST | Tags :

Early German Feather Tree 36in - Decorated

Nice, very early German tree in original stenciled stand - has 3 dozen very early German ornaments and a great early topper. Is 36 in tall, ready to set up and go.

Price: 395.00 + s/h SALE 325.00

2020-Nov-29 10:21am EST | Tags :

Unusual White Feather Tree

This is somewhat a mix between a bottle brush or short feather - all I know is that it is vintage, and great to stick almost anywhere - as the silver ornaments on each branch are part of the tree - so just put it up. Measures 16 in tall and great condition.

Price: SOLD

2020-Nov-28 10:49am EST | Tags :

Sweet, Small White Feather Tree

Can go anywhere, and we have had it everywhere! Always undecorated with just a star, off white feather tree in off white base, measures 12 inches

Price: SOLD

2020-Nov-28 10:05am EST | Tags :

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