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UPDATE. UPDATE. UPDATE. MARCH 17TH AT 10AM EST I am back for a short time, shipped more items from Michigan so lots to offer - Game Boards, Holiday, Folk Art, Patriotic Check In More to list when space becomes available

Geran Candy Container Santa/Sleigh/Sheep

Very nice offering a small German candy container Santa, he has tag on foot and when you remove head for candy it is marked Germany - the sheep is marked Germany on the leg and the sleigh is marked Germany. Great little group - measures Santa is 3.5 x3.5, Santa is 6 inches and sleigh is 6 x 2. I have a lot more photos if interested, just write

Price: SOLD

2023-Mar-26 03:52pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Candle Holders/5 Wooden Candles for Tree

A dozen sweet, small star shaped candle holders for feather tree - and 5 wooden candles. You can buy the small candles for tree in many colors to fill the other holders.

Price: 25.00 + s/h

2023-Mar-26 03:48pm EDT | Tags :

1910-20 Child's Vanity Oyster White

Offering a great little child's vanity in oyster white paint - many great uses. I used as a jewelry box if you have space in bath, in good condition and great paint - a sweet piece. Measures 19 in tall, 11 across and 5 deep. You will enjoy owning this.

Price: SOLD

2023-Mar-22 08:48am EDT | Tags :

19th Century Miniature Cart

OOPS!!! The last of our great mini carts. This is last quarter of 19th century, beautifully decorated on each side and paint in exceptional condition. This little cart has no breaks, no repairs, no damage - it is pristine. Showed you different ways to decorate of use your cart, we always had one under one of our many trees - often carts under a couple trees each year. This is a beauty - measures 31 inches end of cart to tip of handle. 8.5 in across wheel span the little cart itself is 10 in long, 6 in across and 2 inches high - this is an early treasure.

Price: SOLD

2023-Mar-20 12:47pm EDT | Tags :

Mama Sheep/Baby Sheep on Wheels

Offering Today - a very early, and pretty rare Mama/Baby Sheep on Wheels - for sure German. I have three or four of these and all are marked Germany except this one, but for sure German. Around turn of century and in very good condition a Mama and her Baby sheep on wheels - no damage, no repairs or breaks - they have all their ears - major plus and they are spectacular in condition and rarity. Enjoy. Measures 4.5 long and 4.5 high and 3 in across. Sheep are so intact, nice coats of lambswool and stick legs, paper mache faces and on pine platform with original tin wheels - a super piece.

Price: SOLD

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Framed in Blue Frame - 45 Star Flag

Offering a 45 star flag framed. We introduced the 45 star flag on July 4th 1896 and was our flag for 12 years. This is a great hand held gauze flag in a beautiful blue frame. The flag itself measures 7 x 10 and on 15 in pole, perfect condition. The frame is a beautiful blue and measures 22 x 18 x 10

Price: 200.00 +s/h. Make Offer

2023-Mar-17 11:47am EDT | Tags :

Early German Santa in Red Sleigh marked Germany

Offering today a 19th century or turn of century German sitting Santa in a German sleigh. The sleigh is red with green interior where trees are, marked Germany - The little Santa is German only see the remains of the blue/white Made in Germany sticker that was on bottom of boot. Great condition, great size to put anywhere - Enjoy. I plan to be off site by end of year so lots of holiday going to be listed, lots of trees that take a lot of time. This sleigh measures 8 in long, 3 in high and 3 in across, the early little Santa is 6 inches!

Price: 250.00 + s/h MAKE OFFER

2023-Mar-17 09:59am EDT | Tags :

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