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Early Tote in Blue Paint

A nice, early tote, in original nice blue paint. Measures 13 in long, 9 in across, 2 in high and 5.5 high at handle.

Price: SOLD

2020-Jun-29 12:49pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Miniature Sled

Beautiful, early little sled in original paint, the runners are old mustard, top is dark blue, and you can barely see stencil designs that were on it when made, 19th Century. Measures 14 in long, 4.5 across and 2 in high

Price: SOLD

2020-Jun-29 12:47pm EDT | Tags :

Small Antique Red Wall Box

Great little size, great paint - measures 9 in tall, 4.5 across and 4 in deep

Price: SOLD

2020-Jun-29 12:46pm EDT | Tags :

Blown Glass Jar/ - Heart Cutters

Nice early blown glass jar, tin lid - paint distressed a bit on lid, nice wavy glass, this one does not have as high a pontil as others I have been listing. But nice size 6.5 tall with lid and 2 3/4 across - comes with four early hart cutters.

Price: SOLD

2020-Jun-29 12:31pm EDT | Tags :

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