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WOW, I must have been crazy to schedule a sale for 3 days in a row, but thanks to you all - sold out, almost! So appreciate you! My next Sale is going to be October 10th Saturday, starting at 10AM - I will be listing what will be for sale, thanks again. Listing: Christmas Sleigh, Bowl of Cherries, German Belsnickle, Container of Strawberry Emeries, Christmas Tree in Fence Holder, Santa in Sleigh with Reindeer, Small Red Cupboard, Noah's Ark & Animals, Spongeware, Painted Bucket, Rooster Sheet Metal Vane, and much more, when I decide, I will update this! Again Thanks For The Labor Day Weekend Sale!

Beautiful, Early Sponge Milk Bowl

This is a sturdy, made to use everyday sponge bowl, a favorite from my long time collection. Beautiful dark blue sponging, beautiful condition has thick band at top and is a treasure. Measures 9 in across and 3.5 high! This bowl is also sponged on the top interior which is special and not always found.

Price: 115.00 + s/h

2020-Sep-16 08:33am EDT | Tags :

Beautiful Turn of Century Small Sponge Bowl

This is a great little bowl, perfect condition and a size that we used so often - love the fact it is beautifully sponged on the interior - so nice to use. Measures 6 in across and 2 in high and perfect condition!

Price: SOLD

2020-Sep-16 08:31am EDT | Tags :

Spongeware Lid/Stripe

Another perfect lid, if you have a bowl or crock that will work with this lid, you are in luck. Measures 8 2/4 across and interior rim is 7 across - great deal if it will work for you!

Price: 25.00 + s/h

2020-Sep-09 02:45pm EDT | Tags :

Spongeware Lid

If you have a base that fits this lid, you are in luck - it is in perfect condition. It measures 10 in across and the interior rims are 8.5 across - pristine.

Price: 25.00 + s/h

2020-Sep-09 02:39pm EDT | Tags :

1910-20 Bear

I bought this from Frederick Pine as a Steiff, I feel certain it is and so did they, around 1920 or earlier, but no button - sh hate to say Steiff even if we can find in their books - beautiful condition, hump back, long feet, nice long snout, long arms - all perfect, one loose thread on foot - 10 in when stretched out.

Price: 695.00 + s/h

2020-Sep-07 09:58am EDT | Tags :

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