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We've been collectors of Early American Antiques for over fifty years. What started out as a hobby turned into a passion and eventually a business. We've participated in the California Country Show for eighteen years. We continue to enjoy the hunt and adding to our collection. We've made annual trips to New England and to Texas in search of special items and would be delighted to help you add to your collection! You can also visit our website at www.4thofjulyantiques.com Enjoy! We accept PayPal as well as personal checks and offer a credit if returned within three days.


Measures 10 1/2 x 9. Great shape.t

Price: $60.00. Sale price

2018-Nov-16 10:30am EST | Tags :


Measures 13” tall and it retains its original brown finish. Very tight

Price: Sale price. 95.00

2018-Nov-16 10:25am EST | Tags :


Measures 7” tall. Great turnings and condition

Price: Sale price 75.00

2018-Nov-16 10:22am EST | Tags :

Painted Horse and Wagon

Measures 14 x 6. Probably a toy in great condition.

Price: $69.00

2018-Nov-16 10:17am EST | Tags :


Excellent patina and condition. Measures 4” tall and 8” round

Price: Sold

2018-Oct-15 07:34am EDT | Tags :


Excellent condition. Measures 7 1/2” tall.

Price: $125.00

2018-Oct-15 07:28am EDT | Tags :


Excellent condition. In my collection for many years. Measures 12”tall.

Price: Sold

2018-Sep-16 09:27am EDT | Tags :


Measures 17” with handles x 14”. Nice early wear

Price: 169.00. SAle Price

2018-Sep-16 08:57am EDT | Tags :


Great look and condition. Metal bands have remnants of blue paint. Measures 15” x 9”. Nice and tight.

Price: Sold

2018-Sep-15 10:51am EDT | Tags :


Punched tin and wood with remnants of green paint. Measures 12 x 7 x 5 3/4. Great primitive look

Price: $125.00. Sale price

2018-Sep-15 09:54am EDT | Tags :


Measures 16” x 8”. Great antique patina and condition. A nice small size.

Price: $95.00

2018-Jul-27 10:40am EDT | Tags :


Great little Red Wagon, 19th Century. Great red paint and condition Measures 18 x 17 x7. Handle is removable for shipping.

Price: Sale price. 125.00

2018-Jul-27 10:05am EDT | Tags :


It’s all there - push-up and Hanger. Great condition. Measures 6 3/4” tall

Price: Sold

2018-Jul-27 08:26am EDT | Tags :


Perfect condition. Measures 8” x 4 1/2”. Great patina. Paid double thAt years ago. A great buy

Price: Sale price. 295.00

2018-Jul-27 07:31am EDT | Tags :


Paint is extraudinary. Condition is great. Measures 8 1/2” tall. From my collection

Price: SOLD

2018-Jul-24 10:26am EDT | Tags :


Nice vintage piece done on velvet. Has some discoloration. Measures 13” x 12”

Price: $65.00

2018-Jul-24 10:20am EDT | Tags :


Great condition and patina. Measures 12” long.

Price: Sold

2018-Jul-24 10:14am EDT | Tags :


Great condition and patina. Have had it in my collection for many years. Measures 8” tall and 5” round.

Price: Sale price $225.00

2018-Jul-24 10:07am EDT | Tags :


Looks as if it was used to take medicine. Printing on bottom. Measures 5” tall. Excellent condition

Price: $95.00

2018-Feb-07 09:44am EST | Tags :


Measures 15” tall. Great antique condition. Mohair stuffed with straw. Completely hand sewn. Glass eyes and dressed in his cotton outfit and socks. Love him. So darn cute.

Price: Sale price. $195.00

2018-Jan-11 03:59am EST | Tags :



Price: Salevprice. $195.00

2018-Jan-07 05:46am EST | Tags :


Measures 9” tall. In excellent condition and paint.

Price: 125.00 with free shipping

2017-Dec-29 09:35am EST | Tags :


12” from beek to end of tail, 13 1/4” tall Small repair to end of crown. Paint is great and original.

Price: 145.00. With free shipping

2017-Dec-29 09:19am EST | Tags :


Heavy wrought iron with 3 candle holders. Measures 28 1/2” tall. Without candles

Price: $165.00

2017-Dec-17 02:20am EST | Tags :


Excellent condition. Made of brass. Measures 23” high and 14” wide.

Price: Sold

2017-Dec-15 08:33am EST | Tags :


Great condition. Painted decoration on all sides. Measures 11 1/2 x 12 x 9 “

Price: $195.00

2017-Nov-09 07:16am EST | Tags :


The cobalt design looks like a shell. It has a couple of tiny, tiny chips and some discoloration. Other than that it’s in great shape.

Price: Sale price $95.00

2017-Oct-29 11:56am EDT | Tags :


The top Measures 16 x 16 and it is 26” tall. Wood appears to be dark cherry but I’m not sure.

Price: $195.00

2017-Oct-29 11:10am EDT | Tags :

Antique Coverlet

Measures 90 by 77. Two piece coverlet in Navy Blue and White. Excellent condition. Submitting a picture of what looks to be a date. 19th Century for sure.

Price: $295.00

2017-Jul-19 09:28am EDT | Tags :

Antique Quilt

Measures 68" by 80" white with rosie red and gold leaves. All hand sewn and in excellent condition. No issues

Price: SOLD

2017-Jul-19 04:01am EDT | Tags :

Small Treen Shelf

Measures 17" wide by 10" tall by 7" deep. Has a. Great shaped backboard and 3 pegs. Vintage. Original dark wood finish.

Price: $95.00

2017-Jul-17 10:38am EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Sconce

Measures 17" tall And 7" wide. Great patina. Has a tin reflector. A special piece of lighting.

Price: Sold

2017-Jul-17 09:59am EDT | Tags :

Appalachian Walking Stick

One similar can be found in the Museum in Appalachia. Nicely carved with great patina. Looks as if it might have been painted in mustard color. Measures 34" tall.

Price: $95.00

2017-Jul-17 07:46am EDT | Tags :

Dark Red Bucket

In great shape measuring 9 1/4" tall. Has a Handle.

Price: Sold

2017-Jun-06 06:23am EDT | Tags :

Cobalt Pitcher

Excellent condition. Measures 8 1/2" tall. Beautiful color.

Price: Sale price. $95.00

2017-Jun-04 08:07am EDT | Tags :

Early Large Riser

Excellent display Piece. Measures 30" long and 7" tall. Great primitive shape.

Price: Sale price $195.00

2017-Jun-04 08:03am EDT | Tags :

Yellow Stone Grapes

Large ones

Price: $89.00

2017-Jun-02 07:06am EDT | Tags :

Antique Canton Scalloped Bowl

Professionally restored. Not a visible damage. A really lovely piece. Measures10"

Price: $115.00

2017-Jun-01 10:39am EDT | Tags :

Hand Carved Cactus Wren

Excellent carving and paint. Measures 10" tall. Signed G. Loyd, Globe, Arizona

Price: $95.00

2017-Jun-01 07:59am EDT | Tags :

Ironstone Pot with Corn Design

It's in excellent condition. Measures 10" tall

Price: $115.00

2017-Jun-01 07:55am EDT | Tags :

Early Basket with Swing Handle

Measures 8" tall by 9 1/2" round. Great condition.

Price: $115.00

2017-Jun-01 07:28am EDT | Tags :

Early Hanging Basket

In excellent condition. Measures 25" tall by 25 1/2" round. Believe it could have been used as a feeder.

Price: Sale price. $115,00

2017-May-28 10:24am EDT | Tags :

Sugar Nippers

In the days when sugar cones were popular the Snippers were used to break away bits of sugar. Hand forged and in excellent condition. Measure 8 1/2" long.

Price: 95.00. Sale price

2017-May-28 04:33am EDT | Tags :


Measures 4 1/4" tall, has glass eyes. It's made of a velvet like material with felt ears.

Price: 75.00. Free shipping

2017-May-21 01:47pm EDT | Tags :

Windsor Rocker

This could be called a Thumb Back or a Comb Back. Excellent condition and form. Can help with shipping.

Price: Sale price. 195.00

2017-May-20 11:03am EDT | Tags :


Measures 6 1/2 x 4 3/4. Has a hook for hanging or just use the Stand. For sure 19th Century.

Price: $95

2017-May-20 04:35am EDT | Tags :

Group of Early Rag Balls

Group of 7 early rag balls

Price: $49.00

2017-May-06 08:52am EDT | Tags :

Pair of Early Tin Sconces in Red Paint.

Definitely my very favorite of sconces. They have been in my collection for many years. They measure 14" tall and 9" wide.

Price: $895.00

2017-May-06 08:25am EDT | Tags :

Tin Scoop - great for candle display

Measures 11 1/2" tall. Made of heavy tin and has a red band around bottom. Candle not included.

Price: 65.00 cludes free shipping!

2017-Apr-13 08:59am EDT | Tags :

Half Ship Model

Excellent condition. Measures 25" long. A great nautical piece.

Price: Sold

2017-Apr-08 11:15am EDT | Tags :

Blue Transfer Ware Pitcher

Great Blue Color measuring 11" tall and in excellent condition.

Price: Sale price. $115.00

2017-Mar-03 10:51am EST | Tags :

Transfer Ware Large Platter

Great blue color measuring 15" long and13" deep. Great early condition.

Price: $125.00

2017-Mar-03 10:48am EST | Tags :

Large Treen Charger

Measures 19" round and has great early patina.

Price: $195.00

2017-Mar-03 10:46am EST | Tags :

18th Century Brass Chandelier

French wired and in excellent condition. Measures 23" tall and 20" wide. Has six arms. A really beautiful piece

Price: $1200.00

2016-Dec-15 10:47am EST | Tags :

Wire Stand with Salt/Pepper/Liquid

This antique piece is in excellent all-original condition. The stand measures 8" tall.

Price: $95.00

2016-Dec-04 07:59am EST | Tags :

Two 18th Century Queen Ann Candlesticks

One measures 8" tall and the other 7" tall. They are both push-ups and are in excellent condition. Light up the Holliday Season!

Price: 125.00 each

2016-Dec-04 07:40am EST | Tags :

18th Century Brass Candlesticks

They are in excellent condition and measure 8" tall. A wonderful set for your holiday table

Price: Sale price. $175 for both

2016-Dec-04 04:32am EST | Tags :

Early Mirror

Beautiful Pine Frame measuring 19" x 11".

Price: $95.00

2016-Dec-01 11:07am EST | Tags :

Reverse Painting on Glass of Bird and Flowers

This painting comes with a beautiful Antique Maple Frame. It measures 14" x 12" and Is in excellent condition.

Price: Sale price. $95.00

2016-Dec-01 09:14am EST | Tags :

Staffordshire Spaniel

Measures 13" tall and is in excellent condition.

Price: 125.00. SALE PRICE

2016-Dec-01 06:54am EST | Tags :

Silhouette of a Man

Framed in a Black Painted Frame. 19th century

Price: Sold

2016-Nov-12 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Fire wagon Storage Box

These were used on Horse Drawn Fire Wagons for storage in the early 1900's It has great Red Paint and decoration. Found many years ago at a New Hampshire Show. Great original condition and measures 11 1/2" wide, 8" tall and 10 1/2" deep. 2 available.

Price: 125.00 each

2016-Nov-07 04:00pm EST | Tags :


Purchased this many years ago at a shop in York, Maine. Great condition, no splits, A little discoloring on the interior. Measures 4 1/2" tall and 8" round.

Price: $395.00. A great deal!

2016-Nov-05 05:00pm EDT | Tags :

Iron Porringers

Early and in great condition Smaller one $89.00 Larger one. $98.00

Price: See prices above

2016-Nov-04 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Hand Painted and decorated Footstool

Painted a dark reddish brown with a decorative flower in gold. A very unusual piece which measures 12" wide by 121/2" deep by 9" high

Price: $95.00

2016-Oct-26 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

A really early one in great Paint. Green on the interior and a wonderful brown Pumpkin color on the exterior. Excellent condition

Price: Sale price. 125.00

2016-Oct-19 05:00pm EDT | Tags :

Tiny Red Chair

In great Red Paint. Only measures 9" tall.

Price: 89.00. Reduced from $115.00

2016-Oct-08 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Great Butter Churn

Made of wood with original dasher and in great condition and patina. Very Sturdy

Price: Sale price. $95.00

2016-Oct-08 05:00pm EDT | Tags :

Black Sock Doll

Dates 1930 and retains its original dress and is in excellent condition. Measures 14" tall. Has stitched eyes, nose and mouth

Price: $195.00

2016-Oct-08 05:00pm EDT | Tags :

Students Lamp in Brass

Electrified and in excellent condition. It measures 19 1/2" tall by 16 1/2" wide

Price: 195.00. Reduced from $295.00

2016-Sep-29 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Chalk ware Dog

Love the look of this piece. He is in excellent condition and measures 9" tall.

Price: Sold

2016-Sep-21 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Salesmen's Sample. High Chair

This High Chair converts to a walker chair with wheels. The dimensions for the High Chair Are 24" tall by 16" wide. Whe converted it measures 14" tall by 16" wide

Price: $395.00

2016-Sep-10 05:00pm EDT | Tags :

Fantastic Scoop

Looks as if the scoop was carved from a root. It is all one piece. It measures 14" long and is in great condition.

Price: 195.00. Reduced from $275.00

2016-Aug-16 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Pair of Black Dolls

Completely hand sewn and in excellent condition. Faces are hand painted.

Price: $195.00

2016-Aug-11 08:00pm EDT | Tags :


A nice early shorebird with very realistic painting and Glass eyes. He stands on a piece of driftwood. He is 10 1/2" tall including base. Note that part of his lowers leg is missing. Other than that he is in great condition.

Price: $125.00

2016-Aug-11 02:00pm EDT | Tags :

Sailor Made Ironwood Container

A really great piece with wonderful detail. Measures 10" tall and 6" at the bottom

Price: 145.00. Reduced from $225.00

2016-Aug-07 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Container

Great condition and patina and measuring 7" tall

Price: $129.00

2016-Aug-03 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Early Rush/Candle Holder

The base is wood and the holder is iron. It measures11" tall. In great condition.

Price: $295.00 reduced from $325.00

2016-Aug-03 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Iron Owl

He started life out as part of a set of antique andirons. Now he is alone and happy to be a Great Wall Hanging.

Price: 125.00. Reduced from $165.00

2016-Jul-23 08:00pm EDT | Tags :


Measures 11" round. The only one I've seen in rye. Great condition.

Price: $95.00

2016-Jul-16 05:00pm EDT | Tags :

Early Hand Carved Crow

The Crow stands on a driftwood base. It does not have glass eyes. It measures 10" tall And is in excellent condition.

Price: 295.00. Reduced from $395.00

2016-Jun-30 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Canada Goose on Stand - Life-Size

Early Canada Goose with appropriate wear. Measures 28" long, 21" tall.

Price: Sale price. $395.00

2016-Jun-07 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Fantastic Carved Treen Pitcher

Pitcher measures 11 1/4" tall. It is hand carved out of one piece of wood. Great presence.

Price: 195.00. Reduced from $245.00

2016-Jun-07 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Onion Bottle. - 18th Century

Dark green color - very good condition

Price: $ 195.00

2016-Jun-07 05:00pm EDT | Tags :

Two Gallon "Underwood" Crock.

Great condition. Has a cobalt blue flower.

Price: $295.00. Reduced from $325.00

2016-Apr-29 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Shaker Measure

Great condition, beautiful patina. It has copper nails.

Price: Sold

2016-Apr-29 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Early Iron Triple Candlestand

Heavy Iron Candle holder that holds 3 candles. Measures 28 /1/2" tall. Nice early piece.

Price: $195.00

2016-Apr-29 05:00pm EDT | Tags :

Iron Rush/Candle Holder

This is a great piece of lighting. Early 19th century. Measures 12 1/2" high and is in excellent condition. A great piece for your lighting collection

Price: sold

2016-Apr-09 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Rare Hanging Candle Holder

This looks awesome hanging on an early chair. A very unusual piece of lighting. The base is made of wood and the candle holder is made of heavy metal. It masures 6 /2" high and hangs away from the chair 9".

Price: Sale price $145.00

2016-Apr-09 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Tin Mirrored Sconce

This is an early sconce with its original mirror. Mirror has a small chip on the upper right corner. Other than that it is in excellent condition. It measures 10 1/2" tall x 7" wide x 71/2" deep. The back is rounded.

Price: 175.00 sale price

2016-Apr-04 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Candle Box

This box is dovetailed and retains its original black painted surface. It has some red leaf design on the lid. It measures 14 1/2" tall, 9 1/2" wide and 6 1/2" deep. Early nails. A great piece of folk art.

Price: Sale price $145.00

2016-Mar-05 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Treen Bowl

This is a really great piece of treen. It measures 17" round including the handles. A great piece to add to your treen collection.

Price: sale price $ 125.00

2016-Mar-05 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Early Tin lantern

Lantern measures 11" tall not including handle

Price: Sale price $169.00

2015-Feb-24 01:00pm EST | Tags :

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