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Fresh finds from New England--great early antiques, Folk Art, wonderful smalls and accessories. A few eclectic finds, 19th C. textiles, and appropriate vintage holiday items. Always on the look-out for authentic antiques and whimsical treasures, check back often for the latest additions and updates. I can be reached by email at, for any inquiries or photo requests. If not completely satisfied with your purchase, a return is always allowed within 3-days of receipt, for a full refund of the item (minus shipping costs).

Wonderful Tiny 19th C. Oval Wooden Pantry Box

In excellent antique condition, found in Maine, a very small oval wooden pantry box, fantastic construction, copper nails and tiny early pegs. Measures approximately 4 1/8" wide, and standing 1 1/2" tall. No issues, retains it's original dry surface & rich honeyed patina. $34 + $6 ship.

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19th C. Painted Shaker Bucket Maine

Fresh find from Maine seacoast estate, a painted 19th century wooden bucket in wonderful early condition! Stands approximately 8 3/4" tall (not counting wire bail handle), with a diameter of about 9 1/2" across. Fantastic colors of slate gray exterior, with a dry burgundy interior. Quite sturdy and heavy, a wonderful Shaker example! $275 + $16 ship.

Price: $275 + $16 ship

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Fabulous Vintage Braided Mat in Best Colors

Found in New Hampshire, this well made vintage braided mat has the most vivid colors, using silky rayon fabrics that show absolutely no fading, stains, or issues. This nice sized table mat lays flat on any surface and has a diameter of approximately 16". The predominant color of salmon (or coral) is enhanced by the other bright colors of yellow, pink, violet, and blue. One of the prettiest color combinations I have come across. Please excuse the shadow in the photographs. $55 + $6 ship.

Price: $55 + $6 ship

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Vintage Toy Wooden Clothes Pin Set Mustard Paint

Wonderful vintage set of 7 small toy wooden painted clothes pins, each only 2 1/2" long. All are in great condition and would look best hanging antique doll clothes or a tiny quilt on a line! The original mustard yellow paint is colorful and fun! Can see these used with antique doll or bear display! $22 + $4 ship.

Price: $22 + $4 ship

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Antique Green Paint Decorated Wooden Mortar

Good 19th C. Wooden Mortar, painted later, in Windsor green paint and decorated in the manner of toleware. Found in Maine, it stands approximately 6 1/2" tall, with a diameter of about 5". It has an old age related and filled crack on one side (hard to see, it is nicely repaired, early on). Beautifully decorated, very faded hand painted embellishments that have faded but may have been mustard in color at one time. A great early primitive example! $45 + $8 ship.

Price: SOLD

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RARE 19th C. Blue Glazed & Sponged Butter Crock

Very RARE and a first for me, a beautiful dark Cobalt blue glaze over Spongeware decorated Butter Crock. Fresh Maine barn find (I kid you not), this crock is in excellent antique condition, no chips, cracks, or repairs. The dark blue glaze, over the Spongeware decoration, also includes the word "Butter" on the front of this crock. On the bottom, it has an impressed mark that reads 2 lbs. I can send further photos upon request, as what I am posting does this very special crock little justice! The interior is also a dark blue matted glaze, with no shine. It never had a kid, according to the old picker who found this crock, explaining that it probably had a cardboard inserted lid at one time (there are no signs of a lid having been in place). Measures approximately 5 1/2" in diameter and stands about 4" tall. Would make a great addition to any crock or Spongeware collection! $115 + $10 ship.

Price: SOLD

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Large Fancy Antique Silk Braided Table Mat

Delicate but sound, this very large 19th C. Silk Braided Table Mat, is quite fancy in design and pleasing to the eye! Found in New Hampshire and colorfully made, this mat (is almost round but slightly oval in shape) has a diameter of about 28 1/2" wide, which counts the entire width, including the small circles. The small round circles attached around the perimeter are each, about 4" wide. The center oval is almost 21 1/2" wide. A tiny bit of shredding type wear to the silk can be seen in a couple of small spots, which is common to early silk textiles. This beautifully made table mat lies perfectly flat and would look amazing on a large harvest table or even a round table, as this mat is almost round in shape (it just works both ways). $225 + $10 ship.

Price: SOLD

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Large C. 1820 Blue Willow Make-Do Bowl Staples

Fantastic early 19th century bowl, in the early Blue Willow pattern, pearlware glaze, and wonderful "Make-Do" Staple repairs! With a diameter of about 11 1/4" wide, standing about 5 1/4" tall, this large bowl might have been used for serving punch or to hold fruit as a centerpiece to a special table or cupboard. There are five staples in place, making this bowl quite stable, without looseness. There is a chip to the pedestal base that does not show when displayed. Fabulous early Blue Willow motif in dark blue and white pattern, with mustard painted embellishment to rim of bowl. If you like "Make-Do" repaired items, this large early bowl is a stand-out! $110 + $18 ship

Price: $110 + $18 ship

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Peaseware Pan American 1901 Tiny Treen Pail

Made in Ohio by the Pease family for the 1901 Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, this tiny little wooden treen souvenir pail stands only 3 1/2" tall, with original wire & wood bail handle in upright position. It also has a diameter of only 2 7/8" wide. There are no chips, cracks, or repairs. Beautiful stencilled date of 1901 and the words "Pan American", with a running "Buffalo" logo on top. There are black stencilled bands around the pail, giving this antique Peaseware treen souvenir pail a fantastic finishing touch! $110 + $6 ship.

Price: $110 + $6 ship

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Vintage Straw Hearth Broom Multi-Colors Folky

Wonderful vintage hearth broom with multi-color dyed straw, measuring 23" long. Would look fantastic hanging on a wall, cupboard door, or fireplace hook. I see salmon red, soldier blue, and natural colored bristles. Excellent construction, a sturdy little hearth broom that would make a pleasing, folk art display! $30 + $8 ship.

Price: $30 + $8 ship

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19th C. Pine Square Nailed Maine Utensil Carrier

Fresh attic find from the Maine sea coast, a pine square nailed utensil carrier tote, in excellent condition and surface. Measures 14" long, 7 1/2" wide, and 5" tall, this primitive & simple farmhouse tote has it's original darkened patina. A great small to medium size, not too bulky and perfect for display! $58 + $12 ship.

Price: $58 + $12 ship

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Best 19th C. Reward of Merit Sabbath School Book

Beautiful circa 1870's Poem & Essays small green book, with wonderful gilt embellishments, inscribed inside "Mary Webb, A Prize for Consistency, at Sabbath School". This book is in excellent antique condition, all pages intact, very clean, and a still bright green cover. This sweet little book measures 6 1/2" by 4 1/4", by 3/4" thick. A perfect addition for any collection or primitive display! $35 + $4 ship.

Price: $35 + $4 ship

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19th C. Maple Pedestal Salt w Coin Silver Spoon

Fantastic fresh Maine find, a tiny treen salt with pedestal base and early coin silver salt spoon! The little wooden salt is carved from maple and has the nicest turned base. With only a diameter of about 2 3/4" wide and standing 1 1/2" tall, it is in excellent antique condition. Fabulous untouched surface, it almost has what I would call a "burled" interior, with honey darkened patina. The little coin silver spoon may not have started life with this salt, but selling together as they complete each other perfectly. I have pictured the salt & spoon with two pieces of old stone fruit, a peach and lemon, both showing surface wear but no chips (original wooden stems are in place). The treenware salt w spoon is $145, to include shipping. The two pieces of stone fruit are $40, to include shipping.

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Best 19th C. Large Hand Hewn Trencher Excellent

This is a fresh and fantastic find, a wonderful large trencher bowl, completely hand-hewn (or hand-carved), with original darkened surface. Was only cleaned lightly with soap and water to remove a layer of old grime. This beautiful trencher has no chips, cracks, or repairs. Unbelievable, considering the age of this piece of primitive treen. Additionally, this trencher has a diameter of approximately 19" long, 11" wide and is about 5" deep. You can see the real use wear that this trencher has sustained, in the bottom interior (check out the numerous chop marks). Countless meals were prepared in this fantastic "Bergen County" wooden bowl! Best "flat lip" edge around the entire top of the trencher. As an actual hand-carved trencher bowl, found in Bergen County, New Jersey, it makes this 200 year old country primitive that much more interesting! $220 + $18 ship

Price: SOLD

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Early Coin Silver Fiddleback Spoon "Fannie"

Sweet little 19th century coin silver spoon, Fiddleback handle, with the name "Fannie" lovingly engraved for it's young owner. Maker marks on back look like W & M, although not sure and further research to be left to buyer. Great condition, no dings or issues. Nice patina but could be polished, if desired. $24 + $4 ship.

Price: $24 + $4 ship.

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Early 19th C. Pearlware Grandfather Child Plate

Wonderful early 19th century child plate, Pearlware glaze, impressed with Rogers maker mark, blue transfer on front, depicting "My Grandfather". Shows an early man and young boy, playing fetch with a dog. Very sweet verse that reads: The new watch, who when I could both read and spell, and in my writing got on well, bought me a watch the time to tell? My Grandfather. Diameter of approximately 7 1/2", there is a 1 3/4" light colored hairline on bottom edge. Otherwise, no chips or repairs. Could be professionally repaired or displayed as-is (has been in my collection for years). There was a series of these rare plates and I have seen others for Grandmother, Mother, Father, etc. $42.00 + $7 ship

Price: $42 + $7 ship.

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