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Fresh finds from New England--great early antiques, Folk Art, wonderful smalls and accessories. A few eclectic finds, 19th C. textiles, and appropriate vintage holiday items. Always on the look-out for authentic antiques and whimsical treasures, check back often for the latest additions and updates. I can be reached by email at, for any inquiries or photo requests. If not completely satisfied with your purchase, a return is always allowed within 3-days of receipt, for a full refund of the item (minus shipping costs).

Set of One Dozen Wooden Victorian Blocks

Fabulous set of twelve early child’s wooden painted blocks, circa 1870’s, in great antique condition! Each block measures approximately 1 3/4” square, showing minor use and age wear. Still bright in color, I believe these blocks came in different sizes (I have had all three sizes over the years but not finding them anymore), this set being the medium “in-between” size. Numbers and letters on the various sides, a great addition to any primitive setting or display! $110 + $10 ship. PayPal or check.

Price: $110 + $10 ship

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RARE Pair of Vintage Shaker Silk Pin Cushions

Wonderful fresh find from Maine, a pair of beautiful authentic vintage Shaker silk pin cushions, the large in a chartreuse green color and the slightly smaller cushion, a pastel pink. Expertly made by the Shakers for the tourist trade at their community stores, these silk pin cushions, when you can find them, are stuffed with lambs wool from their own farms and are seldom used because of their beauty and coveted by collectors of anything Shaker. The diameter of the green cushion is approximately 5 1/4” and the pink cushion is about 5”. Both plump and perfect, no stains, snags, or holes, selling as a pair. Would make a great addition to any collection! $165 + $10 ship. PayPal or check.

Price: $165 + $10 ship

2021-Apr-25 06:57pm EDT | Tags :

Best 19th C. Apple Red Painted Ice Skate Pair

A little late in the season but so nice, I can’t resist, a pair of circa 1840-60 pair of ice skates (found in New Hampshire), in the best dry red paint! In excellent antique condition, each skate measures approximately 17 1/2” long. No cracks or repairs, original untouched dry “apple red” painted surface, they look amazing hanging on the wall, adding a bright pop of color and perfect for any primitive setting! $110 + $15 ship. PayPal or check.

Price: $110 + $15 ship

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Early 19th C. Theorem on Paper in Lemon Gold Frame

This is one of the most beautiful early theorems I have ever owned, it is of a Cornucopia with fruit. Circa 1830, this theorem on paper is earlier than the usual Victorian velvet theorems. The colors are still very vivid and I absolutely love the abundance of turquoise used in the Cornucopia. It can be hung vertically or lengthwise. I actually like it hanging vertically with the fruit on top as it almost looks like a colorful ice cream cone! This theorem is in a thick molded period Lemon gold frame. It measures 18 1/2 inches by 14 3/4 inches (the frame is about 1 3/4” thickness all around). The frame is in wonderful condition with no chips or repairs, just slight edge wear. The paper theorem has a bit of toning as to be expected—let the photos help with the description. A very fine early theorem on paper in the best lemon gold frame, extremely well executed! Found in New England, a fine American example. $950 + shipping. PayPal or check.

Price: $950 + shipping

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Best 1930’s Bucks County, PA Star Quilt Mint

Found in Pennsylvania, from Bucks County, this fantastic and unused circa 1930’s quilt with a “Lone Star” pattern, in absolutely beautiful colors and fantastic hand stitched quilting. Never used or washed, you can still see the light pencil marks under the quilted stitches. All cotton fabrics, the colorful choices are still bright and almost have that polished cotton look, when fabric still has its sizing (hard to see in photos but describing for reference). I see no true stains, holes, or repairs, just a bit of light age toning from storage, on the back of this quilt. No odors or other issues, it was safely stored for many years! This thin cotton (not thick or bulky) quilt measures approximately 67” by 81”. I believe it could fit a full size bed and also be a very generous sized twin bed. Some early machine piecing and hand stitching, the hand quilting is uniform and small. Many hours of work and thought went into this early Buck’s County, Pennsylvania textile! $245 + ship

Price: $245 + ship

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19th C. Painted Architectural Lion Bracket Maine

Found in Camden, Maine, a formal home on the mid-coast, this beautiful hand-carved wooden and painted bracket of an open mouth Lion, teeth and all, the details are superb! Measures approximately 11” tall, with a flat surface across that measures about 8” long, it is also about 2” thick. Carved from one piece of wood, it is quite solid and heavy. Retaining its original dry, “oyster white” paint, it has a metal bracket for hanging. A board could be applied on top to make a fabulous looking shelf, or it could be used as is, the wonderful carved details all perfect, on both sides. There are no chips, cracks, or repairs. The face of the Lion is exquisite, open eyes and mouth, fierce teeth, mane and tongue! An amazing architectural element in the very best original surface and condition! $135 + $14 ship. PayPal or check.

Price: SOLD

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Maine 19th C. Windsor Green Painted Boot Jack

Found in Maine, a wonderful hand carved primitive wooden Boot Jack, with mushroom knob feet. Painted in a fantastic “”Windsor Green” the surface is dry and original. Measuring approximately 14” long, there is a small hole at one end, for hanging this great Maine primitive. $55 + $10. PayPal or check.

Price: $55 + $10 ship

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19th C. Stoneware Ink Bottle

A nice little ink bottle, complete with Turkey feathers, for your antique desk or shelf. This 19th century ink bottle is in excellent condition, solid weight, no chips, cracks, or repairs. Stands approximately 4 1/2” tall. Natural stains on exterior, possibly ink from years of use, showing great patina and character! $42 + $8 ship. PayPal or check.

Price: $42 + $8 shipping

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18th C. Large NE Primitive Spoon Rack

Wonderful fresh find, a great primitive and large heavy spoon rack, rose head construction, in amazing condition! Stands approximately 28” tall, about 17” wide, and 3/4” thick. There are two racks for spoons, with the ability to hold 10 spoons. I believe the wood is pine, natural untouched patina, some shrinkage splits that do not go through in any of these places (just expected age details—not flaws). Very large rose head type nails, this early primitive spoon rack is solid and well made. Hand carved hole at top for hanging on a wall, this is an amazing board, possibly a make-do from a door or floor board. Found in Maine, I believe this to be American in origin. More photos available! $395+ ship.

Price: $395 + ship

2021-Feb-16 01:20pm EST | Tags :

Maine Market Basket in Bittersweet Paint

Very fresh find from Maine seacoast estate, a late 19th century Market Basket in early “Bittersweet “ paint! Amazing condition, no breaks or issues, handle is perfect too. Measures approximately 15 1/4” long, stands about 12” tall (including handle) and 10” wide. Shows little use and the paint color is fabulous! $185 + $18 ship (if substantially less, will refund difference). PayPal or Check.

Price: $185 + $18 ship

2021-Feb-05 12:01pm EST | Tags :

Best Early NE Rare Oval Braided Silk Mat

Fresh find from New England, a lovely rare shaped oval braided silk mat, great colors and excellent construction! Measures approximately 18 1/4” long and 10 1/2” wide (measuring from the middle). Not a perfect oval, it tapers at each end slightly different. Only very minor fading on top, there are no stains, repairs, or issues. The colors in this braided mat will go with any primitive and I love the small pop of turquoise color in the center! $95 + $6 ship. PayPal or Check.

Price: $95 + $6 ship

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Extra Large Don Carpentier Mocha Transfer Bowl

This is the largest creamware signed Don Carpentier bowl I have ever seen! Made in 2002 (as it is dated), it has everything going on for it! It is a creamware pottery with a blueish pearl wear glaze. A mocha style coloring with an impressed “Greek Key” top border edge. This large table bowl has a beautiful pedestal on the bottom. It stands approximately 6 3/4 inches tall and has a very wide diameter of 13 inches across. There are no chips, crazing, cracks, or issues. The motif shows transferware scenes all around this bowl that have to do with the “Potters Art.” On the interior bottom is a ship and on the underside bottom is the American Eagle. I will be happy to send many more pictures so that you can see all of the work that went into this masterpiece! Would make a fabulous addition to any collection of Don Carpentier pottery! $695 + shipping.

Price: $695 + shipping

2021-Jan-17 01:22pm EST | Tags :

Authentic 19th C. Maine Shaker Needle Keep

Found in Maine, this watered rose silk covered needle keep, is Shaker made, late 19th century. Measures approximately 4 3/4” long, 3 1/2” wide , and about 1/4” thick. Cream colored wool sheets with fine pink blanket stitching around the edges. Some light age discoloration at edges and one ribbon is missing, all else is intact and looks to have been little used. Was obviously kept in a drawer or sewing box, a beautiful early Shaker sewing item! $48 + $6 shipping. PayPal or check.

Price: $48 + $6 ship

2021-Jan-17 12:36pm EST | Tags :

19th C. China head Doll in Orig. Turkey Red Outfit

In pristine condition, this fantastic fresh find, a darling 19th century German China head doll, wearing her custom made original “turkey red” cotton polka dot dress and matching prairie bonnet! She measures approximately 6 1/2” tall, there are no cracks, chips, or repairs to the doll. Her outfit is absolutely perfect, no odors, holes, or fading. She wears lace pantaloons and a matching slip. Lots of layers to this dress, with the sizing in the cotton fabric allowing her to stand on her own! The trimmed bonnet is precious, with original silk ties. You won’t find another of this caliber! $115 + $ 8 ship. Check or PayPal.

Price: $115 + $8 ship

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Maine 1920’s Wooden Boat Keel “EATS” Sign

Fantastic fresh find, a 1910-20’s wooden keel from a small boat, which has been turned into a sign that reads “EATS” on one side. Measures approximately 29 1/2” long, about 9” tall, and 1/2” thick, it retains its darkened nautical varnish finish. The letters have been painted in black, early oxidized nails at the end of keel handle, which are used for the small wooden brace on each side. No cracks or repairs, a phenomenal and early Maine antique Make-Do sign! $115 + shipping.

Price: SOLD

2020-Nov-06 12:34pm EST | Tags :

Unique Early 19th C. Tin Lantern Found in Maine

With a folky quality, this early tin lantern in fantastic antique condition, has a unique look! Pie crimped chimney and skirted trim on top. All original, including wavy bubbled glass panels, wire hanging formed handle, and charming tin hasp for door panel. This lantern stands approximately 15” tall, with a square base of 4 1/2” by 4 1/2”. The little thin reflective glass piece inside the top chimney is chipped and could be removed or replaced. Not an apology but mentioning for accuracy. No chips, cracks, or problems, otherwise! Very rare find with a great folk art look! $275 + $18 ship

Price: SOLD

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Best Stack of Maine Red Painted Panty Boxes

This is a wonderful stack of assembled 19th C. pantry boxes, fresh from a great Maine collection! All three retain their original red coat of dry early paint, very close in color to the same shade of “apple” red. Nicely graduated, the largest pantry is impressed with a maker’s mark “E. Murdock, Jr, Boston, Mass”. This pantry stands about 4 7/8” tall with diameter of 9 7/8” across. In great condition with only a partial & very tight shrinkage line on lid. The middle pantry stands 3 1/2” tall and a diameter of 7 3/4” across. It shows early replacement nails and a small thin sliver missing on lid at side seam (not noticeable but trying to mention all). The smallest pantry stands 2 3/4” tall with a diameter of 6 1/2” across. I see only one missing tiny peg on bottom, otherwise perfect. These round pantry boxes look fantastic in their original period paint, an instant collection in the best color red! $545 + $16 ship. PayPal or Check.

Price: $545 + $16 ship

2020-Sep-18 01:03pm EDT | Tags :

Fabulous Large 19th C. Maine Hooked Rug

This wool hooked rug is very large, beautiful, and in fantastic original condition! Fresh find from Maine, it measures a whopping 67" long by 39" wide. Minimal fading, if any, no holes, repairs, or odors. The tiniest bit of edge wear, to be expected for its age. Obviously, a hand-hooked rug this size is heavy, when rolled up. Will be packed safely for shipping, etc. Was stored in a place, as it looks little used. Amazing free form design floral pattern, with vibrant colors and masterful workmanship! $275 + $40 ship. (I will refund any shipping overage difference, but I am probably on the low end).

Price: $275 + shipping

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