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We have been long time collectors and part time dealers for the past 40 some years. We were originally from Michigan but were residents of Florida for the past 30 years and spent summers in Maine. Our love is fine American furniture and Country accessories, woodenware, baskets, quilts, folk art and fine art. We also have extensive interest in early American and Continental metal ware (brass, copper, pewter, iron and tin) and early lighting devices. Everything is sold with a full guarantee to our customers satisfaction. Returns are excepted less shipping costs. Any reasonable offer is considered. Payments are by check or Pay pal for credit. If you are interested in layaway terms we can easily work with you.

Native Am Birch Bark Quill Box

Porcupine quill decorated birch bark box by Carol Kotchea from Fort Liard. Made of spruce root, sinew and moose hide. 8” w X 9.7”h

Price: $550.00

2024-Apr-02 08:11am EDT | Tags : Boxes Indian

Miniature Bonnet Top Linen Press

English 18thc. two piece miniature Linen Press, mahogany veneer over mahogany. Finely dovetailed case and 7 drawers. Working drawers inside and out with old brass pulls. Dimensions 22 1/2" tall x 13 1/2" wide x 8/12" deep. Great for a jewelry chest and in wonderful condition. More photos upon request.

Price: $1600.00

2024-Mar-08 09:42am EST | Tags : Furniture Miniature 18thc.

18thc. Hour Glass

Lignum vitae hour glass. In excellent condition. 6” t. x 3” d.

Price: $425.00

2023-Nov-29 03:20pm EST | Tags : 18thc.

Apothecary Carving

Mortar and chain carved out of one piece of wood. Sailor or prison art carving. 28” long x 4” d. and mortar 7” t.

Price: $275.00

2023-Nov-29 07:02am EST | Tags : Folk Art Advertising 3D Art

Early 18thc. Wooden Bowl

Slow lathe turned bowl with the original dry old brown surface. No cracks and in wonderful condition. 15.5”. -16” d. X 3.75” t.’

Price: $350.00

2023-Nov-29 12:07am EST | Tags : Woodenware Painted 18thc.

Burl Mortar and Pestle

Early 19thc. Mortar and pestle. 7” t. X 6 3/4” d. Top X 6 1/4” d. base, pestle 9.5” l. X 3.25” d. In fine condition with natural fissures in wood that don’t penetrate and no fill. Weighs 4.5 lbs. More photos available.

Price: $795.00

2023-Nov-26 06:59pm EST | Tags : Burl

Old Blue Bowl

Great vibrant wooden bowl with old blue paint. Nice wide rim with small tight age crack. 14-15” d. X 4” t.

Price: $550.00

2023-Sep-02 03:15pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware Painted

Large Wooden Dough Bowl

With wide lip and the original surface that has such a nice nut brown patina it appears painted and the interior is as nice as the exterior. 18-18.5” d. X 5” t. Condition is excellent.

Price: $500.00

2023-Sep-02 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware

1890’s Mustard Painted Spice Tins

13- Late 19th/early 20thc. Sultana A & P Spice tins in 4 different size heights 1-7.25”, 5- 6.25”, 5- 4.25”, 2- 3.25”. Names of different spices on back. Some flaking paint and discoloring and some don’t open. Vibrant mustard paint for display.

Price: 195.00 set

2023-Aug-31 12:40pm EDT | Tags : Advertising Painted

Fishermen on the Dock

Wonderful hand made Folk Art display of two Fishermen smoking pipes, one sitting in a boat mending nets and the other standing in waders on a dock with paint brush in hand painting the oars. One appears to be paper mache and the other man made of nylon socks. Found local in Maine. Pieces are all adhered to boat and dock. 14” l. X 7” w. x 5” w. x 9.5” t.

Price: $325.00

2023-Aug-26 05:06pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art

Rooster Copper Weathervane on Arrow

Fabulous late 19th/early 20thc. copper full hollow bodied Rooster on arrow weathervane. Some verdegris on body and arrow. Wonderful condition and 38" wide including arrow x 37 1/2" tall x 2 1/2" deep body.

Price: $995.00 + shipping

2023-Aug-25 10:15am EDT | Tags : Weathervane

Hubley Sailor and Dutch Girl Banks

1930 cast iron Hubley Penny banks in original paint with normal wear. Coin slots in their backs. 5.5” tall.

Price: 150.00 ea

2023-Aug-15 11:55am EDT | Tags : Banks Iron

Frog Bank

Great large painted frog bank stamped Iron Art underneath. Coin slot in mouth. 8.5”l. X 7”w. X 4” t.

Price: $150.00

2023-Aug-15 11:52am EDT | Tags : Iron Banks

Two “Beauty” Pony Banks

1910-1930 Arcade cast iron pony banks with original paint and Beauty in gold on one side Coin slots in their manes. 5.75” l.

Price: 200.00 pr.

2023-Aug-14 11:59am EDT | Tags : Banks

19thc. Indian Birch Bark Quill Box

Early Indian birch box with natural porcupine quill decoration on lid. Paperwork inside says 140 yrs old from Banff Alberta, CN. Click on addl. photos. In excellent condition.

Price: $395.00

2023-Aug-14 09:25am EDT | Tags : Boxes Indian

19thc. Bank Buildings

5-Cast Iron bank toys that were sold to get kids to start saving money in the late 19thc. These are complete with their original paint and 5.5”-6”t. First bank on the left patent dated July 23,1895 underneath. Coin slots are either on top of roof, back or on the side. Made by Kenton Hardware Co. Ohio. Sold separately.

Price: 150.00 ea

2023-Aug-12 08:34am EDT | Tags : Toys Banks

Miniature Drop-leaf Table

Sweet doll size wooden drop leaf table in original old brown paint with old hinges and wooden swing out leaf supports. Possibly a Salesman sample. 9.75”l. X 7”w. and 11.25” wide w/leaves up X 7” t.

Price: $195.00

2023-Aug-12 06:03am EDT | Tags : Miniature

Cow Butter Mold

Two piece butter mold with dovetailed housing. Shrinkage from use so it doesn’t fit tight in housing. Nice original dry surface. 5.75” l. X 4” w. X 2.75” t.

Price: $295.00

2023-Aug-12 05:30am EDT | Tags : Woodenware


Master salt 75.00, pepper grinder 125.00, goblet pen wipe 125.00, nutmeg grater with paint 175.00.

Price: Priced separately

2023-Aug-11 07:14pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware

19thc. Redware Covered Pot

Bright orange large ovoid pot with brown splotches and original lid. In very good condition with no cracks and expected wear and minor chips. 11.5” t. x 5.25” top d. X 8.25” center d.

Price: $725.00

2023-Aug-11 06:14pm EDT | Tags : Redware

18thc. Mortar and Pestle w/Holder

18thc. southern yellow pine ornately cutout wall holder for solid brass mortar and pestle included. Click on photo for addl. pictures. 20” X 8”

Price: $375.00

2023-Aug-11 11:25am EDT | Tags : 18thc.

Lignum Vitae Planer

Wooden planer with manufacturer stamped on blade and bone decorative knob. 15.5” l. X 2.25” w. X 5.75” t.

Price: $195.00

2023-Aug-11 06:27am EDT | Tags : Tools

19thc. Penny Bank Buildings

3 Small cast iron banks with original paint and coin slots in back under the roofs. 3.25”-4” tall. Kenton Hardware Co. Ohio. Sold separately or group $400.00

Price: 150.00 ea

2023-Aug-10 06:01pm EDT | Tags : Toys Banks

Blue Bowl

Great old painted wooden bowl with 2” lip. Out of round and in great condition no cracks. 16”-16.50” X 5”-5.25” t.

Price: $475.00

2023-Aug-10 12:59pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware Painted

3 Cast Iron Toys

Early 20thc. Toys in original paint. Green truck stamped Arcade 213 underneath with white rubber tires 4.75” l., Dark green Bus 5” l. with metal tires. Yellow truck with rubber tires 3.5” l.

Price: 125.00 ea

2023-Aug-09 02:49pm EDT | Tags : Toys Iron

19thc. Lg. Blue Slide Lid Box with Key

Fabulous 1840 large slide lid candle or document box with original blue paint and raised panel lid that locks. Dovetailed and early nailed construction. 20.5” l. X 9.75”w. X 6” t.

Price: $750.00

2023-Aug-09 01:37pm EDT | Tags : Boxes

Oxen and Cart

Folk Art wooden oxen with nail horns and leather tails, oxen are in a double yolk pulling a cart handmade and painted by Joseph Libby from Machias River, ME. 14.5” l. x 4.25”w., oxen 7” long.

Price: $275.00

2023-Aug-08 03:49pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art

“Hand Sewn Mochisins” Shop Display

Automaton Cobbler moving Storefront display. A Cobbler stitching mochisins, his hands and head move. Wooden handmade display with scraps of leather on his bench along with a couple of tools and shoe form. 25” w. X 12”d. X 25” t.

Price: $675.00

2023-Aug-08 02:50pm EDT | Tags : Advertising Signs Storefront

Spoon Rack with Brass Mortar and Pestle

Late 19th early 20thc. Pine hand made primitive 12 slot spoon rack six per side, with small drawer and brass mortar and pestle. Mortised construction on sides but has round nails. Click on photos for addl. photos. 24” l. X 22”t. X 4.25” w.

Price: $375.00

2023-Aug-07 06:40pm EDT | Tags : Furniture

Hook and Ladder Fire Truck

Early cast iron Fire truck with remnants of the old paint. 7.5” l. X 3.25” t.

Price: $125.00

2023-Aug-06 12:05am EDT | Tags : Toys

19thc. Ice Skates

Black painted skates with scrolled iron forged metal. 16.75” l. X 3” t.

Price: $175.00

2023-Aug-05 01:54pm EDT | Tags : Toys

Windsor Footstool

Painted splay leg Windsor footstool, bulbous turned legs pegged through the top with single stretcher. Later white paint over brown and red original paint. 16”x9.5” d. x7” t.

Price: $250.00

2023-Aug-05 01:45pm EDT | Tags : Painted Furniture

Youmans Top Hat

NY beaverskin Top Hat with original label. 11” X 8” d. X 6” t.

Price: $150.00

2023-Aug-05 12:26pm EDT | Tags : Textiles

Painted Pantry Box

Pantry box with salmon paint. Has a chip on the top rim otherwise in good condition. 10.75” d. X 5.25” t.

Price: $225.00

2023-Aug-05 12:19pm EDT | Tags : Boxes

Pond Model

Original painted old pond model from 1920’s-30’s. Has remnants of a label Jacrim mfg. Boston MA. Chip on top of deck along with dings and sail is gone. Yellow wooden deck with red metal keel and metal rudder. 21.75” l. X 4.75 w. X 7.25” t.

Price: $175.00

2023-Aug-05 12:13pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Toys

Seal Carving

Wooden carving of seal signed Jim Van underneath. Found in Maine. 4.75” t. X 4”X 2.25” base.

Price: $195.00

2023-Aug-05 11:47am EDT | Tags : Folk Art 3D Art

Blown Glass Demijohn

Large heavy dark green glass bottle blown in 3 mold. With broken pontil on bottom. Excellent condition with wear on bottom. 15” t. X 12” d. X 8” w.

Price: $375.00

2023-Aug-05 11:29am EDT | Tags : Glass

19thc. Leather Document Box

Diminutive leather covered small wooden box with brass decorative tacks and oval brass on top, it also has the old paper lining. Original lock and key and in very good condition. 9.25” l. X 5” w. X 5”t.

Price: $250.00

2023-Aug-05 11:11am EDT | Tags : Boxes

Indian Ceremonial Clubs

Penobscot Indian war clubs used in ceremonies. Carved from a tree limb with Burl attached. Small childs has remnants of red paint. Lg 28” l., Sm 16” l.

Price: 150.00 ea

2023-Aug-05 10:16am EDT | Tags : Indian

Reindeer Bank

Old cast iron bank with original gold paint in very good condition. Has bank slot on back neck. 9” t. X 6.5”l.

Price: $195.00

2023-Aug-05 10:03am EDT | Tags : Iron

Lead Cast Figures

Miniature farm animals with Amish man and woman. 10 painted cast figures. Amish figures 3” t.

Price: 125.00 set

2023-Aug-04 12:32pm EDT | Tags : Toys

Shaker Brush

Clothes brush with soft horse hair bristles. 8.50” l. In excellent condition.

Price: $175.00

2023-Aug-04 07:34am EDT | Tags : Shaker

Early Miniature Butter Molds

6 late 19th early 20thc. Butter molds from 1.25-2” diameter. Square flower 2” d. X 4” t., leaves 1.75” d. X 2.75” t., leaf 1.75” d. X 2.5” t., thistle 1.5” d. X 3” t. ,sheath of wheat 1.25” d. X 2..25” t., Star 1.5” d. X 2” t. Priced separately.

Price: 150.00 ea

2023-Aug-03 01:30pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware Miniature

Pr of Flying Geese

Two wooden carved and painted geese in flight. In great condition. 9” X 6” and 10” X 9”

Price: 250.00 pr.

2023-Aug-03 12:08pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art

Oak Caliper

Wooden oak Caliper with metal ends, 12” long.

Price: $150.00

2023-Aug-03 09:07am EDT | Tags : Tools

Miniature Bouys

5 Painted bouys. 2.25”-3” long. Great for a doll house collection.

Price: $145.00

2023-Aug-03 07:38am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Toys

Miniature Trencher

Small maple trencher hand carved with raised bottom. 2 tight age cracks. Nice original patina 9.75” l. x 6.25” w. x 2.75” t.

Price: $175.00

2023-Aug-03 07:28am EDT | Tags : Woodenware Miniature

Pr Pony Pull Toys

Original painted toys made from paper mache on wooden platform with wooden wheels. 6.75” l. x 6” t. x 2.75” w. In very nice condition.

Price: 250.00 pr

2023-Aug-03 07:20am EDT | Tags : Toys Folk Art

Eagle Butter Mold

19thc. Carved mold with old dry surface with minor tight age crack. 3.75” d. X 3.25” t.

Price: $275.00

2023-Aug-03 07:13am EDT | Tags : Woodenware Folk Art

Mallards on Driftwood Signed

Pr of carved and painted ducks signed by the late Carl Malmstrom of Rockland,ME 1882-1975. Sleeping female and male Mallards, detailed work by the artist. 20” l. Driftwood X 5” t. X 3” l. Ducks.

Price: $ 425.00

2023-Aug-02 08:12am EDT | Tags : 3D Art

18thc. Chinese Paktong Bird

Early Paktong metal bird with glass eyes. Complete with repairs to tail feathers and possibly chest. 11.5” tall X 4” w.

Price: $350.00

2023-Jul-31 02:44pm EDT | Tags : 3D Art 18thc.

Bronze Door Knocker

Fish or stylized dolphin bronze knocker, 7.5”l. x 4” t. X .75” thick. Old bronze finish and weighs 2 lbs.

Price: $245.00

2023-Jul-30 07:15pm EDT | Tags : Metalware Bronze

Steam Ship Model

An Early wooden Steam Ship model that appears to be a war ship with 5 cannons and 4 paddle life saving boats hanging from the sides. Metal anchor with chain in front. 29” long x 13” t. x 5.5” w. In old paint with some paint splatter.

Price: $275.00

2023-Jul-29 07:51am EDT | Tags : Folk Art

Barber Pole

Carved solid wooden 3D original painted Barber Pole. Great advertising sign with iron mounting bracket on back. In very good condition. 54” tall x 8” wide X10.5” deep.

Price: 1050.00 plus shpg

2023-Jul-28 03:23pm EDT | Tags : Advertising Painted 3D Art

Bernard Corey Painting

“Road to the Barn” by Bernard Corey, oil on board, 8” X 12” sight size, 12.5 X 16.5” framed in gold carved gesso frame made by the late Paul Goodnow. Purchased from his Estate and signed on back.

Price: $1450.00

2023-Jul-25 09:27am EDT | Tags : Fine Art

19thc. Tiger Maple Double Masher

Double masher 11.25” l. X 2.75 d. ends.

Price: $225.00

2023-Jul-24 10:03am EDT | Tags : Woodenware

19thc. Mic Mac Quill Box

Early Mic Mac Indian spruce root & quill decorated box. Circa 1840, 6” l. X 4.5” w. X 3.25” t. In great condition with some minor missing quills on top. See 2nd and 3rd photo.

Price: $550.00

2023-Jul-24 08:09am EDT | Tags : Baskets Boxes

19thc. Burl Bowl

Ash Burl bowl with raised foot and 1/2” lip. 9.5-9.75 D. X 3” T. In great condition.

Price: $72500

2023-Jul-24 07:12am EDT | Tags : Burl Woodenware

19thc. Lg. Figured Maple Carrier

Beautiful bold carrier made from a mix of tiger and birdseye maple. Nice detailed cutouts and dovetailed construction. Reglued on one end. 17” L. X 9.5 W. X 7.5 T.

Price: $625.00

2023-Jul-24 12:28am EDT | Tags : Woodenware

Pair Swing Handled Baskets

2 graduated swing handled baskets both in excellent condition w/raised bottoms. 10.5-11” D. X 6.5” T. to rim and 8.5 - 8.75 D. x 5” T. to rim. Natural patina.

Price: 450.00 pr.

2023-Jul-24 12:00am EDT | Tags : Baskets

19thc. Redware Bowl

Early Redware bowl or milk pan with greenish glaze w/brown splotches. Some expected wear and glaze missing but no cracks. 9-9 1/4” D X 3 1/4” T

Price: $425.00

2023-Jul-21 09:47am EDT | Tags : Redware

New England Redware Jugs

Three great early Redware jugs in wonderful condition with no cracks and minor wear and/or chips. Red w/3 incised rings near top 8.5”t, Tan w/brown specks 8”t and dark green w/orange speckles 8.5” t. Priced separately. More photos available.

Price: 795.00 each

2023-Jul-20 07:31am EDT | Tags : Redware

Colorful Redware

2 early colorful pieces of Redware in good condition with expected wear. Turks turban food mold cream with brown specks (2 minor nicks on outside rim) 9.75 d. X 4.5” tall. $275.00 Bold ovoid jar with orange and brown swirls 6.50” t. X 6.50 d. (patch glaze missing) $400.00

Price: Priced Separately

2023-Jul-13 07:20am EDT | Tags : Redware

Early Ovoid Redware

4 small early pieces of early Redware. Two ovoid jugs one brown speckled 6.50” and manganese glaze 6.25”and two canning jars red speckled 4.75” and brown ovoid 4.50” all in wonderful condition with no cracks and expected minor wear.

Price: Jugs 495.00 each/Jars 245.00 each

2023-Jul-13 05:54am EDT | Tags : Redware

Hunter Weathervane

Hunter shooting at a Buck. Heavy sheet iron early painted weathervane. 34” long x 18” tall.

Price: $650.00

2023-Jul-13 05:38am EDT | Tags : Weathervane Folk Art

Folk Painting with Animals

Wonderful naive oil painting on canvas of domestic animals. Two kittens and a puppy peaking around the corner. In wonderful condition. Probably 1930’s in a wooden frame. 22” X 27” and 25x 30 framed.

Price: $950.00

2023-Jul-13 01:02am EDT | Tags : Fine Art Folk Art

Cast Iron Horse and Carriage

Hubley original painted horse and carriage. With driver and lady passenger. Some normal wear to the paint but overall very good condition. 4 pieces.

Price: $475..00

2023-Jun-03 07:37am EDT | Tags : Iron Painted Toys

Baby Shoes

3 classic pairs of leather Baby shoes. With original buttons and in great condition. Red/black lace up and black w/white tassels and mother of pearl buttons 4 1/2” l x 3” t. and brown ones w/scalloped tops and five buttons 4” l x 3 1/2” t. No holes or tears. Sold separately

Price: 225.00 each

2023-May-28 05:47am EDT | Tags : Textiles Childs

“Gloucester” by Michael Graves

Harbor scene OC painted by the known Artist in 2008 and signed LL. Framed in original handmade frame by the late Paul Goodnow. 10” X 14” and 13.25” X 17.25” framed.

Price: $1250.00

2023-May-07 09:41am EDT | Tags : Fine Art

Late 19thc. Tin Painted Toy

Early horse pulling a cart in original paint and great condition.

Price: $225.00

2023-May-02 01:55pm EDT | Tags : Toys Tin

Bunny Rabbit Shooting Targets

Iron carnival shooting targets large 10”l x10” t and small 6.25” l x 6.25” t.

Price: $250.00 pr

2023-May-02 01:54pm EDT | Tags : Iron

Black Crow Shooting Target

Large iron crow carnival shooting target with pits and corrosion from shots 15”l x10.5” t.

Price: $250.00

2023-May-02 01:52pm EDT | Tags : Toys Folk Art Iron

Oil Painting Maine Coastal Scene

Great painting depicting the rocky Maine Coast with typical Cape and barn with Fisherman getting in his boat and lobster traps scattered on the shore. Signed A. Russell Mann, 20” X 24”. In great condition and framed in painted wooden frame.

Price: $495.00

2023-Apr-20 04:09pm EDT | Tags : Fine Art

Winter Farmyard

Delightful Family Farm O/C in the George Durrie style. In excellent condition. 26.5” X 19.5” and the 29.5” X 22.5” including painted wooden frame. Unsigned.

Price: $695.00

2023-Mar-24 12:18pm EDT | Tags : Fine Art

Indian Village Scene

Folk painting on canvas of a working Indian Village. A lot of interesting activities going on in this Primitive Village scene signed verso M. R. Krishna. Framed in a painted dark green/gold wood frame and in very good condition. Painting measures 16” x 27.25” and 18” x 29.25” with frame.

Price: $250.00

2023-Mar-24 11:11am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Fine Art

Sign The Barn

Large bright wooden sign “The Barn” with horse shoes painted on each side. 30” X 15” tall.

Price: $350.00

2023-Mar-23 11:58am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Advertising Signs

Redware Fish Food Mold

Fish mold with manganese glaze 17” l x 6 1/4” w x 3 1/2” t.

Price: $275.00

2023-Jan-28 09:01am EST | Tags : Redware

Eagle Carving

Painted carving of an eagle perched on base. Eagle itself is 11” tall and base 4”X 5” x 2”tall.

Price: $225.00

2023-Jan-26 03:59pm EST | Tags : Folk Art

PA Lollipop Butter Mold

19thc. Carved birds with heart butter mold made from maple. Classic pattern has a stable age crack on the front only. 6 1/4” l x 2 1/2” d

Price: $350.00

2023-Jan-26 03:49pm EST | Tags : Woodenware Folk Art

Lobster Food Mold

Copper and tinned food mold of a lobster. Stamped made in Germany. Copper tabs to connect to oven rack.10.5” l x 6.25”w x 3.50” t

Price: $150.00

2023-Jan-07 08:45am EST | Tags : Metalware Copper

Pair of Andrew Wyeth Prints

Prints from dry brush works “The Corner” 1953 from collection of Mr and Mrs W E Phelps and “Brinton’s Mill” signed and from 1958 collection Mrs. Andrew Wyeth (The Mill in Chester County PA was owned by Andrew and Betsy in 1958) Both measure 11 1/4” x 7 1/4” and 21 1/2” x 13 1/2” framed and under glass with some discoloration.

Price: 225.00 pr.

2022-Dec-14 01:48pm EST | Tags : Prints

Sliding Oak Candle Box

18th or early 19thc Wall mount candle box with dovetailed construction. In excellent condition measures 15” t x 5 1/4” w X 3 3/4” d.

Price: $350.00

2022-Dec-13 12:21pm EST | Tags : Woodenware

Two Tin Bird Toys

Original decoration in good condition and working order from W. Germany. Larger one 5 1/4” long is a wind up w/attached key and has patent date Dec 27, 1927. Small one 3” and hops but never had a key.

Price: 150.00 pr

2022-Dec-12 10:53am EST | Tags : Toys

Theorom Painting

Late 19thc. Cornucopia with fruit and sprays of wheat painted on velvet. In original walnut carved and decorated frame under glass. Some foxing and measures 16 1/2” x 13 1/4” and framed 25 1/2” x 20”. Apologies for the blinds in the photo!

Price: Sold Thank you

2022-Dec-12 10:32am EST | Tags : Fine Art Folk Art

Covered Pedestal Treenware

Inlaid maple and cherry or walnut with large turned finial measures 11 1/2” tall X 5 3/4” diameter. In great condition.

Price: $250.00

2022-Dec-12 09:37am EST | Tags : Woodenware

Flying Screech Owl Decoy

Screech owl carving by Casey Edwards with talon beak. Stamped CE on bottom. 15” wing span X 11” l x 4.5” tall.

Price: $275.00

2022-Dec-11 08:10am EST | Tags : Decoys Folk Art

Hillclimber Tin Friction Train with Car

Wonderful c.1910 toy in the original paint. Engine and one car both in very good original condition. "Hillclimber" stenciled on the car. 30" long.

Price: $450.00 + shpg

2022-Dec-10 10:10am EST | Tags : Toys

Mustard Paint Decorated Box

19thc. Dovetailed construction on this early wooden box with a landscape painting on top and detailed floral decoration on front and both sides. With the original lock. 14” l x 9” w X 5” t

Price: $425.00

2022-Dec-06 07:40am EST | Tags : Boxes Painted

Crooked Knife with Hearts

Chip carved wooden knife with hearts from an early Maine collection. 9.5 “ long

Price: $475.00

2022-Oct-22 12:13pm EDT | Tags : Tools

Pr Old Sheffield Silver Candlesticks

Early 19thc. Candlesticks with stop fluting on the pillars and acanthus leaf tops with separate boboches, silver over copper. 7.75” tall x 3.25” base diameter. In excellent condition. Great Wedding or Christmas gift.

Price: 450.00 pr

2022-Oct-21 11:57am EDT | Tags : Silver Lighting Metalware

Chinese Export Porcelain Basin

Large Basin with floral design 14.5” diameter X 5” tall. In great condition no cracks or chips minor paint flake off rim.

Price: $600.00

2022-Oct-21 01:25am EDT | Tags : Ceramics

19thc. Baby’s First Adventure

Oil painting on canvas of a child with a large brim hat ready to catch some birds eating her porridge. Originally by famous German artist Hermann von Kaulbach 1846-1909 “Baby’s First Adventure” Signed on a label taped on the back of the canvas “Selena Manchester” (it’s not a repair). In an old wooden gilt frame and excellent condition.15.75” x13’”

Price: $425.00

2022-Sep-11 05:32am EDT | Tags : Fine Art

19thc. Hudson River Painting

Mid 19thc. Oil painted on board this is a wonderful early painting with cows, nieve and unsigned. 13.5” x 11.75” w/frame, 9” x 7.75” actual size. Housed in an original wooden gilt frame with sand paint.

Price: $475.00

2022-Aug-30 04:14am EDT | Tags : Fine Art

Cow Painting

Early 20thc. Oil landscape painting with cows on Masonite. In a carved gilt frame. Signed verso by Tapan. 10”x12”, 15.75”x 17.75” including frame.

Price: $450.00

2022-Aug-24 07:11pm EDT | Tags : Fine Art

Iron Trammel

Large adjustable iron trammel for fireplace. 32” to 42” long.

Price: $275.00

2022-Aug-24 07:06pm EDT | Tags : Iron Fireplace

Lobster Traps Painting by Stoffa

Oil on canvas painting by known artist Michael Stoffa, who had a Gallery in Rockport, Mass, b.1923-2001. Lobster traps and bouys. Signed lower left. 17”X 21”, with original frame 23”X 27”.

Price: $795.00

2022-Aug-24 05:42am EDT | Tags : Fine Art

Huge Copper Funnel

Large tractor or Semi truck funnel 16” tall x 12” diameter.

Price: $125.00

2022-Aug-16 07:40pm EDT | Tags : Metalware Copper

Large “Boys” Sign

Lg. decorated sign “BOYS” (will be Boys) blue with gold carved incised lettering and stars with anchors on each end. 47” long x 9.25” tall x 5/8” thick. By Dick Steele a wood carver from Maine now deceased.

Price: 250.00 + shpg

2022-Aug-14 10:47am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Painted Signs

Niddy Noddy

Tiger maple niddy noddy with pinned and mortised construction. Very useful tool for winding a neat skein from a bobbin of hand spun.

Price: $195.00

2022-Aug-12 05:50pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware

Mallard Baby

Child size decoy with keel and string with weight. Initialed DB on bottom. Probably Childs initials. Nice paint. 8.5” l x 4” t

Price: $175.00

2022-Aug-12 08:03am EDT | Tags : Painted Decoys

Miniature Ducks

Cork body female mallard with wooden carved head 5.5x3”t. and Golden eye duck 6.5” X 3.5 t .

Price: 150.00 ea

2022-Aug-11 01:52pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Painted Miniature

Michigan Decoy by Gordon Fox

Canvasback hen from Mt Clemens, MI 1940 by Gordon “Pecor” Fox. Original paint and keel. 16” l x 6.25” t x 7” wide.

Price: $425.00

2022-Aug-11 09:10am EDT | Tags : Decoys

Merganser by R. Mitchell

Wonderful painted Merganser carving signed R. Mitchell, Robert Madison Mitchell 1901-1993. Glass eyes and measures 21” l x 5.5”w x 7.5”t.

Price: $450.00

2022-Aug-11 08:57am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Decoys

Puffin Carving

Puffin on a stump carved wood and painted. 11” l x x 6.5”t x 3” w. Small Nova Scotia mat finely hooked with a Sea gull on a stump signed by artist. $75.00

Price: $175.00 / 75.00

2022-Aug-11 08:19am EDT | Tags : Folk Art

Taghkanic NY Basket

Large basket in excellent condition, 17” and 16.50” diameter X 17” tall top handle. Double woven rim and raised bottom. Nice warm patina.

Price: $400.00

2022-Aug-10 01:33pm EDT | Tags : Baskets

Miniature Bird Carvings

Blue Jay perched on stump 6.5” l x 3.5”t., Oriole w/glass eyes on driftwood 5” l x 2.5” t. and Maine chickadee w/glass eyes on driftwood & signed Ellen Nelson 1987. 4.25”l x 2.25” t. $450 purchase all.

Price: 175.00 ea

2022-Aug-10 12:14pm EDT | Tags : Miniature Folk Art

Large Painted Game Board

Ochre and black painted board with side compartments for game pieces (not included). 28.75” X 19”

Price: $625.00

2022-Aug-10 11:49am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Painted

Harry Shourds NJ Decoy

Snow Goose carved and signed by H. V. Shourds of New Jersey. Lead weight in bottom. Third generation carver. 19” l x 6.5 w x 8.75 t

Price: $350.00

2022-Aug-10 10:16am EDT | Tags : Painted Decoys

Miniature Bird Carvings

Maine Chickadee on branch mounted on wood base 4.75”l x2.50” t., 2-Canadian geese on driftwood 5.50”l and 4.50” l x 3”t. Songbird w/glass eyes on driftwood, bird 5”x3”.

Price: $175.00 ea

2022-Aug-10 08:21am EDT | Tags : Painted Folk Art Miniature

19thc. Photographs

3 -19thc. Photos first one tin type and 2 ambrotypes in original leather cases with brass clasps. Purchase all $250.00

Price: 95.00 ea

2022-Aug-10 07:36am EDT | Tags : Photos

Miniature Bird Carvings

Wooden birds carved and painted. Mallard duck on black wood base 2.75” t x4” l, woodpecker on stump 3.50” t. ,mallard duck on driftwood signed Jim Verge Eastport,ME 3.50”t, and sea gull on wood base 2.50”t.

Price: 175.00 ea

2022-Aug-09 12:02pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Painted Miniature

Landscape with Cows

Early 20thc. oval framed oil on artist board of a pasture scene with cows. Found in Maine probably by local artist. Unsigned 23” x17”

Price: $245.00

2022-Aug-09 10:17am EDT | Tags : Fine Art

Miniature bird carvings

Sandpiper on driftwood bird 4”l x2”t , Redhead male by Birk 3.50”l x 1.75” w x 1.50”t, Songbird on driftwood w/blue egg in nest, bird 4.50”l x 1.75” t. $450 for all

Price: $175.00 ea

2022-Aug-09 07:51am EDT | Tags :

Stone Fruit

12 pieces of standard size fruit all in great condition. (Persimmon SOLD) red delicious and granny Smith apples, lemon, pear, peach, orange, tangerine, apricot, yellow grapes and 2-red plums.

Price: 85.00 ea

2022-Aug-09 05:19am EDT | Tags : Stone Fruit

Blue Heron and Sea Gull

Small wood carvings unsigned. Great Blue Heron 11” tall on stand and Sea Gull 10” wing span on driftwood.

Price: $150 ea

2022-Aug-08 11:46am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Miniature

Early Photo of Wiscasset Water St

Late 19th/early 20thc. Water St. in Wiscasset with horse and buggy and boat in the foreground. Some early residents and typical early colonial house. 13 3/4” x 10 1/2” actual photo size.

Price: $150.00

2022-Aug-08 05:04am EDT | Tags : Photos

Parcheesi and Checkers Painted Gameboard

Old painted 2-sided wooden gameboard. Parcheesi board green and gold, checkers board green and red. 19” X 18.75”

Price: $675.00

2022-Aug-06 11:40am EDT | Tags : Painted Folk Art

Painted Small Document Box

Dark windsor green and red with early nailed construction document box with bail handle on top. Remnants of old wallpaper inside as found in Maine. 10”l x 6”w x 5 3/4” t

Price: $295.00

2022-Aug-06 08:01am EDT | Tags : Boxes Painted

19thc. Sailors Fid

19thc. Wooden hickory fid used by Sailors for splicing rope on a Tall ship. 13” long.

Price: $85.00

2022-Jul-24 11:03pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware

19thc. Fireplace Bellows

Original paint decorated bellows. One nice green w/peaches and paint is in great condition but has wear to leather 18” X 7.5”. Original white or smoke decorated with fruit paint has some wear but leather is in good condition. 17” X 7”

Price: 250.00 ea

2022-Jul-24 06:30pm EDT | Tags : Painted Fireplace Woodenware

Hooked Mat w/ Scene

Finely hooked wool mat with New England Church snow scene. 15.25-15.75 d

Price: $175.00

2022-Jul-24 07:01am EDT | Tags : Textiles

Patriotic Flag Folk Art Decoys

Ice fishing decoy Pike jointed tail and weighted with tin fins and inlaid Indian head penny and buffalo nickel 12” l. Pollywog weighted 5” l. Both signed and handmade by Duluth Fish Decoys DFD in MN.

Price: $275.000 / 150.00

2022-Jul-24 06:16am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Decoys

Three Braided Mats

3-Colorful braided nylon mats hand made from old stockings. 1st oval vibrant 14.5”X 18” $175, round pastel colors 16” diameter $150, oval black trim 16” X 12” $85

Price: Priced separately above

2022-Jul-24 04:25am EDT | Tags : Textiles

Three Braided Table Mats

Nylon finely hand braided mats made from nylon stockings. Perfect for a candle stand or seat of Windsor. Round navy twill & salmon 13” d. $150.00, oval navy, pink & blue 12” X 11” $150, oval gold, brown & white 15” X 11” $150

Price: $150 ea

2022-Jul-24 04:16am EDT | Tags : Textiles

1930’s Dump Truck

1930’s die cast metal dump truck with wooden wheels carrying 3 Christmas trees. Truck with some repaint. Truck 12” l x3.5” t. Trees 9.5”, 7.5” and 5.5”

Price: $195.00

2022-Jul-23 11:31pm EDT | Tags : Toys

Hearth Brooms

Two handmade hearth brooms, wooden handle with tied straw, hole on top for hanging. 38” tall and 35” tall.

Price: 75.00 ea/125.00 pr

2022-Jul-23 05:34pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art

Sticking Tommy Lighting

Wrought iron candle lighting device that was used in early homes and barns by sticking in a beam. 13” long

Price: $145.00

2022-Jul-23 02:45pm EDT | Tags : Iron Lighting

Half Hooked Mat

Hooked mat with braided border. 14.5” x 8.5”

Price: $125.00

2022-Jul-23 04:30am EDT | Tags : Textiles

Small Hooked Mat

Wool mat with Village winter scene. 9” X 10”

Price: $125.00

2022-Jul-23 04:22am EDT | Tags : Textiles

Stack Oval Shaker Boxes

3 small Harvard Shaker oval pantry boxes. 6x4.25”, 5x3.25”, 4x3”. Large one has a small chip on front lid. Nice honey patina.

Price: 400.00 group

2022-Jul-22 02:01pm EDT | Tags : Boxes Kitchen

Large Pewter Charger

With folk painting. 15” d and stamped London.

Price: $325.00

2022-Jul-22 01:21pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Metalware Pewter

Penobscot Burl Club

Child size Indian Burl club 11.25”. Probably ceremonial club for a small child.

Price: $325.00

2022-Jul-22 12:04pm EDT | Tags : Indian

Group of Early Kitchen Items

5 early kitchen items, figured maple masher 9.75” and rolling pin 14”, bell shaped masher 9.5”, large handmade wooden spoon 13”, wooden handled wire egg beater 9.75”.

Price: 125.00 ea /450.00 all

2022-Jul-22 11:32am EDT | Tags : Woodenware

Miniature Mallards on Driftwood

Male and Female mallard carvings mounted on driftwood. Ducks 4.75” l on 16” driftwood. Carved by Roe Terry.

Price: $175.00

2022-Jul-22 09:09am EDT | Tags : Folk Art

“The Bangor” Sign

Painted on wooden panels “The Bangor”. This sign is not real old but handmade and has a good look. 24” X 24” X 1/4” thick.

Price: $150.00

2022-Jul-22 08:09am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Nautical

Tall Wedding Band Hogscrapers

Pair of unusually tall 17” candlesticks made of sheet iron with double faceted wedding bands and push ups. Threaded nuts on the bottoms. 17”t x 5”d

Price: $1550.00

2022-Jul-20 11:17am EDT | Tags : Iron Lighting Metalware

Fish Welcome Sign

Folk Art sockeye salmon flat sign made by Dave and/or Jim Perkins some years back for our Shop. 25” l x 7.5” t x 1” thick.

Price: $200.00

2022-Jul-20 06:45am EDT | Tags :

Antique Brass Graters

Late 18th and 19thc. Brass and iron graters. 19thc. one (left) signed.

Price: 125.00 ea

2022-Jul-18 10:09pm EDT | Tags : Brass

18 thc. Dutch Brass Strong Box

Early 18thc. Dutch Oval brass box with great decorative lock, hinges and bale handle. Separate covered compartment inside. 8.5” l x 4” w x 3” t.

Price: $325.00

2022-Jul-18 09:36pm EDT | Tags : Boxes Metalware Brass

2 Heavy Splint Baskets

Crudely hand made baskets out of thick splint weavers. Both in great condition. Buttocks style Lg. 10” -11” d. x 15” w. on btm x 10” t. $175.00. Small melon 8.5-9” d X 7” t. $125.00

Price: 250.00 pr

2022-Jul-18 09:22pm EDT | Tags : Baskets Primitives

Hornbeam Burl Mortar

Early primitive mortar turned out of walnut Burl. Weighs 7 lbs. 6.25” d-6.75”d Top x7.5” t. Base 6.5” x 6.75

Price: $225.00

2022-Jul-17 09:28pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware Primitives Burl

19thc. Betty Lamp with Rooster

19thc. Iron oil Betty lamp w/Rooster and original hanger with wick pic in good working condition.

Price: $325.00

2022-Jul-17 09:01pm EDT | Tags : Lighting Iron

Turtle Ice Fishing Decoy

Great hand made wooden folk carved and painted decoy with bottle cap decorations on back and glass eyes. Lead weight in bottom. 9.5” X 5.5” Maker unknown.

Price: $325.00

2022-Jul-17 11:25am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Painted Decoys

Historical Staffordshire Bowl and Pitcher

19thc. Blue and white Staffordshire set with minor chip on base of pitcher see photo. Crown patent on bottom. 13” d. Bowl X 11” t pitcher.

Price: 250.00 set

2022-Jul-17 07:54am EDT | Tags : Ceramics

Brass Repousse Wall Box w/Cherubs

Great wall box or candle box with Cherubs or children riding a ram. 9.75” t x 9” w. x 3.5 d.

Price: $250.00

2022-Jul-17 07:43am EDT | Tags : Metalware Brass

Black Ash Burl Mortar

Fabulous black ash Burl mortar or chalice Indian made turned from a single piece of Burl. 4.5” d X 7” t

Price: $600.00

2022-Jul-17 07:27am EDT | Tags : Burl Woodenware

Wall Sconce w/Double Candle

English Brass Repousse Wall Candle Sconce with double eagle family crest. 9” w X 3”d X 10”t

Price: $425.00

2022-Jul-17 06:36am EDT | Tags : Lighting Metalware Brass

18thc. Lg. Pan Chamberstick

Large simple pan chamberstick with a delicate candle up with a hole to remove candle. 8.25 d and 13” l including handle.

Price: $350.00

2022-Jul-17 06:26am EDT | Tags : Lighting Metalware Brass

Tombstone Slaw-cutter

19thc. Solid Walnut slaw cutter. 18” tall X 7” wide

Price: $195.00

2022-Jul-16 06:13am EDT | Tags : Kitchen Woodenware

Large Maple Scoop

Maple scoop with a great large curved handle. 11” X 9”

Price: $300.00

2022-Jul-14 08:45pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware

Inuit Fish Decoys

Halibut and (salmon sold) decoys carved from walrus tusk.

Price: 125.00 ea (Sold Salmon-bottom)

2022-Jul-14 08:34pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art

19thc. Gooseneck Tea Kettle

Early 19thc. Copper kettle with dovetailed construction and hinged handle. In wonderful condition.

Price: $375.00

2022-Jul-14 08:28pm EDT | Tags : Kitchen Metalware Copper

Copper Strainer

19thc copper strainer with looped applied handles and tin lining. 10” d x 15 3/4” l w/handles and 5” tall.

Price: $195.00

2022-Jul-14 08:45am EDT | Tags : 19thc. Metalware Copper

Copper Food Mold

With looped applied handles and tin lined. 8 1/2” d x 4 3/4” t x15 1/2” l including handles.

Price: $195.00

2022-Jul-14 07:08am EDT | Tags : Metalware 19thc. Copper

Copper and Brass Coffee Pot

With turned wooden handle and finial. In remarkable condition.

Price: $225.00

2022-Jul-14 05:49am EDT | Tags : Metalware Copper Brass

19thc. Mechanical Bank Building

Late 19thc. Halls Excelsior Bank with mecanical man on top for droping pennies into slot. Cast iron with original paint and Pat. Dec 21,1869. All original and working condition. 5 1/2" tall and 4" x 4"

Price: $275.00

2022-Jul-13 06:13am EDT | Tags : Toys

Child’s Cottage Set

Painted Washstand and matching chair with brass spittoon on top. Washstand has a chip off top edge. 8.5”t X 6.75” w X 4.75 d , chair 6.25” t

Price: $175.00 set

2022-Jul-12 09:09am EDT | Tags : Childs

19thc. Miniature Whale Oil Lamps

2 early miniature brass oil lamps a Lucerne 8.50”X 2.75” d and an old miniature Dutch Spout lamp with weighted bottom and wick pic. 5”t. x 1.75”d

Price: 150.00 each

2022-Jul-09 01:14pm EDT | Tags : Metalware Lighting Brass

Shaker Broom

20thc. Shaker turned maple whisk broom in excellent condition. 9” l

Price: Sold Thank you

2022-Jul-09 01:12pm EDT | Tags : Shaker

Early 19thc. Brass Shoehorn

Early English shoehorn with curled handle terminating with a ball finial. 7 1/2” l X 4” t

Price: $175.00

2022-Jul-09 01:10pm EDT | Tags : Metalware Brass

Indian Souvenir Items

Kachina doll signed, Indian mini snowshoe, papoose in rocking cradle, birch canoe, mini totem pole.

Price: 250.00 All

2022-Jul-09 01:08pm EDT | Tags : Indian

Tin Washing Plunger

Wonderful primitive washing plunger dated 1912. So much writing stamped on the tin plunger. “Warning this washer can only be used by the holder of a Family Right. The purchaser which is subject to terms and conditions of the original contract of sale from the undersigned. United States July 30, 1912. We have really come a long way since then! 28” tall X 8 3/4” D

Price: $245.00

2022-Jul-09 07:40am EDT | Tags : Primitives

NW Coast Indian Baskets

Small covered Makkah Nootka basket 2.75” d. X 2” t 2 round woven Makkah mats, one w/bird motifs, one w/whale and fish motifs 5.25” d

Price: 250.00 set 3

2022-Jul-08 01:00pm EDT | Tags : Indian Baskets

Plow Plane Auburn Tool Company NY

Circa 1890’s solid cherry wooden planer with screw arm plough signed on the side. Company in business 1864-1907. In wonderful condition.

Price: $265.00

2022-Jul-08 12:56pm EDT | Tags : Tools

19thc. Child's Rocking Horse

Wooden paint decorated Appaloosa with leather saddle, reins and stirrups with horse hair mane and tail. On a rocker base with the original stenciling. 44" L x 39" T x 17" W

Price: $1950.00

2022-Jul-05 12:52pm EDT | Tags : Toys Folk Art Painted

Scarecrow Weathervane

Early to mid 20thc. one of a kind Scarecrow Weathervane on an arrow with bird perched on his arm. Copper full bodied with directional stand. Scarecrow 32” tall and Arrow 36” wide. The directional is optional but makes it another 30” taller on stand.

Price: $1850.00

2022-Jul-05 10:06am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Weathervane

PA. Sewing Stand

19thc. Wooden turned stand on turned feet with 3 compartments for sewing notions, the bottom one covered with holes for thread to be fed thru and 8 pegs for threads. 11 1/2”t X 4 3/4” diameter.

Price: $425.00

2022-Jun-19 03:00pm EDT | Tags : Sewing Woodenware

Stauble Arrangement

Wonderful Doris Stauble arrangement in a Child’s patriotic drum with stars and red white blue. This is from her collection and still has a sticker on the bottom “Not For Sale”. Has a few missing fruit but not noticeable. Doris (b.1917-d.2007) was a well known Antique Dealer in Maine and made these arrangements to help supplement her income after her husband passed away. 9” d X 9 1/2”t

Price: $450.00

2022-Jun-17 11:38pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art

Blue Staved Bucket

19thc. Staved wooden bucket in old blue paint. 10 3/4” d X 10 1/4” t.

Price: $295.00

2022-Jun-17 11:32pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware

19thc. Small Dome Top Box

Original green hand dovetailed and nailed box with leather hinges. 8 1/4” X 5 1/4” X 41/2” tall. A sweet small size.

Price: Sold Thank you

2022-Jun-17 03:33pm EDT | Tags : Boxes 19thc. Painted

19thc. Staffordshire Figurine

Figurine with girl and her pet bird and rabbit. 5 3/4 t X 2 3/4 w

Price: $195.00

2022-Jun-17 12:50pm EDT | Tags : Ceramics

18thc. Barber Brass Basin

Barbers basins were used under your chin for shaving and also surgically by Barbers for blood letting to cleanse your blood of toxins.

Price: $345.00

2022-Jun-17 12:36pm EDT | Tags : Metalware Brass

Art Nouveau Hand Mirror

Decorative silver repousse quadruple plated beveled mirror. Marked on the side of mirror. 9 1/2” l. X 5 1/2” d.

Price: $125.00

2022-Jun-16 11:43pm EDT | Tags :

Carving of Violinist

Detailed wood carving of a Violinist standing at a podium reading his sheet music holding his violin. In excellent condition. 11 1/4 t X 4 1/2 wide

Price: $245.00

2022-Jun-16 07:58pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art

Shaker Handled Measure

Wooden measure or scoop in original white paint. Constructed like a pantry box with bent wood and nailed. 5 3/4” d X 3 1/2” t.

Price: $245.00

2022-Jun-16 03:20pm EDT | Tags : Shaker Woodenware Painted

Doris Stauble Arrangement

Silk flowers in a small oval wicker basket with a small bird perched on top. Purchased from her daughter Pat. Doris (b.1917-d.2007) was a well known Antique Dealer in Maine and made these arrangements to help supplement her income after her husband passed away. 7 1/4” X 5 1/2” X 5 1/2” tall.

Price: $265.00

2022-Jun-16 03:17pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Baskets

Spice Containers

Four stacking threaded containers for spices mace, ginger and nutmeg. One missing label. 7 1/2” t. X 3 1/4” d.

Price: $195.00

2022-Jun-16 12:57pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware

Child’s Cutlery Box with Cutlery

Small wooden cutlery box with 6 steel spoons, 6 bone handled knives and 5 bone handled 3 pronged forks. 6” X 5 1/4”.

Price: $200.00

2022-Jun-16 11:55am EDT | Tags : Miniature Woodenware

Match Safe

Stamped brass match safe with fish and cowboy boot. 4 3/4” X 3”

Price: $125.00

2022-Jun-16 11:12am EDT | Tags : Metalware Brass

Early 19thc. Ships Whale Oil Lamp

This painted tin lamp was used on an early ship and it swings and levels itself in hopes that the oil didn’t spill and burn down the ship! It can also be hung on the wall. 5 1/4” t X 5 3/4” w.

Price: $345.00

2022-Jun-15 03:19pm EDT | Tags : Lighting Tinware

Navajo Doll

Indian handmade doll with original velvet dress and beads. Cloth body with painted face. In great condition. 9” tall

Price: $120.00

2022-Jun-15 09:57am EDT | Tags : Indian Toys

Indian Splint Basket

Round flat covered ash splint unusual basket with 3 woven lollypop decorations on the lid. 11" D. x 5" tall and in excellent condition.

Price: $245.00

2022-Apr-01 02:00pm EDT | Tags : Baskets Sewing Indian

19thc. Bell Metal Lidded Container

Early 19thc. heavy solid bell metal fauceted 8 sided container on 4 paw feet. Probably used for tobacco or tea caddy. 5" wide x 5 1/2" tall.

Price: $295.00

2022-Mar-16 11:56am EDT | Tags : Metalware 19thc.

17thc. Bronze Pot

17thc. European bulbous 3 legged bronze cauldron "pot of gold" with feet and iron bale handle. Has an early round sprue mark with unusual 8-pointed star underneath (goddess of wealth). Probably was deaccessioned from a museum. 4" top diameter x 6" tall or 10" to top of bale handle and has no repairs.

Price: $750.00

2022-Mar-14 12:02am EDT | Tags : 17thc.

18thc. Wax Jack

Wonderful early Queenanne brass wax jack used for sealing letters in the 18thc. In excellent condition. 7" tall x 4" diameter base

Price: $625.00

2022-Mar-11 07:41pm EST | Tags : Metalware

Painting "Making Up"

20thc. Folk art oil painting on board titled "Making Up" an interesting painting of two kids maybe around Halloween having a lot of fun. Older boy got into the flour and tomato sauce and plastering it on the younger ones face. I love the look on the Mom walking in on this mess! Signed Merle lower right.

Price: $395.00

2022-Mar-11 06:00pm EST | Tags : Folk Art

19thc. Double Sided Gameboard

Wonderful Lg. 2-sided original paint decorated wooden game board with bread boards ends. 3-colored (red, white, green) checkers with red shields in each corner and 2-colored (red & white) Parcheesi 28"x 22". Great piece of folk art.

Price: $995.00

2022-Mar-10 05:42pm EST | Tags : Folk Art Painted

Red Ware Bulbous Jugs

Graduated redware bulbous jugs with manganese glaze. All in good condition with some chips on the bottoms. Priced separately, Largest 450, medium 475, smallest 525.

Price: Lg $450-Med $475-Sm $525

2022-Mar-10 04:54pm EST | Tags : Redware

Mochaware Pitcher

19thc. Mochaware pitcher with double earthworm design. Beautiful colors and in great condition with no damage. 7 1/2" tall.

Price: $1050.00

2022-Mar-10 04:28pm EST | Tags : Ceramics

Basket Woven Splint and Metal

Late 19th-early 20thc. unusual market handled basket made from woven steel strips and ash splint also the 2 contrasting strips in center have fabric over the metal. In excellent condition. 13" diameter x 8" tall w/o handle x 12" tall to top handle.

Price: $375.00

2022-Mar-10 03:16pm EST | Tags : Baskets

19thc. Pair Tavern Candlesticks

Pair of English Tavern Candlesticks with bells to notify waiter when you want service. 12" tall.

Price: $675.00 pr.

2021-Dec-04 11:30am EST | Tags : Lighting Metalware

Artistic Carving Co. Pilot House Carved Eagle 44"

Wonderful Large carved and gilt Pilot House Eagle by Artistic Carving Co. in Boston. In excellent condition with the old gilt and 44" wing span x 24" tall.

Price: $1750.00

2021-Dec-04 10:19am EST | Tags : Folk Art

19thc. Portrait of Young Lady

Young Lady portrait sitting on a river bank, oil on board in an original period frame. Signed lower right what appears to be S. I. Jacubus. 15” x 18” and 19” x 22” frame size. In wonderful condition.

Price: $425.00

2021-Nov-20 08:41am EST | Tags : Fine Art

Early 19thc. Iron Cauldron

With three legs and original handle and long spru mark underneath. Great condition with no cracks. 9 3/4" d. x 7 .5 tall w/o handle.

Price: $250.00

2021-Nov-18 07:00pm EST | Tags : Iron Metalware Fireplace

18thc. Shelf

Fabulous early display shelf with mortised plate rails for a nice delft or deep enough for bowl collection Early dovetailed construction with original blue green paint. 48" wide x 34" tall and shelf measures 10 1/2" deep bottom to 4 1/2" deep on top. Three shelves are graduated and 13 1/2" tall on bottom, 11" tall middle and 10" tall on top. This came from an Estate in PA and has the storage capacity of some cupboards and is in very good sturdy condition.

Price: $1500.00 + shpg

2021-Nov-18 02:06pm EST | Tags : Furniture Painted 18thc.

18th c. Brass Spill Vase

Wonderful Queen Anne spill vase for holding splints to light your lamps and candles. Early piece in excellent condition.

Price: $275

2021-Nov-17 08:00pm EST | Tags : Metalware

19thc. Tin ware Shaker Salesman Sample Set

Wonderful Shaker miniature tin set of kitchenware. 24 pieces of tin ware housed inside of an early tin shadowbox with 20 hooks on the back and sides 7” tall X 12” wide X 4” deep. Including scoops, pans, sieves, measures, funnels, lamp filler, grater, milk storage container, etc. all made by a skilled tinsmith. All pieces in wonderful condition and varying from 1"-2 1/2" in size.

Price: $750.00

2021-Nov-16 12:55pm EST | Tags : Metalware Miniature Tinware

Sailboat at Dusk

19thc. Oil on canvas of a Sailboat at dusk with the moon shining through the clouds. Painting measures 19 1/2" x 13 1/4" and 24 1/2" x 18 1/4" including gilt decorated frame and painting in excellent condition with minor loss to top of frame see photos.

Price: $375.00

2021-Jul-13 07:18pm EDT | Tags : Fine Art

Folk Painting of Fruit

Early 20thc. oil painting of bowl of fruit on a checkered tablecloth. Measures 23 1/2" x 13 1/2" and 28 1/2" x 18 1/2" including gilt wooden frame. Painting has some minor crackleture.

Price: $275.00

2021-Jul-13 07:14pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Fine Art

Fruit Painting Oil on Canvas

Late 19thc. Oil Painting on canvas of Peaches in a blue bowl with glass of wine and blue pitcher. Painting measures 18" x 12" and 23" x 17" including old gilt frame and in excellent condition.

Price: $350.00

2021-Jul-13 06:54pm EDT | Tags : Fine Art

Norwegian Paint Decorated Pantry Box

Early 19thc. Norwegian round decorated wooden 5-fingered pantry box. Viksdal style rosemaling tine decoration. 12" diameter x 5" tall and in excellent condition with no cracks.

Price: $950.00

2021-Jul-11 07:01pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware Painted 19thc.

Powder Horns

11- powder horns. 2- Painted tin (red & green)65 ea, 2- zinc 65 ea, 7-copper and brass. Different sizes and sold separately or as a lot, please inquire for pricing. Complete lot $500.00

Price: $65-$175 ea

2021-May-16 12:10pm EDT | Tags : Metalware

19thc. Burl Spherical Container

Finely turned wooden treenware pedestal container with wonderful turned finial has tiny piece of bone at top . In excellent condition. 8" tall x 4 1/8" diameter.

Price: $395.00

2020-Dec-27 11:17am EST | Tags : Woodenware Burl

Boston Artistic Carved Eagle with Sheild

1940's pine wooden Eagle carving with gilt and painted red, white and blue shield. 23 1/2" wide x 8 3/4" tall x 3" deep. In great condition.

Price: $375.00

2020-Dec-27 08:31am EST | Tags : Folk Art

1860's Hand Blown Flask

Aqua pear shaped raised embossed swirl pattern blown flask with broken pontil. 9" tall. Excellent condition.

Price: $225.00

2020-Nov-13 10:54am EST | Tags : Antique Bottles Glass

Buffalo Lithia Bottle

Early 20thc. aqua clear colored bottle 10 1/4" tall x 4 1/4" diameter blown in 2 part mold with smooth bottom. "Natures Materia Medica" with raised embossed picture of a woman sitting on a stool holding water pitcher. Excellent condition.

Price: $125.00 + shpg

2020-Nov-13 09:25am EST | Tags : Antique Bottles Glass

Early Amber Rye Whiskey Bottle

Amber glass bottle w/applied handle and broken pontil. Original painted label "Old Rye Whiskey". In excellent condition.

Price: $425.00

2020-Nov-13 08:10am EST | Tags : Antique Bottles Glass

PA Heart Seat Milk Stool

19thc. three legged foot stool with a wonderful heart shaped seat. Legs pegged through the seat and very solid and sturdy.

Price: $195.00 + shpg

2020-Jun-17 12:34pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

19thc. Hudson River School

Mid 19th century Hudson River School landscape painting. Oil on canvas of cows from a private collection. 1840's-70's in wonderful condition and in the original gilt frame, unknown artist. 13.50 x 23.50

Price: 1450.00 + shpg

2020-Jun-17 09:52am EDT | Tags : Fine Art

Blown Glass Float

Large cobalt blue Float with tied rope. 18" Diameter.

Price: $250.00 + shpg

2020-Apr-21 01:35pm EDT | Tags : Glass Nautical

Fishing Creel with Fish Latch

Basket finely woven with old leather strap and fish shaped metal and leather latch. In excellent condition barely used. 12" wide x 7" tall x 5" deep.

Price: $350.00 + shpg

2020-Apr-21 10:00am EDT | Tags : Baskets

Two Carved Figures Dated 1934

Two intricately hand carved and paint decorated immigrants, man with bagpipes and hat and wife with dotted swiss skirt and scarf. Writing underneath and dated 1934. 7" and 8" tall. Possibly Swedish and by Carl Axel Rolander.

Price: $245.00 Pr

2020-Apr-21 12:00am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Painted

Pr. Early 19thc. Sandwich Glass Whale Oil Lamps

Wonderful pair of glass Sandwich lamps with original pewter burners. In excellent condition.

Price: $525.00 pr

2020-Mar-29 03:29am EDT | Tags : Lighting Glass

Early 19thc. Tin Oil Lighting w/Pan

Early lighting with pan and wick pick in great original condition. Hinged lid for oil reservoir and wick 7" t x 7 1/2" d.

Price: $245.00

2020-Mar-27 12:00pm EDT | Tags : Lighting Metalware Tinware

19thc. PA Heart Cutout Chopper

Large PA chopper with heart cutout blade, unusual shape and turned wooden handle 11" tall x 5 1/4" wide blade.

Price: $250.00

2020-Mar-09 11:31am EDT | Tags : Metalware Kitchen

Shaker Wooden Sewing Darner

Inlaid Shaker wood darner used for mending socks and clothing.

Price: $175.00

2020-Mar-07 04:52pm EST | Tags : Woodenware Sewing Shaker

Iron Early Footman Trivet

Rare 19thc. iron footman used for a trivet to set your pots on next to your fireplace. In wonderful condition from a longtime collectors estate in Rockland ME. Top 10 3/4"w x 8 1/4"d , base 11 1/4" wx 12 3/4" d and 10" tall.

Price: $250.00

2020-Mar-05 07:00pm EST | Tags : Iron Metalware Fireplace

18thc. Wrought Iron Pan Oil Lamp

Early wrought iron pan oil lamp with hook for hanging by the fireplace. Great piece of period iron. 10" tall with hook 5" diameter

Price: $275.00

2020-Mar-05 03:03pm EST | Tags : Lighting Iron Metalware

PA Carved Wood Springerle Board

Wooden springerle board carving of a hen from single board. PA estate.

Price: $225.00

2020-Mar-05 01:29pm EST | Tags : Folk Art Woodenware

18thc. Iron Rod and Hole Trammels

Early group of four rod and hole trammel hooks. From the left the largest 20.5"-41" x 2" wide, 19"-32" x 1.5 w. , 13"-20.5" x1 3/4" w., smallest 9"-14" x 1.5 w and Priced individually. Great for displaying your early lighting etc.

Price: $225.00-150 ea

2020-Mar-05 12:14pm EST | Tags : Iron Fireplace

19thc. Tin Oil Lamp Filler

Early tin oil lamp filler with nice patina. Hole in top for filling with slide closure on lid. 6 1/2" t. x 4 1/2" d.

Price: $145.00

2020-Mar-05 11:46am EST | Tags : Metalware Lighting Tinware

PA Inlaid Box w/Pinwheels and Heart

Wonderful dovetailed construction pinwheel design inlay and heart escutcheon 10.25" x 8.5".

Price: $250.00

2019-Dec-16 12:00pm EST | Tags : Boxes

18thc. Leather Covered Document Box

Early small embossed leather covered dome document box with old newsprint lining. Original iron handle and latch has a piece missing. 8" w x 5" d x 3" tall

Price: $250.00

2019-Dec-16 11:01am EST | Tags : Boxes

Owl Carving

Great wooden owl on base intricately carved from one piece of wood. 9 1/4" tall x 5 1/4" deep x 4" wide.

Price: $225.00

2019-Dec-16 11:01am EST | Tags : Folk Art

Dome Top Letter Box

19thc. English satinwood letter box with engraved brass decoration. Lined interior with separate slots for letters. 8 1/4" w x 5" d x 6 1/2" t.

Price: $325.00

2019-Dec-16 11:01am EST | Tags : Boxes

19thc. Lightning Log Cabin Quilt w/Cut Corners

Mid 19thc. "Streaks of Lightning" summer cotton quilt hand stitched 10-12 stitches to the inch and cutout corners for early 3/4 poster beds. Early calico cotton fabrics with muslin backing hand pieced in squares and quilted. In excellent condition made and stored.

Price: $600.00

2019-Dec-16 11:00am EST | Tags : Textiles

19thc. Maine Painted Dressing Table and Chair

Mustard original paint decorated table with a matching windsor chair(see photos). Beautiful stencil decorated backs along with ears, knobs and top and table legs outlined. From a Maine estate.

Price: $795.00 set

2019-Dec-16 11:00am EST | Tags : Furniture Painted

19thc. Blue Dometop Box w/Maine Newsprint

Wonderful Maine dovetailed wooden document box with the original blue paint and lock. Newsprint lined with Portland, Maine Weekly Journal interior dated Jan. 24, 1889. 20 5/8" long x 11 1/4" deep x 8 5/8" tall.

Price: $550.00

2019-Dec-16 11:00am EST | Tags : Boxes Painted 19thc.

19thc. Weathered Life Sized Seagull

Great 19thc. handmade wooden life size seagull with the old weathered surface and remnants of old paint. It was found on a barn in the Cape. The stand representing a cupolo was a later addition to hold the bird in place. 26" wide x 20" tall.

Price: $1050.00

2019-Dec-16 11:00am EST | Tags : Folk Art Painted

19thc. American Portrait by Dwight Benton

Oil Painting signed and dated 1872, lower left by a known NY artist, Dwight Benton 1834-1903 . Wonderful American original oil on canvas. Blue button up boots on this little boy with his rocking horse. This painting is in an old gilt frame. Painting including the frame 37" x 43", and actual canvas size is 28" x 35" without frame.

Price: $1600.00

2019-Dec-16 11:00am EST | Tags : Fine Art

19thc. Inlaid Cutlery Box

Early 19thc. American cutlery box with knife and two tined fork design inlaid along with detailed inlaid banding along sides. Great decorative cutout back and hinged lift top. 20"t x 7 3/4" w.

Price: $350.00

2019-Dec-16 11:00am EST | Tags : Boxes

Large Brass and Glass Fresnel Lens Ship Lantern

Large heavy brass corner lantern with clear glass fresnel lens and original burner. In beautiful condition and a pink brass with more copper alloy. Chinese export with oriental writing on the brass plaque. 19 " tall x 10" diameter

Price: $525.00

2019-Dec-16 10:46am EST | Tags : Lighting Nautical

Brant Goose Decoy

Wonderful early hollow body Brant goose with old painted surface. It has the lead weight or keel on the bottom. 25" long x 8" wide x 9 1/2"tall.

Price: $850.00

2019-Dec-16 10:43am EST | Tags : Folk Art Decoys

18thc. Iron Candle and Rushlight Lamp Stand

Early rare candle and rush light holder. Old wrought bolt finial on top and round disc iron base. All original and guaranteed early. 48" tall x 7" diameter base x 9" wide extension arm.

Price: $950.00

2019-Dec-16 10:43am EST | Tags : Lighting Iron 18thc.

Loon Decoy Signed Byron Bruffee

Large life size carving and wonderful work painted and signed by artist "B. Bruffee", Byron Bruffee of MA. 25" long x 8 1/2" tall x 8" wide.

Price: $395.00 + shpg

2019-Dec-16 10:43am EST | Tags : Decoys

Lg. Pair 19thc. White Mountain Pastel Paintings

Wonderful large pair of early 19thc. pastel paintings in the original gilt frames under glass. These are museum quality unsigned White Mountain artwork found in Maine. Saco River and Mt. Chocora both in In great condition with more photos available. 37" x 29 1/2" frame size, 27 1/2" x 20 1/2" actual.

Price: $1750.00 pr

2019-Dec-16 10:43am EST | Tags : Fine Art

Mermaid Carved Folk Decoy

Great folk carving of a mermaid, 7" tall and signed by Casey Edwards.

Price: $350.00

2019-Dec-16 10:37am EST | Tags : Folk Art

19thc. Tole Dometop Document Box

Tin dometop document box with original stenciled decoration

Price: $200.00

2019-Dec-16 10:25am EST | Tags :

Swan Wildfowler Carved Decoy

Large "Wildfowler" swan decoy stamped underneath "Wildfowler Decoys Babylon, NY". Original painted surface and excellent condition. Beautiful lines on this wonderful carved wooden decoy. 34” long x 19 1/2" tall x 10" wide.

Price: $1200.00

2019-Dec-16 10:12am EST | Tags : Decoys Folk Art

Pr. 19thc. Decorated Brass Candle Sconces

Wonderful early 19th c. brass candle sconces with engraved decoration of sailing ships. Made like the tin sconces. 11 1/4" tall x 4 1/4" wide

Price: $525.00 pr

2019-Dec-16 10:10am EST | Tags : Lighting Metalware Nautical

Signed Indian Basket

1920-30's Winnebago Indian swing handled ash splint basket with red dyed weavers and ribbon decoration. In excellent condition and signed in pencil Lena Blackcoon on bottom, she was from Augusta, WI . 12" tall x 10" D. w/o handle.

Price: $275.00

2019-Jul-09 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Baskets Indian

19thc. Painting with Tabby Kittens

Late 19thc. oil on canvas with Maine Coone tabby kittens playing in a basket of yarn and unsigned. Gilt and applied gesso frame. 16" x 9" canvas/ 20" x 13" with frame.

Price: $325.00

2019-Jul-09 10:03am EDT | Tags : Fine Art

Naive Painting of Boy with Cows

Late 19thc. Oil on canvas of a boy with cows drinking from a stream probably Maine or MA, unsigned. Framed in a gilt decorated frame 24 3/4" x 18 3/4" overall. In wonderful condition.

Price: $395.00

2019-Jul-09 07:00am EDT | Tags : Fine Art 19thc.

Northern Flicker Decoy

Wooden carved and painted by Casey Edwards of Mnnesota. Clothespin attached to clip to tree, 12" long.

Price: $275.00

2019-Feb-20 05:35pm EST | Tags : Decoys

Puffin Decoy

Wooden ice fishing decoy carved and painted by Dave Perkins of Duluth Minnesota (deceased 2016). Lead weight underneath signed DFD. 10" long.

Price: $325.00

2019-Feb-20 05:26pm EST | Tags : Decoys Folk Art

NY Advertising Tin

Original old mustard tin made to look like a steamer trunk from the late 19thc. with a brass latch. The tin measures 13″ x 7″ high x 9″ deep. It is from the Restorff and Bettmann company in New York, and was used to carry and sell their shoe dressings and oils. The inside of the lid has a fabulous full size ad showing the ladies shoes of the period. In good condition with some expected paint loss on sides.

Price: $150.00

2019-Feb-01 07:00pm EST | Tags : Boxes Tin Advertising

CA Gold Miners Box

This late 19thc. chest was "Made by Emory L. Chamberlain b.1822-d.1879 to carry his gold home from California". It has an interesting locking handle on top nice old dry green paint and a note inside. 17 1/2" w x 9 3/4" t x 9 1/2" d.

Price: $200.00

2018-Dec-22 07:00pm EST | Tags : Boxes

Mouse Decoy

Carved wooden mouse contemporary ice fishing decoy with wire tail and whiskers and glass eyes, 6" long. signed DFD on lead weight underneath.

Price: $295.00

2018-Dec-19 02:38pm EST | Tags : Folk Art

Sturgeon Decoy

Wooden Sturgeon contemporary ice fishing decoy with brass spots and wire whiskers 10" long. Signed DFD underneath.

Price: $225.00

2018-Dec-18 03:01pm EST | Tags : Decoys Folk Art

Friction Model A Tin Car

Early painted tin friction toy with driver that still works. 4" x 7" with lots of interesting writing on all sides and top. "MEN ONLY, THE FLAVOR LASTS" on the driver step, "ENTERTAIN & ARTISTS AND MODELS" on the door "TIME TO RETIRE" on fender. "LADIES ONLY, BOYS WILL BE BOYS" on passenger step, "SOWS YOUR WILD OATS" on fender. "CHICKENS HERE'S YOUR COUPE". "GOOD LUCK HERE'S HOW, HAPPINESS IN EVERY BOX, MRS. OFTEN, PAPA LOVES MAMA, MY LIZZIE OF THE VALLEY, A TIN YOU LOVE TO TOUCH". "HONEY MOONERS", on back, "I LOVE YOU 4 WHEELS NO BRAKES". On top "SO IS YOUR PAPA, OUR DISGUISED ROLLS ROYCE, Love em and Leave em, IS ZAT SO"! And lots more!!

Price: $225.00

2018-Dec-13 07:15pm EST | Tags :

Folk Carving

Sailor Art of an hour glass or mortar. Large wood carving with chain from one piece of wood. 18" long.

Price: $195.00

2018-Aug-31 09:57am EDT | Tags : Folk Art

18thc. MA Family Register

Late 18th/Early 19thc. alphabet Family sampler from MA. Listing names of the Scott and Paine family from Bellingham, Smithfield and Mendon, MA. In great condition 21" x 22". The small piece of early paper sewn on the right next to Melvina F. Scott who made this sampler when she was 10 yrs. old in the year 1830 (See initials at the center bottom M.F.S, 1830) and hand written on early paper gives her dod,1831. Sewn on by probably another family member when she died a year later.

Price: $695.00

2018-Aug-26 07:26am EDT | Tags : Textiles

Inlaid and Painted Checkerboard

Beautiful inlaid and painted checkerboard. Fine detailed inlay on both front and back. Great condition and patina. 24" x 16" x 1 1/2" deep

Price: $450.00

2018-May-25 07:20am EDT | Tags : Folk Art

Pr. 19thc. Signed Cast Iron Andirons

Wonderful stylized dolphin andirons stamped "B & H 9512", Bradley and Hubbard. 14 1/2" tall x 18" long front to back x 7" w.

Price: $275.00 PR

2018-May-20 07:00am EDT | Tags : Iron Metalware Fireplace

Jointed Frog Decoy

Super jointed frog decoy carved and painted by the late Dave Perkins and signed DFD on lead weight underneath, 9" long.

Price: $250.00

2018-Apr-28 09:40am EDT | Tags : Decoys Folk Art

Frog Decoy

Carved wood with tin fins and glass eyes. Ice fishing decoy signed on lead weight underneath DFD. Frog decoy with tin hinged feet. 10" long. Weighted and stamped DFD.

Price: $175.00

2018-Apr-27 11:52am EDT | Tags : Decoys

Fish Decoy with Crow

Large folk carved and painted wooden decoy signed by Bob Foster a contemporary carver from Iowa who was mentored by Dave Perkins of DFD. Tin fins with glass eyes. 17" long.

Price: $325.00

2018-Apr-27 09:46am EDT | Tags : Decoys Folk Art

Group of Shark Decoys

Large shark decoy carvings signed by Casey Edwards a contemporary carver. Hammerhead and Maco sharks. 18" long and two are jointed. Wooden with serrated tin teeth, tin fins and glass eyes. Priced separately.

Price: $250.00 each

2018-Apr-12 11:21am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Decoys

Old Ice Fishing Decoys

Group of early ice fishing decoys sold separately.

Price: $425.00 - 150.00

2018-Apr-11 11:04am EDT | Tags : Decoys

Pickerel Fish on Ice

Late 19thc. Ice fishing winter scene of pickerel caught ice fishing. Unsigned oil painting on artist board of a winters catch. Purchased from a home in Maine and in very good condition. 14" x 24" actual and 18 1/2" x 28 3/4" x 3" with frame.

Price: $475.00

2018-Apr-04 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Fine Art

Perkins Brass Ship Lanterns with Red Glass

Wonderful late 19th or early 20th c. "Perkins & Howe, Brooklyn, NY" ships stop lanterns. All original with oil burners and red fresnel lenses. 15 1/2" t x 7 1/2" diameter, 14 1/2" t x 7" diameter and 17" tall including bail handle. Sold separately.

Price: $325.00 each

2018-Apr-04 07:38am EDT | Tags : Lighting Nautical

19thc. Coffin Style Inlaid Jewelry Box

Intricately inlaid box with fancy divided cloth interior and a mirror. Inlaid on all sides with pinwheels and top banding in beautiful condition. 10 1/2" w. x 8 1/2" d. x 6 1/2" t.

Price: $350.00

2018-Mar-25 02:00pm EDT | Tags : Boxes

19thc. Grain Painted Document Box

Wonderful original mustard grain painted document box with gold banding and red wash interior. 18 1/2" l. x 10 1/2"d. x 7 1/2"t.

Price: $250.00

2018-Mar-25 02:00pm EDT | Tags : Boxes Painted

Star of Bethlehem Quilt

Late 19th/early 20thc. fabulous handmade PA Star of Bethlehem quilt with dynamic multi solid colored fabrics on a country denim blue background with small stars in each corner. In wonderful condition.

Price: $675.00

2018-Mar-10 09:17pm EST | Tags : Textiles

Crazy Quilt Pillow

1900's crazy quilt pillow with owl, fish, half moon, spider web and elaborate stitching designs sewed in for decoration.

Price: $125.00

2018-Mar-10 10:00am EST | Tags : Textiles Folk Art

Bronze Porthole

Heavy Nautical Porthole 11" diameter in excellent condition with the original glass.

Price: $225.00

2018-Mar-08 10:05am EST | Tags : Nautical

Toy Tin Car

Small tin original painted car with rubber wheels 6" long, probably Wyandotte toys.

Price: $125.00

2018-Mar-08 10:03am EST | Tags : Toys

Toy Dualing Tin Pistols

Original paint on this pair of toy pistols.

Price: 125.00 pr

2018-Mar-08 10:00am EST | Tags : Toys

Winter Scene Painting 1882

Early winter scene with a boy sitting on a fence with twigs he collected to start the fire, painted on a wooden plate and dated on back 1882.

Price: $125.00

2018-Mar-08 09:57am EST | Tags : Folk Art 19thc.

Pr. Carved Bookends

Solid oak carvings of two old bookworms one with glasses sitting on a stack of books, 7 1/2" tall x 4" wide .

Price: 125.00 pr.

2018-Mar-08 09:55am EST | Tags : Folk Art

Miniature Micmac Indian Basket

Sweet small lidded porcupine fancy ribbon basket by Maine Micmac, in great condition. 6" x 3" x 8" t.

Price: $225.00

2018-Mar-04 04:00pm EST | Tags : Baskets Indian

19thc. Grain Painted Small Blanket Chest

Pine chest with original paint and iron strap hinges. Simple arch cutouts on this six board chest with nailed construction. Nice smaller size and clean condition inside and out. Till inside never had a lid. 35" wide x 22" tall x 15" deep.

Price: $675.00

2018-Mar-04 01:55pm EST | Tags : Furniture Painted

19thc. Wooden Painted Hat Box

Large oval wooden hat box with original paint and leaf decoration. Tiny cut nail construction. Found in Maine in great clean original condition and 15" largest diameter x 10 1/2" tall.

Price: $400.00

2018-Mar-04 09:39am EST | Tags : Boxes Painted

Swing Handle Wood Bottom Basket

Late 19th/Early 20thc. Shaker wonderful sturdy splint basket with wooden handle and round wooden bottom. In very nice condition 8 " diameter.

Price: Sold

2018-Mar-04 07:00am EST | Tags : Baskets Shaker

Tall Hanging Gourd Shape Basket

Fabulous weave (see add'l photos) on this 19thc. gourd shaped early hanging style splint flower basket. In very good condition with cross banding around rim. 20" tall.

Price: $275.00

2018-Feb-10 08:02pm EST | Tags : Baskets

Indian Swing Handled Basket with Blue

1900-1920's Passamaquoddy Indian market basket with decorative blue dyed ash splint weavers and in excellent condition. 13" Diameter x 9" tall w/o handle

Price: $300.00

2018-Feb-04 01:00pm EST | Tags : Baskets Indian

Steiff Dachshund

Steiff mohair dog in excellent condition 10 1/2" long x 5" tall with the original button in his ear.

Price: $150.00

2018-Jan-30 03:22pm EST | Tags : Toys

19thc. Brass Urn

Decorative brass urn with ribbon repoussed border and beadwork. 12" tall.

Price: $150.00

2018-Jan-30 02:39pm EST | Tags : Metalware 19thc.

Steiff Squirrel

With the original paper name tag "Perri" Walt Disney Prod. Steiff, mohair with felt feet and in excellent condition. 4" tall.

Price: $150.00

2018-Jan-28 02:50pm EST | Tags : Toys

Hatchet with Eagle Engraving

Late 19thc. Eagle engraved hatchet/hammer on nickel silver over brass blade with a beautiful carved figured maple wooden handle.

Price: $250.00

2018-Jan-13 07:35pm EST | Tags : Metalware Tools

Tin Food Mold

Nice tin mold with 8 swirled ice cream shaped molds.

Price: $125.00

2018-Jan-13 07:45am EST | Tags : Metalware Kitchen

Tin Dipper

Great tin conicle shaped ladle 18”long X 4” d ladle

Price: $125.00

2018-Jan-13 07:41am EST | Tags : Metalware Tinware

Boot Toothpick Holder

Small metal boot toothpick holder.

Price: $95.00

2018-Jan-13 07:38am EST | Tags : Metalware

Canadian Goose

Wonderful large 20thc. goose carving with nice back stretched neck and glass eyes. 21" long x 10" wide x 9 1/2" tall. Unsigned

Price: $475.00

2018-Jan-04 08:13pm EST | Tags : Decoys Folk Art

18thc. Bronze Miniature Cauldron

Early bronze miniature cauldron on tall splayed legs with faces and twisted swing bale handle. 6 1/2” tall and 9” to top handle x 4” diameter top opening. Has old lacquer that could easily be removed. No repairs.

Price: $275.00

2018-Jan-04 08:02pm EST | Tags : Metalware

Fishing Lures

Great old Fishing lures, spinners and bobbers mounted on a board and framed. 35 + pieces.

Price: $350.00

2018-Jan-03 02:19pm EST | Tags : Folk Art

Juggling Pin

Vibrant Red and blue juggling pin. 14" tall

Price: $95.00

2018-Jan-03 01:23pm EST | Tags : Toys Folk Art

Folk Carving

Wooden carving of what appears to be a dentist wearing glasses in his white trench coat with tweezers and a bloody tooth in his hand. 6 1/4" tall and base 2 1/4" x 1 3/4"

Price: $150.00

2018-Jan-03 12:19pm EST | Tags : Folk Art

Black Doll

Mammy doll with calico dress with lace petticoat, shear apron and head scarf. Embroidered facial features and red finger nails. Gold jewelry and nylon stockings. In great condition. 20" tall.

Price: $175.00

2018-Jan-03 02:26am EST | Tags : Toys

Eagle with Tortoise and Snake Carving

Great Folk Art carving of a large eagle that has a tortoise and snake in its talons. Very detailed painted and carved from a single piece of wood. 20" tall x 12" wide

Price: $1200.00

2018-Jan-02 12:28pm EST | Tags : Folk Art

Seaside Village on Driftwood Signed

Whale shaped driftwood with a seaside village, signed Chester, Nova Scotia by Ralph Barkhouse 86 years old. 20" wide x 9" deep x 9" tall.

Price: $150.00

2018-Jan-01 07:37pm EST | Tags : Folk Art

Pair Wooden Shoes

Hand carved shoes with old gold paint on these Dutch wooden shoes. 13" x 5" w x 4 1/2" tall.

Price: $125.00 pr.

2018-Jan-01 12:07pm EST | Tags : Woodenware

Cast Iron Train Set

Small painted cast iron toy train set with engine and three cars. 19" long set.

Price: $175.00 set

2017-Dec-31 09:06pm EST | Tags : Toys

Cutting Board with Blue Paint

Figured maple cutting board with cut corners and blue paint around the edges. 13" x 7".

Price: $125.00

2017-Dec-31 02:41pm EST | Tags : Woodenware

Rose Medallion Punch Bowl

Beautiful heavy porcelain painted panels on this Chinese bowl with floral and figural motifs and in excellent condition. 13 3/4" diameter x 6 1/4" tall

Price: $325.00

2017-Dec-31 07:10am EST | Tags : Ceramics

Schoolhouse Doll Quilt

Handmade 20thc. applique calico fabric schoolhouses on a creamy yellow background, doll quilt 15" x 15".

Price: $225.00

2017-Dec-31 07:06am EST | Tags : Textiles

Straw Hat

Wonderful antique straw hat with nice color decoration woven in and a maroon ribbon. Slightly oval with 16"x 17" diameter and 3 1/4" tall. Excellent condition.

Price: $175.00

2017-Dec-31 07:03am EST | Tags : Baskets Textiles

Doll Chest

Sweet small wooden doll chest of drawers with brass pulls and nice patina. Nailed construction 5" wide x 4 3/4" tall x 3" deep. The small 1" tall brass candlesticks are included.

Price: $150.00 set

2017-Dec-31 06:58am EST | Tags : Toys

Japanese Ginbari Vases

Two small Japanese Ginbari cloisonné enamelware vases beautifully decorated with pink roses. Wonderful colors of lemon yellow 5" tall and Red Foil Ginbari 3 3/4" tall on these small intricate works of art. Unmarked and in excellent condition. Sold separately.

Price: $225.00 each

2017-Dec-16 08:10am EST | Tags : Ceramics

Enamelware Cloisonne Dish

20thc. Beautiful intricate brass wirework and enamelware dish with cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji. 7" diameter and In excellent condition.

Price: $150.00

2017-Dec-13 09:47am EST | Tags : Ceramics

19thc. Boot Spill Vase

Brass and copper boot spill vase originally used to hold rolled paper to light your pipe or fire.

Price: $125.00

2017-Dec-11 11:53am EST | Tags : Metalware 19thc.

French Tole Fountain Wall Set

Beautiful French tin water fountain lavabo with elaborate gold paint decoration including a cherub. 3-piece set that mounts on the wall with a spiget and separate bowl. Lid on top has wooden turned acorn finial. Great decoration for the Holidays.

Price: $250.00

2017-Dec-11 10:23am EST | Tags : Metalware Painted

Cloisonne Enamelware clock

20thc. Cloisonne working clock with large brass inlaid roman numerals and intricate floral and bird decoration. Battery operated in excellent condition.

Price: $200.00

2017-Dec-11 09:40am EST | Tags : Ceramics

Original Painted Maine Box w/Heart Handles

Early 19thc. Maine original grain painted and dovetailed dometop chest with original iron hardware. Found in Maine with beautiful all original paint with heart shaped bail handles on each side. Clean interior that is unfinished natural pine including the original lock and old butt hinges, with no damage. 25 1/4" w x 14" deep x 11" tall.

Price: $850.00

2017-Dec-04 11:01am EST | Tags : Boxes Painted

PA. Copper Dovetailed Pot

PA. Heavy copper pot with heart handle and dovetailed construction. Tin lined 8" diameter pot.

Price: $135.00

2017-Oct-18 04:04pm EDT | Tags : Metalware

PA. Copper Stew Pot

PA. Large copper hand forged pot with two heart shaped handles and dovetailed construction. Tin lined interior 12" diameter.

Price: $165.00

2017-Oct-18 04:02pm EDT | Tags : Metalware 19thc.

Tin Cookie Cutter

Six sided tin cookie cutter with chicken, heart, star, club, and signed but not able to make out.

Price: $65.00

2017-Oct-18 03:58pm EDT | Tags : Metalware Tinware

Mini Berry Basket

Miniature berry basket with curly splint decoration and wrapped handle probably Micmac Indian. 5 1/2" tall and in very good condition.

Price: $150.00

2017-Oct-15 09:39pm EDT | Tags : Baskets Indian

Papago Indian Basket

Papago Indian coiled basket with geometric design 12 3/4" diameter x 5" tall. In excellent condition.

Price: $250.00

2017-Oct-12 10:07pm EDT | Tags : Baskets Indian

19thc. Wire Wig or Hat Stand

Wire wig or hat stand 16" tall.

Price: $150.00

2017-Oct-12 09:54pm EDT | Tags : Metalware

19thc. Porter's Bell

Unusual Porter's clapper bell bronze with wooden turned handle. 10" long and bell 5 1/2" diameter.

Price: $200.00

2017-Oct-12 09:31pm EDT | Tags : Metalware

Sewing Clamps

Three unique sewing clamps sold separately. First two clamp to sewing stand and third one has hook for hanging. Sold separately.

Price: $125.00 each or 300.00 group

2017-Oct-11 12:00pm EDT | Tags : Sewing

19thc. Rare Miniature Candlemold

Small 3-candlemold with the original tinning still intact, 4" tall x 3 1/2" wide x 1 1/2" deep. Unusual small size mold for miniature candleholders, taper sticks and small candles were also used for sealing letters in the 19th and early 20thc.

Price: $250.00

2017-Oct-10 10:11pm EDT | Tags : Metalware

Small Red Shelf

20thc. small red shelf with slats in back and decorative cutout sides. Appears like it could have been made from an old picket fence. 15 1/2" tall x 12 1/2" wide by 6 1/2" deep at center and 5" between 2 shelves, 3" depth on all 3 shelves.

Price: $150.00

2017-Oct-10 09:56pm EDT | Tags : Furniture Painted

19thc. Amber Flip Glass

19thc. Amber Flip glass tumbler wth engraved grape pattern and smooth pontil on bottom. In excellent condition.

Price: $225.00

2017-Oct-10 09:34pm EDT | Tags : Glass

19thc. Carolina Lilly Quilt w/Zig Zag Border

Beautiful quilt with great red and green calico cotton fabrics and red calico zig zag border on 3-sides. 65" x 74" and 9-10 sti. In excellent crisp condition.

Price: $850.00

2017-Oct-08 01:09pm EDT | Tags : Textiles

19thc. Delectable Mountain Quilt

Beautiful NY indigo blue calico and white "Delectable Mountain Quilt" with border and solid indigo blue cotton back. 70" x 81" and 6-7 sti. In great condition.

Price: $695.00

2017-Oct-08 01:08am EDT | Tags : Textiles

19thc. Wild Goose Chase Quilt

A cotton quilt all hand pieced calico fabrics and hand quilted. Reversible with Bars pattern on back side. 69" x 72" and 7-8 sti. Laundered and great condition.

Price: $475.00

2017-Oct-07 09:08am EDT | Tags : Textiles

19thc. Indigo Blue and White Quilt

Interesting pattern on this wonderful indigo blue with poka dots quilt, not sure of the pattern name. Busy but unusual pattern, back side light and dark blue floral print 83" x 65"and 7-8 sti. In great condition.

Price: $525.00

2017-Oct-07 09:07am EDT | Tags : Textiles

19thc. Trip Around the World Quilt

PA cotton calicoes hand pieced and hand quilted with great classic pattern and wonderful rainbow of colors with red border. 70" x 79" and 6-7 sti. In great condition.

Price: $625.00

2017-Oct-07 09:06am EDT | Tags : Textiles

18thc. Iron Pipe Tongs

Unique spring device on this nice long pair of early pipe tongs. To grab an ember from the fire to light your pipe. From a collection Maine estate. 18 1/4" l x 3" w.

Price: $225.00

2017-Oct-04 08:00pm EDT | Tags : Iron Metalware 18thc.

Early 19thc. Signed Brass Tea or Chocolate pot

Early 19thc. Swedish brass tea or chocolate pot with gooseneck spout, C scroll handle with ivory and turned urn finial on lid. Signed O.H. Lagerstedt, Eskilstuna. Pictured in Metalwork in Early America by Donald Fennimore

Price: $285.00

2017-Oct-04 01:15pm EDT | Tags : Metalware 18thc.

Pair of Early Carriage Lanterns

19thc. Brass and steel Carriage lamps in great condition with the original beveled glass lenses and old burners. A real find in this condition and a matched pair.

Price: $450.00 PR

2017-Oct-04 07:34am EDT | Tags : Lighting Metalware

19thc. Helmet Coal Scuttle

Wonderful large copper and brass coal scuttle. Use for wood next to the stove or fireplace. Beautiful decorative brass handles and a swing handle for carrying. In fabulous condition. 18" x 11" diameter, 12 1/2" tall and 20" tall w/handle.

Price: $425.00

2017-Sep-29 02:17pm EDT | Tags : Metalware

Pr. 18thc. Spanish Brass Candlesticks

Wonderful rare matched pair of early 18thc. brass Spanish candlesticks in excellent condition. Early turnings on footed bases with early core pin construction (see 3rd photo). 8"tall x 5"w.

Price: $1050.00 PR

2017-Sep-27 07:00pm EDT | Tags : Lighting Metalware 18thc.

Field Goose Feeding by Jim Gatreau

Great original painted Canadian goose decoy in the feeding position by decoy carver Jim Gatreau, Losier settlement, NB 1940's-50's. 28" long x 7 1/2" w x 5" t.

Price: $375.00

2017-Sep-27 07:00pm EDT | Tags : Decoys

Large Hanging Iron Pot Holder w/Animals

This iron handmade piece would be great for displaying early lighting or pots and utensils. Great iron cutout dogs and wild boars. 12 hooks and 24" long.

Price: $250.00

2017-Sep-27 07:00pm EDT | Tags : Iron Kitchen

English Brass & Copper Lighthouse Pot

Early 19thc. English Armorial repousse coffee pot in the shape of a lighthouse. Dovetailed construction with turned brass finial, applied handle and gooseneck spout. In great condition. 10 1/2" tall.

Price: $325.00

2017-Sep-27 07:00pm EDT | Tags : Metalware 19thc.

18thc. Pan Candlestick

Wonderful brass Queen Anne pan candleholder, candle cup threads into base with separate boboche. Great condition.

Price: $350.00

2017-Sep-27 01:20pm EDT | Tags : Lighting Metalware

19thc. Alphabet Sampler

Early small sampler by "Margaret Nanson 37" in old gold frame. Some minor staining, Measures 9 1/4" x 8 1/4".

Price: $175.00

2017-Sep-27 11:50am EDT | Tags : Textiles

Early Alphabet Sampler

19thc. alphabet sampler by "Emeline Kinsell age 12". Measures 10" x 14".

Price: $175.00

2017-Sep-27 12:56am EDT | Tags : Textiles

17thc. Bronze Mortar with Kings Faces

Wonderful heavy bronze Continental mortar with Kings Faces and the original bronze pestle. A fabulous bold set measuring 5 3/4" diameter x 4 1/8" bottom diameter x 3 1/2" tall and pestle 10 1/2" long, the set weighs 10 lbs..

Price: $795.00

2017-Sep-24 10:00am EDT | Tags : Metalware

Indian Fishing Creel

Early 20thc. woven ash splint Penobscot Indian creel basket with wooden closure. In very good condition but no strap, found in Maine. 10" wide x 7" deep x 8" tall.

Price: $250.00

2017-Sep-23 01:04pm EDT | Tags : Baskets Indian

19thc. Silk Embroidery Signed

Wonderful silk embroidery of Pied Piper with Mary and Lambs signed by maker. "Work'd by M A Nugent" lower left on reverse painted original glass. 21" x 17".

Price: $425.00

2017-Sep-21 10:15am EDT | Tags : Textiles

19thc. Pair of Brass Fire Dogs & Brass Fender

Nice small pair of urn top fire dogs 12" tall x 6" deep $250.00 and pierced brass low fender 32" long x 4"tall $200.00.

Price: $400.00 All

2017-Sep-20 07:51pm EDT | Tags : Metalware

Signed Nantucket Basket

20thc. Large Nantucket Lightship swing handled basket signed in script on the bottom Charles Maquire, Nantucket. 16"long x 12 3/4" wide x 7 1/4" tall w/o handle. In excellent condition.

Price: $875.00

2017-Sep-20 10:02am EDT | Tags : Baskets

Indian Porcupine Quill Birch Bark Box

20thc. Large dyed quill decorated box by Carol Kotchea. Made from spruce root, birch bark, with sinew stitching and a moose hide closure. Measures 10"w x 6" d x 8"t and in excellent condition.

Price: $425.00

2017-Sep-19 02:32pm EDT | Tags : Boxes Indian

Pr. 19thc. Reeded Brass Andirons

Beautiful pair of unusual reeded ball tops and reeded columns with double spur and ball feet. 18" tall x 16" depth and in excellent condition.

Price: $300.00 pr.

2017-Sep-19 11:09am EDT | Tags : Metalware

Micmac Miniture Basket

Red vegetable dyed Micmac miniature basket with porcupine weave decoration.

Price: $150.00

2017-Sep-15 07:20pm EDT | Tags : Baskets Indian

Copper Dovetailed Pot

Footed copper hand forged pot with applied handles and legs. Dovetailed construction.

Price: $175.00

2017-Sep-03 06:24pm EDT | Tags : Metalware

19thc. Story Figure Spill Vase

19thc. pearlware spill vase of a drummerboy sleeping next to a tree stump with his dog. Great detail and condition.

Price: $200.00

2017-Sep-03 06:14pm EDT | Tags : Ceramics

Copper Saucepan

Small early copper pan with tinned lining and wrought iron handle.

Price: $125.00

2017-Sep-02 06:18pm EDT | Tags : Metalware

English Father's Mug

Large mug stamped Made in England by Moira Pottery Co. Ltd. underneath. 8" tall

Price: $150.00

2017-Sep-02 07:07am EDT | Tags : Ceramics

Folk Carved Nutcracker

Hand carved and painted nutcracker of an old woman in dotted swiss dress.

Price: $125.00

2017-Sep-01 06:10pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art

19thc. Rocking Horse

Original painted wooden rocking horse on paint decorated wood frame with leather saddle and bridle. 38" long x 34" tall x 15" wide.

Price: $550.00

2017-Aug-31 12:12am EDT | Tags : Toys Painted Folk Art

Pair Baby Shoes

19thc. leather button up shoes with all the buttons.

Price: 125.00 pr.

2017-Aug-05 05:59pm EDT | Tags : Textiles Childs

Carved Cross with Rose

Folk carving out of one piece of wood. Fine intricate detail of a rose with thorns around a cross. Some minor chips on leaves and rose petals. 8 1/2" tall. Probably Sailor made or prison work.

Price: $145.00

2017-Aug-05 05:45pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art

Flour Tin

Large flour tin with original bronze paint with gold lettering. Paint and tin in very good condition. 12" diameter and 24" tall.

Price: $200.00

2017-Aug-05 05:38pm EDT | Tags : Metalware

Bronze Marine Plaques

Two heavy bronze plaques, one with dolphins and diving gear 11 !/2" diameter 10 1/4" tall, and the other with stylized dolphins and a ship 12" long (click on photo for other photos). Possibly U.S. Navy.

Price: $175.00 each

2017-Jul-26 03:49pm EDT | Tags : Metalware Nautical

Figured Maple Sewing Egg

Wonderful darning egg that holds thread and/or thimble. Possibly Shaker.

Price: $150.00

2017-Jul-24 04:42pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware Sewing

Nine Patch Variation Quilt

Late 19thc. hand sewn quilt in crisp unwashed condition. Pieced calico cotton fabrics 8-10 stiches to an inch and in excellent condition. Calico fabrics are pink with red, indigo blue and cream and gray fabrics.

Price: $450.00

2017-Jul-09 03:56pm EDT | Tags : Textiles

Early 19thc. Posthumous Portrait of Child

Early naive oil painting on canvas of a Posthumus Child holding flowers. Painting is life like with wonderful detail and the condition is scattered crackleture but completely stable paint and no repairs. The frame is grain painted and gilt and a later replacement. 28 3/4" x 24 3/4" with frame, actual 23 1/2" x 19 1/2".

Price: $995.00 obo

2017-Jun-23 11:19am EDT | Tags : Fine Art

19thc. PA Cradle with Heart Cutouts

Beautiful early cherry wood cradle with ball finials and pegged construction. Heart cutouts on head and foot boards. Small piece missing off both rockers on the same side and age crack on one panel. 40" l x 20" w top and 18" w bottom x 23" tall.

Price: $175.00

2017-Jun-23 10:16am EDT | Tags : Furniture

Moose Painting

Oil on Canvas of a large bull moose with birch trees in the background. Found in Maine and signed Chas Friel and dated 1916 framed in thin frame. 27" x 21 3/4" with frame, actual 26" x 20 3/4".

Price: $325.00

2017-Jun-22 11:02am EDT | Tags : Fine Art

19thc. Fire Screen