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We are pleased to be a part of the Dig community and offer some interesting and unusual items, some out of our collection as well as new found treasures. As dealers and collectors for over 35 years, as well as exhibitors at many antique shows on the west coast, we are known primarily for our love of all things “country”. We do our best to describe our items accurately and completely but are happy to answer any questions and offer additional photos of any of our items. We will accept returns in “as received” condition with a full refund less the cost of shipping and insurance if contacted within 3 days of receipt of the item. We accept checks, Money Orders and PayPal. We thank you for visiting and hope that you will return often…Joyce and Ken

Red, White and Blue Overshot Coverlet

This is a charming overshot type coverlet with great country colors. The predominant colors are red and navy blue. Like all coverlets, it is reversible. I believe that it was made in the first quarter of the 20th century at Kentucky's Berea College's "Fireside Industries." Even though it hasn't retained its old label from the Berea College “Fireside Industries." It is not seamed but the top and bottom edges are hand sewn with a rolled hem. It is a huge 76½ wide by 110 inches long! There are no stains or other signs of wear. My image shows it on a queen size bed. The history of the college’s weaving studio dates back to the late 1800's and was started to help preserve traditional Appalachian crafts and to provide income for students to help pay for their education. The coverlets were woven on harness looms using linen warp and hand dyed wool weft. Fireside Industries used traditional old weaving patterns such as "Lover's Knot", "Fox and Geese" and many others.

Price: $295.00

2017-Nov-16 09:32pm EST | Tags : Textiles

Burgess Tealeaf Ironstone Square Compote

This is a difficult to find early ironstone tea leaf compote. It was made by H. Burgess in Burslem England in the 1880's. These are sometimes referred to as doughnut stands. The base, pedestal and bowl are square with rounded corners. The bowl is deep enough to hold anything from fruit to muffins or vegetables. It would also make a very nice centerpiece. It has a gleaming white glaze with no chips, cracks, crazing or stains. The only possible flaw is some tiny nicks on the top edge that I tried to capture in my image. The copper luster lines and the distinctive tealeaf show no signs of wear. It is 5½ inches high and the top of the bowl is 8¾ inches wide and about 2 inches deep.

Price: $65.00

2017-Mar-03 10:02am EST | Tags : Ironstone

Hand Wrought Iron Miner's Light / Sticking Tommy

This is an antique wrought iron and steel "Sticking Tommy or Tommy Stick" that was used during mining operations. They also were used as a practical light source in log cabins. The pointed end was wedged into cracks in a mine's wall or into the chinking of a log cabin. The hook was sometimes used over a mine's ceiling rod or over the back edge of a chair or other item in a cabin. This stick is 10 inches long with some surface wear but no rust. It is unmarked and still is functional but also makes a nice decorative candlestick.

Price: $65.00

2017-Mar-02 04:33pm EST | Tags : Lighting

Toddler Boys Black Leather Button Shoes

This is a pair of antique black leather baby/toddler shoes that are in fantastic condition. There are almost no signs of wear and the leather is still soft and pliable. The company logo on the sole depicts a smiling Native American face in a circle with the words “Tickle Toes – Makes ‘em Smile”. The shoes are extremely well made and feature double stitched seams, a cloth lining and have nice thick soles. The soles measure 5 inches from heel to toe and are 2 inches wide. They probably date to the early 1900’s.

Price: $85.00

2017-Mar-02 04:25pm EST | Tags : Children's Wear

Round Embossed Wooden Bread Board with Bread Knife

This is a nice antique wooden bread cutting board with BREAD carved into the rim. It was never painted or stained but left in its natural state. I am including an antique English serrated edge “bread” knife with the cutting board. The knife also has BREAD carved into its wood handle. Both the board and knife are in excellent condition with the exception of a small (1 inch) age crack on the edge of the board and some knife marks as one would expect on an antique cutting board. The board is reversible so either side can by used for cutting. The knife is 13 inches long and the board measures 9¾ inches wide.

Price: $70.00

2017-Feb-28 02:32pm EST | Tags : Treen Kitchenware

Native American Tlingit Cup Basket

This is a small old Tlingit Spruce root basket or cup that is in pristine condition. It is only 2½ inches high with a bottom diameter of 1¾ inches and a top diameter of 2¾ inches. The reason they are sometimes called cups is because they are so finely twine woven that they will hold liquid. Note the fineness of the weaving and especially the 5 colorful bands of polychrome Bear grass false embroidery. It's called false because the color only shows on the exterior. The colors are exceptionally bright with no fading that happens when baskets are exposed to light for extended periods of time. The small basket’s condition is remarkable with no breaks or repairs of any kind.

Price: Sold

2017-Feb-28 11:51am EST | Tags : Native American Basket

Lithographed 1905 Ridgways "Old Country Tea" Tin

This is a 1905 Ridgways tea tin in remarkable condition. The lithography is wonderful. It has two distinct scenes on opposite sides. The registry mark 522393 is printed on the side near the bottom just below the horses. The bottom and interior are both in near mint condition. The tin is 6¾ inches high and has a diameter of 4½ inches. The only flaws are a few places of paint loss that are almost unnoticeable and a bit of wear around the bottom edge that I consider them to be appropriate for a tin that is over 100 years old.

Price: Sold

2017-Feb-11 02:57pm EST | Tags : Advertising

Unusual Shaped Old Wooden Pantry Box

This is an unusual and charming rectangular shaped covered wood pantry box with rounded corners that dates to the 19th century. It is in overall excellent condition with just one small area on the edge of the lid and a small area at the top edge of the box where the edges have been damaged. It was constructed with thin (⅛ inch) tightly grained bentwood that was fastened with large flat wide steel staples and wooden pegs. The box is very sturdy and clean. It retains its original nut brown patina with the top edge of the box being slightly lighter where it was protected from light by the snugly fitting lid. It is 11¾ inches long, 5½ inches wide and 3½ inches deep. It is a very useful size for storage but also displays beautifully.

Price: $85.00

2017-Feb-02 12:37pm EST | Tags : Treen

Early Hand Forged Iron Hearth Trivet

This is an early hand forged wrought iron hearth trivet. It is very primitive and has a great old pitted and rough surface that only happens with time and use. It is 5 ½ inches high and has a top diameter of 8 ¼ inches. Two of the curved feet are partially gone and one of the pot holding spikes has a broken tip. It can still be used for pots but also works great as a plant holder or just to add a great antique element to a fireplace hearth.

Price: $45.00

2017-Jan-29 04:36pm EST | Tags : Hearth Accessories

Big Wooden Trencher/Dough Bowl

This is a nice large hand hewn wooden bowl or trencher. It is in excellent condition with slight warping to the top edge. The only flaw is an old repair to a very small crack in the bottom that is 4 inches long. The bowl is 5¾ inches high 14¼ inches wide and 22 inches long. The nice depth makes it very useful as well as decorative. I have used it to hold everything from magazines and stone fruit to breads at a party. It weighs almost nine pounds. I have never determined what the wood is but think that it may be butternut. The chop marks and other signs of use on the interior all attest to its age.

Price: Sold

2017-Jan-28 02:44pm EST | Tags : Treen

Bentwood Spice Set

This is a rare stenciled top bentwood spice box that holds five of its original wood spice containers plus another that has been added. There is also a tiny wood “dipper” that is included with the set but may not be part of the original contents. The tight fitting lids on the 5 original spice containers do show some age and read Cinnamon, pdrd (powdered) Cinnamon, Mace, Pepper, & Lemon peel. The wood addition has an embossed metal top that was added as a replacement. The Lemon Peel container is slightly larger than the others and would have been placed in the center surrounded by eight smaller boxes originally. The top edge of the box has a burned and undulating rim that is unique and decorative. The style of stenciling on the top of all the lids leads me to date it to circa 1880. The diameter of the box is 6⅝ inches and is 3¾ inches high.

Price: $175.00

2017-Jan-26 04:46pm EST | Tags : Treen Kitchenware

Large 19th Century English Blue Willow Platter

This is a 19th century 13.50 inch Blue willow pattern platter. It is in pristine condition with no utensil scratches, crazing, chips, cracks or other flaws. The backstamp includes the bow and quiver as well as Semi China enclosed in a square with surrounding lettering that reads "Engraved for W Ridgway & Co" and England is inscribed below the mark. the platter has a deep well and is 1.50 inches high. It The blue color is very deep. I would say that the darkest areas areas, such as the pillars of the Pagoda and the hull of the boat are a navy blue. The use of semi china in the backstamp is an early way of saying ironstone.

Price: $85.00

2017-Jan-25 06:45pm EST | Tags : Ironstone

1800's Set of Three Family Silhouettes

This is a fine set of three portrait cut and paste silhouettes by George White who was born in Derbyshire, England in 1810. These three wonderfully detailed silhouettes depict members of the same family, father mother and daughter and date from the early 1800s. They are all identically framed with the same White Gallery stamp, “Cut with Scissors – White” on each of the backboards. All three have extensive bronzing and intricate detailing of the clothing, headwear, hairdos and facial features including the finely drawn ears. I removed the man’s portrait from its frame to examine it for the sake of authenticity. It was pasted on unbleached paper (I am not an expert) that is not white but light ecru. The frames are identical and measure 6 ¼ inches by 7 ½ inches and image openings of 3 inches by 4 inches. They all retain their original hanging rings. The gilded liners are all loose which is not unusual for period silhouettes. I will happily provide more images if requested.

Price: Sold -Thank you

2017-Jan-25 02:54pm EST | Tags : Silhouette

Desktop triple Inkwell and Pen Rest

This is an unusual old wood desktop triple inkwell with an open pen rest. I believe that this type is called a “flip top” since the inkwells, in this case three, can be either opened or covered when not in use. There are three glass ink containers (the center one is original). There are 3 labels that originally named the colors of ink. I am barely able to decipher the middle label that says red. I imagine that the other colors were black and blue. The tambour type detail on lid and lower front is a nice detail. The lid is hinged by a screw on each end. Everything is as we found it, including the ink stains in the interior of the case. Both the inkwell holder and the pen tray are removable. The ink stains are very evident when you remove the trays but do not show at all when they are in place. The width is 9¾ inches, the depth is 5½ inches and the height (at the center back) is 4½ inches. This desktop inkstand/pen holder is both decorative and also useful as the inkwells could hold anyt

Price: $125.00

2017-Jan-25 02:00pm EST | Tags : Woodenware

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