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WELCOME TO OLD SOUTH JERSEY GLASS AND ANTIQUES Hello folks you may or may not have visited my primary website http://www.oldsouthjerseyglass.com if you like what you see here or are interested in South Jeresy glass and Early American History historicaly and Antiques and Folk Art please take a look or stop in at the Yellow Garage in Mullica Hill NJ. thanks Hank As of March 2017 further discounts will only be given to fellow dealers with current tax exempt status.I do my best to price my items fairly already at todays market value. It just doesnt make sense to mark my items up only to lower them back down to anyone who asks.By all mean dealers are wecome to ask for their discounts.BTW I have an ever changing SALE page on www.oldsouthjerseyglass.com where I will be putting some of my old stock to try to comptete with this new lower valued market. Hopefully someone will understand where im coming from.Im now semi retiered. tks

Reproduction Curly Maple Pipe Box

Very well made Curly Maple pipe box 16" high x 5" wide x 2 1/2" deep.The small drawer is dovetailed ,the bottom of the drawer is held in by what looks like a hand wrought nail. Someone did a nice job constructing this. Im guess late 20th century. I hope to start adding some more items when time permits.

Price: $120.00

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Early 19th Century Wax - Jack

19th century Dutch Wax-Jack. 8" high, 5" wide at the widest point. Marked 3 times on the base. Typically these were used for melting sealing wax for documents and letters.Ready to be used if wanted. Some of these date to the 18th century I believe this is later.brass can be hard to gauge.The white is residue from someone attempting to polish it. Would clean up nicely with some patience.

Price: $195.00

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Primitive Watercolor Little Girl and Fawn

Primitive painting of a young girl holding a carrot to feed a Fawn. probably mid to early 20th century Frame size 11 1/4" x 9 1/2".The vannered frame seems to be about the same era as the watercolor

Price: $200.00

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Vintage Footed Millville Devils Fire

Millville footed paperweight made by one of several talented glass gaffers working at the Whitall Tatum Glass Factory sometime between 1890 and 1930. Footed American Devils Fire or Fox Fire PWs are scarce this one is unique, its large (about 4") it has a clover leaf type pontil and is without damage. Michael Kane, Ralph Barber, Emil Stanger and John Rhulander were several of the better known skilled wokers during this time.Probably made by one of these men.

Price: $395.00

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19th Century Pen & Ink Battle Scene

Interesting mid 19th century battle scene drawn with black ink of plain white paper.The frame could be the original.Color is sharp and crisp this must have been kept out of the sunlight. Sight sixe is 7-1/8" x 8-3/4", framed 9-1/2" x 11".

Price: $165.00

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Scarce 1/2 Pt.Redware Bottle

Scarce 1/2 pint early redware pockey flask 6 inches tall covered in black manganese glaze. Surface wear from years of use also on small spot where a impurity poped out while being fired.

Price: $195.00

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Dan Patch Tobacco Tin Pail

Scarce "Dan Patch Cut Plug"Tobacco pail circa 1926. 6 1/2" high by 5 1/2" dia.Good graffics.From what Ive read this is a tough tin to find in any condition.

Price: $145.00

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Early Deep Amethyst Scent Bottle

Late 18th -early 19th century pattern molded scent bottle. 3 1/4" long the color is a rich amethyst color not colbalt. It was haed to capture the true color.

Price: $155.00

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Early Primitive Candle Stand

Early American primitive Candle Stand. 28 inches high, the base is made from Oak or Chestnut and is heavy. Original untouched surface. 19th century or earlier.

Price: $300.00

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Victorian Marble Game

12" dia. x 11" high marked 'Germany" on the back.

Price: $295.00

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Miniature Portrait of Gentelman

Good early miniature portrait of a gentelman probably a local resident in the tri-state area. It appears unsigned although when the origial was reframed someone wrote on the matting but I cant make it out. The frame size is 5 1/2" high x 4 1/4" wide/The original is 3 1/8" x 4 1/4".

Price: $299.00

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NJ Redware Master Ink Well

Redware master Ink A hard form to find in redware. Red earthenware covered with a maganase glaze, one filler hole and 3 quill holes. Found in Hunterdon County New Jersey. About 3 1/8" dia. x 1 3/4" high

Price: $95.00

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Unuasual Gold Mercury Glass Rolling Pin

Very unuasual Gold mercury glass rolling pin whimsy. 15+ inches long,rough pontil on each end the open end was corked to preserve the mercury coating on the inside. Ive seen many a glass rolling pin even collect them but ive never seen one like this. Chances are you wont see another.

Price: $125.00

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Rare New England Pipkin

A true American rarity in American redware.Actually I have never seen one other than in reference books. Found in Conn. probably made near by. Redware pottery covered with a clear glaze making it a attractive color as shown often these were only glazed in the interior. If you collect redware I doubt you will find a example as nice as this if you can find one at all. The hollow handle was to allow for a wooden handle could be inserted inside for manipulating or moving the pot from the hearth.This could easily be an 18th century piece. Pipkin: a small earthenware vessel. This form date back to medieval times (1200-1400)sometimes with 3 legs as seen on cast iron from the early period. About 5" high x 9/2" wide at the handle.Some very minor chipping but no cracks.A rare survivor for sure.

Price: $325.00

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Finely Paint Decorated Document Box

Finely paint decorated document box about 10 inches wide, 7 1/2 inches deep.Overall very good condition the images say it all no damage.Inside the top of the lid is detailed etching of Congress at Saratoga Springs NY a resort where people flocked to vacation and relax at the natural healing springs.Some foxing as seen.

Price: $325.00

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Huge Early Fat Lamp

Substantial 9 1/4 " tall, 1 1/2lbs freeblown fat lamp made in clear tinted glass circa 1780 - 1820 tubular pontil and no condition issues.Photos should tell the rest. Its is very heavy! America or England tough to say. Early glass of this quailty is rarely found in this form.

Price: $375.00

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