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WELCOME TO OLD SOUTH JERSEY GLASS AND ANTIQUES Hello folks you may or may not have visited my primary website http://www.oldsouthjerseyglass.com if you like what you see here or are interested in South Jeresy glass and Early American History historicaly and Antiques and Folk Art please take a look or stop in at the Yellow Garage in Mullica Hill NJ. thanks Hank As of March 2017 further discounts will only be given to fellow dealers with current tax exempt status.I do my best to price my items fairly already at todays market value. It just doesnt make sense to mark my items up only to lower them back down to anyone who asks.By all mean dealers are wecome to ask for their discounts.BTW I have a SALE page on www.oldsouthjerseyglass.com Thanks

Desirable Large Colorful Old Sign

Early sign probably from the 1920s or 30s. Not huge but a good size that would be easy to find room for it 25" wine, 13 1/2" high and 1" thick made from pine with beadboard ends that show about 1" of shrinkage due to its age. There is a crack associated with this but it doesn`t distract the eye from the brightly colored paint

Price: $525.00

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Bridgeton Glass Works Script 1863

3 framed pieces of uncut Bridgeton Glass factory Obsolete Currency.Condition is good no rips or tears.

Price: $275.00

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Unuasual Large Globular Utility

Exceptional and unusual large and early SJ utility bottle 10 1/2" tall x 6 3/4" x 6". Photos say it all a scarce if not rare bottle is about mint no damage very slight wear except the base which has normal heavy wear for a bottle of this period. Besides its size and condition the color is a pale green ,no blue or aqua color. Probably made at one of the few 18th century glass works 1780- 1810. No more room here so here it is. satisfaction guaranteed.

Price: $450.00

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Mid 18th Century Gin Bottle

18th century gin bottle formed using wooden paddles to flatten the 4 sides. 8 1/2" tall, 3 1/2" square. I'm not familiar with this particular form possibly early 18th century. Scarce

Price: $300.00

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A Hard Job! SJ Paperweight

Heres a unique Whitall Tatum Glass Works paerweight. People are almost never depicted on Millville weights. 3" dia, domed top,t ypical Millville ring base and rough pontil, perfect. Great gift for that special friend. 1870-1930

Price: $210.00

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1803 Eunice Bishopes Sampler

1803 sampler in period frame, professionally conserved. Framed size aprox. 17" x 14"

Price: $2000.00

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Large Tooled Leather Horse

Early 20th century horse. I suppose its a toy I'm not sure of the process the leather is tight and highly detailed. General wear from kids playing with it. I s is all there and stands, carefully. 16: long.10 1/2 high, about 4" wide.

Price: $149.00

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18th Century Battersea Box

18th century Battersea box commonly used for snuff. This tiny enameled box is about 1 5/8" wide, 7/8" high and is in great condition other then the mirror inside the lid. England circa 1780. Please ask if you need another photo.

Price: $225.00

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Enlarged / More Images The Best Contemporary Bird

Comtemporary Signed bird tree. Experly carved and painted.Only a small amount of these were made. 24" tall about 12" wide. Made by John Holloway 1990-2000. My Mom bouth this about 10 years ago. I bought one with an owl surrounded by Crows. Last one of these sold at auction for 1500 plus buyers premium.

Price: $1000.00

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Indian King Tavern Haddonfield NJ Stoneware Mug

Made at the Wingender Pottery Company Haddonfield New Jersey circa 1910. 5 1/2" tall ,mint condition. Brothers William and Charles Wingender ran thier pottery company from 1883-1923. The pottery produced at this pottery works has a strong Germanic influance , easily mistaken as being made in thier home land. What many do not know is when the brothers first arrived in America they worked for Richard Remmey in Philadelphia before venturing out on their own. This mug commemorates Haddonfields historic 160th year anniversary.

Price: $325.00

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