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Kathy Schoemer Antiques was born at Christmastime in 1971 in New Canaan, CT. We currently find ourselves in one of the smallest, dearest 18th century houses in the village of Walpole, NH, a magical spot just a minute from the meandering Connecticut River and southeastern Vermont. After an almost 50 year career, during which we exhibited in some of the finest shows in the northeast, we have opted for a simpler formula. Kathy served on the Board of the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association for several years (as President for three). Now you can find her at home, welcoming old friends and new, and on this DIG site, sharing things she loves. You can find lots more about Kathy Schoemer Antiques by visiting our website: www.kathyschoemerantiques.com We are happy to take payments via PayPal.

Wonderful Old Crow.

12" across x 9" high. Perfect for the season --- a lichen-covered, weathered crow flat decoy with lots of personality. He comes mounted on a nice wooden disc. Made sometime around the mid-20th c and left to fend for itself in the elements. 2 photos.

Price: $168./ HOLD

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Farm Girl.

14" , all original cloth doll, with an expressive watercolored face and hair, and a repaired sweet little calico print dress. She has painted black shoes, original pantaloons and underskirt with cotton lace border. Her original mop cap is very worn. c 1890. 3 photos.

Price: $475.

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Rare Currier in Period Frame.

12" x 16" . There are Curriers and there are CURRIERS, and this one is totally engaging: a little girl with her pet bird on a ribbon, resting on her hand. In good shape with just a few small stains outside the image. Titled "The Little Favorite.", and marked "N. Currier, 2 Spruce St, NY". It is matted in a period frame ( has some corner chips). There is also a rural backgound with a cottage and some flowers and foliage. Bird and ribbon are hand colored. 3 photos.

Price: $98.

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A True Practice Sampler.

6 1/4" x 14" . c 1840. New England. By "true", I mean that this is not a fragment, but has an original border hem all the way around. There are 3 lines of alphabet letters and the beginning of a name, and the condition is excellent. These are special textile elements from the past -- memories of the needlework schooling of young girls. They look wonderful as part of displays of early objects. Carefully stitched to a backing. 2 photos.

Price: $85.

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Leather Book.

8 3/4" x 5.5". Barclay's Works. Vol.1. Published 1831 in Philadelphia. Expected worn condition, but all there, down to a square of early patterned paper used as a bookmark. An atmosphere piece. 2 photos.

Price: $22.

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A Country Cloth Doll.

17". She comes to us in the most softly loved condition, with her flax hair, sweet face (stitches missing), original clothing - calico dress, chemise and bloomers - and worn but dear little leather shoes. Some dolls have intriguing pasts and this is one of them. She sits properly and lends a spirit to the spot where she lands. 3 photos.

Price: $350.

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Button Bag.

8". What makes buttons and their accessories so irresistible ? This sweet bag is probably from the early 20th c, in great condition, with lovely embroidered detail, including some decorative buttons. Looks wonderful on our laundry room peg rack. 3 photos.

Price: $58.

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Doll's Tea Set in Original Box.

6 3/4" l x 5" w x 2 3/4" h. Right out of the store in a 19th c town ! Label reads "1 Fine. Tea Set" with an original inventory #. Box slides open to reveal what remains - after much loving use - 16 pieces of a little china tea set. The cream jug has a chip, and the spout on the teapot is partly missing, but lids for pot and sugar bowl are there. We rarely find boxes with contents, and this label is so precise and clear. 3 photos.

Price: $85.

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Miniature Stepback Doll's Cupboard.

18.5" high x 8.5" wide x 5 3/4" deep at base. This wonderfully proportioned and beautifully crafted chiild's toy is in superb condition, with mortised top joints, figured American pine, original turnbuckles and endearing detail. c 1850. New England origin. 3 photos.

Price: $325.

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Doll's Stylish Tester Bed.

20" long x 10.5" wide x 22.5" tall at highest. A 19th c, handmade doll's tester bed in wonderful attic surface with original (albeit worn) textile furnishings, including a real quilt. Some of the accessories are later, but appropriate and delightful. A rare example. 3 photos.

Price: $125.

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A Fine Tinware Cake Keeper.

11 1/2" diameter x 5" high (w/o handle). Here is craftsmanship and ingenuity at its simplest -- The handle releases and - viola! - the keeper easily opens for storing a cake and carrying it to the potluck. There are a few dings in the top, but, overall, the condition and patina are beautiful. This is a splendid shelf piece and can be happily used. Very uncommon find. c 1910 ? American. 2 photos

Price: $75.

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A Wonderful Musical Toy.

18" high x 9 3/4" wide x 4 1/2" deep. "Trinity Chimes". This sweet, interactive toy was produced by the Schoenhut company (Philadelphia) in the late 19th c - early 20th c, with lithographed paper illustrating a magnificent cathedral and belfry with columns, ringing bells, angels and a clock. Paper is missing in area of clock (see photos). In researching, it is also missing a little brass crest. There are 8 wooden buttons which produce a chime-like do-re-me. I have had one other of these - eons ago (also missing the crest ornament which I wasn't aware of at that time)- and they are rare. Albert Schoenhut believed that to really engage children in play, toys should respond to their interaction. 3 photos.

Price: $128.

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