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Kathy Schoemer Antiques was born at Christmastime in 1971 in New Canaan, CT. After lo these many years, we find ourselves in one of the smallest, dearest 18th century houses in the village of Walpole, NH, a magical spot just a minute from the meandering Connecticut River and southeastern Vermont. I have "been there" --- done some of the finest shows in the northeast, was President of the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association for three years, worked really, really hard at my little business (loved every minute --almost), and am still totally smitten with the wonderful objects we are fortunate enough to find. No more shows ! as an exhibitor. I travel all over looking for these special things and hope you enjoy sharing my finds here at DIG. You can find lots more about Kathy Schoemer Antiques by visiting our website: www.kathyschoemerantiques.com I am happy to take payments via PayPal.

Abigail Fogg's Sampler, Born 1818

7.5" x 18" . The Fogg's boast very early settlement in northern New England. (There is the Fogg Museum at Harvard.) Although this piece has a few dark stains/holes in the upper half, they do not affect the overall integrity of this simple needlework, and all Abigail's genealogical details are here. The piece is uncut with an uninterupted border. We are just about to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Abigail's birth --- April 30, 1818. Backed with acid free archival paper. 2 photos.

Price: $145.

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To Warm The Table

These pieces came together, and make a great pair -- a vintage, steel-bladed "Bread" knife, and a rare pie dish-shaped plate for small loaves or rolls. Plate has a diameter of 9.5" and the carving suggests sheafs of wheat - the staff of life.. The knife is 12" long, with a beautifully shaped blade and well-worn handle. They have good patina, and date from 1890 or so. 3 photos.

Price: $95. pair

2018-Apr-10 02:56pm EDT | Tags :

Jugtown Stoneware Sugar Bowl/Lid

The potteries at Jugtown were a wonderful outgrowth of a colonial revival business, spear-headed by an enterprising couple, the Busbees, travelling through the mountains of North Carolina, in the teens of the 20th c, discovering pottery traditions alive from the colonial period. They created Jugtown, providing selling outlets -- a shop at Jugtown and one in NYCity -- for the progeny of the early potters' , who were still at work, using traditional forms and techniques passed down from the colonial period. At the beginning of my career, many very successful dealers collected Jugtown to use, and I searched it out. Every now and then, I find a piece, as in the case of this bowl. It stands 3 1/8" tall, with a diameter of 3.5" and has a small flake/chip on the upper rim (3rd photo). It retains its original lid, and has a sweet cobalt flower decoration on the bowl along with the distinctive Jugtown stamp on the base. 3 photos.

Price: $23.

2018-Apr-06 11:04am EDT | Tags :

Rare Doll's Frock Coat

8" l to tail; 4" w across shoulders. This is a real rarity which doesn't need a doll to show it off since it stands so well alone. It is the standard designed coat for boys and men in the 18th and early 19th centuries, the one we see in all the early paintings of the period. I have never seen one for a doll offered before. The coat is simple, but has subtle embellishments: lace as flourish on breast of coat, lace at cuffs (just beyond black satin banding at cuff edge); tiny brass beads around neck, at cuffs and in two rows at tail. There is a tiny, working brass closure at the neck and black binding inside the coat all the way around. Made of worsted with a few expected moth holes, but in really good condition. The 3rd photo shows a similar design from the Williamsburg Collection pictured on p 168 of WHAT CLOTHES REVEAL by Linda Baumgarten. 3 photos.

Price: $225.

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Pair of Hannah Davis Hatboxes

12" l x 8" tall. I found these separately, and will sell them that way as well, but it seems a great joy to find two in the same size and same paper. Each contains a period bonnet and each is labeled. Per usual, there is age wear on the surfaces, but not bad. 3 photos.

Price: $550. ea

2018-Apr-01 02:31pm EDT | Tags :

3 Wonderful Rabbits

L to R: The Best Amish, 8" l x 7.5" to top of ear; expressive Amish, 10" l; velvet 7". From my doll cupboard, all treasured, all authentic. 1890 - 1920. 1 photo.

Price: $650., $225., $225.

2018-Apr-01 02:17pm EDT | Tags :

Ted In Bed

This bed is so comfortable and appropriate for our bear friend that we have to offer them together. (You may buy them separately, if you must.) 20.5"" l x 13" w x 12" h (at top of finials). Bed is in great shape with wonderful carving on both head board, foot board, and side rails, added to highly detailed turned posts, ending in acorn finials. The only replacement is one rail -- a paint stirrer no less. The bed is probably c 1880, American, and comes with a mixed bag of furnishings - a nice quilt from 20 or so years ago, a couple of folded sheets and a vintage pillow. 3 photos.

Price: $145. for bear & bed

2018-Mar-23 11:15am EDT | Tags :

Just Ted - No Bed

16" vintage American bear, with a very endearing expression, found in a Vermont house recently, with worn golden mohair on his front side and much more remaining on the back. Stands to reason, since this guy is so huggable. He is not fully jointed, but his arms and legs do have some flexibility. Pads appear to be painted fabric and are all there. 1 photo.

Price: $65.

2018-Mar-23 11:09am EDT | Tags :

Wonderful House Sign

23" x 8.5" " (at center). I guess I'd like to live on "Strawberry Hill" in June, or anytime really. This sign is wood, with nice, old crackled paint and engaging color. It comes most likely from the 1940's when country places were romantic, bucolic getaways for city folk. It is in weathered --but very good-- condition and retains some eye hooks for hanging. 3 photos.

Price: $325.

2018-Mar-21 01:43pm EDT | Tags :

Springtime Cooky Cutters

Nice old tinware cutters, including bird, chick, rabbit and standing bunny (6" tall). All in excellent condition; rabbit sits comfortably, and standing bunny is an advertising gift with "FORMAY" stamped on his back (3rd photo). Note 3 photos.

Price: $55. for all

2018-Mar-21 01:30pm EDT | Tags :

For The Animal Lover

A tender interpretation of what we can be sure were two beloved animals of the painter, a calico cat and a retriever curl up together, as so often happens in this house, for an admiring audience. Colors are soft like the sentiment. Oil on artist's board; sight is 13.5" x 9.5". We can't tell if the hair-like area is a later scratch or an original mark (photo 3). c 1930 ? American. It is in its original frame, as far as we can tell. 3 photos.

Price: $325.

2018-Mar-08 12:04pm EST | Tags :

Sponge Custard

3" high x 3.5" diameter at top. American, hard-to-find blue/white sponge custard cup, c 1900. Beautiful condition with very thin walls- a lovely piece. 2 photos.

Price: $65.

2018-Mar-03 09:24am EST | Tags :

Simple Box -- Many Uses

9 1/4" w (at top) x 3.5" h x 2 3/4" deep. I have found precious few of these little deep boxes. I have kept two from long ago -- one for paper napkins and the other for potholders, and am happy to have this one to offer here. Yes, they are useful. This one is in original, untouched, oxidized finish, with tiny oxidized early finishing nails used in construction. The base is set in (photo 3) and care has been taken in the design, simple as it is. c 1860, New England origin. 3 photos

Price: $125.

2018-Feb-22 10:30am EST | Tags :

Shaker Community Butternut Utensil/Apple Box

7'5" x 12". The soul of simplicity, this box comes with a provenance from the Carla Kingsley collection, sold by Ron Bourgeault - BK. 21,P. 86 - Gently canted sides, original finish, beautiful dovetailing, showing daily use. One side has a very old age crack and the bottom board has shrinkage on one edge. c 1860. 3 photos.

Price: $250.

2018-Feb-18 12:50pm EST | Tags :

Teddy in Red Coat

This little 12" mite is a lucky bear. Someone along the way gifted her/him with this smashing red woolen coat (sporting jet buttons). He does have wear on his adorable muzzle, and also on the back of his head. The coat has a few tiny holes, but it also has velvet collar and cuffs, and a fully quilted lining. c 1920. 3 photos

Price: $95.

2018-Feb-10 12:43pm EST | Tags :

Hogscraper with Decoration

5.5" tall, with intact hook and original asphaltum under delicate floral decoration. Someone wanted a cheery aspect for this utilitarian object; the paint is so tender. It does have a bit of rust, top and bottom, on the base. mid-19th c. American. 3 photos

Price: $110.

2018-Jan-30 08:45am EST | Tags :

4 Early Spoons

Hand carved, imitating the nuances of coin silver, the largest is 10" long, and for many years they have stood in a narrow crock on my counter. I know they are at least mid-19th c, but do not have any specific details on origin. They are American shapes which is a clue. 2 photos.

Price: $95. for 4

2018-Jan-25 03:54pm EST | Tags :

An Old Friend

This beautiful, herb-gathering basket has been with me for almost as long as I have been a dealer; I have treasured it. It measures 26.5" x 13'5"; the sides are 2.5" high and the handle rises 9" above the rim. It looks at home on the wall, or as the focus of an old table. It was the centerpiece for our Christmas table this past year. You can fill it or leave it empty. The color is a soft, nutty hue, and there appear to be 2 tiny pieces of splint missing at the place where the handle meets the side (one side - photo #3). The shape is almost a subtle hourglass. Handle is carved where it meets the basket. We were so lucky back in the 1970s to find these precious things. It came from a Connecticut home back then. 3 photos

Price: $365.

2018-Jan-21 09:58am EST | Tags :

Rockin' Rooster

17.5" long x 13.5" high . A small wooden toy in really beautiful paint with a stamp on the bottom: " Wooden Toys Made By Gould Manufacturing Co. Oshkosh, Wis. " Google yields a history of this company beginning in 1869 and dissolving in 1933, producing wooden toys from 1917 to 1933. The design and paint is wonderful, made for a very small child. A teddy bear looks happy on it. The wooden handle is a little wobbly, but otherwise great condition. 3 photos

Price: $115.

2017-Dec-22 09:33am EST | Tags :

Tiny Black Doll w Clothes/Provenance

A 1" Frozen Charlotte black doll, in a sweet little, original, velvet keeper box, fitted to her shape, with a blanket, cape and hanky (embroidered "Kate"). On the lid in pencil is written "Mabel from Grandma Bell, May 8, 1886". A tiny treasured survivor deserving of a continued presence. 3 photos.

Price: $95.

2017-Dec-17 09:49am EST | Tags :

Iron Hearth Bookends - 6" x 6"

Evocative of the genre paintings of the turn of the century, these amazingly detailed cast iron bookends reveal the spirit of the colonial revival. They include images of a sirtting cat, pewter on the mantel, brass andirons, a cauldron over an open fire, and bellows, all set against a brick/stone fireplace. Beautiful original, untouched patina. 3 photos

Price: $95.

2017-Nov-16 09:12am EST | Tags :

Pantry Box - 7 3/4" dia.

To be honest, I rarely buy pantry boxes. After 46 years, I have seen many pantry boxes, and now I only want the very best. This is a beautiful box, in a dry surface of sage green, over what appears to be a bittersweet, with a sturdy presence and finger laps . My photos do not at all do the color justice ; it is wonderful. There are a few areas of expected wear to the paint, and some distress at the very lower edges, a few tiny wooden pegs are missing, but it is untouched and right out of a NH collection. Found in my travels this week. c 1840. 7 3/4" diameter x 3 3/4" high. 3 photos

Price: $250.

2017-Nov-10 09:07am EST | Tags :

A Delightful Egg Basket - 6.5" diameter

This one is different from the conventionally designed ones I've seen, and it may be earlier. Looks like iron based wire and hangs beautifully. Or it can just sit on the counter or bucket bench. Late 19th c. 3 photos.

Price: $58.

2017-Oct-27 10:32am EDT | Tags :

Recamier for a Doll

18" long. A delightful toy for a special doll, this recamier is covered in its original woven, caramel colored cotton, with a piece of glazed cotton on the back. The legs are carved with nice detail and the brass tacks are original. c 1840. American. 2 photos

Price: $75.

2017-Oct-25 10:12am EDT | Tags :

Beautiful Toy Cradle

23" l x 9" h x 8" w. The base paint on this perfect doll cradle is the most beautiful salmon, and it has very sensitive hand-decoration on the sides, the headboard and the footboard. From New England, c 1840. The doll's cradles of the early colonial period are true documents of the whimsical talents of fathers of little girls. Their proliferation seems to indicate that they appeared on many bygone Christmas mornings. What could possibly have been more tender than to provide a cozy place for a favorite doll ? 3 photos

Price: $95.

2017-Oct-25 10:01am EDT | Tags :

Two Quirky, Early Cross Stitch Pieces

Little Pocket, 4.5" long x 3 3/4" wide, and an unfinished sampler on beautiful butter/gold linen which is 4.5" x 10 1/4". The first has very crude black stitching at the bottom which seems to be later, but it is definitely a little bag. The sampler has an unfinished edge, but, if folded, is frameable, and the color of the backgound fabric is a treat. I have a linsey/wolsey pillow from Mary deBuhr which has a piece like this sewn to it. Beautiful ! 2 photos.

Price: $85. pair

2017-Oct-02 05:04pm EDT | Tags :

A Rare Shaker Textile

7" across x 11.5" long. This is the only Shaker work pocket I have seen and I have had it for many years. It came from a Shaker dealer who traced it to Sabbathday Lake. The pocket is beautifully made, true to origin, with meticulously taped edges and an inner pocket inside the opening which has a pearl button closure. It is made of natural linen and is in perfect condition. Late 19th c. 3 photos.

Price: $450.

2017-Sep-23 08:23am EDT | Tags :

Rare, Authentic Nantucket Sewing Basket

6" tall x 6.5" diameter. A charming and very homespun Nantucket sewing basket, lined with a delightful 19th c calico. Chances are this was a gift from the maker to his sweetheart. It appears that the rim wrap was replaced or repaired, but done very well. Otherwise the condition is great. Nice wear on the edges of the wooden base. 3 photos.

Price: $150.

2017-Aug-20 11:03am EDT | Tags :

"The Maid of All Works Prayer"

15" x 20", incl. molding. Sometimes a piece comes along which requires a very close encounter, and this falls into that category . It is such an unusual treasure with its completely hand-done watercolor painting in the top section, and the hand -written prayer (in sepia ink) in the lower portion, which contains a tender and moving call to "All ye Household Gods...". The lady is kneeling, hands folded on the seat of the chair, with the broom and bucket waiting patiently by her side. It just seems very English to me, and must come out of the second half of the 19th c. It is beautifully matted and framed (new leaf). I will be happy to send along the entire prayer section upon request. Believe me, the words are so deeply touching, with surprising elements of whimsical symbolism . Hand lettering really intigues me and this is very beautifully executed. A little masterpiece. 3 photos.

Price: $575.

2017-Aug-08 03:52pm EDT | Tags :

D. Thorpe Embroidery

Dated 1801. 11" x 14.5" including period black molding. Framed appropriately by Barrett Menson of Ashby, MA. Here we find the intriguing elements of very early embroidered pictures, notably the "flying basket", this one swinging from a branch and tied with a red bow. It is silk embroidery on early wool and possibly English. It was picked from a home in Acworth, NH.

Price: $350.

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