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Kathy Schoemer Antiques was born at Christmastime in 1971 in New Canaan, CT. We currently find ourselves in one of the smallest, dearest 18th century houses in the village of Walpole, NH, a magical spot just a minute from the meandering Connecticut River and southeastern Vermont. After an almost 50 year career, during which we exhibited in some of the finest shows in the northeast, we have opted for a simpler formula. Kathy served on the Board of the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association for several years (as President for three). Now you can find her at home, welcoming old friends and new ; at The Flying Pig antiques, an excellent group shop nearby in Westmoreland,NH; and right here, on two DIG sites, sharing things she loves. You can find lots more about Kathy Schoemer Antiques by visiting our website: www.kathyschoemerantiques.com We are happy to take payments with personal checks and via PayPal. We also offer arrangements for lay-a-way purchases.

Moose Cookie Cutter.

5.5" h x 6.5" across. Nice, large, rare form, excellent original condition. Never came across one before --- and that's a long time ! c 1880. 2 photos.

Price: $135.

2019-Apr-11 01:18pm EDT | Tags :

Card of Schwanda Buttons.

11.5" x 8 3/4". There are some age stains, and a few "bites" out of this wonderful piece of sewing ephemera, but it is so sweet and of its time - 40's ?. You can have butterflies, ducklings, stars and fish to play with or just look at. No missing buttons. 2 photos.

Price: $32.

2019-Apr-08 04:27pm EDT | Tags :

Jacks Pouch.

This adorable little (5") bag is a rabbit, with wonderful lined ears, wooden eyes, and stitched whiskers and nose, with the original gathering cord. I was a jacks champion in my neighborhood and would have been very happy to have this guy as a good luck charm. Just a couple of jacks inside, and an old ball.

Price: $28.

2019-Apr-08 04:22pm EDT | Tags :

Everyone's Best Friend.

10", tail to nose. Gently aged mohair , in great shape, original eyes, tail intact, straw stuffed. c 1890. 2 photos.

Price: $88.

2019-Apr-08 04:19pm EDT | Tags :

Soft, Well -Executed Watercolor.

7 1/2" x 5 1/4" sight. This very nice small watercolour is signed (can't decipher it) and set in an old mat. Guessing c. 1910. It has just the right feeling.

Price: $32.

2019-Apr-08 04:16pm EDT | Tags :

19th c Cast Iron Barn Stars.

Approx. 7.5" x 7.5". These were used in our Acworth barn for many years and are guaranteed authentic. Used in the past on municipal buildings in New England. 2 photos.

Price: $95. for 3.

2019-Mar-30 04:35pm EDT | Tags :

Spring Sheep.

7.5" long x 10" high to top of head. Made of striped seersucker, which has quite a history in garment-making, having been very popular during the Civil War, and in near perfect condition, this toy is probably from the early 20th c. Tail is braided wool in a rich blue . stripes are puckered off-white and a lovely faded purply blue/grey; eyes are shoe buttons. Very unusual use of fabric. 2 photos.

Price: $68.

2019-Mar-18 06:06pm EDT | Tags :

Dated 1911 Watercolor.

Sight size of this little piece is only 4" x 2", which is one of its many charms. It is signed "T Wicks" and on the original paper back is a sticker from "The Royal Drawing Society - 1911". The frame seems original. Simply a beloved pet dog relaxing on the kitchen "flags". Very good condition.

Price: $285.

2019-Mar-12 01:53pm EDT | Tags :

An Endearing Souvenir.

4.5" across. I love this little purse, because I love sheep, and things which were so sensitively made for children. Whoever was lucky enough to receive this years ago, really used it. The head of the sheep wobbles a bit on the front and the back, but it is not torn. It looks like a painted surface, and the original little cord is still attached. On the back it reminds us that it was brought home from the 1000 Islands, on the St. Lawrence River, "stradling the borders of the US and Canada". Google also tells us that in the late 19th c , the "elite" retreated to those enchanting places. Well, this is an adorable little souvenir, and pretty elegant in my book ! c 1910. 2 photos.

Price: $68.

2019-Mar-06 03:54pm EST | Tags :

Pair of Fabric Horses.

Large one: 11" long x 9" tall at head. The Amish and Mennonites have made animals of printed textiles for over 100 years. Can't trace these, except to say they seem to be from the first half of the 20th c, and are really endearing. The large one has raffia for a mane and tail; small one has wool. The embroidered faces are done by the same hand and they are smiling. Condition is great - ears are intact - and they make a happy pair. 2 photos.

Price: $ 68. pair

2019-Feb-23 08:22am EST | Tags :

Iron Dancing Man.

14". Sheet iron dancing toy with his original hook, in great condition and patina, c 1880, found here in NH. A wonderful, joyful wall piece, with lots of movable parts to play with. Looks like a VERY distant relative of Bill Traylor's work.

Price: $95.

2019-Feb-13 08:38am EST | Tags :

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