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Kathy Schoemer Antiques was born at Christastime in 1971 in New Canaan, CT. We currently find ourselves in a delightful cape, built in 1818, in the village of Walpole, NH, a magical spot just a minute from the meandering Connecticut River and southeastern Vermont. After an almost 50 year career, during which we exhibited in some of the finest shows in the northeast, we have opted for a simpler formula. Kathy served on the Board of the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association for several years (as President for three). Now you can find her at home, welcoming old friends and new ; and right here, on two DIG sites, sharing things she loves. See "American Cloth Dolls" on DIG as well. You can find lots more about Kathy Schoemer Antiques by visiting our website: www.kathyschoemerantiques.com We are happy to take payments with personal checks and via PayPal. We also offer arrangements for lay-a-way purchases.

Artful Utilitarianism.

6 3/4", 6 1/4", 5 1/2" tall. Purportedly from a country store or bakeshop, these spools with their variegated string (red, yellow, green) intact, and small old scissors still attached, make a wonderful addition to the household. I love them -- and use all manner of string for adding touches to tissue paper-wrapped packages. They are from the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, and I think, a very unusual combination of beautiful and functional. 2 photos.

Price: $138. for 3 - HOLD

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Pair of Rare Candle "Sticks".

2 3/4" dia. bobeches x 5 1/4" to end of steel shanks. I found these yesterday in a shop deep in the countryside of Vermont and have never seen anything like them. They are beautifully crafted of brass, steel with copper rivets, and screw ends. They were meant to shed a small light in a dark spot, perhaps by the hearth. They gleam with age and are handily crafted with fluting on the bobeches and turned edges at the tops of the candleholders. The shaping of the shanks is artful, and the one copper tack holding the handles to the holders is perfection. One of the candle keepers is split to accommodate a larger candle. 19th c. 2 photos.

Price: $125. pair - HOLD

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"Bread" Board/Server.

9 1/4" diameter. What's uncommon about this board is its wonderful, nutty patina, and nice small size -- so useful for serving. They are usually English, and from the turn of the 19th-20th c. 2 photos.

Price: $65.

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Tidy Pull Toy.

5" across x 6" tall. German (?) , 1900. Can't find better condition than this with a little paint flake on the under side of the body, and bottle brush tail intact. This is diminutive , which adds to its charm. 2 photos.

Price: $95.

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Darling Print, Framed.

4 1/4" x 5 1/4", in frame. Over the years, I picked up these sweet prints to hang in small, secret places, so that we would have surprises in unusual spots. Always cheery. This one has a Kate Greenaway feel, and it is probably from the 1920's-1930's. There is a nice little brass ring for hanging. 1 photo.

Price: $18.

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Early Shot Bag.

6.5" x 2" at drawstring. A beautiful example of a militia accessory, this bag is suede on one side -- mellowed to a mustard patina -- and glove leather on the reverse. Sold to me as Revolutionary War period. The elaborate script initials give just a hint of ownership. Grosgrain tie added. Excellent condition. 2 photos.

Price: $125.

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Sponge Custard with Canted Sides.

2" tall x 3.5" diameter. Now, this one I bought about a year ago, and it is an unusual shape, with 7 flat sides. Again, it is so simple and useful. Condition is used (with common crazing) but no major damage. c 1880. 2 photos.

Price: $65.

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Large Sponge Custard Cup.

2 3/4" h x 3.5" diameter. I have owned this since my earliest days in buying antiques, and loved it, for its simple beauty and grace, using it on countless food tables for condiments, etc. It is absolutely authentic, and in used but great condition, with no cracks or big chips. c 1880. 2 photos.

Price: $68.

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Our 1818 Cape in Walpole Village.

We are happily settling into this wonderful house, just a few blocks from our tiny house on Middle Street.

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