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I have been selling antiques for the past 30 years. I have lived in various parts of the country,Maryland,Chicago, Ohio, Virginia and Philadelphia,where my interest and love grew for Americana. I offer 18th and 19th objects with good design textiles, folk art , decorative arts, sewing items and some jewelry. I often look for pieces that are unique and different. I accept credit cards, money orders and checks in good standing. I have a 100% full return policy if returned in same condition as received within 72hours. Customer is responsible for shipping and insurance. I still can be found exhibiting at about 6 major shows a year. I am happy to hear requests for items I may have in my inventory. Just e-mail!

Beaded heart

Heart shaped beaded Iroquois tourist item. N.Y. State. Velvet front & cotton back. Tiny hole on front & small patched area on back. Bead work is in excellent condition. 6”x6”

Price: $78

2024-Jun-24 04:36pm EDT | Tags :

Stone book

Stone book made from a sandstone type material.Have not had one of this material before. 3x3x11/2. Nice in a stack.

Price: $110.

2024-Jun-15 10:25am EDT | Tags :

Hanging rack

Wooden hanging board. 15x7 by 1” thick. Woods are of various colors with bar across for hanging Bar is multiple colors of black.cream, & rust. There is a star in the center of the board. The board is probably made as hanging rack but I like it as a visual. 1930-40

Price: $70.

2024-Apr-28 04:24pm EDT | Tags :

Drain board

Drain board with unusual form. There is an added edging around the board to allow for draining Board is 13x8 . Form at top is 6”.

Price: $195 plus shipping

2024-Apr-16 03:06pm EDT | Tags :

Stone book

Book says Remember Me on Front. Back has a raised carved double leaf . The end says Hope. The back side has an unfortunate chip on the edge. The book has so much going for it that one has to look past chip, 3 1/2 x 2 1/2, Price reflects chip!

Price: $195.

2023-Aug-04 05:02pm EDT | Tags :

Hand STOP sign

Metal Stop sign that is 16” round . The sign is held by a wooden handle that is attached to the tin sign. It is two sided. The tin is rolled at the edge which creates a small boarder on the sign. The sign is painted with black letters.$

Price: $295

2023-Aug-04 04:54pm EDT | Tags :

Child’s cup

Straffordshire child’s cup with transferware.”This is the house that Jack built. This is the Malt that lay in the house that Jack built” Good condition throughout. C1850. 2 1/2x 2 1/2.

Price: $115

2023-Aug-04 03:36pm EDT | Tags :

ABC child’s plate

ABC child’s plate staffordshire. Squirrel eating a nut. Very colorful with leaves & nuts surroundings the squirrel. 6” c1870 no markings. There is a slight edge repair as shown on back that does not show on the front.

Price: $115

2023-Apr-18 01:23pm EDT | Tags :

ABC plate

ABC staffordshire child’s plate. Catch it Carlo when I throw & bring it to me. Ere we go . Stamp on back Elamite & Foster. 6” it is in perfect condition.. 1870

Price: $115

2023-Apr-18 01:15pm EDT | Tags :


Velvet embroidered pincushion. Wool embroidery with wool piping. Backed with brown wool. New England.81/2”x5”x2” deep.

Price: $70

2023-Jan-29 02:26pm EST | Tags :

Tin baby cups

Pair of embossed tin baby cups. Embossed with flowers & hearts. Condition is good.

Price: Pair $55.

2022-Oct-16 10:07am EDT | Tags :

Copper lustre

Three pieces of copper lustre, Cup with blue dots & handle. Handless cup with green sunburst design. Goblet with raised dot pattern. All perfect condition.

Price: Choice $30 each plus shipping.

2022-Sep-16 12:04pm EDT | Tags :

Pa. Fracter

Wonderful baptismal Pa. German Fracture. Sunburst design in center surrounded by 8 circles with related sayings in each circle. There are 2 watercolor floral designs at the bottom, Dated May 4 1835 in what appears to be original framing.. 9 1/2 x 8 1/4. There was a folded paper tucked in back with original translations of each saying in the circles which I have included in the photo.

Price: $$395

2022-Aug-24 01:33pm EDT | Tags :


Two Mennonite pincushions with raised wool yarn flowers. Typical of their work. Excellent condition.

Price: Two for $80 one sold

2022-Aug-24 01:19pm EDT | Tags :

Wine glasses

Two free blown wine glasses . 19thc. Open Pontic. Excellent condition.

Price: $55.

2022-Jul-01 05:41pm EDT | Tags :


19thc American slip decorated dish. 6” across &1 1/2 “ deep. Shows some wear to center.

Price: $98, plus shipping.

2022-Jul-01 05:36pm EDT | Tags :

Crocheted baskey

Little crocheted basket with handles . It is 3”1/2 across the top. Base at the bottom is2” it is probably sailor made. A delightful piece.

Price: $235 free shipping.

2022-Apr-28 02:07pm EDT | Tags :

Spatter plate

A creamware spatter plate with red flower in center. Red & green spatter boarders. 5” 1/2 across. Excellent condition. No chips or cracks.

Price: $135 free shipping.

2022-Apr-15 02:01pm EDT | Tags :

Tramp Art chest

Small tramp Art chest of drawers. There are six drawers on top & one drawer on bottom but imag shows like it is two drawers, Drawers have little brass pulls, All original. It can be hung or can sit on a flat surface. The tramp work speaks for its self. Great! It also has tramp work on the sides. It is 7 1/2 across. 9 1/2” tall . And 2 1/2” deep. All in great condition.

Price: $395 plus shipping.

2022-Feb-26 02:31pm EST | Tags :

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