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We have been dealing in early 18th & 19th century country antiques and folk art since 1989. The major Americana antique shows of the Northeast were a focus for many years. Having retired from the show circuit in 2006, we now concentrate on selling privately and online. We deal primarily in country smalls including painted boxes and bowls, lighting, iron and tinware, and baskets. We look for makers who understood form and function, even when handcrafting rather primitive objects. Our preference is for pieces that please the eye AND perform a function.

A Vintage Pierced Double Socket Candle Lantern

A pierced decorated double candle lantern. The lantern is vintage period dating 1940-1960. The piercing is smooth an indication of wear. It is in very good condition. 18" x 6 A nice and very functional lighting piece. We offer a layaway plan.

Price: $106.00 Free Shipping

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An Antique Hand carved Mortar & Pestle Bittersweet

A nice antique smaller mortar & pestle in the original bittersweet colored paint. Late 19th C., or early 1900's. Traces of the hand carving is seen throughout the mortar and pestle. It is in very good condition. We offer a layaway plan. 5 3/4' H X 41/4" dia; Pestle is 5 1/2"

Price: $130.00 Free Shipping

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Two 19th c., Shaker Window Sill Candle Lights Save

These Shaker half-moon shaped tin candle lights also served as decorative elements in Shaker homes and meeting houses. The simple yet elegant designs of these candle lights reflected the Shakers' commitment to simplicity, utility, and craftsmanship. These two sill lights have a dark patina from oxidation, age and wear. 3 1/2” x 2 1/4”

Price: $106.00 Free Shipping

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RARE 19th c.,Pierced Lantern Double Candle Cups..

A very early 19th c., New Hampshire pierced lantern is in its original condition. The lantern has a second candle cup on the roof for additional lighting options. This style lantern is very desirable and collectible with the roof top candle cup. The pierced design of tin lanterns allowed the candle's light to shine through while protecting the flame from drafts. This design also created intricate patterns of light, adding to the aesthetic appeal. The additional roof top candle socket provided additional illumination. An early untouched New England crafted candle lantern. 12" x 6" diameter. We offer a layaway plan.

Price: $275.00 Free Shipping

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Very Nice New England Maple Bowl in Original Paint

The bowl is quite lovely, a great early lapis blue colored paint. There are signs that it was a working bowl. It is free of damage, only period paint wear. Weill out of round by nearly an inch. We offer a layaway plan. 11" x 10 1/4" x 3".

Price: $175.00 Free Shipping

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19th c., New England 14" Maple Bowl Repair.

A New England, 19th c., bowl in early blue and mustard paint. The bowl has an early rim repair. Bowls were often repaired to keep them functional. The bowl has an etched 1 1/2" rim with a slightly raised bottom. Other than the repair it is sturdy and in good condition. It is out of round by a full inch. 14" x 15" x 4" h. We offer a layaway plan.

Price: $175.00 Free Shipping

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Late 19th c., Candle Sconce Nice Design.

The sconce is a turn of the 19th c., piece. It has a delightful look, hand crimped hood, two vertical creases to strengthen the back plate, a nice strong candle cup with followed over edges. The tin is very strong, the sconce is very sturdy. 10" h x 4" w. We offer a layaway plan.

Price: $110.00 Free Shipping

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An Antique New England Maple Bowl Delightful Green

A delightful maple bowl in the original green paint. The bow dates from the turn of the century to the early 1900's. It is in very good condition, free of structural damage. 11" x 10 1/4" x 3" h. We offer a layaway plan.

Price: $125.00 Free Shipping

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Late 18th c., Early 19th c., Cruise Lamp

An unusual styled early forged iron cruise lamp. It has a handle for transporting. Most of these lamp had a change of sorts for hanging. This lamp was crafted to be sited on flat surfaces, most unique. 5" l x 3 1/4" w. x 4" h. We offer a layaway plan.

Price: SALE $40.00 FS

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