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We have been dealing in early 18th & 19th century country antiques and folk art since 1989. The major Americana antique shows of the Northeast were a focus for many years. Having retired from the show circuit in 2006, we now concentrate on selling privately and online. We deal primarily in country smalls including painted boxes and bowls, lighting, iron and tinware, and baskets. We look for makers who understood form and function, even when handcrafting rather primitive objects. Our preference is for pieces that please the eye AND perform a function.

Early 18th c., Bowet Lantern in Original Green

An early "Bowet," lantern in it's original green paint. In fine condition with a heat crack in the base of one window pane only. It has a pricket candle holder frequently see in the earliest of candle lanterns.. It never had a swing handle. The tin smoke stack is punch decorated with the figure of a woman and butterfly. A most unique early lighting piece. 10" h x 4" square. We off a layaway plan.

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Antique Butter Stamp in Early Apple Green.

A delightful antique butter stamp/print in early apple green paint. The stamp is in good condition, two small tight hairlines on the top near the plunger. These tiny separations are due to the wood shrinking over time. 5 1/2" h x 4" dia.

Price: 59.00 free shipping

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Antique Rare Maple Table Riser- Bittersweet

In what appears to be the original bittersweet paint is this rare country table riser. Table risers where used to present the main dish being served. They could be used in various ways. This riser is clean, with a nice honey patina. 10 3/4" x 10 1/4" out of round. We offer a layaway plan.

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Antique "Make Do," Fluid Driven Lamp

Make do antiques kept important pieces in the country home from being discarded. They were patched up, whatever in order to keep them functional. This beautiful amber glass fluid lamp was fitted with a new cone-shaped tin base and carry handle. It is in great very good condition.9" h x 3 3/4" base. We offer a layaway plan.

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Late 18th Early 19th c., 1/2 Round Lantern.

An early larger half-round tin candle lantern in good antique condition. The lantern, is said to have been an acquisition from the Lee Family of Guilford, Ct. Take note of the three pierced decorated dormer-window shaped smoke vents which are quaint and unusual. The back carrying handle has a decorative curlicue at its base. There are a few small dents, otherwise in good antique condition.16" h x 6" wide. We offer a layaway plan.

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A Fine New England Bowl in Early Blue/White

A rare thin stocked, lathe turned, maple bowl in early blue paint with a 1/2" incised band of white decorating the rim. The bowl is spectacular, clean and in very good condition, now issues. 13" x 12" dia. x 3 1/2" h. We offer a layaway plan.

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An Antique Tin Double Candle Wall Sconce "Hearts"

A late 19th c., tin double candle wall sconce with punch decorated hearts as the center motif. The fence surrounding the two candle sockets is also decorated with tiny hearts. The sconce is in very good condition. 14" h x 8 1/2" w x 3 1/2" deep. A very handsome lighting piece. We offer a layaway plan.

Price: 250.00 Free Shipping

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