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We have been dealing in early 18th & 19th century country antiques and folk art since 1989. The major Americana antique shows of the Northeast were a focus for many years. Having retired from the show circuit in 2006, we now concentrate on selling privately and online. We deal primarily in country smalls including painted boxes and bowls, lighting, iron and tinware, and baskets. We look for makers who understood form and function, even when handcrafting rather primitive objects. Our preference is for pieces that please the eye AND perform a function.

A !9th c., Wide Rim/White Trim, Blue Bowl

This is a larger bowl, with a footed base, 1 1/2" rim. The paint is early showing good wear. The lower part is in a lighter blue, the rim seam is in a white paint and the rim, itself, is in a darker blue. It is very different and an attractive combination. The bowl is clean with no cracks nor damage. 14 1/4" x 14 3/4" x 4" h.

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Rare 19th c., "Kettle," Lamp, Pennsylvania

Happy to offer this somewhat rare and interesting early American lighting piece . I have included a reference photo. This lamp top is trunnion mounted, meaning it swings easily and can be tilted to remove fuel. The central wick support eliminates problems with dripping. The lamp is in excellent antique condition, fully functional. Additional photos are available. 8 1/2" h x 5" dia. base

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Rare, 19th c., Signed J.BURR Pantry Box in Paint

John Burr was a box maker in Hingham MA. He died in 1857. He stamped his boxes J. Burr. He was the son of a Cooper also of Hingham, Ma., named Theophilus Burr. The box is in untouched condition, all original. The paint shows wear from daily use, age, and oxidation. Structurally, the box is in excellent condition, no breaks, splinters, loss wood pins and nail. The brass tacks are found on the finer crafted boxes. These signed Burr Boxes are premium pieces in the market place and for collectors. 6 3/4" dia x 3" h.

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19th C., Signed Firkin/Bucket in Original Paint.

This early period firkin is stamped G. WILDE & SONS, SO. HINGHAM, MAS. on both the lid and bottom. We know that the finest Boxes & Buckets, were crafted in Hingham, Ma. This very different color is original and most delightful. It is on the smaller size, measuring 10" x 9" dia, tapering to a 10" base. A fine, beautifully painted country firkin. It is in very good antique condition, a thin small sliver missing from the bottom of the lid. Additional photos are available.

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19th c., "Star," Ink Pounce, Chrome Yellow

A delightful 19th c., "Star" designed ink pounce/sander in the original chrome yellow paint. The pounce was used to dry ink, early on, when letter writing was done with a quill. A wonderful fine for the collector. 3 1/2"'h x 3 " DIA.

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Circa 1900 Small Wood/Wire Bird Cage Blue Paint

This antique bird cage is in the original robin's egg blue paint. It is untouched and in very good working order. It has a tiny wire handle, on the top, for transporting, a pull out metal tray for cleaning. The front wire door lifts for access to the interior. The previous owner had it hanging on the wall, there is a wire on the reverse side for that purpose. It is a nice decorative piece of folk art. A smaller size measuring 17" x 12" x 9

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19th c., Small "Signed," Measure in Early Paint

This desirable size measure was made by Daniel Craig of Wilton, NH, which appears on the inside bottom. The measure is in an early brick red colored paint. There is a small chip of wood missing from the very bottom of the straight seam, otherwise in very good condition. It measures 7" dia x 4" h.

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Early 19th c.,"Bird Cage," Wine Cellar Candle Lite

A superb and rare 19th century Bird Cage oak base wine cellar candlestick. Fully functional, the candle is adjustable from low to high, there is a hole for hanging. It is a striking early piece of lighting in very good condition. Please view the reference photo of a similar lamp. Additional photos are available. 8 3/4" h x 3 1/2" dia. 83/4" h x 3 1/2" dia.

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RARE 19th c., Shaved Birch Sapling Brush/Broom

From a private Woodstock, Ct., Collection is this 19th c., shaved brush/broom in excellent antique condition. This rare and wonderful piece of country history was made from a birch sapling (a young narrow tree). The lower end of the sapling was splintered upward and similar splinters were cut down from above. The entire broom was crafted from one piece of the birch sapling. Incredible craftsmanship. There is a wood separation in the handle, the shaves are slanted/bent from use. This broom shows wear, it was not used on floors, likely for care of table surfaces. A collector's piece. 14" in length. Additional photos are available.

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Late 19th c., Game Board in Apple Green Paint.

This is a striking American game board in very good condition. Picture frame style moldings surrounds the board. The surface shows some wear, however, it had a coat of shellack, over the years, which has mostly worn away from use., It did, however, protected the surface over the years. It is bold in color and a nice size measuring 14" x 14". Additional photos are available.

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Best !9th c., Piece Decorated Pendant Lantern

Don't miss out on this very nice Pierced decorated pendant candle lantern in black paint. The lantern has one small bump on the bottom rim. The candle socket is cleated through the bottom. 15" h x 5" dia Additional photos are available. Price: 149.00 Free Shipping

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Early 19th c., Hand Hewed Maple Trencher in Paint

An exceptional, New England, solid maple trencher, in what started out in a soft blue paint. Throughout the years, from daily wear, the tones of the blue paint have changed, from daily wiping and oxidation. A totally honest and original early trencher. It has an expected and commonly seen wood separation on one end. The trencher is clean and functional. 20" l x 10" w x 3 3/4" h. Additional pictures are available.

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Rare 1820 Pick Wick & 1840 Double Whale Oil Lamp

Offering these two early American lighting pieces together. The fruit wood pick wick would fit into the slot on the tube of the whale oil lamps to raise or adjust the wicks. The pick wick with a small separation on the base of the top. The double whale oil tin lamp has a small dent on the bowl and later solder on the base. Two nice early lighting pieces. Lamp is 7" x 4" dia. Pick is 2 1/2" h added to the whale oi

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