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Hello and welcome to "Suz Prim & Simple" where I strive to offer you the best in Early American country / primitive antiques, attic and painted surface treen, folk art, textiles, stoneware, Colonial olds and vintage goods. I collect what I love and will only sell what I know to be true. I started dragging old stuff out of my grandparents attic some 44 years ago and have never stopped the hunt for that next amazing piece !! I'm now selling my brick and morter shop inventory and parts of my personal collection. Call or contact me by email ( with your requests.... I prefer PayPal but will accept a check or money order. Prices do not include shipping. I hold auctions on my Facebook site of the same name "Suz Prim & Simple" and use it as a discussion forum as well....please stop in for a visit.

1808 Leather 'Mini' Bible in Wallpaper Sleeve

This hand tooled leather German bible is dtd. 1808 and is in absolutely amazing condition. Bibles this size (4 3/4" X 2 3/4" X 1 3/8") are getting very hard to find and this is the first I've ever found with a wallpaper sleeve !! There are no breaks or seperation at the spine, no pages missing, no tears and has a brass snap closure. The sleeve is early 19C wallpaper (vine, leaves on a turquoise background) over cardboard and is in very good condition with age appropriate wear, no tears. Please ask for more pictures if you want a different view than I show..

Price: 210.00 + shipping

2019-Jan-31 05:50pm EST | Tags :

Life Size Hand Carved Canadian Goose Decoy

This handsome guy will slide into any Prim or Country decor and is out of my collection. His life sized self measures 32" in length X 11 1/ 2" X 11" wide. Hand carved in exquisite detail, painted and signed by Mike Valley, Prairie Du Chien, WI., it is one of the first he ever carved. While it did have the approprite weights for use on the water I see no sign of that being the case (the leather strap that held them is still present... my guess is that they were cut away many years ago so he could sit flat on a solid surface). His turned head is pegged to his graceful neck and he is solid wood. Please ask for more pictures if you would like further detail.

Price: 510.00 + shipping

2019-Jan-31 05:27pm EST | Tags : Decoy

19th C Old Blue Wooden Bowl

This is a wonderful Bowl from my collection, out of round at 11 1/2" X 12 1/2" diameter. The color is very strong and worn in all the right places, totally appropriate for the age, but it is in really great condition !! I've been hoarding old paint / painted bowls for a long time, this one is a dandy !!!!

Price: $325 + shipping

2019-Jan-31 04:08pm EST | Tags : Woodenware

Fine Antique 19th C. Lollipop Butter Stamp

This handcarved early 19C butter stamp is in a herringbone cut 'snowflake' pattern. I believe it is made of Maple and measures 7 1/2" long in total. The out of round top is 4" X 3 1/2" approx.. Deeply carved it is worn quite appropriately with a beautiful patina, one piece construction ... everyone needs a 'lollipop' in their butter stamp collection.

Price: 425.00 + shipping

2019-Jan-31 02:54pm EST | Tags : Woodenware

Miniature Enamel Micro Mosaic Picture Frame

Offered from my collection a Miniature Micro Mosaic picture frame with easel back incised ITALY. Measuring 3 1/2" X 2" it is perfect and missing no pieces. These frames were created in the very early 20th C and due to the intricate workmanship and no longer made. They fit those tiny pictures you get for your kids photos perfectly !!

Price: $210 free shipping

2018-Aug-07 04:40pm EDT | Tags : General

Bentwood Oak Burnt Ash Carrier / Box / Storage

Offering quite an unusual find....this utilitarian primitive was used to haul / store / burnt ashes from the hearth to be used for many other purposes (nothing wasted...perhaps lye soap ?). One solid oak piece is bent around into an oval shape (one seam) and cut nails hold the base into position. The base is cracked but very solid. The handles make this prim, hand made piece one of a kind !! It looks great filled with pine cones on the hearth. 4" X 11" X 13 1/2"

Price: $125 + shipping

2018-Aug-06 01:49pm EDT | Tags : Hearth

1940 Tall Cobalt Lincoln Drape Oil Lamp

I am offering an amazing, MINT antique 1940 tall Aladdin Lincoln Drape Oil Lamp in deep blue cobalt blue. The burner, cap, etc are all original to the era of the lamp as is the chimney and shade, there is no reason why it wouldn't work, wick turns. If you are a seasoned collector of Aladdin lamps the technical differences between old and new are evident. Victor Johnson formed the Mantle Lamp Co. in Chicago in 1908 after getting rights to sell a German kerosene mantle burner. Johnson introduced his improved Aladdin lamp in 1909. The "Tall Lincoln Drape" Aladdin lamp, No. B-76, was made from 1940 to 1949. It has a plain stem and a 12-sided base. The embossed circle on top of the base can be plain or scalloped. About 30% of cobalt blue Tall Lincoln Drape lamps have scallops, like this lamp. This dates the lamp close to 1940. Although the shade is period, I can't swear that it was original to the lamp. The colors are vibrant and pure, the lamp is very rare.

Price: $1200 + shipping

2018-Aug-03 02:25pm EDT | Tags : Lighting

Sampler Dated 1861 w/ Birds, Urns and Floral Motif

An original 1861 Sampler w/ many colors... several birds and many beautiful flowers across a white background. It is framed in an antique maple frame at least 75 years ago. There are threads that have worn away many, many years ago so study the picture carefully. The colors are really strong which is hard to find in an 160 year old stitch !!

Price: $215 + shipping

2018-Jun-20 05:21pm EDT | Tags : Samplers

18th C Pedestal plate Red Paint

This is a prim you don't want to's a pedestal size not often seen. Totally hand created and original red paint. It measures 12 1/2" diameter X 4" high dating from the 18th Century. You can see the age crack but it doesn't go through the pedestal to the other side and it is still solid. Stone fruit not included but you can imagine your own displayed !! This is a piece that any primitive collector must have in their home. You won't find another....

Price: $725 shipping is free

2018-Jun-17 06:02pm EDT | Tags :

Amazing Red Hand Carved, painted HUGE trencher

This is a primitive for your Farmers's huge (37 1/2" long) and in amazingly primitive condition. Original red paint on the outside of a hand carved trencher with a very, very old tin repair with hand cut nails. It's one of a kind and absolutely right, worn in all the right places. It's perfect at Christmas for a centerpiece and all holidays...items shown in the picture are not included. Fill it with pinecones in the have so many options. It was carved out in the late 17th, early 18th century ... so knead some dough if you wish. The options are endless !!

Price: $325 + shipping

2018-Jun-17 08:30am EDT | Tags : Woodenware

Early Cubby Hole Crate / Shelf

This large turn-of-the-20th-century crate is perfect shelving display for your smalls. It is hand made of solid wood using 1" thick boards, old and all original large rusty nailed construction. Cubby holes are the popular primitive way to show off your small treasures !! I have used it for my nutmeg grater collection in my kitchen and it was perfect !! The pictures will give you a better idea of aesthetics, dimensions are 5" X 13.25" X 28". The cubbies themselves are of different sizes as it is primitively hand made but the largest are approx. 5" X 5".

Price: $145.00 + shipping

2018-Mar-17 02:06pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware

Early Handmade Wooden Berry Basket

This is a great small basket used for collecting small produce, handmade w/ double bands at the top, cross bands and slats, wooden bottom all attached with hand cut brads. 7" diameter at the top, 5 1/2" at the bottom, 5 1/2" tall. Minor band / slat breakage as would be expected .... it's solid and displays beautifully with stone fruit / berries (that's what I used it for).

Price: $65.00 + shipping

2017-Sep-11 12:07pm EDT | Tags :

Early Iron Smelting Pot and Ladle

Great very early footed iron pot marked '6' and ladle. The handle is attached to the pot with a beautiful curled design. These were used to smelt lead, gold, silver, etc. The surface of both pieces have rust but it is easily removed if you wish.... I'll leave that to the next owner.

Price: $65.00 + shipping

2017-Sep-11 10:15am EDT | Tags : Hearth

Very Rare Express 'Fly Swatter' Eggbeater

Turn of the century and very rare ... collectors call this one the fly swatter egg beater because of its paddle or sweep action with a rotary crank. It is 11 1/2 inches long with a small wooden knob handle. On the underside of the fulcrum bar it reads only "PATENTED". It works beautifully!

Price: SOLD thankyou !!

2017-Aug-31 02:43pm EDT | Tags : Kitchen

18th C Hand Forged Chopper w/ Heart

This is a hand forged kitchen tool created over 250 years ago, probably for a loved one w/ the cut heart in the body. The handle is worn but amazingly still attached. Measuring 11" long X 6" wide this is one of a kind, no like the mass produced ones out of Sweden, this one is American made Primitive !!

Price: SOLD thankyou

2017-Aug-28 11:29am EDT | Tags : Kitchen

Hand Carved Springerle

A great early hand carved pine springerle with flowers, sail boat, kitty, prim gentleman, ugly bug, pineapple, frog, prim home and a document with writing I can't read and more....but this is an unusual one !!

Price: SOLD Thankyou !!

2017-Aug-28 10:54am EDT | Tags : Woodenware

19th C Taconic Gathering Basket in Red/White Paint

A superb 19th C Taconic Gathering Basket in original red and white paint. 13" dia. X 8" top of basket X 13" top of handle. Also know as 'Bushwacker Baskets' this one sports an ancient wire repair on the bottom. Purchased from Berry Earzin at Fox Valley Shows, Maine. The two toned paint is rare !!

Price: $ 450.00 + shipping

2017-Aug-09 11:23am EDT | Tags : Baskets

Pair of 18th C Walnut Candle Sticks Holders

In original attic surface I offer this pair of 18th C candle sticks. The surface shows what you would expect of original varnish bubbling and candle wax which I have left alone. The stick is pegged to the base....a really great example of early lighting.

Price: $180.00 + shipping

2017-Mar-20 03:44pm EDT | Tags : Lighting

18th C Wooden Finger Lap Bucket

In original and amazing condition this great bucket / keg measures 9 1/2" tall. It has finger lapped bands around a staved body with lid...solid and tight. All original...

Price: SOLD thankyou

2017-Mar-20 03:05pm EDT | Tags : Woodenware

1904 Brass Western Electric Candlestick Telephone

329W brass Western Electric candlestick telephone...patent applied for dated Sept. 13, 1904 (earliest date for Western Electric and most desirable). Brass and bakelite parts are in excellent and original condition.

Price: 285.00 SALE $210.00 + shipping

2017-Mar-07 12:19pm EST | Tags : General

1864 "Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary"

Offering a HUGE (8 1/2" X 11") book, leather bound with hundreds of original photogravures. Translated from the original French of the Abbe Orsini by Mrs. J. Sadlier. There is some spotting and minor binding wear but truely in very good condition. There are other translations but this is the first edition and original translation.

Price: 150.00 + shipping

2017-Mar-07 11:38am EST | Tags : Books

Primitive Pine Cutlery Tray

This is a truly primitive hand carved cutlery tray with traces of the original green paint. Square nail construction with later nails added to reinforce. These are great for displaying smalls and seasonal decorations !!

Price: $65 + shipping

2017-Mar-03 01:15pm EST | Tags : Woodenware

Cupid at Rest & Cupid Waiting 1890 Photos

Original photo shop prints of the same little girl that did Parkinsons Cupid Awake and Asleep, these are each 5 X 7 prints, matted and assembled into an antique frame. These are not the often found Awake and Asleep although they are the same girl who posed for them....these are not often found, especially in such wonderful condition.

Price: $155 + shipping

2017-Mar-03 01:07pm EST | Tags : Photos/Prints

Extra Large Primitive Rolling Pin

Measuring 4" in diameter X 28" long this amazing handmade primitive is made of solid walnut and rolls freely on an iron rod running through the handles. There are the normal minor splits in the wood you expect from a 'needful' 200 years old.

Price: $95 + shipping

2017-Mar-03 12:48pm EST | Tags : Kitchen

19th C Burned and Chip Carved Square Plate

This is an amazing example of burned chip carving featuring grape leaves (carved through) and incised grapes. The base is attached with extremely hard to see cut nails, the sides appear to be one piece under magnification. 10" square at the top X 6 1/2" at the base. I purchased this many years ago on Ruby Lane's site.

Price: $225 SALE $175.00 + shipping

2017-Mar-03 09:51am EST | Tags : Woodenware

19th C Hand Carved Cutlery Tray w/ Heart

This piece is really beautiful walnut hand carved cutlery tray, all square nailed w/ an amazing finish. This would have been made for someone from money, the wood is like silk, wonderfully constructed. 9 1/4" X 15 1/2" X 9 1/2" high

Price: SOLD thankyou

2017-Mar-02 10:48am EST | Tags : Woodenware

Dated 1758 Painted Table Chopping Box

This is a fantastic chopping box that has all the bells and whistles! The box is early, 18th century, dated 1758 on the inside and outside lid. It has fabulous old if not original paint decoration. The base paint is a wonderful red and the decoration is done in black and yellow/mustard. The table box also has wonderful early construction. This includes four turned feet, four iron corner guards with tulip shapes, hand dovetailing, wooden pegs, hand wrought iron nails, and all original hardware that includes a heart escutcheon. On the inside of the box is a handled blade that was used for chopping. The box is a wonderful size that wood fit on a table measuring 13” long, 17” long to handle, 10 ¾” wide and 6 ½” tall. A fantastic early piece!

Price: $699.99 SALE $610.00 + shipping

2017-Mar-02 08:10am EST | Tags : Woodenware

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