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Civil; War "Pick Up Sticks" Game

Civil War "Pick Up Sticks" games. Wood carved, pine. In beautiful treen box. Measures 5"h

Price: $125

2018-Aug-28 08:07pm EDT | Tags : Pine Treen Game

Leather Wallet

Signed and dated hand-tooled leather wallet with closure and paper linings. Julius Brace & May, 1834. Measures 7 1/2" x 5 3/4"

Price: $95

2018-Aug-28 07:57pm EDT | Tags : Wallet Signed Dated

Medicine Bottles in Leather Case

19th C Medicine Bottles in case, each one marked individually. Measures 4 1/2"h x 4 3/4"w x 2"d

Price: $75

2018-Aug-28 07:50pm EDT | Tags : Apothecary glass leather

Wooden Bowl

Small out of round wooden bowl. Well worn and used but good dry surface. shows much use. Measures 8" x 8 1/2"

Price: $125

2018-Aug-28 05:12pm EDT | Tags : wooden bowl out-of-round


Handmade Lion with sewn nose and mouth, blue button eyes with fur mane and tip of his tail. Metal supports in legs. Measures 15"l x 10"h

Price: $275

2018-Aug-28 02:00pm EDT | Tags : Fur Blue eyes stuffed

Red Wall Box

Marked "1841" on the Red Wallbox. Dovetailed construction, chamfered sides on lid. Curved heart shape on top with hole for hanging. Measures 6 3/4"h x 6 1/2"d x 5"w

Price: $250

2018-Aug-28 01:56pm EDT | Tags : Heart shape Red paint "1841"

Dome-top Blue Trunk

Circa 1800 dome-top mid size wooden trunk in dark blue paint. Original hardware consisting of a handle on each side, hinges, and hasp (no key). Inside top is the remains of a paper label about sheep. Measures 21 1/2"w x 13"d x 13"h.

Price: $495

2018-Aug-07 09:05pm EDT | Tags : Mid-size dark blue original hardware

Early Yellow Cradle

This maple cradle is painted yellow and from the late 1700's. All hand wrought nails, dovetailed and on shoefeet, this is a rare fine. Use in decorating, holding logs, magazines, dolls, or a live baby....38"l x 18"w x 18"h

Price: $495

2018-Aug-07 05:51pm EDT | Tags : Yellow shoefoot dovetailed

Rooster Chair Seat

Early Hooked chair seat worked on burlap in the ever-popular Red Rooster motif with a deep black round border. Overall background is gray allowing the colorful Rooster to stand out to be noticed. Approximately 17" diameter and in wonderful condition with a few missed stitched near the back of his head.

Price: $75

2018-Jul-17 10:22am EDT | Tags : Hooked rug Rooster

Framed Quilt Squares

We have only 3 remaining Log Cabin quilt squares, C 1900, in red, black, white, etc. cotton. All hand stitched backed in plain white cotton. They measure about 9" and framed they are about 11 1/2" square. The frames are acrylic and have backings which will accept a nail or a small hook. All 3 for $150.

Price: $60

2018-Jul-17 10:18am EDT | Tags : Log Cabin squares

Miniature Western Saddle

Made in Mexico for the tourist trade in the 1940's, with exquisite hand-tooled details and all leather stitching as well. Finished off with decorative metal fasteners. The topmost knob of the pommel is missing but still raised and ready for an addition if wanted. Bottom of saddle is a soft cloth material in dark brown. Measures6"l x 3 1/2"h x 11"w to stirrups when outstretched.

Price: $275

2018-Jul-17 10:10am EDT | Tags : Mexican leather 1940s

Jointed Man Doll on Replica Chair

Vintage 12" Wooden Man Doll, jointed at elbows, hips, and knees. Litho face on paper, he could be dressed in any fashion. He rests on a replica Shaker-style ladderback chair measuring 11"h x 4 1/2"w. Two pieces sold together.

Price: $95

2018-Jul-14 08:24pm EDT | Tags : Jointed Man Doll Replica Chair

Miniature Buttocks Basket

Early and very well executed mini buttocks basket. Accurate in all the details, tightly woven with wooden frame and handle. Measures a mere 4"w x 3"d x 3 1/4"h at handle. Appears in very good overall color with no breaks or damage.

Price: $250

2018-Jul-08 09:56am EDT | Tags : buttocks basket tightly woven miniature

Crib Quilt

A Patriotic Red, White, and Blue crib quilt in all cotton fabric with cotton filling, machine stitched and crisp, clean, and vibrant colors. Dimensions of 54" x 42" lend themselves to a wall hanging, luncheon cloth, or a throw in addition to its original vintage use. Backing shows in photo where (5) 3" squares of additional fabric in dark blue print are attached in case of needed repairs. (one star needs the blue fabric)

Price: $195.00

2018-Jun-30 08:06am EDT | Tags : 100% cotton 12 Stars patriotic

Stick Spatterware Bowl

Stick Spatterware bowl, in a bright and typical design of this period. Marked, Made in Belgium. 10 1/2"d

Price: $85

2018-Jun-06 02:56am EDT | Tags : ceramic bowl Floral

Ale Warmer

English 1780's copper cone shaped Ale warmer with handle and spout. Notice the copper tack attaching handle to cone. Measures 9 1/2"h x 5"d

Price: $195

2018-May-25 03:32pm EDT | Tags : copper ale warmer English

Trinity College Platter

Small octagonal floral platter from Cambridge, England. Marked on front, "Trinity Coll.". Marked on back, "Kitchen Dept. Trinity College, Cambridge". Measures 10" x 7".

Price: $95

2018-May-25 10:03am EDT | Tags : Cambridge University Trinity College England

Toy Folding Lawn Chairs

Early 20th C pair of folding pale yellow lawn chairs. This is the time of year to get those dolls, teddy bears or other toys outside. 10 1/4"h x 7"w x 6"d

Price: $95

2018-Apr-25 01:53pm EDT | Tags : Toy Painted folding chair

Fraternity Pledge Symbol

A symbol of the International Mechanical Engineer Honor Society, origin 1915. This wrench dates to mid century. Created by a pledge to Pi Tau Sigma in wood painted black. required to be carried throughout his pledge time. The three core values of this honor society are integrity, service & leadership. 26"l x 5"w x 1"h

Price: $275

2018-Apr-25 01:27pm EDT | Tags : Symbols Fraternity Mechanical Engineerilng

Hooked Rose Footstool

Whimsical hooked rug footstool with original surfaces on painted legs.The vibrant image of the rose on a light background covers the oval shape. New England origin. 12 1/2"l x 9 1/2"w x 4"h

Price: $95

2018-Apr-25 10:33am EDT | Tags : Footstools Hooked rug Floral

Terrier with Tartan

Vintage Terrier with glass eyes and his very own Tartan. A small charmer of a toy to love. Measures 3"h x 3 1/2" w

Price: $98

2018-Apr-20 11:55am EDT | Tags : toy terrier Animal

Brown Bear

Schuco brown bear, fully articulated and charming. Such a lovable vintage toy. Measures 2 1/2"h

Price: $58

2018-Apr-20 05:14am EDT | Tags : Toy Bear Animal

Early Wind-Up Dog

This fuzzy dog still has its key allowing it to move its parts. Fur is brown and tan decked out with a ribbon collar: black eyes and nose, whitish fur mouth area. This dog is a charmer. 5"l x 4 1/2"h

Price: $75

2018-Mar-31 04:18am EDT | Tags : Animal Toy Dog

Jointed Teddy

Fuzzy, jointed Teddy Bear with glass eyes and sewn-on mouth and nose. The cutest turned down ears ever. Bear is vintage and measures 3 1/2"h

Price: $75

2018-Mar-31 04:07am EDT | Tags : Teddy Bear Animal Toy

Hubley Kitten

White with black, this seated cat has a bright red painted collar, painted black eyes, eyelashes, nose, mouth, and whiskers: you can tell this kitty is mischievous and may pounce at a moment's notice. 2"h x 1 3/4"l

Price: $85

2018-Mar-31 01:27am EDT | Tags : Hubley Cat Animal

Mallard Squeak Toy

What a find in this condition given the age and purpose. This toy no longer squeaks, but the squeak box moves and the bottom reveals information including "1898". He retains a good bounce in his spring and his coloring is right with a bit of paint loss on his beak. Lots of play left in this jaunty fellow. 4"l x 3 1/2"h

Price: $95

2018-Mar-31 01:23am EDT | Tags : Duck Toy Bird

Hubley Cat

Hubley painted black on white painted cat in the lying position. Black painted eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers and spots. Circa 1900-1940. 2 3/4"l x 1 1/2"h

Price: $85

2018-Mar-31 01:14am EDT | Tags : Hubley Cat Animal

Rooster with Wagon

Metal lithographed rooster pulling a blue wagon shaped like an egg with wheels. Good remaining colors. Mid Century. Most likely a toy which would have held candy. 8"l x 3"w

Price: $125

2018-Mar-11 05:36pm EDT | Tags : Rooster Toy

Handmade Velvet Bird

The sweetest, smallest early handmade stuffed bird with black eyes. Most likely used in sewing. Rust colored velvet on underbelly and wings over the tan velvet body. 4"l x 2"h.

Price: $150

2018-Mar-11 02:58pm EDT | Tags : Bird Animal Toy

Steiff Duck

"Fuzzy" this 20th C Steiff duck is complete with his tag and button. His wings are upright, felt feet firmly planted under him. His eyes are shiny black and his beak is orange felt. His composition is wool and cotton. He stands tall at 4 3/4" tall

Price: $95

2018-Mar-11 11:33am EDT | Tags : Duck Toy

Framed Comic Strip Characters

Framed Comic Strip Characters - Maggie and Jiggs wooden toy cutout figures from the comic strip, "Bringing Up Father" introduced in 1913 in comic strip form and later became a radio show and entire books. These painted figures are newly mounted and framed. Expected age is 1930-40 when these characters were most popular. 20 3/4"l x 12"h

Price: $350

2018-Mar-11 07:47am EDT | Tags : Art

Indian Doll and Papoose

Navaho woman with child deaccessioned from a Maine museum. Good details. Actual hair, decorative beaded necklace, and original clothing. 8 1/4"h

Price: $95

2018-Mar-09 11:54am EST | Tags : Deaccessioned Museum Doll Navaho Indian

"BUDDY" Framed Dog Painting

Folk Art oil on board of brown and black "Favorite Buddy" with the oversized floppy ears. Oval Mat and Vintage frame. Measures 11" x 9 1/2" Ready to hang.

Price: $225

2018-Feb-19 05:15pm EST | Tags : Painting Art Dog

Eye Dazzler

Prairie Point design on this dazzling table topper from the Midwest, 1920-1930. All handmade in fine condition and with feed sack backing. 27" x 20"

Price: $295

2018-Feb-16 02:43pm EST | Tags :

Folk Art Man with Shovel

Dated 1946 and signed G.G.,StromFors, this carved and painted man has character in his 4 1/2"h frame

Price: $75

2018-Feb-16 08:08am EST | Tags : Sculpture Folk Art

Wooden Rooster

Carved and painted wooden rooster on stand in crackled finish. No markings. A great design to complement your chicken collection or display in a kitchen. 7"h x 7"w

Price: $150

2018-Feb-16 02:53am EST | Tags : Animal Kitchen Rooster

Soft Bunny

This plush soft bunny has stiff ears, glass eyes and black sewn nose and mouth. Tan and brown velvet hand stitched body; is this the one and only Velveteen Rabbit? 6 1/2"l x 8 1/4"h to tip of his ear.

Price: $125

2018-Jan-10 07:48pm EST | Tags : Stuffed Animal Toy Folk Art

Architectural Design Element

Timeless design element is metal with some remaining paint, this design has been mounted into a heavy plaster stand . Great look as is, or use without stand. 8 3/4"h x 4"w

Price: $125

2017-Nov-03 04:12am EDT | Tags : Architectural

Black Rag Doll

Early 1900s Mammy doll, handmade and hand stitched. Happy eyes and mouth, intricately hand stitched close-cropped hair. She is dressed for her work in a cotton dress with red stitching on her white scarf. Matching red stitching is on her well worn apron. Her outfit is complete with her black felt shoes. 20"h x 18"w

Price: $250

2017-Oct-24 06:40am EDT | Tags : Cloth Doll

Bird Jamb on New Wooden Stand

Rare and beautiful 18th Century jamb hook with a delicate bird form and a scroll finial. A close-up of the bird will show the smoothest finish and a tiny circle for each eye. The creator was certainly an iron artistan. Believed to be of Pennsylvania origin. New base of old wood. 9"h x 9"w

Price: $395

2017-Oct-23 12:06pm EDT | Tags : Bird

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