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Halliday House is in beautiful Napa Valley. We would love to show you around our "Barn" - call or email us for an appointment. info@hallidayhouse.com We’ve been buying Folk Art, Americana, Furniture and Home Décor for many, many years and are dedicated to offering unique and beautiful items. Sign up for our mailing list to get special notices and discounts on our events. We accept personal checks, money orders, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and Paypal. Items are shipped upon deposit of funds. Napa, California sales tax is 7.75%. We understand it’s difficult to buy merely from descriptions and pictures online. Just ask and we will answer all of your questions and send you as many pictures as you need. To make things simple purchase policy is: customers may return items in the same condition as shipped within 7 DAYS of delivery for a full refund less cost of shipping, handling & insurance. No questions asked! Find more items on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hallidayhouse/ BE SURE TO VISIT US AT WWW.HALLIDAYHOUSE.COM

Black Crow

Black crow carved and painted. Marked B.B.D, Back Bay Decoys, C. 1950s and mounted on suitable piece of driftwood. 11"w x 5"d x 9 1/2"h

Price: $275

2017-Nov-03 10:45am EDT | Tags :

Miniature Bathing Beauties

This set of early 1900s bathing beauties in miniature makes them even more rare. Since they are entirely bisque, they do not often retain all their parts including paint which these do. When one has a bathing cap, it is even more collectible. Standing one is 4"h, lounging ones are 3" each. Sold as a set.

Price: $550

2017-Nov-03 10:36am EDT | Tags :

Bull Throwing Trophy

Turn of the Century prestigous trophy presented to the best public speaker in a competition. Made of iron and colored green, impresssed on front spells out "Southplant Champion Bull Throwing". USA. 8"w x 7"h

Price: $495

2017-Nov-03 10:29am EDT | Tags :

Architectural Design

Metal with some remaining paint, this design has been mounted into a heavy plaster stand . Great look as is, or use without stand. 8 3/4"h x 4"w

Price: $125

2017-Nov-03 07:12am EDT | Tags :

Black Rag Doll

Early 1900s Mammy doll, handmade and hand stitched. Happy eyes and mouth, intricately hand stitched close-cropped hair. She is dressed for her work in a cotton dress with red stitching on her white scarf. Matching red stitching is on her well worn apron. Her outfit is complete with her black felt shoes. 20"h x 18"w

Price: $250

2017-Oct-24 12:40pm EDT | Tags :

Elegant Creole Doll

Early 1900s doll stuffed and covered in treated heavy cloth. She has light brown wool hair and stitched facial features. Half-moon eyes in two colors, eyebrows, nose and red mouth with paint added to her mouth. Dressed in a sun faded long sleeved, long dress with a ribbon at her waist, she has a petticoat with lace as well. She stands tall at 20"h and is very slender and elegant.

Price: $450.

2017-Oct-24 12:33pm EDT | Tags :

Vintage Sock Doll

Button eyes, stitched nose, mouth and teeth. She has arms but no legs as was common in these dolls. Her dress is worn almost to shreds in this fine and delicate fabric with matching hat. She has a lovely blue scarf as well. 12"h

Price: $95

2017-Oct-24 12:18pm EDT | Tags :

Tea Cozy

Well worn face and arms on this extra soft and comfy tea cozy with the sweetest face ever. This cozy will keep the tea warm for a long time since it is so thick and warm. She measures 7"h x 11" in diameter

Price: $125

2017-Oct-24 12:03pm EDT | Tags :

Black Boy Doll

Hard to find a doll such as this. He is well dressed in his felt suit and hat with detailing. His body is cloth; he stands 12 1/2" tall. His hair is thread and his big eyes are stitched as well as his nose and mouth. To finish off his dapper look, he has felt shoes.

Price: $175

2017-Oct-24 11:19am EDT | Tags :

Bird Jamb on New Wooden Stand

Rare and beautiful 18th Century jamb hook with a delicate bird form and scroll finial. Probably Pennsylvania origin. New base of old wood. 9"h x 9"w

Price: $395

2017-Oct-24 09:06am EDT | Tags :

Collection of Pewter Whale Oil Lamps

5 Unique New England Lamps: L to R: -Small 4 1/2"h finger hold lamp, early 1800s -Large 10"h early 1800s double wick lamp -Large 10"h single wick whale oil lamp, early 1800s -8 1/2"h simple design double wick lamp, early 1800s -Small 6 3/4"h very early pewter oil lamp in elegant design $95. each or $425. for the lot

Price: $95

2017-Oct-24 05:26am EDT | Tags :

Hanscom Tin Spice Box

General Store tin spice box with glass window on top and top opening. Hanscom printed on top. 8"l x 5 1/2""w x4"h

Price: $95

2017-Oct-06 04:49am EDT | Tags :

Pumpkin Painted Cutlery Tray

Just in time for the fall decorating season, this pumpkin painted tray with canted sides from 1900 is ready to purchase. Well shaped cutout for handle 12"l x 8"w x 3"h

Price: $195

2017-Oct-05 05:21am EDT | Tags :

Markdown household wooden boxes

These household wooden dry measures, pantry boxes (oval or round), some decorated and some not, but all special. Smallest 4"l x 2 1/2"w 2 finger box, largest would be the dry measure at 11 1/4"diameter x 7"h. Your choice at $75. EACH.

Price: $75

2017-Sep-24 12:52pm EDT | Tags :

Pocket Flask

Early 19th C hand stitched leather covered glass pocket flask with cutout for viewing contents. Screw on metal stopper and drinking cup. This is rare. 5 1/2"l x 3"w

Price: $295

2017-Sep-18 12:29pm EDT | Tags :

Cudahy Metal Sign

Good graphics on this metal sign stabilized by the addition of wood on reverse. Cudahy Packing Co, started 1887 as Armour Cudahy in Omaha: High Point in their history was the 1920s, then dismantled in the 1950s. 18"h x 13"w

Price: $350

2017-Sep-18 09:52am EDT | Tags :

SOLD Metal Sign

Vintage two sided SOLD metal sign in bright orange letters and outline with a black background. 15 1/2"l x 5 3/4"h

Price: $125

2017-Sep-18 09:46am EDT | Tags :

Doll Rocking Chair

Folky doll rocker painted cream over green, special woven seat. Very good condition, 10" rocker, 5"h to seat, 12"h to back

Price: $195

2017-Aug-27 09:58am EDT | Tags :

Inlaid Whimsy

Early and totally inlaid (interior and exterior) whimsy with two rings. 5"h x 3"w

Price: $195

2017-Aug-24 10:33am EDT | Tags :

Noah's Ark

C 1850-1870, sometimes called "Sunday Toy", since it was considered special enough to play on Sundays. Wooden design with lithograph doors and windows, many pairs of animals. 17 1/2"l x 5"w x 9"h

Price: $750

2017-Aug-24 10:31am EDT | Tags :

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