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Candlewick Coverlet

Pretty much a lost art, candlewicking is very labor intensive but the results are uncommonly lovely. Off white cotton coverlet with fringe on three sides. Useful as a coverlet or as a donor for framing sections, pillow covering, etc. Condition is very good. 108" x 78"

Price: $95.00 Less discount of 21% til 4/21

2021-Apr-13 05:15pm EDT | Tags : SALE Cotton Coverlet

"Braided Rugs" Sign

Trade sign for Braided Rugs, 1920's - 30's. Double sided sign with truly great colors and bold lettering on wood. Measures 24"w x 12"h

Price: $495.00. less 21% discount until 4/21

2021-Apr-13 05:15pm EDT | Tags : SALE Trade Sign

Wall Shelf

Late 19th C more formal dark wood set of two shelves with rams horns sides, and a brace for hanging. This is a "go anywhere" shelf with lots of character. The drama is in the sides. Measures 18"w x 12"h x 7"d

Price: $495.00. less 21% discount until 4/21

2021-Apr-13 05:15pm EDT | Tags : SALE Rams horns shelf Figural Horns

Antique Beer Bottle

Handmade Stoneware Bottle used for beer in the mid 1800s. Stamped "Keily", this bottle is heavy and presumed to hold 1/2 - 1 pint of beer. Light gray in color and with a dimpled texture. Due to the thickness of this bottle; once it was cooled down it would stay cool awhile. Origin is believed to be in the Albany, NY area. 10 1/2"h

Price: $195.00 - Take 21% off price until April 21

2021-Apr-11 01:37pm EDT | Tags : SALE Handmade Beer Bottle Stoneware

Vintage Watercolor

This unsigned vintage watercolor is a still life of a green bowl in muted shades of calmness. The newer frame is wood with a metalic shade covering a beaded opening to show a wide beveled mat. The overall effect is serene. 12" x 10".

Price: $175.00. SALE Take 21% discount until 4/21/21

2021-Apr-08 05:37pm EDT | Tags : SALE Still Life Watercolor

Peacock Hotel Signs

Pair of signs or shutters in green painted wood, "Residential, lunches, suppers" printed in yellow. Ready for standing or hanging. New England origin, 1800's. Note: One shutter has legible tho muted yellow printing whereas the other is very difficult to read. 36"l x 12"w x 1 1/2"d

Price: $750.00 SALE: 21% discount until 4/21/21

2021-Apr-08 05:15pm EDT | Tags : SALE 1800's hotel signs

Pointing Finger Sign

Pointing Finger Trade Sign, 1890 - 1910. Original painted finish in three colors and in good condition. New York State or New England origin. This piece is wood and has some weight. Measures 30"w x 12 1/2"h x 1 3/4"d

Price: $1,250.00. less 21% till 4/21/21

2021-Apr-01 04:48pm EDT | Tags : SALE Trade Sign Folk Art Sign

Child's rubber boots

Early 1900s small-size children's rubber boots in black rubber with added red rim-topped band complete with many running rabbits. Such a fun addition to a utilitarian object. Some wear but much life left in them. 6"l x 2+"w x 9"h

Price: $98.00 Less 21% till 4/21/21

2021-Apr-01 04:34pm EDT | Tags :

Handmade Lion

Handmade Lion toy with stitched nose and mouth creating an expressive face, round blue button eyes, fur mane and a fur tip of his tail. His body is covered in tan wool-like fabric. Metal supports in legs. Measures 15"l x 10"h

Price: $175.00 Less 21% until April 21, 2021

2021-Apr-01 04:17pm EDT | Tags : SALE Handmade animal toy folky toy

Early Tole Tray

Black background with painting of 2 uniformed soldiers with their weapons, named halberds or Middle Ages spears with axes. All sides decorated with flowers and leaves. Surface shows wear. 15" x 10 1/2"

Price: $195.00 - Take 21% off price until April 21

2021-Mar-31 04:36pm EDT | Tags : SALE Small tole tray Middle Ages Depicted

Lord's Prayer Gourd

This is a piece of Folk Art on a gourd with a carved wooden arrow through the top. It has the prayer written around the gourd in black with some misspellings. Signed D.L.Morgan. 1944 From Lebanon, OH 12"h x 6 1/2"w.

Price: $195.00 - Take 21% off this price until April 21

2021-Mar-30 04:39pm EDT | Tags : SALE Unique Prayer Piece Decorated Gourd

Small Hanging Cabinet

19th C. American miniature cabinet with five graduated drawers (top two drawers have dividers), crown molding, nicely carved skirt and contrasting wooden knobs. Lots of interior space for special items. Measuring 16 1/2"h x 10 1/2"w x 6"d

Price: $795.00 - take 21% off this price until April 21

2021-Mar-30 04:27pm EDT | Tags : SALE Two Tone Wooden Cabinet

Portable Checkerboard

Early New England origin hand made checkerboard which can fold in half for easy carrying. Very well made and painted red and black with a bit of a red square missing. Varnished back including the hinges and early screws. Measures 9"l x 9"w. ******21% OFF until April 21******

Price: SOLD

2021-Mar-27 10:47am EDT | Tags : Sale Traveling Checkerboard

Boy and Girl Dolls

Pair of folk art dolls, handmade by anonymous in the 1940's. Carved torso, 2 straight arms and 2 straight legs that are attached with screws to the torso, so they are articulated. Even fingers are separated on hands. Painted with shoes, body, and facial features in original paint. Clothing very primitive and worn. Chairs are sold separately. 12 1/2"h x 4 1/2"w ******************21% OFF until April 21******************

Price: $175 pair - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-27 10:39am EDT | Tags : SALE Primitive handmade dolls Wooden carved dolls

Gold Rush Memorabilia

Solid wood scale case with metal attachments. The case is in excellent condition with the smoothest patina ever. Interior has carved spaces for the scale, the weights, and the scale stand. The weighmaster would take this setup out to the mines to weigh the metal. Included is a set of brass weights. 15"l x 4 1/2"w ******************21% OFF until April 21******************

Price: $195 set - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-26 07:32pm EDT | Tags : Scale Case plus 5 weights Set of 5 weights

18th C Primitive Wallbox

New England 18th C wallbox created from one piece of wood for the back (6 sides). A hole at the top of the back allows for hanging, although this box is flat for standing on a surface as well. Box has a sloping front for writing and the interior is divided in two. Leather hinges attach front piece with rosehead nails; all still intact. Butt joints, all original paint, and old replaced bottom. Measures 14"l x 7"w x 16 1/2"h. ******************21% OFF until April 21******************

Price: $450 take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-26 04:27pm EDT | Tags : SALE Rustic Wallbox 18th C New England Wallbox

Folk Art Scull

Brightly painted scull with oars, two oarsmen mechanically moving their boat. The number 2 is painted on both sides. Great paint and super colors, detailing and design. An old, but not original wooden stand. 18"l x 9"h x 15"w ******************21% OFF until April 21******************

Price: $850.00 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-23 04:30pm EDT | Tags : SALE Unique folk art piece colorful scull

American Eagle

One could almost expect this eagle to take flight! Signed by Al Klein and dated from the 1970's, this beautifully carved and brightly painted majestic "king of the skies" piece of folk art came from a private collection in Vermont. 58"l x 23"h x 13"d

Price: $2,700 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-20 06:32am EDT | Tags : SALE ART

Homestead Watercolor

Early signed (EBW) scene of a home, and a barn, set off by a low stone wall, chickens in the yard and the water beyond. The colors are still fine and this paper art would make a fine presence in your home. Frame appears to be from the 1920's, embossed gold and the mat is brown. 12"l x 7"h

Price: $95.00 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-20 06:30am EDT | Tags : SALE ART

Pair of Merganser Decoys

Pair of Miniature Merganser decoys by Charlie Hunt. Signed Elma, NY. Measure 6 3/4"l x 2 1/2"w and 6 1/2"l x 2 1/2"w.

Price: $85.00 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-20 06:15am EDT | Tags : SALE signed mini duck decoys

Circus Poster

Founded in 1937 by Obert Miller as a dog and pony show; his son created a circus which has been going on for 4 generations. Now turning more into a circus source of extinct animals. New frame. 34"l x 12"h

Price: $175.00 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-19 05:25pm EDT | Tags : SALE ART

WW1 Houseboat

Early 1900's handmade wooden houseboat with original alligatored paint finish in blue, green, red and cream combine to give this houseboat wonderful eye appeal. Glass windows with curtains, painted doors, outdoor decks, lift-top roof. Interior has some embellishments such as wallpaper and linoleum floor. Notice the V for Victory WW1 sign with an eagle in one window. As found in New York State. 19"l x 7"h x 6 1/2"w

Price: $950.00 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-19 05:00pm EDT | Tags : Folk art boat SALE

Souvenir Tray

Early souvenir tray from Castle Crags, in Northern California near Mt. Shasta. Wild and beautifully painted tray with woven sides ending in braids. 18" x 12" x 1 1/2"

Price: $195.00 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-19 12:20pm EDT | Tags : SALE Painted tray

"The Kiss" Carving

American retired jeweler, H.S. Ortman, created this 1966 wood sculpture "The Kiss". The figures are sensuously sculpted and set on rectangular base of mixed woods. Signed and dated on bottom. Measures 7" w x 11" h x 4 1/2" d

Price: $550.00 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-18 05:40pm EDT | Tags : Mid century carving SALE

Cordovan Red Pantry Box

Mid 1800's Red Pantry Box. Sturdy and in a great color. Terrific condition considering age. Measures 8 1/2"d x 3 5/8"h

Price: $250.00 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-18 05:20pm EDT | Tags : Home Decor SALE

Leather Document Box

This rare mini dome top (1780-1800) document box is covered in exquisite hand tooled leather and topped by a brass handle. Much of the lock and key are lost to us. The interior is lined with a finely designed paper and a stay to keep the top erect. 6"l x 4"w x 3 1/2"h

Price: $550.00 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-18 05:19pm EDT | Tags : Late 18thC leather box SALE

Pencil Sketch (Great Expectations)

This pencil sketch tells a story that is so clear and beautifully executed by Mary Hallock in 1866, that you feel as tho you are right there. She titled it "Great Expectations" which she created in Newburgh, N.Y. A label on the back gives you all the information. Very well preserved and framed in figured maple, this is a treasure. 8 1/4"l x 11 1/2"h

Price: $295.00 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-17 01:46pm EDT | Tags : ART sale

Tole Document Box

19th Century Tole Document box with a domed lid. All original paint, brass handle and hand-wrought latch. Considerable paint loss through usage. 9 1/2"l x 7"w x 6"h.

Price: $195.00 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-17 01:39pm EDT | Tags : Hand painted tin box SALE

White Knife Box

What a knife Box! Carry all, with deep canted sides, carved cutouts and delightful handle. There is a lot going on with this single cutlery tray. All in natural wood exterior and white paint on the interior. Great for a decorative table centerpiece. Measures 13 1/2"l x 9"w x 4"h.

Price: $125.00 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-16 07:17pm EDT | Tags : SALE Wooden cutlery tray

Salmon Painted Framed Mirror

Funky old gold over salmon painted wide wooden frame with a newer mirror. Measures: 18" x 16".

Price: $135.00

2021-Mar-16 07:10pm EDT | Tags : SALE MIRROR

Three Ring Braided Table Topper

Brightly colored braided rug or table runner in a three ring design. Hard to tell which side is up since both are desirable and a bit different coloring. 66" x 28"

Price: $250 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Mar-16 07:02pm EDT | Tags : two sided runner SALE

George Washington Commemorative Towel

Oral history of this textile commomerates the centennial of George Washington's election as president. It reads: "The Independence of the United States dedicated July 4, 1776 Washington elected president of the Federal Union, March 1789 E Pluribus Unum". Note: Since the words are white on white and difficult to read, it can be done in person. 38"l x 19"w

Price: $75.00

2021-Mar-15 01:31pm EDT | Tags : SALE KITCHEN

Golden Eagle

This is truly a stunning piece. It's meaning today honored more than ever. Carved Bellamy-style Ship's Eagle. Circa 1880s; Maine origin. Gold paint over walnut wood. 31"l x 5 1/2"h x 4 1/2"d

Price: $500.00

2021-Mar-13 06:38pm EST | Tags : SALE ART

Framed Fabric Needlework

Signed, dated, and then framed needlework with fine detailing visable in the close up photo. Dark period frame 11"l x10 3/4"w. Guess on the date as 1863 during the Civil War. Wood backing on frame is stenciled, "Willet Hicks, Trenton, NJ". In fine condition considering age.

Price: $195.

2021-Feb-19 07:15pm EST | Tags : SALE ART

Early Wooden Doll

Early 1800's wooden carved and painted folk art doll with limbs that can be rearranged for play in several positions. She has painted clothing, hair and facial features. 12"h

Price: $395.

2021-Feb-19 07:05pm EST | Tags : Painted Doll SALE

Rabbit Cookie Cutter

Unusually large cookie cutter in aged tin. No handle, but holes in back for removal. Measures approximately 8"l x 5"w

Price: 85 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Feb-19 05:12pm EST | Tags : SALE KITCHEN

Miniature Buttocks Basket

Early Miniature Buttocks Basket, tightly woven and with a small wooden handle. Rich colored aging to weave. Accurate in its proportion and details. 4"l x 3"w x 3 1/4"h at handle.

Price: $250 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Feb-16 02:51pm EST | Tags : SALE 1800s mini basket

Pair of Full Bodied Silhouettes

19th C cut and paste form, dark gray paper, extensive use of color embellishments in ink and gouache. Both are seated on red period chairs, in contrast to the vibrant colors of the formal garments. Textural use of black ink with impressive attention to detail make this pair a beautiful and fascinating find. Both silhouettes have been remounted onto paper with mat and are presented in early frames and glass. Minor condition issues but none so great as to detract from this pairing. Framed measurements 9"l x 10 1/2h

Price: $1,750 - take 21% off this price now until April 21

2021-Feb-15 05:33pm EST | Tags : SALE ART

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