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Peter Hunt Pantry Box

Signed and dated pantry box. Well known Cape Cod artist in the early 20th Century. Peter Hunt's decorative pieces are collected throughout the country. He took ordinary items and with his artistic flourishes, he made them extraordinary. His words "I remember last night with a lot of yearning. AD 45 OVINCE" (1945) Measures 7 1/2"d

Price: 650.00. less 25%-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : Artist signed Decorated Pantry box

Portable Desk (FORGET ME NOT)

Portable desk in old red paint with just a touch of green and white trim. Inscribed inside in pencil, "Hannah M. Littlefield"….written May the 21, 1880 in the morning at 10 o'clock…."Forget me not though far away". Interior holds secret compartments, an ink well, and hand written materials. A collector's dream of a folk art item. 12"w x 5"h at front; 12"w x 6 1/2"h at rear.

Price: 495.00. less 25-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : Forget me not though far away Outfitted lap desk

French Heart Finial

Early metal heart symbol displayed inverted on marble stand. 19th C. clean, crisp, and sharp. 12"h x 3"w.

Price: 175.00. Less 25-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : Early French Heart finial

Sterling Pin Dish

Hearts, and flowers surround a plain surface, this sterling pin dish has three ball feet. Reticulated and unpolished in its fine patina. Measures 3 1/2" x 3"

Price: 95.00. less 25-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : fancy pin dish sterling heart dish

Oval Framed Red Rose

Symbol of love, this Victorian frame surrounds the hooked single bright red rose. An antique wool hooked piece of a red rose recently framed in a Victorian frame is covered by glass. The lone rose has varying red colors surrounded by the abundant leaves. Glass leaves a glare on the photos. 13 1/2" x 11 1/2"

Price: 150.00. less 25-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : Victorian Rose Hooked Rose Red Rose

Ribbon Winder

This delicate ribbon winder with small heart cutout has the most lucious patina ever. Someone must have created this object for a loved one. Mid to late 1800s, it is now possible to be viewed upright with this new stand. 2"l x 4 1/2"h

Price: 275.00. less 25-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : Heart object Patinated heart

Butter Stamp

19th C Treen butter stamp created with love in the form of a center heart and six surrounding stars, outlined by chip carving. Well worn patina. 4" Diameter x 7/8"d

Price: 395.00 less 25-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : Heart/stars Heart Stamp

Fork with Brass Heart

Why would the maker of this very functional piece of cookware in the 1700's create a fork with a brass heart on the front of it for all to see? Perhaps the fellow was in love??? 18th Century long handled iron hearth cooking fork with applied brass heart and a functional circle loop at top for hanging. Lancaster, PA origin. 18 1/2"l

Price: 750.00 less 25-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : Brass heart on fork 1700s hearth fork

Double Saltbox

Early 19th C hand carved and worked double saltbox with heart - all created from one block of wood. Amazing folk art! This may have been used for salt, however now a super spot for keys left inside the door or ??? Can hang or stand on its own. 7 1/2"h x 6"w

Price: 395.00 less 25-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : Hand Carved from single piece of wood Heart open box

Walnut Wallbox

All original walnut wallbox. Elaborately carved combination of geometric and free form designs. Canted front making a roomy box for storing things or plants. C 1870. 25"h x 11 1/2"w x 6"d

Price: 250.00 less 25-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : 1800s wallbox Heart cutout on wallbox

Tramp Art Wallbox

Late 1800s early 1900s tramp art wallbox with all the bells and whistles. Mirrors, large pocket at bottom to hold items, dark mustard paint, heart and other shapes and embellishments applied in the usual tramp art design. This dark mustard paint is the latest after green over white. 33"h x 13 1/2"w

Price: SOLD

Decorative Iron Jamb

Late 18th C - early 19th C wrought iron jamb created to hold lighting, cooking implements, etc. This one was created with extensive decorative details such as a central heart surrounded by lovely scroll work. New base made from old wood for display purposes. 8"h x 9"deep.

Price: 295.00 less 25-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : Heart iron jamb Scroll work jamb

Brass Heart Spatula

1800s hand wrought twist handle attached to a brass spatula with heart cutout and incised decorations on one side of the spatula. Lancaster, PA origin. 13 1/2"l

Price: 450.00 less 25-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : Iron/brass spatula Cutout heart on brass

Iron Heart Chopper

Early 19th C chopper with PA origin. A wooden handle shaped for the hand is connected to the blade with brass. The iron blade has a beautifully, fully formed heart cutout. Stunning. 10 1/2" x 5"

Price: SOLD

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : Food Chopper w/ heart wooden handle chopper

Maple Handled Chopper

This 19th C fancy chopper with the wooden handle has a brass connector to the iron chopper blade. What makes this even fancier is the heart cutout and the blade shaped edges. 11"l x 6"w

Price: SOLD

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : Fancy Food Chopper Curved chopper blade

Hand Wrought Spatula

Early 19th C elegant one-piece wrought iron spatula with a heart cutout and a lovely delicate long handle ending in a loop for hanging. 14 1/2"l

Price: 450.00 less 25-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : One-piece spatula Wrought iron spatula

Rectangular Heart Cookie Cutter

Unusual heart inside a crimped sided diamond shape and backed by a rectangular piece holding the handle. Late 1800s early tin made. 4" x 3"

Price: 150.00 each or both for $250.00 less 25-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : Heart Cookie Cutter Tin made Heart cutter

Heart Cookie Cutter

19th C tin cookie cutter in the heart shape with fancy crimped outline and easy to use handle. Backing is also a heart shape with holes in the shape of a 5-pointed star. 3" x 3"

Price: 150.00 each or both for $250.00 less 25-30% discount

2021-Jan-07 05:00pm EST | Tags : Perfect Heart tin Tin made Cutter

"The Kiss" Carving

American retired jeweler, H.S. Ortman, created this 1966 wood sculpture "The Kiss". The figures are sensuously sculpted and set on rectangular base of mixed woods. Signed and dated on bottom. Measures 7" w x 11" h x 4 1/2" d

Price: 550.00 less 25-30% discount

2020-Dec-31 01:44pm EST | Tags : Ortman Carving Signed/dated carving

Heart Shaped Iron Trivit

Early 1800s unusually small heart shaped iron trivit on three legs. Hand forged and in fine condition. Measures 6" x 3 3/4"

Price: 195.00 less 25-30% discount

2020-Dec-02 05:23pm EST | Tags : Hand forged trivit Heart top trivit

Pair of Kissing Birds

Early pair of Pennsylvania kissing birds gaily painted and decorated on chalk. They are set upon what appears to be a tree stump. Expected wear and some loss of paint. Underneath is written a capital E in pencil. Such a romantic gift. 4"l x 1 1/4"w x 2 1/2"h

Price: 250.00 less 25-30% discount

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