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Five Copper Measures

Assembled set of 5 copper measuring pitchers in graduated sizes. American C.1830. No matter how you place them; they are stunning to see. 8"h,6"h,5"h,3 3/4"h,2 3/4"h

Price: 375.00 SALE PRICE NOW. $187.50

2021-Jul-28 04:46pm EDT | Tags : Copper pitchers

Inlaid Whimsy

Early and totally inlaid (interior and exterior) whimsy with two rings. Shaped like an urn on a stand, the design is unique in my experience. Contrasting colors in the woods makes for added interest. 5"h x 3"w

Price: 195.00 SALE PRICE NOW: $97.50

2021-Jul-26 12:19pm EDT | Tags :

Chair in Bottle

Folk art ladderback chair in glass bottle with interesting wooden stopper. Label inside reads, "R.C.Axton Elk City Oklahoma Queen of the West" Such a unique work of art. How do they do it??? Measures 8"h

Price: 95.00 SALE PRICE NOW: $47.50

2021-Jul-25 05:23pm EDT | Tags :

Indian Doll with Papoose

Navaho woman with child deaccessioned from a Maine museum. Original clothing and beads. Some loss of hair on woman. Good details. 8 1/4"h

Price: 55.00. SALE PRICE NOW. $27.50

2021-Jul-25 04:30pm EDT | Tags : Navaho Doll

Carved Puffin

A very pleasing and rather primitive carving of a Puffin. Puffin has been painted a dark green with some wear with the exception of his face which is natural color. His legs stand on an applied stand It is hard to see the eyes and beak in the photo but they are impressed. The obvious beak protrudes from the head. 6 1/2" H

Price: 85.00 SALE PRICE IS: $42.50

2021-Jul-23 07:46pm EDT | Tags : Carved and painted puffin A sweet wood figurine

Fiddler and his Dog

Folk art figure of a youth with his dog at rapt attention. Set on a 5" x 5" base, the figures are made of composition and cloth. Dog's coat even appears to be fur (though not). Youth has all handmade clothing. A charming piece. 8"h

Price: 450.00. SALE PRICE IS: $225.00

2021-Jul-17 10:53pm EDT | Tags : Youth with Dog

Sally Patchin Basket

Sally Patchin, (1874-1958), of Patchinville, Steuben County, NY, started a cottage industry of folk painting on baskets. Her baskets are widely acclaimed for their delicate beauty. This one with a handle and two side lift tops has been painted on each of the four sides and the two lift tops. This is a real pleasure to see and own. 9"l x 5 1/2"w x 7 1/2"h

Price: 165.00. SALE PRICE IS $82.50

2021-Jul-14 01:58pm EDT | Tags : Unique painted basket Provenance doc

5 Copper Measures

Assembled set of 5 copper measuring pitchers in graduated sizes. American C.1830. No matter how you place them; they are stunning to see. 8"h,6"h,5"h,3 3/4"h,2 3/4"h

Price: 375.00 SALE PRICE IS $187.50

2021-Jul-14 01:49pm EDT | Tags : Copper Measures Graduated size measures

Treen Piece

This treen piece has an unusual design. Two piece treen with a decorative top knot. Top unscrews and inside is a bottle with what had been gold paint, 2 small brushes, and instructions for use. Outside wood round is the label,"Hirshberg, Hollander & Co", etc. 5 1/2"h x 2"d

Price: 95.00. Sale Price is $47.50

2021-Jul-08 12:40pm EDT | Tags : 2 piece treen Marked treen

Footstool Charmer

Mortise and tenon construction on this very early small footstool with good splay to legs. 10 1/2"w x 5 1/2"d x 7"h

Price: $125.00. SALE PRICE IS $62.50

2021-Jun-03 02:13pm EDT | Tags : Rectangular footstool Early dark wood stool

Tri-Fold Shaving Mirror

Antique tri-fold shaving mirror with beveled glass, William Morris inspired pattern on the backs. Beautiful wood frame with metal hardware. 26 1/2" x 10 1/2"h

Price: $175.00. SALE PRICE IS $87.50

2021-Jun-03 02:10pm EDT | Tags :

English Oak Desktop

Early 1700's English dark oak desktop with relief carving of oak leaves on desk front. Interior outfitted with 3 drawers under a lift-top. An original butterfly hinge and an old replacement hinge attach the writing top to the top. There is an early old glued break on the top. Original lock, but no key. Wear and tear condition considering the age of this piece. 25 1/2"l x 17 1/4"d x 10 1/2"h.

Price: 1,250.00. SALE PRICE IS. $625.00

2021-May-29 11:09pm EDT | Tags :

Firkin with Handle and Lid

We have a wooden firkin with handle and lid, staves, wooden bands attached with tacks. Mushroom pegs hold the handle to the body of the firkin. There are traces of old paint. Impressed on the top of the lid is, "Marlboro, NH". Solid and sturdy, measures 10"d x 14"h

Price: 285.00. SALE PRICE IS. $142.50

2021-May-29 11:02pm EDT | Tags : Marlboro NH Marked Firkin

Bicycle Wheel Lamp

Your opportunity to own this quirky and unique bike wheel attached to a telescoping tripod., Seven individual lights are ativated by an on-line switch. 24" wheel which can be raised to 58"

Price: $450.00 SALE PRICE IS. $225.00

2021-May-15 02:27pm EDT | Tags : Quirky Lamp Telescoping lamp

Firemark Foundry Mold

Suggestive of a late 1700's firemark. In very early paint, the eagle is prominent in black on a white oval background. A well formed wooden foundry model for metal firemarks which were displayed on buildings to indicate they were to be saved from fires. Measures 11 1/2" x 8"

Price: $350.00 SALE PRICE IS $175.00

2021-Apr-28 05:00pm EDT | Tags : Eagle Firemark Oval painted Eagle Late 18th C carving

Young Gentleman's Portrait

Framed portrait of a handsome young gentleman, well dressed in clothing of the early 1800's. He is seated with a book on a straight chair, what appears to be a dark drape behind him. Early 1800's lemon gold wooden frame and rust colored linen matting. Excellent condition for its age. 7 1/4" x 6 1/4"

Price: $375.00 SALE PRICE IS $187.50

2021-Apr-26 01:20pm EDT | Tags : Small portrait

Kodak Promo

Early promotional piece for Eastman Kodak titled "Do I want A Camera" campaign. This shows an unsophisticated 4 different scenerios of times when a Kodak was needed. Turn of the 20th C sketches of vignettes. Wonderful glimpse of one of America's leading companies in Rochester, NY. 13" x 12"

Price: $175.00. SALE PRICE IS. $87.50

2021-Apr-26 11:45am EDT | Tags : Advertising Eastman Kodak

Miniature Chest of Drawers

This well-developed late 1800s design on the mixed wood miniature dresser is in original finish. One over two on three levels creating interest, as well as the curved backsplash. As found in New Hampshire and with a minor glue repair….marbleized paper drawer linings. Great for desk top items, a jewelry box, etc. 9"w x 5 3/4"d x 9"h

Price: $245.00. SALE PRICE IS. $122.50

2021-Apr-25 04:09pm EDT | Tags : Doll Dresser Mini Chest

Summer cover/tablecloth

A magnificant white on white tablecloth or summer coverlet with scalloped edges all around. Newly laundered it would fit over a large table or bed with some drop. Would need bedskirt for King bed. 180" x 88"

Price: $95.00 SALE PRICE IS $47.50

2021-Apr-14 04:30pm EDT | Tags : White on White linen

Boy and Girl Dolls

Pair of folk art dolls, handmade by anonymous in the 1940's. Carved torso, 2 straight arms and 2 straight legs that are attached with screws to the torso, so they are articulated. Even fingers are separated on hands. Painted with shoes, body, and facial features in original paint. Clothing very primitive and worn. Chairs are sold separately. 12 1/2"h x 4 1/2"w

Price: $175 pair SALE PRICE IS. $87.50 pair

2021-Mar-27 10:39am EDT | Tags :

18th C Primitive Wallbox

New England 18th C wallbox created from one piece of wood for the back (6 sides). A hole at the top of the back allows for hanging, although this box is flat for standing on a surface as well. Box has a sloping front for writing and the interior is divided in two. Leather hinges attach front piece with rosehead nails; all still intact. Butt joints, all original paint, and old replaced bottom. Measures 14"l x 7"w x 16 1/2"h.

Price: $450.00 SALE PRICE IS. $225.00

2021-Mar-26 04:27pm EDT | Tags : 18th C New England Wallbox

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