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Having been dealers for decades, we are fortunate to have a wide and varied inventory of Early American furniture, decorative accessories and folk art. We will be adding a few items at a time from now until spring. After which we will have a full page ongoing. Please check and question or comment. Always eager to hear from you. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer unless "FREE SHIPPING" is indicated for a particular item. Happy to pack and ship to save our customers on this end. Returns are sometimes necessary. If that should occur, return in the same condition as sent within 5 days, and you will receive a full refund except for your return shipping expenses.

Triangle Pin Cushion

A heavy buggy seat upholstery fabric pin cushion made by the Amish hand. Made in the shape of a flattened triangle many years ago. 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 6 1/2"

Price: $50.00

2022-May-18 04:36pm EDT | Tags : Upholstery Pin Cushion

Star Pin Cushion

19th C Reversible pin cushion in the six pointed star design. One side has a red and black wool cover and the reverse is yellow and green cotton. Summer/winter? 6"l

Price: HOLD

2022-May-18 04:19pm EDT | Tags :

Signed 19th C Pin Cushion

Large pin cushion from the North Shore of Long Island, New York. There is a small paper table identifying the maker as Rachel Hart. This is the largest pin cushion of this design that we have ever had. Had been red, white, and blue cotton cording sewn together to create this pin cushion, then tied with a fringe on each end. 16"l

Price: HOLD

2022-May-18 04:11pm EDT | Tags : Pin cushion signed

Three Little Bears

A set of three tiny bears, two of which are articulated and one is a free standing fellow. Each has a different color of fur and all have glass eyes. The articulated bears are made by Schucco. Standing bear is 2 3/4"h

Price: $75.00 FREE SHIPPING

2022-May-13 02:09pm EDT | Tags : Toy tiny bears

Toy Terrier

This charming toy terrier has glass eyes, felt ears that stick up, a healthy coat of black and natural colored fur and to top it all off; his very own tartan. 3 1/2" x 3".

Price: $68.00 FREE SHIPPING

2022-May-13 02:01pm EDT | Tags : Tartan Terrier

Lone Star Box

The tiny box that packs a PUNCH. Only 2" long, this beautifully patinated slide top box also is decorated with a star on one end and vertical lines on the other. Slide top works well and comes entirely off.

Price: $95.00 FREE SHIPPING

2022-May-13 01:50pm EDT | Tags : 2" box Star Box

Animals on Stand

A green stand supports a majestic horse along with a three-dog group of dogs of different breeds; all carved and painted. The dogs are distinctively carved to replicate their breed. Early 1900's, Pennsylvania origin and unsigned. Animals designed well and to scale with each other. Green felt underlines the wooden stand. 9 1/2"l x 8"h

Price: SALE PRICE: $165.00

2022-May-03 02:32pm EDT | Tags :

Workman in Overalls

Early 1900's American carved and painted workman is a handsome piece of folk art. Midwestern origin, 1920's. Carved wood and painted. All orginal, including clothing and his broom. Unsigned. Measures 17"h x 7"w

Price: SALE PRICE: $295.00

2022-May-03 02:25pm EDT | Tags :

Pewter Beverage Stopper

Vintage single-pour pewter beverage stopper with a cork bottom stopper and a beautifully designed urn-like top which has an attached lid. Measures 3 1/2" x 1 1/2"

Price: $75.00. FREE SHIPPING

2022-Apr-30 01:41pm EDT | Tags : Pewter Barwear Barwear

Duck Squeak Toy

1898 written in pencil on botton, this toy is in very good condition with the exception of the missing squeak. He still has a good bounce in his spring, his wooden stand still compresses and his coloring is good with some paint loss on his beak. Lots of play left in this charming fellow at 4"w x 3 1/2"h.

Price: $95.00. FREE SHIPPING

2022-Apr-30 01:31pm EDT | Tags : 19th C Toy

Painted Birch Bark Wallbox

An interesting artifact from long ago. Definitely handmade with rounded sides of birch bark attached to the wooden back with square nails. Leather strap hinges hold the wooden lift-top to the top and the bottom, also wood, has been nailed to the back. Bottom of wallbox has been stamped with the letters " O M S. 10"h x 8"w x 7"d

Price: $275.00

2022-Apr-30 12:46pm EDT | Tags : Birchbark wallbox handmade box

Fair Store Sign

Metal advertising sign from Des Moines, Iowa. Circa 1950, The Fair Store was founded in 1874 in Chicago as a discount retailer. This sheet metal sign retains much original paint and strong graphics. The Fair Store chain of stores was sold to Montgomery Ward in 1957. 30" x 30"

Price: $750.00

2022-Apr-21 05:41pm EDT | Tags : Bold Advertising Red Signage

House by River Painting

This early oil painting depicts a serene landscape with a large home next to the river where the cows roam freely. Trees line the river where you can see a couple of water fowl swimming. The blue sky meets the river giving the whole scene one of tranquility in the blues of the water and the greens of the trees and other foliage. Condition shows some wear. The wooden frame has been painted black. All appears to be original. Measures 26 1/2"l x 10 1/2"w x 1"d

Price: $150.00

2022-Apr-09 01:40pm EDT | Tags : Primitive Oil Painting Black framed oil painting

Decorative Iron Jamb

Late 18th C - early 19th C wrought iron jamb created to hold lighting, cooking implements, etc. This one was created with extensive decorative details such as a central heart surrounded by lovely scroll work. New base made from old wood for display purposes. 8"h x 9"deep.

Price: SALE PRICE: $175.00

2022-Apr-09 01:06pm EDT | Tags : Hearth cooking jamb Early jamb

Victorian Carriage Lap Robe

A lighter weight lap robe for the carriage rider, this one has 36 different squares on one side and a cotton print lining in dark blue and mustard colors. All handmade where the lining doubles as the framing on the front. 36" x 36"

Price: $95.00

2022-Apr-06 07:34pm EDT | Tags : Colorful lap robe

Square Bottom Basket

Well Designed and well made two tone basket from the Northeast U.S. One color is mustard and the other a faded red. Expected wear for the age. The bottom is square and the top is round measuring 11" x 11" x 6"

Price: $125.00

2022-Mar-15 01:38pm EDT | Tags : Basket Colored Basket

Crib Quilt

Lancaster County, PA crib quilt, all handstitched in yellows and reds with calico backing. Expected fading but still vibrant. 35" x 32".

Price: $175.00

2022-Mar-13 07:49pm EDT | Tags : Lancaster Co PA crib quilt

Set English Tea dishes

Early 1800s unmarked set for 2 of 6 pieces total: cups, saucers, cake plates. Lovely pastoral scene depicting a rural lifestyle. UK origin, fine condition. Cake plate 8 1/2" diameter.

Price: $125.00 set

2022-Mar-08 02:37pm EST | Tags : 6 UK Tea Dishes Matched set of cow dishes

Inlaid Whimsey

Early and totally inlaid (interior, exterior and bottom) whimsy with two rings. An excellent example of fine woodworking. Fine condition 5"h x 3"w

Price: $95.00

2022-Feb-24 06:38pm EST | Tags : Woodworking masterpiece

Distlefink Painting

Pennsylvania Folk Art Bird painting under glass on board or artist board. Late 19th C. Classic PA Dutch Distelfink is the more common term for a bird with this form. The scene is simple though n elegant with the lone bird perched on a branch. Appears to be the original wood frame as well. Measures 9 1/2"w x 11 1/2"h

Price: $650.00

2022-Feb-20 07:17pm EST | Tags : Framed Folk Art Bird

Painted Spoon Rack

Early 1800s wooden spoon rack in black paint over blue. Spoon holder on top meant to hang spoons, with shelf below to store others. Can hung or stand on flat surface. Ex Harding Collection, Hancock, NH. 16"w x 10 1/4"h x 3 1/2"d

Price: $450.00

2022-Feb-20 06:54pm EST | Tags : Spoon Rack with shelf Harding Collection spoon rack

Charter Oak Acorn Bank

Very early carved wood acorn shaped bank on stand. Top slot for folded bills or coins has a small chip on it. Natural wood color with red painted decorations and words. Written on one side of the bank is, " Charter Oak Bank". On the other side is the word, "Minnie". Both sides have slender strokes of red paint along with a red stripe around the diameter. A small screw will allow the bank to be opened. 7 1/4"h x 3 1/4"diameter.

Price: $240.00

2022-Feb-19 05:56pm EST | Tags : Wooden Acorn Bank Minnie's Bank

Painted Redware Bowl

Early red ware bowl already prepared for hanging. A talented painter created a full scene centered on the delicate bird in the center of the bottom and surrounded by flowers and leaves covering the rim and dropping over onto the sides of the bowl. Very good condition. Measures: 8 5/8"diameter x 2 1/2"deep.

Price: $140.00

2022-Feb-19 05:42pm EST | Tags : Artistic Redware Bowl Bowl to hang or stand

Heritage Footstool

Painted footstool with a family history. With only a palette of 15"l x 6"w x 6 1/2"h on which to paint, the artist included 2 hearts on side skirts, and a tree of life on top flanked by 2 willow trees. Red striping follows the outline of the skirts and along the half-moon cutouts on sides. Five pieces of wood attached with square nails complete this delicate piece. Oral history origin is Middletown, CT.

Price: $350.00

2022-Feb-19 05:30pm EST | Tags : Painted Family Footstool Love Token Footstool

Miniature Buttocks Basket

Early Northeast U.S. miniature buttocks basket it excellent condition and accurate in all the details of a large buttocks basket. This one measures 3 1/4"h at top of handle, 3"l x 4"w

Price: $160.00

2022-Feb-18 08:00pm EST | Tags : Bentwood handle Tightly woven basket

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