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We are fortunate to have a wide and varied inventory of Early American furniture, decorative accessories and folk art. We will be adding a few items at a time. Please check and question or comment. Always eager to hear from you. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer unless "FREE SHIPPING" is indicated for a particular item. Happy to pack and ship to save our customers on this end. Returns are sometimes necessary. If that should occur, return in the same condition as sent within 5 days, and you will receive a full refund except for your return shipping expenses.

Decorated Document Box

Very early box with early hasp and lock mechanism, (no key). Grain painted sides and bottom; each of these 5 sides painted differently. Top is beautifully decorated with various flowers and leaves. Original brass handle and square nails throughout. Interior has a red wash on top and bottom. *Shows wear and tear commensurate with age. 16"w x 10"d x 5 1/2"h

Price: $325.00

2023-Jan-29 01:38pm EST | Tags :

Heart Shaped Double Salt Box

19th C hand carved and worked double saltbox with heart - all created from one block of wood. This piece is suitable for hanging and comes equipped with a small hole at the base of the heart. Some cracks from aging but great old color and carving marks remain. Amazing folk art! 7 1/2"h x 6"w

Price: $195.00

2023-Jan-29 07:16am EST | Tags : 1 piece of wood carved

Pair Heart Cookie Cutters

Both 19th C. tin cookie cutters - one rectangular and one heart shaped with crimped edges. The rectangle is the backing for a diamond shaped crimped edge for the small heart cutout, measures 4" x 3" with handle. The smaller one in the shape of a heart has a three loop decoration in the center. This one measures 3" x 3", also with a handle.

Price: $60.00 pair

2023-Jan-28 05:19pm EST | Tags : Hearts together

Pair Pewter Plates

Expected wear on this early marked 9 1/4" diameter pewter plate. A very old pewter patch can be seen on top and mostly underneath the plate, but does not take away from the beauty and the fact that it has been extensively used. Marked "Boardman". The smaller pewter plate is 8" in diameter and is marked "Carson-Freeport, PA. Sold as a pair

Price: $195.00 Pair

2023-Jan-28 04:45pm EST | Tags : Marked Pewter Boardman pewter

Steiff Animal Pair

Mopsy the dog from Steiff, 1950-60. A hand puppet made in Germany, button missing but a documented Steiff. Mopsy has short mohair on face and body. Bowtie, felt tongue, black eyes and stitched nose, he is a winner! 9"l x 8 1/2"w. Mr. Pig measures 11"l x 6"w and is a soft bundle of hugging love. A later Steiff, (1980) his button and label are intact. His ears, nose, and mouth are pink velvet inside. His outer coat is very pale off-white and softer than soft to the touch. Both toys are in excellent condition.

Price: $100.00 pair

2023-Jan-28 04:45pm EST | Tags : Dog Hand Puppet and Pig plush toy

Red Wash Document Box

C. 1800 small document box. Unique multi piece laid-up domed lid in poplar, original red wash finish, strong wood grain comes through. Cut nails and leather straps finish this attractive piece. *May have had some primitive closure on front which is long gone. 16 3/4"w x 8 1/4"h x 7 1/4"d

Price: $175.00

2023-Jan-28 12:50pm EST | Tags : Painted Poplar Document Box

Set of Steiff Dogs

1950s Steiff set of dogs with long mohair on bodies. Larger dog is a Pekingee and the other two are Cocker Spaniels. Each has short mohair on faces with elaborate air brushing, heads that turn and two of the three have intact buttons. Largest measures 7"l x5"h, all in fine condition.

Price: $135.00 for the set

2023-Jan-27 05:13pm EST | Tags :

Pair of Monkeys

This pair looks so great together that we wanted to keep them that way. Both are vintage: the Steiff has his ear hole but no button however unmistakable he is. On all fours or sitting up, he has plush fur and a felt face, ears, hands and feet. His best friend has brown fur with felt face, ears, hands and feet. He has black glass eyes and is fully articulated in his head and body. Both in good condition and ready to play. Brown monkey is about 8"l x 4"w with legs extended.

Price: $100.00 pair

2023-Jan-27 04:56pm EST | Tags : Monkey Around Monkey Fun

Brush Man

We refer to this folk art object as "Brush Man". It is actually a clothing brush with a long wooden handle from the late 19th C - early 20th C. A carved head with a distinctive face has been painted and attached to the end of the brush.. We had a new museum stand made for him so that he stands. 8 "l x 2 3/4"w

Price: $125.00

2023-Jan-26 06:01pm EST | Tags : Carved head on brush Folk art Man

Miniature Basket Pair

Early Miniature Buttocks Basket, tightly woven and with a small wooden handle. Accurate in its details. 4"w x 3"l x 4"h at handle and an early rectangular basket which is tightly woven and fine in every way with the exception of one of the tiny handles is missing. 4 3/4"l x 3"w x 2"h

Price: $250.00 Pair

2023-Jan-25 05:58pm EST | Tags :

Pair of Amish Toy Horses

Colorfully painted and carved pair of Amish horses used as toys for children for generations. Original colorful paint. Old repairs to leg. Each horse situated on a stand for stability. 7"l x 6 1/2"h.

Price: $185.00 Pair

2023-Jan-25 05:20pm EST | Tags :

Redware Jug Banks

These early redware banks are rare because there is no way to retrieve money saved, therefore most were broken for the money. The reddish one measures 4 3/4"h x 2 5/8"d. The painted black bank is decorated with flowers and leaves and measures 4 3/4"h x 2 3/4"d. Buy the pair and save plenty to put into these banks.

Price: $175.00 Pair

2023-Jan-25 01:28pm EST | Tags :

Victorian Lap Robe

Created to cover the laps of riders in a carriage, this colorful one is made of pieced wool sections, lined with cotton and completed with a thick red stitch. Very handsome and functional. * a corner of the lining is faded. 64" x 47"

Price: $125.00

2023-Jan-19 07:48pm EST | Tags :

Tole Tray

Early Tole Tray with painting of two uniformed soldiers with weapons called halberds which consisted of an axe blade topped with a spike and mounted on a long shaft and used in warfare during the Middle Ages. Overall dark with usual wear, a corner of paint loss at the top curve of the frame and more on the reverse. Measures 15" x 10 1/2"

Price: $195.00 FREE SHIPPING

2023-Jan-16 06:41pm EST | Tags :

Framed Pair of Moravian Community

Antique prints of the Moravian Community in Bethlehem, PA from A.D.1856. One view, "From the West" and the other claims to be of "The Seminary Buildings A.D 1856". They are framed in the same manner with narrow black painted wooden frames. Each print is set into a medium blue oval mat. Reverse of each has some writing. Beautifully preserved prints. 11 3/4" x 9 3/4" each. Comment: The clarity of these prints does not show well in these photos. d

Price: $125.00 Pair

2023-Jan-16 06:24pm EST | Tags :

Pair Antique String Frames

These handmade frames of dark brown string surround photos. The woman's photo is framed in an 8 sided string frame while the man's photo is framed in an 8 sides. His frame is actually (2) 4 sided squares (one inside the other). Each frame is backed in aged thin cardboard. Dimensions for Woman: 4 1/2" and for Man: 5" x 5"

Price: $85.00 pair

2023-Jan-16 06:12pm EST | Tags : string frames

Calico Covered Tiny Basket

This small, (4"l x 3 1/2"w x 4"h at top of handle) may steal your heart! Entirely covered in blue and white antique calico fabric and the softest deerskin covers the entire handle and the bottom. This is a beauty.

Price: $65.00

2023-Jan-13 10:29pm EST | Tags :

Tiger Maple Wall Rack

American tiger maple wall rack with leather closures. Just 2 beautiful boards of tiger maple held together with the leather strips. The back has a round hook and a wire hanger for attaching to wall. Excellent condition and patina, late 1800s-early 1900s. Useful for having reading material handy. 12"l x 18"h

Price: $95.00

2023-Jan-10 05:43pm EST | Tags :

Cecil Aldin Framed Prints

A pair of comedic prints by Cecil Aldin and printed in England. Copyright-published by Richard Wyman & Co, LTD, London, England and framed more recently in New England. The antique look to the frames and the triple matting have been used to best set off the subjects in Aldin's prints. 15" x 13" framed: 8" x 6" prints

Price: $150.00 pair

2022-Dec-19 01:18pm EST | Tags :

Large Mochaware Mug

An early extraordinarily large and well designed mochaware mug in very good condition. (the tiniest hairline on the side of the rim, and a small fleabite on the bottom). The elegant off white color is set off with top and bottom blue stripes surrounding the blue band of like color checks. All this is held to the mouth with a curved and ridged handle. Measures 4"h x 4" in diameter (without handle)

Price: $145.00 SALE PRICE

2022-Dec-15 04:49pm EST | Tags :

Stoneware Jug with Paper Label

A small stoneware jug with an interesting paper label...."BEEF IRON and WINE" is all that is written. The label is well attached, but through the years it has lost a bit of itself around the edges. The jug is very well designed and made with a shapely finger handle ending in a point. Excellent condition with just 2 tiny dimples on the top of the handle. Measures: 6 3/4"h x 3 1/2"diameter at bottom.

Price: $245.00

2022-Dec-15 12:47pm EST | Tags :

Whale Oil Lamp

Super condition on this double-wick pewter whale oil lamp, C 1800, New England. From the 5" diameter base up to a slender stem and on to the oil container, culminating in the removable double wick; this lamp is an exquisite example of 1800's lighting. 10"h x 5"d at the base.

Price: $85.00

2022-Dec-03 02:01pm EST | Tags :

Multi-Colored Doll Quilt

Very early 49 square pieced doll quilt with solid checkered backing. Each square is 2" x 2" with the overall look to be mostly blue with a spattering of other colors and what had been completely outlined with a pink stitched thread. Most of the outlining is now gone through years of use caring for dolls and undoubtedly other well-loved stuffed animals. 14" x 14".

Price: $55.00

2022-Dec-03 01:33pm EST | Tags :

White on White Tablecloth/Coverlet

A magnificent white on white cotton tablecloth or summer coverlet in a pleasing design of flowers, with scalloped edges all around. Newly laundered it would fit over a large table or bed with some drop. Would need bedskirt for King bed. 180" x 88"

Price: $95.00

2022-Nov-22 09:00pm EST | Tags : Antique Cloth

Cookie Cutter Collection

Early tin collection of 4 different cookie cutters; each different but all without handles (great for display). Santa's Boot 3 1/2"l x 2"w: Man in Moon 5" x 2 1/4": Pipe 4 1/2"l x 2 1/4"w: Shoe 3 3/4"l x 2 1/2"w. All late 19th C and all in fine condition.

Price: $225.00 FREE SHIPPING

2022-Nov-14 05:36pm EST | Tags : Assorted Tin Cookie Cutters

Woman in dress Cookie Cutter

Late 1800s tin cookie cutter. Lays flat with no handle, but hole in back plate. 4"H

Price: $75.00 FREE SHIPPING

2022-Nov-14 02:33pm EST | Tags :

Cookie Cutter Collection

This offering has several common elements: all 5 are antique tin cookie cutters, all are animals, each has a handle with hole(s) underneath on back, and each is in very good condition considering age and use. Sizes range from smallest at 3" x 2 1/2" to largest at 5" x 3". In alphabetical order they are: Cat, Eagle, Lion, Teddy Bear, and Wolf.

Price: $275.00 FREE SHIPPING

2022-Nov-10 12:46pm EST | Tags : Animal cookie cutters Early tin cookie cutters

Millard Fillmore Litho

A clear depiction of the late President Millard Fillmore in an oval surrounded by military and patriotic images. Framed in a period oval wooden frame with red matting and covered by glass. Measures 14" x 10 1/2"

Price: $95.00

2022-Nov-07 05:06pm EST | Tags : Picture of late President Fillmore Framed Fillmore

Folk Art Critter

Anonymous American folk artist created this whimsical critter made of wood. Carved and painted black and white on its body and with a red open mouth, (displaying teeth). The artist installed the creation onto a make-do rectangular wooden stand and then fenced it in. Overall dimensions are 11"l x 5 1/2"w x 6 1/2"h

Price: SALE PRICE: $95.00

2022-Nov-07 04:55pm EST | Tags : Fenced Critter Critter with Bared Teeth

Braided Runner

Vibrant wool five panel braided runner. Very good condition. Colors still alive and well on both sides. Measures 11' x 39".

Price: $575.00

2022-Nov-07 04:49pm EST | Tags : Wool Braided rug 5 color braided runner

Amish Crib Quilt

All wool: navy, medium blue, and rusty red stripes comprise the front of this crib quilt or wall hanging. The back is lined in brown wool. The entire 40" x 20" piece has been "framed" in the navy blue wool. Origin is Ohio, late 19th C-early 20th C. Some moth damage which is reflected in the "as is" price.

Price: $250.00 "as is"

2022-Nov-04 11:53am EDT | Tags : Lancaster quilt Crib quilt

Tin Foot Warmer

Handmade tin foot warmer with a working door and latch, tin hinges, and porcelain knob. There is a center hole on top and 4 small holes on the 3 sides for the heat to escape the fuel from the interior. A charming antique accent piece! 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 6"h

Price: $125.00

2022-Oct-19 05:20pm EDT | Tags : Tin accent piece

Folk Art Model Rolling Pin

This small rolling pin is accurate in design to larger ones, however this one has been carefully painted green all over and then decorated with black stripes and graceful vines. There has been some loss of paint through the years, but the overall design if still very good. 12"l x 1 3/4"w

Price: $68.00

2022-Oct-17 02:27pm EDT | Tags :

Hat Stand

A very typical unisex hat stand made of just three pieces of solid wood and painted in cream over green over bare wood. Believed to be from the mid to late 1800s American. Such a functional item and at the same time, aesthetically pleasing. 9 1/2"h x 4 1/2"diameter.

Price: $75.00

2022-Oct-17 02:18pm EDT | Tags : Early hat stand individual hat stand

Oil Painting signed

Oil on board signed by H. R. Robinson and titled on the back as "Ramona's Marriage Place". Circa 1920's. This is a colorful exterior painting of a large covered porch reminiscent of one at a Southern California pueblo. The painting is surrounded by a wide and deep period frame. 10" x 8" framed.

Price: $98.00

2022-Oct-16 07:02pm EDT | Tags : Signed OOB painting Ramona's Marriage Place

Pyrography Box

A salespersons' box for displaying their assorted cards, rewards of merit, named calling cards, sample pack cards, acquaintance cards, floral or place or landscape view cards. each card is interesting on its own. Box made of wood with overall pyrography on all sides and top and complete with closing latch on front. Measures 14 1/2"l x 10 1/2"w 3 3/4"h

Price: $95.00

2022-Oct-10 01:41pm EDT | Tags : late 1800s calling cards assorted fonts on early cards

19th C Lapdesk

Outfitted Lapdesk Writing Box from the late 19th C Banister Family, Brownsville Vermont. Interior is outfitted with sheets of stationary, a photo of E.M.Banister, a Christmas greeting from Aunt and Uncle, pencils, the Rutland, VT newspaper, etc. Key inside. Measures 11 1/2" w x 8"d x 4"h

Price: SALE PRICE: $95.00

2022-Aug-08 02:23pm EDT | Tags : Banister Family VT. Lapdesk

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