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Having been dealers for decades, we are fortunate to have a wide and varied inventory of Early American furniture, decorative accessories and folk art. We will be adding a few items at a time. After which we will have a full page ongoing. Please check and question or comment. Always eager to hear from you. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer unless "FREE SHIPPING" is indicated for a particular item. Happy to pack and ship to save our customers on this end. Returns are sometimes necessary. If that should occur, return in the same condition as sent within 5 days, and you will receive a full refund except for your return shipping expenses.

Red Bull Meat Market Ornament

Rare and unusually large for a meat rack ornament, this Red Bull was removed from a meat rack. C 1880s, this heavy iron bull was actually a meat market symbol from the Midwest. Now mounted on a newer wooden stand. 11"l x 7"h

Price: SALE PRICE: $495.00

2022-Jun-20 07:19pm EDT | Tags : Red Bull Meat Market Ornament

Early Marked Pewter Plate

Expected wear on this early marked 9 1/4" diameter pewter plate. A very old pewter patch can be seen on top and mostly underneath the plate, but does not take away from the beauty and the fact that it has been extensively used. Marked "Boardman".

Price: $225.00

2022-Jun-20 01:03pm EDT | Tags : Marked Pewter Boardman pewter

Small Pewter Plate

Only 8" in diameter, but in fine almost original, condition. Market on back "Carson-Freeport, PA.

Price: $75.00 FREE SHIPPING

2022-Jun-20 12:59pm EDT | Tags : Market Pewter

Ashland Bros. Pulley

Oral history is that this is a Myers Pulley from Ashland, Ohio, also known as the "BMW" of Pulleys. Markings on both sides of the metal pulley. Measures 10"l x 5"w x 3 1/2"d

Price: $65.00

2022-Jun-20 12:43pm EDT | Tags : Heave Work Implement

Child's Hepplewhite-Style Chest of Drawers

Miniature Hepplewhite-style chest of drawers, c 1865. Pine with 4 graduated drawers, all original and untouched finish. Square nails with pegged, mortised-side panels. Bottom drawer is dovetailed, rest are butt nailed. Chamfered drawer bottoms, hand-shaped decorative moldings on front. Porcelain may be replacements. Signed on back of bottom drawer, "Gertrude Mary Hubley" Measures 16"w x 15"h x 12"d

Price: SALE PRICE; $485.00

2022-Jun-20 12:08pm EDT | Tags : Hepplewhite-style

Folk Art Decorated Frame with Mirror

Very early mirror, with expected wear, exquisitely framed by a one inch wooden decoration on top of the red wash paint. Mustard circles abound on all sides with accents of blue/green straight lines at each corner and midway on both long sides. Measures 8 1/2" wide x 11" long.

Price: HOLD

2022-Jun-20 11:49am EDT | Tags : Antique Mirror Decorated Mirror

Leather Document Box Collection.

This entire group was assembled in a purchase from a well-respected collector. These leather covered boxes represent the years of 1760-1820 in document boxes, as changes in design and materials occurred. The entire collection can be purchased together producing a reasonable discount. Or each may be purchased alone.

Price: $1,450.00 as a collection

2022-Jun-14 08:34pm EDT | Tags : collection price

Document Box Collection, Leather Box #5

An 1820s miniature trunk style document box has an exterior covered in hand tooled leather and decorated with brass studs in two sizes. The handle and other design features indicate this late period. The interior has a separate section and the entire inside is papered in a flowered design. When locked with a basic metal lock, it is possible to pick up by the ring on top. In the group photo, this box is located on the top in the middle. 10"l x 7"w x 4"h.

Price: $495.00

2022-Jun-14 08:27pm EDT | Tags : #5 of 5 Leather Document Box Collection

Document Box Collection, Leather Box #4

This rare mini dome top (1780-1800) document box is covered in exquisite hand tooled leather and topped by a brass handle. Much of the lock and key are lost to us. The interior is lined with a finely designed paper and a stay to keep the top erect. In the group photo, this leather box is located on the upper left side. 6"l x 4"w x 3 1/2"h

Price: $550.00

2022-Jun-14 08:22pm EDT | Tags : #4 of 5 in the leather document box collection

Document Box Collection, Leather Box #3

This small rectangular document box is from the period of 1780-1800. Covered on exterior with a sophisticated design of hand tooled leather, it has a brass handle and locking device. No longer has a key. The interior is covered with paper and printed overlay and original to the box. This leather box is on the upper right in the group photo. 8 1/2"l x 4"w x 2 1/2"h

Price: $295.00

2022-Jun-14 08:15pm EDT | Tags : #3 of 5 in Leather box collection

Document Box Collection, Leather Box #2

A hand tooled leatherdome top document box from the decades 1760-1780. It has some expected leather loss from the sides, the hand tooled top is intact. Handles and the locking device (no key) are indicative of the above decades. Interior is covered in designed paper. In the group shot, this box is on the lower right. 8"l x 5"w x 3"h

Price: $195.00

2022-Jun-14 08:10pm EDT | Tags : #2 of 5 Document Box Collection

Document Box Collection, Leather Box #1

Earliest of 2 Leather covered slightly domed top document boxes we have had from 1760-1780, it is small and rare. This leather has been hand tooled indicating its special qualities. Similar primitive handles and basic closure hardware designate these decades. Interior is covered entirely with designed paper and with an overlay of written words on paper. In the group photo, this box is on the lower left. 7"l x 4 1/4"w x 2 1/2"h

Price: $350.00

2022-Jun-14 07:49pm EDT | Tags : 1 of 5 in collection

WW1 Toy Houseboat

Early 1900's handmade wooden houseboat with original alligatored paint finish in blue, green, red and cream combine to give this houseboat wonderful eye appeal. Glass windows with curtains, painted doors, outdoor decks, lift-top roof. Interior has some embellishments such as wallpaper and linoleum floor. Notice the V for Victory WW1 patriotic sign with an eagle in one window. As found in New York State. 19"l x 7"h x 6 1/2"w

Price: $750.00

2022-Jun-14 01:06pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Toy Patriotic WW1 toy

Man on Trapeze

Early 20th C. folk art Black man toy on a trapeze. He is fully articulated, painted black with gray shoes and facial features. Measures 4 1/2"w x 5 1/2"d x 6"h

Price: $150.00 FREE SHIPPING

2022-Jun-14 12:52pm EDT | Tags : folk art toy

Tolewear Document Box

19thC Toleware document box with domed lid. All original paint, brass handle and hand-wrought latch. While paint on front is quite good, the sides are faded, which we would call expected wear. 9 1/2"l x 6"w x 6 1/2"h

Price: $165.00

2022-Jun-08 05:15pm EDT | Tags : Tin Document Box

Iron Door Latches

We combined this pair of very early hand-wrought door latches, tho different in maker, age, and design. The larger one at 9 1/2"l is heavier and more primitive. The smaller latch is more thoughtfully designed and lighter weight at 7 1/2"l

Price: $85.00 Pair FREE SHIPPING

2022-Jun-08 11:54am EDT | Tags : Hand Wrought Iron Pair Iron Latches

Wooden Pencil Case

This everyday case has been embellished with carvings and etchings on the slide-top lid and ceramic buttons for opening. Inside are 3 compartments . The bottom has signed initials and writing. This is a functional and aesthetic case. 9 1/2"l

Price: $75.00 FREE SHIPPING

2022-Jun-08 11:38am EDT | Tags : School needs Signed Pencil case

Lacemaking Bobbins

Oral history is that lacemaking started many centuries ago and made its way to the UK before the industrial revolution. Started there as a craft where men, women, and children did the work to supplement the family income. Later women and children worked the craft until it was more economical to procuce it by machine. Workers personalized their bobbins by adding beads for weight and by carving some to designate certain designs. These bobbins originated in the Northamptonshire area of England. There are 12 different bobbins in this lot, along with 2 Pattern Prickings which were used to create designs. Four Beaded bobbins are 4 3/4"h each and the eight plain ones are 4"h each. Each one is different.

Price: $75.00 FREE SHIPPING

2022-Jun-08 11:28am EDT | Tags : Early English Bobbins Early Manufacturing Bobbins

Traveling Inkwell

Ringbox-style secure inkwell for traveling way before ball tip pens. Covered in black leather outside, the interior has the submerged inkwell covered by etched brass. Late 1800s, American, it measures a tiny 1 1/2" square.

Price: $95.00

2022-Jun-07 05:40pm EDT | Tags :

PA Iron Heart Spatula

Very early 1800's in Pennsylvania, someone created this beautiful wrought iron spatula which was functional. However, the kitchen piece did not remain only functional. The worker enhanced the piece with a perfect heart cut out on the spatula. A bit over 3"w at the bottom and 14 1/4"l, it ends in a very thin bottom, (almost sharp) from use.

Price: NOW: $350.00

2022-Jun-04 05:19pm EDT | Tags : PA Iron Kitchen Art

Painted Document Box

Box with early hasp and lock mechanism, (no key). Grain painted sides and bottom; each of these 5 sides painted differently. Top is beautifully decorated with various flowers and leaves. Interior appears to have a red wash. Original brass handle. 16"w x 10"d x 5 1/2"h

Price: WAS $750.; Now $500.

2022-Jun-04 02:57pm EDT | Tags : Grain Painted Box

Homestead Watercolor

Early signed watercolor of a serene homestead with a two story home on a knoll, a gazebo and a barn near a body of water. A rock wall separates the homestead from the chickens in the lower yard. Such a pleasing scene on a brown background and framed in an art deco style frame. Measures 12"l x 7"h

Price: $95.00 FREE SHIPPING

2022-Jun-04 02:36pm EDT | Tags : Signed watercolor

Wine Themed Oak Frame

Solid oak frame with appropriate applied ornamentation to support the wine theme. The corkscrew was created with brass and horn. In the lower left corner of the frame is a miniature barrel tap made from wood and brass. The frame is American circa 1900. Measures 13 1/2" x 11 1/2"

Price: $98.00

2022-Jun-04 12:34pm EDT | Tags :

Dog's Head Walking Stick

A carved wooden head of a dog was inserted into a tapered bamboo stalk to create an elegant walking stick measuring 31" long. In order to preserve and display this folk art piece, we had a new stand fashioned for it. Stand included.

Price: $150.00

2022-May-27 06:00pm EDT | Tags : Walking Stick

Pennsylvania Storage Box

Early PA Painted Storage Box with double snipe hinges. Decorated with swags and leaves in red, green and yellow on four sides (including top). Check hardware. Measures 25 1/2" x 13" x 10".

Price: Was $450.00, Now $350.00

2022-May-24 07:43pm EDT | Tags : Early hardware Decorated Storage

Victorian Framed Mirror

Lovely beveled mirror set off in a decorative wooden frame with some condition issues at the mitered edges. Measures 16 1/2" x 14 1/2"

Price: $95.00

2022-May-24 04:09pm EDT | Tags :

Early Wooden Ladle

Long-handled squarish bowl wooden ladle. The end of the handle is fashioned with a sturdy hook for ease in hanging. Made from one piece of wood in the 1800s, it has the form and the function to be useful or for decorative purposes. 15 3/4"l x 5 1/2"w

Price: $65.00

2022-May-24 02:15pm EDT | Tags :

Miniature slide-top boxes

A pair of 1800s wooden slide-top boxes reminiscent of candle boxes of old are featured here. The larger one is a darker wood and slides easily, measuring 4"l x 1"w x 1 1/4"h. The smaller of the two is a lighter color with rounded corners and chamfered edges at top. This one measures 2 1/2"l x 1"w x 1"h and slides easily.

Price: $150.00 pair

2022-May-22 06:30pm EDT | Tags : Pair tiny slide-top boxes

Spice Box

Early 1800s brass oval spice box with three compartments and a slide-lock to the top. Nicely patinated and beautifully designed with one hinge in the middle of the back of the top. Oral history claims it was carried during the Civil War. Measures 4"l x 2"w x 1"h

Price: $125.00 FREE SHIPPING

2022-May-22 06:17pm EDT | Tags : oval brass case

Wooden Crimper

Beautifully handcrafted wooden crimper. Every kitchen needs one of these, especially one which works as well as this one does. Finish off your pies with a flourish! At only 5"l and just over 1"w, it remains fully functional as well as "easy on the eyes". American circa mid 1800's.

Price: $55.00

2022-May-20 06:35pm EDT | Tags : Kitchen antique

Mopsy, puppet

Steiff dog hand puppet made in mid-century Germany. His name is Mopsy and he is easy to love and play with...room for fingers in his arms and a finger for his head. His coat shows little wear, he has big glass eyes and a felt tongue. He is tan with a brown face, sewn nose. Sorry his button is missing. 9"l x 8 1/2"w

Price: $44.00

2022-May-20 06:19pm EDT | Tags :

Toy Terrier

This charming toy terrier has glass eyes, felt ears that stick up, a healthy coat of black and natural colored fur and to top it all off; his very own tartan. 3 1/2" x 3".

Price: $68.00 FREE SHIPPING

2022-May-13 02:01pm EDT | Tags : Tartan Terrier

Lone Star Box

The tiny box that packs a PUNCH. Only 2" long, this beautifully patinated slide top box also is decorated with a star on one end and vertical lines on the other. Slide top works well and comes entirely off.

Price: $70.00 SALE PRICE

2022-May-13 01:50pm EDT | Tags : 2" box Star Box

Animals on Stand

A green stand supports a majestic horse along with a three-dog group of dogs of different breeds; all carved and painted. The dogs are distinctively carved to replicate their breed. Early 1900's, Pennsylvania origin and unsigned. Animals designed well and to scale with each other. Green felt underlines the wooden stand. 9 1/2"l x 8"h

Price: SALE PRICE: $165.00

2022-May-03 02:32pm EDT | Tags :

Workman in Overalls

Early 1900's American carved and painted workman is a handsome piece of folk art. Midwestern origin, 1920's. Carved wood and painted. All orginal, including clothing and his broom. Unsigned. Measures 17"h x 7"w

Price: SALE PRICE: $295.00

2022-May-03 02:25pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Birch Bark Wallbox

An interesting artifact from long ago. Definitely handmade with rounded sides of birch bark attached to the wooden back with square nails. Leather strap hinges hold the wooden lift-top to the top and the bottom, also wood, has been nailed to the back. Bottom of wallbox has been stamped with the letters " O M S. 10"h x 8"w x 7"d

Price: $275.00

2022-Apr-30 12:46pm EDT | Tags : Birchbark wallbox handmade box

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