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We have been selling antiques for 35 years and participate in many New England and New York shows. We specialize in country furniture, early smalls in paint, early lighting and folk art. Method of payment is by check or money order only. New York state residents must pay 8% sales tax or have a valid resale number. We offer an easy layaway plan if needed. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or for more photos by phone or e-mail. Be sure to check out our website at .

Cast Iron Posset Pot

Cast Iron posset pot used in the open hearth cooking 1750-1800 sprue mark on underside with three splayed legs showing wear comes from local farm estate auction and was sitting at the hearth.

Price: 295.00 plus shipping

2023-Aug-28 05:15pm EDT | Tags :

Hanging Lantern

19th century brass lantern lamp with inlaid stars on the glass in fine condition measures 10" high, and 4" wide from local farm estate auction.

Price: 195.00 plus shipping

2023-Aug-28 05:02pm EDT | Tags :

Sheet Iron Horse Weathervane

Mid 19th century sheet iron horse weathervane in gold gilt paint mounted on a make do wooden base, no repairs or breaks just a nice form in fine condition.

Price: $650.00

2023-Aug-22 05:36pm EDT | Tags :

Cast Iron Horse

Great early cast Iron horse in as made condition form a country auction, no breaks original dark surface stands 10" high and 12" long, 19th century.

Price: 275.00 plus shipping

2023-Aug-17 07:21pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Shelf

Nice early painted shelf with step down form and dentil molding smaller size 22 1/4" wide and 9" high dates late 19th century. Smaller hanging shelf are getting hard to come by especially at this price.

Price: 195.00 plus shipping

2023-Aug-13 05:53pm EDT | Tags :

Hanging slide Lid Grater

Super hanging or tabletop grater with a slide lid and drawer. Have to say I have never seen this form before, nailed construction in old natural unpainted surface. no issues 12 1/4" high, 6 1/2" wide and 4 1/2" deep. From country farm estate sale dates late 19th early 20th century.

Price: 395.00 plus shipping

2023-Aug-12 07:24pm EDT | Tags :

18th Century Trammel

Early 18th c. hanging trammel for the hearth. blacksmith made from a local farm estate sale makes a nice addition to any hearth setting measures from 24" to 38" extended. Just as it was made with no issues.

Price: 225.00 plus shipping

2023-Aug-12 03:56pm EDT | Tags :

18th Century Trivet

Blacksmith made 18th century trivet this trivet was taken right from the hearth at a local farm estate in as made condition measures 24" long at the handle, 14" to 15" at the feet. Makes a great addition to your hearth or collection of early American made 18th c. Iron.

Price: 325.00 plus shipping

2023-Aug-12 03:42pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Wall Box

Painted wall box in blue to black painted surface mid 19th century shows nice wear at the hanging hole, nice smaller size box with canted sides, shaped step-down backboard. Fresh from a local farm estate sale. 13" wide, 4 5/8" deep 5 3/4" high at the back.

Price: 375.00 plus shipping

2023-Aug-12 03:16pm EDT | Tags :

19th century Barber Pole

Great painted barber pole in the best dry original paint and condition, has the original iron hanging bracket. Pole measures 35 3/4" no damage or repairs.

Price: 1295.00 free shipping

2023-Jul-01 11:20am EDT | Tags :

Hanging shelf

Whales tail hanging shelf 19th century in fine condition with the original hangers.

Price: 495.00 plus shipping

2023-Jul-01 08:15am EDT | Tags :

Windmill Weight

Small hummer windmill weight in original paint and surface, Elgin, Illinois ca 1900 mounted on wood base 13" tall 10" wide.

Price: 725.00 plus shipping

2023-Jul-01 07:13am EDT | Tags :

Country Store Dry Goods Bin

Grain painted country store glass fronted display case for the countertop with slanted lift top and divided interior for the display and sale of dry goods, such as beans, corn etc. in fine condition. From a 60-year antique collection ready for your country kitchen. Ca; 1890-1910 measures 28 3/4" wide, 12" deep, 15" high look at all three photos.

Price: 845.00 plus shipping

2023-Jun-17 05:50pm EDT | Tags :

Grain Painted Box

19th century dovetailed painted document box. 15" wide, 6 1/2" high, 8" deep. Three photos

Price: 165.00 plus shipping

2023-Jun-17 09:08am EDT | Tags :

Painted Document Box

19th century dovetailed painted box with brass handle in original paint. Dimensions 7" high, 11 3/4" wide, and 8 1/4" deep. three photos

Price: 175.00 plus shipping

2023-Jun-17 08:55am EDT | Tags :

Ball Foot 19th Century Painted Box

Ball footed dovetailed small lift top box with lift out tray, box is in original paint and fine condition measures 14" wide, 9" deep and 5 3/4" high, most likely was a cash box. Look at all three photos. No PayPal

Price: 145.00 plus shipping

2023-Jun-10 08:52am EDT | Tags :

Leather Covered Trunk

Early 19th century leather and tack decorated trunk with initials S. M. interior is very clean, with original hinges and latch catch. Look at all three photos.

Price: $125.00 plus shipping

2023-Jun-05 07:23pm EDT | Tags :

Chippendale Maple Chest

18th century Chippendale maple chest of drawers with six drawers, bracket base, and dovetailed case that shows normal wear and use found in New England 53" high, 42" wide and 20" deep. Visit our shop it's worth the drive.

Price: $895.00

2023-May-25 07:19pm EDT | Tags :

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam mailbox holder in original painted surface. Pick up only too large for me to box and ship. Stop and visit our shop its loaded with early country antiques. More photos can be sent on Uncle Sam.

Price: 395.00 pick up only

2023-May-25 11:23am EDT | Tags :

Four Door Country Cupboard

Early 19th century four door farm cupboard in the best patina. Cupboard comes from a rural country home where it sat in the kitchen for many years. Cupboard dos show wear but is in good condition and priced very reasonable, pick up only. Three photos

Price: $695.00

2023-May-14 04:31pm EDT | Tags :

American Ash Burl Bowl

American ash burl bowl early 19th century strong ash eyes and grain, well done small, repaired area on top edge. 14" x 14 1/2" and 4 3/4" high. Look at all three photos.

Price: SOLD

2023-May-10 07:34pm EDT | Tags :

Carousel Horse Head

This is a great piece of American Folk Art, horses head from a carousel ride found years ago washed up on a beach in New London, CT. most likely from Ocean Park Amusements across the bay. Love the form and carving of the horse and the dark natural surface from time spent in the salt water, head is stable and has a hinge mounted to the backside for hanging just as we found and could be easily changed.

Price: 1495.00 plus shipping

2023-May-06 07:31pm EDT | Tags :

Countertop Trade Sign

Mortar and pestle wooden countertop trade sign in the form of a M&P mounted on custom stand. Surface is old brown and original stands 10" high and 6" wide, great piece to add to any mortar and pestle collection. Dates mid 19th century

Price: $475.00

2023-May-04 06:31pm EDT | Tags :

American Painted Sheild

19th century American patriotic shield in the original dry painted surface found in New England measures 23" tall and 21" wide, good early antique American shield.

Price: 495.00 plus shipping

2023-Apr-30 05:13pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Firkin

19th century firkin in original green painted surface with wood buttons that secure the handle, staves are tight. Stands 10" tall and 9 1/2" diameter good early firkin.

Price: 375.00 plus shipping

2023-Apr-28 05:45pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Sugar Bucket

Nice early 19th century firkin in dry painted surface, faded salmon with black painted lid and bands staves are tight and wood buttons secure the handle stands 10" high with 9 1/2" diameter great color and condition on this firkin.

Price: $410.00 plus shipping

2023-Apr-28 05:37pm EDT | Tags :

18th Century Corner Cupboard

Very nice corner cupboard in a nice smaller size only 68" high, and 43" wide with paneled door, original hinges, old dark brown surface, with three interior shelves, rose head and square nailed construction just a really nice early cupboard in a hard-to-find size ready for your home. Look at all three photos. Payments and layaway are never a problem just ask about our easy terms. Look at all three photos

Price: 1295.00 you pick up or arrange s/h.

2023-Apr-26 06:57pm EDT | Tags :

Six-Sided Light

19th century light with six glass side handle for caring or hanging with tin decorated body in fine conditon10" high and 6" wide. Look at all three photos.

Price: 195.00 sale priced plus shipping.

2023-Apr-26 06:15pm EDT | Tags :

18th Century Light

Rare early 18th century candlelight stands on wooden base, forged iron with twisted shaft and dousing cup, stands 7 1/2" base is 4" x 4 1/2" this candlelight is nice addition to any early lighting collection. Be sure to look at all three photos.

Price: 475.00 plus shipping

2023-Apr-25 05:49pm EDT | Tags :

Treenware Pitcher

Hand turned treenware pitcher with incised lines made from single piece of wood late 18th early 19th century there is a crack on one side from drying of the wood but is stable just a nice pitcher to add to your antique Tavern. Stands 7 1/2" be sure to look at all three photos.

Price: SOLD

2023-Apr-24 06:04pm EDT | Tags :

18th Century Small Mortar

Great small hand carved Mortar most likely used in the Kitchen setting for grinding spices or what have you. Fine condition with no cracks or repairs stands 4" high and 3" diameter super piece of early treenware. Be sure to look at all three photos.

Price: 215.00 plus shipping.

2023-Apr-24 05:52pm EDT | Tags :

Country Store Bucket

Country store grain painted bucket with off center bail handle used for wall mount to be able to scoop out the dry goods. One side with ABurg Bros Inc 94 Hudson St. New York City. The opposite side 25 lbs. Net Worth Brand Cherry Piechs. The lid is a replacement, staves are tight as are the metal bands late 19th century. Be sure to look at all three photos.

Price: 335.00 plus shipping

2023-Apr-24 05:40pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Pantry Box

New England pantry box in original Windsor green painted surface 19th century in fine condition be sure to look at all three photos 9 1/2" diameter and 5" high.

Price: $345.00 plus shipping

2023-Apr-23 05:13pm EDT | Tags :

Hanging Candle Box

Really nice hanging candle box dating late 18th to early 19th century with pinwheel design, slide lid and dovetailed construction found in PA. be sure to look at all three photos 17" high, and 5" wide.

Price: 395.00 plus shipping

2023-Apr-23 05:00pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Storage Box

Nice painted 19th century dovetailed flat top storage box with original hinges and latch box is in great original paint and would make a nice addition to your stack of boxes be sure to look at all three photos.

Price: 350.00 plus shipping

2023-Apr-23 04:53pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Mortar and Pestle

19th century mortar and pestle in the original red painted surface, mortar and pestle have always been together there are no cracks just a small fissure on the top, be sure to look at all three photos 8" high 13" with pestle.

Price: 525.00 plus shipping

2023-Apr-23 04:44pm EDT | Tags :

Hanging Salt box

Early 19th century lift top salt box with pegged and dovetailed construction, wood is southern yellow pine, hanging hole shows the proper wear for abox of this age, be sure to look at all three photos 14" high, 11" wide, and 9" deep.

Price: 425.00 plus shipping

2023-Apr-23 04:35pm EDT | Tags :

19th Century Spice Box

Hanging 19th century spice box with lift lid and one drawer dovetailed body with hinges that are dovetailed into the lid, makes this box special found in PA. Surface and condition are fine with no issues, 12" high, 12" wide, 7" deep. Be sure to look at all three photos.

Price: 1295.00 plus shipping

2023-Apr-23 11:20am EDT | Tags :

Painted Farm Table

Great one drawer painted farm table that has been in our home for 40 years. Table sits 8 easily and can sit 10 with plenty of room. Table is 7 foot long, 36" wide, and 30" high. This table is 20th century custom made and in fine condition with no issues a real beauty we hate to part with but no longer have the room for it.

Price: $2500.00

2023-Apr-18 05:58pm EDT | Tags :

Tabletop Dough Box

19th century wooden tabletop dough box with applied side handles and original lid. Box retains its original brownish red painted surface. Dough box is dovetailed and in nice condition measures 29" long. Be sure to look at all three photos.

Price: 525.00 plus shipping

2023-Mar-31 07:40pm EDT | Tags :

Pierced Tin Lantern

19th century pierced tin lantern with hanging ring and candle cup cleated into the bottom, this lantern is in excellent condition with no issues.

Price: 295.00 plus shipping

2023-Mar-22 06:58pm EDT | Tags :

Primitive Bucket

Late 18th early 19th century buttonhole banded bucket with swing handle, wood buttons secure the handle staves are tight, dry unpainted surface, fine condition with no issues. 10" high and 11" diameter.

Price: 425.00 plus shipping

2023-Mar-21 06:35pm EDT | Tags :

Southern Stoneware Crock

Blue decorated Fredericksburg, VA stoneware canning jar marked. (1) in fine condition with no cracks only a tiny chip on rim CA: 1860-1870 measures 9 3/4" high and 6 1/4" diameter

Price: 395.00 plus shipping

2023-Mar-21 03:46pm EDT | Tags :

Yellow Painted Bucket

Original yellow paint wood bucket with bail handle, staves are tight there are no breaks nice smaller size late 19th early 20th 6 1/2" high and 8 1/4" diameter.

Price: 200.00 plus shipping

2023-Mar-20 05:44pm EDT | Tags :

Make Do Lighting

Make do whale oil lamp consisting of a blown and cut clear flint glass font mounted on maple wooden base Ca: 1820-1840 no breaks to the glass, love the form and wood base.

Price: 465.00 plus shipping

2023-Mar-20 01:38pm EDT | Tags :

Small Eating Bowl

Late 18th early 19th personal size eating bowl sits on small footed base, slightly raised rim, nice brown nut color and surface, there are no cracks really nice early bowl 6 3/4" x 7 1/4" x 2 3/4" high. Comes from a 60-year collection.

Price: 350.00 plus shipping

2023-Mar-20 10:39am EDT | Tags :

Early Bowl

Late 18th early 19th century bowl with incised turnings has a flat bottom in nice nut-brown surface, there are no cracks or repairs just a great early primitive bowl in fine condition comes from a 60-year collection. 10 3/4" x 10 1/2" x 2 1/2" high. Be sure to look at all three photos

Price: 395.00 plus shipping

2023-Mar-20 10:13am EDT | Tags :

19th C. Stone Fruit

Nine pieces of Antique stone fruit these have been in our collection for many years, selling all or separate pieces. 2 pears-2 large peaches-1 small peach- 1 orange- 1 tangerine- 1 plum-1 banana.

Price: 305.00 for all $45.00 single +ship

2023-Mar-07 10:31am EST | Tags :

Sheet Tin Work Horse

Large sheet tin cut out of Work horse with cut tail. 24" high and 27" wide. early 1900, s

Price: 95.00 plus shipping

2023-Mar-03 05:46pm EST | Tags :

Silhouette in Painted Frame

Small silhouette in original paint decorated frame with chamfered back board comes out of old-time collection in fine condition. 19th c. Framed size is 6 1/4" x 5"

Price: 295.00 plus shipping

2023-Jan-15 05:28pm EST | Tags :

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