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We have been selling antiques for 35 years and participate in many New England and New York shows. We specialize in country furniture, early smalls in paint, early lighting and folk art. Method of payment is by check or money order only. New York state residents must pay 8% sales tax or have a valid resale number. We offer an easy layaway plan if needed. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or for more photos by phone or e-mail. Be sure to check out our website at .

Single Candle Sconce

Nice single candle scone with fluted sides , arched crimped top, fluted sides, and crimped candle cup, measures 13"x 4 1/2", 19th century

Price: 215.00 plus shipping

2021-Oct-03 03:34pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Corn Broom

19th Century broom made entirely from corn stalks, great detail on this broom as the photos show, broom is in fine condition.

Price: 150.00 plus shipping

2021-Oct-03 03:26pm EDT | Tags :

19th Century Barber Pole

Painted barber pole in old second paint, has the original twisted iron mounting hanger, no cracks or repairs, 36" long and 3 1/2" diameter, these are getting harder to find as most are in collections, make a great addition to any Americana collection.

Price: 995.00 plus shipping

2021-Oct-03 03:20pm EDT | Tags :

Group Photo Toys

Antique Horse and Wagon Toys from one collection that has been in storage for a number of years, any interest contact us for more information. Tricycle and coal wagon -SOLD

Price: Price on Request

2021-Oct-03 10:02am EDT | Tags :

Small size Trencher

Late 18th early 19th century trencher in unpainted primitive surface nice smaller size with no cracks or breaks, show great hand paned surface with some interior chop marks from use , measures just 17" long, 11" wide and 3 1/2" high

Price: 325.00 plus shipping

2021-Oct-03 09:57am EDT | Tags :

19th Century Apple Box

Early square nailed apple box never painted in old natural primitive surface, measures 25" long, 16 1/2" wide and 5" high , good early box in fine conditon.

Price: 250.00 plus shipping

2021-Oct-03 08:57am EDT | Tags :

Perfect Basket

19th century basket in perfect condition, no breaks, size is 16" x 16" and 5" high , interior attached basket is 5 1/2" x 4" Hard to find baskets this early in perfect condition.

Price: 198.00 plus shipping

2021-Jul-18 10:40am EDT | Tags :

Five Miniature Books

Five small books, Holy bible, Testament, Union Hymes for the Sabith Schools, The Hymnal, and Common Prayer, one book has dried flower petals, all books are in good condition. Size is 4" to 5"

Price: $195.00 plus shipping

2021-Jul-12 05:39pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Firkin

Painted sugar bucket in black paint over the original green, staves are tight and the bucket is in fine condition with no breaks, 15" to top of handle, 11" diameter at the bottom, 10 1/2" top

Price: 225.00 plus shipping

2021-Jul-08 07:08pm EDT | Tags :

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