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Susan Merrill Creveling | White Post, Virginia | (540) 868-1906 |

I've been a part time antiques dealer for many years. Specialties include early Americana, folk art, original paint, dolls and toys, pottery, textiles, pewter, toleware, signage, decoys and game boards. Recently I have exhibited at Ivy Hall in Pennsylvania and American in Paris in Virginia. When living in California, I shared space at Baker and Company in Soquel and exhibited at the California Country Antique Shows in California and Washington State. I am currently listing the last of my Mother's doll collection. She authored "The Art of Dolls 1700 to 1940, Hobby House Publishers by Madeline Osborne Merrill. Most dolls offered are pictured in her book. Please visit my website at You can view photos and descriptions of my items, ask for information and purchase. Thank you for visiting my webpage.

1842 Wooden Clock Face

This was a Wag on the Wall Clock Face. The hand painted roses in basket and detail are in excellent condition. Makers mark and date on back. Wood is pine 1/4’ wide. More photos and details on my Etsy website listed above. Please check my website for more information and purchase.

Price: $245.00

2017-Nov-12 06:19am EST | Tags :

19th Cen Primitive Cloth Boy Doll

This 15 inch boy doll is an enigma. Head attached to hand stitched cloth body. Hands kid leather. Shoes hand stitched corduroy and leather. Wool, linen lined clothing all original. I have MANY more photos of this special doll. Please find him on my Etsy website listed above.

Price: $495.00

2017-Oct-23 07:17am EDT | Tags :

Walleyed Pike Advertising Sign

This late 19th century sign measures 38" in length and is in all original sponge painted surface. Great attention to hand carved fins, tail and slightly open mouth. The back not as finished as it was meant to hang in only one way. Tail slightly curved upward. A remarkable piece of one of a kind folk art. Please visit my Etsy site above for more photos and purchase.

Price: $1,800.00

2017-Aug-29 04:22pm EDT | Tags :

Early 19th C Geometrically Carved Cheese Box

Spectacular hand carved cheese box in original blue/green paint. A similar box is pictured on page 151, illustration 153, "Neat and Tidy" by Nina Fletcher Little, 1980, Dutton Publisher. The box in illustration # 153 is at the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum. Such professional carving shows the detail lavished on utilitarian household items. This rare box measures 11" in diameter and 6" in height. Please click on my Etsy website above for more photos/information and purchase.

Price: $2,500.00 SOLD

2017-May-29 09:17am EDT | Tags :

Early 19th Cen Miniature Blanket Chest

This small faux grained blanket chest is entirely original with striking mustard color, great detail around top and base, original hinges and turned bun feet. Wood is pine and patina warm and mellow. It measures 6"H from bun feet to top, 10 1/2" W and 4 3/4" D. Please click on my Etsy link above for more photos, information and purchase. Thank you.

Price: $2,100.00 SOLD

2017-May-28 06:51am EDT | Tags :

Early 19th Cen Miniature BLUE Blanket Chest

All original paint and wire hinges. Made by my NH ancestor Jacob Osborn of the red ware pottery Osborns. It measures 8 3/4"H, 12 1/2" W and 7 1/4" D. This has been lovingly kept in my family for 200 years. Hard to let go but grandchildren have no interest. Please go to my Etsy site above for more photos, information and purchase.

Price: 2,200.00 SOLD

2017-May-27 07:40am EDT | Tags :

Rare All Original 19th Cen Miniature Sled

14 1/2" sled with gracefully curved iron runners. Vibrant colors in floral motif of bittersweet, mustard and black. Some wear to paint as can be seen in photos. Please visit my Etsy site using the link above for more photos and purchase.

Price: $635.00

2017-May-23 08:35am EDT | Tags :

Early 19th Cen Hand Carved Dove

Outstanding Folk Art Dove with all original surface. Purchased years ago from San Francisco folk art dealer. He said it was from decor of early California Spanish Mission. Professionally mounted on appropriate stand. Please visit my Etsy website for more photos, information and purchase.

Price: $1,800.00

2017-May-14 08:11am EDT | Tags :

Early 20th cen Rooster and Hen Hooked Rug

WOW. Extraordinary early hooked rug remarkably preserved by the family. They recall it was made around the turn of the century by a great aunt. 40" x 23", all wool materials. Please see my Etsy site for more photos and purchase. Thank you.

Price: $495.00

2017-May-12 09:59am EDT | Tags :

19th Century Schoolhouse Diorama

Complete , rare eight piece Diorama is 18"w, 11 1/2"d and 10 1/2" h. Please visit my Etsy site for more photos and purchase information.

Price: 595.00. SALE

2017-Apr-30 08:45am EDT | Tags :

19th Cen Small Size Gameboard

Charming 14" x 15" folding Gameboard. All original paint and hinges. Maker began to draw backgammon board in pencil inside but didn't finish. Small size is special and a fine addition to any Gameboard collection.

Price: $325.00

2017-Apr-29 07:59pm EDT | Tags :

Mid 19th Cen Cheese Box

This wonderful cheese or pantry box is in fine condition and is quite large. 10 1/2" diameter and 5 3/4" high. Hand carved letters NH on bottom. I purchased it years ago in Durham and assume letters signify New Hampshire. Fine addition to any early pantry box collection.

Price: $175.00

2017-Apr-23 02:38pm EDT | Tags :

Rare mid 19th Cen Black Stocking Doll

Charming all original doll has pearl button eyes, applied nose and embroidered mouth. Her apron, dress and red cloth boots are original. Her topknot is pulled and clipped as part of the stocking face material. She measures 15 1/2" in length.

Price: SOLD

2017-Apr-22 04:16pm EDT | Tags :

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