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Early green tin metal box

Nice patina on this green tin box. Hand-made latch, wooden/metal handle. Closes nicely...few dings but in good, used condition.

Price: $135.00

2017-Jun-08 10:16am EDT | Tags :

Brass compass in wooden box

James Whytte, successor to David Heron, Glasgow compass markings. Nice condition, box has slide top in old red madder color, dovetailed. Found in Seguin, Texas.

Price: $485.00

2017-Jun-08 10:12am EDT | Tags :

SS TALAMBA black strongbox

The Talamba was the last ship of a three class build but was amongst the first ships to be registered in London as opposed to Glasgow. Initially delivered to serve on the Calcutta/Japan Apcar service. Had an interesting career before sinking deuring WWI.

Price: $165.00

2017-Jun-08 10:07am EDT | Tags :

Brass trivet

Short brass trivet with wooden/brass handle. In good, used condition.

Price: $85.00

2017-Jun-08 10:03am EDT | Tags :

Early black tote

Dry paint, early construction (needs repair to handle) tote found in Kentucky. Nice patina, functional .

Price: $65.00

2017-Jun-08 09:59am EDT | Tags :

Early brass and wrought iron trivet

Brass trivet with wooden/brass handle atop a wrought iron stand. Trivet is not sitting straight but is solid. Usual wear and associated with anything old. Screws have been replaced underneath with newer ones probably because of wear.

Price: $85.00

2017-May-29 05:50pm EDT | Tags :

Wooden grain measure

Red madder, wooden double-sided grain measure for dry measurement. Good, used condition. Metal rings and wooden slat construction.

Price: $125.00

2017-May-29 05:47pm EDT | Tags :

Zeno chewing gum black tin box

Black and gold metal box with paper label inside lid "ZENO CHEWING GUM UNCOMMONLY GOOD" White paper backing is stained. Metal box is in good, used condition with one corner separating a small amount. Usual wear for a box this age.

Price: $65

2017-May-28 09:39am EDT | Tags :

Early tin spice box

Black tin spice box with 6 square boxes. Good, used condition. Latch on front closes easily. Usual scratching, especially on black tin, are apparent. Structurally nice shape. Stenciling is readable.

Price: $65.00

2017-May-28 09:34am EDT | Tags :

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