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Fletcher's Antiques is located in the beautiful Loess Hills of southwest Iowa. We have been passionately collecting for the last 20 years, and have chosen to share our passion for quality pieces with others who value them as much as we do. Our interests are mainly stoneware, old and original painted surfaces, woodenware and folk art. Much of what we offer is from Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic, with plenty of New England finds as well. We accept checks and PayPal as payment options, and we will always work out favorable layaway terms if you like. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, simply let us know within three days and we will refund your full purchase price minus all shipping/insurance charges. Please feel free to contact us at ANY time about a piece if you need information or have questions. Also, please let us know if there is something in particular you are looking for. Thanks very much for your time, we look forward to talking with you!


An absolutely beautiful Daniel Strawser bird tree carving, signed and dated 2000. 12-1/4"h. Three small birds, each measuring approximately 6" in length and attached to a natural branch. The bird tree is attached to a appealing red hand carved base which measures 5" x 3 1/2". Please inquire for additional pictures.

Price: 215 + shipping

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A beautifully painted 19th century double handled redware jar attributed to Henry Fahr. Fahr was a potter in Berks County, PA in the second half of the 19th century. The jar is impressed with the initials "HF" twice, one directly above the other. This piece retains an old faded green painted floral decoration around the entire base of the jar. There is only glaze on the top of exterior of the jar, along with the old paint decoration on the bottom. There is Albany slip glaze on the interior, and one drip down the exterior side. This wonderful piece measures 10" tall and the opening is 8 1/2" wide. The only damage are two very small base flakes and an interior 1/2" rim chip. This is a very unique piece of Americana. Please inquire for additional pictures.

Price: 275 + shipping

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A 19th century turned mortar & pestle in very nice condition. The mortar is signed on the bottom in pencil, and appears to read "Mary D. Wray". Both the mortar and pestle have a nice stained patina, with the lower half of the mortar showing wear and some scrapes from use. There is a very small and tight crack in the base, and also a very tight crack in the pestle from use, as is expected with these pieces as they were used often. The mortar is 7" tall and both pieces together measure nearly 14". These pieces are believed to be an original set. Please inquire for additional pictures.

Price: 195 + shipping

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Two bride's boxes in fabulous painted surfaces, the first in richly oxidized dry robin’s egg blue paint with a courting couple against a fine floral decorated lid and body. The second box retains very bright orange primary coloring with profuse floral decoration on the lid and body. Mid 19th C, pine, lap seam laced construction, and iron nailed. American origin. Early minor losses to pine facing, bottom edge areas of lid, upper rim of body. Minor repairs to lids of both boxes, otherwise very good untouched original condition. Blue box measures 19" long by 7" tall by 11" wide. The orange box measures 16 1/2" long x 10" wide x 6 1/2" tall. Please inquire for additional pictures.

Price: Blue-645 + ship Orange-595+ship

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Extremely unique, well built and very heavy inlaid gameboard. It is a one sided board with alternating colored inlay and the reverse is wired for hanging display. This is a wonderful piece of folk art that measures 28 1/2" long by 17" wide. It does have some very minor losses and repairs that do not detract from the look of this fine piece of 19th century Americana. Please inquire for additional pictures.

Price: 345 + shipping

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Retaining it's original bright paint colors, this handmade folky rooster is a pleasing one of a kind piece. Its multicolored picket fence plant box measures 10" square. From the tip of the chicken coop to the bottom of the fence measures 22". Found in Pennsylvania, this piece is very sturdy and well made with no losses or damage. While this piece could hold anything, it would look great filled with colorful flowers on a covered porch. Please inquire for additional pictures.

Price: 95 + shipping

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Here is a small paint decorated coffee tin with a sliding dome topped lid. This piece retains much of it's original dark green paint with orange and yellow decoration. In the center of the front is a winter scene of a snow covered cabin with trees and two people outside. On the lid is painted "Coffee" in fancy script lettering. This little countertop tin was found in Ohio and measures 9" tall by 7" wide and 6" deep. There is honest paint loss from use, mainly on the sliding lid. This piece fits well on a countertop and is a nice early tin. Please inquire for additional pictures.

Price: 95 + shipping

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Beautiful 19th century lidded cake crock bearing the "R.C.R. Phila" mark of Richard Remmey. This eye pleasing piece is heavily decorated with bright cobalt floral decoration and measures 6" tall and 10" wide, with the lid just a bit larger than the top of the crock. There is some chipping to the handle of the lid, as well as chipping to one handle. There is also a hairline crack running from top to bottom of the crock. This is a very desirable well-decorated cake crock. Please inquire for additional pictures.

Price: 395 + shipping

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A very unique and simple one gallon stoneware jar attributed to Richard Remmey. The jar has a very bold and dark blue cobalt floral band around the entire shoulder of the body. This crock dates to the third quarter of the 19th century and is in remarkable condition. Measures 9" tall and 5" wide at the mouth. The only apologies with this piece are three small rim flakes. This is a wonderful uncommon decoration that is not easily found. Please inquire for additional pictures.

Price: 345 + shipping

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This is a fabulous piece of stoneware that advertises "A. RENSCH & CO. ANCHOIS/MUSTARD TOLEDO, O." It has six wonderful bold blue stripes around the top and bottom and a great fish in the center. This keg shaped crock measures 13" tall with a 7 1/2" wide opening. Although there is a bit of cobalt loss on the top stripe and a couple small pings, I have not seen another in this condition. What a fine, unique piece of advertising stoneware. Please inquire for additional pictures.

Price: 450 + shipping

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Unique and pretty 19th century tiger maple mortar with pestle. Beautiful bold wood grain gives this piece its amazing character. Mortar measures 7 1/2" tall by 5 1/2" wide, and with the pestle, the piece measures 13 1/2" tall. Lovingly repaired, there is an age crack along one side of the mortar. As expected the pestle has a crack from age and use, and although I don't believe they started out as a pair, the marriage was likely made long ago. This is a very eye-catching piece of Americana. Please inquire for additional pictures.

Price: 275 + shipping

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What an absolutely wonderful one gallon stoneware pitcher with cobalt floral decoration. Circa 1865, this Pennsylvania origin pitcher is stamped "COWDEN & WILCOX / HARRISBURG". This is an ovoid shaped pitcher with a fine tall collar, with a semi-squared rim molding, decorated with an unusual brushed tulip motif featuring spotting and a dashed tip. There is a great bold cobalt brushed leaf design to the spout. Further, there are two cobalt highlights to the handle terminals. The pitcher has some kiln fry to the cobalt, and other minor issues include a thin 5 1/2" crack to left of spout, a small chip to the spout and a small in-the-firing surface chip to reverse. This pitcher shows very well and would be a great addition for any Cowden & Wilcox or stoneware collector. Please inquire for additional pictures.

Price: 849 + shipping

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Wonderful 19th century original painted stack of nesting pantry boxes. These boxes are constructed of both ash and pine woods and retain their original ochre-brown paint. Over the years, the paint has developed a great dry surface. Lap seam construction, copper tack & wood pin joinery provide this stack of pantry boxes with visually pleasing sturdiness. These four boxes have wonderful sweeping chamfered edge interior lap seams on each box. This is a true, hard to find nesting pantry box set. The dimensions of the pantry boxes measure 9 3/4" diameter x 5" tall for the largest, to 5 3/4" diameter x 2 1/4" tall for the smallest. The entire stack measures 15" tall. Please inquire for additional pictures.

Price: 595 + shipping

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Here is a wide-mouthed undecorated stoneware jug and a smaller jug with a very plain broad sloping collar, each with the very clearly impressed "R.C.R. PHILA" touch of Richard C. Remmey. The larger jug measures 10 1/2" tall and has a base diameter of 7 1/8". The smaller jug measures 8" tall with a 4 3/4" base diameter. These circa 1880 jugs are in very good condition, with the larger having some kiln burns, a shallow 1/4" rim edge flake, a contact mark on the side and a very small kiln pop on the handle. The smaller jug has a 1" in-the-making handle bruise. You don't find many Remmey jugs, and it's rare to find signed Remmey undecorated stoneware in very good condition. Please inquire for additional pictures.

Price: Large Jug/195 Small Jug/225 + shipping

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