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Tin Cats Antiques is located in Amarillo, Texas and specializes in early American (18th & 19th century) antiques ... Colonial, primitives, furniture and smalls, and pieces with original or very old paint. Ninety percent of what we offer comes from the Northeast and New England areas. The remaining percentage is found in the midwest and maybe sometimes right here in Texas. We encourage you to visit https://www.tincats.com to see other items not featured here on Dig Antiques. We accept personal checks and business checks, as well as PayPal. NO DISCOUNT WILL BE GIVEN IF PAID BY PAYPAL. Buyer pays shipping costs, although free shipping is available on some items. Returns are accepted within 72 hours of receiving the item(s) for a full refund, minus shipping costs. No questions asked. Items must be returned with shipment insurance and in their originally shipped condition. Layaway CONSIDERED. However, no returns on layaways accepted.

10-3/4" red painted bowl

Beautiful out of round maple bowl in original red wash. Measures 10-3/4."

Price: $250 plus shipping

2019-Sep-01 05:15pm EDT | Tags :

Green painted bowl.

Truly out of round! 8.5" on one side; 7.5" on the other to make an oval green-painted bowl. The bowl has some kind of stain on the inside and boasts of its old, original green paint on the outside. Lovely color, excellent size! ca. 1850

Price: Sold. Thank you.

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13.5" black painted dough bowl

13.5" black painted dough bowl that is thick and heavy. Dry, old black painted surface. From an Illinois collection.

Price: Sold! Thank you!

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Another TinCats.Com update!

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Price: varies

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Blue painted utensil holder with 10 compartments

Blue painted utensil holder with 10 compartments measures 9" x 7" x 5," including handle. Original and old blue paint with good wear. Dovetailed corners. Combination of nail sizes and shapes, and very worn flat-head screws. The box is hand-carved; the bottom is made of two boards.

Price: Sold! Thank you!

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Website update on TinCats.com

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Price: varies

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Early spool holder with 5 spools of thread

This early primitive spool holder contains five spools of thread in white, green, orange, red and blue cotton. Meant to hang on the wall, it measures 17" long x 2-3/4" wide by 5" deep. The holder back is hand-carved, with stick spool holders attached through the back with square nails. The top stick has an old repair on the back. In excellent condition, this makes for an interesting and colorful wall-hanging. Late 1800s, early 1900s. From a collection in Springfield, Ill.

Price: Sold! Thank you!

2019-Aug-22 11:57am EDT | Tags :

13" green painted dough bowl

1800s lathe-turned and slightly out-of-round dough 13-13.5" bowl painted in its original and early green paint. The lip of the bowl is not painted, and the paint on the bowl's bottom is worn off from years of use. The wear and patina are wonderful. Additional photos available. From a Springfield, Ill. collection.

Price: Sold. Thank you!

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Early American Quilts: Be a Better Buyer blog post


2019-Jul-31 02:57pm EDT | Tags :

NEW! Country Bow Tie Quilt

Country Bow Tie Quilt Ca1870; originating from York County Pennsylvania. This quilt contains lovely homespun designs of reds and greens with a double border. Fabrics used are cotton for the front and homespun muslin for the quilt’s back. This quilt is has been washed. Measurements: 70” x 79” (Standard Queen Size Bed is 60” x 80”) The quilt is hand pieced and has a hand stitched binding that folds over from the back to the front. The hand quilting is completed at 6-8 stitches per inch with lots of quilting. This thin quilt has genuine cotton batting (you can see cotton seeds when you hold it up to light). It has areas of very small, light age spotting. No holes or tears. $450

Price: $450

2019-Jul-23 10:42am EDT | Tags :

NEW! Country Blue Cake Stand Quilt

Country Blue Cake Stand Quilt This mid-to-late 1800s hand-pieced and hand-quilted Cake Stand Quilt with a double border is an excellent piece for country quilt lovers. This less common pattern is stitched in blue and white dotted calico on tiny print blocks set on point. Alternating blocks are blue and white with cross-hatch quilting. The sawtooth border and the solid stripe border are country blue with tiny white stars. The patterned white binding is hand sewn to the white backing. Batting is a medium thickness and thicker in some areas due to heavy use. It is stitched approximately 6 stitches per inch. The quilt is in good antique condition, with expected small seam separations and some fading to areas of the border. There is one frayed area, pictured. It measures 68” x 66.” (Standard Queen Size is 60” x 80.”) It would be nice folded on the end of a bed or displayed on a wall. $375

Price: $375.00

2019-Jul-23 10:40am EDT | Tags :

Blue and White Flagstones Quilt

Blue and White Flagstones Quilt 76x80; 10 stitches to the inch. Excellent condition. Very well hand-stitched and quilted.

Price: $400 plus $25 shipping (was $450)

2019-May-28 01:52pm EDT | Tags :

Lone Star Variation, pastels

Lone Star Variation, pastels Solid cotton pastels, c1930; Ohio. Unused and unwashed. Measures 86x86. 8-10 stitches per inch. Back is done in lavender cotton and has fading in the folds. One tiny brown spot on the front, left top of the quilt

Price: $600 plus $25 shipping (was $650)

2019-May-28 01:51pm EDT | Tags :

Blue and White Calico Bear Claw Quilt

Blue and White Calico Bear Claw Quilt Hand-stitched early quilt dating from mid- to late 1800s. Quilt measures 77” x 80”. Quilt is in good condition, 8 stitches to the inch. Binding is in very good condition. One area of piecing on a claw shows fraying and appears to have been worked on in ink to cover the flaw (see pic). See other pic that shows only other area of slight fraying.

Price: $400 plus $25 shipping (was $450)

2019-May-28 01:17pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Tin Sconce

Painted Tin Sconce: This is a wonderful early tin sconce with tole painted designs on it. The designs are hand painted in red and yellow floral designs. It has a cleated through candle cup and a great round top with a pie crust crimped edge. The sconce is in very good condition with just expected wear and slight burning of the lower design from lite candles. It is 13 1/2” tall x 3 3/8” wide and dates to early 19th century, c. 1800-1840.

Price: $265 includes shipping

2019-May-28 01:11pm EDT | Tags :

Numbered checkerboard

Wonderful old checkerboard, most likely early 1900s. Original paint. Hand-painted. Unusual to find numbers within the squares.

Price: $950 plus $35 shipping

2019-May-28 12:08pm EDT | Tags :

Greg Shooner Salt, 2017

2.5" tall by 2.5" wide. Sweet little salt in perfectly old condition. Signed Greg Shooner 2017.

Price: 95 includes shipping

2019-May-25 10:05am EDT | Tags : contemporary redware

David Ellinger watercolor, signed.

David Ellinger (American 1913-2003) was a well-known contemporary folk artist whose works have been accepted into the early American antiques collector's world. Watercolor fraktur of a floral tree with two peacocks, signed lower middle, 11" x 8" Good condition. Also signed on back. More photos upon request.

Price: $645 plus $15 shipping (was $685)

2019-May-05 01:01am EDT | Tags :

Stack of two miniature pantry boxes

Set of two miniature pill boxes. Nothing looks cuter with a 2" x 1" finger-lap pill box than the same little pill box accompanied by a two and 5/8" by 1.5" pill box. The larger of the two shows worn green paint. Both boxes have the central indented hole from the mold in making these boxes. While these two boxes look great together and alone, imagine the stack of pantry boxes that could be born with these two? Dating from the mid-1850s, these wonderful pill boxes are in excellent condition, each with opposing finger laps.

Price: Sold! Thank you!

2019-May-04 03:38am EDT | Tags : miniatures

Please Read Blog Post on Penny Rugs


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I recently obtained a set of wrought iron utensils, pictured below, but also described separately if you scroll. I will be happy to work with you on pricing!

Price: varies!

2019-Mar-28 08:38pm EDT | Tags :

Eunice Hager Sampler, 1860

Eunice Hager Sampler, 1860 Large, beautifully stitched family history sampler in black wool on tan linen 3 alphabets, the numbers 1-10. 17" x 14" Frame included at no cost to buyer.

Price: $300 plus $25 shipping

2019-Mar-26 03:43pm EDT | Tags :

Late 1800s tote, original red paint.

Late 1800s tote, original red paint. Beautiful patina and age-related wear. Cracks and chips as expected, yet sturdy. Simple butt-joint construction, hand-carved, old nails with old repairs in spots along the bottom sides. (Dimensions: 11" x 16" and 3" deep) I have used this wonderfully primitive piece in nearly every possible way since I purchased it five years ago! Never a disappointment!

Price: Sold! Thank you!

2019-Mar-26 03:27pm EDT | Tags :

Slide top candle box in original green paint

Early 1800s. Slide-top candle box in original green paint. Pine, simple construction. Square nails. This is one of the first pieces of painted antiques I purchased. Now I'm passing it on to you at the same price. Firm! Please enjoy it as I have.

Price: $375 plus $20 shipping (firm)

2019-Mar-26 03:18pm EDT | Tags :

Black Indiana Doll sitting at a table, c.1900

Black Indiana Doll sitting at a table, c.1900 This is one of the most fabulous pieces of folk art I've ever seen. The amount of work that must have gone into this piece of art to achieve capturing all of that detail is astounding. The only thing missing from this is there most likely was another piece sitting glued to the table. Her face shows a pretty and pleasant expression. The doll's clothes looked to have been machine-stitched. The table and the duck under it were hand-carved. This little doll from Indiana captures life during the early 1900s. Exceptional work. Dimensions: Base of board to height of doll: 7" by 4-1/4" by 6-3/4" tall

Price: $350 plus free shipping

2019-Mar-26 02:50pm EDT | Tags :

Early Amish trencher

I love this early 1800s’ Amish Trencher with its dark, scrubbed finish. This well-used trencher has a deep well that has been worn through in one tiny hole; otherwise it is in great condition. It is thick and sturdy, but even better, it boasts an early, early repair done by an expert woodworker. This bowl is part of our collection and a definite favorite! (Dimensions: 19” L x 12-3/4” W x 5” h)

Price: $300 plus $25 shipping

2019-Mar-26 11:57am EDT | Tags :

Early white doll

Very sweetly-stitched face on this early doll. Her clothing is original and pretty tattered, but she clearly was dearly loved by some little girl. The wire ring around the bottom of her dress remains intact; at one time, the dress was long enough to fall in a nicely formed circle around her feet, which are covered in leather. Probably early 20th century

Price: Sold. Thank you!

2019-Mar-26 11:47am EDT | Tags :

19" Wrought iron and brass ladle

19" Wrought iron and brass ladle. Good condition ... detachment on under side of ladle that is easily fixed, if desired. PA origin. (Make me an offer on utensils!)

Price: $45 plus $25 shipping

2019-Mar-26 11:35am EDT | Tags :

15.5" wrought iron sugar nippers

15.5" wrought iron sugar nippers, excellent condition. PA origin. (Make me an offer on utensils!)

Price: Sold! Thank you!

2019-Mar-26 11:31am EDT | Tags :

Wrought iron spatula

Wrought iron spatula, 14.5" long, excellent condition. PA origin (Make me an offer on utensils!)

Price: Sold. Thank you!

2019-Mar-26 11:29am EDT | Tags :

11" long wrought iron tongs

Excellent condition. PA origin. (Make me an offer on utensils!)

Price: $35 plus $25 shipping

2019-Mar-26 11:27am EDT | Tags :

16" wrought iron two-tined fork

16" wrought iron two-tined fork. Has WH initialed in the fork. 44 Nestler, Hummelstown, PA (Make me an offer on utensils!)

Price: $35 plus $25 shipping

2019-Mar-26 11:20am EDT | Tags :

Ash burl maple sugar mold

5-1/8 inches x 3.5 inches natural form and surface, 18th century or early 19th century. Found in upstate New York. Very beautiful wood. This makes a great paper weight!

Price: Sold! Thank you!

2019-Mar-26 11:20am EDT | Tags :

17.5" long 3-tined wrought iron fork

17.5" long 3-tined wrought iron fork. Looks like a devil's pitchfork! From Pennsylvania, excellent condition (Make me an offer on utensils!)

Price: $35 plus $25 shipping

2019-Mar-26 11:14am EDT | Tags :

Three-tined wrought iron fork

Three-tined wrought iron fork. Signed Chatillon. H.W. Pickett, Reedaville, PA. Excellent condition. 18-1/4" long (Make me an offer on utensils!)

Price: $35 plus $25 shipping

2019-Mar-26 11:06am EDT | Tags :

Two-tined fork, 9-1/2" long

The words are difficult to read on the label, but it's from Pennsylvania. Excellent condition two-tined fork, 9.5" long. (Make me an offer on utensils!)

Price: Sold. Thank you!

2019-Mar-26 10:17am EDT | Tags :

10-1/4" long wrought iron fork

10-1/4" long wrought iron fork, 2 tines, everything intact, excellent condition. PA origin. (Make me an offer on utensils!)

Price: Sold. Thank you!

2019-Mar-26 09:12am EDT | Tags :

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