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Tin Cats Antiques is located in Amarillo, Texas and specializes in early American (18th & 19th century) antiques ... Colonial, primitives, furniture and smalls, and pieces with original or very old paint. Ninety percent of what we offer comes from the Northeast and New England areas. The remaining percentage is found in the midwest and maybe sometimes right here in Texas. We encourage you to visit https://www.tincats.com to see other items not featured here on Dig Antiques. We accept personal checks and business checks, as well as PayPal. NO DISCOUNT WILL BE GIVEN IF PAID BY PAYPAL. Buyer pays shipping costs, although free shipping is available on some items. Returns are accepted within 72 hours of receiving the item(s) for a full refund, minus shipping costs. No questions asked. Items must be returned with shipment insurance and in their originally shipped condition. Layaway CONSIDERED. However, no returns on layaways accepted. PLEASE LOOK FOR THE "UNDER $200" TAG AT THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PAGE FOR AN AFFORDABLE WAY TO BEGIN AND/OR ADD TO YOUR COUNTRY PRIMITIVES COLLECTION!

Traces of mustard miniature oval pantry box

New England miniature oval bentwood pantry box, 19th c. faint remains of yellow surface; 1" h, 3-1/4" w. Has spotting stain on top of what looks to be blue or green. Underside of lid has pencil markings of math problems. Bottom has unfortunate remnants of a price tag from an auction company. $300

Price: See description

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New England Dome Top Dresser Box

New England painted and stenciled pine dome-top dresser box, 19th c. Grape and foliate decoration on a rosewood grained background, 6" h, 11" w. Later off-white paint on inside. Minor surface scratches, lacks part of clasp. Otherwise good condition and very fine piece. $675

Price: See description.

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Continental painted beech dresser box, early 19th.

Continental painted beech dresser box, early 19th. c.; original floral decoration; 4" h, 111-1/4" w. Provenance: Private Collection from New Jersey. Beautiful condition aesthetically. The top once opened by way of wooden dowels. One is now gone, and the other side remains a partial, so the lid lifts off and on easily. $500

Price: See description.

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Pennsylvania toleware document box, 19th c

Pennsylvania toleware document box, 19th c; original floral decoration, 7-1/4" h, 9-3/4" w. Provenance: Collection of Dr. Carl Mogil, Cherry Hill, NJ. Sporadic paint loss. Excellent condition. Blacklight shows floral decoration to be original. $750

Price: See description.

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6-1/4" green painted pantry box

New England painted bentwood pantry box, 19th c, retaining a nice, dry green original surface. 3"h 6-1/4" diameter; opposing finger laps. Excellent condition with signs of normal wear for age. $645

Price: See description

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Oil on Velvet Theorem

Oil on velvet theorem, 19th c depicting a flower basket with a bluebird. 10-1/4" by 12-1/2". Provenance: Collection of Dr. Carl Mogil, Cherry Hill, NJ. Light toning, overall very good condition. $400

Price: See description.

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New York silk on linen sample

New York silk on linen sampler, dated 1826, wrought by Amelia Davidson, 17-1/4" by 14-3/4" Provenance: Thurston Thatcher, Hamden, Connecticut; private collecton Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey; excellent condition. $465

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Sweet Watercolor Portrait

Watercolor portrait of two girls, most likely sisters, mid-19th c 8"x6." Beautiful maple frame. Fine attention to detail. Excellent condition. $350

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Miniature Shaker Pantry Box

Harvard, Massachusetts Shaker miniature oval bentwood box, 19th c. Faintly initialed EB on bottom. 1-5/8" h; 4" w. Excellent condition with even wear throughout; appears to have once been mustard paint. $550.

Price: See description

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Miniature oval pantry box

Brookfield, Massachusetts signed miniature oval bentwood pantry box; inscribed on underside of lid L. Richardson, Brookfield, Mass, 1874; 1-1/2" h, 4-1/4" w. Very good condition with no apparent damages or repairs. Shine likely due to waxing at some time during the box's life. Copper nails and tacks. Very fine little box. $425

Price: See description

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11" Blue Bale Handled Pantry Box

Painted bentwood pantry box, 19th c. bale handle, retains old blue surface; 6-1/4" h, 11" diameter; estate of Joan and Ray King, North Wales, Pennsylvania; Normal wear for age. Bottom and top have sturdy splits that do not take away from this beautiful blue box. $775

Price: layaway. Thank you.

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Small continental bentwood bride's box

Continental painted bentwood bride's box, early 19th c, with floral decoration; small size: 4-5/8" h 11" wide. Provenance: Estate of Joan and Ray King, North Wales, PA. Good condition with no apparent damages or repairs. $450

Price: Sold. Thank you!

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MAKE OFFER: New England burl mortar and pestle

New England burl mortar and pestle; 19th c. 7-1/2" h. Very good condition. Married mortar and pestle. The wood against which this photo was taken is pecan ... makes me wonder about the wood of this mortar and pestle. $550

Price: See description

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Early Reverse-painted Profile Portrait

Reverse painted profile Reverse painted profile portrait of a gentleman, early 19th c., 12" x 9". Gold on glass. Appears to be signed but not legible. $300

Price: See description

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Stack of four and/or two miniature oval pantries

See descriptions of individual items with individual boxes. Price for all four $1,300. Price for top two: $550. (Blue oval box has sold.)

Price: See description.

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Blue painted miniature oval pantry box

New England miniature oval bentwood pantry box, 19th c. in old dry blue surface; 1-3/8" h, 3-3/4" w. Copper nails and tacks. Remains of auction sticker on bottom. $300.

Price: Sold. Thank you!

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Pennsylvania ink and watercolor fraktur bookplate

Pennsylvania ink and watercolor fraktur bookplate, dated 1803, inscribed Susann Bibel Das Edel, with central tulip emitting from a heart. 5" x 3" Minor stains. Very good condition. PM for more information and price.

Price: See description

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Miniature Pitcher Basket, late 1800s

This Late 1800s Miniature Pitcher Basket has only one flaw: It used to have a thin handle. However, it looks perfect and beautiful without the handle ... and if you didn't know any better, you wouldn't know! This basket measures 3-1/4" tall, 4" wide at the mouth, and 5" wide at the bottom. The neck circumference is 10.5 inches, and the circumference at the widest part of the body is 14.5". It is tightly woven without any breaks or losses. At the widest part of the body, there are four skillfully braided tiny strands woven into the body of the basket. Every other vertical line of weavings is a reddish color ... not sure whether this was paint or just a different hue of wood; probably the latter. This is truly a beautiful and skillful example of early American folk art, even without the tiny handle. $100

Price: Sold. Thank you!

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Miniature lidded and handled basket

This amazing little basket appears to be early 1900s, but it could be earlier. It looks like a basket version of a teapot! It is skillfully woven and still in perfect condition. The "pot" sits on a hexagonal bottom strip of varnished bamboo that is subtly tied onto the bottom of the rounded portion of the pot with wire. The basket, itself, is a tight open weave with no breakage. The handle is still firm, without damage, as well. The impressive and tightly openly woven lid boasts a decorative hexagonal single weave around the hand-carved wooden knob. The knob is tightly woven into the lid's weavings. A single wide strip of bamboo fits into the basket underneath the lid to keep it tightly in place. The tint of the lid's weave is similar to the tint of the varnished bottom "seat." Such a perfect and sweet little piece at a pretty much perfect price.

Price: $100 plus shipping

2018-Oct-24 07:21pm EDT | Tags : under $200

Early miniature open-work basket

This late 1800s, early 1900s open-work basket is tightly hand-woven and in excellent, maybe perfect, condition. It measures 4" tall at the highest point of the handle. The basket height is 2." Both the bottom of the basket and the opening are 3.5" wide. There is no breakage and appears to be be no repairs. The bottom shows to be darker in color due to sitting and wear. Perfect little piece! $85

Price: Sold. Thank you!

2018-Oct-24 06:57pm EDT | Tags : under $200

Primitive mustard spice cabinet

Perfect example of an 1800s spice cabinet! Original mustard paint, some well-used and chipped knobs, but a wonderful old piece! Eight drawers. 1800s. Has a hole for hanging on the wall. Old square nail construction. Great primitive piece! $295

Price: $295 plus shipping

2018-Oct-24 06:56pm EDT | Tags :

Early miniature woven teacup and saucer

Early miniature woven teacup and saucer, late 1800s, early 1900s. This tightly woven masterpiece measures 1-1/4" tall, and 3-1/4" wide at the saucer bottom. The top of the cup measures almost 2" wide. The finely woven, silky cup and saucer are stitched together in a fairly thick black thread. The cup is woven with the black thread onto the saucer. The cup has a tiny little handle that's woven onto the cup tightly with the black thread. There are no holes and no damage to this wonderful piece of folk art! $100

Price: Sold. Thank you!

2018-Oct-24 06:49pm EDT | Tags : under $200

Watercolor of small child in blue dress

Water Color Small child in blue dress. Sweet smile on her face. Dated 1.22.1896. The smudge-mark in the photos actually is from a dirty glass. Easily cleaned. Original gold frame. $295

Price: $295 plus shipping

2018-Oct-24 06:46pm EDT | Tags :

Miniature woven, painted basket, 1800s

This miniature basket is slightly out-of-shape and measures 4" at the top opening, 2.5" on the bottom. It is roughly 3" wide and 2-1/4" tall. It is tightly woven, unbroken and has some painted weavings (reds) that have faded with time. Excellent condition! $75

Price: Sold. Thank you!

2018-Oct-24 06:13pm EDT | Tags : under $200

Watercolor painting of pretty girl in blue dress

Pretty Girl in Blue Sweet watercolor of a young girl in a blue dress, holding flowers. Original maple frame. Parts of her face appear to have lost color and look white; however, this doesn't take away too much from the over all attractiveness of this charming painting. Shadows are due to glass glare in taking photos. New England origin. $495

Price: Sold. Thank you!

2018-Oct-24 05:32pm EDT | Tags :

1800s Fruit Theorem

1800s theorem in original gold frame. Theorem is pretty but has some issues to mention; there is water damage, foxing and a repaired tear. Nice golds, blues and reds; good example of commonly-painted theorem of the time. Measures 14.5" by 18" $300.

Price: $300 plus shipping

2018-Oct-24 05:27pm EDT | Tags :

Pastels Yo-Yo Doll Mat

Yo-Yo Doll Mat 1930’s Yo Yo doll mat in pastels. Excellent condition. Purchased from Stella Rubin. $200

Price: $200 plus free shipping

2018-Oct-24 05:23pm EDT | Tags : under $200

Miniature cheese basket, 1800s.

This sweet and delicate miniature cheese basket measures almost 3" wide at the top and 1-3/4" tall. The bottom measures 2" wide. Excellent condition; no breakages. Minor imperfections in shape, but that is to be expected. $75

Price: Sold. Thank you!

2018-Oct-24 05:06pm EDT | Tags : under $200

Early 20th century Star Wool Mat

Star Wool Mat Measures 36x23; early 20th century, This wonderful black wool mat displays three bright orange and green yarn stars in the center rectangle, surrounded by three layers of petals outlined in red, blue and purple. While in overall good condition, there is some fading, especially with the purple stitches, and broken stitches throughout. This mat looks pretty on a table, and would be a beautiful wall hanging, as well. $265

Price: $265 plus shipping

2018-Oct-24 04:00pm EDT | Tags :

Gorgeous Mounted Penny Mat

Mounted Penny Mat This gorgeous penny rug looks perfect mounted on black felt. While there is slight staining and aging (early 20th century) to be expected, the overall picture is stunning. It makes quite a statement on the wall. The background is a very light pink/peach, with black coins hand-stitched in varying thread colors. The pennies all have stars stitched into their centers, as well as the “lambs’ ears” that border the mat. Measures 28” by 53” $450

Price: $450 plus shipping

2018-Oct-24 02:17pm EDT | Tags :

New England Pine Cabinet

New England Pine Cabinet 19th century grain-painted mustard cabinet with four drawers. Each drawer is divided into smaller compartments, with each drawer having different compartment sizes. The wooden knobs are original to the cabinet. Simple nail construction, with lots of small square nails. The top board has a split but remains sturdy. The chest sits on small, wooden, button feet. Measures 10.5” tall by 13.5” wide. Lots of wear on the top. Wonderful primitive piece. $375

Price: $375 plus shipping

2018-Oct-21 02:05pm EDT | Tags :

19th Century Redware Bowl

19th Century Redware Bowl 9" shallow redware bowl with slip decoration. Good condition. $150

Price: $150 plus shipping

2018-Oct-21 01:01pm EDT | Tags : under $200

Early Walnut Wall box

Measures 5-3/4" tall by 11-3/4" wide. Heavy, early 19th century walnut wall box. Back is slightly arched and has a hole for hanging. This box is sturdy with simple butt-joint construction. The wood has a marvelous smooth, dented patina from years of use. It has lots of tiny square nails, with a few later and larger nails to preserve use of the box. A few dry cracks, but nothing that jeopardizes the integrity of the box and only adds to its character. Wonderful addition to any early primitive collection! $150

Price: Sold. Thank you!

2018-Oct-21 12:40pm EDT | Tags : under $200

Large Pine Wall box

Measures 14.5" tall by 11-3/4" wide. Early 19th century wall box, or candle box, with tombstone-shaped back and large hole for hanging. Simple butt-joint construction with square nails. Unpainted, dry pine. Hand-carved. Excellent condition. Perfect early primitive! $150

Price: Sold. Thank you!

2018-Oct-21 11:38am EDT | Tags : under $200

Small Beaded Walnut Wall Box

Small walnut wall box $300.00 Excellent small walnut wall box with brass studs; late 19th century OHIO. Unusual size, excellent condition. 11" long by 7" wide by 3" deep.

Price: $325 free shipping

2018-Oct-18 11:55pm EDT | Tags :

Baseball Game Dart Board

Baseball Game Dart Board Excellent Norristown, PA painted pine and plywood Apex Dart baseball game board; early 20th c., with instruction sheet on verso; 34 inches by 33.5 inches

Price: $850 LAYAWAY

2018-Oct-18 11:01pm EDT | Tags :

19th century small dome-lid, painted dresser box

19th century small, pine, dome-lid, painted dresser box $825.00 Beautifully painted pine dome-lid dresser box, 19th c; retaining its original floral decoration on light blue ground, 3 inches by 4-1/8 inches. Excellent condition. Provenance: Witman Auctions, Manheim, PA, March 12, 2003; from the Ruth Bryson Collection

Price: $825 free shipping

2018-Oct-18 07:52pm EDT | Tags :

Fraktur for Jesaias Wehry, b. 1848

Fraktur for Jesaias Wehry, b. 1848 $1,350.00 Excellent example from Mahantongo Township, PA, ink and watercolor fraktur birth certificate for Jesaias Wehry; b. 1848; 12 inches by 14.5 inches. See photos for extensive details.

Price: $1,350 free shipping

2018-Oct-18 07:46pm EDT | Tags :

Hand-drawn and colored fraktur

Hand-drawn and colored fraktur $1,700.00 Georg Friedrich Speyer: Southeastern Pennsylvania, active 1774-1801. Here is a vibrant, printed and hand-drawn and colored fraktur birth certificate for Abraham Schlimann. b 1797; Measures 13 inches by 15-3/4 inches. The vibrant colors make this an attractive piece. The only "flaw" is the penciled in portion at the top of the fraktur, as if someone had been scribbling on a scrap piece of paper. Of course, this could be erased with care ... For a similar example, see Pennsylvania German Fraktur of the Free Library of Philadelphia, fig. 294. Provenance: Bruce Shoemaker, June 8, 1999; from the Ruth Bryson Collection

Price: $1,700 free shipping

2018-Oct-18 07:39pm EDT | Tags :

Denim-backed Penny Mat

Denim-backed Penny Mat This colorful early 20th century penny mat measures 36” by 27-1/2” and would make a excellent contribution to an antique primitive collection. Imagine a bowl full of colorful stone fruit sitting on top of this mat! It is hand-stitched and machine-stitched to create a denim-backed mat with small 1-1/4” pennies inside 3-1/4” pennies, with the smaller ones placed throughout in between the larger pennies. There is some material deterioration and a few broken stitches here and there, but nothing that takes away from this beauty. This mat also has a skillful repair to a hole that once was in the center of the mat, and a few stitches to pennies to keep them attached. Such a fun and colorful piece! $275

Price: Sold. Thank you!

2018-Oct-08 08:27pm EDT | Tags :

MAKE OFFER: Lot of New England Painted Tin Pieces

If you like the look, this lot is for you. Purchased together, the price is a firm $485. All pieces of tin are mid-1800s with original, un-touched paint. Some pieces are in better condition than others. The cup shows the most paint loss. The crazing on the pretty tea caddy in otherwise excellent condition is due to an old applied varnish. The beautiful tray shows minimal paint loss, but has some misshapen areas around the hand--rolled edges. The syrup pitcher also shows vibrant paint but chipping to the black background. The stone fruit lemon is an early piece with great color and no chips.

Price: $485 plus $15 shipping

2018-Sep-28 03:37pm EDT | Tags : Lots

New England Tea Caddy Lot

These tea caddies were actually purchased a year apart in different places. They are mid 1800s New England, with the larger of the two being in slightly better paint condition than the smaller, which measures 5.5" tall by 3" wide. Placing them together on this probably early 1900s braided mat that is in good condition with an early red stone fruit strawberry brightens them up and makes a nice showing. More photos available upon request. Lot price is $375.

Price: $375 plus $25 shipping

2018-Sep-28 01:57pm EDT | Tags : Lots

Framed Valentine Heart Cutout on Velvet

It doesn't matter what time of year it is! This sweet, folk art, framed, "love wish" is perfect for any time of year when you love someone! This four-heart print is cut out and matted on dark purple velvet on wood; it is matted in period gilt, and surrounded by a walnut period frame. Dates most likely to late 1800s, early 1900s.

Price: $650 plus $15 shipping

2018-Sep-25 03:01pm EDT | Tags :

Small Oval Pantry Box with traces of green paint

This small oval pantry box with traces of green paint is different from most you might see because of its liberal use of nails and tacks! The box boasts a warm and mellow patina, plenty of square nails and is a desirable size such that it could be part of an oval stack OR stand alone. Measures almost 6" wide by 3-1/4" deep by 3" tall with lid. Clean, old, early 18th century box!

Price: $550 plus $20 shipping

2018-Sep-25 02:55pm EDT | Tags :

Walnut Lollipop Wall Box with slide lid top

Walnut Lollipop Wall Box with slide lid top. Simple nail construction. Unique size and unusual to have the sliding lid. New England, 19th Century. Measures 8.5" long by 6" wide by 4" deep

Price: $750 plus $20 shipping

2018-Sep-25 02:51pm EDT | Tags :

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