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Tin Cats Antiques is located in Amarillo, Texas and specializes in early American (18th & 19th century) antiques ... Colonial, primitives, furniture and smalls, and pieces with original or very old paint. Ninety percent of what we offer comes from the Northeast and New England areas. The remaining percentage is found in the midwest and maybe sometimes right here in Texas. We encourage you to visit https://www.tincats.com to see other items not featured here on Dig Antiques. We accept personal checks and business checks, as well as PayPal. Buyer pays shipping costs, although free shipping is available on some items. Returns are accepted within 72 hours of receiving the item(s) for a full refund, minus shipping costs. No questions asked. Items must be returned with shipment insurance and in their originally shipped condition. Layaway available on all items. Please ask.

Merry Christmas!

Hi, and Merry Christmas to you! After a busy fall season of shows, Tin Cats Antiques is taking a little break from adding new items for holiday decorating and shopping and wrapping and family time. But you can still inquire and purchase anything already listed, so please don't hesitate! We will be back with new things after the first of the year! Happy New Year!!

Price: free!

2017-Dec-07 07:45am EST | Tags :

14" Mustard Bowl

This old mustard bowl measures 14" and is out of round. It shows many chop marks and much wear to the original and old paint. This bowl probably dates mid-1800s. It's a wonderful example of antique country smalls and would look great with a collection of other painted bowls. It has a small hole drilled in the lip for hanging, if desired. Also, the first photo shows darkness to the bowl, but that is just a shadow in the picture. The bowl is clean.

Price: $300 plus shipping

2017-Oct-29 03:01pm EDT | Tags : painted primitive wooden

1857 Leather Family Bible

This sweet Bible measures 7" tall by 4.5" wide by 2" thick. It is covered in leather that is worn and soft from years of use. The Bible contains a family history and a copyright date of 1857. It is in excellent condition, except for a small tear on the top binding. Please message for price.

Price: inquire

2017-Oct-29 02:55pm EDT | Tags : primitive

Another blue pantry box! 8-1/4" round

The top box is 8" and blue/green. The paint is excellent, and the box is thick, including the lid. I have already presented it here if you want to scroll down a few places. Yesterday, I got the pantry box that is 8-1/4" and soldier blue, also excellent paint but not quite the thickness of the first. It dates to the mid-late 1800s. Paint is original and old. It's interesting to note that the blue changes so readily, depending upon the light. Photos depict the same 8-1/4" soldier blue box.

Price: $425 plus shipping (bottom)

2017-Oct-29 01:12pm EDT | Tags : painted pantry box primitive

Buy them by the set or mix and match!

I recently purchased the 8" diameter blue box (featured below), as well as another lighter blue 10-1/4" diameter pantry box. The boxes are fairly close to other blues I already own, so I've pictured them here together. If interested in buying more than one, I would gladly work with you on prices. In the first photo with two boxes, the top box is blue/green and 8" with a very thick lid: $600; the bottom bail handled box is 11-1/4 and is $900. In the second photo with the light blue bail handled box on top, it is 9-3/4" and $750; the second box is 10-1/4" and is $500; the bottom putty blue is 11-3/4 and is $795. The third photo of the two are the same bottom two in the second photo.

Price: varies plus shipping

2017-Oct-25 06:36pm EDT | Tags : painted pantry box primitive

Painted pantry boxes; 19th century

Most of the time, when we shop for or admire pantry boxes, we inspect them for perfection ... for antique perfection. But sometimes in doing that, we fail to see the big picture — where any one pantry box can fit into the big picture to make a beautiful and perfect stack. Consider that. If you see one or more that you might be interested in, please inquire. Thanks so much!

Price: Varies, plus shipping

2017-Oct-25 12:00am EDT | Tags : pantry box painted primitive

Green Candle Box

Early 1800s slide-top candle box in original green paint. Pine, simple construction, square nails

Price: $400.00

2017-Oct-25 12:00am EDT | Tags : wooden painted primitive

19th Century Noah’s Ark

This Noah's ark toy came out of Maine, and the owner thought it was made in Maine, but it is likely of German origin. The ark is all wood and hand painted, as are the animals and people. The ark has a bird painted on the roof. The lid is hinged to open for storage of the animals. The hinges were originally tape, but replaced with string a long time ago. There are 14 animals and two people, all in very good condition, all stand on their own. They include: 2 cats, 2 dogs, an elephant, 4 pigs, a horse, a cow, 3 deer- at least that's a guess as to what they are supposed to be. Mr. and Mrs. Noah are painted gold. They stand - there is a sliver off one and part of an arm missing off the other. Some paint wear. Very good antique condition generally. The ark is 13 1/2" long at the base, 5 1/4" tall, 3 1/2" deep.

Price: $500.00

2017-Oct-25 12:00am EDT | Tags : folk art painted wooden

Early Black & White Game Board

Early black and white game board; 19th century, hand-painted. Thick, great shape!

Price: $515 plus shipping

2017-Oct-24 11:13pm EDT | Tags : wooden painted folk art

Round mustard finger-lap pantry box

Large round pantry box, well loved, thick. 11"; original paint

Price: $435 plus shipping

2017-Oct-24 11:10pm EDT | Tags : pantry box painted wooden

Paint decorated dome-top box

Paint-decorated Dome-top Box 18th century, Worcester, MA This gorgeous dome-top box has it all: Perfect paint with a dainty design of ovals and flowers in red and white. This box has its original lock and key hardware, although the key is gone. It also retains its original wire hinges. A name of “Benjamin” and something else is written in pencil under the lid inside. The lid is constructed with its original square and rose head nails. The box is dovetailed. There is only one slight chip on the lid; otherwise …

Price: $1,100.00 plus shipping

2017-Oct-24 11:06pm EDT | Tags : wooden painted folk art

Early thick, blue pantry box

Blue Pantry Box The beautiful original and dry blue paint on this box looks almost green. It’s a gorgeous color, and the box is thick and sturdy. The lid is very thick and heavy. It’s an almost perfect 8-inch early box.

Price: $600 plus shipping

2017-Oct-24 11:03pm EDT | Tags : pantry box painted wooden

Carved-top Pantry Box

4-1/4" in diameter; 2-1/4" tall. Round pantry box in original mustard/putty paint, fingerlap joints and beautifully carved flowers and stems on the lid. The top of the lid is a grayish-black paint. The fingerlap on the lid has split with age but is sturdy. Appears to have been lightly glued at some time. The inside of the lid is signed with carved initials J.F. The box is thick and sturdy. Nail and peg construction. Beautiful box. Rare carving. Rare signing. Rare size. Rare piece.

Price: $485.00 plus shipping

2017-Oct-24 11:00pm EDT | Tags : pantry box painted folk art

Cloves Pantry Box

This spice box was obviously used to store Cloves for cooking/canning purposes. The pantry box retains its original mustard paint and the word CLOVES is in red paint. The condition of the pantry box is excellent with no issues. It retains all of its original wooden pegs and copper tacks in the bands. The pantry is 8 3/4 x 3 3/4" tall, and dates to early 19th century.

Price: $350 plus shipping

2017-Oct-24 11:00pm EDT | Tags : pantry box painted primitive

Sponge-paint-decorated candle box

This beautiful sliding lid box comes from Bucks County, PA, mid-1800s. It is skillfully sponge-painted in straight rows in a dry muted yellow on black background. The box has been well preserved from sunlight and extremes in temperatures because the paint looks so unworn; however, the paint is original and old. There are some nicks and scratches, but a few. The paint is dry, although some photos have a shiny spotlight look in them. The paint is not shiny. Dimensions: 18.5" by 7" by 5"

Price: $350 plus shipping

2017-Oct-24 11:00pm EDT | Tags : folk art painted wooden

Tin Hand-Painted Rooster Tray

Hand Painted Tin Tray. 19th century tray features a wonderful painting of a large Rooster sitting on a fence, the top rail of the fence is lettered "AND FLY HOME". The oval tray measures app. 9 3/4" by 12 1/4". There is some wear and crazing along with typical scattered very minor losses but overall the decoration is intact with a wonderful surface.

Price: $300.00 plus shipping

2017-Oct-24 11:00pm EDT | Tags : painted tin folk art

Silhouette of a Gentleman

An extremely fine profile hollow -cut silhouette picture of a young man with fine detail. Early hollow cut paper on black. EARLY 19th Century, in a Tiger Maple Frame. Probably Pennsylvania, Circa 1820-1840. The sitter is identified on the back paper (in 20th century print), as "THOMAS BURNAP" It has been professionally re-framed and conserved by the last owners in what appears to be its original Tiger Maple. Frame is 6" tall and 5" wide; sight is 4" by 3". Very minor foxing and staining as seen.

Price: $200 plus shipping

2017-Oct-24 11:00pm EDT | Tags : folk art

Paint-decorated Natural Pantry Box

Very early pantry box decorated in yellow flowers and symbols, accented with black paint. Possibly PA origin, with Norwegian influence. 6" by 5" by 2"

Price: $200 plus shipping

2017-Oct-24 11:00pm EDT | Tags : painted pantry box primitive

Catharine Peter Sampler

Almost mint condition schoolgirl sampler. Age and wear across some of the words make it difficult to read, but the colors used, designs and skills demonstrated by this young lady are simply amazing! She stitched trees, birds, angels and flowers in a pleasing pattern. Gorgeous sampler! Newer walnut frame.

Price: $850 plus shipping

2017-Oct-24 11:00pm EDT | Tags : folk art sampler

Eunice Hager Sampler

Large, beautifully stitched family history sampler in black wool on tan linen 3 alphabets, the numbers 1-10. 17" x 14" It says: Elisha Hager born Jan 21, 1781 Died July 26 1860 Patty Hager born April 23 1782 Died March 16 1833 Marsha Hager born June 20 1808 Died Jan 2 1852 Eunice Hager born Aug 1 1810 Levina Hager born Aug 31 1812 Daniel Hager Born Nov 27 1814 J Madison Hager born March 21 1817 Died March 6 1860 Elisha Hager Jr born Aug 2 1819 John Hager born Aug 11 1821 Died Feb 7 1852 A Hortensia Hager born June 30 1824 Eunice Hager is my name English is my Nation Halifax is my Dwelling Place And Christ is my Salvation. (Elisha and Patty were the parents. Patty had 9 children and died at the age of 50). This dates about 1860, probably stitched just after her father and brother died. Rare and unusual! Excellent condition. No stains, stitch loss or holes.

Price: $300 plus shipping

2017-Oct-24 11:00pm EDT | Tags : folk art sampler

Blue and white sampler

Blue and White Sampler Lovely, delicate blue silk thread on white linen Very finely stitched 5 alphabets (2 are double), the numbers 1-20, then 30,40 A double border with fancy stitched lines between the rows A scroll border around Emma's name and date 9 3/4" x 10 3/4" Excellent condition - no missing stitches, holes or stains

Price: Sold

2017-Oct-24 10:00pm EDT | Tags : folk art sampler

Noah's Ark Animals

Noah’s Ark Animals 12 hand-carved animals from 1850s meant for Noah’s Ark. All in excellent condition.

Price: Sold.

2017-Oct-24 10:00pm EDT | Tags : folk art wooden primitive

Large cranberry red wooden dough bowl

This beauty measures 17" and is a late 1800s bowl in very good condition. The cranberry red wash is old, though I don't know how old. This bowl was found in a home in Indiana and appears to have been used mostly as decoration over the years. Photos were taken outside, so there are shadows that appear but are not part of the bowl.

Price: 300 plus shipping

2017-Oct-22 09:58am EDT | Tags : primitive painted wooden

Large mustard wooden dough bowl

Well loved, well-used bowl with original mustard/natural wash. Many marks and chop marks. Excellent condition. No chips or cracks. It does have a hole with heavy string for hanging, as seen in photo. Smooth surface but not as shiny as the photo makes it appear. Beautiful bowl. Dimensions: 16.5" to 17" by 5" tall

Price: $400 plus shipping

2017-Oct-22 09:00am EDT | Tags : painted wooden primitive

Large wooden dough bowl with red paint

Large old bowl with traces of old red paint or wash; out of round; lathe-turned; beautiful bowl with wonderfully defined turnings. 19th century. Paint is dry. Shine in photo due to spotlight. Dimensions: 15" x 14-1/8" x 3-1/2"

Price: 300 plus shipping

2017-Oct-22 09:00am EDT | Tags : primitive painted wood

Early mustard mortar and pestle

19th century mortar and pestle in old mustard over original olive paint. Sturdy crack on the base that has occurred with wood shrinkage over the years; hairline and barely visible crack on one side. Beautiful carved turnings and a wide 5-3/4" base. Very nice matching mortar and pestle.

Price: 375 plus shipping

2017-Oct-22 09:00am EDT | Tags : primitive painted wood

Natural maple wooden bowl

Natural maple wood with traces of mustard and red washes/paints; out of round so that it's 13" by 12" by 3" tall

Price: 135 plus shipping

2017-Oct-22 09:00am EDT | Tags : wooden primitive painted

Red trencher , ca. 1880. Great oblong form with bottom flat & tapering upward at each end of bowl. Has original red paint & mustard paint on the inside. Superb surface & patina. Double signed: "CE, MJS". 27 3/8" long x 8" wide x 3" deep.

Price: sold

2017-Oct-22 08:00am EDT | Tags : primitive painted wooden


Scroll list to find "NEW PRICE" items!!

Price: sold

2017-Oct-18 05:51pm EDT | Tags :

NEW PRICE! Amish Trencher

I love this early 1800s’ Amish Trencher with its dark, scrubbed finish. This well-used trencher has a deep well that has been worn through in one tiny hole; otherwise it is in great condition. It is thick and sturdy, but even better, it boasts an early, early repair done by an expert woodworker. This bowl is part of our collection and a definite favorite! (Dimensions: 19” L x 12-3/4” W x 5” h)

Price: $225 plus shipping

2017-Sep-21 05:00pm EDT | Tags : wood primitive

NEW PRICE! Red painted utensil tote box

Late 1800s tote, original red paint. Beautiful patina and age-related wear. Cracks and chips as expected, yet sturdy. Simple butt-joint construction, hand-carved, old nails with old repairs in spots along the bottom sides. (Dimensions: 11" x 16" and 3" deep)

Price: $100 plus shipping

2017-Sep-21 05:00pm EDT | Tags : painted primitive wood

NEW PRICE! Wooden letter box with carved cherries

Late 1800s or early 1900s wood wall pocket letterbox, carved or etched solid wood with what looks like a cherry tree branches with fruit. Bottom is a little loose, but sturdy; has wear on sides and top. (Dimensions: 9" wide x 7" tall)

Price: $50 plus shipping

2017-Sep-21 05:00pm EDT | Tags : wood primitive

NEW PRICE! Early black couple, perhaps tar?

I honestly do not know what these little dolls are made of, at least their heads. Whatever oily substance was used to harden their heads, it dripped into the clothing on their shoulders. The dolls possibly have real hair stitched into their heads. The female doll has a bonnet and two aprons; the male has a knit cap. The gloved hands of the female have tears, but each of their feet hold tiny leather shoes. Their clothing is period and is both hand and machine-stitched. The dolls are most likely late 1800s, early 1900s. They are fun to look at and talk about and would make a great addition to any early doll collection. Even better ... they are quite affordable.

Price: $35 plus shipping

2017-Sep-21 05:00pm EDT | Tags : dolls primitive toy

NEW PRICE! 6.5" natural wood pantry box

This is an antique wood pantry box stamped Murdock & Co., Winchendon, Mass. It measures 6.5 inches across. It has old nails and a banded top. It has the original finish that has darkened with age. There are a couple of nails missing in the lid causing the top to be a little loose when removed what it is fine when it is closed. It is a great primitive example of an old, well-used pantry box. It would look great by itself, or as part of a stack.

Price: $45 plus shipping

2017-Sep-21 05:00pm EDT | Tags : pantry box primitive wood

NEW PRICE! Natural walnut apple box

This box is a sturdy, beautiful SE Pennsylvania walnut from the 1800s; Fantastic patina and color (Dimensions: 16-1/2" " x 11-7/8" x 5 " H.)

Price: $175 plus shipping

2017-Sep-21 05:00pm EDT | Tags : wood primitive

Late 19th century to early 20th century blue bowl

This heavy bowl measures 10-1/4" and sports a beautiful blue/green, very dry original paint. There are no cracks or holes, but a few inside stains. It has a slightly raised foot that is thinning in the center.

Price: Sold

2017-Sep-10 02:00pm EDT | Tags : painted wood primitive

NEW PRICE! Green painted mortar and pestle

Matching mortar and pestle. Mid-1800s, large, hand-carved; original dry-green paint. Small chip on rim. Love this!

Price: 450.00 PLUS SHIPPING

2017-Sep-05 01:58pm EDT | Tags : painted primitive wood

NEW PRICE! Grain-painted sliding lid box, 1800s

This grain-painted sliding lid box is most likely mid to late 1800s. It measures 7-1/4 inches by 4 inches by 4-3/4 inches and was once just green wood that someone decided to make look much prettier by grain-painting it in a mustard color. It is simply constructed of thin pieces of pine. Found in Ohio, the short and stubby box has seen lots of wear but remains sturdy and worth using and admiring.

Price: 55.00 plus shipping

2017-Sep-05 01:57pm EDT | Tags : primitive painted wood

NEW PRICE! Early red-washed mortar and pestle

Mid-1800s. Matching mortar and pestle; original red dry paint; Vermont origin.


2017-Sep-05 01:57pm EDT | Tags : primitive wood painted

NEW PRICE! Early hanging pipe box

Hanging pipe box from the early 1800s. Dark finish, pine. Simple construction. Expected wear for its age. (Dimensions: 13” high, 4.5” w; 3” deep.

Price: $200 plus shipping

2017-Aug-18 03:05pm EDT | Tags : primitive wood

NEW PRICE! 7.5" deep green pantry box

19th century 7.5 inch blue-green pantry box with a finger lap lid. Normal wear for its age. Wonderful character.

Price: $200 plus shipping

2017-Aug-16 12:05pm EDT | Tags : pantry box painted primitive

NEW PRICE! Grass-green well-loved pantry box

Unusual grass-green colored 9-3/4 inch pantry box. Well loved! It even still contains some of the crystalized sugar it used to hold.

Price: $225 plus shipping

2017-Aug-16 12:05pm EDT | Tags : pantry box primitive painted

NEW PRICE! Gray/green pantry box; 9-1/4"

1800s, dark grayish green color. Appears to be original paint with varnish and in very good condition. Good and sturdy. A couple of the tiny pegs are missing. It shows normal wear and paint loss. Gorgeous pantry box. (Dimensions: 9-1/4” D by 4-3/4” H)

Price: $150 plus shipping

2017-Aug-16 12:05pm EDT | Tags : pantry box wood painted

NEW PRICE! Blue and green checker board

Checker board and house decorations on each end are hand-carved into an almost-one-inch thick board. Hand-painted in blue and green wash. One-quarter inch breadboard ends, one end the breadboard is broken off but stable and gives character to this piece of folk art. Appear to be hand-made nails. 19 and a quarter by 16 by almost one inches.

Price: $250 plus shipping

2017-Aug-14 12:31pm EDT | Tags : wood folk art painted

NEW PRICE! Simple red and black early game board

Early hand-painted game board in eye-catching red and black scheme. The single board is rounded on all borders. Nice alligatoring and patina. Great small size. Slightly warped. 15" by 14" by 1"

Price: $175 plus shipping

2017-Aug-14 12:20pm EDT | Tags : folk art painted wood

NEW PRICE! Early black & red painted game board

19th century hand-carved and hand-painted black and red checkerboard. This was a game for serious playing! It includes the board plus trays on each end to hold game pieces. The board measures 21-3/4" long, 14-5/8" wide, and one inch thick. The condition is good and sturdy, wear consistent with its age. It has a few cracks and an old repair with a screw. Constructed with square nails and pegs. Some wood shrinkage due to age.

Price: $200 plus shipping

2017-Aug-14 12:10pm EDT | Tags : wood folk art painted

NEW PRICE! Thin black and red game board

This is a single 14" by 14" by 1/4" plywood board with red and black hand-painted checks and a natural border. Early makeshift game with hole drilled for hanging.

Price: $50 plus shipping

2017-Aug-14 11:23am EDT | Tags : folk art wood painted

NEW PRICE!Top of the stack pretty blue pantry box!

Super cute 19th century old blue paint pantry box. It would look great on top of any stack, or by itself. (Dimension: 5-5/8 inches)

Price: $300 plus shipping

2017-Aug-10 11:46am EDT | Tags : painted pantry box wood

NEW PRICE! Pretty painted tin bread tray

Early 20th century tin bread tray/dish with hand-painted floral designs. Most likely from Pennsylvania. Approximately 4" x 9" x 2.5"

Price: $50 plus shipping

2017-Aug-10 11:06am EDT | Tags : painted tin folk art

NEW PRICE! 19th century painted tin bread tray

19th century black-painted tin bread tray. Shows a pretty design typical of Pennsylvania and Connecticut that has faded and worn with time. Excellent and true patina. Additional photos available.

Price: $50 plus shipping

2017-Jul-31 12:25pm EDT | Tags : painted tin folk art

NEW PRICE! Painted tin measuring cup, 19th century

The painted design on this measuring cup depicts fruit and flowers, although hard to tell, confined within a circle. I understand this design was called "fried egg" because of the loose colors contained within a circle. Most likely Pennsylvania. While well-worn, the red and gold colors still shine on the black painted background. Most painted tin such as this occurred in the early to mid 1800s. Some of the wear on this piece indicates someone might have — but not certain — artificially aged the piece, and therefore, the paint. Your expertise is welcome! 4.5" tall. Additional photos available.

Price: $50 plus shipping

2017-Jul-31 06:48am EDT | Tags : painted tin folk art

Seated Gentleman Silhouette

This is a 19th century folk art hollow cut silhouette of a seated gentleman; hollow cut from black paper over white paper. Unsigned. Original frame. Dimensions with frame - 8 3/4" x 11." In excellent condition with normal wear from age and display. Frame has wear, but still intact, with original bubble/wavy glass and loop for hanging. Additional pictures available upon request.

Price: $175.00 plus shipping

2017-Jul-26 02:00pm EDT | Tags : silhouette folk art

Five-inch beautiful grain-swirled painted oval box

This sweet little grain-painted box from New England measures 5 inches by 3.5 inches in diameter and stands 1.5 inches tall. It has finger-lap design with tiny nail and tack construction. It is in clean, perfect condition. Additional photos available upon request.

Price: $350.00 plus free shipping

2017-Jul-26 01:00pm EDT | Tags : painted pantry box wood

Framed Early Miniature ABC Sampler

This tiny ABC sampler by Mary Ann Adams measures 3.5" by 5" without the frame and 6-3/4" by 8" with the frame. The sampler is not dated but most likely is early to mid 1800s. There are no holes, but some stitching loss. (The white spots in the photos are from a glare.) It is overall in excellent condition. The frame was made for this sampler and made to look old. Frame can easily be removed if desired. Additional photos available upon request.

Price: $350.00 plus shipping

2017-Jul-26 01:00pm EDT | Tags : textiles sampler folk art

NEW PRICE! Miniature painted bentwood oval boxes

Wonderful early antique Scandinavian or Norwegian bentwood miniature boxes in their original painted surfaces. The larger box measures 2-3/4" by 1.5" by 1-1/4"; the smaller box measures 2.5" by 1-1/4" by 1". They are in excellent condition and were found in New York State. Additional photos available upon request.

Price: $100 plus shipping

2017-Jul-26 12:00pm EDT | Tags : painted folk art wood

Catherine Eagle 1870 ABC Sampler

This is a simple school girl ABC sampler signed by Catherine Eagle 1870. Monochrome black on linen. There are no holes, tears or thread loss. The sampler measures 9" by 9" unframed. It is 12" by 12" framed. The frame is new and made for the sampler. It can easily be removed if wanted. Additional photos available upon request.

Price: sold

2017-Jul-26 12:00pm EDT | Tags : textiles sampler folk art

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