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Tin Cats Antiques is located in Amarillo, Texas and specializes in early American (18th & 19th century) antiques ... Colonial, primitives, furniture and smalls, and pieces with original or very old paint. Ninety percent of what we offer comes from the Northeast and New England areas. The remaining percentage is found in the midwest and maybe sometimes right here in Texas. We encourage you to visit https://www.tincats.com to see other items not featured here on Dig Antiques. We accept personal checks and business checks, as well as PayPal. NO DISCOUNT WILL BE GIVEN IF PAID BY PAYPAL. Buyer pays shipping costs, although free shipping is available on some items. Returns are accepted within 72 hours of receiving the item(s) for a full refund, minus shipping costs. No questions asked. Items must be returned with shipment insurance and in their originally shipped condition. Layaway CONSIDERED. However, no returns on layaways accepted.

Scalloped Hanging Shelf

Large Scalloped Hanging Shelf This 1800s thick and sturdy shelf appears to be made of stained pine. Small square nails are barely visible. It has a few nicks from age but is in excellent overall condition. Measures 31” x 36” x 7.” $600

Price: $600 plus ship

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Early wooden box with etched design

Early wooden box with etched design Special late 1700s box with an etched design on the top. It has a small but stable crack on the top. It is wonderfully hand made with a lock on it but no key. It has metal hinges in the back with old handmade nails holding them on. The metal hinges appear to be old replacements for what once were leather straps. The whole piece is square nailed. Wood is very light, probably pine. There is a small piece missing in the back but does not bother the box's integrity. Measures 4-1/2 inches tall 6 inches in length and 4-1/4 inches in depth. $250

Price: $250 plus ship

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Large “Circles on Circle” braided mat

Large “Circles on Circle” braided mat This bright braided mat measures 28" including the smaller circles border; the large middle circle is 19.5" x 21". Each of the smaller rounds measure 3.5" to 4". This large colorful and unique braided mat makes a great table cover and conversation piece. The variety of fabrics are braided in nearly every bright color imaginable, with the yellows and reds standing out. The border color for every circle is black. This mat is most likely early 20th century. It is in excellent condition, with only a couple of loose stitches that could easily be repaired. $350

Price: $350 plus $5 ship

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Set of 3 Miniature Ducks

Set of 3 Miniature Ducks Three hand-carved and hand-painted miniature ducks. They come in “graduated” sizes from 2-¾” x 1-½” for the largest one, 2-½” x 1” for the middle one, and 1-½” x ¾” for the little one. The largest one has very nice markings and more color than the other two. Found in Maine; they are all in very fine to excellent condition: no cracks, breaks, or missing chunks. Paint on all is dry and original. $385

Price: $385 plus ship

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Candle Snuffer with painted tin tray

Candle Snuffer with painted tin tray This is a heavy, ornate candle snuffer and nicely decorated tin tray dates from the mid-late 19th century. The snuffer, which has a little box to capture the candle wick, has 3 little feet and is 7” long. I can find no maker’s marks. The tray is decorated with leaves and flowers on a gold background; the decoration is stenciled. The tray is 8 ½” x 3 ½” with sloping sides. Both pieces are in fine condition: the solid snuffer works smoothly; the heavy tin tray is without any problems. $150

Price: $150 plus ship

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Red and Black Varnished Checkerboard

Red and Black Varnished Checkerboard Measures 28-3/4” tall by 19.5” wide by 1-1/4” deep Late 1800s to early 1900s gameboard; hand-painted deep red and black squares which are outlined in a straight, thin stripe of gold paint. It has a thick layer of old varnish that dried unevenly, leaving the crusty cracklature that occurs after years of exposure to outside elements. Each end has a nice-sized tray for placing the checker pieces. This nice checkerboard is fresh to the market from a private collection. It has normal wear with age and is constructed with square nails and tacks. $500

Price: $500 plus ship

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17.5” x 10-1/4” Oval Braided Mat

17.5” x 10-1/4” Oval Braided Mat Nylon fabrics in muted peach, green, tan and brown. Excellent condition $75

Price: $75 plus $5 ship

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Large white stone fruit cherries

Large white stone fruit cherries Each cherry measures one inch; with the wire stem, they are 3” tall. Excellent old condition. $100

Price: $100 free ship

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Large stone fruit strawberry

Large stone fruit strawberry Excellent paint and condition. Measures 2” Appears to once have had a wooden stem. $75

Price: $75 plus free ship

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Vintage Penny Rug

Vintage Penny Rug This vibrantly-colored penny rug is interesting because of its unusual design of stacked round felt pennies and yellow-diamond-shaped felt pieces. The pieces are handstitched on a construction of two pieces of felt hand-stitched together. The back is a black synthetic fabric. Twenty-eight two-inch colorful smaller stacked pennies border 49 larger stacked 3.5-inch colorful pennies against the black felt background. Thirty-six bright yellow diamonds stand between the columns and rows of pennies. It measures 42” x 42.” The binding is a one-inch border. It works well lying on a bed or large table, but could be equally lively mounted and hanging on a wall. $350

Price: $350 plus $25 ship

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9.5” Braided Mat

9.5” Braided Mat Early braided mat in soft blue, cream and specks of brown throughout. Nylon fabrics braided tightly. Soft little mat with unusual blue colors. $95

Price: $95 plus $5 ship

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Large Early Eglomise Mirror

Large Early Eglomise Mirror Federal Style. New England origin. Most likely late 1800s to early 1900s. Federal eglomise with reverse-painted panel of countryside scene with house, trees and pond. There is a crack on the panel but it is sturdy. Bottom glass probably not original. Four types of gold are on the frame (red, yellow, green and white) to create the contrast. Gilding is original. Wood frame is original; back appears to be original. There is a small piece on the bottom right, lower leg that’s missing. Measures: 26-3/4 “x 14” x 3” $650

Price: was $650, now $450 plus shipping

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Early Eglomise Mirror

Early Eglomise Mirror Empire style, early New England. Most likely late 1800s to early 1900s. Wooden frame, early black over red paint with floral designs, probably added later. Not original glass mirrors. Frame is original, and back is old, but might be an early replacement. Excellent condition. Measures: 24.5” x 12” x 1” $375

Price: was $375; now $275 plus ship

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56.5” x 29.5” Oriental Rug

56.5” x 29.5” Oriental Rug Early 1900s; excellent condition $435

Price: $435 plus ship

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46” x 32” Oriental Rug

46” x 32” Oriental Rug Early 1900s; excellent condition. $385

Price: $385 plus ship

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Early Drawer in Blue Paint

Early Drawer in Blue Paint Drawer with original dry blue paint; handles on each side. Dovetailed construction. Original hardware pulls. From SE Pennsylvania. Measures 13” x 17” x ¾” $285

Price: $285 plus ship

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Large Painted Sugar Bucket

Large Painted Sugar Bucket Large sugar bucket, stenciled in black paint “SUGAR.” Tongue and groove staves, two iron straps; very tight straps will slide up. Original salmon paint with an early red over original salmon on the lid. Original knob and handle. 12.5” top and 14.5” base diameter. 14.5” tall. 19th century. $550

Price: $550 plus ship

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Rose Wreath Quilt

Rose Wreath Quilt C. 1850 From farm family in Indiana. Expertly quilted at even 12-14 stitches per inch. This popular applique pattern in the mid-1800s shows the typical 9 rose wreaths in greens, pinks and reds, with a meandering vine with leaves border. Quilting patterns include tiny half-inch running diamonds throughout, feathering wreaths, and flower petals. The hand-stitched binding is less than one-quarter inches and folded over to the back. This lovely quilt shows normal aging yellowing, as well as a few dark spots. However, this quilter demonstrated exceptional skill than should not be overlooked. Measures: 78” x 73” Shown on queen bed. $450

Price: was $450; now $350 plus $25 ship

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Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt

Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt Ca. 1920 Though this popular pattern was around as early as the late 1880s, this particular quilt dates to the early 1900s because of the feed sack fabrics used (cow jumped over the moon and full rainbow of pastel colors and prints). This quilt measures 78” x 72” and is pictured on a queen-sized quilt. It would fit perfectly on a full mattress or look lovely as a wall hanging. There are no problems with this masterfully hand-stitched quilt. With hundreds of small hexagonal pieces forming the create larger hexagons, the stitches are evenly stitched at 8-10 stitches per inch. The light green binding is folded over to the back and stitched. This well-loved quilt has been laundered in its lifetime and shows only one small stain. $350

Price: $350 plus $25 ship

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