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I have been buying and selling 18th and 19th century country antiques for approximately 35 years concentrating in early paint, iron, lighting, and items to be found in the early kitchen. For the past several years I have shown in the Nan Gurley antique shows.

Large Steiff Bear on Wheels c 1921

This large 12x18" bear has the Steiff pewter button in his left ear. He is stuffed with straw with a muslin coat. He is wearing an old brown leather collar. The wheel on his feet are missing. The underside of his feet have evidence that he once had wheels. This is a great 1920's bear. He has some minor wear on his coat. Please email me any questions and for more photos. On the top of his back I believe is the growler mechanism but it does not work. Please email me your zip code and I can give you a shipping quote.

Price: $350

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Tall 16 Drawer Spice Chest Green & Mustard Paint

This 21 in. tall wooden spice chest I believe originated in Germany. The tall case is dovetailed at the top and on each large drawer you can make out the former raised lettering. The words are in German but mean different spices, i.e. Gewurz meaning spice, Kummel meaning cumin, Zmit for cinnamon, Pfeffer for pepper etc. All of the larger drawers have this lettering which you can see under the green paint, The smaller drawers in the center are not marked. All of the drawers have old black wood and metal pulls which I believe were not the original pulls but very very old. There is paint wear and some loss (you can see the small area in the second picture). This chest can be hung ( it has a hanger on one side only) It measures 21 inches tall, 19 inches across and 5 1/2 inches from front to back. It is in well used condition but should look great in a primitive country kitchen. The chest has old round nails with oxidation. There are 8 large drawers and 8 small drawers.

Price: $495 plus shipping

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15" Medium Blue Wooden Dough Bowl all Original

This is an excellent medium blue dough bowl in the original paint. It has a 1/2" lip around the edge . It is out of round at 12" to 12 1/2" top diameter. It has no condition problems. The second photo shows the color better but I can send more photos if you like. The inside is that nice old finish from years of use. It stands 3 1/2" high, Shipping is included in the price.

Price: $295

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This nice two drawer and lift top wall box is painted in a Spanish brown grungy finish. It stands 14 inches tall, 10 1/2 inches wide and 5 inches deep. It is in good used condition with a couple of spots of wood loss which you can see in the photos. This piece is priced to sell. Please email me if you are interested swithh your zip code so I can give you a shipping price.

Price: $225

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Blue Gray Staved Wooden Firkin Sugar Bucket

This wooden firkin has its original dry blue to gray color paint with two bands at the top and two at the bottom. It has the usual paint wear and one tiny area where the wood lifts up a bit ( I can show you photos of this). The bottom two staves are a bit loose as they can move but this can be easily fixed. They do not fall off of the firkin. The top two bands are in place. The wooden handle is intact. The firkin has a 1/2" to diameter and a 10 in, height. Shipping is included in the price.

Price: $325

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Large Painted Wooden Dough Bowl Bittersweet Paint

This painted wooden dough bowl is out of round measuring 15 1/2" to 16" in diameter and stands 5 inches tall. It is in the original bittersweet paint which looks to have been put on over a white wash or it has oxidized a little to white in some areas. It has a tight crack on the edge which looks like it never separated and never had a repair.. This is a spectacular looking bowl. Shipping is included, More photos are available upon request.

Price: $385

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Huge 17 inch out of round 19th C painted maple dough bowl in original paint, This bowl stands 5 1/2 inches at its high point and 5 inches at the low. This is a beautiful bowl in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks.

Price: $400

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This nice old straw stuffed jointed bear is nearly 15 inches tall. He has a squeaker but it does not squeak! This nice bear is dressed in a gold and tan knitted pants, sweater and cap which seem to have been made just for him. He has lost his fur but the outfit keeps him warm. He has shoe button eyes, little ears which may have had a tag but not now. His pads seem to have been replaced. Please email me if you would like more pictures. His outfit has been fitted (sewn) to him so I cannot show you him without the clothes. Shipping is included.

Price: $195

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Early Small Dough Bowl Original Blue Paint

Here is a great early small 8 1/2 " Out of round dough bowl in its original dark blue paint. It has a 1 inch lip and it stands 2 1/4" tall. It has early chop marks on the inside. It has a less than 1/2" tight crack on the edge and inside but not on the outside. It has no repairs and does not need a repair. It is a used piece and has normal wear. Please email me for more pictures. Shipping is included.

Price: Sold

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Here is a large burl mortar and pestle in excellent used condition. The mortar measures 7 inch high with a 6 inch top diameter.

Price: SALE $150

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