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I have been collecting antiques for 35 years. Living in Pennsylvania all my life I was exposed to wonderful things, and my collection has grown over the years. Several years ago I started selling antiques part-time. I participated in about 3 or 4 shows a year and had space in 2 antique shops in Lancaster County, PA. I took a break from selling for several years, and now I've decided to open an on-line shop at Dig Antiques. My interests include things from early childhood, folk art, americana, early smalls, etc. I prefer to be paid by check or money order, but will also take PayPal Friends and Family. PA residents add 6% sales tax. I charge shipping unless otherwise stated. I try to give a detailed description and condition on each item. If you need more pictures or have any questions you can call or e-mail me. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item within 3 days for a full refund minus shipping and insurance. Be sure to check all 3 photos on each item listed.

German Santa Candy Container

Unusual composition or plaster of Paris short-coat Santa candy container, carrying a feather tree. Marked "Made in Germany" on bottom. 9 1/2" tall.

Price: $110 Free Shipping!

2021-Dec-04 02:46pm EST | Tags :

Fancy Iron Compote

Fancy iron compote on base. 9" wide x 3 1/4" tall. Perfect for displaying stone or velvet fruit. Very good condition.

Price: $75 Free Shipping!

2021-Nov-30 11:00am EST | Tags :

Paint Decorated Shaker Box

Paint-decorated Shaker box with a gold swirly design around the edges. 6 1/4" x 4 1/2" x 2 1/4" h. All original brown and gold paint. Excellent condition.

Price: $285 free shipping!

2021-Nov-30 10:59am EST | Tags :

Bittersweet Wooden Bowl

Early bittersweet painted wooden bowl with large wide rim in original paint. 14" x 13 1/2" x 3 3/4". Excellent condition!

Price: $300 Free Shipping

2021-Nov-29 11:00am EST | Tags :

Rooster and Chicks Squeaker

Squeak toy chickens and yard. When door opens rooster emerges. Squeaker works, but is very faint. There are 2 chickens, one on either side of rooster house. Stamped "Germany." Excellent condition.

Price: $125 Free Shipping

2021-Nov-29 11:00am EST | Tags :

Miniature Slide-lid Candlebox

Miniature red slide-lid candle box in original paint. Carved from a single piece of wood. Notched lid with chamfered ends. 4" long. Excellent condition.

Price: $350 Free Shipping

2021-Nov-29 11:00am EST | Tags :

Tin House With Tree

Tin lithographed brick house with fence and feather tree. Feather tree is 9"tall. House on platform is 8" wide. Very good condition. Very nice Christmas display piece!

Price: $295 Free Shipping

2021-Nov-28 11:00am EST | Tags :

Wire Basket, Velvet fruit

Sold separately. White folding wire basket - 12" wide when fully open-.Exc. condition. $85. Large peach- colored strawberry with green leaves. 4 1/2". Hard stuffed. $95. 2 pears with dark green leaves. Hard stuffed. Both for $150. 3" strawberry with stem and leaves and dots. Softer texture. $55. 2 tiny red strawberries. cotton fabric. 1/3/4" $25. Velvet apricot. Hard stuffed. 3". $95. Additional photos available.

Price: See above- Free shipping!

2021-Nov-27 11:00am EST | Tags :

Belsnickle Candy Container

Belsnickle cardboard candy container ca. 1940. 9 1/4" tall. Excellent condition.

Price: $125 Free Shipping

2021-Nov-27 11:00am EST | Tags :

Braided Mat

Beautiful silk braided mat in excellent condition. 25" x 12".

Price: $150 Free Shipping!

2021-Nov-27 11:00am EST | Tags :

Green Half-basket

19th century original paint half-basket with handle. 9" wide x 9 1/2 tall, including handle. The green color is very festive for the season! Excellent condition!

Price: $335 free Shipping!

2021-Nov-26 11:00am EST | Tags :

Star Quilted Mat

Vintage 12 inch wide octagonal mat in beautiful red and yellow quilted cotton fabric. The mat has a felt backing. Excellent condition.

Price: $60 free shipping

2021-Nov-26 11:00am EST | Tags :

Goat Candy Container

Cotton batting goat candy container with glass eyes and removable head. 5 3/4" x 4 1/2". Repair to back leg. Good condition.

Price: $150 best price Free Shipping!

2021-Nov-24 11:00am EST | Tags :

Celluloid Santa Wind-up

Celluloid Santa on Tricycle Wind-up toy. ca 1950's. 4" x 4". It works!!

Price: $75 best price- Free Shipping!

2021-Nov-24 11:00am EST | Tags :

Small Wallpaper Box

19th century oval wallpaper box. 6 1/2" long x 4 1/2" wide x 4 1/2" high. Lebanon County, PA. German newspaper on bottom. Very good condition. More photos available.

Price: $295 free shipping!

2021-Nov-23 11:00am EST | Tags :

2 Metal Baskets

2 metal baskets for hanging on your tree. One is gold and is 2 1/4" wide. the other is brass and is 2 1/2" wide.

Price: $85 Free Shipping!

2021-Nov-23 11:00am EST | Tags :

Small Iron Sled

This unusual tiny sled is made of iron embossed with leaves. It is 8 3/4" long and 2 1/4" high at seat. Great for decorating!

Price: SOLD!

2021-Nov-22 11:00am EST | Tags :

33 Inch Feather Tree

33 Inch feather tree with red berries. Some berries missing. One branch replaced. Very good condition.

Price: $125 Free Shipping!

2021-Nov-22 11:00am EST | Tags :

2 Nuremberg See Saws

2 seesaws with people. Marked Made in Germany. One is 3 1/8" and the other is 2". Very good condition. One person on small seesaw is missing an arm.

Price: $75 Best Price + Free Shipping!

2021-Nov-22 11:00am EST | Tags :

Roly Poly Santa

German 4" Papier Mache Roly Poly Santa in original paint. Exc. condition!

Price: $195 best price- Free Shipping!

2021-Nov-21 11:00am EST | Tags :

White Composition Belsnickle

9 3/4" White German composition belsnickle ca. 1890-1910. He has red felt trim around his hat. He is in hollow form with thin cardboard covering the opening at the bottom. White mica covers his robe and hat. The condition is excellent!

Price: SOLD!

2021-Nov-21 11:00am EST | Tags :

Feather Tree Stand

Square feather tree stand with swags, berries and poinsettias. 7 inches square. Very good condition with some wear on 2 sides.

Price: SOLD!

2021-Nov-21 11:00am EST | Tags :

Nuremberg Swings

2 Nuremberg, Germany miniature swings. 2 3/4", 2 1/2".

Price: $80 best price Free Shipping!

2021-Nov-20 11:00am EST | Tags :

Papered Christmas Box

Here is a wonderful early 20th century paper covered box which was used for hair pins or trinkets. It has 2 drawers. There is a label on the bottom. See photo. 3/3/4" high. 4 1/2" wide.

Price: SOLD!

2021-Nov-19 11:00am EST | Tags :

48 Pc. Metal Christmas Fence

20 pieces of metal fence, each 10 inches long, along with 24 red posts each 5 1/2" high, and 4 gates. They all fit together. The original box is included which is folded. The box is marked "Sectional Toy Fence", S & G Novelties, S & G Manufacturing Co., Pittsburgh, PA, dated December 21, 1926.

Price: $195

2021-Nov-19 11:00am EST | Tags :

Miniature Tole Tray

This early miniature tole tray has its original red and gold decoration on a black ground. It has typical wear. Dimensions are 4 3/8" x 3 1/2".

Price: $75 best price+ Free Shipping!

2021-Oct-10 05:26pm EDT | Tags :

Rye Straw Basket

Nice round rye straw basket 12" x 4 1/2" high. Basket is in very good condition with typical wear.

Price: $75

2021-Aug-28 01:25pm EDT | Tags :

Utensil Carrier With Heart

Here is a beautiful utensil carrier with a heart cut-out handle. It has it's original, old blue paint. It measures 16 1/2" x 11 3/4" x 6" high. There are some red stains on the inside bottom from painted apples being placed there. Otherwise, it is in excellent condition with typical wear.

Price: $195 plus shipping

2021-Jul-31 12:40pm EDT | Tags :

Beaded Indian Bird

Small beaded Indian bird on string, sitting on branch. The color of photo appears a little darker than it actually is. It is more golden. It measures 4 3/4" long. There is an old repair on one side, which shows on the last photo. Otherwise, very good condition.

Price: $75 Free Shipping!

2021-Jun-13 01:19pm EDT | Tags :

Paint- Decorated Miniature Cupboard

Grain painted and decorated miniature child's 2-door cupboard. Probably from York County, Pennsylvania ca. 1870. 21 1/2" long x 17 1/2" high (includes backsplash). It came from the May Merritt's Doll Museum sale of October 1, 2006 by Noel Barrett. All original.

Price: $850 plus shipping

2021-Jun-09 11:28am EDT | Tags :

Wire Basket with Rag Balls

Twisted and wrapped wire basket with 5 early red rag balls. Basket is 9" diameter and 6" high. Balls are from 4" to 3" diameter.

Price: $150 best price - free shipping

2021-Jun-09 11:21am EDT | Tags :

Redware Mush Mug

Very nice Redware mush mug in a brown glaze. It measures 3 1/2" high x 4 1/2" wide. There are 2 very small rim chips.

Price: $110 Free Shipping

2021-Jun-08 12:53pm EDT | Tags :

19th Century Red Bowl

This 19th century duplicator turned red bowl has an early milk paint and a small narrow-line finger grasp. The interior shows extensive use with a dark patina and knife chop marks. The exterior has the original lathe marks. The bowl measures 10 1/2" x 10" x 2 1/4" out of round. There are no cracks or holes. Nice early bowl!

Price: $250 best price + Free Shipping!

2021-Feb-28 12:25pm EST | Tags :

Yellow Curly Maple Bowl

Here is a beautiful 19th century curly maple bowl with an incised groove on the exterior. It has an early yellow wash on the outside and inside. It measures 12" x 12 7/8" x 3 1/2" out of round. The condition is excellent with no chips or cracks. It shows typical wear.

Price: $200 best price + Free Shipping

2021-Feb-21 11:15am EST | Tags :

Red Wooden Bowl

Wooden bowl in original red milk paint. It measures 11 1/2" x 11" x 3", out of round. There is a red wash on the inside. It is in excellent condition, with no cracks.

Price: $275 best price + Free Shipping!

2021-Feb-14 11:10am EST | Tags :

8 Wooden Balls

Here are 8 painted wooden balls, probably used as croquet balls or for other outdoor sports. . The 3 larger ones are 3 1/2" wide. The smaller ones are about 3 inches. They are in very good condition with typical wear from use. As you see, I have used them in a painted wooden bowl.

Price: $125 best price - Free Shipping!

2021-Feb-14 10:40am EST | Tags :

Amish Bird

Amish bird made of cotton sateen fabric in faded deep purple with yellow breast and ivory colored wings. There are yellow yarn eyes and top of head. There is string for hanging. 4 1/4 inches long.

Price: $125 Free Shipping!

2021-Feb-14 10:23am EST | Tags :

Tin Egg with Toys Inside

This tiny tin lithographed egg opens up to contain 3 tiny toys inside - a tin whistle, tin harmonica, and compass. Each of them work! The egg is 2 1/4" long. There is an inscription on the side which reads "Design Ian Logan Swiss Made."

Price: SOLD!

2021-Feb-05 12:37pm EST | Tags :

2 Miniature Cups and Saucers

2 cups and 2 miniature tin saucers with hummingbirds. Cups are 1 1/2" high. Saucers are 2 1/2" wide. Typical wear.

Price: $45 free shipping

2021-Jan-30 11:43am EST | Tags :

9" Bed Warmer

19th century 9 inch copper and wood bed warmer from the now-closed Mary Merritt's Doll Museum in Douglassville, PA.

Price: $75 Free Shipping!

2021-Jan-30 11:33am EST | Tags :

Miniature Pewter Pitcher

19th century miniature lidded pewter pitcher with floral design on lid and body. 2 1/2" tall. It came from the now-closed Mary Merritt's Doll Museum in Douglassville, PA. Excellent condition.

Price: $95 Free Shipping

2021-Jan-30 11:27am EST | Tags :

Maine Indian Basket with Lid

Here is a Maine Indian basket with a lid with multiple-tone weavers and curly cues. There are attached flowers on top of the lid. It is signed on the bottom in pencil which says "C.L. Stoddard May 9, 1876." Measurements are 6 1/4" h x 6 3/4"w. The condition is excellent with no breaks.

Price: $375 Free Shipping!

2021-Jan-17 10:32am EST | Tags :

19th Century Miniature Trinket Box

This is a miniature size (4"w x 2 3/4"h) wooden continental dome lid trinket box made for the American market. It is decorated in polychrome paint with houses and trees. It is all original, including hasp and hinges. The condition is excellent with typical wear to some surface areas.

Price: $375 best price + Free Shipping!

2021-Jan-17 10:24am EST | Tags :

Round Braided Mat

Here is a very nice braided mat in black, red, tan, yellow, and blue. It is 14 inches in diameter and 1/4" thick. It can be used as a table mat or on a chair. It is in excellent condition with minimal fading on the top side.

Price: $55 Free Shipping!

2020-Nov-22 04:46pm EST | Tags :

Strauss Tip-Top Wind-up Toy

Ferdinand Strauss tin wind-up toy called "Tip Top" of a black porter pushing a cart. There is a key wind-up that works but needs a little oil to get the legs moving. There is a sticker inside the cart with a price of 50 cents on it. Early 20th century. Very good condition with only a few minor scratches.

Price: $185

2020-Nov-13 01:36pm EST | Tags :

Squeak Toy Seated Hen

German or Pennsylvania German large papier mache seated hen. Leather bellows. 19th century. Squeaker works, but is very quiet. Excellent condition!

Price: $125 Free Shipping!

2020-Nov-13 01:28pm EST | Tags :

German Squeak Toy Rooster

German or Pennsylvania squeak toy rooster, late 19th century, papier mache, polychrome painted, on cloth bellows. 5" tall x 3 1/2" long. Excellent condition! Squeaker works!

Price: $100 Free Shipping!

2020-Nov-13 01:19pm EST | Tags :

Velvet Cat Purse Pincushion

Here is an early really sweet velvet cat pincushion in the shape of a purse which is all stitched shut. It was all hand- made around 1880-1900. The eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers are all hand embroidered. There is a 3/4 inch repair and a few areas where the fabric has worn thin, but it is still sturdy and displays very well. It is 5" x 3 1/4".

Price: $150 best price- Free Shipping!

2020-Oct-25 01:46pm EDT | Tags :

Miniature Tea Table

This miniature 3-legged inlaid walnut tea table is 4 3/4" high and 4 1/4" in diameter. It is beautifully crafted with 3 legs with ball ends. It is in excellent condition and displays well with the 2 decorated chairs.

Price: $150 best price - Free Shipping!

2020-Oct-25 01:32pm EDT | Tags :

2 Miniature Decorated Chairs

Here is a nice pair of black painted miniature chairs with beautifully decorated floral crests and seats. One is 4 1/2" tall and the other is slightly taller at 4 3/4". When they are placed around the table it's not as noticeable. They are in excellent condition.

Price: $95 Free Shipping!

2020-Oct-25 01:08pm EDT | Tags :

Pastry Tin

This early 20th century pastry tin is very unusual with hearts, stars, ovals, and rectangles attached to it. It measures 13 3/4" x 9 1/2". It is in excellent condition with only minor rust on small areas.

Price: $225 Free Shipping!

2020-Sep-27 02:00pm EDT | Tags :

Amish Wool Pincushion

This colorful Amish pincushion is heavily stuffed with red and green on one side and red and black plaid on the other. It measures 4 inches square. It is in very good condition.

Price: $50 Free Shipping

2020-Sep-27 01:54pm EDT | Tags :

Miniature Doll Chair

Here is a sweet miniature doll chair in original Spanish brown paint. It has a rush seat. It measures 7 1/2" high to the top and 3 1/4" to the seat. It is in excellent condition.

Price: $135 Free Shipping!

2020-Sep-27 01:43pm EDT | Tags :

Squeak Toy Rooster

This Pennsylvania-German rooster squeak toy was made in Pennsylvania around 1850-1900, mostly in the Lancaster County area. This one is in nice original condition. It stands on wire legs which move when the bellows are pushed down. The squeaker also works. There is a paper written in German on the bottom. It stands 4 3/4"" high and is 2 3/4" long. It is in excellent condition.

Price: $150 Free Shipping!

2020-Jul-22 12:54pm EDT | Tags :

Pair of Wooden Candelabra

Here is a wonderful, early, carved pair of wooden candelabra. They stand an impressive 15 3/4" high x 12" wide, and retain their original mottled green, black, and yellow paint. They are light in weight, in spite of their size. They were purchased many years ago from The John Gordon Gallery in New York City, and retain the original gallery sticker on the base. I've had them in my collection for many years. They are wonderful objects for the Americana and folk art collector!

Price: $575

2020-Jun-08 07:11am EDT | Tags :

Edouart Silhouette

19th century silhouette of a gentleman - the Honorable Solorary Muller, signed, August Amant Edouart. fait 1839. It is in a very early, if not original, gilt frame which measures 12" x 10 1/2". It has been conservation mounted. The condition is excellent!.

Price: $750

2020-Jun-08 06:36am EDT | Tags :

Etruscan Majolica Cake Stand

This cake stand was made in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, my home town, by the Griffen, Smith, and Hill Company between 1879 and 1889. They were noted for their beautiful Majolica pottery. This cake stand is in the Maple Leaf pattern. It measures 9 1/4" wide and 5 1/4" high. There is a stamp of GSH, the logo for the company, on the bottom. It is in excellent condition, with no chips or cracks.

Price: $100 best price

2020-Apr-19 01:46pm EDT | Tags :

Folk Art Rag Doll

This great little folk art rag doll is 9 1/2" tall, including the hat. She has a stitched mouth and eyes and a sculpted nose. All the clothes are hand stitched and sewn onto the doll. Her wig is also stitched on. There is a slip and pantaloons under her skirt. She is hard stuffed.

Price: $175 Free Shipping!

2019-Nov-21 02:00pm EST | Tags :

Merrythought Teddy Bear

This Merrythought bear was made in England between 1920 - 1930. He is 16" tall and has the original label on his foot. He is swivel jointed at the head, arms, and legs. He shows typical wear and his squeaker doesn't work.

Price: $195

2019-Apr-02 06:48pm EDT | Tags :

Child’s Tea Set

Child’s “Punch” tea set by Charles Allerton & Sons England circa 1890. There are 17 pieces- a teapot, cream and sugar, waste bowl, 4 cups and saucers, and 4 plates. One cup and creamer have a faint hairline. Otherwise, excellent condition.

Price: $150

2017-Oct-05 01:10pm EDT | Tags :

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