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I have been in the antiques business since 1982, am originally from Connecticut and now living in Michigan. My first love is Americana and country smalls and sell at Midwest shows and sometimes on ebay under ID ctyankee6. I travel to New England twice a year for choice antiques. I want you to be pleased with your purchase so additional photos of items upon request (prices below do not include shipping) I ship Priority Mail insured (USA sales only). I do offer returns within 3 days of receipt. Please email me first. I do not refund shipping costs. Michigan residents add 6% sales tax, or provide MI tax number. I accept checks (must hold until clear), money orders or Paypal (preferred). All offers considered. Thank you for visiting!!

Slide-Top Handled Spice Box

Offering a unique sectioned box used for spices. The top has one early nail that allows th top to swivel. The wood is thick and heavy. Natural surface with carved sides. 6" x 10" x 3" tall.

Price: $58.00

2020-Sep-17 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Rare Wooden Foot Warmer w/ Hearts

Offering a hard to find wooden foot warmer with fancy brass handle and heart cutouts on the top. Lovely natural surface. Front piece (with little brass pull) slides up and out for tin coal box (missing). 11" wide x 8" x 7" tall.

Price: 85.00 Free Shipping

2020-Sep-15 11:00am EDT | Tags :

I'll be there!

If you're in the Midwest, come visit us at this wonderful country show. Air conditioned, safety precautions in place!

2020-Sep-14 09:07am EDT | Tags :

Eight German Wooley Sheep / Goats

Offering a lot of wooley sheep and two little goats. Goats do not stand and need repair. One sheep missing a horn and one an earLittle one is quite unique in color (white and beige) and has its oversize bell. All as found and cute as a button.

Price: Sale Pending!

2020-Sep-13 11:00am EDT | Tags :

2 Early Sailor Made Needle Cases / Bone and Ivory

Offering two needle cases, one ivory and one bone. These are sailor made for their sweethearts in the 1800's. 2-3/4". Free shipping.

Price: 50.00 Free Shipping

2020-Sep-12 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Rare Sailor Made Bone Pipe Tamper

Offering a rarely found pipe tamper made of bone. Beautifully carved and from darkened thatched bottom you can tell it was used. 1-3/4" Free Shipping

Price: 85.00 Free Shipping

2020-Sep-12 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Maine Decorated Basket

Offering a handled basket, nicely decorated in blue, bittersweet and natural weavers. It measures 10-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 4-3/4" tall. Carved handles and rim. Some rim wrap missing but very stable. Found in Maine.

Price: $45.00

2020-Sep-11 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Early Wooden Spice Cabinet

Offering a 1800's spice cabinet that can be hung or set on a counter. It has its original dark varnish with faint stenciling remaining on the top and a few drawers. Three drawers have black paint over the stenciling, why, who knows? Red pulls. 10-3/4" wide x 14" tall.

Price: 85.00 Sale $60

2020-Sep-09 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Early Dated Powder Horn

Offering a powder horn found in PA that has a scratched date of 1771. Not sure if the scratched date is original as it's naively done but the horn is of that era. Nice turnings on the wooden plug end as well as the horn end. 11" long.

Price: 75.00 Free Shipping

2020-Sep-08 11:00am EDT | Tags :

1800's Tin & Brass Chamberstick Lamp / Light

Offering a cute little whale oil lamp with crimped pan and original extinguisher cap and chain. No wick material. Excellent patina. 5-1/4" tall.

Price: $95.00

2020-Sep-06 11:00am EDT | Tags :

3 Civil War Era Books


Price: 55.00 Free Shipping

2020-Sep-04 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Small Handcarved Wash Board

Who on Earth would take a solid piece of wood and carve it into a wash board?? Well, someone did and they did it beautifully. Truly one of a kind. Deep brown wash. Measures 16" x 8" x 3/4" thick.

Price: $95.00

2020-Sep-04 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Miniature Toy QUEEN Iron Stove

Offering a little iron stove made by QUEEN. No damage, just normal wear. 5-1/2" wide and 5-3/4" tall. Some surmise these were salesman samples too. Beautifully detailed.

Price: $45.00

2020-Sep-03 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Early Tin Pitcher

Offering a cool little pitcher marked with a QUART marker on the front. Excellent condition with nice patina! Measures 4" diameter at the bottom x 8-1/4" tall.

Price: 28.00 Free Shipping

2020-Sep-02 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Two Little Child's Sad Irons With Matching Trivets

Offering two little sad irons sitting on their original iron trivets. Priced separately but free shipping if you take them both.

Price: 35.00 Each Set

2020-Sep-02 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Little Oval Pantry Box

Offering a little oval pantry in original surface, early nails and pegs. No top but great for business cards, keys and "whatevers". Measures 6" x 4-/34" x 2-1/4" tall.

Price: 35.00 Free Shipping

2020-Sep-01 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Period Pewter Serving Bowl

Offering a very early pewter bowl, found in MA. It is hallmarked in three areas, I can make out TOWNSEND. Measures 9" diameter x 2" deep.

Price: $65.00

2020-Sep-01 11:00am EDT | Tags :

What Is It?

Offering an odd piece, probably used in the photography process. Looks like a posing fireman. Heavy metal with tabs at top and bottom. Looks like a negative of some sorts. Measures 4-1/4' wide x 7" long. So unique!

Price: $25.00

2020-Aug-31 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Period Shaker Oval Pantry Box

Offering an important Shaker pantry box found in Maine. Fabulous cut nails and pegs. Original Shaker yellow varnish with no damage Measures 10-1/2" wide x 6-7/8" x 3-1/4" tall.

Price: $195.00

2020-Aug-31 11:00am EDT | Tags :

18th Century Hand Forged Whale Oil Hanging Lamp

RARE 18th Century Antique Hand Forged Whale Oil lamp, found in Lancaster, PA. Measures 15" long. Beautifully made.

Price: SOLD!!

2020-Aug-27 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Large Treen butter Mold of Poppy Plant

Offering an early butter mold with a carved poppy plant. No cracks on sides; one minor hairline on top. 4-1/2" diameter x 4-3/4" tall with plunger down. Great color and patina. Free Shipping

Price: 28.00 Free Shipping

2020-Aug-26 11:00am EDT | Tags :


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2020-Aug-22 12:47pm EDT | Tags :

Smaller Splint Feather Basket

Offering a solid little feather basket. They are called this because of the top secured to the handle so when feathers are inside, they won't blow away. It measures 7-1/2" diameter x 10-3/4" tall to top of carved handle. Some minor breaks' overall it is a nice one!

Price: $35.00

2020-Aug-22 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Eight Blue & White Spongeware Eggs

Offering 8 solid china eggs with blue spongeware decoration. I found these in New Hampshire They measure 2-1/2" long x 2" wide. If you love BLUE, you will love these! Compote shown is offered in another listing.

Price: 75.00 Free Shipping

2020-Aug-21 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Turned Rosewood Compote

Offering a compote with wonderful graining both inside and out. The piece is turned and made of two pieces, the stem having wooden threads. The bottom has old felt glued on to protect surfaces. It measures 8-1/8" wide x 6" tall. Heavy, solid and lovely!

Price: $95.00

2020-Aug-17 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Pantry Box In Blue/Green Paint

Offering a nice little pantry decorated with blueish-green paint that has "crackled" on top and sides. Yellow interior. 6-1/2" diameter x 3" tall.

Price: $75.00

2020-Aug-16 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Early Splint Wall / Half Basket

Offering a wall basket with dyed weavers in two shades of brown. Double rim with one break barely noticeable Carved handle with God's eyes. Measures 10" wide x 10" height x 6-1/2" from wall. A beauty!

Price: $95.00

2020-Aug-09 11:00am EDT | Tags :

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