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I have been in the antiques business since 1982, am originally from Connecticut and now living in Michigan. My first love is Americana and country smalls and sell at Midwest shows and sometimes on ebay under ID ctyankee6. I travel to New England twice a year for choice antiques. I want you to be pleased with your purchase so additional photos of items upon request (prices below do not include shipping) I ship Priority Mail insured (USA sales only). I do offer returns within 3 days of receipt. Please email me first. I do not refund shipping costs. Michigan residents add 6% sales tax, or provide MI tax number. I accept checks (must hold until clear), money orders or Paypal (preferred). All offers considered. Thank you for visiting! I try to list one item every day at 7 PM EST.

Three Pcs Stone Fruit / Apple, Banana & Lemon

Three pieces of early stone fruit. A 3" golden apple, a realistic 6-1/2" banana and 3-1/2" lemon. Stem missing on top of apple but present on the bottom.

Price: 35.00 For All 3

2018-Dec-10 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Small & Early Copper Chestnut Roaster

This is an early piece, with a handwrought handle. It is tin-lined copper and heavy. It measures 20" long and the chestnut "box" is 8-1/2" diameter. It has a hole at the end of the handle and is beautiful hanging!!

Price: $48.00

2018-Dec-09 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Long & Early Unused Clay Pipe

Most of these clay pipes are English or Dutch. They were used in taverns and inns and furnished to patrons. When the patron left, the end was broken off for the next man. This one is unused but obviously old from "dirty" rubs. This one measures 16" long and has a nice ribbed design on the stem.

Price: $45.00

2018-Dec-08 07:00pm EST | Tags :

American Treen Plate w/ Remnants of Hand Painting

This plate is not an import and is definitely American and early (1800's or earlier). The wood is maple or chestnut with natural surface and patina. It measures 7-1/4" diameter and its "foot" raised it 1/2". Best part is remnants of a hand painted New England saltbox home.

Price: $145.00

2018-Dec-08 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Large Thick-Walled Oval Pantry Box

You will love the irregular iron nails, the deep natural color and condition of this box. Thick oak sides with maple top and bottom. NO damage other than normal wear. Note the scribe lines inside. It has a delightful smell of oranges inside, Measures 11-1/4" x 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" tall.

Price: $125.00

2018-Dec-07 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Early American Footed Brass Teapot / Marked J C B

I believe brass teapot was made by the JC Boardman Company in CT and dates to the late 1800's. It has nice little button feet, goose neck spout and nice finial. As-found with a few dings and lots of tarnish. Lovely!

Price: $25.00

2018-Dec-05 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Three Old Shoo Fly Food Covers

Offering three shoo fly food covers. Two are 7-1/2" diameter and one is 8-1/2". NO damage and original pulls. Slightly out-of-round.

Price: Sale Pending

2018-Dec-05 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Hanging Game or Fowl Rack

These are sometimes called Dutch Crown racks because of the shape of the top. American made. This is hand wrought with extra long chain for the hooks, perfect for a taller ceiling. It measures approximately 25" long.

Price: $145.00

2018-Dec-04 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Small Oil On Canvas / Sailboard At Twilight

This little oil measures only 7" wide x 10". No damage and no frame. Color is truer on photo #2. Dates to around 1900 or so. It is unsigned.

Price: 95.00 Sale Pending

2018-Dec-04 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Native American Carved Horse Head Spoon/Scoop

This early carved spoon or scoop has the best patina and graceful lines. It measures 11" long and the deep bowl measures 3-3/4" x 5" x 1-1/2" deep. Wonderful horse head handle.

Price: $95.00

2018-Dec-03 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Early Tin & Wood Sausage Stuffer

I just acquired over a dozen Maine primitives and this was among them. Sausage meat was placed inside the tin cylinder and the wooden plunger pushed it through the casing. It measures 19-5/8" long. Nice patina!

Price: $35.00

2018-Nov-27 07:00pm EST | Tags :

9 Pieces of Translucent Stone Fruit

This stone marble fruit are truly unusual, with no paint, just natural color. Most are white with 2 that have a blue cast and one light, light yellow. Modern meets antique.

Price: $45.00

2018-Nov-26 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Tin & Wood Wall Mount Food Grater

I just acquired over a dozen Maine primitives and this was among them. It is a tin half-round grater mounted on a pine board with tombstone top. Hole for hanging. 4-1/2" wide x 11" tall. Excellent patina.

Price: $45.00

2018-Nov-24 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Early Fireplace Hand-Held Wood & Wire Toaster

From a recently acquired Maine collection, offered here is a hand-held toaster with a turned handle. The wire encloses the food and tightens with a sliding ring. Great kitchen gadget for your prim collection. Old shrinkage crack on handle but solid and secure.

Price: $30.00

2018-Nov-21 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Large & Early Tin Candle Sconce

Just found at the Heartland Antique Show, I'm pleased to offer a large tin candle sconce with fancy cut-outs, punching and decorative edges. The oval piece in the middle never had a mirror but when new it would have reflected the light just as well. It is a separate piece and has been re-soldered several times in back. It is still not solidly attached but not noticeable when hanging. Rolled tin candle cup and pan. The sconce measures 12-1/2" wide x 20-1/2" tall.

Price: Sale Pending

2018-Nov-18 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Single Pilgrim Candlestick / Oak & Pewter

This candle stick is early. It has "sausage" turnings with a pewter candle cup. Very old felt cloth on the bottom with inventory numbers. It measures 9" tall. Candle drips on pewter. Candle included.

Price: $45.00

2018-Nov-08 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Little Girl's Bonnet / 1800's / Hand-Sewn

This little bonnet would have fit a girl of perhaps 2-6 years old. It is dark green with ochre stripes and ochre polished cotton inside. It is all hand-sewn. No ties. Great for your peg rack! Free Shipping

Price: 45.00 Sale 35.00 Free Shipping

2018-Oct-28 07:00pm EDT | Tags :

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