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Update Profile WEST PELHAM ANTIQUES, specializing in Needlework Samplers, both American and English, Early English Ceramics and American Country Accessories in paint. All prices are PLUS POSTAGE. We generally use USPS Priority Mail and do not charge a handling fee.

Miniature Native American Covered Basket

This miniature Native American Covered Basket measues 3” x 2” x 1 ¾” (high) and wonderful colored “weavers” (warm rich shades of red, brown and green). With a wonderful, mellow patina, this basket was probably sold as a tourist souvenir in the early 20th century; there is a hand-written “5” on the bottom which probably means 5 cents (don’t worry, I’m asking for more…). The basket displays nicely, but it is not perfect: the lid is in good condition with only a minor break; the base has some significant breaks and a top corner blown-out. Even with these issues, when the lid is on the basket displays very nicely. Price includes free postage

Price: $85

2019-Oct-16 06:38pm EDT | Tags : Miniature basket Native American Basket

Hand-Carved Mane Comb w/ 8 Prongs, 19th C

A very early and primitive 19th century Mane Comb with 8 fingers. Carved from a single piece of maple (Rock Maple??) the comb retains a rich, mellow patina. There are indentations (on the top and on one side) which help the hand grip the comb. It is 4” wide, 3” high and at the thick end it measure about 5/8”. One prong (one of the end ones) has broken off and split but most of it remains. This one just feels good to hold! Price includes free shipping.

Price: $75.00

2019-Oct-16 06:36pm EDT | Tags : primitive woodenware mane comb

Tin Victorian Sewing Bird, Patent Dated 1853

An ornately molded tin Victorian Sewing Bird, patent dated (on the leading edge of the winds) 1853. Sewing birds were essentially clamps that attached to a table or other piece of furniture and held fabric (in the bird’s mouth) to make sewing easier. The usually had a pincushion (sometimes 2) attached; this one has the holder in place but the cushion is gone. Otherwise, fine condition with a mellow surface, crisply molded decorative details, a screw-clamp that works and the bird will hold fabric securely. And if you want, you can add your own small pincushion. Price includes free shipping.

Price: $95

2019-Oct-16 05:56pm EDT | Tags : sewing bird sewing paraphanalia

Eliza Ann Eames Miniature Needlework Sampler, 1834

A miniature American needlework sampler, dated 1834, by Eliza Ann Eames. The sampler measures 8” x 7”. Eliza stitched this piece when she was 12 and it includes 2 complete alphabets, a partial (a-s) and the numbers 1-8. In addition, there are the numbers “1 2 8 7” (above her name, to the left of the 1834 date); I have no idea what they are supposed to mean. It is in good condition: there are a couple of minor thin spots in the linen backing on the upper right and some areas of light staining, but tears or major holes. The stitch-work looks complete. Unframed, so you can choose your own, and the price includes free shipping.

Price: $275

2019-Oct-16 05:52pm EDT | Tags : Schoolgirl Sampler Needlework Sampler Miniature Sampler

4 5/8” 2-Finger Oval Box in Natural Color

This 4 5/8” 2-Finger Oval Box retains its natural color and has a nice, mellow patina. It measures 4 5/8” x 3 3/8” x 1 5/8” (high). Both old nails and small pegs are holding it together and the lid fits snuggly. There is a very thin gouge out of the top edge, a couple of thin splits on the bottom and a slight blemish in the edge of the lid, but otherwise the box is in good condition with nice shadowing under the lid. It probably dates c. 1880.

Price: $150

2019-Oct-15 11:55am EDT | Tags : oval box woodenware

5 ¾” 2-Finger Oval Box Scraped to Old Red Paint

This 5 ¾” 2-Finger Oval Box has been scraped down to its old (original) red painted surface. It measures 5 ¾” x 4 ¼” x 2 ¾” (high) and its fingers go in opposite directions. Nailed construction. It shows signs of being well-used: there are bumps and bruises, including a small chip out of the lid, a 1” narrow chunk out of the bottom edge, a couple of chips on the underside and another 1” narrow chips out of the edge of the lid. Certainly not pristine, but sound enough to sit in the middle of your stack. The color is warm and mellow.

Price: $175

2019-Oct-15 11:51am EDT | Tags : oval box woodenware

8 1/2" dia. Bowl w/Crusty Green Paint & Decoration

A small, turned green bowl (not sure of the wood: it could be elm?) in original, crusty green paint with red and yellow decoration around the outside rim. The decoration is red swags and yellow circles (flowers?). The bowl has a small foot rim and because of shrinkage, is wonderfully out of round: it measures 8 ¼” in one direction and 7 ½” in the other. Paint is strong and the only flaws are 2 thin age cracks directly across from each other on the “long” side of the bowl (probably related to the shrinkage).

Price: $450

2019-Oct-13 11:20am EDT | Tags : painted bowl crusty paint woodenware

Pocket Mirror w/ Youth Baseball Team & Coach c1940

A most unusual Pocket Mirror from the 1930s or 1940s, showing a Youth Baseball Team in uniform, with their coach wearing a jacket and tie and a straw hat. The team is standing on steps, ready to play ball! 2 3/4" x 1 3/4" These pocket mirrors were popular in the late 1930s-1940s. No clue as to location, although the uniforms have a “C” on them. (Found in Western Massachusetts, so the “C” could be Chicopee.). Both sides are in excellent condition. An interesting Youth Baseball piece. Price includes first class postage in the US.

Price: $35

2019-Sep-07 11:38am EDT | Tags : pocket mirror baseball youth baseball

Small Shenandoah Valley of VA Egg Basket

A small Shenandoah Valley of Virginia Egg basket, 6 ¾” x 7” and about 6 ¾” high. Extremely tight construction, with uniform, rich color. Solid and tight with only a very few some scattered breaks around the neck in the rim wraps. More photos available upon request.

Price: $225

2019-Sep-06 02:30pm EDT | Tags : splint basket egg basket Valley of VA Basket

Late 19th Century Tin Wall Pocket

A most unusual Tin (possibly 10th Anniversary item) Wall Pocket dating from the late 19th century. It was popular in the late Victorian Period to give tinware as gifts for the 10th (or Tin) Wedding Anniversary. Usually, you find baskets woven out of strips of tin, sometimes you find tin hats and sometimes even tin slippers. Wall pockets are kind of like giving vacuum cleaners today to your "Sweetie". But the appreciative wife could use this hanging basket for sewing items, or letters or keys, etc. It is made out of ½” strips of tin, woven together in a basket weave fashion. It measures 8” x 3 ¼” and the step-down back is 7 ¾” high. On the wall it has a country grace to it and it is in very fine condition: no breaks or splits in the tin work and the surface is dry and mellow. Some very minor, scattered oxidized (rust) spots, but they are not intrusive nor offensive.

Price: $295

2019-Aug-18 04:21pm EDT | Tags : wall pocket tin ware 10th Anniversary tin

2 Tiny Carved Balsa Wood Ducks, c. 1900

2 (not a pair) of tiny, carved Balsa Wood ducks, dating c. 1890-1900. (One appears to be signed and dated 1890 and the other has what could be a signature but to my eyes it is illegible.). Both retain their original and well-worn, painted surface. They are extremely light-weight: their combined weight is less than ½ ounce (.44 ounces to be precise). They are approximately the same size: the larger of the 2 is about 4 ¼” from tail to beak and is 2” high to the top of the head; the other one is 4” from beak to tail and 2 ¼” high. The smaller one, with the painted ring around its neck has chunk missing off its beak and both have normal bumps and scratches, but no splits or cracks. Fascinating little whimsies. Price includes shipping in the US.

Price: $185

2019-Aug-18 11:43am EDT | Tags : miniature decoys carved ducks

Bright Paper-Covered Pincushion Theorem Box

This is a brightly colored, paper-covered cardboard Pincushion Theorem Box with a mirror inside the lid. The pincushion is decorated with a Token of Affection (“To the Loveliest”), red flowers and green leaves; the lid has an embossed paper boarder and the sides have multi-colored stripes; inside the paper is bright pink! It is 5” wide, 3 ½” deep and about 2” high. The box is complete, but with some condition issues: there are edge bumps and rubs, and the right front corner is split; the lid lifts off completely (others I have seen have the lid and base attached with ribbon); and the inside mirror is cracked. The decorated pincushion is, by itself, in fine condition with only some age darkening. The overall colors remain strong, for the most part. These boxes date to the last ¼ of the 19th century and were love tokens, perhaps souvenirs sold at county fairs, etc.

Price: $125

2019-Aug-18 11:08am EDT | Tags : pincushion theorem paper covered box love token

Lebanon Cty PA Watercolor Fraktur w/ 2 Angels 1840

A dated 1840 hand-drawn Watercolor Fraktur on paper from Lebanon County, Pennsylvania with 2 Angels and 2 birds. Hand-written lettering is all in German but Lebanon and Pennsylvania are easily identified. The Angels, with blue wings, bibs and long flowing dresses are facing each other, one is holding a wreath and the other a dove perched on her hand. The blue and orange birds toward the bottom are face a very large tulip. The 1840 date is in the upper right and there is also an 1838 date just above it. It measures 9 ¼” x 11 ½” and is framed in a nice, old wooden frame 13 ¼” x 15”, quite possibly original. The Fraktur is in very fine condition. I believe it to be laid down on another piece of paper and there is some light, overall toning, but there are no stains. There are a couple of very tiny edge splits, less than ¼” and only impacting undecorated areas; there appears to be a thin sliver off the top left edge, again not affecting the lettering or the decoration, and a faint crease.

Price: $1,095

2019-Aug-08 10:27am EDT | Tags : folk art watercolor fraktur

Am Hist Staffordshire Cup Plate: Holliday Theatre

A very dark blue American Historical Staffordshire Cup Plate “Holliday Street Theatre, Baltimore” by Henshall & Co., Longport, Burslem, c. 1825. A rare view (Baltimore views are extremely rare on American Historical Staffordshire), the plate shows the theatre wihin a Fruit and Flower Border. It measures 3 ½” in diameter and except for a very fine hairline in from the right edge at about 3 o’clock (more noticeable from the back side than on the face of the plate), the plate is in fine condition with rich color and crisp transfer. The plate is from an important California Collection of American Historical Cup Plates; check my other DigAntiques listings or contact me if you are looking for anything specific.

Price: $500

2019-Jul-19 06:30pm EDT | Tags : American Historical Cup Plate Theatre

Eliz. Arnold's American Needlework Sampler, 1834

This American Needlework Sampler by Elizabeth W. Arnold is dated 1834 and has wonderful color and some very impressive and colorful satin stitches in the floral/leaf spray at the bottom. Elizabeth was 7 when she made this sampler and it is in amazing condition. There are 4 separate alphabets, the numbers 1-18, and a very strong floral border. The reds, especially, are very strong and the stitching neat and tidy. The sampler is in excellent condition with no tears, holes or staining. Stitch-work is complete (the large script “A” in the second alphabet was done in a pale pink, but it is complete). Sampler measures 15 ½” x 16 ½”. It is framed in a contemporary olivewood frame, 18” x 18 ½” and mount on acid free board with conservation glass. (Sampler was unframed when I got it, so I know it was framed properly and with great care.). Most of the photos were taken before the piece was framed. About as clean as you will find a sampler from the 1830s. I could not find Elizabeth!

Price: $1750

2019-Jul-01 11:03am EDT | Tags : American Needlework Sampler American Sampler

Heywood Family Register, Winchendon MA, c.1833

This Needlework Famly Register of the Heywood Family from Winchendon, MA was stitched c. 1833 by 15 year old Sophia E. Heywood. Silk thread on a very fine linen cloth, the Register includes the birth and marriage dates of Rial Heywood and Betsy Palmer, and chronicles the births of 7 Heywood children. There is a very elaborate floral and vine border, similar in style to other samplers/registers from the region. Sophia has included aa green saw-tooth frame around the genealogical information. The piece measures 17 ½” x 14 ¾” and is framed in a simple contemporary narrow black frame (20” x 17”) with a narrow green mat. The Register is in very fine condition with rich color and shiny silk thread. The linen backing is very fine: it has some very scattered light foxing and some light bleeding in the center and a tiny hole over Sophia's name. Some genealogy available. There may be some connection to the Heywood-Wakefield Furniture factory of Gardner, MA, a neighboring town.

Price: $1,850

2019-Jun-29 11:45am EDT | Tags : American Needlework Register Silk on linen

Early 19th C Shaker Pincushion Box, All Original

A rare and all original oval Shaker Pincushion Box, dating to the early to mid 19th century. The box has 3 fingers, its original natural wood surface and the original red cloth covering the pincushion. It measures 5" x 3" x 3 1/8" (high). Nice shadowing under the lid and the original banding at the base of the pincushion. Very fine condition: mellow color and no cracks, splits or breaks in the box, only a tiny finger-nail gouge along the bottom edge (under the fingers). There are some scattered, small losses in the red cloth covering, the largest being about ½" (all visible in the photo). A rare Shaker find in original condition like this one. Additional photos available upon request.

Price: $2,250

2019-Jun-29 11:12am EDT | Tags : Shaker Oval Box Pincushion

Large Yellow Ware Rolling Pin

A large Yellow Ware Rolling Pin with the original wooden handles. The pottery roller is 8” x 3” (diameter) and each handle is approximately 4” (total width is about 16”). Excellent condition: no chips, cracks, etc. Clean and usable (if so desired) and the handles have a smooth, mellow patina (gotta love the burn-marks on the ends of both handles: a bit too close to the heat source, I would say!)

Price: $295

2019-Jun-29 09:22am EDT | Tags : yellow ware rolling pin

Very Early 4 ½” 3 Finger Oval Box, c. 1800

A very early, c. 1800, perhaps a bit earlier, 3-Finger Oval Box with iron tacks and natural wood stain. The box measures 4 ½” x 3 3/8” and is 2 ¼” high. Nut brown surface, nice shadowing under the lid and what may be the original cloth liner on the bottom. Very fine condition with no cracks or splits, only some very slight roughness along the bottom edge. Lid fits snugly. A great box for the top of your stack.

Price: $475

2019-Jun-28 11:49pm EDT | Tags : oval box woodenware

Inlaid Mahogany 1-Drawer Sewing Box (Spool Holder)

A very graphic 19th century Inlaid Mahogany 1-Drawer Sewing Box. There is a round spool holder incorporated into the top and curved legs Overall height is 8 ½” and the box (including the splayed legs) is 7 ¼” square. Nice mellow surface with a great patina. Nailed construction on the drawer and the legs are screwed in place. It has been gently used: there Is some edge bumping and minor chipping, one leg shows an old and barely noticeable repair and of the rods that holds the spools may have been replaced. Purportedly to have been sailor-made, but I have no way of verifying that.

Price: $325

2019-Jun-28 09:57pm EDT | Tags : vintage sewing inlaid box

Early 19th C Lift-Lid Wall Box w/ Divided Interior

An early 19th Century - perhaps a bit earlier - dovetailed wall box in the original dry red painted surface. The box has a lift-lid, divided interior and shaped back panel. Untouched, and all original. Beautifully crafted dovetails and only minor edge wear and corner bumps in a couple of places. The box itself is 12" x 7" x 9 ¼"; the lift-lid, which has a slight overhang, is 13" wide. There is a small area of loss on the back side, lower right and that may have happened in the making. And there is minor shrinkage around some of the dovetails. As nice a wall box as I have ever handled. Shipping weight will be 6.5 pounds.

Price: $825

2019-Jun-28 05:51pm EDT | Tags : Wooden Ware Wall Box Original Surface

Kids' Civil War ABC Plate Hand-to-Hand Combat

This Civil War era (c. 1863 or so) Staffordshire Child’s plate with underglaze polychrome highlights shows 2 foot soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. It is hard to tell if they are training or actually fighting (since they appear to be both wearing the same uniform). The actual transfer image itself is dark green and there is an embossed flower and vine border (kind of an odd combination for a war plate!). 7 3/8” in diameter, the plate is in very fine condition with no chips, cracks, lines, or restorations. There are no maker’s markings.

Price: $95

2019-Jun-28 04:56pm EDT | Tags : Civil War Staffordshire ABC Plate

Kid's Civil War ABC Plate: General McClellan c1865

This Staffordshire child’s alphabet plate with a Civil War theme shows the arrival of General McClellan. McClellan is riding his prancing horse wit cheering soldiers all around. The plate, which dates c. 1865, is black transfer with underglaze polychrome highlights: red and blue for the flag that is being waved, green for the grass. The alphabet is crisply embossed in the rim and there is a red border line around the perimeter of the plate. It is 6” in diameter. McClellan, who was primarily a railroad man, helped to organize the Army of the Potomac and served briefly at the start of the Was as General-in-Chief. The plate is in very fine condition. The transfer is crisp and the molded alphabet strong. There are no chips, cracks or repairs. There is a scratch running from McClellan’s visible stirrup to the right edge of the transfer. This plate has a strong pearlware glaze, unusual for these kinds of kid’s dishes. No makers marks.

Price: $185

2019-Jun-28 04:52pm EDT | Tags : Civil War Staffordshire Alphabet Plate

2 Kids' ABC Plates w/ Civil War Generals, c.1865

From a series of Staffordshire children’s plates showing famous Northern Civil War Generals, this lot shows Major General George G. Meade and General Halleck. Both plates have black transfer printed images of the men and both have borders embossed with the letters of the alphabet. Both are 5” in diameter. General Meade led Union troops to victory at the Battle of Gettysburg. General Henry Wager Halleck was the General-in-Chief of the Union Armies during the Civil War and prior to the conflict had been involved in paving the way for California to be admitted to the Union. Both plates are in excellent condition with clear, complete transfer images and no chips, cracks, lines or restorations.

Price: $350

2019-Jun-28 04:46pm EDT | Tags : Civil War Staffordshire Alphabet Plates

Hist Staffordshire Cup/Kid's Plate: Columbian Star

The “Columbian Star” pattern by John Ridgway adorns this American Historical Staffordshire Cup or Children’s toy plate (both were probably the same) by John Ridgway, 1840. The pattern was made for the 1840 Presidential Campaign of William Henry Harrison, with the log cabin emphasizing Harrison’s connection to the “common man.” The plate is 3 ¾” in diameter, with a light blue transfer. There is a faint impressed mark on the underside but I cannot make it out. It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, lines, or restorations. From an important California collection: please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are looking for anything specific.

Price: $150

2019-Jun-18 11:45am EDT | Tags : American Historical Cup Plate

Am. Hist. Staffordshire Cup Plate: Hudson River

A red (or Historical pink, as some call it) American Historical Stafforeshire Cup Plate: “View Near Sandy Hill” from the Scenic Views of the Hudson River Series by William Adams, c. 1830. The plate is 4” in diameter and shows a bucolic view of the Hudson Valley with a road and a lone figure walking. The floral border includes several different kinds of flowers. Clearly imprinted "Adams" on the back. From an important California Cup Plate collection, the little plate is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, lines or restorations. The transfer is crisp and the color strong.

Price: $145

2019-Jun-14 02:03pm EDT | Tags : American Historical Staffordshire Cup Plate

Am Hist Staffordshire Cup Plate:NY from Weekhawken

A light blue American Historical Staffordshire Cup Plate from the “Scenic Views: Arms of the States” Series: New York from Weehakwen by Mellor, Venerables & Co., c. 1840. This little plate is 4” in diameter and shows a small view of New York from the New Jersey side of the Hudson (the western end of the Lincoln Tunnel: I guarantee you it does not look like that now!). The 12-sided plate has 4 small cartouches in the border showing coats of arms from 4 states, and there is a very faint impressed mark on the back that probably says “Ironstone.” The plate is from an important California Cup Plate Collection and is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, lines, restorations, etc.

Price: $245

2019-Jun-14 12:12pm EDT | Tags : American Historical Staffordshire Cup Plate

American Marine Historical Staffordshire Cup Plate

A 4” brown transfer American Historical Staffordshire Cup Plate in the “American Marine” pattern by Francis Morley, c. 1850. The main transfer shows several relatively small sailing ships and a rowboat in the foreground. The full border includes 3 cartouches with a variety of ships surrounded by a “rope” border. This plate is carries and impressed mark. From an important California Cup Plate collection, the plate is in excellent condition with no flaws, a crisp transfer and a shiny glaze.

Price: $125

2019-Jun-14 12:06pm EDT | Tags : American Historical Staffordshire Cup Plate Marine

19th Century Watercolor & Gouache: Woman w/ Book

An extremely competent mid-19th century Watercolor and Gouache drawing of a woman holding a small book (in her right hand). She is wearing a long, black dress and a cap. Her head and hands are done with watercolor; the dress in gouache. The piece is framed in a wonderful period, if not original, grain painted frame with lemon gold liner and old glass. Although too faint to read, at least for my eyes, there appears to be something written in the lower right corner (it would not photograph). Sight size is 6 ½” x 10 ½” and the frame size is 12” x 15 ½”. Very fine condition with no tears or crease. Strong color with only some minor rubbing in her hair, and a wonderful frame. The glass has a small bubble just to the left of her right elbow.

Price: $495

2019-May-02 10:07pm EDT | Tags : watercolor portrait woman w/ book

1884 US Presidential Campaign Handkerchief

A printed handkerchief from the 1884 Presidential Election Campaign showing images of Republican Candidates James G. Blaine (of Maine) and John A. Logan of Illinois. Blaine was Speaker of the House of Representatives and Logan was a US Senator from Illinois. Blaine and Logan lost the election to Grover Cleveland. The election took place in the middle of what is called The Age of the Robber Barons and you might be amused to read some of the allegations made against all the candidates! The handkerchief measures 19” x 18 ½” and in addition to the images of Blaine and Logan, there is an Eagle. It is in fine condition: clean with no holes, tears, etc. The printed images are strong and there is only one noticeable stain, right at the Eagle’s mouth. Insured postage in the US will be free for this item.

Price: $235

Grain-Painted Decorated Dovetailed Dresser Box

A 19th century, grain-painted, decorated, dovetailed Dresser Box. The free-hand decoration includes 2 green hearts on the lid and gold swirls, etc. There is gold wavy line decoration on the front and red edging throughout. The dovetails are small and precise. Interior is clean and unpainted and while there is a receptical for a lock on the bottom of the box, there is nothing in the top to fit into it. The box also has 4 little metal feet. The box measures 12” x 6 ¾” x 4” (high). It is in good condition with some small bumps and bruises on the top and some pint rubbing on all sides. Shipping weight will be about 3 ½ pounds.

Price: $225

2019-May-02 08:49pm EDT | Tags : painted box dresser box

Cloth Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game, c. 1910

A very early (c. 1910, perhaps a bit earlier) printed cloth “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game (kind of looks like a mule to me, but I grew up in New Jersey!). Gotta love the title: “Your Donkey Party!” The fine linen cloth measures 27” x 25” and is in fine condition, given the kind of use it must have received. There is some minor creasing (probably fixable with a proper ironing), scatter, light staining/soiling and some edge tears. But no major rips or hole. The printing is strong, the “instructions” are very legible and in general, a wonderful piece of nostalgia. The cloth is lacking the “tails” that probably came with the game, but I’m sure people can improvise. Do kids play this game at birthday parties any more? Postage in the US is free on this piece.

Price: $140

2019-May-02 08:12pm EDT | Tags : vintage game printed cloth

17 ½” Wooden Bowl in Original Gray-Blue Paint

A very large, 17 ½” diameter wooden bowl (probably maple) with original gray-blue paint on the exterior. The bowl is 5” deep and the wood about ½” thick. It has a small foot rim and is “gently” out of round. Very fine condition with some paint wear on the exterior and a tight line that probably happened in the making. Great as a centerpiece or hang it on your wall. Better yet, use it as a community hot fudge sundae bowl!

Price: $795

2019-May-02 02:28pm EDT | Tags : wooden bowl original paint treenware

Cast Iron Mannequin Boot or Door Stop

A red and black painted, cast iron boot (Victorian high-button boot). I have seen these boots described as door stops and as mannequin boots for store displays. It is hollow, but heavy enough (almost 3 ½ pounds) to serve as a door stop. It measures 7 ¾” from toe to heel, is 6 ¾” high and at the widest part of the soul, it is 2”. Rich, lipstick red color. Some minor rubbing of the paint but excellent condition with no splits, cracks, breaks, etc. And no rust. It would be a nice conversation piece with dried flowers

Price: $95

2019-May-02 11:57am EDT | Tags : door stop cast iron boot country store display

Art Deco Elephant Nutcracker

Wonderful form and wonderful color/surface on this Art Deco Elephant Nutcracker, dating from the 1920s. Heavy (almost 4 pounds) and solid, if you don’t want to crack nuts with it, the elephant would make a classy doorstop. 9 ¾” from tip of the trunk to the back leg and 4 ½” high (1 ¾” thick at the head), the elephant has a nice gently warn surface, big metal button eyes and a bit of its tail remaining. There are no cracks or breaks or rust and the trunk opens and closes smoothly. Shipping weight will be about 6 pounds

Price: $375

2019-Apr-25 10:57am EDT | Tags : nutcracker art deco original paint

Small Turned Wooden Bowl in Original Red

This small turned wooden bowl retains its original red surface. It measures 5 ¾” x 5 ½” (nice honest shrinkage) and is in very fine condition with only some minor edge wear which has smoothed out nicely with age. There is a small foot rim and wear from. Use on the inside. Also some white paint spatters from being in the wrong place at the wrong time! Great for a next of painted bowls if you are trying to put one together.

Price: $350

2019-Apr-25 10:54am EDT | Tags : painted bowl woodenware

Small Ram Shooting Gallery Target

This small ram shaped Shooting Gallery Target has a couple of coats of newer white paint. It is 6 ½” x 5 ½” (high) and fastened to 2 small iron plates at the feet. ¼” thick iron in very fine condition: some minor paint flaking and 1 small oxidation spot on the right rump, there are no dents or evidence that anybody actually hit it with a shot. Nice form.

Price: $90

2019-Apr-25 10:52am EDT | Tags : shooting gallery target cast iron

Wilson's Improved Coffee Mill or Grinder c. 1895

Wilson’s Improved Coffee Mill or Grinder to mount on the wall in your kitchen. The grinder dates to c. 1895 (when grinding coffee at home became popular) and includes a tin label that reads “Wilson’s Improved Coffee Mill – Patented.” The grinder is mounted on a wooden block (6 ½” x 5 ¾”) that could be mounted on a wall. The crank turns smoothly and the cast iron mill is in very fine condition but I have not tried to grind coffee in it. There is an age split on the wooden handle knob, but it is not in danger of falling off and has no splinters. A nice decorative accessory for your country kitchen.

Price: $95

2019-Apr-07 12:00pm EDT | Tags : coffee grinder country kitchen

3 Early Gilt Letters: D A D

3 early gilt letters: D A. D. The Ds measure 9 ¾” high x about 8 ½” wide; the A is 10 ¾” high and 9 7/8” across at the bottom. Gold painted surface with rounded edges. Reverse side is painted white (almost like a whitewash), and the edges are dark blue. The Ds are in very fine condition; the A is solid but there is a split/crack in the cross-bar and 2 in the right side (but the letter holds together and is not wobbly. The letters have been mounted on something, as there are nail holes in the back but these hole are not visible on the front. A great gift for the “Dad” in your life.

Price: $285

2019-Mar-29 09:53pm EDT | Tags : wooden letters gilt surface

Hooked Rug with 2 Cats on a Roof

A folksy pictorial hooked rug showing 2 gray cats sitting on a roof, surrounded by pastel-colored flowers. The rug measures 34" x 27" and is hooked in gray, purple, rose, blue, dark green and pink. It has a black cloth binding and there is a dark blue sleeve across the top of the back side for a hanging rod. Hand-hooked, probably from the mid-20th century, the rug is in very fine condition with no holes, tears, staining, etc.

Price: $695

2019-Mar-29 08:09pm EDT | Tags : hooked rug cats

Small 19th C Comb or Grain Painted Document Box

A small (desk or dresser top size) 19th century Comb or grain painted Document Box with wonderful swirl paint decoration. The box measures 11 7/8" x 6 7/8" x5 1/8" (H). It retains its original dry painted surface and hinges. The front escutcheon is present, but the latch that fits on the underside of the lid is gone (box still closes tightly, you just can't lock it if you had a key). New England, origin, most likely, probably Maine. Nailed construction. Minor staining inside and some light rubbing along the edges and some minor bumps that do not detract. Great color and great combed paint pattern. A very classy place to keep your papers or personal items.

Price: $495

2019-Mar-29 10:34am EDT | Tags : wooden ware document box original grain paint

5” Miniature Splint Buttocks Bottom Basket c.1920

A pristine miniature splint Buttocks Bottom Basket (probably ash splint) with a ½” wide bentwood handle. Single-wrapped rim. Nice nut-brown color and no splits, breaks or missing pieces. Tight and well made. 5” x 4” (at the top) and about 5 ½” high at the handle. A great addition to your miniature basket collection!

Price: $275

2019-Feb-28 10:43pm EST | Tags : spint basket miniature basket buttocks bottom basket

Hanging Match Box Holder in Original Red Paint

Here is a hanging Match Box or Holder in original crusty Red Paint. The box, which dates to the middle of the 19th century has an arched back and small area of ribbing on the front panel (I assume where the matches would have been struck). It is 8 ¼” high to the top of the arch, 3 ¾” wide and 3 ½” deep. The red surface is dry and crusty; and the piece has some age and use appropriate wear, but no cracks, breaks, etc.

Price: $175.00

2019-Feb-28 10:17pm EST | Tags : match box hanging box original paint

Small 19th C. Box w/Star Decoration & Divided Tray

A small red and black painted 19th century box with a divided tray interior and stars on the lid. The box retains its original painted surface (sides are covered in a light varnish), it is dovetailed and very solidly built. It measures It measures 11 ¾” x 7” x 6 ½”. The top is decorated with 5 stars: one large one in the middle and a smaller one in each corner. There is good storage space under the divided interior tray. A great box for jewelry or other keepsakes. The box is in very fine condition. There is a split on the bottom but the sides and top are solid. The painted surface, especially the top and the molding, show nice age crackle. The stars have faded a bit, and there is some splotching on the top, but no crakcs or breaks and the lid closes snugly (no key for the lock). The bottom and tray have square nails throughout. Shipping weight will be 6-7 pounds.

Price: $475

2019-Feb-28 09:47pm EST | Tags : painted box woodenware original paint

2 Funky Duck Silhouette Carnival Knock-Down Figure

2 similar Duck Silhouette Carnival Knock-Down Figures, probably from the mid-20th century. Not a pair (they are slightly different shape and size and one is thicker than the other), these black and white birds have red bills, red button eyes (one eye on each is a button, 1 has a painted red eye and the other only has an visible eye on one side). Note the tails are different, also. I’m not sure exactly how they were mounted, but there are drilled holes (2) along the bottom edge of each. As noted, one is about ¾” thick and the other about ½” thick: I am assuming the extra thickness was a trick to make them more difficult to knock down and therefore prevent the Carnival Game operator from having to give away more than a minimum number of prizes. The ducks are approximately 14 ½” x 11” with the thickness as noted above. A really funky example of Carnival memorabilia.

Price: $245

2019-Feb-28 09:16pm EST | Tags : carnival memorabilia duck silhouettes knock-Downs

Small New England Hanging Pipe Box w/ Drawer

A most unusual, small New England Hanging Pipe Box with shaped top and a drawer, c. 1820. The box retains its original red painted surface. It is only 11 ½" tall, and 5" x 2 ¾". It has a small drawer at the bottom and a lollipop finial at the top; the front and sides of the opening at the top are shaped. Although the box is not dovetailed, it is held together by early, tiny nails. Very good condition, with no splits or cracks; there is a small piece out of the base in the lower left back corner which is not noticeable when the box is hanging. Some use-appropriate wear to the painted edges, and the paint is tight and mellow. I have not seem this form pipe box in this small size previously. Out of a house in Northern Vermont.

Price: $950

2019-Feb-28 08:18pm EST | Tags : Pipe Box Woodenware

8 ½” Oak Splint Handled Basket w/ Paint Decoration

This 8 ½” Oak Splint Handled Basket is about a tight and pristine as you will find. About 9 ½” high to the handle, the basket is slightly out of round, measuring 8 ½” x 8 ¾” (at the handle), Double-wrapped rim and solid bent-wood handle. Push-up bottom. The rim has early green paint and the side is decorated with what appear to be human figures (I’ve had this basket for over 25 years and I always thought the decoration on the side was just splotches of color; after looking at the photos, I have decided that they are people, don’t by a very unsophisticated hand!) The basket has a rich nut-brown color and probably dates to the early 20th century.

Price: $175

2019-Jan-28 10:39pm EST | Tags : splint basket decorated basket

Miniature Paint Decorated Dovetailed Blanket Box

Probably the nicest miniature paint decorated blanket box I have ever handled, this dovetailed example retains its original salmon sponge swirl decoration, initials hand-done in the lid, a till, original hinges and lock (no key). The box measures 11 ¼” x 7 ¾” x 6” high. Dating c. 1840-1860, the box was found in New England, but its origin is unknown, possibly Pennsylvania. All 4 sides and the lid have frame lines in the paint decoration and the initials on the lid (“H M”) appear to have been done with a finger – like a child would do finger painting. The dovetailing is tidy and precise, and the box is in excellent condition. Paint is virtually complete with only some minor edge rubbing, and there are no cracks, breaks, rot, etc. One thin sliver of wood on the back side of the lid (near one of the hinges) has been replaced, leading me to suspect that there was an “oops” with the top at some point, and one screw from one of the hinges is missing. Additional photos available.

Price: $850

2019-Jan-26 03:53pm EST | Tags : miniature box original paint

Schoolgirl Watercolor Theorem on Silk, c.1840

A small Schoolgirl Watercolor Theorem on silk, dating to the 1840s. The theorem depicts a small basket of fruit on a textured white silk background. It was painted by Olive Hall of Gorham, Maine (according to a paper label on the back), and there is a small paper insert at the lower right of the theorem that reads "A Present." The theorem is 7 ½" x 5 ¾" and is framed in an old, perhaps original frame; frame size is 9 ¼" x 7 ¼". It is in excellent, original condition: very clean with no rips, tears or stains to the silk. The painting, in blues, greens, and yellow is nicely done. Clearly, Olive took a great deal of pride in her work.

Price: $995

2019-Jan-26 11:46am EST | Tags : Watercolor Theorem Schoolgirl Art Basket of Fruit

Wooden Running Horse Weathervane Fragment

One of the most graceful wood carvings of a running horse I have ever encountered: a mid-20th century Running Horse Weathervane fragment, painted black and exhibiting incredible form. The fragment is 22 ½” x 9”x ¾”. There are minor imperfections: 2 small chips on the ears, and some repairs to where the hooves, but nothing detracts from the incredible form. The painted surface is probably mid-20th century also. This one is special!

Price: $750

2019-Jan-25 10:02pm EST | Tags : weathervane running horse

H Potts Needlework Sampler w/ American Flag 1833

A fascinating American Needlework Sampler by Hannah Potts, aged 10, and dated 1833. The sampler includes 2 buildings, one appears to be a church (the red building) and the other a school house or town hall with a flag pole, flying the American Flag. Hannah stitched “Executed by Hannah Potts of Peru in the 10th year of her sage October 3th 1833. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to determine is WHICH “Peru” she meant: there are Perus in Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana (along with a number of others in states that were still frontier in 1833). In addition to the 2 buildings, the flag pole with the flag (the red and the blue on the flag are hand-colored in), her signature block, and several alphabets, the sampler has an inter The sampler is in very fine condition: there are no rips, tears or holes and the stitching is completel. A couple of minor, faint stains, but nothing that detracts from this piece. A very charming, naïve American needlework sampler.

Price: $1,350

2019-Jan-25 07:10pm EST | Tags : American Sampler Needlework Patriotic American Flag

Cork Bodied Sleeper/Preening Black Duck Decoy

An early to mid 20th century Cork Bodied Sleeper or Preening Black Duck Decoy with original painted head. The decoy is about 14" long, 6 ½" wide and 6" to the top of the head. This bird was shot over, so it has the expected shot marks in the body and bumps on the head. There is some paint rubbing and one re-enforcing nail (small) in the head, but the paint is 95+% complete. The cork body retains a significant portion of its original paint as well. Found in the Hudson River Valley,

Price: $295

2019-Jan-25 05:00pm EST | Tags : decoy cork bodied sleeper or preening duck

New England Redware Mug or Porringer w/ Manganese

This mid-19th century New England Redware Mug or Porringer has splotches of manganese decoration. It is 4 ¾” in diameter at the top, 3” in diameter at the bottom and just over 4” tall. The piece is in fine condition: nice shiny glaze and attractive blue splotching. There are 2 small, shallow edge chips on the top edge (both about ¼”) and there is a very thin hairline associated with one (more obvious in the photos than in person). There is also some glaze wear at the bottom of the handle, but it is not a crack or a hairline; the handle is solid. Additional photos available.

Price: $95

2019-Jan-16 05:52pm EST | Tags : redware Pottery

9 ½” Diameter Round Red Splint Handled Basket

A round, splint handled basket, 9 ½” in diameter and about 10” to the top of the handle (the sides of the basket are 2 ½” high). Solid double-wrapped construction with a push-up bottom. Thick, original red paint with appropriate wear. Very fine condition: the basket is solid; the handle complete and securely attached, although it does have a slight cant to it. There is one break in the double rim-wrapping, but no other damage to the splints on the side or bottom. This basket probably dates to the early 20th century, perhaps a bit earlier. It was probably a market basket, or used to gather vegetables in the garden.

Price: $295

2019-Jan-10 03:38pm EST | Tags : painted basket splint basket original paint

Unusual 2 Pound Helmet Butter Mold w/ Strawberry

A late 19th century helmeted butter mold in an unusual 2 pound size (most that you find are either ½ pound or 1 pound). The plunger on this mold is decorated with a carved strawberry and 2 leaves. The helmet w/ plunger down is about 6 ½" tall and 3 ½" in diameter; the decorated pusher/plunger is slightly less. Wonderful mellow patina with no chips, cracks or breaks in the helmet; the plunger has some staining and a small edge chip that is worn smooth with age and use. Very hard wood, probably maple.

Price: $275

2019-Jan-10 09:54am EST | Tags : butter mold wooden ware

Pr Cast Iron Heart Decorated Farm Equipment Gears

I’m not sure what to call this pair of cast iron Heart Decorated Gear Cogs from, I am told, a large piece of Farm Equipment (I grew up in a city, so don’t ask me!): Industrial or Mechanical Folk Art? Country Primitives?? Whatever you call them, they are wonderful: each gracefully shaped cog is adorned with a large heart-shaped cutout. I don’t know that the heart had any function, other than being purely decorative. And they are mounted on Custom metal stands, and they display very nicely. Each gear cog 7 ¼” x 4 ¾” with a 3 ½” shaft. With the stands, they are 9” tall (and heavy – 8+ pounds shipping weight). The pieces are in very fine condition: no splits, cracks, breaks, etc. They are clean (not greasy), with only some very light and minor surface oxidation, which is enhanced by the digital photographs.

Price: $265

2019-Jan-10 09:20am EST | Tags : cast iron

Double-Sided Butter Print w/Carved Birds & Hearts

Unusual and deeply carved double-sided butter print. The top is carved with initials (“O W” or “M O”) and the bottom side includes geometric designs, etc. The flat surface has several different free-carved birds and 2 large hearts. These were clearly done for decorative purposes. The print measures 4 ¼” x 4 1/2” on the round side and 2 ½” x 1 3/8” at the top; it is just over 3” high. Hard wood, probably maple, it probably dates to the last quarter of the 19th/first quarter of the 20th centuries.

Price: $225

2018-Dec-12 11:49pm EST | Tags : butter print woodenware

Margaret Gregory's Sampler, Portsmouth NH, 1850

Margaret Gregory’s needlework sampler, dated 1850, with a strawberry border. Margaret lived in Portsmouth, NH and was born c. 1834 (sampler states that she was 16 when she stitched it). In addition to a nice script alphabet, Margaret included a short verse and a wonderful riverfront view of the Strawbery Banke section of Portsmouth (hence the strawberry border!). The sampler measures 15 ¾” x 16 ½” (sight) and is framed in a nice contemporary frame (19” x 19 ¾”). The colors on Margaret's sampler are very vibrant, especially the reds! The linen backing is clean and free of holes, tears and stains. There is some very minor stitch loss, in single letters in the verse, and the capital "A" at the top, left. The river scene and the strawberry border are complete.

Price: $1,550

2018-Dec-06 05:51pm EST | Tags : Sampler American Sampler Needlework

Hump-Back Redhead Decoy from Harsen's Island,MI

A hump-back Redhead Duck Decoy from Harsen's Island, Michigan in working repaint. The bird has glass eyes and a heavy lead keel. Note the 'squared-off" chest. It measures 14 ½" x 7 ½" x 8" high; the hump-back is about 6" high. A nice worker with a solid paint and a couple of thin, shallow age cracks. "Harsen's Is" written on the bottom in pencil; Harsen's Island is at the mouth of Lake St. Clair. There also a label taped to the bottom that reads "Michigan Lake Erie.

Price: $275

2018-Dec-05 06:32pm EST | Tags : decoy folk art

Tin Single Candle Wall Sconce, c. 1840

A c. 1840 or earlier tin, single candle Wall Sconce with crimped crest and traces of the original decoration. The sconce is 9 ¼” tall and about 3 7/8” wide at the tray. The edges are folded overIt is all original, without any repairs, but the paint is well-worn and the decoration mostly gone. There are 2 small (less than ½”) splits where the crimped crest curves up from the sides, and the candle holder is slightly separated at the joint, but as you can see from the photo, it still holds a candle. Finally, there is a small punched hole about 2 ¼” up from the bottom (looks like a nail hole). A straight and honest tole candle sconce.

Price: $145

2018-Nov-25 04:54pm EST | Tags : tin sconce toleware

Small Dovetailed Dome Top Box Original Green Paint

A small, dovetailed Dometop Document Box in original green painted surface. 8” x 5” x 4 ¾” (high). Leather strap hinges (may be replacements). Fine condition with strong color. Clean inside, some minor bumping and paint rubbing on the edges. Nice little dresser sized box.

Price: SOLD -- Thank You!

2018-Oct-25 10:34am EDT | Tags : Document Box Original Paint Dometop

9 ½” Pantry Box in Original Gray Paint w/ Initials

A 9 ½” Gray-painted Pantry Box with initials (LBW) on the lid. The gray painted surface is original and shows nice shadowing under the lid. The box is 4 ½” high and is in very fine condition. It is solid and there are no major splits or breaks. There are a couple of small rough spots along the bottom edge, a ½” split, also on the bottom edge, and split (about 3”) where the side is tacked together and some roughness along the joint. The inside is clean and the box can be used for storage as the lid fits snugly. A great size and color for your stack.

Price: $250

2018-Oct-24 06:17pm EDT | Tags : pantry box woodenware original paint

Very Small Wall Box in Original Green

A very small hanging Wall Box, scraped down to the original green painted surface. It has a boldly arched backboard. It probably was used for matches or perhaps keys and dates to the second half of the 19th century. The green surface, which looks blue in certain light, is dry and crusty; it was covered with shiny black paint when I got it, and traces of that black paint remain. It measures 7” to the top of the arch, 4 ½” wide and 3” deep. Very fine condition with age and use appropriate light wear: no cracks, chips or breaks.

Price: $145.00

2018-Oct-11 12:22pm EDT | Tags : wall box woodenware original paint

Dog Figural Nutcracker Mounted on Wooden Base

A late 19th century/early 20th century figural nutcracker in the form a large dog. It is mounted on a wooden base for stability and ease of use. When the dog's tail is lifted, the mouth opens. Unshelled nuts can be inserted into the mouth and "Crunch" - shelled nuts. Heavy and smoothly operating but not harmful to anything unless you are an almond shell, etc. 6" high including the base, 12" from nose to the tip of the tail. The wooden base is approximately 7" x 4" x 1". Heavy, cast iron construction. Excellent, operating condition: no cracks, breaks, rust, etc. Only a couple of very small areas of paint rubbing. Shipping weight will be approximately 8 pounds.

Price: $195

2018-Oct-04 05:07pm EDT | Tags : nut cracker dog

Early 20th C Pewter Ice Cream Mold: Man on Bicycle

A very unusual pewter ice cream mold from the early 20th century: a Bicycle and Rider. The mold, especially on the inside, has nice detail and although I cannot find a name, the numbers 431 are visible on the rider's right hip. The mold stands 4" tall and about 4 ½" from front to read (including the hinge). It is clean and free of rusts, etc., but the hinge is slightly bent, meaning it does not close tightly. But since I doubt if anyone will use it for ice cream, that should not be much of an issue. There are no cracks or breaks.

Price: $175

2018-Sep-19 06:00pm EDT | Tags : ice cream mold bicycle

Studio of the Dance Sign Original Paint, c. 1950s

A mid-20th Century Sign "Studio of the Dance, Mrs. C. B. Worthen" in original surface. Saw-tooth ends with mustard yellow background and black and white shadow letters. 20" x 9 ½" x ¾" thick. Single board. Very fine condition with no splits, cracks or significant losses. Some very minor edge bumping (top-left being the most noticeable) and a little rubbing on the left side of the sign on the letter "D" of Dance. Nice, mellow patina. Will fit in one of the new "Large Flat-Rate Priority Mail" boxes.

Price: $375

2018-Sep-19 05:00pm EDT | Tags : advertising sign dance studio original paint

19th C Wallpaper Pincushion Trinket Box c. 1840

This box is very definitely a "Wow"! A 19th Century (c. 1840 or so) Wallpaper Trinket Box decorated with its original pincushion theorem (flower decoration). This all-cardboard box would most likely have been use for sewing notions. It measures 4 ¾" x 3 ¼" x 2 ½" (height to top of pincushion). It retains its original ribbon hinges and bright pink interior paper. Excellent condition: solid with no splits, tears, etc. Wallpaper (inside and out) is complete with only slight lifting at the top-edge in the front. Pincushion bordered by original cotton yarn. This one looks like it spent the last 150+ years buried in a trunk and was hardly used when it was new.

Price: $425

2018-Sep-11 03:32pm EDT | Tags : wallpaper box pincushion velvet theorem

Late 19th C American Chalkware Dog (Spaniel)

A late 19th century Chalkware Dog (a spaniel) in a sitting position in original painted surface. The dog is about 8 ½” tall and the octagonal base measures 5 ½” x 3 ¾”. Nicely molded detail on the face and the dog’s fur. Hollow and the sides are about ¼” thick. The dog is in fine condition: there are no chips, cracks or breaks and except for some minor and scattered areas where the painted surface has worn down to the white chalk, the surface is original and not re-painted. I don’t know if the dog was originally this color or if it has soiled from being handled, etc. (well-loved). Note the collar with a locket. Strong resemblance to the Staffordshire Dogs of the period.

Price: $325

2018-Aug-29 11:30pm EDT | Tags : Chalkware Spaniel Dog

Wooden Elephant Pull Toy w/ Applied Ears & a Scowl

A wonderful wooden elephant pull toy with applied ears and a scowl. Not sure of the exact age, but it most likely dates to the early 1950s, perhaps 1940s; and I don't know if it is a home-made piece or was available commercially. In either case, the elephant is wonderful, and so is its scowl. Original red and black painted surface, the elephant and platform are about 12" long, 11 ¾" high and ¾" thick; wheels are 2 ½" in diameter. Excellent condition with original rope tail and painted surface. The rear leg may have been either pieced-in, or it has an old repair, probably dating to when the toy was made. A great example of a toy from the days when life was much simpler!

Price: $235

2018-Aug-29 09:40am EDT | Tags : pull toy elephant wooden toy

2 Small Wooden Sieves, 1 w/ Horsehair Strainer

2 small Wooden Sieves, 5 ¾” and 4 ½” in diameter. The 5 ¾” sieve retains its original horsehair strainer; the strainer on the smaller sieve is a very fine metal mesh. The horsehair sieve is 2 7/8” high and the other sieve is 2” high. Both are in fine condition: the horsehair strainer is tight, but there are several small holes; the metal mesh strainer is complete with only a very tiny hole. The frames on both are sound, with mellow natural wood color.

Price: SOLD -- Thank You!

2018-Aug-25 10:38am EDT | Tags : Horsehair strainer woodenware sieve

Single Tube Tin Candle Mold, Late 19th Century

A single-tube tin candle mold dating to the late 19th century. The mold is 10 ½” tall (the tube itself is 9 ¼” long) and the crinkle-edge plates top and bottom are 3 ½” in diameter. The hollow tube is 1” in diameter at the open end, tapering down to a point. The handle is soldiered I place. Very fine condition with no dents or cracks. Surface oxidation, although enhanced by the digital photograph, is minimal. Single-tube candle molds are not common and this is an unusual form with the top and the bottom trays.

Price: $175

2018-Aug-20 06:14pm EDT | Tags : tinware candle mold

Small 19th Century Tin Dust or Crumb Pan

A small, 19th century tin dust or crumb pan. Not sure how or if you can distinguish “Shaker Tin” from normal tin of the period, but this one sure has a Shaker look and feel to it. 7” wide at the bottom, 7 ½” to the top of the handle and about 1 ¼” thick at the top; the hollow handle is 2 ½” long. Soldiered edges and joints, it is in very fine condition with no splits, cracks or breaks and only minimal surface oxidation (which is heightened by the digital photo.

Price: $75

2018-Aug-20 06:10pm EDT | Tags : tinware Shaker

Maple Scoop w/ Shaped Handle

An early Maple Scoop with a nicely shaped handle in original, worn surface. The scoop is about 8" high and 4 ¼" across at the bowl. The handle section is 6 ¼" high. Edges of the handle are beveled, and the bowl portion is about 7/8" deep at the handle. Very fine condition with no crack, breaks, splits, etc. Just a well-used surface and some very slight rubbing on the front edge of the bowl.

Price: $185

2018-Jun-29 11:46pm EDT | Tags : wooden scoop wooden ware

5 Graduated Conical TIN Ice Cream Scoops, c.1920

A graduated set of 5 conical shaped tin ice cream scoops, all with heart-shaped key mechanisms on the top (the key that you turn to scrape the ice cream out of the scoop. Although the handles are different on 4 of the 5, the heart-shaped key is the same, and I am assuming they were by the same maker. The largest one is marked "Royal" in the handle and the smallest has a "1 G" also in the handle. The others are not marked. The scoops measure 3 ½" in diameter (4 ½" to the top of the key), 3 ¼" (3 ½"), 2 ¾" (3 ½"), 2 ¾" (3 3/8"), and 2 ¼" (2 ¾") for the kiddie scoop. Handles are all in the 4 ¾" to 5" range and the largest and smallest are pinned to the scoop while the others are soldiered. All 5 scoops are in working condition (I'd clean them up good if you planned to use them!). There are only very minimal dents from use, no splits ore cracks and surface oxidation is minimal and confined to where the scraper key meets the peak of the scoop.

Price: $145

2018-Jun-15 03:35pm EDT | Tags : tin ware ice cream parlor

Large Wisconsin Bluebill Decoy w/ Carved Wing Tips

A large Bluebill Decoy (reportedly from the Wisconsin area) with original surface, heavily carved wing tips and tack eyes. There is nice detail carved into this bird, not only on the wind tips and tail, but also around the chest, the wings on the side of the body and the bill. Unknown (to me, at least) carver. There is a tapered wooden keel on the bottom with attached weight, and a leather rig hook. 16" (bill to tail) x 6 ¾" (wide) x about 7" high at the head. Very fine condition with only minor paint loss and some slight nicking on the tail-tips. The bottom (only) may have been repainted.

Price: $450

2018-Jun-07 08:28pm EDT | Tags : decoy folk carving

19th C. 6-Tube Miniature Candle Mold w/Arched Base

A rarity among rarities: a 19th century Miniature 6-Tube Tin Candle Mold with an arched base and applied handle. Each of the 6 tubes is 5 ¼" long and 7/8" in diameter. Overall height of the piece, including the arched base, is 7" and the mold is 5 ¾" x 3 3/8" at the base. Soldered construction and the edges of the base are rolled around a wire. Excellent condition with no splits, cracks, separations, etc. Surface oxidation is at a minimum, and the piece has a wonderful feel to it, with a dark and mellow patina. This example is one of the more unusual miniature candle molds that I have handled.

Price: $795

2018-May-03 05:51pm EDT | Tags : candle mold miniature tin

Pen & Ink Calligraphy by John Graham, c. 1835

A wonderfully detained Pen and Ink drawing b y John Graham, reportedly of Ludlow, Vermont, c. 1835. "Pen Drawings and Writing by John Graham" the piece reads, along with an excellent sketch of a man and woman, on horseback, the man holding a falcon; there is a small dog running alongside of them. The whole piece has a very neat and tidy double line border. Sight size (without the mat) is 6 3/8" x 6 ¾" and it is framed in a molded contemporary frame (10" x 12"). I believe this piece to be an advertising piece or broadside (the equivalent of a business card) for a John Graham, who may have been a school teacher, artist or perhaps a sign maker offering his services as someone who could write or draw for people who could not. The piece is in excellent condition: nicely framed, with no rips, tears, creases or wrinkles. There is a short, faint vertical stain between "Writing" and "John" but it does not detract.

Price: $250

2018-Apr-30 10:26am EDT | Tags : Pen & Ink Calligraphy

Large Wooden General Store Scoop w/ Canted Bottom

A large and fascinating Wooden Scoop, noteworthy for its rectangular shape and unusual canted bottom. Instead of coming straight down to meet the bottom, the sides slant-in about 7/8”. The scoop is constructed out of 3 pieces of wood: the bowl with the open ends, the back section and the handle. The construction is almost seamless, although there are a couple of nails holding the back-board to the bowl. Overall length is 15” including the handle; the bowl is 10 ½” x 6 ½” x 2 ¾” high. Overall condition is very fine. The wood (not sure what type – very little graining) is smooth and mellow and at some point it may have had paint on it (wouldn’t that be nice!). The bowl itself is free of chips, cracks, etc; there is a thin line in the back board that extends about ¾” on both sides, but does not reach the bottom and does not threaten the integrity of the piece. One assumes this comes from a General Store.

Price: $125

2018-Apr-22 11:21pm EDT | Tags : Wooden Scoop General Store Woodenware

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