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Small 19th C Comb or Grain Painted Document Box

A small (desk or dresser top size) 19th century Comb or grain painted Document Box with wonderful swirl paint decoration. The box measures 11 7/8" x 6 7/8" x5 1/8" (H). It retains its original dry painted surface and hinges. The front escutcheon is present, but the latch that fits on the underside of the lid is gone (box still closes tightly, you just can't lock it if you had a key). New England, origin, most likely, probably Maine. Nailed construction. Minor staining inside and some light rubbing along the edges and some minor bumps that do not detract. Great color and great combed paint pattern. A very classy place to keep your papers or personal items.

Price: $495

2018-Jun-17 10:34pm EDT | Tags : wooden ware document box original grain paint

Dog Figural Nutcracker Mounted on Wooden Base

A late 19th century/early 20th century figural nutcracker in the form a large dog. It is mounted on a wooden base for stability and ease of use. When the dog's tail is lifted, the mouth opens. Unshelled nuts can be inserted into the mouth and "Crunch" - shelled nuts. Heavy and smoothly operating but not harmful to anything unless you are an almond shell, etc. 6" high including the base, 12" from nose to the tip of the tail. The wooden base is approximately 7" x 4" x 1". Heavy, cast iron construction. Excellent, operating condition: no cracks, breaks, rust, etc. Only a couple of very small areas of paint rubbing. Shipping weight will be approximately 8 pounds.

Price: $195

2018-Jun-17 10:07am EDT | Tags : nut cracker dog

Hinged Butter Mold w/ Carved Flowers, c. 1870

A large and most unusual hinged butter mold with a flower carved interior. The mold creates an oval or football-shaped lump of butter that is 6 ¾" x 3 ½" and is 1 ¾" thick. There are iron hinges on the exterior and the mold is held together with an iron hook at one end. Fascinating construction that I have never seen with a butter mold before. Overall size is 10" x 5" x 2 ½", and it is in very fine condition: deep, rich natural color with only some minor rubbing on the top inside edge. Hinges function properly and the hook does hold the mold closed.

Price: $165

2018-Jun-17 10:04am EDT | Tags : butter mold wooden ware

Early 20th C Pewter Ice Cream Mold: Man on Bicycle

A very unusual pewter ice cream mold from the early 20th century: a Bicycle and Rider. The mold, especially on the inside, has nice detail and although I cannot find a name, the numbers 431 are visible on the rider's right hip. The mold stands 4" tall and about 4 ½" from front to read (including the hinge). It is clean and free of rusts, etc., but the hinge is slightly bent, meaning it does not close tightly. But since I doubt if anyone will use it for ice cream, that should not be much of an issue. There are no cracks or breaks.

Price: $175

2018-Jun-17 09:54am EDT | Tags : ice cream mold bicycle

Wooden Elephant Pull Toy w/ Applied Ears & a Scowl

A wonderful wooden elephant pull toy with applied ears and a scowl. Not sure of the exact age, but it most likely dates to the early 1950s, perhaps 1940s; and I don't know if it is a home-made piece or was available commercially. In either case, the elephant is wonderful, and so is its scowl. Original red and black painted surface, the elephant and platform are about 12" long, 11 ¾" high and ¾" thick; wheels are 2 ½" in diameter. Excellent condition with original rope tail and painted surface. The rear leg may have been either pieced-in, or it has an old repair, probably dating to when the toy was made. A great example of a toy from the days when life was much simpler!

Price: $235

2018-Jun-15 03:40pm EDT | Tags : pull toy elephant wooden toy

5 Graduated Conical TIN Ice Cream Scoops, c.1920

A graduated set of 5 conical shaped tin ice cream scoops, all with heart-shaped key mechanisms on the top (the key that you turn to scrape the ice cream out of the scoop. Although the handles are different on 4 of the 5, the heart-shaped key is the same, and I am assuming they were by the same maker. The largest one is marked "Royal" in the handle and the smallest has a "1 G" also in the handle. The others are not marked. The scoops measure 3 ½" in diameter (4 ½" to the top of the key), 3 ¼" (3 ½"), 2 ¾" (3 ½"), 2 ¾" (3 3/8"), and 2 ¼" (2 ¾") for the kiddie scoop. Handles are all in the 4 ¾" to 5" range and the largest and smallest are pinned to the scoop while the others are soldiered. All 5 scoops are in working condition (I'd clean them up good if you planned to use them!). There are only very minimal dents from use, no splits ore cracks and surface oxidation is minimal and confined to where the scraper key meets the peak of the scoop.

Price: $175

2018-Jun-15 03:35pm EDT | Tags : tin ware ice cream parlor

Studio of the Dance Sign Original Paint, c. 1950s

A mid-20th Century Sign "Studio of the Dance, Mrs. C. B. Worthen" in original surface. Saw-tooth ends with mustard yellow background and black and white shadow letters. 20" x 9 ½" x ¾" thick. Single board. Very fine condition with no splits, cracks or significant losses. Some very minor edge bumping (top-left being the most noticeable) and a little rubbing on the left side of the sign on the letter "D" of Dance. Nice, mellow patina. Will fit in one of the new "Large Flat-Rate Priority Mail" boxes.

Price: $375

2018-Jun-15 03:17pm EDT | Tags : advertising sign dance studio original paint

Hooked Rug with 2 Cats on a Roof

A folksy pictorial hooked rug showing 2 gray cats sitting on a roof, surrounded by pastel-colored flowers. The rug measures 34" x 27" and is hooked in gray, purple, rose, blue, dark green and pink. It has a black cloth binding and there is a dark blue sleeve across the top of the back side for a hanging rod. Hand-hooked, probably from the mid-20th century, the rug is in very fine condition with no holes, tears, staining, etc.

Price: $695

2018-Jun-15 03:09pm EDT | Tags : hooked rug cats

Sponge Decorated, Dovetailed Microscope Box w/Key

A wonderful sponge decorated, dovetailed fall-front box with green velvet lining and a carrying handle on the top. The box has its original mustard and tan sponge decoration and original key and working lock. Decorated on all 4 sides, the box measures 12" x 5 ½" x 7" (high). Thick dovetails on the top and sides. Minor surface wear, especially to the corners and some slight lifting of the green velvet, primarily on the inside of the fall-front. Small split at the lower right (front side) and the hinges appear to be original. I believe this to be a microscope box.

Price: $195

2018-Jun-15 03:05pm EDT | Tags : decorated box instrument box original surface

Half Round Floral Hooked Rug, c. 1930-1940

A very nice half-round Floral Hooked Rug, dating from the 1930s-1940s most likely. The hand-hooked rug, which measures 32" across (at t he straight-edge) x 19" high is decorated with large, poppy-like flowers and green leaves. Nice shading in the flowers and leaves: several shads of red and green, purple, black, gray, and tan. Tightly hooked with no holes, tears or stains. Some very light, overall soiling. The rug has a black cloth binding all the way around. My (rug) "hooker" friends tell me that half-round or semi-circular hooked rugs are the hardest to do and the person who made this one was quite skilled. It remains tight and tidy. This one could have been used as a welcome mat, or as a hearth rug.

Price: $195

2018-Jun-15 02:26pm EDT | Tags : hooked rug hearth rug

Small New England Hanging Pipe Box w/ Drawer in Or

A most unusual, small New England Hanging Pipe Box with shaped top and a drawer, c. 1820. The box retains its original red painted surface. It is only 11 ½" tall, and 5" x 2 ¾". It has a small drawer at the bottom and a lollipop finial at the top; the front and sides of the opening at the top are shaped. Although the box is not dovetailed, it is held together by early, tiny nails. Very good condition, with no splits or cracks; there is a small piece out of the base in the lower left back corner which is not noticeable when the box is hanging. Some use-appropriate wear to the painted edges, and the paint is tight and mellow. I have not seem this form pipe box in this small size previously. Out of a house in Northern Vermont.

Price: $950

2018-Jun-15 02:18pm EDT | Tags : Pipe Box Woodenware

Carved Miniature Flying Flatty Mallard

A carved miniature flying Mallard "Flatty" in original paint. Detailed wing and foot carvings and a nice, mellow patina. The bird is 6" long and about 4" from the body to the top of the wing. Excellent condition with no cracks, breaks, etc. Hook for hanging on the back. No carver's signature, unfortunately

Price: $125

2018-Jun-15 02:10pm EDT | Tags : miniature wood carving flying mallard duck

17" Wooden Bowl w/ Original Gray-Blue Paint

A wonderful and very large Wooden Bowl (17"to 17 ¼" diameter) with its original gray-blue painted surface. The bowl is 5 ¼" high and about ½" thick at the rim. Painted surface (outside) of the bowl shows appropriate, but minor wear and there is a very thin and shallow age line on the interior. No cracks, chips or missing chunks. This one would be great for hot fudge sundaes!

Price: $895

2018-Jun-14 07:38pm EDT | Tags : turned bowl woodenware original paint

Painted Splint Fishing Creel w/ Fish Decoration

An early 20th century splint fishing creel, in original red paint and decorated with a black fish (either free-hand or stenciled) on the front. It has a shaped body, including curvature on the back to allow it to fit against the fisherman's hip. There is no lid (it probably had a solid wooden lid), and although the original leather hinges are still there, there is no strap or way to attach it to the belt (note that the bailing twine was added so the basket could be displayed). Overall measurements are 11 ½" wide x 5" deep x 6 ½" high. The basket is in used, but not abused condition. The paint shows evidence of wear with the sides and back either never having been painted or having most of the paint worn away. The basket is solid, but there are scatted broken splints and some breaks to the top edge wraps. And as mentioned, the lid is gone. The leaping fish decoration is quite funky. This basket was found in Western Michigan over 30 years ago and has been hanging in our collection.

Price: $295

2018-Jun-13 08:27pm EDT | Tags : splint basket fishing creel painted basket

Pair of Tin (Tinny) Shore Birds w/ 1874 Pat. Date

A pair of tin Shore Birds in original paint. Each one is stamped on the inside: "Pat. Oct. 27, 1874." The birds open flat for easy storage and transportation (they stack nicely inside each other) and are 9 ½" from beak to tail They would have been mounted on a stick or some sort of stake, but this lot includes just the birds. They are in very fine condition with only some minor edge bumping and paint rubbing. There are no splits or cracks, and the hinges holding the halves together on each bird are secure. A nice pair.

Price: $195

2018-Jun-13 03:34pm EDT | Tags : Tin Shore Birds Tinny Decoy

Late 19th C American Gameboard w/ Breadboard Ends

A simple and honest 3-color American Game or Checkerboard with breadboard ends. The surface is original. The 8 x 8 squares are dark and lighter red and divided by yellow lines. The playing surface measures 9 ¼” x 9” and the individual squares are approximately 1” square (obviously, hand painted). Overall dimensions of the board are 21 ½” x 12” and it is ¾” thick. The board is in very fine condition: the painted surface is complete and free of all but very minor scraping (normal use) and the board itself only has a couple of short thin age splits. Some bumping and rubbing on the edges, again commensurate with normal use. The red colors are rich and warm.

Price: $325

2018-Jun-13 02:12pm EDT | Tags : Gameboard Woodenware Original Surface

Early 19th C Piggin in Original Surface

About a straight and right a piece of early 19th century (perhaps late 18th century) woodenware as you will find: a small piggin in original brown painted surface and original banding. Piggins were small barrel-like containers where one stave was left long to serve as a handle. They had a variety of uses, from scooping grain to slopping the pigs and have become very hard to find in their original condition. This example measures about 5 ¼" in diameter and 6 ¾" to the top of the handle (4 ¼" to the top of the container). The steel bands holding the piece together, and the rivets, appear to be hand-forged. The piggin is in very fine condition: tight with only minor bumps and paint rubbing.

Price: $350

2018-Jun-13 08:01am EDT | Tags : wooden ware piggin original surface

Hump-Back Redhead Decoy from Harsen's Island,MI

A hump-back Redhead Duck Decoy from Harsen's Island, Michigan in working repaint. The bird has glass eyes and a heavy lead keel. Note the 'squared-off" chest. It measures 14 ½" x 7 ½" x 8" high; the hump-back is about 6" high. A nice worker with a solid paint and a couple of thin, shallow age cracks. "Harsen's Is" written on the bottom in pencil; Harsen's Island is at the mouth of Lake St. Clair. There also a label taped to the bottom that reads "Michigan Lake Erie.

Price: $275

2018-Jun-07 08:32pm EDT | Tags : decoy folk art

Large Wisconsin Bluebill Decoy w/ Carved Wing Tips

A large Bluebill Decoy (reportedly from the Wisconsin area) with original surface, heavily carved wing tips and tack eyes. There is nice detail carved into this bird, not only on the wind tips and tail, but also around the chest, the wings on the side of the body and the bill. Unknown (to me, at least) carver. There is a tapered wooden keel on the bottom with attached weight, and a leather rig hook. 16" (bill to tail) x 6 ¾" (wide) x about 7" high at the head. Very fine condition with only minor paint loss and some slight nicking on the tail-tips. The bottom (only) may have been repainted.

Price: $450

2018-Jun-07 08:28pm EDT | Tags : decoy folk carving

Cork Bodied Sleeper/Preening Black Duck Decoy

An early to mid 20th century Cork Bodied Sleeper or Preening Black Duck Decoy with original painted head. The decoy is about 14" long, 6 ½" wide and 6" to the top of the head. This bird was shot over, so it has the expected shot marks in the body and bumps on the head. There is some paint rubbing and one re-enforcing nail (small) in the head, but the paint is 95+% complete. The cork body retains a significant portion of its original paint as well. Found in the Hudson River Valley,

Price: $295

2018-May-05 07:57am EDT | Tags : decoy cork bodied sleeper or preening duck

19th C. 6-Tube Miniature Candle Mold w/Arched Base

A rarity among rarities: a 19th century Miniature 6-Tube Tin Candle Mold with an arched base and applied handle. Each of the 6 tubes is 5 ¼" long and 7/8" in diameter. Overall height of the piece, including the arched base, is 7" and the mold is 5 ¾" x 3 3/8" at the base. Soldered construction and the edges of the base are rolled around a wire. Excellent condition with no splits, cracks, separations, etc. Surface oxidation is at a minimum, and the piece has a wonderful feel to it, with a dark and mellow patina. This example is one of the more unusual miniature candle molds that I have handled.

Price: $795

2018-May-03 05:51pm EDT | Tags : candle mold miniature tin

Pen & Ink Calligraphy by John Graham, c. 1835

A wonderfully detained Pen and Ink drawing b y John Graham, reportedly of Ludlow, Vermont, c. 1835. "Pen Drawings and Writing by John Graham" the piece reads, along with an excellent sketch of a man and woman, on horseback, the man holding a falcon; there is a small dog running alongside of them. The whole piece has a very neat and tidy double line border. Sight size (without the mat) is 6 3/8" x 6 ¾" and it is framed in a molded contemporary frame (10" x 12"). I believe this piece to be an advertising piece or broadside (the equivalent of a business card) for a John Graham, who may have been a school teacher, artist or perhaps a sign maker offering his services as someone who could write or draw for people who could not. The piece is in excellent condition: nicely framed, with no rips, tears, creases or wrinkles. There is a short, faint vertical stain between "Writing" and "John" but it does not detract.

Price: $250

2018-Apr-30 10:26am EDT | Tags : Pen & Ink Calligraphy

Decorated Toleware (Tin) Divided Cheese Cradle

A decorated Toleware (tin) Cheese Cradle with a divided interior, dating from the mid-19th century. Probably American (most tin ones that I have seen are), the side panels and scrolled ends of this piece are free-hand decorated in and varnished over. Nice graceful sweep to the body of the Cradle. The interior is divided into 2 compartments: I assume that was to accommodate 2 different sized wheels of cheese. The cradle measures 13 ½" x 8" and 4" high at the ends. Very fine condition: the tin is firm and free of splits, cracks, rust and no major (or even very minor) dents. There is some expected rubbing to the gold-highlighted edging, and on the decoration on the scrolled handles. The interior, which is also painted, shows signs of light wear and there are a couple of spots on the side and on the side of the divider that show a white residue, perhaps a chemical reaction to a wheel of cheese.

Price: $325

2018-Apr-30 10:14am EDT | Tags : toleware cheese cradle

Rig of 5 Miniature Shore Birds, Original Paint

A wonderful mid-20th Century rig of 5 Shorebirds (Yellowlegs? Plovers? Rails?? Sorry, I never learned to tell my shorebirds apart and any help lookers can provide would be greatly appreciated!) in original paint. The birds are mounted on sections of birch logs and display wonderfully together (birds are mounted on wooden rods which are inserted into the birch; both birds and rods are removeable). Paint is similar although 2 have lighter colored chests. Size is also about the same, with each bird measuring about 5 ½" from the tip of the beak to the tail and about 2" tall. (length of the rods and thickness of the birch logs varies) All are in very fine condition with virtually 100% paint and no splits, cracks, breaks, etc. Minor dinging on the tip of one bill and a minor professional repair to another bill, where it connects with the head (contact me if you would like to see a photo of the repair or of individual birds).

Price: $650

2018-Apr-29 08:21pm EDT | Tags : shore bird decoy miniature decoy

Schoolgirl Watercolor Theorem on Silk, c.1840

A small Schoolgirl Watercolor Theorem on silk, dating to the 1840s. The theorem depicts a small basket of fruit on a textured white silk background. It was painted by Olive Hall of Gorham, Maine (according to a paper label on the back), and there is a small paper insert at the lower right of the theorem that reads "A Present." The theorem is 7 ½" x 5 ¾" and is framed in an old, perhaps original frame; frame size is 9 ¼" x 7 ¼". It is in excellent, original condition: very clean with no rips, tears or stains to the silk. The painting, in blues, greens, and yellow is nicely done. Clearly, Olive took a great deal of pride in her work.

Price: $1,150

2018-Apr-28 11:46am EDT | Tags : Watercolor Theorem Schoolgirl Art Basket of Fruit

8 1/2" dia. Bowl w/Crusty Green Paint & Decoration

A small, turned green bowl (not sure of the wood: it could be elm?) in original, crusty green paint with red and yellow decoration around the outside rim. The decoration is red swags and yellow circles (flowers?). The bowl has a small foot rim and because of shrinkage, is wonderfully out of round: it measures 8 ¼” in one direction and 7 ½” in the other. Paint is strong and the only flaws are 2 thin age cracks directly across from each other

Price: $495

2018-Apr-24 10:43pm EDT | Tags : Painted Bow Woodenware Original Surface

Late 19th C American Chalkware Dog (Spaniel)

A late 19th century Chalkware Dog (a spaniel) in a sitting position in original painted surface. The dog is about 8 ½” tall and the octagonal base measures 5 ½” x 3 ¾”. Nicely molded detail on the face and the dog’s fur. Hollow and the sides are about ¼” thick. The dog is in fine condition: there are no chips, cracks or breaks and except for some minor and scattered areas where the painted surface has worn down to the white chalk, the surface is original and not re-painted. I don’t know if the dog was originally this color or if it has soiled from being handled, etc. (well-loved). Note the collar with a locket. Strong resemblance to the Staffordshire Dogs of the period.

Price: $325

2018-Apr-22 11:30pm EDT | Tags : Chalkware Spaniel Dog

Hollow Carved Merganser Decoy in Original Paint

A very light, hollow-carved Merganser Decoy with original paint. The bird has a carved crest (notches on the back of his head) and glass eyes. The body is very light, almost like balsa wood. The decoy was obviously meant for relatively still water, which leads me to suspect Upstate New York or Canada as its origin, but there are no indications as to who the carver might have been. The bird is also long: about 15 ½” from tip of the beak to tail and about 5 ½” high. The head is slightly tilted to the right. No bottom weight, although you can see the shadow of where a round weight had been. The merganser is in very fine condition with no splits or cracks in the head or body. The paint is virtually complete, although there is some light rubbing on the sides and a couple of areas, mostly across the breast, where the thick paint has flaked off. The back shows a show marks. A nice, folksy example of a desirable decoy species.395

2018-Apr-22 11:26pm EDT | Tags : Decoy Merganser Duck Original Surface

Large Wooden General Store Scoop w/ Canted Bottom

A large and fascinating Wooden Scoop, noteworthy for its rectangular shape and unusual canted bottom. Instead of coming straight down to meet the bottom, the sides slant-in about 7/8”. The scoop is constructed out of 3 pieces of wood: the bowl with the open ends, the back section and the handle. The construction is almost seamless, although there are a couple of nails holding the back-board to the bowl. Overall length is 15” including the handle; the bowl is 10 ½” x 6 ½” x 2 ¾” high. Overall condition is very fine. The wood (not sure what type – very little graining) is smooth and mellow and at some point it may have had paint on it (wouldn’t that be nice!). The bowl itself is free of chips, cracks, etc; there is a thin line in the back board that extends about ¾” on both sides, but does not reach the bottom and does not threaten the integrity of the piece. One assumes this comes from a General Store.

Price: $125

2018-Apr-22 11:21pm EDT | Tags : Wooden Scoop General Store Woodenware

H Potts Needlework Sampler w/ American Flag 1833

A fascinating American Needlework Sampler by Hannah Potts, aged 10, and dated 1833. The sampler includes 2 buildings, one appears to be a church (the red building) and the other a school house or town hall with a flag pole, flying the American Flag. Hannah stitched “Executed by Hannah Potts of Peru in the 10th year of her sage October 3th 1833. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to determine is WHICH “Peru” she meant: there are Perus in Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana (along with a number of others in states that were still frontier in 1833). In addition to the 2 buildings, the flag pole with the flag (the red and the blue on the flag are hand-colored in), her signature block, and several alphabets, the sampler has an inter The sampler is in very fine condition: there are no rips, tears or holes and the stitching is completel. A couple of minor, faint stains, but nothing that detracts from this piece. A very charming, naïve American needlework sampler.

Price: $1,350

2018-Apr-22 11:10pm EDT | Tags : American Sampler Needlework Patriotic American Flag

Grain Painted 2-Finger Oval Box Original Surface

A scratch-grain painted 2 fingered oval box with original dark red (or Spanish Brown) and black paint. The red is the under-paint, with the black paint having been applied in a wavy (or scratch) pattern. 2 opposing fingers and pegged, the box is 6 1/8” x 4 ½” x 2 ½” high. Excellent, original condition: no cracks, splits or holes. All the pegs are in place and the painted surface is untouched. Tight and a lid the fits snugly. A most attractive box for any stack.

Price: $495

2018-Apr-18 11:31pm EDT | Tags : oval box grain paint

Pr Cast Iron Heart Decorated Farm Equipment Gears

I’m not sure what to call this pair of cast iron Heart Decorated Gear Cogs from, I am told, a large piece of Farm Equipment (I grew up in a city, so don’t ask me!): Industrial or Mechanical Folk Art? Country Primitives?? Whatever you call them, they are wonderful: each gracefully shaped cog is adorned with a large heart-shaped cutout. I don’t know that the heart had any function, other than being purely decorative. And they are mounted on Custom metal stands, and they display very nicely. Each gear cog 7 ¼” x 4 ¾” with a 3 ½” shaft. With the stands, they are 9” tall (and heavy – 8+ pounds shipping weight). The pieces are in very fine condition: no splits, cracks, breaks, etc. They are clean (not greasy), with only some very light and minor surface oxidation, which is enhanced by the digital photographs.

Price: $265

2018-Apr-17 09:20pm EDT | Tags : cast iron

Signed Miniature Handled Basket, Early 20th C

This miniature splint basket is and about 5” to the top of the handle. It dates to the very early part of the 20th century, perhaps a bit earlier. The basket has a rich, nut-brown color and there is a band of 7 “weavers” around the middle of the basket in original blue paint. There is pencil-writing on the bottom, most likely a signature and possibly a “presentation” note, but I cannot make them out. The basket is in very fine condition: tight and no major damage, only a couple of very minor weaver-breaks. The rim-wrap is complete and the handle is without breaks, although there is a “rub” that shows up as the light patch visible in the photos.

Price: $200

2018-Apr-17 09:12pm EDT | Tags : Miniature Basket Splint Basket Signed Basket

6" Chalk Ware Cat, c. 1890-1900

A small (6” high) Chalkware Cat, c. 1890-1900. Probably a carnival or county fair prize, the black and white striped kitty is wearing a collar and sitting on an octagonal base (3” x 2”). Great eyes and whiskers and a curled tail. Hollow. Minor paint wear and some slight in-filling, but no cracks or breaks. A very uncommon chalkware form from the period.

Price: $495

2018-Apr-17 09:08pm EDT | Tags : Chalk Ware Cat

Round Banded 19th C Piggin w/ Fingered Staves

A round, Banded Piggin, c. 1840. Fingered Stave construction (2) with square nails (you could convince me it is Shaker, given how nicely it is made: but that is only a hunch). The “hook” for hanging is carved from one of the piggin’s slats. Original red-painted surface. Long, straight grained wood (ash?). 7 ½” in diameter, 4 ¾” high to the top of the bucket, 6 ¼” to the top of the hanging hook. Excellent original condition: no splits, cracks, etc. Some minor edge nibbling in 2 places in the front and in the back, under the hook. Tight and solid. A wonderful example of a good country form.

Price: $675

2018-Apr-15 06:31pm EDT | Tags : Wooden Ware Piggin

Margaret Gregory's Sampler, Portsmouth NH, 1850

Margaret Gregory’s needlework sampler, dated 1850, with a strawberry border. Margaret lived in Portsmouth, NH and was born c. 1834 (sampler states that she was 16 when she stitched it). In addition to a nice script alphabet, Margaret included a short verse and a wonderful riverfront view of the Strawbery Banke section of Portsmouth (hence the strawberry border!). The sampler measures 15 ¾” x 16 ½” (sight) and is framed in a nice contemporary frame (19” x 19 ¾”). The colors on Margaret's sampler are very vibrant, especially the reds! The linen backing is clean and free of holes, tears and stains. There is some very minor stitch loss, in single letters in the verse, and the capital "A" at the top, left. The river scene and the strawberry border are complete.

Price: $1,550

2018-Apr-15 05:51pm EDT | Tags : Sampler American Sampler Needlework

1830 American Quaker Sampler by Eleanor Carson

A very neat and tidy American Quaker Needlework Sampler by Eleanor Carson, dated 1830. Although I have not been able to find any hard proof, I believe this to be by Eleanor Carson of Carsonville, Grayson County, Virginia (South-Central VA, right on the North Carolina border). There was a large Quaker meeting in Carsonville in the 19th century. This sampler, which has the typical Quaker alphabet and numerous Quaker motifs. In addition to the main verse, title "An Extract", there is a fainter, more familiar phrase that schoolgirls frequently used in their samplers: "When you see this, remember me." The sampler measures 16" x 17" (sight) and is framed in a simple, contemporary wooden frame (17 ¾" x 18 ¾"). It is in very fine condition with no holes, tears or missing stitches. There is some light bleeding around the darker letters, but nothing distracting.

Price: $1,495

2018-Apr-15 05:36pm EDT | Tags : Sampler Quaker Sampler Needlework

Early 19th C Shaker Pincushion Box, All Original

A rare and all original oval Shaker Pincushion Box, dating to the early to mid 19th century. The box has 3 fingers, its original natural wood surface and the original red cloth covering the pincushion. It measures 5" x 3" x 3 1/8" (high). Nice shadowing under the lid and the original banding at the base of the pincushion. Very fine condition: mellow color and no cracks, splits or breaks in the box, only a tiny finger-nail gouge along the bottom edge (under the fingers). There are some scattered, small losses in the red cloth covering, the largest being about ½" (all visible in the photo). A rare Shaker find in original condition like this one. Additional photos available upon request.

Price: $2,250

2018-Apr-14 11:12am EDT | Tags : Shaker Oval Box Pincushion

10 1/8" Oval 4-Finger Shaker Box w/Original Red

A 10 1/8" oval Shaker Box with 4 fingers in the original red surface, probably from the late 19th century. Box measure 10 1/8" x 7" x 4 ¼" (high). There is appropriate shadowing on the sides under the lid and the surface color has mellowed to a dark red. Slight wear on the top and a couple of very small, thin splits where some of the tacks have been nailed in. The top finger on the box has a small nibble at the end. The box is very solid and in fine (or better) condition. A great opportunity to own a nice Shaker oval box for reasonable money.

Price: $725

2018-Apr-13 10:53pm EDT | Tags : Shaker Box Oval Box Original Surface

Early 19th C Lift-Lid Wall Box w/ Divided Interior

An early 19th Century - perhaps a bit earlier - dovetailed wall box in the original dry red painted surface. The box has a lift-lid, divided interior and shaped back panel. Untouched, and all original. Beautifully crafted dovetails and only minor edge wear and corner bumps in a couple of places. The box itself is 12" x 7" x 9 ¼"; the lift-lid, which has a slight overhang, is 13" wide. There is a small area of loss on the back side, lower right and that may have happened in the making. And there is minor shrinkage around some of the dovetails. As nice a wall box as I have ever handled. Shipping weight will be 6.5 pounds.

Price: $825

2018-Apr-13 05:51pm EDT | Tags : Wooden Ware Wall Box Original Surface

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