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Garrett’s snuff door push

GARRETT'S SNUFF DOOR PUSH, from General Store, DOUBLE SIDED, Embossed Lettering, Red & Mustard paint, great patina, 27" wide, 6" high, $325

Price: $325

2019-Jan-12 11:22pm EST | Tags :

Early Primitive Firkin Sewing Stand

Early Primitive Firkin Sewing Stand with Single Finger Wood Band and Bent Wood Handle. Hinged Lid with Original Decorative Hinges. and Beautifully Turned Legs. Great Patina. Very good condition. Firkin 12" diameter, Stand 23 " Tall $165 + shipping more pictures available

Price: $165

2019-Jan-12 11:20pm EST | Tags :

Large Figural Metal Snail Lawn Water Sprinkler

Early Large Figural Metal Snail Lawn Water Sprinkler, Great Form & Detailed Design with original curled antennae still in place, original green paint and water hose connection. Light rust on edge of skirting. Truly a RARE example of the excellent craftsmanship of days gone by. $295 + shipping more pictures avail.

Price: $295

2019-Jan-12 11:17pm EST | Tags :

Uss cyclone porcelain fence sign Fort Worth TX

USS Cyclone Porcelain Fence Sign, 1950's, FORT WORTH, TX. Hard to Find. Heavy Metal, Nice Patina. America Steele & Wire Co. 13 1/2" Long, 4 7/8" Tall. $85.00 + shipping

Price: $85

2019-Jan-12 11:12pm EST | Tags :

Early brass tin glass ships or miners lanturn

Early Brass/Tin/Glass Ship's Oil Lantern, Excellent Condition. $165 + shipping.

Price: $165

2019-Jan-09 09:50pm EST | Tags :

Early Primitive Petite 3 Drawer spice cabinet

Early Primitive Petite 3 Drawer Hanging Spice Cabinet with Heart Shaped back and original porcelain knobs. Beautiful Patina. 11 1/2" Tall, 5" Wide,3 1/4" Deep $185 + shipping

Price: $185

2019-Jan-09 09:47pm EST | Tags :

Mrs. Baird's Bread Cake Display Sign, Dallas, TX

Mrs. Baird's Bread Cake Display Sign, Dallas, TX. Can be attached to the top of the folding metal display racks for cupcakes, etc. Very Good Condition. 23" Wide, 11 3/4" Tall, 5/8" Deep $250 + shipping

Price: $250

2019-Jan-09 09:45pm EST | Tags :

Early primitive apothecary 5 drawer spice cabinet

Look at this beauty! This antique early American spice cabinet is just gorgeous in old black paint. It has the original porcelain knobs and dove tailed drawers. It’s is 13 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 8 inches deep $250 obo plus shipping I have more pictures available

Price: $250

2018-Dec-19 08:34pm EST | Tags :

Wood painted barbecue sign BBQ Red White &Blue

This cool hand painted sign is hand painted and double sided. It is in great condition and would be an awesome addition to your man cave or restaurant! 33 inches long 10 inches tall and 1 inch thick wood It has patriotic red white and blue hand lettering $350 obo plus shipping

Price: $350

2018-Dec-19 08:28pm EST | Tags :

American Folk Art Gameboard

Wonderful American Folk Art Gameboard, Untouched original paint. 16 3/4" square with 3/4" deep frame.  Price:  $85.00 plus s/h

Price: $85.00

2018-Oct-04 05:22pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Sideboard Salesman Sample

Sweet Antique Sideboard Salesman Sample with detailed craftsmanship.  Scalloped edges, Top Drawer, two Beaded Board Doors that swing open. Good condition.  9 1/4 " wide, 7 1/2 " wide, 3 3/4" deep.  Price:  $68.00 plus s/h

Price: $68.00

2018-Oct-04 05:18pm EDT | Tags :

Large Tote/Tray Sage Green Paint

Large Tote/Tray with great cut-out handle and Original Sage Green Paint.  Excellent condition.  Perfect for Table Top Display. 28 " Long, 13"  Wide, Edges 2" Deep, 7" to top of Handle  Price:  $195.00 plus s/h

Price: $195.00

2018-Oct-04 05:16pm EDT | Tags :

19th Century Apothecary Spice Cabinet

19th Century Apothecary/Spice Cabinet - Can be used as Counter Top or Hanging Spice Cabinet. Features Galley Top and Porcelain knobs. Has 4 drawers, each divided into two sections. Bottom box has hinged slanted lid creating a most appealing look. 23 in Long, 11" Wide, 8 1/4" deep Price: $250.00 plus s/h please ask for more pix!!

Price: $250

2018-Oct-04 05:02pm EDT | Tags :

Red Tote Table Box Tool Box RED PAINT

Great Early American craftsmanship with original cinnamon red paint. Awesome handle. Hinged Double Lids that open back to reveal custom designed tool storage. Excellent condition with a nibble on one lid. 27 1/2 in. Long, 11 1/2 in. Wide, 6" deep. Price: $235.00 plus s/h

Price: $235

2018-Oct-04 05:01pm EDT | Tags :

Bennett - Feragen Inc Wood Sign

Early 1900s Very Cool Silver and Blue wooden sign. 36 long and 7.25 at the peak

Price: 165 plus shipping

2018-Jul-29 03:42pm EDT | Tags :

The Sacred Heart on Tin Lithograph

This is a large antique lithograph printed on tin by John Duffy, a New York lithographer from the early 20th century. The original retablo of the sagrada corazones was painted by Sr. M. Raphael and transferred onto tin via lithography. Dated 1904 by the lithographer in the left corner, the beautiful signature of the original artist is shown in the right hand corner. This is a wonderful addition to any collection of antique signs or retablos. Measurements: 23 1/2" x 17 1/2" $450

Price: $450

2018-Jul-29 02:52pm EDT | Tags :

Boyer Flowers of Beauty Cardboard Display

This is a wonderful early 1900’s Boyer Perfume display. It’s is in three pieces as you can see in the picture. Tot total width is 38 inches and it is 29 inches tall on the middle board. It has beautiful colors and graphics. Would look great in a beauty shop! Please ask for more pictures! $350 Sale price $175 plus shipping

Price: $175

2018-Jun-17 12:15pm EDT | Tags :

Vintage White Doll Chest

This cute little Doll Chest of Drawers has brass handles with red shiny paint and a scalloped skirt bottom. Each Bow Front drawer is 2.75 inches tall. Overall dimensions 18.5 inches tall, 17 inches wide and 8 inches deep. $185 plus S&H sale price 92.50

Price: $92.50

2018-Jun-10 05:02pm EDT | Tags :

19th Century Primitive Handmade Jewelers Case

This case has 5 drawers each with a lock. each drawer is lined with early dark purple velvet. It has the original brass knobs and escutcheons. It retains its original putty grey paint. It measures 16 inches tall, 10 inches deep and 11 inches wide. $250plus S&H Sale price 25% off $187.50

Price: $187.50

2018-Jun-10 02:46pm EDT | Tags :


Rare Yellowware washboard. Great graphics front and back. Dimensions are 23" tall x 12" wide. Excellent condition. Item is very heavy. $350 Shipping will be approximately $25. Sale price $260

Price: $260

2018-Jun-08 07:31am EDT | Tags :

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