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Cheese Ladder

Mid to late 1800's farm house cheese ladder. Measures 15" x 8". More pics available

Price: $48.00

2019-Aug-20 02:48pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Wall Box

Late 1800's folk art painted wall box. Measures 12" x 6" x 5 1/2". More pics available.

Price: $125.00

2019-Aug-20 02:45pm EDT | Tags :

1860's Wash Tub/ Keeler

ORIGINAL PAINT tub with mortised stave and metal band construction. Solid and tight. Measures 17" x 4 1/2". More pics available.

Price: $185.00

2019-Aug-20 09:13am EDT | Tags :

Painted Letter Box

LARGE early 1800's ORIGINAL PAINT letter/document box. Brass cartouche handle and brass latches. Blue sponged interior. In original condition of aged grey/yellow with green and red trim. Measures 17" x 10" x 5"

Price: $245.00

2019-Aug-18 02:12pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Tote

Early to mid 1800's blue/green/black tote in ORIGINAL PAINT and original condition. Square nailed throughout and fine dovetail construction. Measures 22" x 12" 10". More pics available.

Price: $195.00

2019-Aug-18 09:09am EDT | Tags :

Norwegian Box

Late 1800's decorated banded box. Charming decorations on top and along all sides. Solid and tight. No cracks or breaks. measures 7 1/2" x 4" x 3". Penciled on bottom in Norwegian translates...."We entered Norway October 1, 1911" though the box is probably 1880-90's.

Price: $68.00

2019-Aug-18 08:43am EDT | Tags :

Pocket Watch/Clock Box

Late 1800's glass door hanging clock box. Old dark green paint. Interior nail for hanging pocket watch. Large tongue and groove and nail construction. Measures 9" x 5" x 7". More pics available.

Price: $89.00

2019-Aug-15 05:51pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Apple Box

Circa 1870 multi painted canted apple box. Layers of apple green, cream and interior pale grey. Solid and tight with sunken over time square nails. Measures 11" x 12" x 4". More pics available.

Price: $110.00

2019-Aug-15 05:46pm EDT | Tags :

1864 Miniature New Testament

From an old Petersham MASS estate library. Front cover loose and attached with one binding. Worn spine. Inscribed "A Present From The Primitive Methodist Sunday School Assoc. Sept 1866 to Simon Nicholson". 2 3/4"x 4" x 3/4"

Price: $25.00

2019-Aug-09 03:39pm EDT | Tags :

Cottage Mirror Shelf ORIGINAL PAINT

ORIGINAL Windsor green painted cottage shelf. Square nails through out. Handmade with pencil markings. Original mirror and drawer knob and in great condition. Weathered/darkened gold tone trim. Circa 1850-70. Measures 24" x 12"x 7"

Price: $245.00

2019-Aug-09 11:50am EDT | Tags :

Adjustable Dressing Mirror

1800's dressing mirror with adjustable clamp for tilting angle of mirror. Measures 17" x 10". More detailed pics available.

Price: $89.00

2019-Aug-06 11:49am EDT | Tags :

Cobblers Shoe Forms

Pair of matching early wood shoe forms. One has added leather for widening of one shoe with old square nails. Measure 9 1/2"

Price: $44.00

2019-Aug-04 09:16am EDT | Tags :

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