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Blue Measure

Blue measure 11 1/4” in diameter and 9 inches tall

Price: $140.00

2021-Jun-30 04:00pm EDT | Tags :

Early tin drum

Early tin drum floral pattern embossed tin. 6 inches in diameter 4 1/2 inches tall the reeds you can see could be reglued but I don’t work on this old stuff

Price: $125.00

2021-Jun-30 03:56pm EDT | Tags :

Wallpaper oval box early

Wallpaper box 15 1/2 inches long 10 inches tall 11 1/2 inches deep

Price: $225.00

2021-Jun-30 03:48pm EDT | Tags :

Hooked rug

Hooked rug 35 inches wide 22 inches tall you can see some around the edging is coming loose I took a picture of the back also so you can see the age.

Price: $145

2021-Jun-29 01:32pm EDT | Tags :

Linen Covered books

Covered books Linen or cloth covered brown one on left damage 1878 blue one Halliburton’s Yankee stories 1847 small brown one copyright date 1929

Price: $60

2021-May-11 08:31am EDT | Tags :

Blue painted slant lid box name pain in on it

Blue painted slant lid box name painted in on it Square nails all nice and original pictures taken outside and natural light E.S. DANCE. Name on Box 18 1/2” long 10” deep

Price: $150

2021-May-11 08:26am EDT | Tags :

Child sled painted red

Child’s sled painted red 40” long one metal runner missing on bottom hard to notice

Price: $125

2021-May-11 08:10am EDT | Tags :

Kitchen items all three

Kitchen items all three small roller wooden spoon and wood and metal chopper

Price: $60 all Free Shipping

2021-Mar-27 11:42am EDT | Tags :

Mortar and pestle blue painted

Mortar and pestle Blue gray color paint it I don’t believe pestle is original but it is old 7 1/2 inches tall 6 inches in diameter

Price: $345. Free Shipping

2021-Mar-27 11:37am EDT | Tags :

Painted pine dome top lock box

Painted pine dome top lock box paining and pin striped with a seam paint it on the front fruit paint it on top 17 inches long 11 inches deep 9 inches tall . This painted box was bought in 1987 in Pennsylvania on our way to Brimfield

Price: $195

2021-Mar-27 11:31am EDT | Tags :

Basket swing handle

Basket swing handle early all original swing handle basket a small hole in the side bottom seen in pictures 17 inches long 12 inches tall with handle up 15 inches deep

Price: $1oo

2021-Mar-27 11:16am EDT | Tags :

Two early baskets

2 early baskets Two and 4 inches tall I don’t know what they were they are early

Price: $135 pair Free Shipping

2021-Mar-24 10:36am EDT | Tags :

Hook rug

Hook rug 38”

Price: $85.00 Free Shipping

2021-Feb-21 04:25pm EST | Tags :

Trencher painted salmon colored

Trencher painted salmon colored 18 1/2 long 9 1/2 wide 3 inches deep

Price: $395

2021-Feb-17 04:21pm EST | Tags :

Bowl Painted

Bowl Painted 14” in diameter has a very odd where mark on the one side of it it’s some kind of off-white color

Price: 345. Free Shipping

2021-Feb-17 04:18pm EST | Tags :

Hook rug

Hook rug running Horse 14”

Price: $65

2021-Feb-17 04:16pm EST | Tags :

Tin pantry box wood grain finish SPICE

Tin pantry box with the woodgrain finish very unusual the word spice on the front

Price: $25

2021-Feb-17 03:35pm EST | Tags :

Firkin salmon color painted

Firkin painted salmon colored and I don’t exactly think it’s salmon I think it’s got a little more orange in it but you can look at it and be the judge 10” tall 10” diameter at the base

Price: $395

2021-Feb-17 03:26pm EST | Tags : Painted

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