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Stone Fruit 3 pieces

Stone fruit three pieces

Price: Sold

2021-Sep-28 03:21pm EDT | Tags :

Police patrol wagon Blue

Police patrol wagon painted blue all original do you upholstery may have been redone but if it was it was done years ago. Large ringer bell on the front 53” Long 34” Tall 29” Wide. Well passage are created for no charge

Price: $3500

2021-Sep-23 04:47pm EDT | Tags :

White painted Wooden bowl

White painted wooden bowl very strange where spot on the one side 14 inches in diameter

Price: $175

2021-Aug-26 01:24pm EDT | Tags :

Hat doll are child

Hat child’s size are doll 12” in diameter Some bad spots around the rim of the hat should be able to see clearly in photo

Price: $45

2021-Aug-26 01:21pm EDT | Tags :

Child sled painted red

Child’s sled painted red 40” long one metal runner missing on bottom hard to notice

Price: $60

2021-May-11 08:10am EDT | Tags :

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