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Prints Vegetables

Vegetables Prints 5”x 6”

Price: $60 all Free Shipping

2021-Feb-21 04:36pm EST | Tags :

Basket. One very small

One basket very small 4 inches in diameter 4 inches tall the other basket is 6 inches in diameter 6 inches tall I put the cylinder key in there just for a size No damage The baskets are priced individually. Smallest baskets sold

Price: $80 Free Shipping

2021-Feb-21 04:31pm EST | Tags :

Hook rug

Hook rug 38”

Price: $125.00 Free Shipping

2021-Feb-21 04:25pm EST | Tags :

Mustard pain at stool

Mustard pain at stool 10 inches long 7 1/2 inches tall

Price: Sold

2021-Feb-21 04:19pm EST | Tags :

Trencher painted salmon colored

Trencher painted salmon colored 18 1/2 long 9 1/2 wide 3 inches deep

Price: $545.00 Free Shipping

2021-Feb-17 04:21pm EST | Tags :

Bowl Painted

Bowl Painted 14” in diameter has a very odd where mark on the one side of it it’s some kind of off-white color

Price: 345. Free Shipping

2021-Feb-17 04:18pm EST | Tags :

Hook rug

Hook rug running Horse 14”

Price: 85. Free Shipping

2021-Feb-17 04:16pm EST | Tags :

Tin pantry box wood grain finish SPICE

Tin pantry box with the woodgrain finish very unusual the word spice on the front

Price: $60. Free Shipping

2021-Feb-17 03:35pm EST | Tags :

Firkin salmon color painted

Firkin painted salmon colored and I don’t exactly think it’s salmon I think it’s got a little more orange in it but you can look at it and be the judge 10” tall 10” diameter at the base

Price: $465. Free Shipping

2021-Feb-17 03:26pm EST | Tags : Painted

linen Covered books

Linen Covered books The blue one is the largest is 7 1/2 inches long 5 inches deep Yankee stories 1847 dark brown one arithmetic 1878 smallest brown one outline to literature 1910 3 books for $120

Price: 90.00 Free shipping

2020-Dec-02 12:24pm EST | Tags :

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