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Early vegetable prints

Set a vegetable prints six in total looks to be original frames from around 1920 maybe 1910. These items were found in a Candlebox deep inside of a covered they have never been out for sale before very nice find

Price: 265.00 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-11 06:27pm EDT | Tags :

Early colored print

Early colored print Frame is pegged together. In the picture on the front of the print it looks like there’s a bad spot I’m sorry I did not clean up before the picture it is a piece of old scotch tape and I’ve cleaned it right off 10” tall 7 1/2” wide

Price: 125.00 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-11 06:13pm EDT | Tags :


Doll flat bottom

Price: 35.00 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-11 06:09pm EDT | Tags :

Treen Ware jug

Treen Jug 3 1/2” tall

Price: 40.00 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-11 05:06pm EDT | Tags :

Red Ware Bank

Red ware Bank 3” in diameter 4 “ tall

Price: 80.00 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-10 04:52pm EDT | Tags : Pottery red ware Bank

Chopping board

Chopping board pig early green paint around the edge 16 1/2 inches long

Price: 85.00 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-10 04:49pm EDT | Tags :

Match holder with heart

Match holder with heart 6 inches tall 3 1/4 inches wide

Price: 85 free shipping

2018-Sep-10 04:36pm EDT | Tags :

Early colored print

Early colored print Frame is pegged to gather 10 inches tall 7 1/2 inches wide

Price: 120.00 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-10 04:32pm EDT | Tags : Print

Painted small wooden box

Early painted wooden box 2nd picture inside last picture bottom nice original piece 2 3/4” in diameter and 1 1/2”

Price: 70.00 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-10 03:41pm EDT | Tags :

Two pairs of doll shoes

Two pairs of doll shoes I picture of the worst side so you can see I’m selling both pairs of these for one price

Price: 30. Free Shipping

2018-Sep-09 05:55pm EDT | Tags :

Dollhouse flour Canister

Canister doll house flour Canister 2 1/2 inches tall 1 inch wide

Price: 70.00 free shipping

2018-Sep-09 05:52pm EDT | Tags :

Coca-Cola thermometer

Coca-Cola thermometer all original 1923

Price: 150. Free Shipping

2018-Sep-09 05:48pm EDT | Tags :

Penny toy open limousine

Penny toy open limousine 3 1/2 inches long very meant

Price: 150.00 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-09 05:26pm EDT | Tags :

Penny toy lion

Penny toy lion 3 inches long

Price: $70 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-09 05:24pm EDT | Tags :

Penny toy pool player

Penny toy pool player 4 inches long

Price: 240.00 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-09 05:23pm EDT | Tags :

Penny toy horse

Penny toy horse 4 1/2 inches long

Price: $45 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-09 05:20pm EDT | Tags :

Hopalong Cassidy watch

Hopalong Cassidy watch inbox Looks unused very nice piece

Price: 270.00 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-09 05:17pm EDT | Tags :

Christmas boxes and one clock box

2 Christmas boxes and one very interesting clock movement box normal wear corners

Price: 45.00 all Free Shipping

2018-Sep-09 05:13pm EDT | Tags :

Tin Modern light

Modern light tin Replica

Price: 40.00 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-09 05:10pm EDT | Tags :

Bottle doll black americana

Bottle doll black americana very good condition excellent detail 14 inches tall

Price: 155.00 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-09 01:12pm EDT | Tags : Doll Black americana Textiles

Bottle doll black americana

Bottle girl black Americano old original no rips or tears a little stain on the front of the apron 14” tall

Price: 155.00 Free Shipping

2018-Sep-09 01:08pm EDT | Tags : Doll Black americana Textiles

Wallpaper trunk

Wallpaper trunk 19 inches long 11 1/2 inches tall 12 1/2 inches deep dome top one hinge is missing half of the little piece of metal can’t be repaired fairly easy should be able to see all the stains on it from the photo all original

Price: 295.00 Free Shipping

2018-Aug-30 03:44pm EDT | Tags :

Shoes Early

Early pair shoes young ladies girls 8 inches long 7 1/2 inches tall

Price: 90.00 Free Shipping

2018-Aug-29 04:39pm EDT | Tags :

Bunting Red White And Blue

Bunting red white and blue 5’ x 8‘ great all peace

Price: 125.00 Free Shipping

2018-Aug-29 04:30pm EDT | Tags :

Early German die cut Christmas

Early German die cut Christmas 10” tall

Price: 65.00 Free Shipping

2018-Aug-29 03:58pm EDT | Tags :

Father Christmas

Father Christmas cardboard and crêpe paper the right hand foot torn off but there 17” tall

Price: 40.00 Free Shipping

2018-Aug-29 03:06pm EDT | Tags :

Spice Tin painted early

Spice tin wood grained box 7 1/2” in diameter 3 1/4 inches tall

Price: 60.00 Free Shipping

2018-Aug-28 05:21pm EDT | Tags :

Iron Kitchen tools

Kitchen tools iron hand made spatula 24” long a fork and a strainer

Price: 60.00 Free Shipping

2018-Aug-28 04:04pm EDT | Tags :

Wagon Studebaker painted with skis and goat hoop

Studebaker Jr wagon painted green with original skis and goat hoop. All original the skis still have their own pinstriping on him I’ve never seen this exact wagon again . 44 inches long not including the handle 28 inches tall 28 inches wide . I have a lot more pictures please let me know also I will deliver to your shipper as long as it’s within 20 miles and I will create this item the crating is included in the price

Price: $4100.00

2018-Aug-28 03:58pm EDT | Tags :

Sign Northwest Transportation

North west transportation company fast freight wood sign. Nice vintage wood sign center sent a picture of the rear so you could see the age the black lettering has had a little bit of touchup done you have to look real hard and it was done quite a while ago . 24 1/2” long 11 1/2” tall

Price: 95.00 Free Shipping

2018-Aug-28 03:45pm EDT | Tags :

Pin Cushion six strawberries

Pin Cushion six strawberries very clean no holes no stains

Price: 80.00 Free Shipping

2018-Aug-27 04:22pm EDT | Tags :

Strainer early painted heavy iron

Early strainer iron Handle tin bowl. Early green paint with red pin striping 21” long

Price: 80.00 Free Shipping

2018-Aug-27 02:27pm EDT | Tags :

Food Choppers , Iron Hook and small saw

2 Food Choopers 10” and 12” . Small saw 10” Hook 10” all nice patina nice wear. Priced for all

Price: 90.00 Free Shipping

2018-Aug-27 08:07am EDT | Tags :

Red carrier

Red carrier C 11 A on side, 44 on end, DL on other side and 48 on other end. 18 1/2” long 12 1/2” tall 12 1/2” wide.

Price: 400.00 Free Shipping

2018-Aug-27 07:33am EDT | Tags :

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