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Firkin Blue Green baled handle

Firkin blue green color baled handle 8 1/2” round 7 1/2” tall

Price: 225.00 Free Shipping

2019-Aug-08 01:32pm EDT | Tags :

Early tin patriotic drum

Tin patriotic drum. Both dkins on drum are broke.

Price: $195.00

2019-Aug-08 01:29pm EDT | Tags :

Blue Dovetail box

Dovetail box Blue trunk or box nice iron hardware leather strap handle. Writing on inside of lid is very interesting see picture three. 18 inches wide 10 inches deep 7 inches tall

Price: 340.00. Free Shipping

2019-Aug-08 12:42pm EDT | Tags :

Blue Dough tray cantilevered

Blue Doe trey cantilevered square and round nails I’m sure the round nails were added later 14 1/2 inches wide 9 inches deep 6 1/4 inches tall

Price: SOLD

2019-Aug-08 12:07pm EDT | Tags : Painted

Basket hinged

Hinge top basket super condition died wicker green red 11 “ wide 11” tall and 10” deep

Price: 299.00 free shipping

2019-Jul-15 07:13am EDT | Tags : Basket painted

Police Patrol Blue wagon

Police patrol wagon 55 inches long without handle 34 inches tall 30 inches wide leather seat leather side rail seats. I will Crader at art box it free for you you will have to take care of the shipping

Price: $3950.00

2019-Apr-17 11:35am EDT | Tags :

Red Painted measure

Red paint measure all original missing the top metal band. 9 inches round 4 inches tall

Price: 140.00 Free Shipping

2019-Jan-24 04:11pm EST | Tags :

House painted

House Painted old handmade, cloth curtains all original . 12 inches wide 10 inches tall 8 inches deep

Price: 130.00 Free Shipping

2019-Jan-24 03:45pm EST | Tags :

Nesting Box

Nesting box Great handmade piece look at the Littleton work on the hinge the Littleton work on the front and a little dish guy out inside 6 1/2 inches tall 7 inches wide 6 inches deep

Price: 75.00 Free Shipping

2018-Dec-17 11:26am EST | Tags :

Painted box

Painted box Inside Vertical dovetail corners very nice little piece there is some round nails in it but if you look real hard I believe the original nails are square the paint color is the salmon gray. The back has a different color black green 11 1/4” long 6 3/4” deep and 5 1/4” tall

Price: 195.00 Free Shipping

2018-Dec-17 10:29am EST | Tags :

Mustard carrier

Mustard carriers 10 inches long 9 inches tall 6 1/2 inches deep

Price: 90.00 Free Shipping

2018-Nov-15 02:35pm EST | Tags :

Shot Carrier old paint

Shot carrier for muzzle load Hand carved. Old paint.

Price: 125.00 Free Shipping

2018-Nov-15 02:32pm EST | Tags :

Basket old green painT

Basket old green paint Look at the pic to there’s a little damage to the bottom nice old basket 15 inches in diameter 11 inches tall

Price: 160.00 Free Shipping

2018-Nov-15 01:50pm EST | Tags :

Wallpaper box

Wallpaper box 14 1/2” long 12 “ wide 8 3/4” tall

Price: 350.00 Free Shipping

2018-Nov-15 01:38pm EST | Tags :

Wallpaper trunk

Wallpaper trunk 19 inches long 11 1/2 inches tall 12 1/2 inches deep dome top one hinge is missing half of the little piece of metal can’t be repaired fairly easy should be able to see all the stains on it from the photo all original

Price: 245.00 Free Shipping

2018-Aug-30 02:44pm EDT | Tags :

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