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Hi, I'm Hank, welcome to my site. I opened Hedgerow Antiques in 2000 and specialize in 18th and early 19th century antiques in brass, bronze, copper, iron and treen. Some of my items are later but I prefer to deal in items produced before the beginning of mass production, approximately 1820. Being antiques, they all show signs of use and age. I don't post items for sale if they have major issues. I will mention minor dings and imperfections in my descriptions. I shop around checking prices and keep mine a bit lower than the market. I do this because I enjoy the business and the hunt and I want to sell. I accept checks, money orders and Paypal. I prefer to ship using U.S.P.S. Priority Mail but if you prefer another way please tell me. Any item may be returned within three days in it's original condition for a full refund minus the shipping cost. Again, welcome. Enjoy your stay. If you have questions or concerns as you browse through the photos please let me know. I do this because I enjoy it. Don't feel you are bothering me if you ask for another photo or a more complete description. Thank you, Hank

18th century copper dripping pan or fat catcher

This was a common item in the 18th century used to catch the drippings from a roast, nothing was wasted. It is all original including the interior tinning and the rivets holding the handle to the pan. There is no damage, holes or repairs. The overall width is 17 3/4".

Price: $275

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Wrought iron log tongs, late 18th century

These were produced by a blacksmith from two lengths of iron stock and riveted together. The 'birds foot' claws are unusual. They are all original and in very good condition. The overall length is 25"

Price: $110

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Seamed copper teakettle, c.1830-1850

Seamed around the base, down the backside and on the spout with an acorn finial this teakettle is a fine example of early to mid 19th century craftsmanship. There are a few minor dings and one dimple as shown in the photo. The overall height is 10 1/2"

Price: $115

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Guillotine wick trimmers, c.1800

The double action of these wick trimmers is unique. As the handles are closed a blade rises out of the box to snip the wick and it is captured inside. They are made of steel and in excellent condition and fully functional.

Price: $85

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Small brass pot, iron handle, early 19th century

Often called a brandy warmer due to it's size this cast brass pot measures 2 3/4" tall. It is in very good condition with no damage.

Price: $60

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Candle mould, c.1820-1850

Most middle class homes had at least one of these as 'store bought' candles were expensive. This one is sheet steel of good quality with six tubes. There is no damage or repair with slight pitting. The height is 11".

Price: $120

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Brass & wrought iron serving ladle, c.1800

The wrought iron handle is pitted as you would expect. The brass bowl shows signs of use and age. One of the rivets holding the bowl to the handle has been replaced. The overall length is 16 1/2 inches.

Price: $40

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Steel ember tongs, c.1720-1750

These ember tongs were used to pick up an ember from the fireplace to light a clay pipe. There is also a tobacco tamper on the handle. They are very well made, the hinge is tight and the spring is functional. The surface shows the expected wear. The overall length is 16 3/8".

Price: $560

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Wrought iron peel, late 18th century

This peel was formed by a blacksmith from one length of stock. It is marked 'LOUISE LAURENT'. She used it to remove baked goods from the oven located in the side of her fireplace. It shows the signs of use and age that would be expected. The length is 18 3/8"

Price: $60

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Alms plate, late 16th century

This alms plate was produced in Nuremberg c.1570-1600. The central boss was created by working the brass from the reverse, known as repousse. There are stamped decorations around the boss and around the rim which is reinforced with heavy wire. There are a couple dings around the edge, the overall condition is very good. The diameter is 14 3/4".

Price: $575

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Small brass & iron skimmer. c.1800

For all you fans of 'as found' items here is a small skimmer totally untouched. I bought it at a Vermont flea market last Summer. The iron handle has a bit of surface rust and the brass hasn't been polished in a long time. The second photo shows the original rivets. Overall length is 16"

Price: $45

2018-Sep-19 10:24am EDT | Tags :

Spring loaded blueberry scoop, mid 19th c.

Produced by the H.R. Bailey Co., South Carver, MA this scoop has steel tines for raking through blueberry bushes. It is spring loaded and closes by pressing down on the top handle. There is a tear in the canvas and a repair as shown. It is well worn, but complete.

Price: $135

2018-Sep-19 10:08am EDT | Tags :

Roaster for a bargate fireplace, c.1770-1800

This adjustable roaster was designed to hang on the frame of a bargate fireplace. It is very well made, with a cast brass handle and adjustable mechanism with a wrought iron hook. There is no damage, only signs of use and age. Total length is 16 1/2".

Price: $150

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Wrought iron log fork, late 18th century

This blacksmith made log fork was used to gently rearrange logs in a fire to promote better burning. It is produced from one piece of iron stock. There is some pitting as expected but no damage. Overall length is 30"

Price: $115

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Irish peat bellows, mid 19th century

Peat has been used as fuel for hundreds of years. When it's dry it burns slowly and sometimes needs a little help. These peat bellows provide a gentle stream of air to help it along. They are functional and all original including the drive belt. There is no damage or repair. Total length is 28"

Price: $175

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Brass colander, c.1790-1810

This brass colander served the same purpose then as it does today, to strain and drain food, it is still very useable. It is made of heavy gauge sheet brass shaped and formed by a craftsman with a seamed and riveted handle firmly attached. An iron ring around the lip provides strength. There is one ding on the handle and one rivet head missing.

Price: $150

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Wrought iron log tongs, c.1775-1800

These were used to move or rearrange logs in the fireplace. They are blacksmith made from two pieces of iron stock. There is no damage or repair. The overall length is 28".

Price: $165

2018-Sep-11 04:42pm EDT | Tags :

Brass and copper chestnut roaster, c.1820

I have been told this might be a bed warming pan but the size isn't practical. A chestnut roaster seems more reasonable. It has a brass cover with a dovetailed copper pan. The dovetailing helps to establish it's age. The handle is wrought iron and is firmly attached. There a few dings to the copper but no damage or holes. The overall length is 28 1/4"

Price: $175

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