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Hi, I'm Hank, welcome to my site. I opened Hedgerow Antiques in 2000 and specialize in 18th and early 19th century antiques in brass, copper, iron and treen. Some of my items are later but I prefer to deal in items produced before the beginning of mass production, approximately 1820. Being antiques, they all show signs of use and age. I don't post items for sale if they have major issues. I will mention minor dings and imperfections in my descriptions. I shop around checking prices and keep mine a bit lower than the market. I do this because I enjoy the business and the hunt and I want to sell. I accept checks, money orders and Paypal. I prefer to ship using U.S.P.S. Priority Mail but if you prefer another way please tell me. Any item may be returned within three days in it's original condition for a full refund minus the shipping cost. Again, welcome. Enjoy your stay. If you have questions or concerns as you browse through the photos please let me know. I do this because I enjoy it. Don't feel you are bothering me if you ask for another photo or a more complete description. Thank you, Hank

Traveling candle lantern, mid to late 18th century

Light weight and easy to carry, this lantern was used to light a traveler's way when traveling by coach or in a night's lodging. There is one small piece missing on the fretwork around the base. It stands 6 1/4" tall.

Price: $160

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Trencher, 19th century

A fine example of a handmade trencher it measures 23 1/4" end to end. The interior shows a lot of use and there are no splits or cracks. I'm not certain of the wood but it is fairly heavy.

Price: $175

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Seamed swirl base candlestick, c.1760

This is an outstanding example of a swirl base candlestick. All elements are swirled: the socket, both knops and the base. The underside of the base shows the original peen and it is tight. The height is 8 5/8"

Price: $350

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Pair seamed brass candlesticks, c.1690-1700

The acorn knops identify these candlesticks as being produced between 1690 and 1700. These are examples of some of the first seamed candlesticks. They were made this way with the columns cast in two halves in order to use less brass which was the more expensive component, labor was cheap. The columns are straight, the angle makes them appear to lean. There is a small hole in one corner of one as shown in the photo. They are 6" tall.

Price: $425

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Cast brass spitjack crane, c.1800-1830

This was made to clamp on the shelf above the fireplace and hold either a spitjack or a trammel and cooking pot. It is very well made and features an adjustable clamp with an acorn knop. The length is 12 1/2"

Price: $85

2024-Apr-11 05:36pm EDT | Tags :

Pair brass & copper spill holders, c.1820

Spills were twists of paper or small wooden splints used to carry a flame from a source to a candle, lantern or other light source. Finding a pair is rare. These are very decorative with the copper trim around the rim. They are 4 1/2" tall.

Price: $135

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Copper teakettle, c.1750

A rare survivor from the 18th century, this elegant teakettle is complete with the tripod base and burner. The pin shown in the photo was used to lock in the kettle to the base. This is a great example of 18th century craftsmanship.

Price: $235

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Brass serving tray, late 18th century

The decorations indicate a late 18th century origin. They are a bit faint due to many polishings. There is no damage and no repairs. The diameter is 16".

Price: $150

2023-Dec-28 02:21pm EST | Tags :

Wrought iron toaster, 17th/early 18th century

Toasters were a common item then as they are today. Bread that wasn't used up when it was fresh was toasted the next day, nothing was wasted. This one has a good surface and has no repairs. The overall length is 14 1/2".

Price: $165

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Seamed brass teakettle, c.1830-1850

Seamed teakettles in brass are rare. The seam dates it to pre-1850 when the process and machinery were developed to 'stamp out' rather than assemble several pieces. It is seamed down the back, around the bottom and on the spout. The photo shows a ding on the top edge and one of the decorative fasteners has been replaced. The overall height is 8 1/2"

Price: $75

2023-Dec-09 02:32pm EST | Tags :

Steel ember tongs, c.1750

These tongs were used to pick an ember from the fireplace to light a pipe. They are worn smooth from use and age. They are completely original with no damage or repair. The overall length is 16 1/4".

Price: $450

2023-Nov-29 12:38pm EST | Tags :

Brass & iron downhearth pan, c.1730-1760

This decorative pan was used for cooking on the hearth in front of the fire. The pan is brass attached to a wrought iron handle. The iron shows pitting from many years of use and is solidly attached to the pan with the original rivets. The supporting leg is missing and the hole is filled with an old repair. It's 20 1/2" long, the pan diameter is 8 3/4".

Price: $110

2023-Nov-20 02:58pm EST | Tags :

Seamed lidded pitcher, c.1830-1850

A pretty little pitcher, it stands just 5 1/2" tall. It is seamed up the back indicating it is made by hand. The brass handle is securely fastened with the original rivets. There are a couple small dings present, copper is a soft metal and it's been around awhile. It is lightweight so I will cover the mailing.

Price: $85

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Brass colander, c.1780 - 1800

Brass & wrought iron colander from the late 18th century. The handle is fastened to the brass with the original rivets. There is an iron ring under the rim for strength. There are some cracks in the brass where it was formed around the ring. Otherwise, there are no repairs. The diameter of the bowl is 9 3/4".

Price: $145

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Seamed copper pot, c.1830-1850

This pot is seamed up the back and around the bottom indicating it was made by hand. The handle is held with the original rivets. There is no damage and no repairs. The height of the pot including the lid is 7".

Price: $145

2023-Nov-14 03:40pm EST | Tags :

Treen bowl, lots of use, 19th century

A very pretty shallow bowl from the 19th century. There is an early repair across the center. The color is a nice warm brown and the surface reflects the many uses it had. It measures 4 1/2" deep and 17" diameter.

Price: $180

2023-Nov-06 11:29am EST | Tags :

Heavy copper & wrought iron dripping pan, c.1820

Drip pans were placed on the hearth under the Sunday roast to catch the fat drippings, nothing was wasted. This one has an old repair in one corner. The handle is wrought iron. It's 19 3/4" long.

Price: $225

2023-Nov-05 02:29pm EST | Tags :

Seamed copper teakettle, c.1830

Unusually small copper teakettle, 6 1/2" to the top of the handle. It is seamed up the back and around the bottom and the spout is also seamed. This type of handle was designed to hang from a kettle tilt. I have a couple but they don't fit this one. The seaming dates this one to around 1830.

Price: $135

2023-Nov-04 01:27pm EDT | Tags :

Pair seamed brass candlesticks

Graceful pair of seamed candlesticks from around 1770. Seaming indicates that the columns were cast in two pieces and braised together. At the time craftsmen didn't have the expertise to cast a column in a single piece. This was their solution. The underside shows lathe turning as it should. One of the push-up buttons is missing. They're 11 1/2 inches tall.

Price: $125

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