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I have been buying and selling 18th and early 19th century American antiques for over 30 years. I offer early lighting, treen, textiles, hearth items, hooked rugs, and a variety of other ‘smalls’ of the period. Personal checks, money orders and PayPal payments accepted. Layaway plans available. Call or email if you have questions . Buyers may return items if misrepresented in the same condition as purchased within 3 days for a full refund less the cost of shipping and insurance. Please call me at 508-626-7162 before returning any item. Thank you for shopping. i look forward to hearing from you.

Santa Hanging Xmas Tree Ornament. Circa 1900-1930

Charming. Circa 1910-1930. Body can be filled with candy. Excellent condition. 6 3/4 " high.

Price: $120. including shipping.

2021-Nov-19 10:59pm EST | Tags :

Pearlware Plate --"The Playfellows"

Pearlware Plate with boy and dog playing --"The Playfellows". Diameter is 7.5 inches. Mint. A nice holiday gift!

Price: $175.00 plus shipping

2021-Nov-19 10:59pm EST | Tags :


I bought this Belsnickel ~30 years ago and at the time thought it was genuinely old. I soon found ou tthat it was not but I've used and enjoyed it for display all these years. Charming. I would estimate this repro is the from the 1980's or 1980's. Excellent condition.

Price: $110.00 including shipping.

2021-Nov-19 10:59am EST | Tags :

Blue Feather Tree

Hard to find blue feather tree. 25" high. A bit of a "Charlie Brown". Top layer of branches are missing. You'll have to be creative. One option would be to saw off the top of the truck by an inch or do.

Price: $120 plus shipping

2021-Nov-19 10:59am EST | Tags :

J Moulton (Newburyport) MA Coin Silver Teaspoons

Four J. Moulton (Newburyport, MA Coin Silver Teaspoons. Mint condition. 1 have L Harford monogrammed on the front and have ABB on back.

Price: $145

2021-Nov-19 10:59am EST | Tags :

Small Takonic Basket

Unusually small Takonic basket. H with handle 4"; W 6.5". Mint condition.

Price: SOLD -- Thank you!

2021-Feb-20 09:45am EST | Tags :

Early Wooden Hook

Early hand-carved wooden hook in rare small size. Great for any room in your early house. 7".

Price: SOLD -- Thank you!

2021-Feb-20 09:42am EST | Tags :

Plum Mortar & Pestle

Mortar and pestle in rare plum paint. Pestle top also in plum paint. H 8". Diameter at top: 5.75"

Price: Sold - Thank you!

2021-Feb-20 09:37am EST | Tags :

Feather Xmas Fence

Hard to find feather Xmas fence with arbor. Each of the 4 pieces is 8 inches long. When put together 9" X 9" square. Early 19th century. Could be used for feather tree surround, German sheep, etc. Hard to find.

Price: SOLD -- Thank you!

2020-Dec-20 04:35pm EST | Tags :

19th century Black Doll

Circa 1870-1880 black doll with wonderful face and original dress. 24 inches tall. Special.

Price: 1150.00 Plus Shipping

2020-Dec-20 04:19pm EST | Tags :

Colorful Maine Mittens

These Maine mittens are sewn and hooked. There is a name for this sewn/hooked work but I can't recall it. Note that the loss is wear not moth holes. Wonderful colors. Would look great hanging beside a fireplae.

Price: $250.00

2020-Dec-20 03:45pm EST | Tags :

German Sheep

German Sheep with horns and bell are the most sought after. 4" H. 4.5" L

Price: SOLD -- Thank you!

2020-Dec-20 03:37pm EST | Tags :

1779 dated pincushion

Pincushon with 'granny note' dated 1779

Price: $80.00

2020-Dec-20 03:32pm EST | Tags :

18th Century Delft Tiles

Three 18th century delft tiles depicting Moses and the 10 commandments; man on horse shooting; and bird on flowering branch. Each is 5" X 5". Man on horse is the thickest of the tiles indicating that it is particularly early.

Price: $80. per tile or $220 for 3 plus shipping

2020-Jun-20 01:00pm EDT | Tags :

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