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I have been buying and selling 18th and early 19th century American antiques for over 30 years. I specialize in early lighting, hearth iron, treen, textiles, hooked rugs, and a variety of other ‘smalls’ of the period. Please email me if you have questions or want additional pictures – I will be happy to respond. I accept personal checks, money orders, and PayPal. Free shipping for almost all items. Easy Lay-away plans available. Buyers may return items in the same condition as purchased within 72 hours less the cost of shipping and insurance. Please call me before you ship a return item. Thanks for shopping!

19th Century Wall Box

Pine. Square nails showing oxidation on wood. Nicely worn hanging hole. very good patina. 11.5 inches wide; 6 inches high.

Price: SOLD -- Thank you!

2019-Jan-21 05:52pm EST | Tags :

18th Century Rush Light

Outstanding rush light with candle holder. From a Connecticut Rush Light Society collector. 14 inches high; feet approximately 7 inches apart.

Price: SOLD -- Thank you!

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Pine Tape Loom

Excellent pine tape loom. 31 inches long; 8.25 inches wide at top. Cutouts indicate it was held between the legs. Great patina.

Price: $650.00

2019-Jan-21 05:37pm EST | Tags :

Gray Painted Trencher

19 inches long; 10 inches wide. Hand hewn. 3 inch age hairline on rim. Nice hewn marks on bottom.

Price: SOLD -- Thank you!

2019-Jan-21 05:32pm EST | Tags :

Wallpaper Box

1830-1850. Colorful -- yellow, blue, pink, brown. Slightly out of round. 11.75 inches high; 11 inches across.

Price: $395.00

2019-Jan-21 05:27pm EST | Tags :

Wall Hanging Basket

From Maine, possibly Indian. 1 very tiny hole on right lower edge -- not visible from the front. Good patina. Wall baskets like this are hard to find. 10 inches wide; 11 inches high.

Price: SOLD -- Thank you!

2019-Jan-21 05:22pm EST | Tags :

Child's Leather Boots

Pre-Civil War. Hand Stitched. Tooling on outside sides. Foot measures 6 inches; 7.75 high.

Price: SOLD -- Thank you!

2019-Jan-21 05:18pm EST | Tags :

Early Flax Hank

Blond and not brown. Blond is more rare than brown. Tied for hanging. Full length is approximately 22 inches

Price: SOLD -- Thank you!

2019-Jan-21 05:15pm EST | Tags :

19th Century Stockings

Patterned 19th century women's white stockings. 19 inches long.

Price: SOLD - Thank you!

2019-Jan-21 05:10pm EST | Tags :

Tin Cookie Cutters of Man & Women

5 .5 inches tall. Man has handle on back; woman has finger hole.

Price: $140.00

2019-Jan-21 05:05pm EST | Tags :

Blown Glass Storage Jar

Tin top. Broken Pontel and wear marks on the bottom. 7 inches high; 4.5 inches diameter.

Price: $120.00

2019-Jan-21 05:01pm EST | Tags :

18th /Early 19th Century Bee Box

Never had glass. Tee head nails. 7 inches high. Good patina

Price: $110.00

2019-Jan-21 04:48pm EST | Tags :

18th Century Hook

Wooden hook found in bedroom of 18th century house. May have been used to hang clothing rather than a barn hook. Pine, finely carved. 18 inches long.

Price: $100.00

2019-Jan-21 04:36pm EST | Tags :

18th Century Wooden Ladle

Circa 1740 white pine ladle. Handle indicates high likelihood that it is Native American. Turned bowl. Small chip on rim is very old. Hairline crack on bowl. 14 inches long. A must for any treen collection.

Price: $100.00

2019-Jan-21 04:00pm EST | Tags :

18th Century Ice Creepers

Hand wrought iron. Worn over boots to walk on ice.

Price: $105.

2019-Jan-21 03:57pm EST | Tags :

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