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Welcome to this happy site, now incorporating our cloth dolls and other finds, all under one roof. I love cloth dolls in a very special way, and take great joy in buying and selling them. Honestly? I would keep them all, but it is an addiction and I am everlastingly grateful to have found kindred spirits who love them as I do. My husband loves them as well. Go figure. He raced cars and jumped horses, but cannot bear to see some of the dolls leave us. As we make discoveries in other areas, we will add those things to the dolls. One caveat: I do not like returns. Please ask as many questions and request as many photos as you like. I will gladly give you undivided attention. I price very sensitively, based on cost. I will do what I can to make your purchase a pleasure. Shipping costs have become a burden to all of us; we strive to keep them totally fair. We accept personal checks and PayPal, and offer Lay-A-Way as well. Please enjoy my finds ! Living with antiques is one of life's greatest pleasures. PS: We work hard for you to offer really authentic things. I'm sure you are noticing peculiar iterations of country things everywhere now. If it's unbelievable, please beware. It is probably a fake. A clever artist can add "old" paint to a piece of woodenware; those objects are simply reproductions. It takes time, effort , conscience and love to offer true objects.

Amish Flannel Dog.

5" xx 5". Two-toned, adorable dog toy from Amish country , with one ear missing, but, otherwise, wonderful condition, his black button eyes and perky tail making quite a statement. Certainly has charmed us. c 1900. PA origin. 2 photos.

Price: $178.

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American Circus Horse From Lakin Collection.

10" long x 8" tall at ear. Eleanor Lakin's collection was auctioned in early March by Jeff Evans, and what a sale it was for the doll and toy enthusiast. Here were the gatherings of an alert, focused collector. This horse was among them. It is pictured with a boy cloth doll on page 88 of her book -- FOLK ART FOR CHILDREN -- published in 2013. He is late 19th, early 20th century, in excellent condition, with the fancy saddle he wore for show. Mane, tail, complete bridle intact. 2 photos.

Price: $375.

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Fine Sewing Roll-up - Mother's Helper.

23.5" long, open. This classic American sewing accessory is made with wonderful 19th c. textiles - a most unusual variety of bold roller prints, calicoes and a windowpane check. The outer fabric is a brown-grounded early floral, the whole piece bound in another calico. There are a few small stains on the salmon calico pocket and the edge is worn mildly. It came to me out of an old, treasured collection. c 1850. 2 photos.

Price: $225.

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