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Welcome to this happy site. I love cloth dolls, and take great joy in buying and selling them. Honestly? I would keep them all, but it is an addiction and I am everlastingly grateful to have found kindred spirits who love them as I do. My husband loves them as well. Go figure. He raced cars and jumped horses, but cannot bear to see some of the dolls leave us. One caveat: I do not like returns. Please ask as many questions and request as many photos as you like. I will gladly give you undivided attention. I price the dolls very sensitively -- often at or below cost ( (I really am a collector) or at a small profit. I will do what I can to make your purchase a pleasure. I hate shipping costs and try to keep them under my cost. Please enjoy my finds, and welcome to the club !

Haunting, Important American History.

Doll: 3". Box: 3" tall x 3" diameter. A wishbone doll with a haunting handwritten legend, in perfect untouched condition, in his original box, with a penciled price of 45 cents on the base. He even retains the tiny tassel on his stocking cap. His date is murky - pre-Civil War?, Reconstruction?, or even (embassassingly) , later. The box is in perfect condition as well. A reminder of the truth. 2 photos.

Price: $95.

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Simply The Best.

19" tall. Found in NYS recently, this very early survivor has a beautiful carved head with vestiges of old paint, wooden arms and legs, rag-stuffed upper arms and legs, and some kid used for attaching parts. (Wear on back of lower back leather.) She has a little hole in the center of her mouth for some lost purpose, and wears a period -appropriate, two- piece frock which, though probably not original, suits her perfectly. Her form in unaltered. She is folk sculpture and loving possession at the same time. Early 19th c or earlier. 2 photos.

Price: SOLD

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Delicate Companion.

11.5". She is a spoon-shaped head, and same design for her hands and feet. Her face is very light, but also very expressive, in a faded ink. There is a puff of wool at the top of her head, she wears her original straw bonnet with green silk ribbon ties, and a simply wonderful blue and white homespun dress. She has a subtle presence, willing to take a back seat to her bolder cousins, but since she has been here, I have noticed that she holds her own. c 1900. 2 photos.

Price: $138.

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An Endearing Survivor.

Original box is 6.5" x 8.5". Inside this deal wood crate is what's left of a beloved tea set -covered teapot, 5 cups/saucers, covered sugar bowl and creamer, perfect by no means, but delightfully worn from play. The end of the box has a very old printed label which says "FINE TEASETS", and some early sepia script which I have not deciphered. There is also a note : "Alice and Effie's china teaset". One side of the box has warped a bit, but, after all, it has survived 100 years or so. 2 photos.

Price: $65.

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19th c Wooden Doll.

13". This little girl is earlier than the so-called "penny dolls" of the late 19th c, which were crudely carved and unexpressive. This lady is articulated and has a lovely painted and carved face. They are known as Grodnertal dolls-- a region in Germany known for toy-making. This one comes with a darling, tiny-sprigged pink/white calico dress. She is in excellent condition, with a beautiful untouched patina. 2 photos.

Price: $185.

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Steiff Froggy.

4" long x 3" high. Complete with button and tag, with his black spots on a deep loden green velvet, both eyes still there and excellent condition, he is ready to perch in a small spot to induce smiles. Frog or toad ? We think he's a winner. c 1940? 2 photos.

Price: $125.

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Just Around the Corner.........

Elm Street, c 1818, new, old house for Kathy and Eno, Maddy, Lizzie and Boo.

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