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Welcome to this happy site. I love cloth dolls, and take great joy in buying and selling them. Honestly? I would keep them all, but it is an addiction and I am everlastingly grateful to have found kindred spirits who love them as I do. My husband loves them as well. Go figure. He raced cars and jumped horses, but cannot bear to see some of the dolls leave us. One caveat: I do not like returns. Please ask as many questions and request as many photos as you like. I will gladly give you undivided attention. I price the dolls very sensitively. I will do what I can to make your purchase a pleasure. I hate shipping costs and try to keep them under my cost. Please enjoy my finds, and welcome to the club !

Kentucky BLUE Doll.

22". This is the only Blue doll I have ever owned, recently repurchased from a collector after having sold the doll to her in the early 1980's. She is late 19th c, attributed to the Blue People of Troublesome Creek, Kentucky. Features are stitched in various colors, excellent condition, very wasp -waisted and wide-hipped, wonderful east/west feet. Head, hands and wrists, and feet to above the knee are blue; body is beautiful natural cotton. Naturally bends at the waist to sit. 2 photos.

Price: $975. - HOLD

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Bookmark Sampler and Early, Early Doll.

Sampler: 6.5" long x 3" wide. Very rare shape and size; fine condition; blue, ivory, robin's egg blue, shades of beige, silk thread on linen. Bound on all sides. SOLD Doll: 6.5" tall. c 1820, watercolor features, excellent original condition. Doesn't appear to have had clothing. SOLD.

Price: See above.

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Deaccessioned From a Fine Collection.

19". This cloth doll is simply wonderful -- colorful watercolored features, beautifully fashioned human hair, original twill cotton, muted plaid dress, all undergarments, velvet high-button shoes. c 1890. 2 photos.

Price: $750.- SOLD

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Peg Sliderskew.

15". She has a darling, expressive, stitched face, a plaque of worn rust velvet for hair, original blue calico dress, knit bloomers, worn hands and worn leather shoes, but her story explains her survival. "This doll was made for Lois Holroyd about 1899 or 1900 by her grandmother, Eliza (Morey) Byington and named Peg Sliderskew by Lois from a character in a book her father was reading aloud to her mother." The book was NICHOLAS NICKELBY by Charles Dickens, written as a serial in the 1830's. This handwritten provenance and the complete charm of Peg herself brings us directly to one of the pleasures of Edwardian life -- a husband, reading Dickens to his wife, as a child sits nearby with her doll. A delight. 2 photos.

Price: $695. - SOLD

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Early Cloth Doll in Lemon Gold Shadow-Box Frame.

Frame: 13" X 15". Doll: 11" tall. Something really special for a collection, this rare combination of early doll and period frame becomes a work of art, which is its due. The doll has penciled features with a raised, stitched nose, reddish/brown thread hair, all original dress of unusually colorful calico, original undergarments, and totally wonderful, original leather shoes with ties. Put together by us a few years back, no expense was spared in framing appropriately. Doll and frame: c 1850. 2 photos.

Price: $975.

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Beautiful Calico Fully-Lined Doll Cape.

13" long in back x 10 1/4" in front. Condition is as perfect as we can find. c 1880. 2 photos.

Price: $75.

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