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Good Day! I am Sherry Spehar, an antiques seller for over 25 years.My loves are 1700's and 1800's textiles, wallpaper boxes, woodenware, and country smalls.I do have some antique furniture as well that I will offer from time to time.I have been selling at good Tennessee and Midwestern shows.Every item is guaranteed to be authentic and as discribed.A money back return poiicy is in effect as long as you notify me within 72 hours of receipt and as long as that item is returned in as received condition.The refund will not include shipping,unless I have made a mistake in the ad. Extra pictures will always be provided upon request. Paypal is the preferred payment.You need not have a Paypal account,just an email address.You can use your credit card via Paypal.Checks are welcome and will be held till cleared.Money orders are like cash.Layaways are always welcome! Connect with me on Facebook under my name,Sherry Spehar or my business page, Jacob Dorn Dairy Farm Antiques.

1880's China Head Doll,Highland Mary

Approx 24" head to toe.She is a German,unmarked doll,probably an Alt Beck and Gottschalck, or a Kling.Her head and shoulders are fine.Her clothes are period and sewn to her cloth body.Her clothes have some dry rot on them.Her face is beautiful.I am not a doll expert but will try and answer your questions.More pics are available.

Price: $125 plus shipping

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1800's Oval Wallpaper Box

Measures 8 1/2" wide and 4" high.The cardboard box is lined with the same wallpaper that covers the bottom.Box is clean with minimal staining and loss.The lid is darkened from the usual handling.Reasonably priced.

Price: $130 plus shipping

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Pair 1800's of Floral Horse Rosettes

Measures 1 3/4" rosettes decorated either side of a horse's bridal.These are perfect.The images appear to be painted cutouts under glass.

Price: $140 free shipping

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1700's Crewel Embroidery Wedding Hanky

Exquisitely embroidered wedding hanky using silk threads.Colors are very vibrant.The purple flower in the center could possibly be a thistle.The greenery is in two different shades.The center cartouche is surrounded by a lighter green vine,itself on a lined border.All on a nubby woven linen,surrounded by tied tassles.The frame is an older walnut and measures 11 1/2 " by 11".The hanky is 7 1/2" x 8 ".No stains or tears.Ex Garths.

Price: $295 plus shipping

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Lot of 5 Antique Cast Iron Carnival Targets

Carnival shooting targets include 3 ducks and 2 lollipops.Most of the paint remains on the duck fronts.The lollipops have surface rust.Ducks are 2 1/2" wide.Lollipops are 3" high.One of the ducks looks to be copper or brass.On consignment.

Price: $245 plus shipping

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1800's Penna Green Glazed Redare Bird Whistle

Pretty green glazed redware bird whistle with chips,but no cracks.Measures 3 1/4" long and 3"high.Heavy and solid.These redware whistles are getting harder to find.

Price: $285 plus shipping

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Very Rare Pocket Watch Sampler 2 1/4"

A most unusual paper pocket watch sampler.This one is a scherensshnitte or a paper cutting.Paper pocket watch samplers rank in rareity after cloth samplers.A watch sampler was made by a beloved to be placed inside of the lid of her beloveds watch.Whenever he would open his watch,he would be reminded of his loved one.This sampler's design either has lost a strip of paper or never had one in the circle.There is foxing but no other damage.Will be shipped in a small modern frame or in cardboard,which ever seems safer.These watch samplers are usually English,but I have no provenance on it.I have never seen a sampler from scherenschnitte.Sampler has just been laid on top of a card.

Price: $400 free shipping Sale Price $300.

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Very Rare Paper Pocket Watch Sampler 1 3/4" wide

In the world of samplers,there are the needlework on textile,cloth pocket watch sampler and then paper pocket watch samplers.These samplers were made by the man's sweetheart to be worn inside the lid of his pocket watch.When the man would open his watch,he would be reminded of his beloved.This one is a painted watercolor on paper.These watch samplers were usually English,but I have no provenance on this one.I see some slight spots of foxing,but no tears or other issues. I have simply laid the sampler down on a card.I will most likely mail this in a tiny modern frame for safety,if not just much cardboard reinforcemnt.

Price: $400 free shipping.Sale Price is $300.

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Native American Birch Bark Toothpick Holder

Pretty ,1920's -judging from the patina-birch bark holder.Decorated with pink and ivory colored porcupine quills.Has a few small age splits and a few quills are broken,but overall in very good condition.Measures 2' high and 3" wide at the base. Most likely Woodlands origin.

Price: $95 free shipping

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Antique Peaseware Jar

This Pease jar measures 3" high and approx 3" wide.It is a lovely maple in its original surface.Peaseware was a thin and skillfully made treen item,with a delicate and distinctive finial.Because of the thinness of the carving,Pease is easily subject to cracks and chips.This jar has a thin hairline that starts from the base and continues up the side,no chips.Genuine,Ohio Peaseware from the 1880's-1920's,has become rare and highly sought after.

Price: 195 free shipping

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1842 English Wedding Sampler

Silk threads on linen.Measures 12"x 14".Condition is very good with a tiny 1/8" hole at the bottom within the border.The frame is modern and contains the 1842 newspaper in the reverse.I have not taken the sampler out of the frame to see if the sampler was stitched to the newspaper.This was commonly done in England.The top of the sampler is the verse in clear black silk threads and the bottom is signed Harriet Featherstone Dec 3.The last two rows are sewn in light golden threads,the alphabet. The verse reads: "All thy garments smell of myrrh aloes and cassia out of the ivory palaces whereby they have made the glad kings daughters were among they honourable women up on thy right hand did stand the queen in a vesture of cold wrought about with divers colours Hearken o daughter and consider incline thine ear forsee also thine own people and thy father house **************************** Psalm 45 verse 9 was thought to be for weddings.

Price: $150 plus $15 shipping for the lower 48 states only

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1980's nesting Taconic Baskets With Provenance

We took this set of 5 to the Antiques Road Show last June and had them looked at by Steven Fletcher,a Roadshow Appraiser.He appraised them at $500.These baskets were kept in a dark closet until purchased,so no patina ever developed on them.There is no damage and each fits well within the other.The smallest is 2-1/2" high and the largest is 4-1/2" high.These were woven by Liz Proctor,the last surviving weaver of the group.A xerox of the provenance will be provided to the purchaser.These xeroxes were made for each basket or grouping that the original collector had.

Price: $395...SALE $350 free shipping

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1800's Glazed Redware Flower Pot with Saucer

Measures 4 1/2" high.Maryland.The saucer is a marriage,which was common for flower pots.Pretty ruffled edges.No cracks,one old dark chip.

Price: $245 plus shipping

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