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Good Day! I am Sherry Spehar, an antiques seller for over 25 years.My loves are 1700's and 1800's textiles, wallpaper boxes, woodenware, and country smalls.I do have some antique furniture as well that I will offer from time to time.I have been selling at good Tennessee and Midwestern shows.Every item is guaranteed to be authentic and as described.A money back return poiicy is in effect as long as you notify me within 72 hours of receipt and as long as that item is returned in as received condition.The refund will not include shipping,unless I have made a mistake in the ad. Extra pictures will be provided upon request. Paypal is the preferred payment.You need not have a Paypal account,just an email address.You can use your credit card via Paypal.Checks are welcome and will be held till cleared.Money orders are like cash.Layaways are welcome! Connect with me on Facebook under my name,Sherry Spehar or my business page, Jacob Dorn Dairy Farm Antiques.

Early 1900's Shell Art Trinket Box

Measures abt 6" high and abt 4" wide.Made in England.These were souvenirs bought from seaside resort gift stores.This one is styled like a dresser with the top of the dresser opening up to store jewelry,etc.The outside is lithographed paper and shells,the inside green paper.Overall clean,no missing shells,inside some sprinkled stains.The dresser mirror is cracked.Mirrors of this age were usually thin and fragile.I have a few more of these,one a pin cushion and one a picture frame that I have collected.

Price: $100 plus shipping

2019-Nov-19 02:03pm EST | Tags :

Large, All Original Sampler, Glass, and Frame

Measures 21 1/2" by 20 1/2".Housed in its original mahogany frame and glass.This sampler is rich with its embroidered biblical verse.Signed by an 11 year old girl,"Performed by Elizabeth La Due.It is a masterpiece of stitchery.There is a border of many vines of strawberries.Although,not dated,I would guarantee this sampler to be frome the 1840's.There is a water stain at the bottom that could be professionally cleaned.Because of the originality,I would have this packed professionally and shipped by Fedex.

Price: $450 plus $50 shipping

2019-Nov-15 08:48am EST | Tags :

1700's Oval Bentwood Bridal Box

Measures 16" long and 7" high.Blue box almost oxidized to charcoal.The figures are formally dressed and are poised to dance and celebrate a wedding.The oval border is written in German,and could have originated in America or Germany.The sides are decorated in flowers.These boxes have been given as wedding presents since the 1400's to the bride.A floral wreath was placed inside the box as part of the keepsake.The box is solid.It does have a few leather lacings missing and some were replaced with rope.A great wedding present for a Winter wedding.

Price: $595 plus shipping

2019-Nov-11 02:36pm EST | Tags :

1800's Heavy Hand Punched Tin Grater

Measures 10 3/4" long and 4" wide.Grater is mounted on a thick slab of yellow pine.Holes were hand punched in irregular rows.Fine patina on the heavy tin and wood.Hand cut and round nails.There is a slight separation of the metal sheet where it is affixed onto the left side.

Price: $160 plus shipping

2019-Nov-07 10:05am EST | Tags :

1800's Peaseware pounce pot or sander

Pleasingly and thinly carved maple sander,measuring 2 3/4"wide and 3 " high.There is a snowflake design of holes in the center.Sanders were filled -this one from the top-with sand or powder and then shaken on paper to blot up the excess ink that was left from a quill pen.This sander has a bottom covered with old green felt.I did peel back some of the felt and saw a good patina.Condition: there is a small amount of roughness but not a crack along the edge of the bowl.There is also a small age crack along the base,as pictured.The color is truer on the second photo.

Price: $195 includes the shipping ***sale priced $160 includes the shipping***

2019-Oct-22 07:29am EDT | Tags :

Early 1800's English Flame stitch purse.

Measures 6" x 6".Original glass button and green silk interior.This one has a tiny amount of losses.Colors are vibrant.Cotton threads.Excellent and intricate threaded border.

Price: $300 plus shipping

2019-Oct-14 12:32pm EDT | Tags :

1700's Wool Mens Wallet

Measures 7 1/2" wide by 4" high.Rare plaid.Tie is missing some length and there are losses on the back.The inside is a green wool homespun with a tiny amount of losses.American survivor.Colors are much brighter than pictiured.

Price: $300 plus shipping

2019-Oct-14 12:24pm EDT | Tags :

Chalkware Ram-early to mid 1800's

Measures 4 3/4" long and 2 1/2' high.Lightweight and hollow.Numbers are marked on the inside -possibly museum inventory numbers.There is a score mark across his front,but it is not a crack.He was either gray or maybe a light gold at one time.He has a very folky expression that might have been painted with oil paints.Overall condition is excellent with a small amount of paint loss on the upper right part of his head.These early examples are getting scarce.

Price: $150 plus $15 shipping

2019-Oct-11 04:28pm EDT | Tags :

Lot of 5 Antique Cast Iron Carnival Targets

Carnival shooting targets include 3 ducks and 2 lollipops.Most of the paint remains on the duck fronts.The lollipops have surface rust.Ducks are 2 1/2" wide.Lollipops are 3" high.One of the ducks looks to be copper or brass.On consignment.

Price: $185 plus shipping

2019-Oct-11 10:28am EDT | Tags :

Mid 1800's Root Burl Bowl

Measures abt 16 1/2" long and abt 10 1/4" wide.Has "AL" scratched on base.Note that center separation does go all the way through.Places are filled with wood filler and lead,common repairs of the time.Could be birch root.The bowl is thinly carved and lighter in color than the pics show.

Price: $295 plus $30 shipping, on sale for $250 plus shipping

2019-Oct-07 06:56pm EDT | Tags :

1800's Green Painted Scrub Box

Yellow pine,very dense and heavy.Measures 14" long and 5 1/2" .Excellent dark patina.Paint looks to be the first paint.Round,oxidized nails.Found in Penna.Exceptionally nice box.

Price: SOLD

2019-Sep-30 02:18pm EDT | Tags :

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