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I am Sherry Spehar. My business,Jacob Dorn Dairy Farm,is named after my great grandfather.He was a dairy farmer in Huntington, W Va from the 1890's to the 1940's, when he retired in his 90's.His motto became mine, "best stock, lowest prices, terms to suit ". My logo is of a dairy barn less than a mile from my home that is being restored. ************************************************************************************************************************************** * Questions and pics are welcomed. * Layaways are offered. * Paypal, checks and money orders are fine. * Returns for any reason are accepted,as long as the item is returned in the same condition as sent. * Normal shipment is USPS ,but UPS and Fedex are available.Shipping is not included in the price..I do track your package till delivery and will notify you of any delays.

1910 Gibbs Sulkey Toy

Measures 6 1/2" long and 3 1/2" high.Paper litho horse drawn sulky cart pull toy.Some paper has worn off from the side of its face.Horse moves well and so does the tin cart. Great display toy for your decorations.

Price: sold

2023-Dec-07 11:14am EST | Tags :

Flocked Nodder Cat and ABC blocks Toys

Lot of 2 but can be also purchased separately.The kitten nodder is from Japan from the 1940's.Fine condition. $25.The 12 ABC blocks are stamped , Made in Germany.Each block has 2 letters on it and the 4 sides form puzzle pictures.The blocks are in good condition as is the box with its latch. Early 1900's $45 Great display toys for your holiday decorations

Price: $25 for cat, blocks are sold

2023-Dec-06 01:09pm EST | Tags :

Folky 1800's Toleware Oval Box

Measures approx 8 1/2" high and 11 " wide.The box is black and the lid has a salmon painted rope decoration.The condition is good with some scuffs, soldering and a tiny pinhole on the bottom.The hinge is fine and the latch is complete and easily moves.Probably used in a kitchen.Just a hunch, but looks Penna German to me.

Price: $185

2023-Dec-06 12:30pm EST | Tags :

Early 1900's Brown Circus Bear Nodder

Measures 7" long and 4 " high.Not sure if this a composition material, but is somewhat heavy.May have worn a blanket at one time.Painted eyes.A few spots of wear. Hard to get him to stop nodding long enough to have his picture properly taken.

Price: pending sale

2023-Dec-02 04:12pm EST | Tags :

1850's American Country Mirror Framed in Walnut

Measures approx 8 " x 10" with much silver loss.Has a hanger.Looks good hung near early lighting.Local Michigan estate sale.

Price: pending sale

2023-Dec-02 03:48pm EST | Tags :

Shaker Leather Pin Disc

Just measures 1 " across.The dark brown leather is worn on some spots.The purple ribbon is clean and intact.Great to add to your Shaker sewing box.

Price: $65 best price

2023-Nov-28 03:47pm EST | Tags :

Shaker Silk Sewing Reticule

Early 1900's, measures approx 4 1/2" x 3 1/2".Reticule opens on the bottom to a pin keep.Unlined.Two splits to the silk on the pleats.The rest is in beautiful condition.Unlined. Clean.Purchased from a picker who purchased it from a Shaker dealer, whose name will be given to the buyer.

Price: $125 best price

2023-Nov-28 03:29pm EST | Tags :

Antique Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses in Horn Case

These are folding glasses and are in excellent, original condition from the mid 1800's.The tortoise shell thinly encircles the glass lenses.The case perfectly pivots the glasses.When folded back into the case, end to end, measures about 8 1/2", 5" for the case and 3 1/2" for the actual glasses.the horn case is black with a lighter beige striping.These can not be shipped out of the country.

Price: $ 210

2023-Nov-27 03:50pm EST | Tags :

Exceptional 1840's Leather, Brass Studded Doc Box

Measures about 11 1/2" wide and 5 1/2" tall.Intact with brass hinges, lock plate with an eagle impressed lock cover.Clean.Inside lid label shows A M McDonald Comp, Boston, Mass maker of small trunks like these and ladies accessory cases.Burgundy leather case and handle are in excellent condition.A small strip of leather is missing from the lid.

Price: $205 plus shipping

2023-Nov-21 01:41pm EST | Tags :

Black American Cloth Doll With Stockinet Face

Measures 11 1/2" long with a brown wool homespun dress, cotton slips and neckerchief.Her black braided yarn hair sits underneath a red cotton print scarf that is tied up.Her eyes are tiny black rectangular Victorian beads.She comes with a small woven grass field basket with a baby painted spotted pig.She came out of an 1880's child's Victorian trunk.I would date her from 1920-1940. Please note, the fabric has been gathered across the face for her sweet nose and has left gaps but not worn out areas.

Price: $125

2023-Nov-21 01:05pm EST | Tags :

Old Country Mill Oil on Canvas

Thickly and darkly painting of an old country mill.I would date this to 1880.There was a small sticker on the back "P Hugo Grafe 1920".Measures Aprox 17 1/2" x 14 1'2".No issues, folky.This photographed lighter than it is.

Price: $165

2023-Nov-16 02:29pm EST | Tags :

Collie Dog Oil Painting

Well done with no issues.Painted in the 1960-1970's time frame.Measures approx 16" x 13".Signed Ruth Pritchard.

Price: $155

2023-Nov-16 02:09pm EST | Tags :

Hanging Penna Amish Three Pair Scissors Holder

Mid 1900's hardstock covered in velvet with wool scissor holders.Border is crocheted .Embroidered in wool yarn, with a few lost stitches.The back is silk with what looks like old tape marks, no tears or holes.Exuberant, folky and practical.

Price: $105 plus shipping

2023-Oct-12 03:21pm EDT | Tags :

Tin Candle Stick Pull Up

1800's, With a patent date impressed of Dec 10, 1851.Looking at the bottom, this was probably jappaned at one time.The stick moves up and down freely.It does not have the usual tab like the hogscrapers.The company also impressed is F A Rookwell's .Eye catching and in good mechanical order.Nicely patinated. Measures 5 1/2 " wide plus 3" tall.

Price: $75 best price plus shipping

2023-Oct-02 12:27pm EDT | Tags :

2 Springerle Cookie Presses

Later 1800's, beautifully carved and detailed wooden presses.The one depicting a girl and young tree is painted black and is framed with a wooden frame with a leather hanging tab.It measures 4 1/2" high and 2 3/4" wide, with a depth of 1 inch.The other is more of the traditional press with a bird, cornucopia, mushroom, and a rabbit.It measures 4 " high by 3 3/4" wide with a depth of 1 . It too has a hanging hole on the back.

Price: $105 or $55 each plus shipping

2023-Sep-28 03:00am EDT | Tags :

1910 E N Horsman Doll in a Red Calico Dress

Measures a good 16" high.In great shape with only her one black silk stocking frayed in the back.All original, clean clothing with no odors.Some expected soiling on the hands and back of the head.The face is nicely detailed.A small tag is on the inside identifying the doll as E N Horsman.Priced below market value.Well made German doll.A nice Christmas present.

Price: $149

2023-Sep-26 12:06pm EDT | Tags :

9 Antique Tin Cookie Cutters

Range from 3" to 5" .One is without a handle.A heart, a star, a lion and bear, and more.Good overall condition-from the 1800's to the early 1900's.Can be sent in a bubble mailer to save on shipping costs.

Price: $80

2023-Sep-26 11:44am EDT | Tags :

Scarce 4 Burner Tin Whale Oil Lamp

Mid 1800's with much of the jappaning still left on the top. It measures 5 1/2 ' long and has a tiny hanger at the top.The spout at the end is clean.No dents or damage.I have seen the 3 burner lamps, but not the 4 burner lamps.

Price: $295 plus shipping

2023-Sep-19 04:57pm EDT | Tags :

Lot of 4: small burl bow, 3 pincushions

The small burl bowl is probably English.Nice patina with a rim chip.The bowl measures 3 3/4 " wide.The heart pincushion is a silk taffeta with its original yellow ribbons.It says, "Aunt Edna from Nephew Archie.The pillow is filled with tiny steel beads.I repaired an area at the upper part of the heart.There are also 2 strawberry pincushions, one an emery and the other stuffed with a soft material.

Price: $135 plus shipping

2023-Sep-19 04:13pm EDT | Tags :

Folky Chip Carved Wooden Spoon

Measures approx 14 " long showing a man with wide leg pants playing the keys on a saxophone, a sun, rooster, chip carving near the top of the handle and carving around the bowl.The back shows a carved hand holding the bowl and a handle at the top.Nicely curved with a loss at the end of the bowl.Either American or European.Reminds me of a carved wooden busk with the images stacked atop each other.Nice wear, late 1800's or early 1900's.

Price: $95 best price plus shipping.

2023-Aug-09 06:00pm EDT | Tags :

1800's Penna Rye Basket

10 1/2" wide.Beautiful patina and condition.Tight weave and heavy basket.

Price: pending sale

2023-Aug-01 03:24pm EDT | Tags :

1800's Woven Wood Splint Child's Bonnet

Measures 9" high, 4 1/2" wide.A "size 8" label is sewn inside the hat.The lining and lovely sage green tie ribbons are fine.A black feather rests on top and a wire to keep it in place is there.Chartreuse and dusty pink taffeta pieces also adorn the top.The weave on the basket is very well done.It appears never to have been worn.Comes from a Williamston, Michigan collector.

Price: $165

2023-Jul-29 04:30pm EDT | Tags :

Tiny Walnut Trinket Box With 2 Carved Wafers

Box measures approx 2 " and thin wafers are 1".The tiny mid 1800's box is thinly carved and survives with a check crack.Wafers are in excellent condition and depict gazelles.The wooden box has a rim indent that possibly means that the wood is a walnut burl.The box also has an illegible signature carved on the lid and has carefully incised rings.This would be a joy to own.

Price: $250 on sale for $195 free ship

2023-Jul-18 09:54am EDT | Tags :

Late 1800's Painting on Tin

Measures 14" wide x 12" high.Becoming harder to find.Floral design.Two corners are bent and a larger lower right size bend.The bends are typical of these paintings, and should be diminished with the proper framing and matting.

Price: $50

2023-Jun-22 05:12pm EDT | Tags :

1900's Hall Boy Blue Sponged Stoneware Pitcher

Measures 6 3/4" tall.No damage.Possibly made by Uhl Pottery.

Price: $55 plus $15 shipping

2023-Jun-18 08:12pm EDT | Tags :

1800's Tiger Maple Tool

Measures 8 " closed and 16" open.Well made and heavy mold.

Price: $45

2023-Jun-13 03:11am EDT | Tags :

1800's Cherry Mushroom Shaped Darner

Measures 6" wide and 6" long.It has a 2 incised circles on it. The handle has a hole for hanging.Simple and well made.Resembles a Shaker darner,but the handle seems too thick.

Price: $45

2023-Jun-12 05:15pm EDT | Tags :

Small 1925 Buttocks Basket

Measures 6 1/2" high, and wide.No damage.Came out of a retired Ann Arbor Antiques Market dealer living estate sale.

Price: $ 75

2023-Jun-11 11:12am EDT | Tags :

Small Wood Trinket Box With Ivory Escutcheon Plate

Measures 8 1/2" wide, 6 1/4" high, and 5 1/2 "deep.Great size for holding small collections.This one held my colonial pewter buttons.The box is alligatored and is missing a wood strip on the inside that could of held a tray.The inside box is painted and the inside lid is papered. 1800's, mid.

Price: $55

2023-Jun-11 10:59am EDT | Tags :

1817 Marking Sampler By Fanny Clements

Exceptionally clean and bright sampler, marked born 1805.The 1817 date is when sewn.Most likely, American. Measures aprox 10 1/2" x 14 1/2 inches. Good solid frame with a few scratches.Not examined out of the frame.Her name could also be Mary Frances Clements or just Frances Clements.I found some in Ny and Va., but this sampler needs more research.The second image has a reflection of my hand.

Price: $175

2023-May-24 01:45pm EDT | Tags :

Appalachian Hickory Splint Gathering Basket

Measures approx 12" wide at the base and 10" high.Unique form.Rim has been signed with the family names in 1996 saying the basket was 100 years old.Names like Oma Branham Stewart, great grand,etc.Basket has a wide base for stability.Condition is excellent with no damage.

Price: $200 plus shipping

2023-May-21 11:44am EDT | Tags :

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