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Good Day! I am Sherry Spehar, an antiques seller for over 25 years.My loves are 1700's and 1800's textiles, wallpaper boxes, woodenware, and country smalls.I do have some antique furniture as well that I will offer from time to time.I have been selling at good Tennessee and Midwestern shows.Every item is guaranteed to be authentic and as discribed.A money back return poiicy is in effect as long as you notify me within 72 hours of receipt and as long as that item is returned in as received condition.The refund will not include shipping,unless I have made a mistake in the ad. Extra pictures will always be provided upon request. Paypal is the preferred payment.You need not have a Paypal account,just an email address.You can use your credit card via Paypal.Checks are welcome and will be held till cleared.Money orders are like cash.Layaways are always welcome! Connect with me on Facebook under my name,Sherry Spehar or my business page, Jacob Dorn Dairy Farm Antiques.

Small Bentwood Box With Label On Lid

Round bentwood box held small toys for sale.The label on top would describe the toys inside.Measures 5 1/4" wide and 3" high.Good patina and paint decoration.There is a small sliver of wood missing from the lid,as pictured.Sturdy construction and desirable size.Looks to be from 1900-1920.Probably Scandanavian.

Price: $105 plus $15 shipping

2019-Sep-09 10:37am EDT | Tags :

1800's Bentwood Sieve with Copper Screening

Measures from15" to 16" ,as it is out of round.Maple and bentwood oak.Nicely oxidized round nails.Purchased from the Lansing,Michigan Gottschalk Shaker collection.No condition issues

Price: $130 plus $20 shipping

2019-Aug-31 10:59am EDT | Tags :

Set of Concentric Tin Pastry Rings

Measures 4 inches across and contains 11 rings,each ending in a hollow tube.These could have been used for donut holes or to fill fruit centers for pastries.Late 1800's.There are 2 rings that need to be soldered,but all fit fine together.Has a very fun look for your farm kitchen or as a desk top paper weight.

Price: $65 plus $10 shipping

2019-Aug-31 09:38am EDT | Tags :

9 Mid 1800's Sandwich Glass Drawer Pulls

Measures 2 " wide and 1 3/4".Includes 7 screws.Rare set to use on your 1800's dresser and one left over for an end table.Mostly found in Penna on Empire chests.Some are chipped,but contained within the knob and not on the edges.They are completely usuable and beautiful! Glass is very thick and heavy.The ninth knob is showing to be dark,but it is the same clear glass as the others.

Price: $150 plus shipping

2019-Aug-26 01:36pm EDT | Tags :

Antique Cobalt Swirl Graniteware Tea Strainer

Measures 5 3/4" long and 4" wide.In good condition with a minimum of rust.Lovely cobalt swirl.I have had this in my own collection for 25 years.

Price: $68 plus shipping

2019-Aug-26 01:18pm EDT | Tags :

!880's Painted Walnut Shelf

Measures approx 12" high and approx 11 " wide with a filagree design.it is thick and heavy for its size.The shelf part is divided in half,good for displaying small collectibles.The are a few edge losses and the paint is original, but later on the shelf,approx 1930's.Ideal for a small area.

Price: $65 plus shipping

2019-Aug-26 12:37pm EDT | Tags :

Early 1900's Excelsior Filled Dog Toy

Terrier measures approx 12" long and about 11" high.There is some mohair loss and one of the front legs is slightly bent at the ankle.The dog still stands fine.Appears original with no repairs.Overall pretty cute!

Price: $75 plus shipping

2019-Aug-26 12:24pm EDT | Tags :

Pair of Penna Box Hinges

Most likely steel and forged around the Civil War.Folky.Measures approx 8 1/2" long and 3 1/2" wide.Found in Zoar, Ohio

Price: $190 plus approx $15 shipping

2019-Aug-02 08:24am EDT | Tags :

1900-1920 Leather Cow Pull Toy

This calf has glass eyes and a leather covered body.Ears,horns,wheels are there,but not the tail.The platform measures 5 3/4" and the height is 5 1/4".There are some cracks and losses to this toy.The darker stain is uncommon.Small size is harder to find.

Price: $165 firm plus $12 shipping***Sale $140 plus shipping

2019-Jul-04 08:38am EDT | Tags :

Large English Sampler

Measures 22"x 22".Silk threads on linen.Cartouche is surrounded by a prominent deer, trees of life,birds and bees,parrots, and baskets of flowers.The border is roses and lilies. "Savior devine thy special spirit send Reveal thy love and seal me for thy own Teach my young mind thy precept to attend And let thy merit for my guilt atone Then when death bids me from this world retire The aweful voices caused no one end surprise Sweetly on Jesus bosom I'll expire And wing my way to mansions in the sky Ann Watsons work wrought Mrs Gassons School Dating to the 1820's, most likely a Catholic prayer for a happy death and a peacful journey to heaven.There was a Farrar Gasson School for needlework in 1829.The sampler has been professionally cleaned and mounted on a cloth covered artist board.The bottom is a lighter color and may have been folded over at one time. I have never had it framed,but it is ready for one.This has been hard to photograph.Please ask for more pictures,if interested.

Price: $495 plus shipping***Sale $375 plus shipping

2019-Jul-02 10:19am EDT | Tags :

Vintage Nantucket Purse

Dating from the 1950's and on.The top is decorated with a seahorse and the bottom has the usual wood base.The basket purse is in excellent condition.The lining is a cream colored vinyl tacked to the basket.I found a few small ink marks inside the purse.All scrimshaw is plastic.Measures 9 1/4" high with the handle extended and 8" across.

Price: $70 plus $12 shipping ***Sale $50 plus shipping

2019-Jun-30 10:37am EDT | Tags :

Vintage Schuco Metal Pig With A Key

Measures 4" long.Key activates this little piggy and causes him to walk toward you.Good overall condition with a few small scuffs and scrapes.Schuco is impressed on the key.On his belly, Made in U S-Zone Germany

Price: $90 plus $12 shipping to the lower 48 states ***Sale $65 plus shipping

2019-Jun-26 03:30pm EDT | Tags :

1880's China Head Doll,Highland Mary

Approx 24" head to toe.She is a German,unmarked doll,probably an Alt Beck and Gottschalck, or a Kling.Her head and shoulders are fine.Her clothes are period and sewn to her cloth body.Her clothes have some dry rot on them.Her face is beautiful.I am not a doll expert but will try and answer your questions.More pics are available.

Price: $125 plus shipping Sale $95

2019-May-20 02:50pm EDT | Tags :

Lot of 5 Antique Cast Iron Carnival Targets

Carnival shooting targets include 3 ducks and 2 lollipops.Most of the paint remains on the duck fronts.The lollipops have surface rust.Ducks are 2 1/2" wide.Lollipops are 3" high.One of the ducks looks to be copper or brass.On consignment.

Price: $245 plus shipping Sale $200

2019-Apr-19 10:28am EDT | Tags :

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