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I am Sherry Spehar.My business,Jacob Dorn Dairy Farm,is named after my great grandfather.He was a dairy farmer from Huntington, W Va.My loves are good country antiques,textiles,and Native American.Occasionally.I will offer furniture on this site. ************************************************************************************************************************************** * Questions and extra picture requests are welcomed. * Layaways are available * Paypal is preferred but checks and money orders are fine. * Returns for any reason are accepted,as long as the item is returned in the same condition as sent. I would appreciate being notified prior to the return.Buyer pays return postage unless I have made a mistake in the listing,and then I would pay the postage both ways. * Normal shipment is USPS ,but UPS and Fedex are available.Shipping is not included in the price..I do track your package till delivery and will notify you of any delays.

1700's Man's Plaid Wool Wallet

There have been no fixes on this wallet.Measure 7 3/4" wide and 4 " high.It is a lovely tartan plaid of greens and red with the rust-orange tie.It would suggest a Scottish ancestry.Believed to be American.There are moth holes mainly on the back and a few small ones on the front and on the inside.There are some bare patches too.A textile that has survived for approx 300 years will show some wear.I say this as this is pretty rare to even find one.I have priced this accordingly.

Price: $390

2021-Jul-20 01:38pm EDT | Tags : textiles

Antique Burl Mallet

Exceptionally clean and well cared for.This mallet was part of the tools that belonged to a lady's Austrian grandfather.Measures approx 11 1/2" long and approx 4 " wide.It is heavy for its size,being solid burl.The handle is secure inside the head.I love all the knots and swirls that go with this type of wood.

Price: $45 best price

2021-Jul-19 03:51pm EDT | Tags : primitives

Stone Fruit in a Bennington Batter Bowl

6 piece fruit group includes 2 bunches of grapes, a lemon, a fig, a miniature nectarine, and a peach.The vintage cobalt sponged batter bowl is marked.It's in excellent condition and measures 5" high and 7 1/4" wide. All are in excellent condition.The fruit group can be sold separately from the batter bowl if desired.

Price: Batter bowl with the fruit =$135...Fruit is $110...Batter Bowl is $25

2021-Jul-16 01:49pm EDT | Tags : stone fruit

1800's Small Hand Wrought Copper Kettle

Most likely Native American and Michigan,because of the red iron vein running through the kettle.Measures 6" wide and 3 " deep, heavy for its size.A good overlapping band covers the rim.Was probably used as a small cooking kettle.No holes,splits or big dents.

Price: $195

2021-Jul-14 10:44am EDT | Tags :

1800's German Erzgebirge Goat Pipsqueak

Little pipsqueak, 2 1/8" L, 2 1/2" H, and 1 1/4" deep.Usually these are made from paper mache.This one is the small wooden painted stick figure.The brightly colored details are very fine from his silver horns to the multicolored paper that he stands on.His bellows no longer squeak and his one leg lacks some white paint.Other than that the goat is in fine condition.Purchased from the estate of Jeff Ashley, Michigan toy collector.

Price: $285

2021-Jul-11 12:57pm EDT | Tags :

1800's Wooden Busk

Lovely,curvy female wooden busk.Just under 13" long.Some designs look inlaid while others look applied.Chip carved border.Wood looks like balsa.Corset busks were made by a lady's sweetheart and would fit into the pocket of the corset that was in the center of her bodice,over her heart.This one has a pronounced curve unlike a letter opener that was flat.Purchased from a dealer from Delaware many years ago.

Price: $235

2021-Jul-09 04:02pm EDT | Tags : woodenware

Sweet Grass and Pine Needle Native American Basket

Measures approx 8 1/2" wide and 2 1/2" high.Approx 1920's with a great patina and red vegetable dye border.Very skillfully woven with no damage.Basket weavers start at the bottom and build from there.Note the beautiful bottom medallion.I believe this to be Southern,as I have a very similar Seminole basket.The truest color is the middle photo.

Price: $95

2021-Jul-05 11:22am EDT | Tags :

1800's Patriotic Toy

This is simple toy that one pushes the wooden block and the figure moves up and down on a wooden stick.Measures approx 13 1/2".He is dressed in a somewhat faded and soiled, stars and stripes flag outfit. He has a painted celluloid face.There is one tiny hole in the sleeve.The red and white pointed hat is filled with excelsior.I am always amazed that a toy survived in any condition from this long ago.These were made for the 1876 Centennial.

Price: $75 best price

2021-Jul-04 02:58pm EDT | Tags : toy

Black Wool Amish Ladies Mittens

9 1/2" long.1900's,never worn.These do have some edge bites.Made for a small hand.Found in Michigan.

Price: $20 best price

2021-Jul-03 05:29pm EDT | Tags : clothing

Small Walnut Sliding Lid Box

Measures 5" long, abt 3" high, and 3 1/2" wide.Walnut and walnut veneered. Was used to store tobacco.Purchased years ago at the Fairhaven,Ohio Antique show.Good wear,lid slides beautifully.There is some missing veneer pieces.1850 ish.A very nice little box

Price: $75

2021-Jul-03 05:07pm EDT | Tags : woodenware

1800's Walnut Hanging Candle, Lantern, or Sconce

Measures approx 16" high and 4 1/2" wide.This would hold a candle or a small lantern,as the interior measures 3 /34" wide and 3 1/2" deep.The nails are a mix of mostly round and a few square.The patina is a lovely dark one.All smoky grime has been removed from the previous owner.Found in Virginia.There is a piece on the back that is fully attached,but juts out a bit.It has no effect on the integrity at all.It might have been reglued,when cleaned.More pics upon request.

Price: $150 on sale for $120

2021-Jul-02 01:42pm EDT | Tags : Primitive

1800 Scandinavian Carved Elk Bone Wedding Spoon

1800's wedding present.Measures about 5 1/2" long.Hearts are carved into the handle.One base loop is missing.Some insect damage on the reverse of the spoon bowl,very common in carved bone items.Carving is very fine,almost like scrimshaw,and depicts an elk and a design.I collect wedding antiques and this has been in my collection for many years.Lovely piece of folk art.

Price: $210 best price

2021-Jun-27 03:15pm EDT | Tags :

1780-1820 Spring Loaded Sugar Nippers

From Virginia.Measures approx 8 1/2" long and 2 1/2 " collapsed.Nippers were used to break a block or cone of sugar into smaller pieces for use in tea and other beverages.They were kept with the sugar chest.The spring loading made it easier to cut a piece of sugar.This pair has some surface corrosion and 2 teensy areas of surface rust,which I have not attempted to clean. Well made and fits nice in your hand.

Price: $99 on sale for $75

2021-Jun-24 03:22pm EDT | Tags : metal

1800's Maple Shaker Herb Crusher

Measures approx 5 1/2" high and 3 1/2" wide.The Shaker characteristics are the fine handle and the lovely concentric groves on the front.Note the balance.There are no cracks or damage.The dark line under the top is a maple grain coloring.

Price: $65 on sale $60

2021-Jun-23 03:36pm EDT | Tags : woodenware

Ninth Plate Daguerrotype of A Painted Portrait

1850's Dag of a Woman with her necklace and pin,lacey collar and period dress.The dag is in good condition not too faded.Artists would have a dag taken of their subjects before painting the portrait from it.No provenance is available.This was hard to photograph.Please excuse the window interfering with the image.

Price: $68

2021-Jun-23 02:34pm EDT | Tags : images

1920's Native American Pincushion Tomato Basket

Measures 3" high and 3 " wide.Pincushion is a soft tomato red velvet with minimal usage.The bottom weavers are vegetable dyed.These items were made and sold to the tourist trade at the various shops.This one would have been Woodland made.

Price: $55

2021-Jun-23 02:17pm EDT | Tags :

Late 1800's A E Hull Cobalt Daisy Butter Crock

Measures 5 1/2" wide and 3 1/2" high.Yellow ware with intensely dark cobalt decoration,that was hard to picture.Daisies on top of a waffle weave.No damage,just normal wear.No lid.In the family of blue and white pottery.

Price: $85 on sale for $60

2021-Jun-22 11:24am EDT | Tags : yellowware

Early 1800's Inlaid Fox & Geese 2 Sided Gameboard

Measures 11 7/8" square.The Fox and Geese side is made of inlays of tiger maple,walnut and cherry.Heavy and thick board with some side and front losses.Sides are veneered walnut.The reverse is painted black squares for the checkerboard side.The center is showing some slight center bowing.A stunning piece.Found at a Maine estate sale.

Price: $290 on sale for $245

2021-Jun-14 12:39pm EDT | Tags : gameboard

Wooden Corset Stay

Measures 8" long.This one has a red lacquer applied to the wood so as to smoothly fit within the pockets of the corset.Mid 1800's.There is a date carved of 1857,initials,a cross hatched fish,some pinwheels.I am not sure that these carvings are period.These stays were sometimes made of whale bone or ivory,but more commonly made of wood.The stays would surround the larger center stay or busk.You are buying an authentic stay of the 1850's period.

Price: $45 best price

2021-Jun-13 07:27pm EDT | Tags : clothing

1800's Hand Tobacco Plug Cutter

Hand made and forged,measures about 13 1/2" long by 3 " wide.Blade is iron and handle is a twig.The tool allows the cutting of individual plugs of chewing tobacco from the tobacco brick.A good primitive/relic used in general stores.Before tobacco came in cans,this is what people used to get their plug.

Price: $70 on sale for $60

2021-Jun-13 02:41pm EDT | Tags :

1800's Brass American Binnacle Marine Side Light

Measures 6" high and 2 3/4" wide.Solid Brass,missing hinged door.Miller is on wick advance knob on the lamp.Unusual rectangular form.Brass wings would have slid into a rack mounted to the side of a binnacle.Lovely brass patina.I found the info on this lantern on Westsea.com.I bought this from a Delaware dealer,some years back.

Price: $75 on sale for $55

2021-Jun-13 01:38pm EDT | Tags : lighting

12 Hole Black Japanned Candle Mold

Measures 10 1/2" high and 7" wide.Heavy mold.There are holes in 7 of the 8 corners,and one hole looks soldered.The base is a little crooked.The handle looks good.From the 1800's.

Price: $40

2021-Jun-11 02:00pm EDT | Tags : lighting

Railroad Print of White Mountains New Hampshire

Wood framed with glass, circa 1910.Color print ,"White Mountain National Forest",A National Playground,Mount Washington Railway".The various mountains are identified as Mt Gray, Mt Washington,etc.The print measures 25" long and 6" high.The print is in great shape with one tiny brown dot.The back of the frame is wood as well.

Price: $52

2021-Jun-10 04:24pm EDT | Tags :

Circa 1910 Steiff Dog Growler Pull Toy

Adorable dog measures 18" wide, 18" high and 8 1/4" between the iron wheels.Most of his curly mohair fur remains,except at the end of his snout,where he was kissed too much.The Steiff ear button and pull chain for his growler are no longer there.His collar is made from canvas with a loop for the pull string.His glass eyes are a mismatched brown.Shipping will be approximately $40 to the lower 48 states.More pictures will be sent upon request.

Price: $435

2021-Jun-08 09:36am EDT | Tags : toy

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