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Good Day! I am Sherry Spehar, an antiques seller for over 25 years.My loves are 1700's and 1800's textiles, wallpaper boxes, woodenware, and country smalls.I do have some antique furniture as well that I will offer from time to time.I have been selling at good Tennessee and Midwestern shows.Every item is guaranteed to be authentic and as described.A money back return poiicy is in effect as long as you notify mewithin 72 hours of receipt and as long as that item is returned in as received condition.The refund will not include shipping,unless I have made a mistake in the ad. Extra pictures will be provided upon request. Paypal is the preferred payment.You need not have a Paypal account,just an email address.You can use your credit card via Paypal.Checks are welcome and will be held till cleared.Money orders are like cash.Layaways are welcome! Connect with me on Facebook under my name,Sherry Spehar or my business page, Jacob Dorn Dairy Farm Antiques..Please note that communication is king in an online business.

1800's Stoneware Jug Sommerset Potters Works ,Mass

Pretty approx 13" s jug with brushed cobalt design of a basket with a long leafy plant.No chips or cracks.Deaccessioned from the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, Maine.Sommerset Potters is impressed on the jug.The first picture has been darkened slightly to show the design.

Price: $350 plus shipping, $30

2020-Jan-23 10:26am EST | Tags :

Stoneware Jug #3

Large jug with dark cobalt number.No chips or cracks,just some kiln losses.Gentle ovid dates 1860-1870.The jug is heavy and will require double boxing.

Price: $335 plus $30 shipping

2020-Jan-22 02:03pm EST | Tags :

1850's Penna Vibrant Wool and Cotton Blanket

Measures 73" x 89".Colors are intense blue and white on a checked pattern.The weave is a twill and the blanket has a center seam.Fringe is at one end.Appears washed,but thick and heavy.There are some scattered tiny holes at one end.Other than that very nice textile with no odors.

Price: $125 on sale for $95 plus shipping

2020-Jan-17 02:53pm EST | Tags :

1800's Penna Stoneware Bird Whistle

Small working bird whistle,measure approx 3" long.The red strip on the bottom is paper, probably part of an old price sticker.No damage.Getting hard to find.

Price: $125 free shipping

2020-Jan-17 02:10pm EST | Tags :

1816 American Sampler

Sewn on homespun linen and measures approx 12 x 15.Lucy Terry's sampler with alphabet and numbers.There are various letters at the bottom that signify the first names of her family members.Free of holes.Small amount of foxing.Have not removed from frame.I could not find much on Lucy Terry.There was a child brought to America to be a slave that fits this time frame,but no other info could be found to confirm this.The letters are well made and appear to be wool.

Price: $110 plus shipping

2020-Jan-15 02:06pm EST | Tags :

Mid1800's Maple Pounce Pot/Sander

Lovely 3 1/2" sander with great turnings.Unusual 5 point star.Very clean with the correct amount of wear and ink stains.

Price: Sold

2020-Jan-15 12:25pm EST | Tags :

1800's Wood Mortar

Measures approx 6" high.The wood is a very heavy and dense hardwood.The shallow bowl has good wear inside.There is a surface crack,as pictured.Skillfully made with a two turnings base and 3 incised rings about halfway down.

Price: $75 plus shipping

2020-Jan-15 12:01pm EST | Tags :

Zoar, Ohio tissue paper fabric stencils

Three fabric stencils from a Zoar, Ohio estate.I am not sure what these were used for.although they probably were not for quilt squares.Each is about 5".I am dating these to about 1930-1940.Now these are housed in an inexpensive plastic and paper case.They can be shipped free without the case.

Price: $50 with free shipping if the case is not used.

2020-Jan-12 04:10pm EST | Tags :

Circa 1880's Oil On Canvas -Boy in Britches

Measures 18 x 15.Not examined out of the frame.Folky oil of a young barefooted boy.Colors are gorgeous.There are a few tiny losses and 2 small patches on the back.I did not find any signature.

Price: $200 plus shipping

2020-Jan-08 03:28pm EST | Tags :

Minature wallpaper box

Circa 1820,measures 3 " wide.Most likely French Canadian,lined with a French newspaper.Blue,black,gray, and cream colored.It is possible that the black and grey were once blue.Seams are finely sewn.There are some water stains on the inside only and one side has a slight indent.

Price: $375 plus shipping

2020-Jan-07 12:17pm EST | Tags :

1800's Oak Thick Walled Pantry with Harvard Finger

Measures 7" wide.Sturdy box with one missing t nail. Lid has a carved "W". Rich patina with oxidized nails.

Price: sold

2020-Jan-07 11:04am EST | Tags :

1800s Pewter Candy Mold

Measures 7 1/2" long and 4 1/2" high.Wonderful heavy mold with many mini molds of farm animals, a barn, fruit,etc.Used for chocolates.

Price: $95 plus shipping

2020-Jan-06 01:04pm EST | Tags :

Early 1900's Basket with homespun liner

Measures 15" long and 5" high.Great patina and fabric.There are a few broken weavers that I have pictured.Very nice basket with lovely fabric.

Price: $95 plus shipping

2020-Jan-06 12:41pm EST | Tags :

1800's child's porcelain tea set

Peach lustre 9 piece child's tea set .No damage, lidded teapot,sugar bowl, creamer, and 2 teacups and 2 saucers.I used to collect these little sets;and this was one of my favorites.

Price: $85 plus shipping.

2020-Jan-04 12:26pm EST | Tags :

Small Native American Basket With Blue Weavers

These baskets came in graduated sizes.I have 2 larger ones in my collection and thought they were Shaker feather baskets.Seeing this lil guy with its blue weavers made me think it is more likely Native American .Super patina.I only saw 2 weavers with broken tips,the rest of the basket is fine.The lid slides up and down easily.It measures 6" high.I am thinking New England.The previous seller,thought Great Lakes.The basket is very skillfully woven and is a treat for collectors to find, 1920's.

Price: $125 plus shipping

2020-Jan-01 03:24pm EST | Tags :

1830-1840's Tin Finger Whale Oil Lamp

A wee japanned lamp measuring 5" across and 2 " high.Still retains its pickwick,used to dig out the old burnt out wick.The finger was re-soldered.No holes on this exceptionally clean lamp.The opening is threaded for its burner, now absent.Unusual conical font.There is still a slight fishy odor in the body.Price reflects the missing burner.

Price: $65 plus shipping

2020-Jan-01 02:48pm EST | Tags :

1800's Walnut Burl Paddle

Measures 10" long with a paddle with of 4 1/2".Beautiful walnut grained burl paddle or scoop.Purchased from the Ken Erwin estate,Portland, Michigan.It has a beautiful warm finish that shows off the grain. I have kept this as a part of my own collection.

Price: $150 or Best Offer plus shipping.

2019-Dec-29 10:39am EST | Tags :

1800's hand punched iron/tin grater

Heavy 11" tall grater.Super dark patina on both the grater and pine back.Can be hung.

Price: $165 or best offer plus shipping

2019-Dec-28 03:26pm EST | Tags :

American Binacle Side Light-Marine Lantern

1800's unusual rectangular form,measuring 6" high and 3 " wide.Lovely,patentated brass. Access would have been through a spring loaded door with old wavy glass that is missing from this device.Miller is on the wick advance knob.Wings on the back would have slid into a rack mounted to the side of a binnacle.You can find this light on westsea.com.Price reflects missing door.Extra pics on request.

Price: $90 or best offer plus shipping

2019-Dec-28 01:55pm EST | Tags :

Tiny Hanging American Pinball

Used as a pincushion and hung from a ribbon.Could be untied and used as a pincushion.Measures 1 1/2" long.Beautiful,clean velvet.Some pink stitches dropped on one side.Mid 1800's or earlier

Price: $98 plus shipping.

2019-Dec-14 10:13am EST | Tags :

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