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I am Sherry Spehar. My business,Jacob Dorn Dairy Farm,is named after my great grandfather.He was a dairy farmer in Huntington, W Va from the 1890's to the 1940's, when he retired in his 90's.His motto became mine, "best stock, lowest prices, terms to suit ". My logo is of a dairy barn less than a mile from my home that is being restored. ************************************************************************************************************************************** * Questions and pics are welcomed. * Layaways are available for 90 days or more.Interest free. * Paypal, checks and money orders are fine. * Returns for any reason are accepted,as long as the item is returned in the same condition as sent. * Normal shipment is USPS ,but UPS and Fedex are available.Shipping is not included in the price..I do track your package till delivery and will notify you of any delays. * Consignments accepted with a 15 % commission, terms to be negotiated.

Early 1900's Ceramic Ram

Measures 4 1/4" l and 4" high.Possibly German with a pleasing form with green and brown coloring.There is a number of 8061 on his underneath.His face is so charming.

Price: $55 plus $10 to ship

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2 Coquilla Nut Sewing Notions, Early 1900's

Carved Coquilla Nut Thimble holder measures 2 1/4 inches, nicely carved with no issues.The blue pincushion stand measures 3 1/2" high.I thought that this might also hold needles, but it does not.The shaft appears to be celluloid.No issues.

Price: Best prices are $65 each or $110 for both. Shipping is $10.

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1848 Leather French Book

Measures approx 5 1/2 high."Practique De La Perfection" Written in French.Looks complete.In good shape with the exception of the 4 worn corners.

Price: $25 best price and $ 12 to ship

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1820's Redware Jug with Albany Glaze

Measures approx 5 1/2" tall.Handle has been repaired.Overall good shape with no other issues.Nice teardrop shape.

Price: $95 Best Price With $20 shipping

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1800's Redware Stove Lifter & Tin Betty Lamp

Redware riser measures 3 1/4" high and 4 3/4" wide.Lamp with stick and pic is 3 1/2" wide and 3" high.The Redware makes for a good lamp tidy.It does have chips.The lamp has no issues.Can be purchased together or separately.

Price: Redware Riser is $95, Lamp is $50, both are $ 130 plus shipping.

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1800's Red Shaker Wooden Staved Funnel

Measures approx 16 1/2" high and 12 1/2 " wide.Original red paint.Tight staves and typical Shaker Wooden bands.Small losses.Scarce item.Fit inside large buckets.

Price: sold

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Signed, Dated Large Wool Needlepoint Sampler

Measures about 25" long and 17" wide.Unframed.Sampler is probably a mourning sampler.A lady is standing next to a shrine.Signed Eleanor X Howell. Aged 13, 1884.The top part of the sampler is decorated with pairs of parrots and baskets of colorful balls.The border is floral.Unframed.Other than the faded green front, there are no other issues.

Price: $ 140 includes the shipping.

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1920's Native American Basket, Vegetable Dye Rows

Measures 11" long x 7" wide and 4" high.Tiny ,closely woven splint some are dyed with a vegetable dye in blue and salmon.Excellent and skillfully worked by a Woodland Tribe.Small amount of rim wrap is missing and one broken corner weave is present.From a former Ann Arbor, Michigan dealer's basket collection.

Price: $110 plus shipping

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3 Early Food Tins

1) Rock - Co, Pure Cocoa, Early 1900's , 9" high, small amount of paper label loss on back 2) Red Hen New Orleans Molasses 1890, 4 1/2 " high, no issues 3) Ball Brand Sliced Yellow Cling Peaches, F M Ball co, San Francisco , Ca, 4 1/2" ,1910, no issues. Prefer to sell as a set for $95 + shipping

Price: sold

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Small Wooden Staved Bucket With Brass Bands

Measures 5" tall and 7" wide.Different wood staves held together by brass bands and copper rivets.Bail handle.Staves are snug and there is no movement in the bands.1800's.Good darkened patina.

Price: $120 best price includes the shipping

2024-Jun-13 10:05am EDT | Tags :

1870 Mauchline Fern Ware Pincushion

English, measures 1 1/2".No issues. Mauchline also produced the attractive line of Tartan Ware.

Price: $75 best price includes the shipping.

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1995 Lithograph, " Barn Dance At the White Barn"

Folky , numbered Lithograph 682/1000 and initialed by the artist, P Buckley Moss.She was born in NY in 1933 and painted watercolors of the Amish and Mennonite people,in the Valley Style.Measures 17 1/2" by 17 1/2".Nicely framed.Heavy

Price: $95 best price and $15 to ship

2024-Jun-12 09:34am EDT | Tags :

1835 Sailor Made Sewing Box

Approx measurements are 11" long, 8" wide, 4" high.The box is a heavy mahogany with mahogany and birdseye maple veneers.Silver hearts and a center star, arches would be the moon.Arched locking front with a brass escutcheon, sides are bowed too.The mirror is broken. A tiny piece of veneer is missing on the top left corner.Fabric on the inside and bottom is original.The inside dividers are present for sewing notions.Purchased from a Kentucky auction a while back.Most likely American.

Price: sold

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1790 English Black Glass Bottle

Measures under 11", hammered finish, string rim, free blown, original stopper. There is a long scratch on the bottle, second picture.Add to your tavern room.

Price: $95, best price includes the shipping.

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Old Reliable Egg Scale of Brass and Zinc

Measures a little over 12" long and about 2" high.Green egg is not included.The scale would measure the weight of the egg, not the size.The farmer's wife would weigh the eggs, sort them and then get them ready for market.That would be her egg money.These do look great in a kitchen with other gadgets like apple corers, egg beaters, ice cream molds and the like.

Price: $60 plus shipping

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2 Redware Banks, Orange and Apple from Late 1800's

Each measures about 3" wide and 2" high.No issues.The apple has a tiny hole on the top and bottom where it might have had a stem at one time.There is a small amount of paint wear on the apple.On the second picture, the white circle on the apple is camera glare.

Price: $80 each, best price. pair is $150 best price

2024-Jun-06 05:32pm EDT | Tags :

1850's Painted and Decorated Oval Bentwood Box

Measures 7" long, 3 " high. Painted red, oxidized to almost black.Many flowers painted on top and sides.Minor small wood strip from lid end is missing.The small boxes are becoming more scarce.These were probably used to hold ribbons,etc.Nicely worn and oxidized .Purchased from a former Ann Arbor collector that only collected the best.This one has lovely wear and originality.

Price: $390 best price covers the shipping

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Set of 2 Blue and White Stoneware Mini Bowls

Measures 3 1/2" in diameter and 1 1/2" tall.One with its old bale handle. About 1920's.Sold as a set only, No issues just some bottom discoloration.

Price: $125 includes the shipping., price drop to $75 includes the shipping.

2024-Jun-04 03:05pm EDT | Tags :

Two Later 1800's Walnut Sewing Caddies

Each measures approx 7 " high and 4 " wide.Both have their pincushions and all 4 feet.One is missing its thimble and needle drawer and the other its thread holders.Both can be shipped together.

Price: $110 for both, one for $55

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1850 Tin Ipswich Lamp Stand, Matching Betty Lamp

Measuring 11" high and 6 " across the base.Tin was becoming more prevalent than the use of cast iron at this time.It was lighter in weight so was easily moved from room to room.Note the ruffles around the holder and the base.Also, the spiral banding on the post is a nice feature.There are areas of solder at the points of more wear, no holes, and a light surface rust.The matching Betty is complete with a lid and a wick pick.These are becoming more scarce.Best price covers the insured shipping.

Price: $330 Best price includes fully insured shipping.

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Penna Stoneware Cream Pot With Tobacco Spit

Measures 5 1/4" high and 5 " wide.No issues.There is a cream colored glaze on top of the tobacco spit.Purchased years ago from Tex Johnson's shop in Adamstown, Pa.

Price: $150 best price + $20 to ship double boxed.

2024-Apr-26 08:56am EDT | Tags :

1800's Tiger Maple Utensil Tote

Heavy all maple tote measures 13 1/4 " wide, 12 1/2" long, and 8" high.Pretty scalloped edge.Bottom is also maple. regular grain.Display with your horn or pewter spoons.Due to its weight, I would guess that the shipping would run about $30.

Price: $290

2024-Apr-24 02:30pm EDT | Tags :

1800's Victorian Bone Paneled Carpet Ball

Measures 3 1/2" wide.Intricately carved and skillfully arranged in a sphere.The bone panels are in overall good shape with one stress crack from being played with.One usually sees them in ceramic.

Price: $75 + shipping

2024-Apr-24 02:08pm EDT | Tags :

Late 1800's German Bird Squeak Toy

Measures 5 1/4" high and 3 1/4 " wide.This bird still squeaks.He is on springs.Looks like he was told to shake a tail feather too many times, as he is just left with a few thin black ostrich feathers. His body is made up of thin strips of carved wood that is grooved to look like feathers.His paint is still in good shape.There is some old tape on his base.Germany is marked on the bottom. He works by pushing down on his base and he comes back with a clear squeak.

Price: $95 plus shipping

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1800's Native American Oak Burl Mortar

Measures 6 1/2" wide and 3 1/2 " wide.High sided. 2 stress cracks.Great deep grain. Burn mark shown in the last picture, is the method of shaping the excess from the bowl.

Price: $185

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