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I am Sherry Spehar.My business,Jacob Dorn Dairy Farm,is named after my great grandfather.He was a dairy farmer from Huntington, W Va.My loves are good country antiques,textiles,and Native American.Occasionally.I will offer furniture on this site. ************************************************************************************************************************************** * Questions and extra picture requests are welcomed. * Layaways are available * Paypal is preferred but checks and money orders are fine. * Returns for any reason are accepted,as long as the item is returned in the same condition as sent. I would appreciate being notified prior to the return.Buyer pays return postage unless I have made a mistake in the listing,and then I would pay the postage both ways. * Normal shipment is USPS ,but UPS and Fedex are available.Shipping is not included in the price..I do track your package till delivery and will notify you of any delays.

1917 Shaker Straw Bonnett Nmbr 5

The hood measures 8 1/2" long.Comes with it original store box,Bradners of Olean,Penna.The bonnett is small,probably a child's size.The sizes ranged from 1 to 10,with the small sizes fitted to a doll.This one has its original brown velvet ribbons and his in great original condition.As common with these thin straw bonnetts,splits in the straw occurred.As noted the final picture, the 2 splits were repaired with white archival cloth tape.The tape is only visible when the hat is placed upon its back.One could sew a lining over the tape strips if desired.I used to be able to find these about 10 years ago,but have not seen any for a while.I have it on top another item that I have for sale on this site,a pine cannon ball bed finial.No odors.The first picture is the most accurate color,with some shadowing from the window.

Price: $170 + $10 shipping

2021-Jan-14 10:24am EST | Tags : Shaker

1800's Mini Black Pantry Box

Measures 5 1/8' long.Original black paint.All pegs and copper tacks are present.Both lid and base fit well and open and close easily.One end has a 1/4" loss,which happened before the box was painted.Opposing 2 fingers.

Price: $275

2021-Jan-12 10:39am EST | Tags :

1870's Redwood Footed Burl Bowl

6 1/2" wide.Lovely deep color.A tiny thin crack starts at the rim,along the grain,and extends abt 1 1/4" along the side.Pretty deep brown patina with eyes and flame graining .Not the kind of burl bowl that received extensive use,but more decorative.

Price: $ 225

2021-Jan-08 03:35pm EST | Tags : burl

Plaid Penna Homespun Doll Quilt

Measures abt 18" x 17".Probably early 1900's.No damage that I can see,except for a few missing red yarn ties.Brown,mustard and tan.Tiny stitches could be handmade or treadle.I had it in an 1800's wicker Cherokee cradle I can ship this free if you are ok with me using a bubble mailer.

Price: $68

2021-Jan-03 10:25am EST | Tags : quilts

Norwegian Wooden Wedding Basket

Measures 8 1/2".Prettty rosemalled basket.Early 1900's.No issues.

Price: $115

2020-Dec-29 03:06pm EST | Tags : woodenware

Cannon Bed Top of Post Fragment

Measures 9 1/2" high.Mid 1800's bed post top.There is a hole in the bottom where a dowel would have been inserted.Not as heavy as maple,but more like pine with a swirly and striped grain.Looks good standing with baskets and other woodenware.

Price: $75

2020-Dec-29 02:44pm EST | Tags : furniture

Set of Triangle Blocks from the 1940's-1950's

Set of 7 concentric blocks measuring abt 7 1/2" long and 6 1/2" wide.The blocks have vibrant graphics on 4 sides.The is a small amount of bubbling on some and one block has the paper edge lifted some.Blocks are unique.

Price: $75

2020-Dec-18 12:08pm EST | Tags : toys

1700's/early 1800's Native American Burl Mortar

Measures 6 1/2" high and 3 1/4" wide.High sided bowl was used to crush herbs or medicines.Heavy-possibly oak or chestnut.Tightly grained and shows previous worm tracks.There are some cracks from age or use.Good flat bottom and pretty nutty brown patina.Early burn marks from the hand hewing process.The bowl shape preceded the cylinder shape.

Price: $275

2020-Dec-14 12:35pm EST | Tags :

1880's Flocked Cat Pip Squeak

Approx 5 1/2" .Excellent paint, richly and darkly striped, clean condition.His bellows no longer squeak;and his left ear tip is rubbed somewhat. A standout kitty pipsqueak! Part of the Ross Trump collection from Medina, Ohio.Many of their collection was sold through Pook and Pook.Investment quality.

Price: $440

2020-Dec-11 02:09pm EST | Tags : toys

1850's Hanging Pine Salt/Wall Box

Measures 11/1/2" high, 8 3/4" wide, and about 9" deep.Warm honey tone with boxy dovetails and fat pegs.mortises. Deep insides to hold small candles, keys, etc.Common to hanging boxes,the weight of salt,etc. put pressure on the hanging loop and eventually broke the loop.This box also has been repaired and presently hangs just fine.Part of the top left side has been repaired and reglued.There are a few letters carved on the loop and on the back, the rest have worn out. Lovely box at a good value.Probably Penna made.

Price: $155 + $20 shipping

2020-Dec-03 01:05pm EST | Tags : primitives boxes

Yellow Ware Mixing Bowl 10 1/2"

Pink and blue banded yellow ware bowl.1940's.Good wear.Only problem I saw was a surface tiny turkey foot crack.Still very usable.

Price: $55

2020-Nov-29 10:19am EST | Tags : kitchen

1840 Oval Shaker Panty Bottom with 3 Fingers

Measures 7 3/4" long and 3" high.Original red stain.Maple sides and pine bottom.All tacks and pegs are present.No bottom blowout or gaps.Some initials on the inside, "M H", maybe.Amazing tightness of consruction,and heavy for its size.Pride in construction.No lid.

Price: $170 + $10 ship

2020-Nov-28 01:27pm EST | Tags : Shaker

Antique Shaker Herb Crusher

Measures 5".Small age crack on the rim and some surface stress fractures on the base.Good aged patina on maple.1800's.

Price: $65

2020-Nov-22 04:01pm EST | Tags : woodenware

Peaseware Urn

1880-1920 Small, 2 1/2", Ohio Peaseware maple urn.In lovely condition.Small surface crack on the bottom as pictured.Lovely turned and is incised.The first picture is the most accurate color.

Price: $65

2020-Nov-21 10:50am EST | Tags : woodenware

Antique Child's Shaker Maple Hand Mirror

From the same Gottschalk collection as the larger one, a scarce child's maple hand mirror.Measures abt 6".No issues.Purchased in 2019.

Price: $200

2020-Nov-19 05:03pm EST | Tags : woodenware

Antique Shaker Maple Hand Mirror

Measures 12 1/2" with mother of pearl inlaid on the handle.Came out of the estate of the Jane Gottschalk Shaker collection.No issues,lovely maple and mirror.The pictures look more yellowy than the mirror is.

Price: $85

2020-Nov-19 04:52pm EST | Tags : woodenware

Blue Painted Pine Dometop with Whimsical Designs

Oxidized to being almost black.Measures 7" wide and 4 1/2" high.Original, probably Penna.Hand forged heart shape lock with missing top latch.Also missing a sliver of wood from the right side of the lid rim and one of the snipe hinges.Rosehead nails.Inked "F F L" on inside of the dometop.Fanciful plant design painted on all 4 sides and the top.1700's.

Price: $300

2020-Nov-18 11:40am EST | Tags : boxes

Georgian Silhouette Painted and Gilded on card

Measures about 5 1/2'' high, 4 1/2" wide.Young girl painted with gilded hair,jewelry, and clothing.About 1820.In very good condition.

Price: $175

2020-Nov-18 11:31am EST | Tags : portraits

Plain and Simple Pie Crimper

Walnut,measures about 8" long.Primitive.Wheel turns fine.Looks to be handmade from the1920's.Wear by the wheel.

Price: $39

2020-Nov-17 03:12pm EST | Tags : primitives

Early 1800's Grained Pine Sliding lid Candle Box

Measures 10" long, 4" wide, and 3" deep.Old red paint and varnish.Single fat dovetails.There is some shrinkage along the grooves,but the lid is snug and slides easily.From an Ohio sollection that also included some mini pantries.

Price: sold, shipped 1-8-2021

2020-Nov-16 03:05pm EST | Tags : primitives

1800's Cast Iron Feather Tree/ Doll House Fence

There are 8 fence panels that have traces of green and gold paint.There are 5 segments that measure 11-12" each.There are two that measure abt 8" and one that is half of the gate that is about 5 " wide.Many have lost their side loops.There are no poles to insert inside the loops to fasten the fence segments.I have configured a 5 piece enclosure and secured the ends with pipe cleaners.I have a collection of mini cow pull toys that I used at times and at other times used tiny red and green bottle brush trees that also look great inside the enclosure.The segments no longer stand very long on their own.so will need to be secured by wires,pipe cleaners,etc..You can fashion your own configurations.I will add red and green pipe cleaners to your purchase.

Price: $88 best price

2020-Nov-15 02:15pm EST | Tags : holiday

Victorian Maple Sewing Clamp

Measures abt 6" long.In good shape with minimal losses to the plaid pincushion.The wooden screw moves freely.Some separations on the inside base bottom.These look to have been there,when made.1880's.A good solid clamp your sewing collection.

Price: sold

2020-Nov-03 10:12am EST | Tags : sewing

8 Forged Iron 1700's Quilt Clamps from Manheim, Pa

Iron clamps range from 3" to abt 3 1/2" wide.These were blacksmith made.Attached to quilt frames to secure a quilt for sewing.Penna Dutch/Deutch made for the quilting bees.All screws move easily.Minimal rust on some.$80 for all.Each clamp is$10.Scarce.

Price: Each clamp = $10, 8 clamps=$80.

2020-Oct-18 01:00pm EDT | Tags : metal

Framed Patriotic Quilt Square

The picture measures 7 1/2" x 7 1/2".It is a silk square from an 1880's Victorian crazy quilt,log cabin pattern.Embroidered American eagle protecting our shield.The image is framed in mourning black silk strips.Some silk deterioration of the upper blue corners.A very special textile.

Price: $135 best price

2020-Oct-14 04:05pm EDT | Tags : pictures

1860's Penna Hanging Pie Safe

Measures 30" w, 31" h. 31" d.Wood is red painted over green base.Tins are in a star and shield pattern.There is some tin loss on the back bottom tins.The tins have their original surface.One top hangar has split and would need to be repaired.otherwise in good condition.There is a shelf inside.You can pick this up in my Michigan home or arrange for your own shipper.Extra pics upon request.

Price: $750

2020-Oct-04 10:05am EDT | Tags : furniture

1900's Salesman's Sample Maple Butcher Block Table

Measures 9 1/2" wide by 5 1/2" tall.This laminated,sides and bottom only. maple butcher block table weighs in at a hefty 5 lbs.Stamped on the bottom, Michigan Maple Block Company, Petoskey, Michigan.This company made end grain laminated butcher blocks for commercial meat cutting.The company in 1903 also made butcher blocks for commercial food service tables and residential services. The company dated back to 1881,sadly closed down in April,2020 during the Covid epidemic.Up until then the family owned company was experiencing slim profit margins.Sadly, it was vulnerable to the changed economic climate that fell others in the same boat.Interesting table with skillfully wood welded mortises and side circle designs.Purchased from the granddaughter in Howell,Michigan of the original owner.

Price: $350 On Sale for $275

2020-Sep-10 03:58pm EDT | Tags : woodenware

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