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I am Sherry Spehar.My business,Jacob Dorn Dairy Farm,is named after my great grandfather.He was a dairy farmer in Huntington, W Va.My loves are good country antiques especially Pennsylvania German,textiles,and Native American baskets and rugs.Occasionally.I will offer furniture on this site. ************************************************************************************************************************************** * Questions and extra picture requests are welcomed. * Layaways are available * Paypal is preferred but checks and money orders are fine. * Returns for any reason are accepted,as long as the item is returned in the same condition as sent. I would appreciate being notified prior to the return.Buyer pays return postage unless I have made a mistake in the listing,and then I would pay the postage both ways. * Normal shipment is USPS ,but UPS and Fedex are available.Shipping is not included in the price..I do track your package till delivery and will notify you of any delays. *My phone numbers will be provided on inquiries

1800's American Walnut Mortar

Measures 5" high and about 3 1/2 " wide. A well used mortar with a large chip from the base and several cracks.Stands well and is ready for more use.Pleasing carved bands in the body and the base.The inside is worn smooth.No odors.Possibly New England or down to the South.Would look great in a country home.

Price: $75 best price and $10.00 to ship.

2023-Jan-28 04:53pm EST | Tags :

Folky 1830's jug with painted pictures.

2 Gallon jug stamped Gilson and Company, Reading, Penna.No damage-no chips, cracks,hairlines, or repairs. Running Buck, Tulip, Butterfly, are brightly painted in red,blue, green, and yellow. Some other images that were once present have worn off and have left a lighter glaze underneath.More pics are available.Double boxed shipping about $35 to ship.

Price: $395

2023-Jan-26 03:16pm EST | Tags :

1842 Psalm 45 English Wedding Sampler

Measures approx 14 " x 12".Silk threads on linen,The first part,the psalm, is in black silk threads and the bottom rows are in a light golden silk of the alphabet.Signed, Harriet Featherstone, Dec 3. Psalm 45 is a love psalm that usually was read at weddings.The sampler is sewn to an 1842 newspaper, a common practice for English samplers.Overall the sampler is in excellent condition and sports a lovely blue and green border.

Price: $190 includes the shipping

2023-Jan-11 04:14pm EST | Tags :

3 Original Reverse Painted Glass Clock Inserts

From the 1840's.Purchased at the estate sale of Irene McNamarra , who with Margaret Brusher was one of the founders of the Ann Arbor Antique Market in Michigan.Each can be purchased separately or as a group.The first is of an 1840's house with vibrant paint, no damage and the lower right corner is present, 12" x 9", $115...horse and rider is 7" x 9" with much paint missing.This could be framed with a paper background that blended the whole image, $25....house in red mesaures 11" x 9" with background paint missing, but could be framed with a contrasting paper backing, $25....The 3 can also be purchased together for $140..

Price: $115, $25, and $25 plus shipping

2023-Jan-10 02:30pm EST | Tags :

Hogscraper and Torch Light Lot from the 1800's

Both for one money.Both are approx 3" high and both are tin with minimal rust.The tab on the hogscraper moves the candle base up and down freely.The parade or torch light is complete with the 2 prong burner and tin holder for the mounting pole.

Price: $115 best price that also includes the shipping.

2023-Jan-02 02:27pm EST | Tags :

1850's Watercolor of Doves

Measures approx 17" x 15".Original frame.Lovely composition of two doves alighting on a branch.The foliage and the pale doves are skillfully painted.The symbolism of the palely painted doves could represent the mourning of loved ones from the earthly world. All in excellent condition.Any coloration of the background is due to the lighting.

Price: $225 + shipping

2023-Jan-02 10:20am EST | Tags :

Sand Bottle

Old turn of the century glass medicine bottle with a layered sand design.Measures 5" high.The cork has worn off.No damage.

Price: $75 includes the shipping

2022-Dec-30 02:48pm EST | Tags :

Folky Cow in a Barn Painting

Signed E Walner or E Warner, 1940. Folky and naive, oil on board. Measures 17" wide x 12 1/2' Colors are excellent and bold.The dairy cow has her horns and is quite content to rest on some fresh hay.As I took apart the picture to add some nails, a confirmation certificate from 1913 for Otto Richard Johnson of Greensburg, Penna was enclosed as well.I don't see any relationship to the painter,but will be shipped with the painting .

Price: $300 includes the shipping

2022-Dec-30 01:39pm EST | Tags :

Peaseware Sewing Stand

Measures approx 5" high.Spool holders are all there.Top pincushion is long gone.Lovely maple.1890-1920.No issues.

Price: $150 includes the shipping ** on sale $ 119

2022-Aug-09 10:34am EDT | Tags :

1820 English Sycamore Spice Tower

Excellent condition with excellent gold labels.This one has 3 spice containers: mace, ginger, cloves.One could keep adding more spice containers as they screwed into each other.Tower stands straight and measures 8 1/2" high.

Price: $275, on sale $225

2022-Jun-06 02:11pm EDT | Tags : woodenware

1880's New York Paper Punch Sampler

The sampler measures approx 9 x 12.The framed sampler is 16" x 12".It was sewn with colorful wool yarn by Ettie A Jones, aged 7 years, Mt Morris,Livingston County, NY.It is in excellent condition with no rips.It is stained on the lower portion. The upper verse reads:For plenty's horn with finest wheat,and golden corn and apples sweet,filled full and well for the cottage neat, where I was born and where I dwell, for churches where we may repair in voices raised in prayers and praise for these looks. Ettie A Jones will thankful be,o Lord to thee. There are rows of capital and small letters in the middle,her name and dwelling place. The bottom shows a church and a house. The verse reads, How amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts.The right reads Home Sweet Home. The frame and glass are right and probably original.I have not removed the sampler from the frame.The punch art is larger than the typical size.The yarn is bright and colorful.The sampler is clean and has a hanging clip on the back.Sorry for all of the glare back from the glass.

Price: $180 **sale price $ 135

2022-May-30 10:51am EDT | Tags :

1920's Traveling Optical Set

Made in Germany with a German eye chart.All lenses present and intact.Opthalmoscope has a cover and a bakelite handle.Also has an oculus trial frame for the lenses, a gage, and additional lense-possible prism ones.Eye charts are in English and German letters.Measures 21" x12" and is in outstanding condition.Came out of an estate from California.

Price: $300 plus $40 to ship,price reduction from $395

2022-May-06 01:01pm EDT | Tags :

Post Civil War Maryland Militia Uniform

Blue wool 2 piece uniform is excellent condition.The M-5 was one of the militias formed after the Civil War .This particular one drew from the wealthy members.Sometimes these uniforms were used in the American Indian Wars.I have attempted to get more history on this particular uniform but have not heard back from the Maryland Military Museum.I have taken many pics of this uniform and would be glad to send them to you.

Price: $355

2022-May-03 02:24pm EDT | Tags : military

Exquisite English Silk Mourning Embroidery

One of the finest sewn mourning pictures that I have ever seen.The gilded oval framed picture measures 15" long and 13" wide and depicts the tomb of William Shakespeare.The head winged angel points to the inscriptions, born in the year of 1562 and died at age 53 in 1615.The tomb,sky and angel's face are painted and in pen and ink.Made in the early 1800's.There are a few silk splits in the upper left.This will be shipped so there will be a minimum of movement within the box.I will be glad to take more pictures of the sections of the picture.The frame is antique.

Price: $690

2022-May-03 02:08pm EDT | Tags : textile

Doris Stauble Flower Arrangment

Pretty arrangement in a yellow wood box.Measures just under 9" wide and 7 1/2" high.Filled with flowers, fruit,petals, and a bird on top.Doris Stauble was a mid 20th century folk artist that bought a millinery collection and created her own arrangements from the hat decorations and put them into yellow ware bowls,boxes,etc.Her daughter,Patricia Stauble,has her own antique shop of early Americana in Maine.

Price: $285

2022-Apr-17 11:29am EDT | Tags : stauble

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