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Good Day! I am Sherry Spehar, an antiques seller for over 25 years.My loves are 1700's and 1800's textiles, wallpaper boxes, woodenware, and country smalls.I do have some antique furniture as well that I will offer from time to time.I have been selling at good Tennessee and Midwestern shows.Every item is guaranteed to be authentic and as described.A money back return poiicy is in effect as long as you notify mewithin 72 hours of receipt and as long as that item is returned in as received condition.The refund will not include shipping,unless I have made a mistake in the ad. Extra pictures will be provided upon request. Paypal is the preferred payment.You need not have a Paypal account,just an email address.You can use your credit card via Paypal.Checks are welcome and will be held till cleared.Money orders are like cash.Layaways are welcome! Connect with me on Facebook under my name,Sherry Spehar or my business page, Jacob Dorn Dairy Farm Antiques..Please note that communication is king in an online business.

Doris Stauble Arrangement in a Yellowware Bowl

Measures 7"wide and 5 " high.Doris Stauble was a recognized folk artist from Wicassett,Maine.Her arrangements were made from fruits,nuts, and natural made objects.This arrangement is made from acorns,moss, composition fruit and millinery leaves.It is in good condition,but shows the composition peach and apple with stress cracks.Some of her arrangements have brought thousands from New England auctions.

Price: $245 plus shipping

2020-Feb-19 09:54am EST | Tags :

1796 French Alphabet and Marking Sampler

Measures 16" x 16 1/2".Interesting 18th century sampler that incorporates a 1700's hand tied border and a mostly spot sampler.Many samplers that contained spots or figures of that era predated the alphabet one.This one is being a transitional sampler contained both.Note a small area of bargello , finely crewel embroidered flower baskets,etc. According to provenance on the back,worked by Elizabeth Seyland,born in 1790 and sewn in 1796.The sampler is showing Elizabeth Rebbin,with no date.The colors are still vibrant as silk threads were used.No holes,but there are some stains.Later frame.This sampler was purchased from the estate of Jean Lewis, a Michigan collector.Mrs Lewis was an avid collector until her death at aged 95.

Price: sale pending

2020-Feb-18 09:25am EST | Tags :

Large 1800's Maple Treen Lidded Jar

Measures abt 9" high and 9 1/2" wide.Great speckled wood grain top.No cracks,one small lid chip.These large jars are becoming hard to find.Found traces of lime green paint inside the rim of the jar.Provenance will be given to the buyer.

Price: $650 plus shipping

2020-Feb-16 04:16pm EST | Tags :

Two framed Oil on Canvas Paintings of Pigs

The 1800's sitting pig measures with the frame about 5 1/2" x 5 1/2".The canvas is about 3 "x 2 1/2".The standing pig, is 6 1/4"x 5" with the frame,and the canvas insert is about 3 3/4" x 2 1/2".The frames are contemporary oak veneered.There is gold paint loss on the interior molding of the frame of the standing pig.Both paintings have crackling and were mounted on old paper card with some marblizing.Both pigs are fragments cut from a larger canvas.The paintings fragments date to about the mid to late 1800's.They are so very charming that I have kept them for many years.

Price: Sale for both is pending

2020-Feb-13 02:41pm EST | Tags :

Penna Paper Mache Parrot-early 1900's

Measures approx 9"x 9".Appears to be a paper wrapped and paper pulp construction.The tail has a tiny corner missing and the inside looks like wood pulp.The feet are wrapped with paper.The colors are great.The bird stands fine on a flat surface.Came out of a Penna collection of folk art and redware.

Price: Sale pending

2020-Feb-12 08:59am EST | Tags :

Two 1700's Pewter Plates + Two, 1700's Spoons

The 2 heavy and thick,possibly German pewter plates are approx 6 1/2" each.The backs of the plates have marks,one a jagged winged figure and the other plate some puffy marks that are very worn.Both have the normal amount of wear-tiny slices,misshaped rim and scratches.The heavy pewter spoons are also 1700's with no marks on the back. The spoons also show the appropriate,but not excessive wear.

Price: $125 plus shipping

2020-Feb-10 11:18am EST | Tags :

Early 1900's Walnut Root Stool

Three legged stool carved from a single piece of heavy walnut.Beautiful grain pattern on the seat.The seat is about 6-1/2" wide and about 7" high.One leg rises up in dance.The seat dips slightly down.It looks great with treenware or beaded items.It has looked great with my Native American baskets too.

Price: $145 plus shipping

2020-Feb-03 02:56pm EST | Tags :

Stoneware Jug #3

Large jug with dark cobalt number.No chips or cracks,just some kiln losses.Gentle ovid dates 1860-1870.The jug is heavy and will require double boxing.

Price: $335 plus $30 shipping

2020-Jan-22 02:03pm EST | Tags :

1800's Penna Stoneware Bird Whistle

Small working bird whistle,measure approx 3" long.The red strip on the bottom is paper, probably part of an old price sticker.No damage.Getting hard to find.

Price: $125 free shipping

2020-Jan-17 02:10pm EST | Tags :

1800's Wood Mortar

Measures approx 6" high.The wood is a very heavy and dense hardwood.The shallow bowl has good wear inside.There is a surface crack,as pictured.Skillfully made with a two turnings base and 3 incised rings about halfway down.

Price: $75 plus shipping

2020-Jan-15 12:01pm EST | Tags :

Circa 1880's Oil On Canvas -Boy in Britches

Measures 18 x 15.Not examined out of the frame.Folky oil of a young barefooted boy.Colors are gorgeous.There are a few tiny losses and 2 small patches on the back.I did not find any signature.

Price: $200 plus shipping

2020-Jan-08 03:28pm EST | Tags :

Early 1900's Basket with homespun liner

Measures 15" long and 5" high.Great patina and fabric.There are a few broken weavers that I have pictured.Very nice basket with lovely fabric.

Price: $95 plus shipping SALE $70 plus shipping

2020-Jan-06 12:41pm EST | Tags :

1800's hand punched iron/tin grater

Heavy 11" tall grater.Super dark patina on both the grater and pine back.Can be hung.

Price: $135 plus shipping-price reduced.

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