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I am Sherry Spehar.My business,Jacob Dorn Dairy Farm,is named after my great grandfather.He was a dairy farmer in Huntington, W Va.My loves are good country antiques,textiles,and Native American.Occasionally.I will offer furniture on this site. ************************************************************************************************************************************** * Questions and extra picture requests are welcomed. * Layaways are available * Paypal is preferred but checks and money orders are fine. * Returns for any reason are accepted,as long as the item is returned in the same condition as sent. I would appreciate being notified prior to the return.Buyer pays return postage unless I have made a mistake in the listing,and then I would pay the postage both ways. * Normal shipment is USPS ,but UPS and Fedex are available.Shipping is not included in the price..I do track your package till delivery and will notify you of any delays. *My phone numbers will be provided on inquiries

1880's Scottish Christening Horn Spoon

Measures approx 7" long with lovely ringed horn patterns.Made from cow horn.Heart in handle.Some have silver shields and rattles; but this one is just folky.Was a gift to the newborn's family like the steel headed pillow I have on here.

Price: $125 includes the shipping

2022-Sep-24 12:59pm EDT | Tags : folkart

Chicken and Egg Pull Toy Marked Germany

Early 1900's toy that measures 9" long.No issues.Wooden chicken and composition egg.Move freely.Nice, bright paint.

Price: $125 shipped

2022-Sep-23 03:03pm EDT | Tags :

Petticoat Lamp

Later 1800's.Measures 9" high assembled.Just a bit of surface rust on the torch lamp part.The hogscraper candle stick shows a chair tab.Its tab moves up and down freely.Nice, clever tin lamp.

Price: $98 shipped

2022-Sep-23 02:59pm EDT | Tags :

Country Gathering Splint Basket

Serious workhorse.Very wide handle and thick weavers. Measures 13" high with 12" widths.No damage.Also, Appalachian.1920's "

Price: $225 firm, $20 to ship

2022-Sep-13 05:37pm EDT | Tags :

Miniature Country Gathering Basket

Killer patina and condition.No damage.Lovely borders under the rim.1920's ,Appalachian.4 1/2" high, widths of 4" and 3 ".

Price: $225 shipped, firm

2022-Sep-13 05:24pm EDT | Tags :

English Christening Pillow

Mid 1800's spectacular layette pillow with steel cut nails.It spells out Angel guard thy path.Ivory silk on the front and cotton on the back.Lovely fringe surrounding the whole pillow.There is no silk shattering or rust around the nails.Measures a large 6 " accross. Given as a gift to the mother of a newborn.Rare condition of a scarce textile.

Price: $400

2022-Sep-02 07:20pm EDT | Tags :

White Child's Granite ware Tea Set-1920's

18 pieces: 4 cups, 6 saucers, 5 dessert plates, 1 cream pitcher, 1 sugar bowl and 1 lid.In good shape with an occasional chip and some normal toy wear. 1 creamer

Price: $55 includes the shipping

2022-Aug-14 05:45pm EDT | Tags :

19 piece se

2022-Aug-14 05:44pm EDT | Tags :

Peaseware Sewing Stand

Measures approx 5" high.Spool holders are all there.Top pincushion is long gone.Lovely maple.1890-1920.No issues.

Price: $150 includes the shipping

2022-Aug-09 10:34am EDT | Tags :

1940's Native American Tomato Pincushion.

Measures approx 2 1/2" high.No issues.Lovely vegetable dyed weavers on the bottom.Either Ojibway or New England tribal made.Pincushion is an orangey velvet.

Price: $65 includes the shipping.

2022-Aug-09 10:05am EDT | Tags :

1920's Small Native American Basket

Gathering basket with 2 handles, kicked in bottom.No breaks,but slightly out of round. 4 1/4" wide and 3 1/4" high.Lovely delicate weaving.

Price: $65 shipped.

2022-Aug-01 02:52pm EDT | Tags :

Antique 2" Putz Sheep

Wears a green collar.Legs are fine and not broken.Clean with expected wear.

Price: $55 shipped

2022-Aug-01 02:08pm EDT | Tags :

Lot of 5 Antique China Head Dolls

Lot of 5 early 1900's German china doll heads.These were from the bombed out doll factories from WW2.All are broken at their bases for this reason.I have a small collection of these and find them fascinating.They range from 2" to 1 ".

Price: $115 shipped

2022-Jul-18 06:43pm EDT | Tags :

German Calf Pull Toy

Calf pull toy.Harder to come by.Has both horns, 2 glass eyes, both ears,missing the tail.Early 1900's.German, unmarked.Red platform.Leather is worn and cracked in a few places,common with a played with toy.Paypal or check.6" tall and 5" wide.

Price: $245 shipped

2022-Jul-18 06:41pm EDT | Tags :

Small Wood Disc Pincushion

Late 1800's approx 2 " wide.Two wooden discs separated by a mustard colored ribbon center for pins.There is a name on one side that I can not make out.No issues on the wood discs, small wear on the ribbon center.

Price: $50 covers the shipping too.

2022-Jul-10 02:45pm EDT | Tags :

1850's English Copper Lustre Pitcher Two Dancers

Measures abt 8" high.No issues.Lovely copper shine.Blue painted accents.Shipping is additional.

Price: $30

2022-Jul-10 02:20pm EDT | Tags :

1800's Betty Lamp with stick and pick

Iron lamp measures 3 1/2" long and high, and 2 7/8 " wide.Has the stick that would go into the wall for mounting and the pic to remove the spent reeds.Some surface rust , looks to have had a lid at one time.Overall good condition.

Price: $85

2022-Jul-04 02:18pm EDT | Tags :

Lignum Vitae Mortar

Measures 6" high and the bowl is 3" wide.Excellent condition.Mortar is very dense and thus heavy.There are several excised lines around the middle.Purchased at a doctor's estate in Milford, Michigan.

Price: $175 includes shipping

2022-Jun-27 11:04am EDT | Tags : woodenware

2 Milk Glass Oil Lamp Bases

Each measures about 6".No damage.Both have brass collars and one has the filler cap.The bright floral one probably was held in a cast iron wall mount.The bird one is charming.Will need burners and chimneys.1800's.

Price: $65 for both

2022-Jun-15 01:11pm EDT | Tags : lamps

1800's Shaker 9" Oval Pantry Box

Maple and pine.Peg and tack construction.The bottom is secure.There is some edge wear as shown.Delicate and natural.

Price: $245

2022-Jun-15 12:53pm EDT | Tags : Shaker

Patriotic Vintage Summer Quilt, Unused & Unwashed

Beautiful and vibrant, hand sewn with designs.Excellent with no stains, rips or smells.Shown on top of my full sized bed.Would look lovely on wicker furniture or hung on a wall.Cotton and synthetic fabrics were used.Could be the bowtie pattern.Price covers the shipping in a plastic mailer.

Price: $60 best price also includes the shipping

2022-Jun-08 09:34am EDT | Tags : quilt

1869 Red Marking Sampler in Gothic Letters

13 " wide by 6 1/2" high.Sampler is embroidered on a loose wide pane linen.Red is vibrant.Reminds me of the old Germanic lettering found on frakturs.No issues.And a nice small size that will fit most places.Signed "RF Dec 1869.Pls forgive the glare from the glass.

Price: $125 plus $12 to ship

2022-Jun-07 05:28pm EDT | Tags : samplers

1820 English Sycamore Spice Tower

Excellent condition with excellent gold labels.This one has 3 spice containers: mace, ginger, cloves.One could keep adding more spice containers as they screwed into each other.Tower stands straight and measures 8 1/2" high.

Price: $275, on sale $225

2022-Jun-06 02:11pm EDT | Tags : woodenware

1880's New York Paper Punch Sampler

The sampler measures approx 9 x 12.The framed sampler is 16" x 12".It was sewn with colorful wool yarn by Ettie A Jones, aged 7 years, Mt Morris,Livingston County, NY.It is in excellent condition with no rips.It is stained on the lower portion. The upper verse reads:For plenty's horn with finest wheat,and golden corn and apples sweet,filled full and well for the cottage neat, where I was born and where I dwell, for churches where we may repair in voices raised in prayers and praise for these looks. Ettie A Jones will thankful be,o Lord to thee. There are rows of capital and small letters in the middle,her name and dwelling place. The bottom shows a church and a house. The verse reads, How amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts.The right reads Home Sweet Home. The frame and glass are right and probably original.I have not removed the sampler from the frame.The punch art is larger than the typical size.The yarn is bright and colorful.The sampler is clean and has a hanging clip on the back.Sorry for all of the glare back from the glass.

Price: $180

2022-May-30 10:51am EDT | Tags :

Penna Whimsy Goblet

Measures 3 1/4" high,walnut that was painted and varnished,Looks like a pipe bowl on a stand.Purchased at Burt Long's in New Market, Va. Circa 1900-1920.A Lititz, Lancaster County, Pa piece.

Price: $85 covers the shipping too.

2022-May-15 03:05pm EDT | Tags :

Trio of Shaker Whisk Brooms

They measure 9 1/4",7 ", and 5".Two have the soft cotton tops The third has the cotton band at the bottom of the handle..All have the typical sewn threading that gathered the bristles.The Shakers made many of their items for specific purposes,hence the different sizes.All are in good shape with the bristles showing a lovely 1920's patina.Found in Brimfield a few years back.

Price: $95 firm

2022-May-15 02:18pm EDT | Tags : Shaker

1807 Painted Slide Lid Spice Box

Measures 8" long x 7" wide by 4" high.Heavy box that has the deep groves of pine but is much more dense.All pegged and dovetailed-no nails used.No paint enhancement.Deep red with a floral design on the lid, Anno 1807.The lid has worn and shrunk around the edges with age but it slides easily within the groove.Possibly Scandinavian.Nice inside smells too.

Price: $275 price reduction from $295

2022-May-10 02:20pm EDT | Tags : candle box

1920's Traveling Optical Set

Made in Germany with a German eye chart.All lenses present and intact.Opthalmoscope has a cover and a bakelite handle.Also has an oculus trial frame for the lenses, a gage, and additional lense-possible prism ones.Eye charts are in English and German letters.Measures 21" x12" and is in outstanding condition.Came out of an estate from California.

Price: $300 plus $40 to ship,price reduction from $395

2022-May-06 01:01pm EDT | Tags :

Post Civil War Maryland Militia Uniform

Blue wool 2 piece uniform is excellent condition.The M-5 was one of the militias formed after the Civil War .This particular one drew from the wealthy members.Sometimes these uniforms were used in the American Indian Wars.I have attempted to get more history on this particular uniform but have not heard back from the Maryland Military Museum.I have taken many pics of this uniform and would be glad to send them to you.

Price: $355

2022-May-03 02:24pm EDT | Tags : military

Exquisite English Silk Mourning Embroidery

One of the finest sewn mourning pictures that I have ever seen.The gilded oval framed picture measures 15" long and 13" wide and depicts the tomb of William Shakespeare.The head winged angel points to the inscriptions, born in the year of 1562 and died at age 53 in 1615.The tomb,sky and angel's face are painted and in pen and ink.Made in the early 1800's.There are a few silk splits in the upper left.This will be shipped so there will be a minimum of movement within the box.I will be glad to take more pictures of the sections of the picture.The frame is antique.

Price: $690

2022-May-03 02:08pm EDT | Tags : textile

Antique Cat Pipsqueak

Measures 3 1/4" across and 4 1/2" high.On a platform,but no longer squeaks.The cat is firmly attached to its platform with a small gap in front.There is a closed up crack on the front as well,as though was grabbed by a small child.Over all the painted paper mache body is in beautiful condition with clear black straps and painted green eyes and a red nose and mouth,which has not been enhanced.The platform is on a rocker.Later 1800's.From a Michigan toy collection.

Price: $450

2022-May-03 01:35pm EDT | Tags : toy

Amber Necklace With Lots of Slices

Mostly reddish orange about 12" long,no clasp.Quite a range of colors and thicknesses.These are strung through the beads.Dating to about 1930.

Price: $175

2022-Apr-29 10:12pm EDT | Tags : jewelry

Two Native Canadian Mini Dyed Baskets

These are most likely from the 1960-1970 era,damage free.Interesting side weavers serve as stands.The colors are lighter than pictured.Vegetable dyes used.

Price: $145 for both.

2022-Apr-29 09:58pm EDT | Tags : baskets

Doris Stauble Flower Arrangment

Pretty arrangement in a yellow wood box.Measures just under 9" wide and 7 1/2" high.Filled with flowers, fruit,petals, and a bird on top.Doris Stauble was a mid 20th century folk artist that bought a millinery collection and created her own arrangements from the hat decorations and put them into yellow ware bowls,boxes,etc.Her daughter,Patricia Stauble,has her own antique shop of early Americana in Maine.

Price: $285

2022-Apr-17 11:29am EDT | Tags : stauble

1837 Swedish Book, "Skrifter"

Excellent condition, approx 175 pages.Looks to be some poetry.

Price: $30

2022-Apr-16 03:09pm EDT | Tags : book

Sweet Grass and Seashell Round Box

From the early 1900's and measures 4 ".A trinket box or a powder compact.Possibly Seminole Indian.

Price: $85 shipped, best price

2022-Apr-01 10:55am EDT | Tags : basket

1800's Chip Carved and Inlaid Wooden Busk

Measures approx 13" long and abt 1 1/4" wide.The border is chip carved.The wooden inlays are diamonds and a towering blackened triangle at the top is with another diamond.This was possibly carved by a Freemason,as the diamonds are symbols of passion to be controlled.The busk would have been carved by a sailor for his sweetheart so that she could wear the busk inside a pocket in her corset or bodice.The top of the busk is curved backwards to fit the contours of a lady's body.Super darkened patina.

Price: $285 shipped-best price

2022-Mar-30 05:13pm EDT | Tags : folkart

WW1 Poster ,Save A Loaf A Week Help Win The War

Measures 29" long by 21" wide.Old paper with a water stain on the upper right corner.All tape marks are on the outside of the plastic cover.The patriotic poster helped remind us to conserve raw materials so that our soldiers abroad would have enough to eat.The bottom of the poster reads no 3 on the lower left corner.The middle, U.S. Food Administration,the lower right, The W. F. Powers Co. Litho, N.Y. This poster is authentic.

Price: $395 or best offer

2022-Mar-12 01:05pm EST | Tags : art

Small Red Painted Round Trinket Box

Measures 3 1/2" wide by 3 " high.Early 1900's.Lathe turned.European.Paint is red, black, and mustard.A small hole and crack on the base.The paint is worn on the lid,but not as much as pictured.The top fits well and there is no warping.I had it displayed with my Putz sheep.

Price: $78

2022-Mar-11 04:32pm EST | Tags : woodenware

Carved Birch Box from the 1860's.

Possibly Native American.Measures 5 3/4" wide by 3" high.The leather tab on top has pulled away on one side from the tack,but is adequate for removing the lid.Rows and rows of chip carved triangles encircle the box.A good woody smell inside.Could have been used to store tobacco.

Price: $130 or best offer

2022-Mar-09 12:38pm EST | Tags : Native American

Small Footed Pine Burl Bowl

Measures 4 1/2" wide and 2 7/8" high.Lightweight and speckled with burl.No cracks or chips.Probably from the William DuPont Delaware auction of his wooden ware in January of 2022.Nicely incised rings around the middle.The top rim is typical of the striped grain.

Price: $275 on sale for $200 shipped

2022-Mar-09 12:14pm EST | Tags : burl

Late 1800s to Early 1900's Large Carpetbag

Unusual form that differs from the more typical satchel shape.This all wool tapestry lovely is elongated.It has leather handles and base.The lock is no longer there.It measures 18" wide by 25" long and is heavy.The heavy cotton lining shows much foxing but no holes.Carpet baggers as they were called by the Southerners were Northerners whom traveled South during the Reconstruction.The need in the South was so great that many people did travel to exploit the area financially and politically for their own gains.This particular bag is clean with no odors.It shows some losses around the metal frame.Here is a history to read:https://www.history.com/topics/american-civil-war/carpetbaggers-and-scalawags

Price: $185 plus $15 to ship ++on sale for $145, no further discount.

2022-Feb-12 01:39pm EST | Tags : textiles

1800's Cotton Crazy Quilt

Folky use of fabric.Measures approx 110" L x 68" W. Came from a Gregory, Michigan estate that once owned the General store.Found a few scattered holes.The back is tied.Will be shipped in a plastic mailer.Clean,no odors.$ 15 to ship. * Note* the colors in the pictures are brighter than the actual quilt colors that are darker Victorian shades.

Price: $175 ++ on sale for $140, no further discount

2022-Feb-02 11:18am EST | Tags : quilt

Early 1900's Hand Sewn Quilt

Clean,cotton, washed quilt.No filler.Still vibrant with hand sewn floral blocks.Same Milford, Michigan farm estate.The backing is all hand sewn floral designs,no stains or rips.

Price: $250 plus $15 to ship, " on sale for $195, no further discount

2022-Jan-31 01:14pm EST | Tags :

Early 1900's Hand Sewn Cotton Quilt

Measures 63" wide by 73" long.No filling.No tears or stains.The back is a thin red striped ticking with a few stains.This lay on a hired man's bed that was used as a birthing bed.Purchased at the family farm estate of a Milford, Michigan doctor.No odors,appears unwashed.,clean.Patchwork variant on calico.Will be shipped in a plastic mailer.The family still occupied the house and were a delight to chat with.

Price: $185 plus $15 to ship, on sale for $150, no further discount

2022-Jan-31 12:40pm EST | Tags : quilt

Small Penna Crochet Pin Ball/Cushion

Early 1900's wool crochet Amish pincushion.Exuberant colors, small areas of wool losses.Hard stuffed and measures 2 ".

Price: $150 includes the shipping. on sale for $99, no further discount.

2022-Jan-02 02:52pm EST | Tags :

Small Dated Penna Fraktur

July 22, 1849 for Julius Heismann-possibly.All written in German.The black ink is dark and the oval surround is still very colorful.Watercolor on card,with some foxing.I took the picture apart and cleaned the frame and glass.The fraktur lays on top of a piece of white foam.The frame is period and gilded with some gesso exposed. I wish that I knew what this celebrated, but am unable to read and translate this.The framed item is about 6" x 4".

Price: $135 includes the shipping, on sale for $85 no further discount

2022-Jan-02 02:39pm EST | Tags :

!850's English Ivory Sewing Clamp

Measures 4 1/2" long.Has 2 spool holders for 2 different threads.These were usually found in the large sewing boxes that included needle holders, thread winders, vinaigrettes, and the like.This one is in great condition with the exception of a tiny finial on the larger spool holder that has worn off from age and use.There is a very small amount of discolor on a corner of the clamp.All parts easily go off and back on.

Price: $140 best price includes the shipping, on a better sale for $125 firm.

2021-Nov-27 01:04pm EST | Tags :

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