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I am Sherry Spehar.My business,Jacob Dorn Dairy Farm,is named after my great grandfather.He was a dairy farmer from Huntington, W Va.My loves are good country antiques,textiles,and Native American.Occasionally.I will offer furniture on this site. ************************************************************************************************************************************** * Questions and extra picture requests are welcomed. * Layaways are available * Paypal is preferred but checks and money orders are fine. * Returns for any reason are accepted,as long as the item is returned in the same condition as sent. I would appreciate being notified prior to the return.Buyer pays return postage unless I have made a mistake in the listing,and then I would pay the postage both ways. * Normal shipment is USPS ,but UPS and Fedex are available.Shipping is not included in the price..I do track your package till delivery and will notify you of any delays.

1930's Adirondack Twig Basket with Painted Dots

Measures about 7" high and 7" long.It has a depth of 4".Has painted mustard and green dots on all sides.It's folky and intricate with different size twigs.I could find 1 wee twig that has snapped off its end -see side picture.

Price: $60

2021-May-03 01:37pm EDT | Tags : basket

1850's Pa German Birth and Baptismal Fraktur

Measures 8" long by 6" wide in a newer frame.There is a small mustard and berry border.Also,the upper right corner has crease.It loosely reads in German, "Amanda Krup was born September 5th in Heidelberg Township,he Berks County and was baptized: Maria Anna Krup was born on March 16th, 1853 and was baptized:the next is in faded ink and hard to decipher, another person born on Dec 22nd, 1850-again in Heidelberg Township, Berks County,The last birth and baptism is separated by a painted mustard line.At the very top as titled, Geburten looks pre-printed.

Price: sold will ship May 3,2021.

2021-May-01 03:11pm EDT | Tags :

Civil War Man's Foldout Cow skin Leather Wallet

Measures about 8" long by 4 " wide.The leather is in very good shape with no deterioration,just some small stains.The inside is trimmed in red and contains 2 additional compartments.One compartment on top is an accordion of 3 sections that could be ostrich skin.The bottom contains another compartment that has black silk covers that are somewhat shattered as silk gets.Very wearable for a man or a woman.Good for re-enactments too.

Price: $75 + $9 shipping

2021-May-01 02:59pm EDT | Tags :

Vintage Ceramic Wall Mounted Cafe' Coffee Grinder

1930's Art Deco French Coffee Grinder.Measures about 14" long.No damage,but is missing its lid.Handle and grinder move freely.Mounted on a wood panel painted a cream color as is the handle and base.Holes in the panel for mounting.Good clean look for your country kitchen.

Price: $49 + $22 shipping.

2021-Apr-27 08:58am EDT | Tags : kitche

Potato Stamped Basket

Approx 1920's.Measures about 12" Long x 10" wide x 4 " high.Colorful orange and red stampings on both long sides.Possibly Native American.No lid, no damage.

Price: $95

2021-Apr-25 12:05pm EDT | Tags :

1817 School Girl Stencil

Measures approx 12 x 13 1/2.Stencil of flowers on silk signed by Sophie Willemsen.Mounted on its original stretcher frame and possibly into its original walnut or mahogany frame with it's wavy glass and its brass hanger.I could only find a tiny hole in the silk.There is some foxing.The black detailing is excellent.American or European.

Price: $210

2021-Apr-25 10:36am EDT | Tags :

Early 1900's Maple Dough Bowl

Out of round, measures 14 1/2" long and 13 1/2" wide.Looks like it was stained with a walnut stain.There are a few red and green paint areas on the bottom of the bowl.Would look great holding rag balls or fabric veggies.No cracks.There is some roughness on the bottom that has now been stained over-but it is a minor.

Price: $60

2021-Apr-24 01:28pm EDT | Tags : woodenware

Antique Blue Wicker Candlestick

Dating from the early 1900's and measures about 10 1/2" high.Natural wicker was first painted white and then dark blue.No condition issues.Heavy for its size.Would look great sitting with white ironstone pieces and some red geraniums.

Price: $80

2021-Apr-22 04:00pm EDT | Tags : wicker

Pair of Coquilla Nut Thimble Holders

The larger darker one measures about 2 1/2 inches and has a small split.The smaller lighter one is about 2 1/4" and has no issues.Both are beautifully carved.If you buy the pair,they will be shipped free. Here is an interesting blog: https://janeaustensworld.com/2012/04/16/the-coquilla-nut-a-handy-19th-century-ornamental-material/

Price: $135 for both or $70 each

2021-Apr-15 01:17pm EDT | Tags : sewing

Folky Burl Shelf

Measures under 14" high and under 12" wide.Purchased from Canadian Native American Antiques Dealer.The wood is striped,as seen easier on the back.The edges are thick and irregular like burl.I don't know the type of wood.There is a slight separation due natural shrinkage of the 2 pieces in the middle of the wooden shelf.The last picture shows a burl scoop and a small basket for display purposes.Does have a hanger in the back.

Price: $125

2021-Apr-13 02:17pm EDT | Tags : burl

Zoar, Ohio Stoneware and Redware Reference Book

Zoar redware and stoneware reference book."The Pottery of Zoar, Ohio.Research and photos of known Zoar Pieces".Signed by the author, Jack E Adamson in 2012.This book is now out of print.Only 500 copies were printed.Anyone that has met the Adamsons has been lucky to meet a kind and knowlegable family.$75 includes Media mail insured shipping.

Price: $75

2021-Apr-13 09:26am EDT | Tags : book

1800's German Flocked Bunny Candy Conatiner

Two piece,head and body.Measures 6" long and 7 " high.Glass eyes.The front leg has been reglued back on,the ears and tail have some loss as expected of a paper mache candy container.Color is great and she is a cutey.

Price: $85

2021-Apr-04 02:03pm EDT | Tags : toy

English Tole Trinket Box Late 1700's.

Measures 3 3/4" long, 2 1/2" wide, 1 1/8" high.Swan design on yellow tole box.Box operates fine.Expected wear and losses.Box is thick and heavy for its size,Uncommon early tole.

Price: $85 sale price $50 includes shipping

2021-Apr-04 12:20pm EDT | Tags : tole

Antique Wood Sewing Clamp

Wooden clamp, approx 6 3/4" high.The wood is textured and am not sure of the kind it is.The pincushion is original with a yellow embroidered border.The screw works fine.It could be English.Late 1800's.

Price: Sold,will ship May 3rd.

2021-Apr-02 12:51pm EDT | Tags : woodenware

Small Pine Bentwood Box

Measures 8 1/2" long.Made from 1900-1920.Stained and varnished.Very sturdy.There is some slight shrinkage around the rim and a finishing tack is missing on the band.I have seen these boxes used to hold hair ribbons.

Price: $60

2021-Apr-02 09:47am EDT | Tags : boxes

Black Cloth Doll

Late 1800's-early 1900's black child.Beautiful condition-sateen and cotton body that may be stuffed with cotton batting.I found 2 tiny stains on the head and some loose threads on the back.Reminds me of the English googly eye dolls.Measures approx 13 1/2" high. The doll came out if the Marj amd Bob Daniels estate from Chelsea,Michigan ,parents of Jeff Daniels,of movie fame.

Price: $95 best price

2021-Mar-30 10:02am EDT | Tags : doll

1800's Maple Sewing Stand For Spools of Thread

Measures about 4" high, with 2 tiers of metal rods for thread.This looks very much like Peaseware.Pease made various sewing stands that incorporated spool holders.I could not find an identical match to some Peaseware picture. There is a crack on one of the discs,common with Pease,as the wood was thin .All in all,this is a detailed stand with grooves,complete with all metal rods, and the lovely honey patina.It came out of the Bob and Marj Daniels estate from Chelsea,Michigan.The owners owned Chelsea Lumber and have a son, Jeff Daniels,of movie fame.

Price: $150 sale price $115 plus shipping

2021-Mar-29 12:04pm EDT | Tags : woodenware

American 1700's Divided Oak Hanging Wall Box

Smoothed out from 250 years of wear.Faded red paint.Found in Connecticut.Despite the 4 pound weight and the old horizontal crack,the box is sturdy and hangs well.Old handcut iron nails on rabbeted ends.Measures 13"L by 9" H by 6" deep.

Price: $270

2021-Mar-20 11:53am EDT | Tags : woodenware

1800's Tin Sconces

Pair that are very closely made but not an exact match.Measures abt 14" tall.Some expected surface rust.One sconce is slightly shorter and has a different base rim.Sold as a pair for $260, a single sconce is $150.These are best prices.

Price: $260 pair, $150 for single

2021-Mar-12 09:22am EST | Tags :

Terrier Stuffed Dog Toy

Measures about 11" x 10" burlap body stuffed with excelsior.Mohair covered with glass eyes. Her/his feet are a little wonky but still stands fine.Mohair has expected wear and there is a worn spot on the cheek.Made about 1920. All wear is normal for an old toy.

Price: $90 sale price $45

2021-Mar-12 08:49am EST | Tags : toy

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