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Hi, and welcome to foxhollows online antique shop. I have been in this wonderful business since the mid 1980s. After years in an open shop I enjoyed setting up at various shows, my most favorite being Heart of Country. This venue will be a new way for me to continue being a part of something I truly enjoy. I love all things Americana, being drawn to an item by its form, patina and its construction. Knowing the history of a piece makes it even better. I will do my best to accurately describe an item and if you are not 100% happy with your purchase I will accept its return within a three day period for the full price less shipping charge. A reasonable offer on an item will be taken into consideration and I will happily put it in layaway for 3 months. I will accept a personal check but it must clear before your purchase is mailed. I will also accept PayPal. Thank you and enjoy your visit.

3 early books covered with early homespun

smallest c. 1893 and covered with blue and white early homespun...middle c. 1900, covered with early brown and red homespun...largest c. 1929, covered with early blue (faded) calico...sold as set Please message me for more info and pics

Price: 135.00/set plus shipping

2019-Jul-17 12:10pm EDT | Tags :

hand wrought candle holder

This heavy hand wrought iron candle holder was made for a particular purpose given the way it was constructed. Notice the spike which could be driven into rock or wood and the base with one side squared off. Also it was made to have the ability to raise or lower the candle. Great piece measuring 6 1/2 " tall. Other pics available if interested.

Price: 195.00 plus shipping

2019-Jul-17 10:42am EDT | Tags :

small micmac indian basket

This mini basket measures 5 1/2 " long by 31/2" wide by 5 1/2 " to top of handle. Thought to be made by Maine Micmac....On two corners there are minor breaks.

Price: 75.00 plus shipping

2019-Jul-16 02:07pm EDT | Tags :

chalkware spaniel dog

Late 1800-early 1900s chalkware spaniel with bennington glaze. There are no cracks but a lot of ware to the glaze. It stands 8 1/4" and the base measures 6 " X 4 1/4 "

Price: 95.00 plus shipping

2019-Jul-16 01:48pm EDT | Tags :

early trencher with spout

This had to have been well loved and used as indicated by the worn surface. Over the years it has developed a crack that runs a little beyond half way starting at the spout end. There is also a wire around the spout area for hanging out of the way. The back shows the hand carved shape. It measures from the tip of spout to the tip of handle 25 1/2 " X roughly 8 1/2 " X 4 1/2" H

Price: 110.00 plus shipping

2019-Jul-16 01:26pm EDT | Tags :

canted wall candle box

This mid to late 19th century candle box is constructed with small nails and is slightly canted with traces of bittersweet paint. The height to the top of the handle is 13 inches and at the top of the opening it measures 7 inches deep and 6 1/2 inches wide.

Price: 215.00 plus shipping

2019-Jul-13 01:11pm EDT | Tags :

oil painting of peaches

This is an early simple oil painting of peaches on canvas. It may not show clearly in the pictures but at the left side of painting some chipping has occurred to the paint, but overall it's in fairly good condition. It measures 12 " wide by 8 " Tall.

Price: Sold, Thank you

2019-Jul-13 12:42pm EDT | Tags :

tin match saver

tin match saver with appears to have additional solder applied to the seams to add measures 3 1/4 inches across top and front to back measures approximately 2 1/2 inches. The height is 2 1/4 inches..

Price: Sold, Thank you!

2019-Jul-13 12:25pm EDT | Tags :

Early lidded basket

You will find this early lidded basket nicely woven with just a few of the oak splints broken , one being on the corner of the lid and another on the bottom. The colors on this basket have soften to a muted green, brown and natural hue. There is a small stain inside on the bottom. The basket measures 9" long X 5" wide X 6" tall. I have more pics available if needed.

Price: 175.00 plus shipping

2019-Jul-12 01:20pm EDT | Tags :

48 stars crocheted American Flag

This wonderful flag was made in the WWI to WWII time frame and was possibly made from a kit. It is in excellent condition with no tears or thread loss. The colors are vivid and please notice the stars which are flower-like in shape and are crocheted through. It measures 23 inches in width and 41 inches in length. A little history: The 48 star flag became official in 1912 when New Mexico and Arizona became states.

Price: 1200.00 plus shipping

2019-Jul-12 11:20am EDT | Tags :

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