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Hi, and welcome to foxhollows online antique shop. I have been in this wonderful business since the mid 1980s. After years in an open shop I enjoyed setting up at various shows, my most favorite being Heart of Country. This venue will be a new way for me to continue being a part of something I truly enjoy. I'm drawn to an item by its form, patina and its construction. Knowing the history of a piece makes it even better. I will do my best to accurately describe an item and if you are not 100% happy with your purchase I will accept its return within a three day period for the full price less shipping charge. A reasonable offer on an item will be taken into consideration and I will happily put it in layaway for 3 months. I will accept a personal check but it must clear before your purchase is mailed. I will also accept PayPal. Thank you and enjoy your visit.

3 stoneware custard cups

The two cups that have cobalt blue stripes are stamped WELLER on the bottom and the brown glazed cup is not signed. All have traces of wax on the inside due to candle use.

Price: Each cup is 35.00 plus shipping...3 for 90.00

2020-Aug-24 04:58pm EDT | Tags :

Early slate school board

This slate chalk board measures 12” by 9” and had leather repairs on one side.

Price: 45.00 plus shipping

2020-Aug-24 04:51pm EDT | Tags :

Wooden tray

Small 3 sided wooden tray... the wear in the center indicates it was used mainly for chopping veggies. The screws were used later to secure the sides to the base and have been there a long time. Otherwise there are a few early small cut nails... measures 14 inches across the front and 11 inches across the back..

Price: 95.00 plus shipping

2020-Aug-24 04:41pm EDT | Tags :

Peg Rack

Neat 19th c. peg rack with newer creamy mustard paint. The pegs are all hand whittled and mortised through the back plate. Measures 17 1/2 inches wide by 3 inches tall...

Price: 145.00 plus shipping

2020-Aug-24 04:33pm EDT | Tags :

Stoneware jug

Stoneware jug with a cobalt blue stylized pine tree design was made in the mid 1860s and stamped N.A. WHITE & SON UTICA N. Y. This family owned pottery business was closed in 1907. 11 1/2 h and 7 inch diameter at bottom..excellent condition.

Price: 495.00 plus shipping

2020-Aug-24 04:18pm EDT | Tags :

hooked wool rug of a winner

Great design with the horse in the center of roses, ribbons and horseshoes around the edges. I don't know the textile artist of this well designed and beautifully executed rug. I purchased it in the 1980s and is still in pristine condition. It measures 35 inches long by 23 1/2 inches tall.

Price: 250.00 plus shipping

2020-Jul-29 12:22pm EDT | Tags :

Hook Rug by textile artist Pat Hornafius

This wonderful " Heart in Hand" wool hooked rug by Pat Hornafius has been in my collection since the mid 1980s. Because of our move and less wall space I have to, reluctantly, let it go. It measures 36 inches long by 21 inches high and is signed PH in the bottom right corner. It has no issues and is as beautiful today as it was when I purchased it. Pat is also an author of two books on design and technique for hooking rugs and has been recognized as a gifted textile artist. She resides in PA today.

Price: 425.00 plus shipping

2020-Jul-29 12:01pm EDT | Tags :

tin sander

This tin sander was used to dust the freshly written note so the ink would not smear. This item would be found on many desk..this one I think was produce in the 1800s.

Price: 110.00 plus shipping

2020-Jul-28 11:15am EDT | Tags :

late 1800/ early 1900 staved bucket

Neat bucket with a hand wrought swing handle. It measures 16 inches high to the top of the handle and 8 inches high to the rim with a diameter of 8 1/2 X 8 inches . It's in very good condition with the staves fairly tight and the branches wrapped securely around the body of bucket. I've noticed a faint smell of pine tar.

Price: 395.00 plus shipping

2020-Jul-28 11:02am EDT | Tags :

19th c. sewing basket

No issues here for this pristine 2 handled basket. The splints on sides are in their original soldier blue and bittersweet paint and the weavers are natural in color. The hand carved handles are securely woven into the sides. It measures 4 inches to top of basket and 5 inches to top of handles and 9 1/2 in. in diameter. Bottom measures 6 X 6 1/2 inches. All weavers are intact, no breakage.

Price: 425.00 plus shipping

2020-Jul-28 10:48am EDT | Tags :

mid 1900s carved duck decoy

This is a crudely carved primitive duck decoy that is weighted and signed D.LYONS. It measures 14 inches long.

Price: Sold, Thank you

2020-Jul-10 05:02pm EDT | Tags :

2 early fish decoys

Two for the price of one working, early fish decoys with metal fins..., one brownish red, the other blue with yellow fins. They are not signed and both are weighted

Price: 110.00 plus shipping, best price

2020-Jul-10 04:52pm EDT | Tags :

lindsey woolsey navy and cream blanket

This early window pane patterned lindsey Woolsey blanket is in wonderful condition with a small patch on one corner as shown and is seamed down the middle. It measures 68 inches wide by 80 inches long. The colors are navy blue and creamy white.

Price: 225.00 plus shipping

2020-Jul-10 04:39pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. N.E. foot stool

This New England foot stool measures 12 inches wide by 8 1/2 inches deep by 4 3/4 inches tall. The original dark brown paint is worn in all the right places. There is an opening at the top for carry. It is constructed with canted sides and. tiny cut nails.

Price: 150.00 plus shipping

2020-Jul-10 04:29pm EDT | Tags :

Boy Scouts of America canvas bag

A rare find: a beautiful hand made Boy Scouts of America canvas bag with embroidered symbols and metals. It is well made with an intact lining and pocket inside. There is a brass button missing on the front flap. Made in the 1940s there is some fading but all in all a beautiful patriotic tribute to the scouts and America. More pics available upon request.

Price: 325.00 includes shipping

2020-Jun-28 04:50pm EDT | Tags :

"Ten Pin" toy game

A complete set of the toy...ten pin....with 4 balls...The colors are still bright and the pins are in great condition.

Price: 250.00 includes shipping

2020-Jun-27 02:37pm EDT | Tags :

48 stars crocheted American Flag

This wonderful flag was made in the WWI to WWII time frame and was possibly made from a kit. It is in excellent condition with no tears or thread loss. The colors are vivid and please notice the stars which are flower-like in shape and are crocheted through. It measures 23 inches in width and 41 inches in length. A little history: The 48 star flag became official in 1912 when New Mexico and Arizona became states.

Price: 925.00........Sale 725.00 plus shipping

2020-Jun-27 01:38pm EDT | Tags :

late 19th c. carved trencher with handles

This is a great primitive for your collection. I do not know the wood it was carved from but it is carved as one piece including the handles. There is a hairline crack running through one handle down about 8 inches. The overall length of the trencher is 25 inches and that includes the handles. The width is 12 1/2 inches and it is 3 1/2 inches high. There are traces of black paint.

Price: 175.00.....Sale 135.00 plus shipping

2020-Jun-27 01:38pm EDT | Tags :

Adam Rose cup and saucer

Handle-less cup with saucer hand painted using strong red, green and blue in the Adam Rose pattern. I have four cups and saucers available. There are a few tiny chips hardly noticeable on the rim of cup, no cracks but as in this tableware made in the mid to late 1800s the kiln marks are noticeable. There are no markings on the bottom.

Price: Each set ( cup and saucer ) is $ 45.00 plus shipping

2019-Sep-24 11:08am EDT | Tags :

19th c. stick spatter ceramicware soup bowls (5)

I have 5 of these wonderful soup bowls. Each are marked with the made in Belgium logo on the bottom and measure 11 inches across. The colors of red, green and blue are bold using the technique of " stick spatter" and hand painted leaves and flowers on a white soft paste ceramicware. This type of tableware was made for the vast market in Europe and America in the mid to late 1800s. There are no chips or cracks but as in this type of ceramicware the kiln marks are noticeable.

Price: Each: $ 95.00 plus shipping and insurance .... SET of five: $ 425.00

2019-Sep-24 10:40am EDT | Tags :

late 19th c. Adam Rose tableware (11)

This utilitarian tableware, Adam Rose, was made in the late 1800s to satisfy a vast market in Europe and America. Bold colors of red, blue and green were hand painted on a white soft paste china in the folky rose and leaf pattern. I have 11 plates measuring 9 1/4 inches. There are no chips or cracks but as in most of these pieces the kiln marks are evident. No markings....each plate is $ 40.00, plus shipping

Price: 40.00 each plus shipping

2019-Sep-24 08:18am EDT | Tags :

well loved and used early primitive trencher

I say well loved and used because the bowl of the trencher is as smooth as glass. There were handles but have been lost over the years of use and there is a hole for hanging it out of the way. I've noticed one tiny crack that has been secured with a square-head nail, hardly noticeable. This trencher measures 26 inches long by 13 1/2 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches high. Such a neat primitive.

Price: 135.00 plus shipping

2019-Aug-29 11:04am EDT | Tags :

Small hand carved toy horse on wheeled platform

Nicely carved toy horse on a platform with wheels. It measures from head to tail 6 inches and from ears to bottom of wheels 7 1/2 inches. The platform on which it is secured by small nails measures 7 by 3 inches. The two back wheels are damaged as is the horses right hoof. I would date this carving to late 1800s or early 1900s.

Price: 95.00 plus shipping

2019-Jul-28 05:04pm EDT | Tags :

early basket with a beautiful natural patina

This wonderful basket measures 12 1/2 inches in across the opening and is 11 inches to top of handle. It is in excellent condition with just a few weavers broken on the bottom. The handle is secured going all the way around body of basket. You can see that wires (which are now rusted with age) were placed where the handle meets the rim for added strength. This basket was never painted, it has a beautiful patina.

Price: 150.00 plus shipping

2019-Jul-23 09:39am EDT | Tags :

early basket in original sage green paint

This is a most excellent early painted basket. It measures 11 inches across the opening and is approximately 9 inches high to top of handle. Weavers are intact with a few broken at the rim and the handle is secured all the way around. The sage green paint is original to the basket.

Price: sold... thank you

2019-Jul-23 09:22am EDT | Tags :

3 early books covered with early homespun

smallest c. 1893 and covered with blue and white early homespun..35.00....middle c. 1900, covered with early brown and red homespun...45.00....largest c. 1929, covered with early blue (faded) calico...45.00....If you would like to purchase all three the price would be shipping..... Please message me for more info and pics

Price: check description for pricing....thanks

2019-Jul-17 11:10am EDT | Tags :

wrought candle holder for lighting ( in a mine?)

This heavy hand wrought iron candle holder was made for a particular purpose given the way it was constructed. Notice the spike which could be driven into rock or wood and the base with one side squared off. Also it was made to have the ability to raise or lower the candle. Great piece measuring 6 1/2 " tall. Other pics available if interested.

Price: 135.00 plus shipping

2019-Jul-17 09:42am EDT | Tags :

hand carved early trencher with spout

This had to have been well loved and used as indicated by the worn surface. Over the years it has developed a crack that runs a little beyond half way starting at the spout end. There is also a wire around the spout area for hanging out of the way. The back shows the hand carved shape. It measures from the tip of spout to the tip of handle 25 1/2 " X roughly 8 1/2 " X 4 1/2" H

Price: 110.00 plus shipping

2019-Jul-16 01:26pm EDT | Tags :

wall candle box in original bittersweet paint

This mid to late 19th century candle box is constructed with small nails and is slightly canted with traces of bittersweet paint. The height to the top of the handle is 13 inches and at the top of the opening it measures 7 inches deep and 6 1/2 inches wide.

Price: 215.00 plus shipping

2019-Jul-13 01:11pm EDT | Tags :

Early lidded basket, possibly indian, NE area

This early lidded basket, most likely Indian and from the NE area, is nicely woven with just a few of the oak splints broken , a few on the corner of the lid and another on the bottom. The colors on this basket have soften to a muted green, brown and natural hue. There is a small stain inside on the bottom. The basket measures 9" long X 5" wide X 6" tall. I have more pics available if needed.

Price: 450.00 includes shipping

2019-Jul-12 12:20pm EDT | Tags :

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