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For over 35 years, antique lighting has been an essential part of our antique business. 603 Antique Lighting is dedicated to selling 18th & 19th century lighting, candle boxes and all things related to early lighting. Method of payment is by check or money order only. Feel free to ask about our easy layaway plan if needed. Contact us by email at rgriffiths2@roadrunner.com or by phone 315 580 2274 and be sure to visit our website at http://www.griffithsantiques.com

Lighting Shelf

Lighting shelf with pin wheel design Pennsylvania origin ca. 1840 -1860 in original brown paint measures 16" high and is 8 1/2" wide there are three photos.

Price: 315.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-23 07:49pm EDT | Tags :

Hanging Candle Lantern

A wonderful unique early 19th century tin and glass footed lantern with a reflecting mirror and remnant of old red paint to the back glass. Great over size hanging ring, bowed tin wire glass protectors, working door hinges and wire latch. One of the best if not the best early lantern we have had in many years, 17" tall. Be sure to look at all three photos.

Price: Sold

2020-Mar-19 01:08pm EDT | Tags : hanging lantern

Pair of Candle Sticks

Pair of early candle sticks in old surface with flat pan base and unusual nut bottom in nice condition, candles not included.

Price: 110.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-13 09:22am EDT | Tags :

Slide Lid Walnut Box

Slide lid walnut candle box with shaped lid with finger grooves, small nailed construction in great condition dates early 19th century, longer size box measures 12 3/4" long in old dark surface PA origin.

Price: 105.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-10 06:36pm EDT | Tags : candle box

Single Small Brass Candle Stick

Single small brass candle stick with push up, nice form and size stands only 6 1/4" tall in excellent condition 19th century, candle is not included.

Price: 75.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-09 04:45pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Miniature Chamber Stick

From our collection a nice tiny painted candle stick with finger hold with a trace of green paint in fine condition, measures just 1" high and 3 1/4" wide. One of the smallest piece of late 19th century lighting we have come across. Candle is included with this tiny stick.

Price: 295.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-09 04:23pm EDT | Tags :

18th Century Splint Candle Light

Fine 18th century forged iron splint candle light in original black painted surface on penny formed feet with a counter balance candle socket in thin body form. Stands 10" tall and 5" wide at the base, candle is not included.

Price: 695.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-09 04:15pm EDT | Tags :

Miniature Chamber Stick

From our collection a wonderful early 19th century brass decorated chamber stick with chain attached snuffer. The finger hold, snuffer and rim of the miniature stick have fine detailed decoration. Measures 1 1/2" high and 3 1/2" diameter, a true hard to find lighting piece candle is not included.

Price: 525.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-09 03:50pm EDT | Tags :

Pair of Tin Candle Sconces

From our collection very nice pair of true matched tin formed candle sconces with clinched cups through the base, crimped shaped tops, rolled edges and fluted columns 11" tall and 3" wide Ex Axtell collection, 19th century. Candles are not included.

Price: 695.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-09 02:51pm EDT | Tags :

Brass Chamber Stick

Early 19th century brass chamber stick with clean out hole, large size pan measures 8" across with the original brass snuffer, chamber stick does show wear to the surface candle included.

Price: 148.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-09 02:12pm EDT | Tags : Brass Chamer stick

Walnut Candle Box

From our collection early 19th century walnut candle box with dovetailed construction in original dark surface, there is wear to the slide lid from 200 years of use but still works fine. Box measures 11" long 7" across and 6" high.

Price: 345.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-09 01:15pm EDT | Tags :

Brass Candle Stick with Clean Out Hole

18th century brass candle stick with clean out hole, shaft is threaded into the six sided base which is larger then most measuring 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" stands 5 1/2" tall. Nice early candle stick in excellent condition, candle not included.

Price: 235.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-09 12:52pm EDT | Tags :

Rush Holder with Counter Blance

18th century rush holder with counter balance weight, original black paint, mounted in turned wooden base with incised lines, does have a tight stable dry age crack measures 8 1/2" tall with 4" diameter base, Ex Stephan Douglas Antiques

Price: 425.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-09 12:31pm EDT | Tags : rush light

Sticking Tommy Light

Sticking tommy light or also called miners light because of once being used in the mines, these lights are made to be stuck into a beam or crack to give off light to work by. Dates late 18th early 19th century with old make do wire repair, as found condition candle is not included.

Price: 140.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-09 11:47am EDT | Tags :

Pair Of Brass Sticks W/ Push ups

Early 19th century pair of 8" brass candle stick with push ups, good early pair in a smaller size candles are included.

Price: 135.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-09 11:26am EDT | Tags : Pair Brass C. Sticks

Slide Lid Candle Box w/ Candles

Early 19th century slide lid box with two candles included, box is dovetailed and has an unusual slide lid see photos, ex. Garths auction many years ago. Candles are slim form and measure 5 1/2" long and box is 9 1/2" long.

Price: 95.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-09 11:17am EDT | Tags :

Brass Candle Stick

Single early brass candle stick with hexagon base in nice condition measures 6" tall, candle not included.

Price: 95.00 plus shipping

2020-Mar-09 11:13am EDT | Tags :

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